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:fight Ok guys I'm a little surprised nobody jumped at the chance to comment on the superb episode of Angel the other night. I mean Cordelia came back! That's like huge news. She looked HOT too. Damn I missed that girl. I was sorry to see her leave again though, but I guess she completed her mission to "get her guy back on track." I was glad to see Angel slam the crap out of Lindsey. Although I like Lindsey, he's a great nemesis for Angel, but I doubt after his dramatic exit we'll ever see him again. I was a little surprised he turned out not to be the big bad of the season. I know Joss said this season would all be stand alone stuff (which I thought was crap anyway) but these episodes have been linking up very well. This seaosn is going so great, I couldn't help looking ahead to see what was coming next. It's none too good for team Angel. Death will claim one and a bigger bad than Lindsey ever could have been will rise. I even read a key sunnydale player will appear to help in at least one episode. Not Buffy though, cause SMG declined to return this season, which was a little upsetting, but I can see her point of view. She wants to distance herself from Buffy for a bit, so they can see past the character she played for seven years. Hopefully there will be a season 6 and she'll show up then. Anyway back to Cordelia. I couldn't believe how good seeing her made me feel. She was truly what the show was missing and now she's gone again. I really wish Joss would have taken her back on. I know he said the character went as far as she could go (which I do agree with) but damn the girl can fight and that's about all Gunn does anymore (another character I think has ran his corse) and he's still around.I am glad they tied up Cordelia's story though, it was avery nice send off for a really great character. I know the next soldier to fall will be a tough loss too, but hopefully the show will benefit from it. That's it from me guys and Charisma Carpenter, wherever you are, we'll miss ya baby! :missu

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