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  2x03 - Episode 3
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1 Not going on a day trip without me, are you? Not a day trip this time, partner.

I can't sell you a ticket.

Eh Hey, hang on, no Hello! Can I see your passport? This is invalid.

KIEREN: How do I get a certificate? By completing the PDS Give Back Scheme.

Tell him he doesn't have to leave.

We're gonna change things around here.

We're washing windows together.

Haley's pressuring me about bills, mate.

Mate? I'm a small-business owner, why do I have to do this scheme? You're also a PDS sufferer.

HENRY: Why do you think I came back from the dead in the first place? It's so me and Jem Walker can be together.

SCREAMING AND SNARLING - In, in, in! - HE GROWLS Please, please! What did the Prophet say? He said, "Go to the place where the first rose, and seek them out.

" There's just nothing for me here.

There's me.

My Colt! That's a piece of history, that, soldier.

It deserves to be in the right hands.


CAMERAMAN: Here we present the happy couple, Mr and Mrs Preston! Yay! CAMERAMAN: Any words for the people at home? My wife and I are gratified that so many kind well-wishers could be here to join the celebration of our nuptials.

A simply wonderful time is wished by us to you.

CAMERAMAN: You guys had a good day, then? The best.

The best day of my life.

CAMERAMAN: Excuse me.

Excuse me! Have you not finished yet? CAMERAMAN: What does the future hold for you two? BOTH: Magaluf! Six days, half-board, flights included.

WATCH BEEPS - Bloody thing.

BEEPING STOPS CAMERAMAN: You guys had a good day, then? The best.

The best day of my life.

DOOR OPENS - Excuse me.

'Have you not finished yet?!' HALEY: I heard your watch.

Have you had your shot? BOTH: Magaluf! Freddie, no.

You shouldn't be watching this.

CAMERAMAN: After the honeymoon? FREDDIE: No plans.

Who needs plans when I've got this one? I love you.

What was that? I love you.

Say it again.

I couldn't hear.

I love you! HALEY: 'We have got some plans, though.

' 'Do we?' - Yeah, first off, some kids - AMIR: Haley, you down there? What are you doing? SHE TURNS VOLUME DOWN You coming back to bed? Yeah.


Jem? What are we doing here? This isn't where we're supposed to be.

We've got to tell someone.

No, we don't.

I'm not going in there.

I want to go and tell what I did.

We're not saying anything to anyone.

I killed Henry.

Right, look at me.

You go in, be normal, say nothing.

Try and get some sleep if you can.

Everything's going to be all right.


Jem, are you all right? - What? Yeah, fine.

Didn't want to face them, eh? Someone had a good night.


The party I went to was pretty interesting, too.

Oh, your name came up earlier.

Henry Lonsdale.

I think he might have a little thing for you.


They didn't wait up.

Feels a bit weird, doesn't it? Night.


Cup of tea? Cup of tea? MAXINE: Just in the middle of something.

Leaving it outside your door, then.

Now, just you wait.

Everything's going to be perfect.

'I promised I'd make it right.

' AMIR: It's ready.


Oh, Christ, would you look at me? I am.

It's a good look.

Top-end professional.

AMIR: Oh, God, you hate your briefcase.

You do, it's fine, it's completely the wrong thing.

I've kept the receipt, I'll take it back.

I love it, ok? It's just that if someone had told me I'd be spending my 28th birthday on a data management course Yeah, cos they spotted your potential, is why.

Yeah, or they noticed the last glimmer of hope disappear from my eyes.

They're probably grooming you for a big promotion.

I would.

I'd make you regional manager.

And what does a regional manager do? Bosses people about.

You wouldn't like it.

Have you seen my shoes, Haley? They're in the shoe cupboard.

With the shoes.

AMIR: Brain like a sieve.

Can't leave anything down in this place.

It's called a system, Freddie, you should give it a go some time.

I tell you what, put it on my to-do list, Amir.

So, have they got you on the fence today, Freddie? Probably.

At least it's outdoors.

I don't fancy being cooped up with that rotter crowd.

Of course, you'd have nothing in common with them.

Posh breakfast? What's that in aid of? I'll be home by six and I'll get the steaks on.

Shit! Are you sure you're ok with a night in? Yeah, of course I am.

Don't listen to her, Amir.

When we were married, we always went out on her birthday.

Eh, that time we nearly burnt down the Legion, setting those made-up cocktails on fire.

And Whitby.

Now, THAT was a birthday.

Only we never got as far as Whitby, did we? We got kicked off the coach for lewd behaviour.

Right, then And Gary's mum's place that year.

The pool party with no pool.

What a night! And you in that bikini.

Well, you out of that bikini.


What? We're only reminiscing.

You've done all right out of it.

You can't begrudge a bloke a few fond memories.

No I'm not having it.

Amir - What am I doing? - It's enough now.

I'm serious.

You said you'd say something.

Say something.

Fine, I will.

Time's up, Freddie.

Yeah, sorry, mate.

Two months we said when you came back from the treatment centre.

August 9th that was.

December 6th today.

Haley's birthday, by the way.

Yeah, I I know that.

How about we just give him until he's sold the car? I'll give you a present later on.

Every time I talk to you about it, it's the same thing.

You feel guilty, he's not ready, he's got to sell that bloody car to get a deposit together.

He's not even put the car on the market, have you? Right Haley? Haley do you want him gone or not? Amir! Working today? If that's what you want to call it.

Well, I, er I know you've had your misgivings, but I've been doing some research I think may allay them somewhat.

You can always trust the lunatic fringe to run down the new thing, can't you? No, it's oppression, it'll never work.

What about her? Does she look oppressed to you? It says here she's got management potential.

I don't know, Dad.

I mean, the scheme's only been running for a couple of days.

Early days.

My point in a nutshell.


"Give Back Scheme a winner.

" "Pearl Pinder's pearls of wisdom.

" We know you want to get away, son.

Well, you will.

Just, in the meantime, it's good to stay busy.

Keep your mind from going in on itself.

Morning, love.

Cornflakes? You're all right, Dad, ta.

No? I'm buying.

Breakfast, most important meal of the day.

Have something.

You have to have something.

Set you up.

Yeah, it's true.

I ate breakfast five years ago, still full.

Not hungry, thanks.

Have a good day, Jem.

I love you.

Wonders never cease.

Morning, Walkers! Jem's warming up to me(!) Nice welcoming brush past on her way out(!) Only so long she could resist, I suppose.

After all, girl's only human.

Why are you still in your sleep attire? Hmm? Give Back Scheme's not going to subjugate us on its own, you know.

I'll help him with his clothes.

Terrible business.

I'm sorry? Blue Oblivious attack.


My friend Barbara, her daughter Chloe is at school.

According to Chloe, all the PDS youngsters are at it.

It's the in thing.

Logging on to that website, too.

"Get ready for the second Rising.

Go off your drugs and slaughter your family.

" I mean, what sort of message is that giving out to impressionable minds? You raise some excellent points.

Just so you know, I've had Clive unplug Connie's dial-up.

Better be on the safe side.

Last thing we need is a second Rising.

As if there weren't enough bother with the first.

What did you see that night, Sandra? It's not something I like to talk about.

Brings back distressing memories.

I'm sure you appreciate.

Still, I think it's valuable to hear people's memories of the Rising.

I was asleep.

So was Clive, would you believe? Slept through the whole thing.

DOORBELL RINGS - That's the doorbell.

Yes? - Maxine Martin here? It's for you.

Are you the MP? - Yeah.

I've come to hand myself in.

Saw you and Mymon were nattering away last night.

Mymon? - My Simon.

In very close conference.

Oh, yeah.

Proper old chinwag.

Don't suppose at any point the name of a certain me came up? Oh, stop dragging it out and tell me what he said about me! Oh, you know What? My eyes.

Was it mainly my hypnotic eyes? Yeah, all good stuff.

Not body parts? My breasts? And my derrière?! Filthy animal.

We are the first and the last.

We are those that liveth and were dead and behold, we are alive for ever more and have the keys of hell and death in our hands.

Didn't see you at the party last night.

That's cos I wasn't there.

You should've come.

It was amazing.

Better things to do, love.

Like what? - Like changing my life.


No, that's what we're doing.

I didn't mean by hanging out at rotter raves, I meant fixing the one I've got.

What's wrong with it? Took a turn for the worse.

When? Probably around the time I got killed driving my mate's car into a passing tree.

Why are you smiling like that? Because You don't see it yet.

When we died, we were given a gift.

Were we, yeah? So those two weeks rotting under the ground, I should be sending thank-you cards.

And the roaming the Earth in a rabid state for years and being captured and sent to a treatment centre only to come home to find my wife shacked up with an estate agent and lying with him in our bed while I'm next door in the guest room with his vinyl collection Is that all part of the same gift, is it? Oh.

Very nice.

And when I start a little business, trying to build something for myself, only to have that taken away from me and all, so I have to come here and work for nothing with a bunch of no offence weird dead people.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot(!) You shouldn't have.

You'll see.

CHATTER Ah! I missed you this morning.

Oh, I had to help Dozy here crossing the road.

Well, you let us know where you're going next time, ok? - Oh, were you worried sick? - I was, yeah.

He goes to pieces when I'm not around.

Hey This is a long hug.


Is it a special hug just for special people? Of course it is.

Sorry, Kieren, it's just for special people.

SHE MOUTHS Ok, everyone, let's get this started.

If you wouldn't mind taking a seat, thank you very much.

If you'd just like to take a seat.

Thank you.

If you'd just like to take a seat.

Thank you.

You all right? Dean? HE CLEARS HIS THROA Brian Cunningham, Connie Furness, Zoe Kelly, Furness B&B.

Walker and Monroe, GP surgery.

Rest of yous, back on t'fence.

MURMURING - Furness B&B? Yeah.

Oh, that daughter-in-law of mine's got herself free chambermaids, has she? Thinks she can make me take the hair out of plugholes? I lived and died in that house.

You'll know your way around, then, won't you? Amy Dyer, you're to stay here.

CHATTER - Name? - Jerry Lee.

Name? - Rory McCallum.

Name? - David Newport.

Dean, mate, you've got to get me out of here.

Remember some windows need washing behind someone's back, have you? Oh, Dean I said I was sorry, just I need some time away.

I'm here to supervise work, not give time off.

Ok That's all of it.

Everything I earned.

I'll make you sole shareholder.

What good's a window-cleaning business when you lot are cleaning folks' windows for nothing? I'd bring it up at the AGM, if I was you.

Give us a half-hour.

Please, it's important.

Ten minutes.

Gary had nothing to do with it.

It was me.

I made him take me with him and I went off on my own.

And you shot Henry Lonsdale? He was in my class.

I read a poem out at his funeral.

Where? - What? Where was his funeral? Roarton.


What are you doing with Amy? What do you mean? I'm not doing anything with Amy.

I mean she thinks the two of you are involved.

And you're not doing anything to put her right.

You keep leading her on.

I know you're the big Amy expert and everything, Kieren, but once Amy gets an idea in her head, there's nothing anyone can do to get it out of it.

Ok? Hey.

I care about her, too, you know.

A lot.

Kieren Amy is someone who needs to see that she's loved.

So I show her love.

Because I do love her.

Just not like that.

So that's what's going on there.

I don't lead people on.

Kieren! Never made it to the Paris train.

Hello, Dr Russo.

Afraid not, no.

Désolé, désolé.

Still, good that you're here, though.

Jesus Christ.

Our guests, yes.

Not an ideal arrangement, I'm afraid.

Pacing's a stress response.

The one with the wound has considerable muscle deterioration.

There's the smell, obviously.

Denise has been on to Halperin & Weston for days trying to get them picked up.

Still not called back this morning, Denise, I presume? Service isn't what it used to be.

I hear they're outsourcing.

GROANING Gentlemen.

Your instruments.

Now, what we want is a deep cleanse.

All the nooks and crannies.

Really get in there.

In the cage? Don't worry.

They're sedated prior to the Neurotriptyline taking effect.

There shouldn't be any problem, I wouldn't think.

Denise will show you how to handle them, won't you, Denise? Will do.

Good lad.

There's an empty cupboard down the hall.

You can put them in there.

MAXINE: Stop here.

JEM: What's going on? Why are we stopping? I thought we were going to the police.

Show me where it happened.

Why? Because I need to see.

So, what you want to be looking at is either of these two as your packages.

They're the market leaders.

Now, people say to me, "Why are these two data management packages your market leaders?" And I tell them ENGINE REVS "For eight very good reasons.

" HORN BLASTS TUNE One HORN CONTINUES Oh! Who is that?! ENGINE REVS - What are you doing? - I'm taking you for a birthday spin.

You are not.

I am, too.

I've put my foot down, Haley.

You're not spending your birthday on a training course.

Come on, last voyage for this one.

She's going in the paper tomorrow.


Come for a spin like we used to.

If you think I'm getting in there with you, after how you died Taught me a very valuable lesson, that.

You couldn't ask for a safer man behind the wheel.

You're not even supposed to be driving, are you? - ENGINE REVS - Can't hear you.

Do you even have a license? It's the roar of the engine.

It's drowning out what you're saying! I can't just leave, Freddie.

ENGINE REVS - I'm not catching much, but it sounds like a lot of boring excuses not to have a good time.

Like I say, I can't be sure with all the noise.

ENGINE REVS There is no way I'm getting in that.

There's rules about what's supposed to happen.

I did it.

I'm saying I did it.

I I'm trying to do the right thing.

I just want to get it over with.

What is going on? Henry Lonsdale was a killer.

No, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

He killed we don't know how many when he rose from the grave.

And then he was given a free pass by the powers that be, told to put it behind him, to forget about it.

Henry didn't grieve over his kills.

Why should you? You risked your life to protect your family, your friends, your community.

Where's your free pass? Now where did it happen? Here.

I - Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.

Then where is he? Where is he, Jem? Things ok with you and Amir, then, are they? Yeah, no, um, he called me at work, so that's all sorted now.

Don't like to see you two fight.

Ringing any bells for you, this place? Yes.

I thought you might have been too off your face to remember.

I remember.

The sun would have come up just about there.

Nearly did it the night before.

But then I thought, "What am I doing? It's got to be sunrise.

" Well, you do have a sense of occasion.


Got on one knee.

Looked more like all fours from where I was standing.

Bit worse for wear, myself.

You said yes.

Put my ring on your finger.

That ring! A ring-pull off an old beer can.

I know what it was, you cheap sod! Did the job, though.

Made me the happiest man on Earth.

God, I was happy.

That's what it's supposed to be like.

It could be again, Hales.

Sh! Don't.

I'm not.

I'm just saying.

FOOTSTEPS PACE CONTINUES TO CLICK OPEN AND SHU I should explain that I've no influence over who goes where.

It's an entirely randomised process.

You and the straggly-haired one get up early to write names on a piece of paper.

What I thought was that you could manage the phones and possibly take messages whilst I'm out.

And then you pick them out of a hat.

Because when we met, I noticed Our meeting, yeah.

that you're an intelligent and educated person.

And I thought you might like to be somewhere you can exploit those skills.

So not entirely randomised? It's like secretarial.

You want me to be your secretary? Personal assistant? You might like it.


I don't like being here with you.

I'd rather be with my friends.


This way.

You really going to do this? - Come on.

Use the guiding stick.

The what? We'll be here all day at this rate.

You take this.

And you pop it on there.

And then you guide them.

Come on.

Come on.

Take it, then.

It's not my job.

You're just confusing him.

You need to give it a good old yank.

Come on! GROWLS Get away from him.

Right, we'll take it from here.

Thanks, Denise.

They'll be ok.

I'll tell Dr Russo she's mistreating them.

You think Russo's any better just cos he gives you a smile? Russo ain't going to do anything.

He's part of the machine.

Same as she is.

Same as we are if we go along with it.

We can get 'em out of here, medicate them back at the bungalow.

You don't know the first thing about looking after 'em.

Anything could happen to 'em.

I don't care.

They'll be out of here.

They'll be in the treatment centre in a few days, that's the best place for 'em.

You think things are better in the treatment centre? You have no idea.

You know nothing about that place.

Look, I don't share your faith in these people being nice.

Really, when you get to know them they're brutal.

I don't want to be a part of it.

Don't do anything stupid, ok? GROWLING Ok.


BIRDS CAW, WINGS FLUTTER RUSTLING What are you doing here? I'm here to help.

What with? Show me where it is.

I told her, Gaz.

Oh, for f Jem! I had to.

I sanctioned the patrol.

It's my responsibility to handle the fallout.

Where's the body? Dealt with.

I burned it.

Bones are buried separate.

No-one will find 'em.

He's had one funeral already.

It had to be done.

Are you absolutely sure he was dead? Back of his head were blown away.

Didn't look like something that were going to walk off.

Come on, we should go.

I mean it.

Take the car and don't come back.

You promised you wouldn't do this.

What's keeping us here? Come with me.

Where to? To a perfect place.

Just keep going till we find it.

I'll be fine as long as I'm with you.

Freddie You want this, too.

I saw you looking at the wedding video.

Come on, Haley, you never see two people that in love.

It doesn't just end.

But that's just a video.

Wasn't great all the time.

You weren't exactly the most reliable bloke in the world.

What? You were never there, Freddie.

My appendix burst, and I had to call my mum to take me to the hospital.

That's hard.

That stuff hurts.

You should have said something.

I was going to.

I was, and then I didn't have to.

Look I'll change.

That's not what I'm saying.

All I'm saying - Just come with me, Haley.

I won't be like that.

I swear.

I'll be twice as considerate, and just as much fun.


All I'm saying is, I've got to get back.

I told them I'd be half an hour.

This one's nice.


Might not be smiling when someone sees him.

Which do you think? For the missing poster.

Look, I wonder if we might be getting ahead of ourselves slightly.

I haven't seen Henry since yesterday.


Did he mention at the time where he was going? I'm sure he was shaken up by these rabid drugs going round school.

You know what Henry's like, he's very sensitive.

So, yesterday after school Well, then a person can't actually officially be considered missing until 48 What if he's been snatched by some of these extremists people are talking about? The ones giving kiddies drugs? Probably needed someone like Henry.

He's very able.

Of course you feel that way.

And he is.

But there haven't been any reports of extremist PDS groups kidnapping other sufferers.

Well, something needs doing.

I'll come back when that MP lady's in.

PHONE RINGS Village of the damned, how may I help you? Please please don't answer the phone like that.

They hung up.

You're cold.

I'm fine.


Day 20 is the written exam.

Pass that, you get one of these.

Your certificate in data management essentials.

This is your passport to anywhere you want to go.

In-house data manager, office manager, divisional coordinator VOICE FADES Psst! You're going to have to ask her for some more.

I don't trust myself to talk to her.

Go on.

We're out of cleaning fluid.

Put the keys back.

Mind your own business, Kieren.

You said you wouldn't do anything.

I said I wouldn't do anything stupid.

I told you not to make me part of it and you went ahead and used me.

You're part of this either way.

You're being used by them.

All I'm doing is giving you a chance to choose the right side.

I am not going to go along with you with this.

Now put the keys back.

BELL DINGS You'll forget your head next.

I was wrong about you from the start.

Look I've got nothing to say to people like you.

I thought there was something there.

I was wrong.

Still here? Yes.

Held up by constituency business.

Of course.

A teenage boy seems to have gone missing.

A neighbour of mine, actually.

Henry Lonsdale.

He didn't come home last night.

PDS or living? PDS.

Well, then.

His mother's quite upset.

I told her that we'd start circulating these if there's still no sign by tomorrow.


I thought she could be of some use.

We don't do that.

Get her out.

What should I say? SHE SIGHS Get out! Now, then.

Let's go and see this neighbour of yours.

Mrs Lonsdale, I wanted to reassure you that everything is being done to locate Henry's whereabouts.

Pamphlet says medication can wear off within hours of a missed dose.

It's been almost a day.

Very often in cases like this, the young person will turn out to have been at a friend's house all along.

Do you not think I've checked with his friends? He's not on a sleepover, Philip.

What might be useful is if we had an idea of Henry's thoughts and interests.

And that helps find them? Often.

He's very likeable.

He's good looking.

Did Henry ever talk to you about the Rising? What's that got to do with it? We want to eliminate certain lines of inquiry.

There's a mythology amongst the more extreme PDS elements that the first risen is in some way special, - that they're needed to bring about a second Rising.

Henry's special.

How, exactly? Psychic powers.

Had 'em since he came back.

He denied it but you could tell.

Far-away look'd come over him.

I told you, didn't I? Did he talk about what he saw the night he rose? Oh, feet, mostly.

People walking over his grave as he was coming up.

The other ones.

Didn't like that.

Always very protective of his personal space.

I said he were kidnapped.

You pooh-poohed it.

Kidnapping is highly unlikely.

He may, however, have become involved with extremists by some other means.

We will have to look into the possibility that Henry was recruited and made his way to one of their training camps.


Nothing like that can happen again.

And there was me looking forward to the next morning I could spend cutting up a body in a wood(!) Another one of these when you're ready.


Still, I don't want to do anything that might damage your career.

That's not it.

All the same, you politicians.

That's not what I'm concerned about.

Victus has been gathering intelligence on groups looking to bring about another Rising.

They believe they need to find the first risen before it can start.

They're going to be looking in Roarton.

Nut jobs.

Whoever this first risen is, we want to find them before anyone else does.

It needs to be stopped.

Now, as it turns out, this Lonsdale boy wasn't significant, but it's not the kind of risk we can take.

You see how important this is, don't you? I'm getting there.

I went down to the GP surgery today.

They had two rabids there, locked up in a cage, that they're going to send away for treatment so that they can teach them to integrate, to be what the living demand.

I found myself looking at them wondering how long they were going to be in that cage.


How long are you going to be in your cage? What's stopping you from being the people you are? Instead of copies of who you used to be.

Of what they tell you you have to be.

Why don't you break free? Why don't you show yourselves? Because when you do, when you finally do, I promise you're not going to want to go back.

Because you're going to be beautiful.

You're going to be flawless.

You're going to be the future.

HE SIGHS Who wants to go first? All right, next year, no courses.

Let's both ring in sick, yeah? Have a proper blow-out? You're going to have to put up with my singing in a second.

Right, close your eyes.

Hap Amir, I need to talk to you.


Are you ok? I heard about what happened at school.

Not in the mood, K.


Haley! Um, the door jammed.

You have to slide under.

SHE SIGHS Knew you'd come.

DOOR SLAMS Did you plan that? You got it, then? - Can't believe you kept it all this time.

I know.

Ok, it might be more of a replica that I found in the street than the actual one.

Anyway Ta-da! Thought I'd lay on a little birthday bash before we hit the road.

Hope it might go some way to covering the ones I missed.

Speaking of That's your 19th.

That's your 22nd.

And that's your 25th.

Dead for that one.

Still counting it.



And that's a Capri owner's manual.

It's an inside-the-glove-compartment theme.

See, now? I'm not forgetting any more birthdays.

I'm changing, Haley.

I'm going to be the bloke you deserve.


I, um I told Amir about us meeting at lunch.


How did he take that? - Freddie, you have to go.


Haley, that This is the wrong choice.

Just cos he says so.

It's not him saying it.

What? This is stupid.

Hey we were happy.

I know we were.

Ok? And you keep telling me that I can have all that back.

And today, for the first time, I started to believe you.

I nearly went with you, Freddie.

Well, good.


Listen, back then I was a different person.

I loved that time.

I loved you.

But now I love Amir.

How? Half dead and I've got more life in me than he's ever had.

Just because you don't love him, it doesn't mean I don't, ok? Just come with me.

I'll change.

I'll grow up.

Why would you do that? You've been given a new life.

Once you finish this Give Back thing, you can go anywhere.

You can do anything.

Come on, Haley.

I want to do those things with you.

Do them with someone else.



Me and Amir, it's a mature relationship.

I like it.

I don't know how much it would suit you.

But, you know, we don't go out clubbing every weekend.

We we save up for things, we go to restaurants, sometimes we talk about books.

That does sound shit.

I love you, Haley.

I'm scared to be on my own.



Hey, we did have fun, didn't we? Oh, my God, the best.

DOOR SLAMS I forgot.

I missed the shots, Haley.

Please get here as quick as you can, Gary.

HE GROANS - He's turning now.

Please! - I'm coming, Haley! - Please, can anyone hear me? Please, get me out! - Haley! HAMMERING ON DOOR It's jammed! Haley, it's all right.

I'm going to get you out of there! Haley! Haley! Take it.


Do it.


'Is Jem there?' Gary.

Yeah, she's not here.

'Tell her Freddie Preston's turning rabid in his lock-up and Haley's trapped inside.

' Somebody help! Help! HE GROANS Help! Do it! HE GROWLS SHE SHRIEKS Hey! Amir, help me! HE GROWLS Quick.

He'll kill her.

Come on.

Away! Come on, quick.

HE GROWLS SHE SHRIEKS Come on! HE ROARS - Help! - Freddie! Freddie! Hey! Freddie! Freddie! Stop! GUNSHO - It's all right.

Nice one.

It's all right.

It's all right, look.

Haley! Look.


Look at me.

Look at me.

It's fine.

It's ok.

It's ok.

We're the same.

HE GROANS GARY: One side! Gary, what are you doing? He's down, he just needs his medication.

Should have thought of that before he skipped it.

Just let me give him his dose and he'll be fine.

HE SNARLS Off you go, then.

I'd get a move on, if I were you.

Today has been one of those days with me and rotters.

Anything's liable to happen.

Gary Ok.

See? He's not far gone.

He'll be ok.

FREDDIE GROWLS Whoa, take it easy.

Whatever you say.

What are you going to do with him? Put him in t'lock-up.

Someone will drop by, take him to the non-compliant detention centre in t'morning.

I hear it's nice there.

It was an accident.

He didn't do anything.

You can't do that.

You'll be amazed at what I can do to your sort, and what you can do sod all about.

Brace yourself.


Hey, Jem.

What are you doing? - I came to see how you're doing.


You have to go.

I mean it.

Why did you phone earlier? Freddie Preston turned rabid.

Nothing I couldn't handle.

I just wished you'd been along, though.

I can't, sorry.

Yeah, you can.

Not after what happened.

Of course you can.

Bad things happen when I pick up a gun.

They happen anyway.

How can you not be bothered, Gaz? I killed Henry.

You burned his body.

I know I did.

And it stunk.

Like t'bonfires first time round.

Remember that smell? Got in your nose.

Smell it for days after.

How did you feel about it? We had no choice.

Same with this.

We're soldiers.

We watch each other's backs.

But that's not all of it.

I'm not having 'em take you away from me, all right? I got you this.

HE HAMMERS ON THE DOOR HE PANTS What's the matter? What happened? Kieren? If we are serious You're late for church.

the first shackle we have to throw off is shame.

You could be great if you could just be a normal person for two seconds.

This feels right and I'm letting it Now I know just what to do Did you know there was a PDS brothel in Roarton? Tire of me if you will, my dear SHOUTING MAXINE: We're at a crucial point now.

There are real dangers and we need to protect ourselves.

This is the world as I see it now It turns out that nothing is fair - That crossed the line, Dad! - Kieren, please No, while they sit around and get to high-five each other about killing us like it's a big joke! Leave me if you wish, my love But I'm not going anywhere

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