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 Posted: 08/27/14 17:59
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So, suggestions and requests have piled in for us to open a slash section for the fandom. Where they could be with like-minded individuals and discuss, share all their favorite things.

With that being said, we need help. If anyone would like to Moderate any of the forums let me know! This forum is intended for a catch all. Feel free to start threads for any other slash ships we don't have listed. If they become really popular we will open new forums for them as well.

Feel free to upload/post your favorite images, videos, gifs, fanart, fics, useful information and just random discussions! We have always been a no censorship board (however if the material is MATURE rated please let us know so we can open an adult forum for that- so that our younger audiences still have a safe place to enjoy their ships but not access this content.)

As always anything and everything is welcome here! :grin

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