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  New Spuffy videos
 Posted: 07/28/03 10:18
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Title: Heart Without A Home
About: Buffy has been very lonely; Spike wants to give Buffy all his love.
Artist: Nick Carter

Title: There You'll Be
About: After the battle, Buffy thinks about Spike and how he will always be in her heart.
Artist: Faith Hill

Title: Singled Out
About: Basically, Buffy and Spike long for each other; after seeing their friends, they feel "singled out".
(An experimental video for me...lots of editing clips to fit the music...more of a fanfic video...)
Artist: The A-Teens

Title: Fighter
About: Spike has made Buffy a better warrior and a stronger fighter.
Features: Clips of Angel, too.
Artist: Christina Aguilera

Title: All About Loving You
About: A video showing how Spike loves Buffy.
Featured Scenes: Up To "Chosen".
Artist: Bon Jovi
Award Winner

Title: Eternal Flame
About: A video centering around the moment Spike and Buffy connecting when their hands' touching ignited a flame.
Featured Scenes: Up To "Chosen".
Artist: The Bangles
Award winner

Title: Somewhere I Belong
About: A video about Spike's journey from poet to vampire. It illustrates how his relationship with Buffy evolved
and how he never felt that he "belonged". At the end, Spike's purpose is finally realized.
Featured Scenes: Up To "Chosen" (does feature Spike's death scene)
Artist: Linkin Park
Award winner

Enjoy! As Always Feedback would be apprecitated.


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