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  2x05 - Episode 5
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Terrible news about the full disclosure of your sex life, by the way.

If we are serious - You're late for church.

That's enough! - Oh, did I cross the line, Dad? - Kieren, don't.

While they sit around and get to high-five each other about killing us like it's a big joke! They'll be in the treatment centre in a couple of days and that's the best place for them.

You think things are better in the treatment centre? Tell me what you want.

I'll do anything that I can to give it to you, because there's what I believe and then there's you.

ZOE: Simon expects - BRIAN: What are you going to do? - I'm going to make Simon proud.

Whoever this First Risen is, we want to find them before anyone else does.

Just standing there, nobody else around.

No-one knows? Are you sure? I've found the First Risen.

You should see him.

He's beautiful.

ARGUMENT IN BACKGROUND KNOCK ON DOOR Good to see you again, brother.

You're certain he's the one? - I am.

He spoke of his redemption from the earth clear and true, others bore witness.

And there's something incredibly special about him, Julian.

He's everything the Prophet said the First Risen would be and so much more.

THEY LAUGH I'm proud of you, Simon.

You found him.

And the Prophet? - He's proud of you too.


He has a message for you.

Simon, my son, my 12th disciple, I've chosen you to change history.

You were in bondage when we first met, I set you free.

Now you must do the same for all our species.

You must sacrifice the First Risen on the 12th hour of the The First Risen must be destroyed, only then can the Second Resurrection occur.

It has to be done, Simon for the greater good.


) Good luck.

ARGUMENT IN BACKGROUND The brochures promised a PDS-free environment.

Well, I'm very sorry but what do you expect Here's what I'm talking about.

Them lot walking around, barefaced, it's not on.

Do we have a problem? Do we have a problem? No.

No, we don't.

Dropped your bag, mate.

Some people, eh? ARGUMENT IN BACKGROUND ECHOES: You must sacrifice the First Risen.

HISSING AND WHIRRING The First Risen must be destroyed.

must be destroyed.


Up the dose.

Another ten won't make any difference.

It's not working, John.

BEEPING It's stable, Victor.

Just because we want to believe that It's stable, Victor.

The subject is unresponsive, just like all the rest of them.

We can't delude ourselves any longer.

DEEP BREATH Where - am I? - RAPID BEEPING Hold up! Can I help? - You've got one, haven't you? - I beg your pardon? You've an Undead in there, correct? I have a son with Partially Deceased Syndrome.

Then you're at risk.

That Freddie Preston stopped taking his medication and went completely rabid, almost murdered his own wife.

If your son goes wild and you haven't taken the proper precautions, it's on your head.

Steve? - Huh? Are you all right? No.

No, not really, Sue, I'm not.

I just keep thinking about what Kier said he did.

Well, we all took extreme measures during the Rising, - didn't we, Steve? - Yeah, I know, but we were defending ourselves.

It turns out we were defending ourselves from people like him.

He didn't know what he was doing! He takes his medication every day, doesn't he? Yes, at one time he was unbalanced.

But he's back to normal now.

What's going on, son? - Nothing, Dad.

DOORBELL RINGS I can't look at him when he's like that! Kieren Walker - you're under arrest.

Arrest? GP's were broke into yesterday, rabids were let loose.

They attacked the receptionist, she's in hospital.

Jesus! I didn't break in to the GP's surgery.

It's not me who needs convincing.

Come on.

Hey, hey, where are you taking him? - Parish council want to question him.

You can't just drag him off like this.

Sue! Orders from Miss Martin.

I've got to bring him in.

Mum? Dad? - Are you just going to stand there? What can I do? What she says goes.

DIALLING TONE RINGING TONE Hello? Can you just give me a second, please? I am trying - CLICK - Oh! You're fine.

You're fine, you're fine, you're fine, you're fine.

You're listening to Roar FM, coming to you from down the valley.

First topic of the day is, of course, Hard Graft.

Oh, no, no, no.

'Now we ' DOOR OPENS SHE SIGHS - What's wrong, Ms Martin? - I'm all right.

Let's get you a cup of tea.

Parents can be the living end.

I don't speak to my father very often, but when I do, it's complicated.

I don't like talking to mine neither.

They're always jabbering on and on, can never get a word in edgeways and I'm lucky if I get to speak to my brother once in a blue moon.

I have a brother.

Do you? Older or younger? Younger.

He's very dear to me.

They're never around when you need them most, though, are they? - Where's his accomplice? - Looked all over for him.

There's no sign.

Ms Martin was very insistent that they were tried together.

What can we do if he's scarpered? All right.

Let's hear it from you, then.

Hear what? The confession.

Nothing to confess.


You and that Irish one broke into the GP's and let loose rabids - that mauled the receptionist.

That's not true.

It saddens me that you've been so led astray, Kieren.

You and your accomplice were seen coming out of the GP's after the mauling.

Me and Simon worked together at the GP's a couple of days ago and we haven't been back since.

Did you enjoy your time at the treatment centre? Cos that's where you're headed if you don't confess.

You can't send me back to Norfolk! - Want to bet? "If a PDS sufferer is suspected of breaching their terms of release, they must be reported to the Department of Partially Deceased Affairs, whereupon the non-compliant patient will be detained for their own safety and the safety of others.

" I haven't breached my terms of release.

"PDS patients who pose a threat to themselves or members of their community are considered dangerous and the proper authorities should be notified.

" You and your accomplice have been deemed a threat to your community.

I'm not a threat to the community.

Are you the community? Yes, I am the I don't understand the question.

It's simple.

I'm asking you, are you the community? - No.

That's right, you're not.

We are the community and we have deemed you a threat to it.

Now, admit your guilt and we'll hand you a suspended sentence.

If not it's off to Norfolk you go.

All right.

What about Simon? Once he's found, he's being packed off.

Now confess your crimes.

I didn't do it! - Good Lord! - Ow! What a monster! ARGUMENT IN BACKGROUND TANNOY ANNOUNCEMEN You're not going to be like this for ever.

John - You wanted to see how he'd react.

He's reacting.

Everyone happy with the test subject's emotional response? We have you on a drug a new drug we've synthesised here.

It's making you more hu It's making all of you more like you used to be.

It might even stop the war.

There's a cure? With your help, there could be.

You were the first to respond to the chemical compound.

That's very promising.

What do I have to do? Allow us to continue experimenting on you.


Does my family know what happened to me? I don't want them to see me like this No, I I promise they won't.

until I'm fixed.

Until you're fixed.


We're going to stimulate the parts of your brain that have reacted to the drug.

Get some readings.

Is all this necessary, John? It is, Simon.

All part of the healing process.

Starting the procedure now.


CURRENT INTENSIFIES - JOLT THUMPS - The current is too high.

CURRENT INTENSIFIES - MONITOR BEEPS - He's going into seizure.

Cut the power.

I can't.

ELECTRICITY BUZZES SIMON GROANS Dr Halperin? Dr Weston? John? Can anyone hear me? Hello! You were the first and the last.

You are the one that liveth and was dead, and behold, you are alive for evermore.

Who's that? - You're what's meant to be.

What's happening? What's happening? They're lying to you, Simon, they're lying to you.

They'll say anything to survive.

Don't trust them.

HE GRUNTS Just a power surge, Simon.

You're all right.

You're all right, you're all right, you're all right.

You're all right.

I must be losing my mind.

What's wrong with you? Same thing that's wrong with you.

Why did you allow yourself to be treated like a puppet? John and Victor are helping me get better.

You believe that? - It's the truth.

Better from what? We're not infected and we're not sick.

The person who pulled the curtain on me all they were trying to do was survive a little bit longer.

That's the driving force at the core of every human being.

Forget morality and ethics and all the other bullshit they say they're striving for.

The living just care about surviving as long as humanly possible.

It's a pitiful pitiful, desperate existence.

We're better than that.

We're free.

We are the first and the last, and behold, we are alive for evermore.

You heard him too? Believe him, Simon.

Don't touch them! This is my place.

I can touch anything I want.

Amy! Amy! - You sure you're all right? - Yeah.

I'm fine.

Just, um, took some sheep's brains last night to loosen up, bad hangover.

SHE SOBS - SHOUTING - Should be in chains! They're animals, they're all animals.

INSULTS CONTINUE Never trust a rotter! Get back in your graves! - You bringing your weapon tomorrow, then? - Beating The Bounds? Oh, aye.

Are you? With those wild beasts still out and about, abso-bloody-lutely! I didn't do it, Dad.

I've been falsely accused.

For Christ's sake, they're threatening to send him back to Norfolk.

Right, so you should sign the confession and have done with it.

Go along to get along, son.

No, no.

I'm not confessing to something I didn't do.

You were pressured into it.

We all do daft things to join the in crowd.

Bloody hell, I've done my fair share of rebelling knock-a-door-runs all over the place.

Did Simon put you up to it, love? No, Mum, he didn't.

Cor! You're supposed to be my family, have my back, no matter what.

I expect it from them, - but to be put on trial by my own family? - Whoa! Let's call a clock out here.

I've got to get on those decorations for the fete.

I'm late for work.

I was hoping you could stop in.

How can I, Steve? - All right, all right.

Have you calmed down now? You'll behave, won't you, if we leave you here on your tod? HE MOUTHS - 'You're listening to Roar FM.

' - BANGING 'We've got Trevor on the line.

Hi, Trevor.

' - 'How do, Dave?' - 'What's your PDS point of view?' 'Well, I'm concerned.

' 'There's a piece in paper today about these PDS sufferers becoming tolerant to their medications.

' - 'Scary stuff, Trev.

' - 'Terrifying.

' - DOORBELL RINGS - 'I wouldn't be surprised.

' 'I trust the scientists as much as I trust the Government.

' 'Me mother's migraine pills stopped working.

' Hey.

So, what are you up to, then? I'm, um just doing a spot of DIY.


The excitement never stops in the Wilson household! Going on a day trip.

Was wondering if you wanted to accompany me.

What about the travel ban? Where do you think we're going, Timbuktu? Where are we going? Somewhere crazy.

Have you never played crazy golf before? - No, first time.

You're a putting natural! - Maybe I'm just lucky today.

Whoa, there, Tiger.

Crazy golf is a game of skill.

Wouldn't be an Olympic sport if it wasn't.

I'm not sure it is an Olympic sport.

Why not? - Don't know.

Maybe because it's called "crazy golf.

" Table tennis is called Ping-Pong, and that's an Olympic sport.

Perhaps if the crazy golf people got together and came up with a more serious-sounding name, like elaborate obstacle golf, you see then then the Olympic body might make it a proper sport.

It is a proper sport.

I don't care what the gods of Olympus say.

Stupid gods.

Are you ok? It's ok.

I don't feel anything.

Don't feel the cold.

Can you feel that? - Ow! Can't feel a bloody thing.

I'm sorry.

It's ok.

I forget meself.

What's the rush? - What? - You're really good at this, and if you take that shot then you're going to win and the game's over.

Isn't that the point? The point of a game is to keep on playing.

Well, yeah, maybe.

But if we don't finish it, it sort of becomes pointless, doesn't it? Tell you what, Tiger.

You get another hole-in-one, you get a kiss from the loser.

That would be me.

SOFTLY: Focus, Phil, focus.

I wanted it too much.

Summat's brewing, no doubt, Miss Martin.

I tailed him, like you asked.

He crept into city, met this other dodgy-looking rotter at an hotel.

I lifted them off him.

Good work, Captain.

Did you read this? Thought you'd want to first, chain of command and all that.

What do you reckon? Looks suspicious, all right.

Do you think he's planning an attack? - Could be.

At this juncture, nothing should be ruled out.

Fucking hell.

Miss Martin, you say the word and that rotter is as good as gone.

I swear down I will plant that bastard six feet under.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I'll look at the evidence and assess the immediate threat.

Until then, you keep your eyes and ears to the ground.

And, Captain, let's keep all of this classified.

You must sacrifice the First Risen on the 12th hour of the 12th day of the 12th month.

The First Risen must be destroyed.

Only then can the Second Resurrection occur.


John, you said Progress has been - slower than expected.

Slow? Nothing's changed.

I'm still like this.

That's why we've provided you with contact lenses and the foundation.

You promised they wouldn't see me like this.

You promised.

As part of the programme, all patients must complete this exercise.

It's out of my hands.

John John, please! BUZZER TANNOY: Dr Penrose to block C.

Dr Penrose to block C.

John! Giles Weir, Minister for So, you're the one they've sent to keep us in line? That makes me sound like kind of a killjoy school matron.

No, no, doctor.

Think of me as a a patron of the grand sciences, if you will.

Huge fan of your work.

Your chemical compound has brought the war to a full stop.

Well done.


You say you're injecting them now? - Every day.

It's quite a simple procedure.

It could be done at home.

Really? - They're not ready.

What's that? They aren't ready to go back into society.

What my colleague is trying to say For all intents and purposes, they are reanimated corpses.

And if they miss a dose of the drug, they revert back to their rabid state.

They're not cured.

We can't cure what they have.

And what do they have, Doctor? They have a very unique set of symptoms.

At a push, you could call it a syndrome.

But, honestly, that only scratches the surface.

They're not of this world, but, partially, they are.

In a lot of ways, they're a superior species.

So they're sort of partially dead? I wouldn't use the word "dead.

" Well, deceased, then.

They're partially deceased.

Oh, I like the sound of that, don't you? Sounds manageable.

BUZZER We've only got 15 minutes.

Hi, Dad.

You can speak? The doctors didn't didn't say you'd be able to do that.


They keep me in the dark, too.

What's that? The doctors here, they keep things from me, too.


Where's Mum? Where is she? You don't remember? Remember? You came home What? That night.

What did I do? - I can't do this.

Dad Dad! Dad, what did I do to her? ELECTRICAL FIZZING He's not turning rabid, he's just upset.

He's had some bad news.

Bad news? He killed his mother in his untreated state.

Oh, dear.

Shocking, what they're capable of.

Where's Simon? SQUELCHING I don't want to do this any more.

You hear me? I don't want to do this any more.


Hello? Is someone there? Do you see now? The living have nothing to offer you but lies.

They're desperate men with desperate schemes and you do not belong with them.

You belong with your own kind.

Only then will you find salvation.

Only then will you find peace.


FOOTSTEPS - What are you doing? - Looking for Simon.

Have you seen him? - Uh-uh.

If the patrols catch him, they're going to take him back to the treatment centre.

What's wrong? Love the new look you're rocking.

Very handsome, handsome.

Does he like it? How do I look? - Moregeous.

You have to say that you're my BDFF.

BOTH: Best dead friend forever.

Look, Amy, um, about me and Simon It's ok.

Sorry, Amy.

We'll talk later.

I'm under house arrest.

House arrest? God - This place is going to hell.

You're telling me! - Kieren Walker? - Yeah? Nothing.

Take care.

I mean it.

Your belongings.

Ready? BUZZER Dad.

Um I haven't got anything in for dinner.

I could go and get us something, I suppose.

Fish and chips? - Aye.

Aye, all right.

Where should I ? Someone shine A light on my heart It's getting dark Around these parts And I'm getting dressed For polar winter Again And I'm going to sit tight this time Till I've found - How's the fish? - It's good.

Thanks, Dad.

This haddock's a bit tough.

Our usual place during the Rising Well, it's not there any more, so I had to go someplace else.

HE SNIFFS "Since you were gone, my barren thoughts have chilled me to the bone " Dad? Um What happened to Mum - I didn't mean to - All right.

I just - I just want to say that I'm - I said all right, Simon.

(Yeah ) MUFFLED SOBBING HE GROANS HE SOBS Dad? What's going on? You don't deserve to look at her.

GLASS SMASHES - I want you out of this house.

GET OUT! Where the hell have you been? I was just about to let Dean know you'd gone.

If he'd have done that, Kieren I had to go out, Mum.

Where did you go? Can you at least not lie about that? Mum! I went to look for Simon.

It's happening all over again, Sue.

Someone puts a spell on him and it ends in disaster.

Mum, can you tell him I'm not under anyone's spell? How can we ever trust you again, Kier? You can start by not siding with the mob, Dad.

I'm just concerned for this family's safety.

You're scared of me? I am.

I'll admit it.

When you're acting like this.

Acting like what? I don't even recognise you any more.

This is who I am.


I got your message.

Thanks for coming.

You know you've got a tear at the top of your tent? Small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

Was I supposed to bring a sleeping bag? During the Rising did you ever kill a rabid? During the Rising, I was more a back office sort of bloke.

It's ok if you did.

Actually, it's better if you did.

No, I never killed anyone.

Not even a sort of mercy killing? No.

Why? Put them on me.

Pick up the screwdriver.

Not until you tell me what's going on.

Um I'm I'm I'm currently at Terminal 5.

I've got my suitcase packed, I'm in the departure lounge, I just need to get on the plane.

Do you understand? No.

I've become immune to the medication, Philip, the drugs aren't working any more.

And not long from now, I'm going to go rabid, and there's no chemicals out there that can turn me back.

I don't want to live as a rabid, going around hurting people without a thought in my head.

It's no kind of life.

I'll call Dr Russo.

It's no good.

Once I turn, I turn for good and then I'm stuck.

Stuck like that for ever.

It's a fate worse than death.

That's why I need you to put me down before I go rabid.

HE BREATHES DEEPLY Lord, please, give me a sign.

KNOCK ON DOOR - Come in.

Sorry to disturb, Miss Martin.

I was just wondering if you wanted to come downstairs for the finale.

Finale? - Me detective show Hard Graft.

Shop'n'Save's best cava for the big night.

Oh, Clive, you shouldn't have.

It's a big occasion, innit? Final episode of Hard Graft.

That were on last night.

I know, Mum, but Sandra didn't get to watch it last night.

So I recorded it and we're watching it tonight, aren't we? Too bloody right we are.

CAVA POURS - Oh, God! I get to find out who the killer is.

Are you excited, too, Miss Martin? Edge of me seat.


I've not been out of the house all day, have I, Clive? She locked herself in bedroom.

Didn't come out till an hour ago.

Just in case I heard anything.

I've made sure that nothing can spoil it for me.

Rude! Sandra, you left out Mum.

She don't drink.

She can't drink.

It'll go through you like last time.

I can have one.

Sandra, give her a glass, eh? - No! Cos in an hour I'll be cleaning up her mess.

No way.

Not tonight.

Tonight's my night.

She gets nothing.

Detective Inspector John Graft, thank you, you rugged Yorkshire hunk of stuff, for bringing a little bit of excitement into all our lives.

Now on with the show.

TV ON - John Graft's dad is the killer.

I saw the finale last night.

Turns out John Graft's dad were the killer all along.

He was the one who killed the ex-police captain cos back in the '80s, the captain beat up all the dad's mates on the picket line.

Saw that plot twist a mile off.

Told you it was silly buggers.

SHE SHRIEKS - You rotten, evil hag.

Sandra - Shut up! You, you're a devil sent from the bowels of hell.

CONNIE CHORTLES - Ever since that night, ever since that night when I saw you rise out of your grave, you've been a torment to me.

Love, we said we would never talk about that night.

Tough! She started it.

You saw the Rising? You saw them rise up? Yeah.

I bloody saw them.

I saw those rotters rise up out of the ground with my very own eyes.

It was midnight.

I was in a Vauxhall Corsa having it off with Jimmy Redmayne.

No, we do not say that name in this house.

Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jimmy! Lovely, bearded Jimbo Redmayne.

He gave me pleasure.

Incredible, illicit, sexual pleasure.

What have you ever given me, Clive? Apart from a failing B&B, some knock-off cava and a half-dead mother-in-law who's going to live for ever.

I'll drink to that.


Oh, God.

SHE GROANS - Now! Now, now, now, Philip! Wait! My face my face is wet.

RAIN SPATTERS - My face is wet! My face is wet! So ? I I can feel it.

I can feel the rain.

I can I can feel it, Philip.

Do you still want me to ? - No, of course not.

I'm feeling again.

I'm I'm not turning rabid.

What's going on? I don't know.

TV ON It might be better if he goes back to the treatment centre for a bit.

Maybe you're right.

It's his decision in the end.

He can go back to Norfolk or admit he's done wrong.

It's up to him.

You're sure? That's the first person you saw rise from their grave? I'm sure, Miss Martin.

I witnessed the Rising with my own two eyes.


It's Simon.

I'm ready to follow.

DOG BARKS This is where you belong.


Oh God wiped away all the tears from their eyes, for when they were redeemed from the earth they are like angels that are in heaven.

ALL: Rise.




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