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  2x01 - Episode 1
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'Now more on today's main story.

'A short 18 months has passed 'since Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers were resettled.

'However, the discovery of another Undead Liberation Army safe house 'will raise fears amongst the living, 'creating further tensions within the community.

'Partially Deceased organisations are now distancing themselves 'from these extremist factions, 'following the aborted attack on the Eastford shopping centre.

' Yeah, your uncle grew up there.

Weren't it boring there? You can say what you like about Roarton, lad, but boring it wasn't.


Now, now! Language.

My mate calls them that all the time.

Does he? Well, he's wrong to.

They don't care.

They can't even feel.

No, that's not true! And they're dangerous.

Yeah, the living can be just as dangerous, son.

You mark my words.

Now, come on.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on.

But they went around eating brains.

Yeah, that was in the beginning, but they're on medication now, aren't they? So, why are they still trying to attack us? Well, when people think they're being picked on, they just lash out.

But that's not the answer, is it? That just causes more heartache.

You understand, don't you? Tram! Quick, quick! Come on.

Oh, bugger! We are the first and the last! We are those that liveth and were dead! And behold, we are alive for evermore and have the keys to hell and death in our hands! What's going on? I don't know, son.

It'll be all right.


Aaah! Aaah! Go! Go! Aaaah! 'Sources say the attack is in response to substantial gains 'made by the pro-living party Victus in recent elections.

'Victus has pinned the blame 'on the Undead Liberation Army, a well-known extremist group, 'whose goals include instigating a second uprising of the Undead.

'Over the last fortnight, we've witnessed two major incidents.

'Lancashire MP Maxine Martin spoke to us earlier 'about how we can combat these disturbing rumours.

' 'First of all, I'd like to add my condolences 'to the families who lost loved ' How are you doing? Not good.

What are they saying? Nothing yet.

I'm sure Amy wouldn't have been involved, Kier.

Last postcard she sent from the commune.

"Dear Handsome, hope all's well in Boreton.

" She means Roarton, obviously.

"I've been chosen for a very important mission, which I can't tell you about.

"How annoying am I? You'll see.

Love, Amy.

" A mission? Kier? Your friend, what was she called? Amy Dyer, Dad.

You met her.


No mention of a an Amy Dyer, love.

Why would you think she was one of the attackers, son? What's she got herself mixed up in? I don't like this, Sue, I really don't.

Dad, give him a break, would you? I'm just expressing my honest feelings about the emotional situation.

That's great progress, Dad, but just Let's just, um leave them be, eh, Steve? I'm not holding anything in, Sue.

No, you're doing very well with that, love.

Told you she'd be OK.

Sorry for being such a mess.

Don't be sorry.

You thought your best mate had gone rabid.

Look at me.

I'm nearly 20.

I can't even dress myself properly.

Oh, do you want me to help? Ta.

You want to see a real freakazoid, check me out in two weeks' time.

Ah, you're going to ace them, total badass style.

Yeah, well, I can't put a bullet through my mock exams, unfortunately.

You're enjoying it, though? Made lots of new friends? Yeah, made loads of them.

I'm dead jealous.

Get your GCSEs, Jem, and you're free.

Go to uni, have a future.

You've got a future.

Where are you going to spend it this week, Phileas Fogg? Think I might go to Berlin.

What are you trying to do? Get as far away from me as possible? Of course not.

You know, people in Europe are more tolerant of people like me.

Go where I said, then.

I'm thinking about it.

Don't think, Kier.


It makes sense.

You're an artist.

Go to Paris.

Then I can come and visit all the time.

Thanks, bro.

Glad Amy's OK.

Going to miss you guys.

We're going to miss you too.

How are you feeling? Sad.



You should be excited, Amy.

You've been chosen.

Wish I'd risen in Roarton.

Oh, love.

All the redeemed are special.

Yeah, Amy, but some are more special than others.

Ready? There's some minor tissue damage.

You say your eyes are getting sore? They're starting to.

Which is odd, because I'm not supposed to feel pain.

Well, it happens.

Medication you're on stimulates neurogenesis.

Oh, that means it regrows brain cells, love.

Some of those new cells will be pain receptors, I'm afraid.

How many hours in total do you wear your contacts, Kieren? Oh, I wear them all the time.

All the time? When do you take them out? I don't.

Even at night-time? Yeah, I used to, and then I I just prefer to keep them in.

Contact lenses aren't for continuous use, mate.

Now, have you been doing your affirmations, love? Yeah.

OK, do one for us now, will you? I'm a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer and that is not my fault.


There you go.

You're off on your travels soon.

Going to need these.

Six months' supply of Neurotriptyline.


Tricky to get hold of, but I did cos you asked.

Oh, I don't think I'm going to go to Berlin.

Oh, good on you.

Are you staying put? No, I'm going to I might go to Paris.

Either way, you're still going abroad, though, right? Ooh, listen to him, kicking you out of the country.

No, I just think the way things are going, Kieren's doing the right thing, moving away.

And why should he have to move? He was born, bred and died here.

You know, this valley's in the books as a place of outstanding natural beauty.

Have to take you on a ramble some time, Doctor.

Show you the sights.

Nurse Wilson, you gave Kieren his shot, yeah? Oh.



Sorry, my brain's a sieve today.

Um right.


We're ready for you now, Freddie.

Hey, did you hear, Shirl? No.

About Ken Burton.

Yeah? He was on that carriage when they went rabid.

Oh, heck.

Is he all right? No, he's not.

He's dead.

And not like him, neither.

Ken's dead dead.

Aaargh! Oh! Oh! Aaargh! Get off! Looks like that one gave you the right run-around, Gary.

These rabids are getting more vicious, the more hungry they get.

We caught that up at Lambert's farm.

It's a bit too close for comfort, that, innit? You're telling me.

Male rabid caught intact.

That's £80.

Thanking you.

He's been shot.

What? No.

I don't carry nothing since t'weapons amnesty.

On his right knee.

Look, he were coming right for me.

What am I supposed to use to fend it off, eh? Foul language? Male rabid damaged.


If you drug a wolf, it does not stop being a wolf! Aye, it's docile for a while, and when the drugs wear off, it will tear you limb from limb! That is the nature of the beast! To maim! To kill! To devour! The first risen, demons in disguise.

Agents of Satan.

They must be judged, every single one of them.

It's God's given duty to every single one of you! The blessed resurrection is doomed, until the judgment of the damned is complete! - Amen! - Amen.

Thank you, Vicar.

Thank you.

Vicar Oddie? Yes? I'm Maxine Martin.

MP for Roarton Valley, newly elected.

Another one? I'm here because of the recent tragic events.

Kenneth Burton.

He was from Roarton, wasn't he? He was once.

I hope his murder hasn't hit the community too hard.

Well, we're very resilient people, miss Martin.

Of course you are, Vicar.

But, as a mark of respect, I'd like to convey my sympathies to the village.

Well, you could have conveyed your respects just now.

I'm afraid the service is ended.

I was hoping to speak to more than just a few of the die-hard faithful.

Where's the rest of your flock got to? - Paris, France? - Yeah.

Ooh, you don't want to go and live there.

They never bathe.

That's not true.

I heard they don't have showers in their houses.

Of course they do.

I heard different.

Also, they do their business in a hole.

Ugh! You don't want to go somewhere like that.

You want to stay put and take the promotion I'm offering you.


Keys to the kingdom.

How's that feel, eh? Feels like responsibility, don't it? You never know.

Work hard, keep your nose clean.

One day, you could be running this place.

Pint of bitter.

Little birdie tells me you're packin'.

You know how it is.

This is a weapons-free village.

Hand it over.

No pistol, no pint.

'Dead 'uns trying to bring about a second Rising? Bloody loons.

' What did Ken expect? You move to the city, you take your life in your hands.

Yeah, too right.


You've got to get that one there.

Right, right, right.

All right? Hi, Gaz.

You all right, mate? What you playing, Daz? What's it look like? Don't know.

Street Fighter? Pfff! Street Fighter.

Altered Beasts.


Kicking this dead 'un's arse, are you? Freddie's not a dead 'un.

He's a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer.


Hey, I poached myself one of those partly dead whatdyamacallits today.

Got a few bob.

Fancy a sarnie on me? Know when I fancied a sarnie? The time you locked me up in t'cage and went round saying I was turning into a dead Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer.

That's when I were hungry.

Come on, mate.

Oh, just do one, Gaz.

Oh! See that? See what? She looked right at me.

No, she didn't.

You need your contacts checking.

Oh, forget it, Henry.

When she's 60, you'll still be 16.

It's not a problem.

I like a maturer woman.

Check it out.

Made it myself.

Never going to happen.

It is.

A living-deceased relationship in Roarton Valley? Have you been missing your meds? Cos you're talking like a brainless rabid.

You do know she was in the Human Volunteer Force? Why do you think I came back from the dead in the first place? It's so me and Jem Walker can be together.

It's fate, man, written in stars.

Her brother's PDS.

I've got to have a chance.

This is where your constituents spend most of their days, Miss Martin.


Get me a double whisky, there's a good lad.

Hi there.

Can I squeeze in? Please yourself.

I'm Maxine, your local MP.

How's everyone holding up? All right.

Main road needs fixing up.

I mean, how's everyone holding up after the news about Ken Burton? Oh, aye, we were just talking about that.

I'm sure you were.

It's tragic, but, er you will pay the price if you go off gallivanting.

I told him, didn't I? You did.

I said, "Ken, if you want a change, just move down the valley.

" But, oh, no.

He insisted on moving to the city.

I'm sorry, but, well, he doomed himself.

So, you're not that concerned there was a PDS terrorist attack in Lancashire? Hm.

Weighs on your mind, I suppose.

But that sort of thing happens in those cities, doesn't it? So, are you from the city, then, Mrs? Oh, no, I was born here.

Were you? Born but not bred.

I moved away a long time ago.

Could say I'm a local girl done good.

Oh, well, excuse us while we break out the bunting.

Anyone for a top-up? Oh, don't mind if I do.

I'll have a pint, please.


A pint and two halves of bitter, please.

She's got a high opinion of herself, don't she? Hasn't she just? Did you know Ken Burton? He was my next-door neighbour.

Can't believe it.

It's senseless.

I agree.

A senseless tragedy.


Oh, you're .


you're And so is he.

It's very relaxed in here, isn't it? Could you bring those over for me? Thanks.

What was all that about? That's Maxine Martin.

She's a member of Victus.

Victus? Jesus.

Really? Don't worry.

She won't be staying long.

Did you go to school in the valley, Miss Martin? I went to the primary school.

Never made it to the big one.

Mum? Dad? 'Ladies and gentlemen, 'do not be fooled by the lies peddled by the corrupt elite.

' 'These so-called Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers 'are not like you or me 'with normal hopes and normal dreams.

'They may pretend to be like us, 'but what lies beneath that mask of make-up and medication 'is a cold, hard killer that cannot be reasoned with.

' 'The PDS sufferer in your home, 'in your shop, in your pub, 'is one missed dose away from tearing your head apart.

' Completely, yeah.

I assumed it would be a a whistle-stop visit, Miss Martin.

Well, I'm a firm believer in local government, meeting my constituents face to face, and for that I need a comfortable, professional environment.

A few cobwebs.

Nothing that a good airing won't solve.

I'll leave Philip at your disposal.

I hope you're not afraid of a little elbow grease, Philip.

Right I've got to get out of here, Rick.

I don't want to be pulling pints in the flippin' Legion for the rest of my .


for ever.

Huh! Jesus.

What am I doing? I'm talking to you, and you're not even here! I thought I was the only one who did that.

Amy?! Oh! Kieren Walker! As I live and breathe! Oh! Oh.

What are you doing here? I live here, handsome! Paris? Yeah, I'm off any day now.

Do you even speak a word of Francais, Kieren Walker? I got a B in French GCSE.

Oh, well, sacre bleu! You're good to go, then.

Anyway, there's no need to run off into the great blue yonder now I'm back.

Yeah, maybe.

You like? Course I do.

But it's a bit out of the blue.

Here you are.

I think I'm in shock.

I'm a stunner, handsome.

What can I say? Now, look, I've got some bad news to break and I don't want you getting too depressed and distraught, OK? OK.

The wedding's off.

Wedding? Ours, dumb-dumb.


Oh! I am betrothed to another.

Who? That's for me to know and you to find out.

What's that supposed to mean? Who are you betrothed to? What about you? I know you're probably still very heartbroken.

Over me, of course.

But is there anyone else on the horizon who could console you over our dashed nuptials? What? No, course there isn't.

Er why? Who'd want someone like me? Er anyone with eyes in their nogs.

Yeah, right.

Don't talk daft, Kieren Walker.

You're gorgeous! You're more than gorgeous.

You're more-geous.


You're incredibly special.

That so? Mm.

You rose in Roarton, for starters.

That's monumental.

How does that make me special? Amy? Amy? They should all be there, Miss Martin.

They're clearly not.

The parish records are usually kept in very good order.

I'd like them found and given to me as soon as possible, please.

When you've finished the clearing, of course.

It's a myth.

It's true.

The first to rise from their graves were the dead of Roarton Village.

Who's been telling you that? People.

People? People like the Undead Prophet, you mean? I didn't actually get to meet the Undead Prophet at the commune.

Who did you meet? That's for me to know and you to find out.

Who's that in your bungalow? What are you doing tomorrow? Apart from going to live in a different country.

Do you think you can dampen down your wanderlust for one extra day? Why? I want you to meet the beau.

Our final resting place tomorrow, 10am.

Say yea.

All right, then.

Is that a yea? It's a yes, if that's what you mean.

Yea! Yea! Yea! I'm really glad you're back.

It's fate, Kieren Walker! Everything happens for a reason.

You've got to start believing that.

You've come back a zombie Buddha.

Don't use that word.


Partially Deceased Buddha.

That's even worse.

That's the name the living gave us.

We are the Undead.

We are the redeemed.

Got it? Aw! Look at that face! So nice to squeeze it again.

Why would she want the parish records? I don't know, sir.

But I couldn't find 'em and I looked everywhere.

I'm still supposed to be looking for them right now.

Last thing she said to me before she went off to check in at the B&B.

I think she might be more switched on than the last one that came up, sir.

Don't worry, lad.

I'll keep a close eye on her.

She'll hold her little surgery tomorrow and be on the train back to Sodom before sundown.

Bathroom's just there.

Breakfast is from 7am.

Ooh! Swish.

This is our executive suite.

I put you in this one especially.

Oh, thank you.

That's very kind of you, er Sandra.

No trouble at all.

You're very welcome to join us downstairs tonight, Miss Martin.

My detective show's on in an hour.

Oh, is it a mystery? I love those, me.

It is a mystery, Miss Martin, a big one.

Everyone's a suspect.

Oh, how exciting! I'll be there with bells on.

Just to warn you.

My my mother-in-law's Ah.

I had no choice in the matter.

I voted for you in the election.

I went into town especially.

Voted Victus.

Round here, folk want to pretend that everything's all right.

But it's not.

Something has got to be done about those about those things.

I couldn't agree with you more, Sandra.

'Password?' The goddess Ishtar.

So, she just turned up out of the blue? Yeah, she's back at the bungalow.

Why is she back? I don't know.

Maybe she just missed Kieren, Dad.

Or she's come to blow us all up.

Steve! - Jesus! - What? I'm just letting it all hang out, saying what I feel.

I can't be the only one who's worried about these extremists.

Rabids are bloody scary.

Dad! Not like him.

I'm talking about the other ones.

The killers.

The rabids that were eating people's brains during the Rising.

He weren't doing any of that.

He was just roaming around on his tod till the Army picked him up.

That's right, isn't it, Kier? Yeah, um I was Um Er I er Huh! Bloody hell, Jem! Got it all over my new jeans.

I did you a favour.

These are designer.

Designed by who? It's like you've been raiding Mum's wardrobe.

Well, they do look a bit mumsy, love.

Kier? Yeah, from the back, they sort of have a granny-ish quality, Dad.

Granny-ish? You're wearing 'em too high, Steve.

That's how you're supposed to wear 'em.

Paid 40 quid for these.

'I'm going after the suspect.

' 'Don't follow him into that abandoned mineshaft, DCI Grafton.

It's dangerous.

' I don't like this programme.


The characters are stupid and the plot's predictable.

This is Sandra's favourite programme, Mum.

It's our favourite programme so if you could just leave it alone I didn't crawl out of the grave to spend my time watching rubbish like this.

I wish you'd crawl back.

What? What did she say to me? Clive?! Sandra, will you Shut up.

Shut up! 'You're nicked.

' They always do this.

'Halperin & Weston ' Bloody ads.

Oh! '.


proud sponsors of Britain's favourite ' Time to feed Lewis.

'Halperin & Weston aren't just satisfied 'with being the number-one specialists when it comes to treating ' Lewis? Tea! Oh, come on, you silly cat.

Where are you? Sandra! It's back on.

Yaaah! Sandra! Call the HVF! Oh, they disbanded yonks ago.

Good riddance to 'em! Where are your weapons? I've only got tools.

Show me! Ssh, you're all right.

Come on.

You're all right, you're all right.

Ssh, ssh, ssh! Ssh, you're OK, love.


Morning, Helen, love.

Please! Someone help me! Please! Somebody, please help me! He's coming! He's coming! No, don't look at me Help me.

'OK, switchboard's lined up regarding the tragic events.

'Er Trevor, mate, what's on your mind?' 'Well, I'm I'm scared, Dave.

I'm not going to lie to you.

'This this ULA bunch want to bring about a second Rising.

' 'My cousin, he he died in the first war.

'He he was an HVF fighter, who's 'Well, he's just been forgotten about.

It's a disgrace.

' 'I'm really sorry to hear that, Trev.

' 'I don't understand why anyone would want that again, living or Undead.

'I mean, that's what got me voting Victus.

'They're the only ones talking about the issues that matter.

' 'OK.

Er OK, well, some interesting points from Trevor there.

'Er next we've got Davina on the line.

'Hi, Davina.

What's your take on this PDS problem?' Excuse me.

You're, er you're sitting on my grave.

This you? Oh.

I'm sorry.

Didn't realise you were one of us.

All the on your face.

You Gone is the face we loved so dear.

Silent the voice we loved to hear.

It rhymes.

Yeah, I didn't choose it.

What would you have chosen? Maybe a poem or something.


"I balanced all, brought all to mind "The years to come seemed waste of breath "A waste of breath the years behind "In balance with this life, this death.

" That's what I would have wanted.

Oh, great! You guys have met.

Not formally.

Kieren Walker, this is Simon.

Kieren was the one I was telling you about.

Simon is one of the 12 disciples of the Undead Prophet.

Ah, right.

You heard of the Liberation Movement, Kieren? I heard some disturbing stuff.

Really? Like what? People taking pills and going rabid on public transport.

That wasn't the ULA, handsome.

They took Blue Oblivion pills and quoted Revelations, Amy.

How many people died in that tram attack? Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but atrocities happened on both sides.

The Ravenshead massacre.

A man went on a shooting spree in his own home town.

Shot ten Undead people in the head.

He gets five years, because the judge said that Partially Deceased people were only half a person.

Yeah, I don't agree with that either.

The Undead Liberation Army's about protecting the redeemed from the living.

Why? Because no-one else will.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

" Exactly.

Yeah, well, if you could keep your resisting to yourselves, that would be great.

You know, this place has had its troubles.

It's moved on and there's no need to cause more of it.

Well, how are we causing trouble? By going around like you are.

Like we are? Yeah, with you know, without your mousse and your contacts in.

This is who we are, dumb-dumb.

Yes, I know, Amy.

It's who you are, Kieren, and running away won't change that.

I'm not running away.

I'm going to start a new life.

You've already been given a new life.

And you can live it here.

Don't let anyone tell you any different.

We're all agreed with the allocations of this month's funds.

You've nothing in the budget to fix the fence? How many times, Councillor? I hear grumblings, Chairman.

Folks are worried that perimeter fence isn't secure enough.

It was maintained by Dean Halton not three months ago.

This the same Dean Halton that put a stile in the fence when it were first erected? It's not secure.

I know that's true.

A rabid came into the back garden of the B&B last night.

Almost killed Sandra Furness.

What did you do? I had to deal with it myself.

Deal with it? Put it down.

Were were it a he or a she? It was skin and bones.

Was it a he or was it a she? It was a he, and he wasn't a local, so no need to worry.

That rabid was someone's son.

Oh, spare me.

That rabid was going to rip a person apart.

What should I have done, reasoned with it? Rabids are people too.

Well, last time I checked, people don't go around trying to eat one another.

If the patrols were still active, I wouldn't have had to do it.

Hear, hear! Proves my point.

Something needs doing around perimeter fence.

I agree.

I'll put in a call to HQ today.

Jem? I'm just popping out for a few bits and pieces.

Do you want to come? No, thanks! OK, love.

See you in a bit.

Mum? Hang on a sec! Come in.

I believe we might have got off on the wrong foot.

Are you a Scotch connoisseur at all, Miss Martin? I've been known to enjoy a dram or two.

A dram? Good.


Why don't you make your way over to the vicarage later? Say 7.


I'd like that, sir.

Well, I'm bloody skint.

Me and you both, and there's nowt down that Jobcentre.

Aye, cos every tart around here is employing those rotten bastards! Oh, dear.

I should watch my language, though, shouldn't I? Can't even say boo to a goose these days.

You know, we saved the world once.

You'd think that'd be worth summat.

It's like the Rising never happened.

Aye, but it did.

And when it happens again, the whole village'll come crawling back.

Help us, Gary sir! Dead 'uns are chewin' on me granny's head! We'll get Jem Walker back in uniform.

I heard she's in a uniform, a school one.

Hey, that's a war hero you're talking about, Private.

No, for that show of disrespect, you're getting the drinks in.

Mum, can we hurry up? Yeah, we've got quite a few things now, haven't we? Um definitely something else that I need on here now.

'Clean-up in aisle four please! Clean-up in aisle four.

' Hiya, Sue.

Oh, hi, Sophie.

How are you? I wanted to ask you a question about your Kieren, Sue.

Oh? Is he gifted? Well, we like to think so.

So's my Henry.

What sort of supernatural talent does your Kieren possess? My Henry's psychic.

What with him passing over and coming back again, he can now communicate with the dead, all sorts of the departed.

Young, old, good ones, bad ones.

He can do 'em all.

Just the other day, I was going up the stairs and I heard Er sorry.

Yeah, carry on for us, would you, love? Sorry, Sue.

Yes, I heard this noise.

And I was just about to go in I was just about to go into the bathroom, actually.

But something Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, I'm looking for, um Don't.

Don't, don't, don't.

Please, please.


Turn away, turn away, please! Is it cos of my eyes? I'm sorry.

I had to take them out.

They were killing me.

Come in.

What do you think? Oh, stunning.

# They moan, they shuffle Wanna eat our brains! # We'll never surrender We'll never be tamed All right, Gaz, easy now.

Ah, bugger 'em, man.

That's what everyone's thinking.

I've just got balls to say it.

That one's not finished.

Yeah, that one ain't dead yet.

Did you hear me say that to him? I'm dead funny, me.

What are you doing here? I work in here.

What are you doing here? We're on a night out.

To the future.

With your powerful connections and my robust leadership, I think we can bring this community back from the brink, get those walking abominations judged, and then well, then, hallelujah.

Judged? Yes, of course.

Mustn't spill the beans till the end is nigh.

I'd like to show you something very special, if I may.

Summat stinks rotten in here.

Am I right? All right, guys, you've made your point.

We should be free to go wherever we want, however we want.

Basic human rights, hon.

Don't rock the boat, Amy.

That's right, you tell 'em.

Cover up or get the hell out, you fucking rotters! All right, Gary, get out.

You what? You can't be talking like that.

Get out.

Are you going to make me, dry rot? Leave.

I don't take orders from a lad who wears make-up.

Oi! Fucking rotter! Are you all right, Gaz? Go on.

Aah! Aah! Off him! Get off him! Shoot him, Pearl! Shoot it! Shoot the rot! You gave him fair warning! Everybody stay where they are.

I said, stay where you are! Kieren.

When the first risen are vanquished, the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall rise incorruptible.

This bunker will keep me and Helen safe in the inevitable war.

Helen? My wife.

She will be returning, come the second resurrection.

There's room for more.

You don't have to pretend with me.

I know who you are.

I know why you're really here.

We keep very thorough records in this parish.

Don't worry.

When the first risen are completely destroyed, we'll both get what we want.

Completely destroyed? Eliminated, killed, all of them.

It's the only way to bring about the second Rising.

You've got it so wrong.

I beg your pardon? You've gone insane.

How dare you? I don't want a second Rising.

That's the last thing I want.

You've managed to turn this village upside-down.

This community used to be a beacon of hope and now it's in chaos.

You're letting the first risen roam free! What's the matter with you? I won't be spoken to like this.

You're through, Vicar.

Through? I am the authority in this village! I'm the one that kept the hordes at bay! You trumped-up You came.


I'm going to try and stop a certain Roarton riser from leaving.

I have your birth date and your death date but I don't have your time of rising.

What do you want to know?

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