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  1x02 - Episode 2
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I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer.

What I did in my untreated state is not my fault.

It will be good for you going home.

The Government is putting these dangerous fiends back into our community.

When they first rose from the grave, they were in a very primitive state, but now they are properly medicated.

A rotter's a rotter, drugs or no drugs.

If there's any round 'ere, we'll deal with 'em.

They are vicious killers.

Roarton's sacrifice will never be forgotten as long as I draw breath.

I just wanted to disappear.

When I heard about Rick They've found Rick.

MOD found him in Afghanistan.

What, he's alive? They've found him alive? Partially.

Have you finished in the bathroom? I've only just got in.

Are you going to be long? Steve, how long are you going to be in there? Well, put the kettle on and then I'll be done.

Steve! I've got to get to work.

'Where are they all coming from?' 'They're over here, too.

' What do you want? 'Here, over here.

' I just wanted to say thank you.

For warning me last night about Bill and I didn't do it for you.

I did it for Mum and Dad.

They're stupid enough.

They'd have defended you if Bill had burst in without warning.

Well, either way, I just wanted to say thanks.

Not accepted.

'What are you doing? He's eating him.

' Piss off.

'This way.

' 'Where'd he go? Take the side out.

' 'OK.

' So you and Bill Macy are best friends now? You know he's always hated me.



Need a refill? No, I'm all right.

I'm, er, trying to cut down.

Know what you mean.

More than three cups and I'm in and out of the loo all day.

And the colour! I don't know if I should contact Dr Garrison because the colour Can we not discuss the colour of urine at the moment, please, Steve? Crazy night.


Yes it was.

Er, according to reports, gale force winds reached speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

Lots of trees down.

Train station's completely flooded.

Flooded? The underpass.

We told them, all of us on the board told them last year, the drainage system was out of date and needed to be replaced but they wouldn't listen.

Then three inches of rain fall, and they're absolutely buggered.

Are you still going to be all right to, um? I'm on call.

I've told Clive not to contact me unless it's an emergency.


Your dad's staying with you today.


It'll be fun.

So you're not coming to the ceremony, then? I'm going with you.

What's the ceremony? I'm not allowed to say.

Er, no, that's not what we said.

Don't tell your brother about the ceremony.


That's what you said.

Jemima, come on.

So you want me to tell him, do you? All right, fine.

It's a ceremony honouring the victims of the Rising.

The people whose brains you ate, basically.

Jemima, just shut up! This family is fucked.

Otherwise he'd look a bit pale and that, you know.

This is a bit Yeah, I know, I don't I tend not to look at that page cos it's, er It's really disturbing.

It's a bit Yeah, yeah it is.

So he'll be coming back today.

Around lunchtime.

Now centre said you can have access to a therapist.

A therapist! Are you taking the piss? Bill! I'd suggest you take up the offer, Bill.

You know, cos Rick, he's going to be different from when you last saw him We're not fucking tapped, Janet! My number's on the back, if you want it.

Oh, thank you.


"Dear Ren.

Know this guy is your fave.

You're going to go far.

"And I'll be right there next to you, telling dumb jokes and embarrassing you.

"This shite with me dad.

I'll sort it.

Swear I will.


" Come in.

Doesn't seem right, you up here on your tod.

Fancy watching something? Got five new discs, just come in the post.

I've seen this one loads of times.

Don't mind, though.

I like watching films over and over.

No surprises.

You know what you're going to get second time around.

Right, if you wouldn't mind just turning around for me, son? Come on.

Are you sure you know what you're doing? I've read them instructions back to front.

Just like taking off a plaster.

Quicker you do it, the less painful it is.

Right, no.

I don't think that's actually right Here we go! Ah! Let's get you up, son.

Finish that later, eh? Up, up.

Good lad.

In we go.

What? No, no, no.

Head down.

In the cupboard.

I don't like confined spaces OK, you'll only be there for five minutes.

I promise.

Move, move.

Go on.

There's a torch there.

Shhh! Mr Walker? The 11 o'clock viewing.

Oh, yeah, yeah, come on in.



Come on through.

Kitchen's just there on your left.

Er, handy for all sorts of, cooking stuff.

Ahhh! Shhh! Kier, it's me.

They've gone, son, they've gone.

How you feeling? Bit better.

Get those flashbacks a lot, do you? Yeah.

And it's usually when I'm stressed.

Sorry I stuffed you in the cupboard like that.

I panicked.

Dad? Hmmm? Why did you bury me? Why bury me? Hi, Clive.

Did you tell them to start the clear-up? Why would they need me there? All right, all right.

Flood at the station's still not getting sorted.


My presence is required and desired.

Clive'll be fine.

They can do without me.

You can go if you want, Dad.

No, no, no.

I'm staying here with you.

I'll be fine.

Sure you'll be OK if I pop out? Yeah.

All right.

But you've got my work number.

If anything happens, call me.

You will call, won't you? Yep, back door's open.

Have you got enough of the leaflets, love? Yeah, got Lisa's flyers.

Did you take the ones of the table? Oh, I hope we've got enough.

It's a big day, love.

Yeah, it is a big day, love, but we must be strong.

I'll be at the side of you, don't worry.

On this solemn anniversary, we honour the fighters who risked their lives and the fearless souls who lost them, to protect this precious community.

Perfect timing.

Here he is.

The man, who led that noble fight.

Won't you say a few words, Bill? Great news.

Rick is coming home.

We expect your full support.

He must be one of them.

Raaarrgh! Raarrgh! Hiya, nan.

God, it's cold today, isn't it? It's been a lonely week this week, Nan.

More than it usually is.

I know you.

No, no! Hey.

Hey! Get back.

Stay back! Aaaargh! Ugh Ah! Ah Your face.

Ha! Ha! Already dead, dumb-dumb.

I'm Amy Dyer.

What's your name? Oh! I like your epitaph.


Did you choose it yourself? I was dead.

Some people choose their epitaph before they croak, you know.

"Do not go gentle into that good night "Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

" Love that poem.

Did you leave a will? No.

Oh, I had a will.

It was very thorough.

I specifically said I wanted to be buried here.

Where did you want to be buried? I wanted to be cremated.

That didn't happen, obviously.

Yeah, no shit.

Your parents buried you instead? That's so sweet of them.

Hey! Hey, where you going? I've got to get back.

Have a nice, uh second life.

Yeah, no - totally understand, got a lot of being alone to do, looking at old photos, reliving the past in minute detail.

I'm psychic.

It's what you've been doing since you got back from the treatment centre, isn't it? How did you stop doing that? I went on day trips.

Are you sure where we're going is safe? It'll be fine.

Swear? Cross my heart and hope to die.

Oh! Oh! Oh, oh! Tenner says Bill will put a bullet in his nog minute he steps off the truck.

I thought we were going somewhere secluded, not Grand Central Station.

You call this Grand Central Station? I call it being out in public.

So? We've got our contacts in and our cover-up on.

You wear too much of that stuff, by the way.


You don't wear enough.

I'm thinking about going au naturale, actually.

I wouldn't do that in Roarton, if I was you.

We have to go on that! So, the army finally made a marksman out of you, eh? Aye.

What's it for? Yeah, I noticed your medal.


Looks good.

Where's your mum got to? 'Thank you for calling the Department of Partially Deceased 'Affairs Helpline for PDS Primary Care Givers.

'All our advisers are busy at the moment.

'Our website is 24 hours and can be accessed' 'I don't get it.

' So Bill's all right with rotters now then, is he? Oh, don't use that word.

So he's all right with the partially deceased then? Oh, I don't know about that, love.

You saw Bill's face today.

He hasn't come to terms with Rick being what he is.

But it's a bit obvious, isn't it? Well, people convince themselves of all sorts, love.

They make their eyes see what they want to believe.

We're not going to do that, are we? What do you mean? We're going to tell Kieren that Rick's back, aren't we? Mum? What is every living person afraid of? Us.


The Big Sleep.

Deep down, fearing the reaper is the reason why everyone's so messed up in the head.

They know the end is nigh, but there's nothing they can do about it, so it drives them nuts and they live their lives with one eye on the clock.

We don't have to do that.

We can smash the clock to pieces.

That is an incredible blessing.

"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes "For when they shall rise from the dead "They are as the angels which are in heaven.

" You're a fan of that guy with the website? Watched some of his videos.

Reckon he might be on to something.

He's dangerous.

He just wants us to be treated with respect.

We killed people.

We ate them.

Had to survive, didn't we? Aaah! Don't you have any remorse? Nah.

Back then, we were in survival mode, out of our minds.

Kieren Wasn't like we could pop down the shops.

"Oh, I'll have a pint of milk, packet of fags "and a pound of your best brain meat, shopkeep.

" Past is past.

Aargh! I was wondering where you'd got to.

All right, Mum? Yeah.

Just been sorting your room out.

Yeah, don't worry, your grot mags are still intact.

Bill! What? I knew that'd be on his mind.

Saw Jem Walker out there today.


She's a good lass.

Great fighter.

Considering the family she's from.

They all right, are they? Who? Walkers.


They're all right.

This piece of crap keeps doing' this! They did go through that bad patch before The Rising.

Selfish of him.

There was something wrong in Kieren's head, Bill.

I don't care how bent out of shape you get - you keep going.

What happened? I shouldn't have brung it up.

Oh, come on.

Tell us.

He didn't get kicked out of college did he? Nah.

Killed himself.

Weak ending for a weakling.

You shouldn't speak ill of the dead, Bill.

Aaah! Ha-ha! Kieren? Kieren Walker? I went to his funeral.

Kieren You're a rotter.

Hey! He's a rotter! He's a rotter! Get away, you dirty rotter! He's a rotter! Kieren Kieren You want wages? For patrolling the woods? Aye, that's right.

What about your sense of community spirit? Oh, we've got loads of that! It's just, it takes up a big chunk of the evening.

Don't it, Gaz? And God forbid protecting the village from rogue, rabid monsters gets in the way of your drinking time, gentlemen! Hey, Vicar, we're not saying we're not going to do it.

But now we're a man short, me and Daz are going to have to take on Bill's shifts.

We reckon we should be compensated for that.

What makes you believe Bill won't be doing his shifts? Well, he's got his family back.

He's not going to have time to faff around in the woods.

The patrols are not faffing around.

Whatever you say, Vicar.

But if you want us out there, you're going to have to show us some appreciation.

Just want to be appreciated, Vicar.

Budget's tight, but it's feasible.

You'll get your money.

Go on.

Thank you, Vicar.

Ta very much, Vicar Sir.

There'll be a patrol tonight.

Oh, what! Why do I always lose? Cos you always go for paper, you soft tart.

That's five times in a row, that, you know.

More like six, mate.

God, where is he? I don't know.

Clive called.

I had to go out and, er, it took longer than I thought Yeah, yeah, never mind that.

Rick's back.

Love, Rick's back like Kieren's back.

Like Kieren? Dead man walking? Jemima! Shh! Does Kieren know? No, no, no, we've not been in yet.

I mean, we can't tell him.

Well, he's going to find out sooner or later.

All right.

Let's make it later.

Yeah, later.

No, that's not what I meant.

Jemima, will you keep your voice down? But surely it should come from us? Hi, love.

Sorry to leave you on your own all day.

I'll put your tea on.


Sorry, love.

Oh, hello there.


Everything OK? Yeah.

It's just been a long day.

You cold? You've got my hoodie on.


Do you want it? No, no.

You keep it on.

It's chilly in here.

Oh, yeah, it is a bit.

I tell you what, I'll put the heating on, eh? Warm us up a bit.

Come on.

What? Not doing well.


Fourth in the bloody league! I hear City's scorching.

Might have to switch teams.

Don't you dare, or I'll kill you! You not wearing your medal out? Don't really match the outfit, does it? You should.

You've got a right to be proud, eh? Look at that.

Anyway, here's to you coming home in one piece, son.



Get that down you and we'll be off.

Just check on your mum - You know how she is.


Janet! No.

No! Oh, come on, Pearly, that's one of my fave pictures of myself.

Could cause of fence.

Erm, could I ask you to, erm, accompany me to Right! Who's buying drinks for Desert Eagle? What, is it a sponsored silence in here tonight? Show some respect! Don't they realise that Rick's a? Shut up.

Obviously not, love.

Going to get you leathered tonight.


He doesn't look that dead, does he? I think they wear make up.

Does he have to do that? Do what? Look so bizarre.

When you decide to join us, young lady, you may comment on another person's table manners.

Until then you don't get to say zip.

Probably be Shirley.


Mum tells me you've still got the Colt in your room.


I've got it on me.

You know the rules - no handguns in the house.

I'm not putting it in the shed, no way.

The Colt goes in the shed, Jem.

You all right, love? Kieren.

It's, um It's for you.

What? Who is it? Jesus Christ! What have you done to your face!? I'm going au naturale.

You like? Where'd you go today? I came off the ride, you were gone? I was recognised by someone.

Shit! How do you know where I live? I knocked on every door till I got here.

Freaked a few grannies out.

"Argh!" Amy, y-you can't Was that your ma who just opened the door? Yeah Hiya, fam! I'm Amy.

Oh, looks good! Mind if I join you? I love your hair.

Is it naturally that colour? Yeah.

I tried dying my hair like that once.

It came out green! I kept it, and the next day at school, Mr Percy told me I couldn't go around with green hair, so at lunch time I shaved it all off.

Why didn't you just dye it back? Er, cos that would have been giving in.

She's at a difficult age.

Er, sorry, love, would you like some tea? Cos we've got some leftovers No, thanks, Mrs Walker.

My insides are pretty decrepit.

Eat solids and it goes straight through.

Tried eating a Mars bar a couple of days ago - had to throw away my knickers and my skirt.


Er Shall we, uh? I'll show you my room.

Where the magic happens.

You can't talk to my folks like that.

Why? Because, they don't like admitting that I'm What? The undead? Yeah.

Shouldn't they start getting used to it? No.

Shouldn't YOU start getting used to it? Can we not fight? This is supposed to be the honeymoon period.

Bill? It's Jem.

Are you there? Over.

Hey! Hey, Jem.

Going on patrol? What you doing? I'm coming with you.

I'm packing.


You can't come on patrol with me.

What are you talking about? Bill.

He doesn't want you doing stuff with us no more.

You harboured a rotter without disclosing it.

No, I didn't! I didn't Your brother! He was seen at the funfair today.

No point fibbing about it.

Bill sees it as a betrayal of trust.

Well, he can talk, he's got a rotter for a son! That's different.

How is it different? Just is! Bunch of bullshit! 'So, what sort of fire power' were you packing over there? L85A2 assault rifle.

I were also trained up on the 81mm mortars.

Ooh, sweet as.

Should of seen the Yanks, mate.

They were tooled up for World War Three.

They had RPGs, night-vision, body armour up the arse Were your wearing body armour the day you di? On the, erm, day of the explosion? A metal plate on your chest doesn't do shite when an IED detonates right next to you.


Do you regret it? You know, joining up? Happiest I've ever been was in the army.

It's like a family, innit? Aye.

A family what's got your back, no matter what.

I love them - the fam.

I'd like to gobble them up! Not literally.

Did you get a chance to say goodbye? When? When you croaked.

What did you croak of, anyway? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? Leukaemia.

Last thought I remember thinking was just that it was so unfair.

I'd been benched before I'd even got to play the game.

What was your last thought? I don't know.

I just remember feeling relief.

Relief? How did you croak, Kieren Walker? Why? Oh! 'Particularly in the Roarton valley, 'we saw gales of up to 60mph.

'And some of you actually reported trees coming down where you live.

'We've also had flooding' Where you going? Kieren? Kieren! KIEREN! Rick's back.

How could you not fucking tell me that! Oh, Kieren, come back, please! And what were basic training like, though? Were it tough? I reckon I could do it, though.

Don't know why I didn't do it in the first place.

Talking about Vicky Barnes, you horny git? Hey, this one here was making the moves while your were serving Queen and country, eh? Ah, he's welcome to her.

Get that down you, kill the heartache.

Oh, what am I doing? What? I'm barred for life.

Now you're dead - ban's void.

It's The Legion.

It's just a pub.

No, no, no, it's not just a pub.

It is.


Amy, the people in there They hated me before I was like this.

Why? Cos I wasn't like them.

Look, this "Rick" you want to see him, don't you? So let's go.

Why isn't he here? Vicar Oddie did He's offending me, Philip.

By not being here, he's offending me.

Look, this'll be him now.

Take a picture, lasts longer.

Is he here? Ahem.

What'll you have? We don't drink, so Well, you have to order something if you want to stay in here.

What's the cheapest drink you have? Lemonade.

Two of those, then.

We serving rotters, now? Are you going to sort this, or am I? What are you looking at, you weirdo? I-I'm going to have to ask you two to accompany me.

Where? Hi, Phil.

Just over there.

Who says we have to? I'm an official of the Parish Council.

Big wows.

Yeah, that's good, Phil.

I remember you saying politics was something you really wanted to get into.



Yeah, you know it's a lot of pressure, a lot of work.

Like, you have these ideas about what it's going to be like, then You're asking people to stand in a segregated area? Look, it's not up to me.

Wow! It's the VIP lounge.

Enjoy your night.

All right, mate? Good to see you, Rick.

Yeah, it's good to see you too, Ren.

I'm just sitting out there.


Well I can't go out there.

Why not? Rules.

Who says? Philip.

Lippy! What you doing, putting Ren in here?! It's Ren, you tart! He's a He's a what?! Oh, my friend Sure.

If she must.

Come on.

Come on.

Yes! Take that, you rotter! Ah.

you don't like that, do you? You don't what's go Woah! Argh! Oh, bugger.

The Trolley of Certain Death.

I'd forgotten about that! You made it.

I rode it.

Yeah, from the Den to the bottom of the crag.

Then - oh, my God - then we made Lippy ride it, and he came straight off the path and into that bramble patch.

Here, do you remember that, Lippy? Mmm.

What? I don't know you.

I don't know you, either.

Which school did you got to? Girls' grammar.

Aren't they're all lezzers there? Yeah, huge vagina hounds, every single one of us.

Didn't you go to girls' grammar, Kieren? No.

You should have done.

You'd fit right in.

You know drinking makes you sick? You a doctor? No, just got common sense.

Solids and liquids are toxic to people like us.

I'm not like you.

Yeah? When's your stitching coming out? That depends.

On what? Rotter! I've seen a rotter! Yeah, we know! Mate! Not him! A rabid one! In the woods! Where? Up by the caves.

Right, let's go.

Rick, you're with me.

Dad, can Ren tag along? You do know what we're hunting, don't you? Your sort.

Still want to tag? Going to Kansas City Kansas City, here I come Going to Kansas City Kansas City, here I come They got some crazy little women there and I'm gonna get me one Move it, Rick.

Just a sec, just a sec, just a sec.

Just got to load our shots.

You go ahead, we'll catch you up.

You should have done that on the way.

Right, come on, move it.

What happened? Why Why are you the way you are? When you died everything turned to shit.

Life didn't mean anything any more.

So you you offed yourself? You shouldn't have done that, Ren.

How could you do that? Had the whole world at your feet! Did I? You'd got into Art School! Full scholarship.

You were out of here, mate.

Flying high! It didn't matter much without you.

You can't put this on me.

Can't I? We'd already said goodbye.

That wasn't a goodbye.

It was! We drank a bottle of White Lightning, smoked a few fags, messed around and Then you said "All right, see you tomorrow.

" Next thing I know, you'd gone to Preston for basic training.

I didn't hear nothing from you after that.

Nothing! I wanted to make it easier on you.

Easier on yourself, you mean? I wrote thousands of letters.

Why didn't you reply to me? Didn't get any letters.

I didn't! I thought you'd just forgotten about me.

How could I forget about you? Well, you were going away.

New place.

New people.

No, that's what you did, Rick.

That's exactly what you did.

Not me.

I kept us going.

In my head, I kept us alive.

'What the bloody hell are you playing at?! 'Where are you?' Ren's having trouble with his torch.

'Yeah, well get a move on, sharpish, right?!' Better get to it.

You don't have to do everything he tells you, you know.

Not any more.

He's me dad, Ren.

Shine that light to there.

I think we're lost.

I think Oh, Ren! GROWLING Ren? Rick.

Over here.

No way! It's the old den.


Two rotters by the den.

Hey, hey Repeat, two rotters by the den.

What you doing? What's wrong with you? 'On way.

Repeat, on way.

' What? What do you think we're here for, mate? Oh! Two rotters on the move.

'Received! On way.

' Dean, that way.

Keep your eyes peeled.


Ahhh, got you! A set! Do you know how much the Government pays for a set! We're going to be wadded, mate ARGH! Oh, no! I've been bit! I've been bit! Bastard! I'm infected! I'm going to turn! Gaz, tell Vicky I've always loved her.

MY Vicky?! You're not infected.

I am! That rotter bit me good.

You can't get infected.

It's common knowledge! You get bit by one you turn into one of 'em in 20 seconds flat.

It's been more than 20 seconds, though, hasn't it? In love with me fiancee, are you? Nah! Lads think she's fit and all that, I think she's a right dog! That's enough! What do you think, son? Think we should hand 'em over to the Civvies? No.

They're disgusting.

And they're evil.

You do the honours.

You're a better shot than me.


Ren! Shift out the way.

What are you doing? They're rabid, mate.

Yeah, at the moment, but when we get them to the hospital They're not going to the hospital.

Why? They're rabid.

Bill, they pay big for sets.

Shut up! Do what you think is right.

They can be treated.

With the same medication that we're being treated with.

Do you understand? They're like us.

Come on! Do it.

Pull the trigger, lad! They're like me.

Are you going to shoot me, as well? Do it! What are you waiting for?! You want something doing Piece of crap! Dean! Give me your pistol.

Dean, how much are those two worth alive? That's a lot of money.

Could do with money like that, could you, Dean? Too right I could, yeah.

Gary? I could use the cash, aye.

Let's take it to a vote, shall we? All those in favour of handing them in unharmed and receiving the £900 reward money, raise your hand.

Come on.

They're stinkers, aren't they, these things? Get the net on 'em.

Ready? Get 'em up, come on.

Excuse me, mate, I need help.

Bill, this is far from over.

You know something's not right and you want out.

He's got to go, and you've got to do it.

I blame Kieren.

And that's a horrible way to feel about someone, especially your only son.

I was scared of him.

Scared of my own flesh and blood.

They are not your neighbours! Not your friends! They are imposters! Changelings of the highest order! That's how it is on the films.

Yeah, we've seen it.

You get bitten, you come straight back.

In all the films.

Yeah, I know.

But this isn't a film.

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