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  Roswell Screencaps
 Posted: 07/24/02 04:34
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Please remember that all credit to the following images go out to the individual members who shared them with us. If you would like any of the images for yourself, please email either that member or one of the staff and we will be happy to send them out to you! ;)

Season 3~ Screencaps.

Episode 10- A Tale of Two Parties
Episode 11- I Married An Alien
Episode 12- M&M
Episode 12- M&L
Episode 13- Panacea
Episode 14-Chant Down Babylon
Episode 15-WDAMYK
Episode 16- Crash
Episode 17- 4 Aliens & A Baby
Episode 18- Graduation

Promo Caps Ep.14- Chant Down Babylon
Promo Caps Ep. 15- WDAMYK

Max's Tongue Animation- WDAMYK


IMAA Cartoon Caps- View Here

* Some images are broken links, and we are in the process of restoring those. ;)

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