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  The CHAD List
 Posted: 01/05/02 10:59
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Courtesy of FF for these ;)

The CHAD List
1) Why has no one asked Tess about their alien origins if she can use memory regression to remember their history?

2) The Destiny Book: Why did the Podsters wait so long to try and decipher it?

3) Why couldn't Nasedo find the Podsters when he almost had to know where they were (i.e. exactly in the same place where he left them)? Ditto the Skins.

4) Did changing the past in EotW create an impossible time paradox?

5) What was the point of the Mom-o-Gram?

6) Inconsistencies with ages/grades/classes of the Podsters.

7) What happened to River Dog? Ditto Milton.

How come Nasedo never told any of them, particularly Tess, about the granilith/their home planet/the Skins/insert every other possible question?

9) Why don't the Podsters ever ask pertinent questions when they have useful sources of information in front of them? For example:
a) Why don't they ask the Dupes more questions about their protector, how they got to New York, how they know about the Podsters' existence, how much do they know about their planet, etc?
b) Why do they let Ava leave without asking her any questions about the Dupes origins, their protector, or, you know, LIZ'S POWERS?
c) Why didn't Max ask Larek any questions about the war or the granilith?

10) How did Nasedo not realize Congresswoman Whittaker was a Skin if they were having sex?

11) Was the mint-eating shapeshifter a different entity than Edsedo?

12) Why does the Squad have belly buttons?

13) When did the aliens retrieve the human DNA, and where did they create the Podsters?

14) Why do the cheek cells taken from Max in the Pilot look exactly like the blood cells taken by Pierce? Why are the alien cells green, if their blood is red? And why do their blood cells look surprisingly like onion cells?

15) Why was Atherton killed? Did it have something to do with his files? What was in his files, anyway?

16) Off camera conversations -- do we hate them or do they just make us want to throw things at the screen?

17) Who was the brain trust who designed the not-so-hidden husk chamber, where all the husks could be taken out with a single blow to an unshielded glass tube?

1 Oh, the same genius who came up with the readily accessible Husk Deactivation Button.

19) Why did the Skins wait until the last minute to design new husks, instead of starting a batch 10 or 20 years earlier?

20) Why did Courtney merit a husk of her own?

21) What triggered Liz's flashes of the orb in Sexual Healing? Why does she sometimes flash when touching Max and other times she does not?

22) How have the Podsters managed to conceal the fact that they are aliens when they insist on SHOUTING THIS FACT OUT LOUD IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE PUBLIC PLACE IN TOWN.

23) Could Courtney have come up with a more nonsensical explanation for how the greenis eliminated the humans? No? Didn't think so.

24) How come no Roswell resident noticed the crashed cars/spilled milkshakes/missing babies/the loss of AN ENTIRE DAY when they returned from their sojourn to Eastern Standard Time in Wipeout?

25) How many species of aliens live on their planet? What species do the Podsters belong to?

26) Were Ava and Tess switched at birth?

27) Could Michael's hair get any worse? Yikes, apparently it can . . .

2 Could Brody be any cuter? No, apparently not

29) Yo, the Dupe language. Like, is it really epic, or just, you know, incredibly dated? And not at all punk?

30) How did Nicholas come back to life? Why has no one ever expressed any curiosity over the fact that he has?

31) What was the purpose of the N.Y. Summit meeting?

32) Why were the Dupes even invited to the Summit?

33) Who spread the rumor around school about Kyle and Liz?

34) Why was Brody abducted back in 1993?

35) Is Ava the leaky pod? Is Rath the leaky pod? Is Lonnie the leaky pod? Is Ron Moore the leaky pod?

36) Do Kyle and the cancer kids now have powers? Is it the power to disappear for weeks on end? Did Max ever heal Alex, and give him that power too?

37) Did Ava tell the entire truth about Liz's powers, or was there more to the story? How did Ava know Liz would have powers, and exactly what those powers would be?

3 Why were the Dupes created, and what purpose do they serve?

39) Why did heavily armed soldiers escort Nasedo, a low-level civilian working in defense, to his house?

40) How did Michael get from the Convention Center to Bitter Lake in time to rescue Max from Hubble?

41) Does Michael live in a holodeck? Can someone explain his ever-morphing apartment?

42) Grumpy Dad Ghost -- alien power, supernatural spirit, or guilty conscience?

43) Who were the guys holding the Chevron orbs at the end of Destiny?

44) Why did Michael get flashes from Atherton's key, while no one else did?

45) What are the various powers the Podsters have, and how can they be explained?

46) If the Podsters powers are human, then why do the Skins have pretty much the same powers?

47) Are the red giant from MtD and the red giant from SH the same star?

4 How did Max and Tess get back from New York?

49) What is the official explanation for Nasedo's disappearance? How is Tess supporting herself? Is she in foster care? What happened to the Harding house?

50) How can the V Constellation be the same as the SAWNian Royal Seal, since the constellation is only in a V shape when viewed from Earth?

51) How come three kids, found naked and wandering alone in a desert, were never given a physical exam either by social services or during adoption proceedings?

52) How did Isabel get to the Pod Chamber at the end of Surprise?

53) What happened to Zan's body? Why was there no autopsy?

54) Why did the bullets fired at Isabel, Max, and the Sheriff not have any markings at all on them? Shouldn't they have had scratches from being fired from a gun? And how could Deputy Hanson just look at the bullets in the field and determine this?

55) How did Dan find the gang out in Frazier Woods?

56) Why did Max and Isabel not inform Tess or Michael about Isabel's visions, or the fact that they were taking part in an active police investigation?

61) What kind of downward spiral did Brian Krakow's life take that he went from Yale-bound honor student to juvenile delinquent?

62) Why didn't Isabel try to dreamwalk Melissa Foster, once she had her photo?

63) What kind of crystals are these, that they wouldn't find Max tasty? Particularly since, as a clone of a person with the defective gene, he too should have it.

64) Why was Nicholas given the Husk of a child?

65) How can Maria and Kyle have taken three years of remedial science together, when Maria was in the same science class as Liz last year?

66) Why did Max and Isabel make up a lie about hiking through the woods, when Valenti had earlier clearly told Dan in their presence that they were there for a ride along? And what was with the generally inept lying anyway?

67) Where are the Evans 'rents during the townwide scandal and criminal investigation involving their children?

6 Why must they insist on backlighting Max's ears and Michael's mullet in that seriously unattractive way?

69) Why did the Podsters not investigate Grant, when they knew he was responsible for kidnapping Laurie in a Box?

70) How did Future Max "see" Max arrive at Liz's window?

71) How exactly does Larek expect them to get off the planet?

72) Why didn't Michael realize that Grandpa 1935 was dead, since Laurie infamously introduced herself by screaming, "You're Dead! You're Dead!"

73) Why isn't Liz making more of an effort to ensure that Tess is included in the group?

74) Why does Nasedo (or TicTac) set off a bright light in IttW that is guaranteed to notify everyone in the area of an alien presence, and bring more attention to the Pod Squad when they try to retrieve his message? Especially when he in fact doesn't in fact have any message to send them beyond a "Hey, how's it going?" glowy sign?

75) The Pohlman Ranch -- are they raising camel out there? What kind of terrain does this ranch supposedly have?

76) How did Isabel contact Larek?

77) How does one go about cloning an "essence"?

7 If the aliens are a combination of human and alien DNA, how did the aliens separate out the DNA strands that code for human physiology from the DNA strands for personality/character/etc?

79) How did the glowing aliens manage to cast a shadow on the screen they were hidden behind?

80) What are the human origins of the remaining podsters?

81) Why did it take Tess, Max and Liz all day to dig a hole about two feet deep?

82) Why doesn't Liz seem interested in discovering the extent of her change and potential powers?

83) Can Max or the other podsters heal themselves?

84) Where does Isabel get her spending money since she doesn't have a job? Is she turning paper into money? Why doesn't Michael just do this, too?

85) What happened to Laurie's parents?

86) Why didn't Max, Liz and Tess just find a rock and use it to smash open the crystals, if Kyle can just break a crystal off from the rest?

87) Did Kyle skip out on the remedial science class where they taught that lighting a fire consumes oxygen?

8 Why does Brody keep a diamond saw in his computer room?

89) Why did Grant kidnap Isabel? And why was he at the UFO Center to begin with? Shouldn't he have been hightailing it to Tucson? Speaking of which, how did Grant know to go to Tucson in the first place?

90) What was the point of the Sheriff getting a warrant since, as a suspended officer, his search was still illegal?

91) How are Duff and Valenti going to explain Grant's exploded chest and the crystals inside? And why didn't the crystals in Grant's chest melt when the Queen died?

92) Why weren't the gandarium discovered in the water table in the past 50 years?

93) If lack of oxygen kills the crystals, why did they seal themselves into a cave with Alex and Kyle? And why didn't the crystals sealed in the baggy die from loss of oxygen?

94) Laurie really is a CHAD in a box. Is she sane, not sane, mildly delusional, or just a big faker?

95) When Maria and Laurie are running from Grant, the door to the bomb shelter was stuck and very heavy, but when Valenti/Duff/Michael arrive, the door swings shut very easily. Was it the grease from Michael's hair? Grant's whole body? What?

96) Why was it that the only person who noticed that Isabel was missing was PromoMax? Speaking of which, is mocking the viewer just a hobby of the WB promo people, or is it more of a twisted vocation?

97) Why didn't QueenGrant put Laurie into the hive, rather than a hole with one lousy crystal?

9 For that matter, why did QueenGrant put Laurie in the ground at all, since only the Queen can infect a host, and the Queen was currently in Grant, not in the ground?

99) Why haven't any of the Podsters tried honing their powers since S&B?

100) Why did Isabel never attempt to use her powers to stop Grant?

101) How did Michael create a vacuum in a completely non-airtight room?

102) The Jellyfish Queen . . . WHY GOD, WHY?

103) How did the Jellyfish Queen manage to fit inside Grant's chest cavity?

104) How did Max survive inside an operating cyclotron?

105) How could the scientists carbon date Pierce's bone within 42 years?

106) Why did the scientists bother to painstakingly arrange Pierce's bones in skeleton form just to run them them through the cyclotron?

107) Why did Valenti bring Duff to Tucson? Wouldn't it have been easier and more efficient to call Michael and warn them all to leave the house before Grant got there?

10 Why did Michael never express any concern about an FBI agent actively seeing him use his powers?

109) How did Michael and Maria manage to put Laurie's entire estate in order, including settling all the legal affairs with Aunt and Uncle Evil, in 24 hours?

110) Where did Dan go?

111) Did Michael and Max skip out on their bail, or will they return to Las Vegas for their hearing?

112) What is up with Isabel's atrocious taste in skanky older guys?

113) How many school periods do these kids have? If Fifth Period ends at 2:50, which is what the clock read when Liz decided to leave for Vegas, does their school day run until evening? And how did they get to Vegas and fit in all their activities before dinner if they didn't leave until 3?

114) What airline was Max calling for a flight back to Roswell, given that Roswell doesn't have a commercial airport?

115) How did Michael expect them to get into a casino with names like "Dr. Love" and "Pina Colada"?

116) Hello there, Shouty McBullhorn. Could you yell "I healed you" any louder than that, cause I don't think the people in Cellblock B heard you.

117) What's the point of coming up with a convoluted plan for covering your departure with the school, when you're not planning to inform your parents that you left for the night?

11 How did Liz manage to miss class unnoticed, since no one ever put her name on the debate team list?

119) How did Maria go from the spa, to the audition, to shopping for dinner clothes for eight people, back to the room, and then to the prison, all before dinner?

120) Did Alex develop teleportation skills in addition to a cool new hairdo while in Sweden? Cause he was in the hotel room with Maria when Michael's call for bail money arrived, but was playing blackjack with Kyle in the very next scene when Maria finds them to tell them she needs money.

121) Roswell is officially the slashiest town in television. Cause all the guys in West Roswell High must be gay if Isabel Evans can't get a prom date.

122) A Elvis Chapel?

123) Four versions of Viva Las Vegas, and none by the King?!? So very, very wrong.

124) Why don't the humans just leave town once they realize the greenis (tm djb) will wipe them out?

125) Why did that master strategist Nasedo travel to Roswell as Pierce, when he was bound to be recognized and draw unwanted attention right back to the Podsters?

126) How did Nasedo get past the X-ray machines at the Special Unit?

127) Did Tess move over the summer? Why was she living in a completely different house in Season 2?

12 Why did Tess move in with the Valentis rather than with Michael? Was she tired of getting up in the middle of the night and finding the kitchen in a completely different place?

129) Why did Michael say that the Evans found Max and Isabel on the side of the road, while Isabel said that the Evans came for them at the orphanage?

130) In the Pilot, who did they think they were going to fool with their idiotic plan? Couldn't they let the paint dry? How were they going to explain Maria getting hit by her own car?

131) Why does Nasedo disdain emotion as a human frailty, when Tess remembers loving Max, the MoG appears to love her kids, and Isabel apparently loved Khivar?

132) Why did the aliens choose earth?

133) Why did Max say that Michael was hiding in the desert already when he emerged from his Pod, when Michael, Isabel and Max clearly left the Pod Chamber together in the Four Square flashback?

134) Why didn't Max make the blood on Liz's dress disappear, as he did with Kyle?

135) Why didn't Nasedo, Guardian Extraordinaire, just stay with the Pod Chamber, instead of gadding about the country for 40 years and missing the hatching?

136) Was there some reason Liz couldn't join Kyle up near the stage at the Crashdown Festival as she had told him she would?

137) How did Courtney change her husk?

13 Is it fair to the female viewing public (or the Roswell audience generally) that Max had to rip open Liz's dress to heal her, forever imprinting the image of the polka dot bra on our collective psyches, but there's no Shirtless Kyle when Max needs to heal his gunshot wound?

139) Why is the Dupe Protector competent enough to actually teach the Dupes about their past, show them how to use their powers, and oh, show up on time, but at the same time careless enough to leave his charges in a sewer?

140) Does Courtney really need that much lotion readily available?

141) Why does the temp taken over by the Emissary have alien powers?

142) How do the P-STUNians possess humans?

143) Why does Max know how the P-STUNians possess humans?

144) How was Kyle able to go to the Prom as a sophomore?

145) Is Bill Cosby the new executive producer of the show? What's up with all the jello references? And, um, if it has the consistency of gelatin, isn't it by definition NOT water?

146) Wow, it's great that Max is so on top of pursuing the memory retrieval issue. Ya know, six months after it came up. Cause otherwise no one would bother. Oh, if only this show had a character who was obsessively interested in finding out about their alien heritage, who was willing to track down any lead, who would risk his life to figure out their alien destiny. . .

147) I wonder if Liz got her prom dress at the same branch of Obsession -- One-Stop Shopping for the Crazed Stalker where she got that nifty Swiss Army knife engraved.

14 Why couldn't the Pod Squad just change Max's blood in BB, instead of using DeadAlex's?

149) Liz Parker -- walking, talking CHAD or victim of bipolar disorder? You make the call. Liz, who had dumped Max 12 months ago, then again 6 months ago (without ever getting back together in between), in one episode: kisses Sean; tells Max they should go to the Prom as friends because she's accepted they can't be together; says her life is falling apart when she spies Max hugging Tess; laughs while saying in voice over that she had a horrible premonition about the future; tells Max during their just-friends date which she coaxed him into that their non-relationship is suffocating her and causing her intense pain, and that they should let each other go (even though -- wait for it -- they're still not together); immediately goes off dancing with Maria in an incredible display of pain's opposite; and finally, acts disgusted and outraged when Max kisses Tess. Am I missing anything?

150) Did Liz stop by the Valenti house and grab some socks from their Christmas tree before going to the bowling alley? Or just pull them from her bra?

151) So the Crashdown has a pre-party for Prom night, and the Parker 'rents don't bother to fly home from Sweden? Nice.

152) Where are Sean's parents?

153) How did Max and Tess not hear Liz clomping her way through the hallway and banging her way through the front door?

154) What kind of hours do the businesses in Roswell keep? The Crashdown closes in the middle of the afternoon, the bowling alley isn't open on a Saturday night, the astronomy lab apparently only uses its telescope during the daytime . . . no wonder these kids never have anywhere to hang out.

155) Why did "Sheriff" Valenti bring Alex's investigation file to the funeral?

156) How did Liz remember Alex's striptease, when she wasn't present for it in the first place?

157) What is this completely convincing evidence that Alex committed suicide? Couldn't he have fallen asleep at the wheel?

15 Why was Leanna's picture just lying there for Liz to find, after the car had been smashed up, flipped over, and investigated by the police?

159) Alex's parents never called or wrote to him in Sweden? NOBODY called or wrote to him in Sweden? The school never bothered to check if the family they sent him to stay with actually existed? Were they all so used to Alex disappearing for weeks on end that no one bothered to look . . .oh, never mind, not a CHAD after all.

160) Why did Liz go all the way to the town line to catch a cab? And if she had transportation that far, why bother with the cab at all?

161) If Alex was capable of writing binary code clues and "Leanna is not Leanna" messages, why not say something coherent? And what's the point of repeating the Leanna message endlessly? Isn't once enough to get the point across?

162) Why does small town girl Liz Parker have a passport?

163) Is Swedish political life so dull and its embassy staff have so little to do that they assign multiple people the task of working round the clock to identify a completely nondescript building, that could be located anywhere in the country, at the request of a high school student?

164) That binary code? What. Ev. Er.

165) Why is Max still concerned that people might find out they're aliens? If they haven't figured it out after all the shouting, Isabel flinging jocks around the hallways, or Michael using his powers in front of FBI agents, then they're never going to.

166) Why was Tess carrying a coat? a blanket? a sleeping bag? a CHAD? with her to the observatory?

167) Why would the yearbook staff let Maria design a two-page spread on her own?

16 Why did Maria need a ride from Michael to go the copy store, since she's the one with the car?

169) How did they get the West Roswell High yearbooks printed so fast, when we know that the previous day Maria was working on Alex's memorial spread?

170) How does Michael find Liz and Maria at the concert, or Max and Isabel at the park?

171) How did Alex arrange admission to college?

172) Can I live in a New Mexican University dorm room? Full kitchen for one student, and no one wants to move in after Alex leaves?

173) Why would the university staff not only help a high school student hack into another student's research, but allow that student to use the university's expensive super computer to do so?

174) Why would the Bad Guys leave the laptop and printer conveniently on in an abandoned building -- especially since Alex emailed the results of his research to them months ago? Has the computer been left on all this time? Have they not been able to go to the house in the last three months and pick up the printout? And why rent a house just to keep a computer anyway? Why not access your email from your room, print it, and destroy the file?

175) Can Isabel dreamwalk any human, or did Kyle's ability to accompany her have to do with his changed status?

176) The Alien Baby -- see CHAD # 102

177) Maria thought that the details of who asked who to the prom were worth 30 minutes of episode time, but dismissed a hostage crisis and Max's recovery of his memories as too trivial to mention. What other vital details is she leaving out?

17 Why did know one think that it was necessary to erase Sean's memories? Won't he think it strange that Amy doesn't remember the hostage crisis? How is it possible that he didn't realize the Podsters were aliens, since they discussed it 5 feet away from him?

179) Why didn't Maria or Liz turn off the Chevron orb, since it was locked in the room with them?

180) Why was Liz flashing that camera around like a QVC model, in an apparent effort to get Simon Fromgo to notice it?

181) When Max received the memories from Larek's mind, why did he get the flash of kissing Tess from MttM?

182) If the doors to the UFO Center lock automatically when the electricity goes down, how did Tess, Amy, Sean and Maria get in?

183) Why doesn't Amy or Sean seem to notice the energy beam that shoots out of the Chevron Orb and knocks down Tess and Max? Or overhear their conversation about mindwarping Brody and their loss of powers? Are THEY the EMHBs?

184) When did alien cooked food suddenly start tasting so bad, and if it does, why do they continue heating food like that?

185) How did Isabel and Michael walk right past a SWAT team who was supposed to be on the lookout for suspicious hostage-taking type people? Are THEY the EMHBs?

186) How did the VR program allow Brody to remember the New York summit conference?

187) When did Tess develop the power to alter memories? And why does no one think this odd? Is SHE the . . . oh, you get the point.

18 How did Sean recover so quickly from his stab wound?

189) Why did Tess say to Nasedo in MttM, when they were alone in the Pod Chamber, that Max, Isabel and Michael were her family, if she had a deal with Khivar?

190) Why did the Skins kill Nasedo right after he found Max, if they had a deal with him?

191) Why did Tess need to mindwarp Alex into translating the book at all? Couldn't she just have asked him? They all wanted the book translated to get information on the Skins, Dupes, Granilith, etc. Why the secrecy?

192) Why couldn't Nasedo read a book written in his native language? Why didn't he teach Tess that language?

193) Why did Nasedo take orders from Max, and leave them alone for months to pose as Pierce, if he just wanted to turn them over to the Skins?

194) Why did Nasedo rescue Liz from the Special Unit in MttM, and leave Max behind?

195) Why did Nasedo, with his dying breath, warn Max about the Skins?

196) Why didn't Tess encourage Max to take Nicholas's offer at the Summit?

197) Why did the Dupes grab Tess if she was working with them?

19 How come the Congresswoman mistook Tess for Vilandra in Surprise, if Tess was working with them? If she didn't, then why was Whittaker pumping Liz for information about Tess by pretending to be drunk?

199) Why did the Skins bother with the Wipeout scheme? Couldn't Tess have just led them into a trap herself?

200) Why did Tess help Max reinforce his shield in Harvest?

201) If Tess had Alex translate the book, why didn't she pretend to have figured out the translation herself so they could get home?

202) Why did Tess or Leanna leave the Granilith key in an unlocked shack, with the Destiny Book translation sitting in a powered up computer, for months after Alex got back from Las Cruces? If it was a trap, then why leave the Key to explode? If not a trap, then why not collect the translation, key and computer after all that time?

203) For that matter, why did Tess plant an alien bomb at the house where she kept the all-important Granilith key?

204) What the hell happened to The End of the World? If Tess was a traitor and part of an evil plan to kill the Podsters, why would her presence by vital to preventing the end of the world?

205) Who the hell is Leanna, why did she have a house rented in her name, why did Alex send her the translation and why put her in pictures with Alex and make him think she was his girlfriend?

206) Why did Tess send fake flowers from the Olsons?

207) Why didn't Tess tell Nicholas where the Granilith was?

20 Tess' baby -- Real or not? Dying or not?

209) If the Granilith was a big rocket ship, then why did everyone, including the Summit leaders, want it so badly? Why did the Skins come looking for it? How would it have prevented Courtney from dying? Why was it important enough for her to commit suicide over?

210) Why did Khivar want Tess and Max's kid?

211) So did Tess love Max or not? Why the hell did she seem so mad about him not loving her, when she planned to turn him over to Khivar all along?

212) Why didn't the Sheriff drive them the rest of the way to the Pod Chamber?

213) What, aliens can't knit? If she saw Michael hammering out the bumper at Christmas would that prove he's not an alien too? Maybe it just relaxes her!

214) Max had one leadership lesson all season, in Ask Not. Oops, guess he didn't even have that one lesson. Investigate before committing cold-blooded murder, Max you unmitigated ass!

215) Will no one in air traffic control notice the speeding UFO blazing across the sky?

216) Why crash the jeep to fake their deaths, if they were giving the tape to Max and Isabel's parents anyway? Wouldn't that give away the fact that they're not dead to the only two people who care? The Valentis wouldn't look for Tess, and Michael's an independent. So why not claim to have run away, rather than have Valenti find fake bodies for fake autopsies?

217) How exactly is Max going to "save his son?" Um...the granilith went off with Tess, remember, Buddy? One time trip and all that.

21 Why wouldn't Nasedo just hand over all the pods to Khivar 40 years ago? Then the war is over and he rules in peace. Or he could let them hatch if he needs them alive for some reason, but they're in his control.

219) Why, oh why, must they keep trying to show blood cells?

220) Why didn't the granilith need 24 hrs to warm up in EOTW? It started right up then.

221) The Morphing Pod Chamber door

222) Why didn't Tess mindwarp Liz out of the investigation once she was on to her?

223) Why didn't Tess quickly mindwarp everyone in that last scene in the Granilith chamber?

224) Why did Tess not seem to care that Michael was leaving, when part of the deal was that she was to deliver him, too?

225) Did Tess also mindwarp the guidance office, Alex's parents, and everyone else involved in the Sweden exchange program?

226) Why did Amy and Kyle show no signs of being mindwarped until several months after the event? And then all at once, and at the same time, even though they were mindwarped several weeks apart?

227) Did Nasedo know that Tess would hatch late? How? What did he plan on doing if she'd been adopted and raised by other people?

22 If Courtney was working with the UFL, shouldn't she have known about Nasedo and Tess? Wouldn't she have told Michael?

229) O.k., so Nicholas is Khivar's right hand man, yet we're supposed to believe that none of the Skins has knowledge of the fact that they've got one of the Royal Four on their side? Including Nicholas? Then who negotiated the deal with Nasedo here on earth anyway?

230) Why bother with the Dupes and the summit at all, since the plan was to get Tess pregnant and get her home?

231) If Liz is such an obstacle and Tess is an EMHB anyway, why didn't she just kill Liz?

232) Why in God's name would Tess betray the only other people like herself in the world in order to deliver herself and her child to the person who had her killed in her previous life?

233) What did these mighty important instructions say, anyway? "Insert crystal into hole." Genius. Nasedo couldn't have mentioned that during their 16 years together?

234) If Tess' mission was to get pregnant and get Max home, why did she leave and never come back according to the original EOTW timeline?

235) If Tess was working with the enemy, why didn't FMax discover this at some point during the 15 years they were fighting after EOTW?

236) If Alex was starting to remember something was wrong and had the clarity of mind to write "Leanna is not Leanna" 40 thousand times on his computer, why didn't he mention his concerns to Liz and Maria?

237) And why on earth would he go see Tess about it, and not try to get help from Max?

23 If Leanna is a human abductee like Brody, why did she run from Liz and Maria at the concert? Doesn't she notice the bills for the warehouse that keep coming to her dorm room?

239) Why did Max and Liz give up on investigating Leanna when she so clearly was involved with everything, just because she's human? What about the e-mail translation of the book? The warehouse? Her hiding from them? Alex's focus on her? Wouldn't they still want to try to follow her to the alien killer?

240) How the hell did this mindwarp work? Did he think he was in Sweden when he emailed Maria? Was he talking in Swedish to the people at the university? When did he learn Swedish anyway? Huh?

241) Did Tess mindwarp the coroners from discovering that he died of a brain embolism, rather than a car crash?

242) If the Dupes were so much more cooperative, why not just have Zan and Ava breed?

243) If pregnancy is the only goal, why not have Tess arrange for Max to be captured during any previous episode, and steal a sperm sample? Aren't these people sophisticated enough to use artificial insemination, since they can create clones?

244) How did Tess find Leanna and get her to work with her?

245) So, during all those eps while Alex was in "Sweden," was Tess just hanging out at Las Cruces so she could mindwarp him every day? Pretty cool feat, considering we saw her in Roswell during this whole period.

246) Anyway, when Liz, Maria and Kyle are driving towards the Pod Chamber, why do Liz and Maria ask Kyle directions? Both of them have been there, while Kyle hasn't. And why does Kyle know the answer?

247) If Leanna DID recognize Liz and Maria at the concert, why didn't she recognize Liz when she burst into her room?

24 Despite the fact that the Granilith can be used as a rocket, clearly it has a tremendous amount of power, since it can be used for time travel, the Skins are desperate to acquire it, and the leaders at the summit were stunned to learn of its presence on Earth. Max refused to turn the Granilith over to Khivar at the summit because it was entrusted to him and he didn't want all that power to fall into the wrong hands. So what did he just do? Not only did he send his son to the enemy, but he sent him along with an incredibly powerful potential weapon that was sent to Earth to be hidden from Khivar in the first place. Smart move, Max. Now Khivar has Tess, the heir, and the granilith.

249) Where did Tess get the Granilith Key? If she had it all along, and in the past timeline she left town right after EotW, how did FutureMax get his hands on it?

250) Why did Leanna come out of hiding?

  The CHAD List
 Posted: 01/09/02 04:30
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I LOVE this! Notice how darn near every plothole and chad is NOT from season "wonderful". LOL I can't believe that there are actually people out there who defend seasons "spew" and "flee". AMAZING! Is there a list of season "flee" chads on the way? Or is there just not enough memory available on the server to accomodate it? Maybe we can borrow the NSA's Cray II supercomputers at Fort Meade, Maryland, just to handle the MASSIVE CHAD that is coming our way from eppy 14, where Spot is suddenly a mindwarp. Someone care to explain the flashes in "Busted" from the demon spawn? Please do because there is not enough Maker's Mark on planet Earth, or Antar for that matter, to get me drunk enough to forget that horrible eppy.

All my love,


  The CHAD List
 Posted: 01/18/02 19:17
# 3 
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Hmmm.. interesting, I'm not sure if there is such a list for season 3...but I'll see what I can come up with ;)

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 07/30/13 20:34
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The screwed up loop holes/storylines list! Ta-da! I'm sure we could add more... and that's really sad :drink :lmao :rotf

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 07/31/13 16:21
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Blacked Out

Blacked Out

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Oh, you're awesome for digging this up! :flowers

I got stuck on the first few. It's a looong list. :lol

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 07/31/13 20:43
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Yeah, can you believe it has over 250 plotholes? :drink :lmao (and still counting now). That is ALOT for any one show to have. And with only 3 seasons. Good grief. and even now all these years later... it really makes you think, :thinking that none of this makes sense even now. :shake :shake

I have not read the whole thing either... and they are some amazing questions though. :clap :clap

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/09/13 00:13
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#26 and #204 - yes, yes, YES.

Also, what the hell is a CHAD? I don't understand what this means. :dunno :dunno

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/09/13 06:41
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I knew once upon a time... many, many years ago... but now :thinking I have no flippin idea. :lol :lmao

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/09/13 23:55
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Blacked Out

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Well, you're just a BIG help, aren't ya? :slap :lmao

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 09:05
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Oh geez... I'll go ask over at FF and see if anyone there remembers for ya. :lol :lmao

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 16:58
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Blacked Out

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Why yes, that would be great, thanks :lmao

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 17:26
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I did... I posted over there this morning to see if any of them remember it... but you gotta know this was like back in the year 2002 when they first created this... so, I'll let you know if any of them respond back or can even remember. :grin :lol :clap

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 17:27
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Aww, look at you, catering to me... :flowers So sweet :lol Haha, I hope someone can answer it.

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 17:31
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Yeah, let's hope so... otherwise, we can add the title to the list of unanswered questions! LMAO :drink :lmao :rotf

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/10/13 17:32
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Well. It's not like the list isn't already a mile long :drink

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/16/13 11:21
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It basically means hanging a hanging chad. Anyone that was old enough to vote in 2000 (or close enough) will remember the problem of "hanging chads" in the presidential election that Florida had between Bush and Gore. It was a HUGH deal because they didn't know how to count the votes...leaving hanging questions basically.

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/16/13 13:44
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Ooooo... Thank you Cory! :clap :clap So, it doesn't actually stand for something specifically then? Like FD stands for Forever Dreaming? :dunno

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/17/13 16:42
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I TOLD you that Cory has always been the brains behind this operation :lmao :lmao Thank you, Cory :flowers I guess I was too young at that time to really comprehend anything political... :dunno

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/18/13 08:14
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I TOLD you that Cory has always been the brains behind this operation

that is indeed another true statement! :drink :lmao

  Re: The CHAD List
 Posted: 08/21/13 20:33
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:drink :lmao If I'm the brains...we've got BIG problems! :lmao

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