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  2x04 - Episode 4
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I burnt the body.

The bones are buried separate, no-one'll find them.

Henry may have been involved with extremists and made his way to one of their training camps.

AMY: Simon is one of the 12 disciples of the Undead Prophet.

MAXINE: Victus has been gathering intelligence on groups looking to bring about another Rising.

They believe they need to find the First Risen before it can start.

Whoever this First Risen is, we want to find them before anyone else does.

I don't like being here with you, I'd rather be with my friends.

SHIRLEY: You need to find a nice girl who'll take care of you.

The Goddess Ishtar.

Are you wanting the full girlfriend experience again? Hiya, sweetheart.

How was your day? Amy is someone who needs to see that she's loved.

So I show her love because I do love her.

PHILIP: Hey, what's the matter? Nothing, I just Is it a bad thing that I want you all the time? Sh.

It's perfectly normal.

I keep thinking about your hands touching me No, you mustn't be late for the departmental committee.

They can't start without me.

Of course! Oh, my God, Philip.

You're so adept.

Oh, wait.

Please, let me try.

I want to give you pleasure.

Teach me.

Very well SHIRLEY: Philip, we've got a visitor, Sylvia, can you come down? What did you say? I can't hear you with all that noise.

Philip! Philip? Philip, now! Am I the only one in this house ? SHE RETCHES What am I doing? I called them at the school.

I said, "Henry won't be in today, he's gone missing.

" D'you know what they said to me? "Thank you for your call," like it were nothing.

Here's Philip now.

It's like a bad dream, Shirley, - I keep thinking I'll wake up and he'll have come back.

Oh, darling.

I assure you, Mrs Lonsdale, that everything that can be done I'm sorry, no, that Maxine Martin.

Well, I can tell when someone's lying to me face.

"Henry's run off to a training camp.

" He's not in any training camp.

Henry wouldn't join Cub Scouts, not even when you were troop leader, Philip.

I said to him, "Go with Phil from next door, "He'll look after you.

" "No, playing Nintendo.

" He's not a joiner.

The two things aren't necessarily Let me show you the knack with that, Philip.

One is Cub Scouts, the other's a terrorist training camp.

Tell her you'll help her.

How? Well, your big village meeting's today.

Tell her you'll bring it up.

You're on the parish council, you must have some sway.

Sway Of course I have.

I can't upset the order of business.

It's an extremely important meeting.

MRS LONSDALE SOBS Ms Martin's going to be looking to me to Oh, Philip says he'll look into it.

DEAN: You're stood there like that.

I come in, I shake your hand Shake hands.

I'm alarmed.

Your skin is cold to the touch.

Sorry about that.

Like in the brochure.

I'm sorry I caused your anxiety Where's Simon and Amy? Simon's got more important things to do, he's got a mission.

and contact lenses on account of - To minimise.

" to minimise distress caused to living people.

" "I've been administered Neurotriptyline in the last 24 hours and will not enter a rabid state.

" You have to have it off, otherwise what are you doing? Scaring crap out of folk.

You need to work on your mousse application an' all.

Long, even strokes, yeah? Sit down, I'm giving you a six, and that's being generous.

Next, Amy Dyer.

Not here.

Simon Monroe? That's very clever, that, innit? See how clever they are when they get put on a noncompliants list.

Lesson there for all of yous, don't take the piss.

What happens when you've got all the stamps? Well, then, you've got all the stamps.

Get all five sheets and there's an awayday to the seaside.

And you, get your mousse on.

After every fête, I say, "Wind it round your arm, don't just put it away in a bunch.

" "Don't bunch the bunting!" I'm making a start on the fudge today if you fancied lending a hand? I can't.

I've got to go on patrol.

I didn't know you were back on patrol.

Am from today, 12 o'clock.

All these decisions that you say nothing about.

How's going on patrol going to fix anything? How's it looking after your future? And how can I help you if you won't talk to me? Mum, don't worry about me.

It's ok, I'm fine.

I'll be fine.

'Are you wanting the full girlfriend experience again? ECHOING: Again? Again?' BUZZER RINGS KNOCK AT DOOR Come in.

You're here! I was getting worried.

I wasn't sure you were coming.

Leave the money on the dresser.

Em, look Look, I can't stay long.

Oh, shame.

You off out, Kier? You only just got here.

Oh, yeah, I have to.

Anything to report from t'workshop? Just Dean Halton's guide to becoming a civilised member of society.

All have to start somewhere, I suppose.

Yeah, I keep telling you, Dad, it's not a start if it doesn't go anywhere.

It's just showing up for that day's humiliation.

That's the workplace for you.

You'll be back by three, won't you? Course.

I don't think I can make it, Mum.

Why, where you off to? The bungalow.

Well, the plan was to have some family time, all sit down together for Sunday lunch.

Back by quarter to, then, eh? - Bring someone.

Who? Well, one of your new friends.

Maybe that Amy, that nice unconventional girl.

They'd be very welcome.

Yeah, I'll see.

CAR HORN HONKS I thought it was going to be family time.


They're not complete.

"Time of Rising?" Well, what if they don't know? Then they find out.

Tell them if the forms aren't filled out correctly, they'll be considered non-compliant.

MURMUR OF CONVERSATION DOORBELL RINGS Look at you, all done up and adorable! Oh.

Hi, Amy.

That's what happened the night I rose.

That's everything.

That's all I remember.

Oh, yeah, you're late for church.

Thank you, Brian.

It's a great feeling, isn't it? You know why? Because the living have tried to control us with shame, telling our Rising stories is where we start to say no.

If we are serious about becoming free the first shackle we have to throw off - is shame.

Yeah! ALL: Yeah.

No Rising story should be left untold.

Thank you, Brian.

You made it.


Seriously? If everyone'll take a seat as quick as you can, we'll get on.

Item number one on the agenda is to introduce you all to the brave men and women of the Roarton Protection Service.

As you know, the RPS has been set up in response to the alarming events of recent days, some of which, thinking about them'd make your blood run cold.

There's Gary Kendal, he's the captain.

One or two other faces you'll know from Human Volunteer Force that was.

It's the same thing.

LAUGHTER It's a new service.

It will be carrying out some of the same duties.

For instance, until the perimeter fence is complete, there'll be regular patrols of the woods and fields around the village.

And remember, they're relying on you as much as you are on them.

So eyes and ears open, and anything you see, pass it on.

Undead walking around without make-up and lenses on.

Not now.

Lived here all my life.

Rose Orton, you wait your turn.

I don't want to be seeing that.

ALL: No! The idea behind calling this meeting was for people to air their concerns and for us to decide together, as a community, what to do.

Now who'd like to talk? What are we going to do about t' rotter knocking shop? ALL MURMUR Abigail Lamb told me all about it.

This is going on in Roarton? The living and those things?! Why didn't you wake me? I didn't like to.

You seemed so peaceful.

Go on.

Abomination! Those giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh! I'll tell what you do.

I'll tell everyone! What happened to Roarton? Did we stop being who we were, what we were known for the country over? Are we like everyone else now? - When did she become "we"? - Do we tolerate this, just put up with it? ALL PROTES We used to be proud, vigilant! We used to be an example to others.

Are we going to let this pass? Maybe this was the wake-up that we needed.

I think we put a stop to this as soon as we can.

I think we get organised, we get down there tonight.

What about Henry Lonsdale? What about Henry Lonsdale? What about Henry? Three days since my son's been home.

Mrs Lonsdale, everyone here sympathises.

I'm not talking to you.

Every word out of your mouth's been a lie from day one.

I'm finished with you.

Philip Wilson said he'd speak up for me.

Seeing as he's not here, I'll speak for myself to you, my neighbours and my friends.

Out of the lot of you, who's tried to find him? Not one.

I have explained that we cannot afford to devote our resources to searching for someone who has gone missing of his own volition.

That's more of it! More lies spread against him.

What if it were your child you didn't know were alive or dead and when you asked for help people just turn their backs, don't even ask after him or mention his name, just carry on like he were never here?! MURMURING By the way, they're making a list of noncompliants.

So not showing up to Give Back probably isn't the great idea you think it is, or sending your followers to it without cover-up on.

My followers? All these brainwashed people everywhere.

Why? Because they have something to believe in? To me, Kieren, you're the one that's brainwashed, - just over a longer period.

Yeah, don't do that.

What am I doing? Whatever conversion technique you're trying, I'm not up for it.

I'm not doing anything to you.

Do you know what's so annoying? Is that you could be great if you could just be a normal person for two seconds.

What do normal people do? I'm serious! I'm serious.

Tell me what you want.

I'll do anything I can to give it to you.

Because there's what I believe and then there's you.



) No.

You two are not allowed to argue.

You're going to feel so silly about this when the three of us are best friends.

You're going to say, "Oh, we should have listened to Amy.

Amy, the beautiful genius!" You filled that half an hour ago.

Did I? - Yeah.

I'll just have to put it back out again.

What am I like? Oh, no, no, no.

Hang on.

She's right out there.

I I Well, then she'll know.

(Look, if this is something we're doing, I don't want her to find out like that.

) (I want to tell her.

) Yeah.


Yeah, fine.

Just tell her soon, will you? I am so sorry.

I was held up.

Did you know there was a PDS brothel in Roarton? No.

No, I didn't.

That's very concerning.

You would have if you hadn't missed a highly important meeting entirely.

Mrs Lamb has evidence.

So there won't be one for long.


The reason that I was late So you wouldn't have to bring up the Henry Lonsdale situation.

Why you would commit to that in the first place The mother turned up here, shouting her head off.

It's getting out of hand.

She won't accept the facts.

This whole thing is disrupting what we're trying to achieve.

You're her neighbour, right? I grew up next door to her.

Ok, then.

Go to her.

Tell her I got you security clearance and that you've seen the intelligence, a confirmed sighting of Henry in a training camp, from a reliable source.

What source? You don't understand.

We're at a crucial point now.

There are real dangers and we need to protect ourselves.

We're galvanising now.

With this brothel thing and the steps against noncompliants, Henry Lonsdale is a distraction.

We cannot have that.

We cannot have distractions! Things need to be ready.

What's the source? I'm going to need you to do this, Philip.

If there's no source My understanding was that you wanted to get ahead.

Did I get that wrong? - No.

Well, then.

It's just there are limits, aren't there? It's a simple instruction.

I tell you what, why don't I give you some time to think about your future? There's to be a protest outside the brothel.

You can meet me here just beforehand.

That gives you about five hours to decide what it is you think you're doing.

There she is.

Stone-cold, shit-kicking, badass fox.

Shut up.

Excuse me.

You can't talk like that to your commanding officer.

Forgot about that, didn't you? - Never said I was joining up.

But if you were to, I'd get to see you in this every day.

I mean, it's good to have Dean back and everything.

I'm not saying he's not a sexy bloke but it's not quite the same thing, is it? So it looks like we have no choice in the matter.

It's out of our hands.

He said I looked like freedom.

You don't think that might have been more a metaphor? I'm not a metaphor, Brian.

He was looking right at me.

Simon expects - What are you going to do? - I'm I tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to make Simon proud.

MAXINE: You did the right thing getting in touch, Mrs Lamb.

The tapes will take some sifting.

There are some people in this village in for a nasty shock.

I'm sure that evidence of yours will have a very deep impact.

I'll be around this afternoon with a car to pick it up.

You going to be ok with this? It's a patrol.

Are you sure? Cos we don't have to go anywhere near where Henry where it happened.

Right, good.

I reckon if we move fast, we're out of here in half an hour.

Eh? - You take that way, I'll take this.

Meet back here at ten to.

All right.

Whatever you say.

Told you you're badass.



It's ok.

It's ok.

SHE PANTS You're ok.

So, nosebleeds, tremor following administration.

Any other symptoms at all? - This morning I tried to make myself breakfast.


We don't eat.

Oh! I'd forgotten.

I'm forgetting a lot.

Thanks for seeing me here.

Didn't want to go back to Dr Russo because he's weird.

Oh, I think it's mainly shyness.

I didn't want the people I live with to worry and think that something's wrong if something IS wrong.

I'm not seeing any mention of your particular combination of symptoms or side effects, whichever they are.

What we might do is tweak your medication.

Sometimes that works.

Now, here we go.


"Halperin & Weston announce positive results in clinical trials for next-generation PDS treatments.

Subjects taking Neurotriptyline Plus reported decreased incidence of anxiety or nervousness, lengthened sleep durations "and less interpersonal distress compared to placebo.

" They've been busy! "Active ingredients are Neurotriptyline lactose " SHE MUTTERS QUIETLY It's more of the same, if I'm honest.

Give it a go.


See if that does the trick.

If not, pop back again, ok? SIZZLING Ow! Shit! Bloody shit! - Philip! - Yes? - This is - Already acquainted.




Good to show 'em who's boss every now and then.

I had a clock-radio once.

I let it get out of line.


It's my own fault, really.

I'd leave it alone for long periods during the day.

Right, then.

CLATTERING BEHIND DOOR You ok? SIMON: Just give me a second.

You don't have to do this.

We can forget all about it.

SIMON: No, you said you wanted me to see your world, so I'm not holding you to anything.

SIMON: I said I'd do it.

I'll do it.

It's part of the getting to know you.

Jesus Christ.

Is anyone around? No.

SIMON: There'd better not be.

DOOR OPENS Yeah, yeah.

Start walking.

How do I look? - So bad.


Thank you.

It's ok.

He was looking right at me.

It's like he was asking me why.

Jem, keep it down.

I thought they were after me.

All of them.

Everyone we ever did.

Do you want another? Yeah.

Same again, please, Pearl.

Those are on me, Pearl.

That's very kind of you.

Debt of gratitude, mate.

Feel safer already, knowing you lot are out there.

As far as I'm concerned, that hand doesn't go in your pocket.

So as you know, that's not a house policy.

Cheers, then.

ALL: Cheers.

Good man.

I keep having bad dreams.

Henry is in them an' all.

Jem, look.

Henry's gone.

You just need to be in the here and now.

I mean, fuck's sake, we've all done stuff.

But dwelling on it is only going to weaken us.

So, listen.

Here and now we're together and we're alive, and that's two boxes ticked for me already.

Yeah? Looks like there's a free piss-up in the offing as well.

So knock that one back quick and look thirsty.

SANDRA: Can't believe it didn't record.

You're a life-saver, Mrs Lamb.

Bereft I was.

I'll get this back to you as soon as I've watched it.

Bye, now.

DOORBELL RINGS Mrs Lamb? No, I was wondering if you and I could have a quick word.


Look, I implore you.

Well? There's something you need to know.

It's not too late to back out.

Can you stop saying that? Please.

I'm fine.

I'm completely relaxed.

Is that your dad? Shit.

KIEREN: Say you like his jeans.

What? - All right.

Hey, Dad.

Simon, this is my dad, Steve.

Hi, Steve.

Like your jeans.

Thanks very much.

Er Sue, Kieren's brought a mate back.


Very nice.

Hello, Sue.

Thanks for having me.

Lovely to have you here.

Well, I hope you like lunch, Simon.

Er sure.

Er It's definitely in his top three meals we don't eat.

MAN ON TV: You're happy to stick with that finding, are you? WOMAN ON TV: What are you implying, Detective Inspector? - Ms Martin! - I'm terrible, aren't I? This time of day.

VIDEO PLAYER STOPS I thought I was Roarton's biggest Hard Graft fan.

Abigail Lamb records them all.

Mm-hm You've got the message, then? Patrick Hughes.

Victus central office.

A man with a very brusque tone, I must say.

MAN ON TV: I can understand our friend here sustaining one accidental bullet wound while cleaning his gun, but two VIDEO PLAYER HISSES Oh, no! You've got to be joking.

What is this? Where did you get this tape? You should be very proud.

That's a fine, religious young man you've raised.

Giving all that time to his outreach work.

All his good deeds in secret, too.

Trying to convince women to turn away from sin.

He told me all about it.

Do you know, I don't think he would've said a word if he hadn't had to come and ask me for those tapes.

Still, we couldn't have people thinking the wrong thing, could we? ALARM BLARES GROWLING Come on.

Simon is going to love this.

He is going to freak when he finds out.

In a good way? What do you think a blow for freedom is, Brian? GROWLING Hey, there.

Get the lock off.

We're friends.

We're like you.

ALARM STILL BLARING GROWLS Quick as you can, then, Zoe.

You're free.

Yes, freedom.

Probably make a move sometime around now.

You're scaring them.

Come, please.

Zoe, seriously.


You look like an amateur.

Cut-price alarm system! My Sunday afternoon up in smoke.



Thank you.

I always say you can't beat a good bit of beef.

That sister of yours said she'd be here by three.

Which, if previous experience is anything to go by, means any time between now and midnight.

No point in letting it go cold.

So, Steve, how did you and Sue meet? Work.


What about the two of you? - The same.


I like the way he gave back.

SIMON: Yeah DOORBELL RINGS - You make me feel good.

Do I? Back at yer.

All right, Dad.

Gary's come for lunch.

If that's ok with you, Steve.

No problem at all.

Very nice.

Kieren's brought his mate back.

Jem, do you want to change at all before eating? Not really.

I'm starving.

Get stuck in is probably the best plan.

Cheers, Steve.

We've had a few pints, as it happens.

BOTH LAUGH STEVE: This is Kieren's mate Simon.


And Gary.

All right.

There we are.

More, the merrier.

Yeah, plenty to go around.

Yeah, well, there would be, wouldn't there? Shall we keep it cool, guys, while we're here? No problem this end, pal.


Cheeky sod.

Did you manage to get all the knots out of the bunting, Mum? Finally.

They keeping you busy, Sue? Sue's on the planning committee for the village fête.

It's all go, in't it? Oh, yeah, plenty to do.

Not helped by a certain Maxine Martin.

What's Maxine done? She thinks the fête should have a stand to commemorate the Rising.

As if they haven't got enough to worry about.

Well, what's the problem there, Sue? Well, most years we try to avoid anything divisive.

It's worth commemorating, though, in't it? Worth a little backwards glance.

People making the ultimate sacrifice, acts of valour and that, Jems here, included.

They should have umpteen stands, all Jem's heroic deeds.

Well, it's mostly jams.

Have one for that time in the Kitsons' place.

Do you remember that? We were at t'Kitsons'.

There was nothing much to show up there.

I'm caught short, so I nip upstairs to use the loo, leaving my weapon, right? Big mistake.

And I shout down to you, don't I? "Summat's up wi' drains.

" Cos the smell's that bad.

Don't know how much toilet talk we want at the dinner table.

I look round and there's this massive big bloody rabid just coming right at me.

Must have been, what, 18st of him.

Been having a nap in t'bath.

You've outdone yourself here, Sue.

It explains the smell anyway.

But I'm backing into a corner.

Who else thinks Mum's outdone herself? I'm climbing up on t'toilet bowl with nothing but an electric toothbrush to defend myself with when two more of them turn up.

This one shows up, Colt in hand Boom! Pops the first one there.

Brains across the tiles.

Everyone ok for creamed leeks? Second one, top of neck.

Fat lad's still coming at me, in't he? Me wi' me trusty toothbrush.

She walks up to it Click.

Gun jams.

I'm like, "All right, ok, good night, Saigon!" Cool as you like, she rips down t'shower pole Boom! Straight through t'eye hole.

But wait, no, no, no, no.

That's not it.

This This rabid, this PDS sufferer, starts going over like this.

"Argh!" Only t'pole's still stuck in its head.

Hits me on t'way down.

I lose my balance, don't I? Both feet end up in t'toilet bowl.

Boots wet, socks wet.

That what you did in the war, is it? Kill people? - Leave it.

No, no, I won't.

I killed people, too.

I've a funny story of my own, actually.

I rose from the dead.

And, then, after that I ripped people apart.

Kieren Ok, maybe it's not that funny but you can sit there and listen to it anyway, like we did with you.

Kieren, don't.

Nah, you're all right, mate.

Listen to the story! It's weird.

First because all there is is just darkness.

It's so dark.

Doesn't make a difference if your eyes are open or closed.

What you think is that you've been buried alive.

Kieren, please.

Not ideal.

That's proper proper panic, that.

You know.

You hit out at the lid of the coffin even though you know there's no way.

But then it starts to give.

You have to push your way through all the soil.

Takes ages, doesn't it? Takes so long.

Kieren - But then suddenly something's different.

You feel the wind on the tips of your fingers, and the rain.

Because before that you're not really sure where you are but but now you know.

And you're pushing through and then all this stuff at once.

The moon and this incredible storm blowing.

And the clock chiming midnight and you're just standing there.

Nobody else around.

And all of it pushing into me.

No-one else.

Are you sure? No.

But you know what I felt? Were any other graves open? No, the other graves are fine.

I'm trying to say something.

That feeling it's like what being born must be like.

Except you've got context.

Because, honestly, dead Everything up until then was fear.


Even when I was alive, just different levels of fear.

And then it's gone.

And you're like, "Yeah, come on, give it to me, fill me up!" And you know what, Gary? This hunger, this appetite, I could not wait to get started.

That's enough! Do you hear me? I will not have it.

Did I cross the line, Dad? - Kieren, please.

While they sit around and high-five each other about killing us, like it's a big joke! Oh, no, that's fine with everyone! I say one thing and that is indecent?! I'm sorry, but that is bullshit! Come on, Simon.

Come on! - Yeah.

You do know I'm proud of you, Philip? You'll do what's right by Sylvia and Henry, won't you? Yes, I will.

PHILIP: Miss Martin? I've decided I'm not going Sandra Furness got this tape from a friend of hers, a woman called Abigail Lamb.

Mrs Lamb's had a bit of a run on video tapes recently.

I expect that's why she forgot what was on this one.

VIDEO PLAYER: ' Sustaining one accidental bullet wound while cleaning his gun, but two ' VIDEO PLAYER HISSES MAXINE SIGHS Suddenly everything has become very simple, hasn't it, Philip? You tell lies all the time.

All you need to do now is just tell one more.

And afterwards you can come to the protest, maybe even say a few words.

And go back to being the person you say you are.

You know where Mrs Lonsdale lives.

Time you got on with it.

TV ON KNOCK AT DOOR It's probably your brother with another one of his funny stories.

Come on.

Brothel protest.

We're not on tonight.

It's not going to take more than one or two on security.

I already spoke to Maxine.

Yeah, well, now she wants everyone there.

Why? In case tarts attack? I don't know.

Come on.

FAINT SHOUTING - WOMAN: Your poor mam! - MAN: No shame! SHOUTING GARY: Right, we're here to give out a signal.

Let's get the job done.

And we don't engage.

We're not here for conversation.

You and Craig go round the back, me, Sam and Andy'll go in the front.

All right, mate.

Let's bag some rotters.

DOORBELL RINGS Philip - Sorry to call so - Come in, Philip.

Is this what they meant when they told us to integrate? - MAN: Of course not! - CROWD SHOUTS Thank God we're waking up, is all I can say, because this is only a start.

As long as this illness goes untreated, we are vulnerable! CROWD SHOUTS IN AGREEMEN Wait here.

I'll go and find out what's happening.

You, in.

Get in there.

Get up now.

Get up now.

Keep them here.

Come on, Jem, shake a leg.

What are we doing? The right thing, what everyone wants.

You heard 'em down pub.

Folks are counting on us again.

Listen, please.

You don't understand.

If I go out there, I'll lose everything! Not confused by that at all, friend.

Put him with the rest.

I'm going.

Let's see if we can hurry things along, then, shall we? Come on, Jem.

CROWD SHOUTS CHEERING We've had some more information.

There - Just before Please sit down.

Come on.

I tried to stop her, Philip, but she's she's put these lies in my head that Henry's maybe still out there.

It's not hope, it's the worst feeling.

It's dragging it out.

I know they're lies, but I can't let them go on my own, even though I know.

I know.

You've always been such a serious boy.

I'd see you playing out, even as a toddler.

Big frown on your face, like something had just made you very angry.

Never saw you lash out, though.

Never saw you do the cruel things, so I know you're a good boy.

All I need is some truth, Philip.



Let's have 'em.

CROWD SHOUTS MAN: Disgusting! Swine! Rotters this side, prozzies this side.

Nice, neat rows.

Let everyone see your faces.

CROWD SHOUTING Can I have your attention, please? Please, can I have your attention? Thank you.

Thank you.

I think we should stop this.

MAN: Eh? Stop it? - I think we should all stop pretending.

WOMAN: Pretending? You can only pretend for so long, and then you're back stuck with yourself.

MAN: About what? - What I'm trying to explain is that if the idea that you were ever a pure person, it just makes everything else so much worse.

It makes you so disappointing.

CROWD PROTESTS People aren't pure.

We are not good any more than they're evil or they're inhuman.

CROWD PROTESTS Maybe we only have to pretend they're bad because we have to pretend we're good.

But if we could just accept our real selves and live with who we really are and love ourselves, then maybe CROWD PROTESTS maybe we could accept and live with and and love.


MAN: Hey, what are you doing over there? He's been at it with rotters! WOMAN: No, go on, get out! CROWD SHOUTS Big smiles, everyone.


GLASS SMASHES Who's there? Who is it? (RASPING) A zombie! Worse than a zombie! What's worse than a zombie? Two? A drunk zombie.

Terrible news about the full disclosure of your sex life, by the way.

Not going down brilliantly with the townsfolk.

Your reputation's in tatters, what with necrophilia and fancying rotters.

Nice boys don't do that! No, thank you.

I know where that mouth's been.

How can you be drunk? Power of suggestion? Sense memory? And I'm not really.

I'd say prepare yourself for some sort of lynching or social ostracism.

You're talking to me.

I'm very nice, though.

I also have a high tolerance for idiots just now, especially disappointed idiots.

I don't fancy people with PDS - as such.

Right, just the sex workers.

I went to one sex worker.

One! What's one(?) - Because she reminded me of someone.

Who's counting? Because I do like some people with PDS.

Very few.

You in fact.

So this is where you wanted to be It's a goddamn shame that you're not here with me Don't worry.

Not long now.

And I can't see your face any more If I could it wouldn't look like before Look like I'm awake, too, so it's no good thinking about gnawing your own arm off.

I thought maybe I could leave that to you, given I didn't know you made jokes.

I don't.


You should see him.

He's beautiful.

LINE GOES DEAD SIMON SIGHS Damn, I love PEARL: Admit your guilt and we'll hand you a suspended sentence.

KIEREN: I didn't do it, Dad.

They've threatened to send him back to Norfolk.

I didn't do it! Damn, I love There's a cure? With your help, there could be.

Is all this necessary, John? What did I do to her?! ELECTRIC FIZZING He's not turning rabid.

He's had some bad news.

Damn, I love AMY: I don't want to live as a rabid.

It's no kind of life.

You're fine, you're fine, you're fine, you're fine.

Damn, I love Simon, my son, my 12th disciple.

I've chosen you to change history.

Damn, I love you.

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