New Girl: News & Updates

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New Girl: News & Updates

Post by bunniefuu » 04/21/13 12:20

The New Girl gang gets kinky when the April 30 episode of the Fox comedy flashes back to one of life's more awkward moments. After Jess (Zooey Deschanel) receives a text from her first sexual partner, says executive producer Liz Meriwether, "the roommates start this contest about who has the worst story of losing their virginity." Get ready for Jess circa her high school prom, Nick (Jake Johnson) in college and the return of Fat Schmidt (Max Greenfield). "We see Schmidt in a totally different context," she says, "before he knew anything about really weird sex."

Nick and Jess fans can expect some relationship revelations to emerge. ?"I think it's interesting when you're struggling with your feelings for ?somebody and then hear about their past loves," Meriwether says. "They definitely get closer and learn more about each other."

Credit: TVGuide

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