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  Disclaimer, Mission Statement, and Rules
 Posted: 05/03/02 12:41
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• We are in no way affiliated with The WB, UPN, FOX, SCIFi, AMC, FX, ABC or Pocket Books. We own no Rights to the television show “Roswell” or the “Roswell High” book series. (As well as all of our other TV shows and/or movies on this site.) will not be held responsible for (1) any content generated by users/members or (2) content that exists through any links posted on the website.
The Administrative Staff is not responsible for the contents of any posts/content except that which we may post ourselves. For additional information on post contents, please see the Rules.

•We are not responsible for malfunctions in the board. We will not delete posts or users accounts. If you believe that something you posted has been changed or deleted, please contact the board Administrator.

We are happy to share our content. If you want any of our graphics, information, transcripts or whatnot, just ask us! We will be happy to email/provide that information for your own personal use/website. However, we do work really hard at posting this information and it would be nice if you would link us back at and give us credit as well as the original author of the information if available. Keep in mind our site is copyrighted and you must obtain written permission from us first!

We love advertising! Feel free to share your websites, blogs and more with us! Please post them in the appropriate forum and they will stay forever. (For example, if you have a American Horror Story site/etc then please post it in the American Horror Story forum only- do not post it in the Vampire Diaries forum!) However, if you spam our board (in any other forum that it does not apply to) be advised that not only will it be closed/moved but you will be banned. If for some strange reason you must share with us a site not related to any forum here (for example shoes) then post that in our advertising forum- The Palace. (do NOT post it all over our board!)

•FD can become a strong addiction and is not responsible for job loss, failing grades, unfinished papers, lost time in the real world, and personality or mental disorders of any kind. Procede with caution.

Mission Statement:

We developed this site as a forum for Free Thinking and Free Expression. All opinions are welcome, whether positive or negative. Language will not be censored, as we believe that people have the right to express themselves in their own way. While Freedom of Speech is of the utmost importance to us, we also created this as a forum where people will not have to fear personal attacks due to their opinions or ideas. We will not censor posters and we want to ensure that posters will not feel the need to censor themselves to avoid a personal attack.


Freedom of Expression is guaranteed except in the following instances:

1) Threats of doing physical harm to, or taking any other action that would be in violation of US law against, a living person (as opposed to a fictional television character) is not permitted. We do understand that this may be said in a joking manner between friends and, if someone posts such a threat, we will allow him/her to give an explanation the first time. If it happens again, the threat will be taken seriously and the poster will be banned.

2) Disagreement and debate are encouraged. Verbal attacks against another person, however, are not. Posters may write what they think as long as they are mindful of others' rights to express their contrary opinions without fear of personal rebuke. We do not expect everyone to hold hands and sing kumbaya, however we also do not want discussions to descend into mudslinging. Such threads will be closed (but not deleted) and the original discussion topic will be reopen in another thread. Relentless mudslinging will lead to banning.

3) While we really do not have a way to prove who any member is, we request that no one claim to be someone involved in the show, or to know someone involved in the show, if this is not the case. It is really just pathetic when people do this. In addition, impersonating one of the actors in such a way that will damage their public image may lead to legal action by the person being impersonated and is not permitted here.

Very simple – three rules. They are probably things that your mother taught you to do so they should not be very shocking or difficult to follow. By posting on this board, you indicate to us that you have read the rules and agree to follow them. These Rules apply to everyone who posts here on FD.


The Administrative Staff

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