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  05x05 - Flesh and Stone
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DOCTOR: Up. Look up.

(Everyone struggles to their feet on an artificial surface, although the tunnel walls are the same.)

RIVER: Are you okay?

AMY: What happened?

RIVER: We jumped.

AMY: Jumped where?

DOCTOR: Up. Up. Look up.

AMY: Where are we?

RIVER: Exactly where we were.

AMY: No we're not.

DOCTOR: Move your feet.

(The Doctor sonicks a circular hatch in the floor, with six inset lights around it.)

AMY: Doctor, what am I looking at? Explain.

DOCTOR: Oh, come on, Amy, think. The ship crashed with the power still on, yeah? So what else is still on?

(The camera moves out and rotates through 180 degrees. Our gallant heroes are standing upside down on the hull of the Byzantium.)

DOCTOR: The artificial gravity. One good jump, and up we fell. Shot out the grav globe to give us an updraft, and here we are.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor, the statues. They look more like Angels now.

DOCTOR: They're feeding on the radiation from the wreckage, draining all the power from the ship, restoring themselves. Within an hour, they'll be an army.

(The circular hatch opens. A light goes bang.)

DOCTOR: They're taking out the lights. Look at them. Look at the Angels. Into the ship, now. Quickly, all of you.

AMY: How?

(The Doctor drops through the open hatch into a circular corridor. From Amy's point of view, he is standing on the side of a vertical tube.)

AMY: Doctor!

DOCTOR: It's just a corridor. The gravity orientates to the floor. Now, in here, all of you. Don't take your eyes off the Angels. Move, move, move.


OCTAVIAN [OC]: Okay, men. Go, go, go!

(The Doctor works on a control panel.)

OCTAVIAN: The Angels. Presumably they can jump up too?

(The hatch closes.)

DOCTOR: They're here, now. In the dark, we're finished.

(A bulkhead further along the corridor starts to close.)


OCTAVIAN: This whole place is a death trap.

(They don't make it.)

DOCTOR: No, it's a time bomb. Well, it's a death trap and a time bomb. And now it's a dead end. Nobody panic. Oh, just me then. What's through here?

RIVER: Secondary flight deck.

AMY: Okay. so we've basically run up the inside of a chimney, yeah? So what if the gravity fails?

DOCTOR: I've thought about that.

AMY: And?

DOCTOR: And we'll all plunge to our deaths. See? I've thought about it. The security protocols are still live. There's no way to override them. It's impossible.

(River is working.)

RIVER: How impossible?

DOCTOR: Two minutes.

(The outer hatch is open.)

OCTAVIAN: The hull is breached and the power's failing.

(The lights go out. An arm is silhouetted against the open hatch.)

MARCO: Sir, incoming.

AMY: Doctor? Lights.

(The Angel is starting to enter. Another flicker, and four are inside and the hatch is closed behind them.)

OCTAVIAN: Clerics, keep watching them.

DOCTOR: And don't look at their eyes. Anywhere else. Not the eyes. I've isolated the lighting grid. They can't drain the power now.

OCTAVIAN: Good work, Doctor.

DOCTOR: Yes. Good, good, good. Good in many ways. Good you like it so far.

AMY: So far?

DOCTOR: Well, there's only one way to open this door. I guess I'll need to route all the power in this section through the door control.

OCTAVIAN: Good. Fine. Do it.

DOCTOR: Including the lights. All of them. I'll need to turn out the lights.

OCTAVIAN: How long for?

DOCTOR: Fraction of a second. Maybe longer. Maybe quite a bit longer.


DOCTOR: I'm guessing. We're being attacked by statues in a crashed ship. There isn't a manual for this.

AMY: Doctor, we lost the torches. We'll be in total darkness.

DOCTOR: No other way. Bishop.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor Song, I've lost good Clerics today. You trust this man?

RIVER: I absolutely trust him.

OCTAVIAN: He's not some kind of madman, then?

RIVER: I absolutely trust him.

DOCTOR: Excuse me.

OCTAVIAN: (sotto) I'm taking your word, because you're the only one who can manage this guy. But that only works so long as he doesn't know who you are. You cost me any more men, and I might just tell him. Understood?

RIVER: Understood.

OCTAVIAN: Okay, Doctor. We've got your back.

DOCTOR: Bless you. Bishop.

OCTAVIAN: Combat distance, ten feet. As soon as the lights go down, continuous fire. Full spread over the hostiles. Do not stop firing while the lights are out. Shot gun protocol. We don't have bullets to waste.

DOCTOR: Amy, when the lights go down, the wheel should release. Spin it clockwise four turns.

AMY: Ten.

DOCTOR: No, four. Four turns.

AMY: Yeah, four. I heard you.

DOCTOR: Ready!

(He plunges his sonic screwdriver into a control unit.)

OCTAVIAN: On my count, then. God be with us all. Three, two, one, fire!

(The lights go out, the Clerics start shooting at the approaching Angels.)


AMY: Doctor, it's opening. It's working.

(They get the bulkhead open just enough to squeeze through.)

DOCTOR: Fall back!

(The Doctor is last through the bulkhead. It clangs shut again. They run along a short corridor and into)

[Secondary Flight Deck]

RIVER: Doctor, quickly.

AMY: Doctor!

(The Doctor dodges inside at the last second, as the door closes, and runs to the controls. The Angels thump on the door and the wheel starts turning.)

AMY: Doctor! What are you doing?

(Octavian has placed a device on the door. The wheel stops turning.)

OCTAVIAN: Magnetized the door. Nothing could turn that wheel now.


(The wheel turns.)


DOCTOR: Ah, now you're getting it. You've bought us time though. That's good. I am good with time.

AMY: Doctor.

(The wheel on a second door to the right of the main one starts to turn.)

OCTAVIAN: Seal that door. Seal it now.

(Marco obeys.)

RIVER: We're surrounded.

(And now the door to the left.)

OCTAVIAN: Seal it. Seal that door. Doctor, how long have we got?

DOCTOR: Five minutes, max.

AMY: Nine.


AMY: Five. Right. Yeah.

DOCTOR: Why'd you say nine?

AMY: I didn't.

RIVER: We need another way out of here.

OCTAVIAN: There isn't one.

DOCTOR: Yeah, there is. Course there is. This is a galaxy class ship. Goes for years between planet falls. So, what do they need?

RIVER: Of course.

AMY: Of course what? What do they need?

OCTAVIAN: Can we get in there?

DOCTOR: Well, it's a sealed unit, but they must have installed it somehow. This whole wall should slide up. There's clamps. Release the clamps.

AMY: What's through there? What do they need?

RIVER: They need to breathe.

(The rear wall of the flight deck slides up to reveal -)

AMY: But that's. That's a.

RIVER: It's an oxygen factory.

AMY: It's a forest.

RIVER: Yeah, it's a forest. It's an oxygen factory.

DOCTOR: And if we're lucky, an escape route.

AMY: Eight.

RIVER: What did you say?

AMY: Nothing.

DOCTOR: Is there another exit? Scan the architecture, we don't have time to get lost in there.

OCTAVIAN: On it. Stay where you are until I've checked the Rad levels.

AMY: But trees, on a space ship?

DOCTOR: Oh, more than trees. Way better than trees. You're going to love this. Treeborgs. Trees plus technology. Branches become cables become sensors on the hull. A forest sucking in starlight, breathing out air. It even rains. There's a whole mini-climate. This vault is an ecopod running right through the heart of the ship. A forest in a bottle on a space ship in a maze. Have I impressed you yet, Amy Pond?

AMY: Seven.

DOCTOR: Seven?

AMY: Sorry, what?

DOCTOR: You said seven.

AMY: No. I didn't.

RIVER: Yes. you did.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor, there's an exit, far end of the ship, into the Primary Flight Deck.

DOCTOR: Oh, good. That's where we need to go.

OCTAVIAN: Plotting a safe path now.

DOCTOR: Quick as you like.

BOB [OC]: Doctor? Excuse me? Hello, Doctor? Angel Bob here, sir.

DOCTOR: Ah. There you are, Angel Bob. How's life? Sorry, bad subject.

BOB [OC]: The Angels are wondering what you hope to achieve.

DOCTOR: Achieve? We're not achieving anything. We're just hanging. It's nice in here. Consoles, comfy chairs, a forest. How's things with you?

BOB [OC]: The Angels are feasting, sir. Soon we will be able to absorb enough power to consume this vessel, this world. and all the stars and worlds beyond.

DOCTOR: Well, we've got comfy chairs. Did I mention?

BOB [OC]: We have no need of comfy chairs.

DOCTOR: I made him say comfy chairs.

AMY: Six.

DOCTOR: Okay, Bob, enough chat. Here's what I want to know. What have you done to Amy?

BOB [OC]: There is something in her eye.

DOCTOR: What's in her eye?

BOB [OC]: We are.

AMY: What's he talking about? Doctor, I'm five. I mean, five. Fine! I'm fine.

RIVER: You're counting.

AMY: Counting?

DOCTOR; You're counting down from ten. You have been for a couple of minutes.

AMY: Why?

DOCTOR: I don't know.

AMY: Well, counting down to what?

DOCTOR: I don't know.

BOB [OC]: We shall take her. We shall take all of you. We shall have dominion over all time and space.

DOCTOR: Get a life, Bob. Oops, sorry again. There's power on this ship, but nowhere near that much.

BOB [OC]: With respect, sir, there's more power on this ship than you yet understand.

(There is a screeching sound.)

RIVER: What's that? Dear God, what is it?

OCTAVIAN: They're back.

BOB [OC]: It's hard to put in your terms, Doctor Song, but as best I understand it, the Angels are laughing.

DOCTOR: Laughing?

BOB [OC]: Because you haven't noticed yet, sir. The Doctor in the Tardis hasn't noticed.


DOCTOR: No. Wait. There's something I've missed.

(A steaming W crack in the bulkhead above the entrance, and it is widening.)

AMY: That's, that's, that's like the crack from my bedroom wall from when I was a little girl.

DOCTOR: Yes. Two parts of space and time that should never have touched.

OCTAVIAN: Okay, enough. We're moving out.

RIVER: Agreed. Doctor?

DOCTOR: Yeah, fine.

RIVER: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: Right with you.

(He scans the crack.)

RIVER: We're not leaving without you.

DOCTOR: Oh yes, you are. Bishop?

OCTAVIAN: Miss Pond, Doctor Song, now!

AMY: Doctor?

RIVER: Come on!

DOCTOR: So, what are you? Oh, that's bad. Ah, that's extremely very not good.

(He turns around to find himself surrounded by Angels.)

DOCTOR: Do not blink.

(One grabs the back of his jacket collar.)



RIVER: Amy? Amy, what's wrong?

[Secondary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Why am I not dead then?

(The Angels are reaching towards the crack.)

DOCTOR: Good, and not so good. Oh, this isn't even a little bit good. I mean, is that it? Is that the power that brought you here? That's pure Time Energy. You can't feed on that. That's now power, that's the fire at the end of the universe. I'll tell you something else.

(Bang! The Doctor runs into the forest without his jacket.)

DOCTOR: Never let me talk!


RIVER: Amy, what's wrong?

AMY: Four.

(Amy sways and sits down, then lies on the mossy tree trunk.)

RIVER: Med scanner, now.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor Song, we can't stay here. We've got to keep moving.

RIVER: We wait for the Doctor.

OCTAVIAN: Our mission is to make this wreckage safe and neutralise the Angels. Until that is achieved

RIVER: Father Octavian, when the Doctor's in the room, your one and only mission is to keep him alive long enough to get everyone else home. And trust me, it's not easy. Now, if he's dead back there, I'll never forgive myself. And if he's alive, I'll never forgive him. And, Doctor, you're standing right behind me, aren't you?

DOCTOR: Oh, yeah.

RIVER: I hate you.

DOCTOR: You don't. Bishop, the Angels are in the forest.

OCTAVIAN: We need visual contact on every line of approach.

RIVER: How did you get past them?

DOCTOR: I found a crack in the wall and told them it was the end of the universe.

AMY: What was it?

DOCTOR: The end of the universe. Let's have a look, then.

AMY: So, what's wrong with me?

RIVER: Nothing. You're fine.

DOCTOR: Everything. You're dying.

RIVER: Doctor!

DOCTOR: Yes, you're right. If we lie to her, she'll get all better. Right. Amy, Amy, Amy. What's the matter with Amelia? Something's in her eye. What does that mean? Does it mean anything?

AMY: Doctor.


AMY: Scared.

DOCTOR: Course you're scared. You're dying. Shut up.

RIVER: Okay, let him think.

DOCTOR: What happened? She stared at the Angel. She looked into the eyes of an Angel for too long

MARCO: Sir! Angel incoming.

PHILLIP: And here.

OCTAVIAN: Keep visual contact. Do not let it move.

DOCTOR: Come on, come on, come on. Wakey, wakey. She watched an Angel climb out of the screen. She stared at the Angel and, and

AMY: The image of an Angel is an Angel.

DOCTOR: A living mental image in a living human mind. But we stare at them to stop them getting closer. We don't even blink, and that is exactly what they want. Because as long as our eyes are open, they can climb inside. There's an Angel in her mind.

(The face of an Angel is visible in Amy's pupil.)

AMY: Three. Doctor, it's coming. I can feel it. I'm going to die.

DOCTOR: Please just shut up. I'm thinking. Now, counting. What's that about? Bob, why are they making her count?

BOB [OC]: To make her afraid, sir.

DOCTOR: Okay, but why? What for?

BOB [OC]: For fun, sir.

(The Doctor throws the communicator away in annoyance.)

AMY: Doctor, what's happening to me? Explain.

DOCTOR: Inside your head, in the vision centres of your brain, there's an Angel. It's like there's a screen, a virtual screen inside your mind and the Angel is climbing out of it, and it's coming to shut you off.

AMY: Then what I do?

DOCTOR: If it was a real screen, what would we do? We'd pull the plug. We'd kill the power. But we can't just knock her out, the Angel would just take over.

RIVER: Then what? Quickly.

DOCTOR: We've got to shut down the vision centres of her brain. We've got to pull the plug. Starve the Angel.

RIVER: Doctor, she's got seconds.

DOCTOR: How would you starve your lungs?

RIVER: I'd stop breathing.

DOCTOR: Amy, close your eyes.

AMY: No. No, I don't want to.

DOCTOR: Good, because that's not you, that's the Angel inside you. It's afraid. Do it. Close your eyes.

(Amy squeezes her eyes shut. The med scanner changes from red to green.)

RIVER: She's normalising. Oh, you did it. You did it.

PHILLIP: Sir? Two more incoming.

PEDRO: Three more over here.

RIVER: Still weak. Dangerous to move her.

AMY: So, can I open my eyes now?

DOCTOR: Amy, listen to me. If you open your eyes now for more than a second, you will die. The Angel is still inside you. We haven't stopped it, we've just sort of paused it. You've used up your countdown. You cannot open your eyes.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor, we're too exposed here. We have to move on.

DOCTOR: We're too exposed everywhere. And Amy can't move. And anyway, that's not the plan.

RIVER: There's a plan?

DOCTOR: I don't know yet. I haven't finished talking. Right! Father, you and your Clerics, you're going to stay here, look after Amy. If anything happens to her, I'll hold every single one of you personally responsible, twice. River, you and me, we're going to find the Primary Flight Deck which is

(He wets a finger and holds it up.)

DOCTOR: A quarter of a mile straight ahead, and from there we're going to stabilise the wreckage, stop the Angels, and cure Amy.


DOCTOR: I'll do a thing.

RIVER: What thing?

DOCTOR: I don't know. It's a thing in progress. Respect the thing. Moving out!

OCTAVIAN: Doctor, I'm coming with you. My Clerics'll look after Miss Pond. These are my best men. They'd lay down their lives in her protection.

DOCTOR: I don't need you.

OCTAVIAN: I don't care. Where Doctor Song goes, I go.

DOCTOR: What? You two engaged or something?

OCTAVIAN: Yes, in a manner of speaking. Marco, you're in charge till I get back.


AMY: Doctor? Please, can't I come with you?

OCTAVIAN: You'd slow us down, Miss Pond.

AMY: I don't want to sound selfish, but you'd really speed me up.

DOCTOR: You'll be safer here. We can't protect you on the move. I'll be back for you soon as I can, I promise.

AMY: You always say that.

DOCTOR: I always come back. Good luck, everyone. Behave. Do not let that girl open her eyes. And keep watching the forest. Stop those Angels advancing. Amy, later. River, going to need your computer!

AMY: Yeah. Later.

DOCTOR: Amy, you need to start trusting me. It's never been more important.

AMY: But you don't always tell me the truth.

DOCTOR: If I always told you the truth, I wouldn't need you to trust me.

AMY: Doctor, the crack in my wall. How can it be here?

DOCTOR: I don't know yet, but I'm working it out. Now, listen. Remember what I told you when you were seven?

AMY: What did you tell me?

DOCTOR: No. No, that's not the point. You have to remember.

AMY: Remember what? Doctor? Doctor?

(The Doctor catches up with Octavian and River, and inputs the readings from his sonic screwdriver into her mini-computer.)

RIVER: What's that?

DOCTOR: Er, readings from a crack in the wall.

RIVER: How can a crack in the wall be the end of the universe?

DOCTOR: Don't know, but here's what I think. One day there's going to be a very big bang. So big every moment in history, past and future, will crack.

RIVER: Is that possible? How?

DOCTOR: How can you be engaged, in a manner of speaking?

RIVER: Well, sucker for a man in uniform.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor Song's in my personal custody. I released her from the Stormcage Containment Facility four days ago and I am legally responsible for her until she's accomplished her mission and earned her pardon. Just so we understand each other.

DOCTOR: You were in Stormcage?

(The computer chirps.)

RIVER: What? What is that?

DOCTOR: The date. The date of the explosion, where the crack begins.

RIVER: And for those of us who can't read the base code of the universe?

(26 06 2010)

DOCTOR: Amy's time.

(Back at the mossy log.)

AMY: So, what's happening? Anything happening out there?

(The Angels push their hands into the Treeborgs, and the light starts to flicker.)

MARCO: The Angels are still grouping. Are you getting this too?

PHILLIP: The trees? Yeah.

AMY: What's wrong with the trees?

PEDRO: Here too, sir. They're ripping the Treeborgs apart.

PHILLIP: And here. They're taking out the lights.

AMY: What is it? What's happening? Tell me. I can't see.

MARCO: It's the trees. ma'am. The trees are going out.

[Outside the Primary Flight Deck]

OCTAVIAN: It doesn't open it from here, but it's the Primary Flight Deck. This has got to be a service hatch or something.

RIVER: Hurry up and open it. Time's running out.

DOCTOR: What? What did you say? Time's running out, is that what you said?

RIVER: Yeah. I just meant

DOCTOR: I know what you meant. Hush. But what if it could?

RIVER: What if what could?

DOCTOR: Time. What if time could run out?



PHILLIP: Angels advancing, sir.

PEDRO: Over here again.

MARCO: Weapons primed. Combat distance five feet. Wait for it.

AMY: What is it? What's happening? Just tell me!

MARCO: Keep your position and, ma'am, keep your eyes shut. Wait.

(A bright light floods through the forest.)

MARCO: The ship's not on fire. is it?

PEDRO: It can't be. the compressors would have taken care of it. Marco, the Angels have gone. Where'd they go?

AMY: What, the Angels?

PHILLIP: This side's clear too, sir.

AMY: The Angels have gone?

MARCO: There's still movement out there, but away from us now. It's like they're running.

AMY: Running from what?

MARCO: Phillip, Crispin, need to get a closer look at that.

AMY: What are you all looking at? What's there?

[Outside the Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Cracks. Cracks in time. Time running out. No, couldn't be. Couldn't be. But how is a duck pond a duck pond if there aren't any ducks? And she didn't recognise the Daleks. Okay, time can shift. Time can change. Time can be rewritten. Ah. Oh!


MARCO: It's like, I don't know, a curtain of energy, sort of shifting. Makes you feel weird. Sick.

AMY: And you think it scared the Angels?

PEDRO: What could scare those things?

MARCO: What are you doing?

AMY: Point me at the light.

MARCO: You can't open your eyes.

AMY: I can't open them for more than a second, that's what the Doctor said. Still got a bit of countdown left.

MARCO: Ma'am. you can't.

AMY: I need to see it. Am I looking the right way? I have to be quick.

MARCO: Very quick.

(Marco points her at the light.)

AMY: Okay.

(Amy opens her eyes.)

AMY: It's the same shape. It's the crack in my wall.

MARCO: Close your eyes, now.

AMY: It's following me! How can it be following me?

(Amy falls to her knees and Marco puts his hand over her eyes.)

MARCO: Are you okay?

AMY: Yeah. It was the same shape.

PEDRO: Marco, you want me to get a closer look at that?

MARCO: Go for it. Don't get too close.

AMY: Hang on. What about the other two? Why not just wait until they're back?

MARCO: What other two?

AMY: The ones you sent before.

MARCO: I didn't send anyone before.

AMY: You did, I heard you. Crispin and Phillip.

MARCO: Crispin and who?

[Outside the Primary Flight Deck]

OCTAVIAN: Doctor Song, get through, now. Doctor? Doctor.

DOCTOR: Time can be unwritten.


MARCO: Amy, there never was a Crispin or a Phillip on this mission, I promise you.

AMY: No, I heard you. Before you sent Pedro, you sent Crispin and Phillip, and now you can't even remember them. Something happened. I don't know what, and you don't even remember.

MARCO: Pedro?

AMY: Yeah, before you sent Pedro.

MARCO: Who's Pedro?

[Outside the Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: It's been happening all around me and I haven't even noticed.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor, we have to move.

DOCTOR: The CyberKing. A giant Cyberman walks over all of Victorian London and no one remembers.

OCTAVIAN: We have to move it. The Angels could be here any second.

DOCTOR: Never mind the Angels. There's worse here than Angels.

(An Angel gets its arm around Octavian's throat.)

OCTAVIAN: I beg to differ, sir.

DOCTOR: Let him go.

OCTAVIAN: Well, it can't let me go, sir, can it? Not while you're looking at it.

DOCTOR: I can't stop looking at it, it'll kill you.

OCTAVIAN: It's going to kill me anyway. Think it through. There's no way out of this. You have to leave me.

DOCTOR: Can't you wriggle out?

OCTAVIAN: No, it's too tight. You have to leave me, sir. There's nothing you can do.


AMY: Something's happening. Pedro was here a second ago and now you can't even remember him.

MARCO: There never was a Pedro. There's only ever been the two of us here.

AMY: No, there were five of us. Why can't you remember?

MARCO: Listen. Listen. I need to get a closer look at that light, whatever it is. Don't worry, I won't get too close.

AMY: No. No, you can't. You mustn't.

MARCO: Here. Spare communicator. I'll stay in touch the whole time.

AMY: You won't, because if you go back there what happened to the others will happen to you.

MARCO: There weren't any others.

AMY: There won't be any you if you go back there.

MARCO: Two minutes. I promise.

AMY: Please, just listen to me!

[Outside the Primary Flight Deck]

OCTAVIAN: Sir, there's nothing you can do.

DOCTOR: You're dead if I leave you.

OCTAVIAN: Yes. Yes, I'm dead. And before you go

DOCTOR: I'm not going.

OCTAVIAN: Listen to me, it's important. You can't trust her.

DOCTOR: Trust who?

OCTAVIAN: River Song. You think you know her, but you don't. You don't understand who or what she is.

DOCTOR: Then tell me.

OCTAVIAN: I've told you more than I should. Now please, you have to go. It's your duty to your friends.

DOCTOR: Just tell me why she was in Stormcage?

OCTAVIAN: She killed a man. A good man. A hero to many.


OCTAVIAN: You don't want to know, sir. You really don't.

DOCTOR: Who did she kill?

OCTAVIAN: Sir, the Angels are coming. You have to leave me.

DOCTOR: You'll die.

OCTAVIAN: I will die in the knowledge that my courage did not desert me at the end. For that I thank God, and bless the path that takes you to safety.

DOCTOR: I wish I'd known you better.

OCTAVIAN: I think, sir, you know me at my best.

DOCTOR: Ready?

OCTAVIAN: Content.

(The Doctor dives through the hatch and closes it.)

[Primary Flight Deck]

RIVER: There's a teleport. If I can get it to work. we can beam the others here. Where's Octavian?

DOCTOR: Octavian's dead. So is that teleport. You're wasting your time. I'm going to need your communicator.


(Amy uses the communicator.)

AMY: Hello? Are you there? Hello? Hello?

MARCO [OC]: I'm here. I'm fine. Quite close to it now.

AMY: Then come back. Come back now, please.

MARCO [OC]: It's weird looking at it. It feels really

AMY: Really what? Hello? Really what? Hello? Hello? Hello? Please say you're there. Hello? Hello?

DOCTOR [OC]: Amy? Amy? Is that you?

[Primary Flight Deck]

AMY [OC]: Doctor?

DOCTOR: Where are you? Are the Clerics with you?

AMY [OC]: They've gone.


AMY: There was a light and they walked into the light. Doctor, they didn't even remember each other.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: No, they wouldn't.

RIVER: What is that light?

DOCTOR: Time running out. Amy, I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I should never have left you there.


AMY: Well, what do I do now?

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: You come to us. The Primary Flight Deck, the other end of the forest.


AMY: I can't see. I can't open my eyes.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Turn on the spot.

AMY [OC]: Sorry, what?

DOCTOR: Just do it. Turn on the spot.


DOCTOR [OC]: When the communicator sounds like my screwdriver, that means you're facing the right way. Follow the sound. You have to start moving now. There's Time Energy

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Spilling out of that crack, and you have to stay ahead of it.


AMY: But the Angels, they're everywhere.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: I'm sorry, I really am, but the Angels can only kill you.


AMY: What does the Time Energy do?

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Just keep moving!


AMY: Tell me.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: If the Time Energy catches up with you, you'll never have been born. It will erase every moment


DOCTOR [OC]: Of your existence. You will never have lived at all.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Now, keep your eyes shut and keep moving.

RIVER: It's never going to work.

DOCTOR: What else have you got! River! Tell me!

(As Amy makes her way slowly across the uneven forest floor, there is a clanging sound in the ship.)

RIVER: What's that?

DOCTOR: The Angels running from the fire. They came here to feed on the Time Energy, now it's going to feed on them. Amy, listen to me.


DOCTOR [OC]: I'm sending a bit of software to your communicator. It's a proximity detector. it'll beep if there's something in your way. You just manoeuvre till the beeping stops.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Because, Amy, this is important.


DOCTOR [OC]: The forest is full of Angels.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: You're going to have to walk like you can see.


AMY: Well, what do you mean?

DOCTOR [OC]: Look, just keep moving.

[Primary Flight Deck]

RIVER: That Time Energy, what's it going to do?

DOCTOR: Er, keep eating.

RIVER: How do we stop it?

DOCTOR: Feed it.

RIVER: Feed it what?

DOCTOR: A big, complicated space time event should shut it up for a while.

RIVER: Like what, for instance?

DOCTOR: Like me, for instance!


(The communicator beeps.)

AMY: What's that?

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: It's a warning. There are Angels round you now.


DOCTOR [OC]: Amy, listen to me. This is going to be hard but I know

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: You can do it. The Angels are scared


DOCTOR [OC]: And running, and right now they're not that interested in you. They'll assume you can see them and their instincts will kick in. All you've got to do is walk like you can see.

[Primary Flight Deck]

DOCTOR: Just don't open your eyes. Walk like you can see. You're not moving. You have to do this. Now. You have to do this!


(Amy threads her way through the group of Angels, then trips over a half-buried tree root. She drops the communicator.)

AMY: Doctor? I can't find the communicator. I dropped it. I can't find it, Doctor. Doctor.

(An Angel turns its head towards her.)

AMY: Doctor. Doctor!

(Then another one turns, and another.)

AMY: Doctor.

(Amy gets to her feet just as an Angel reaches for her throat. There is a flash of light.)

[Primary Flight Deck]

(River grabs Amy.)

RIVER: Don't open your eyes. You're on the Flight Deck. The Doctor's here. I teleported you. See? Told you I could get it working.

DOCTOR: River Song, I could bloody kiss you.

RIVER: Ah well, maybe when you're older.

(An alarm blares.)

RIVER: What's that?

DOCTOR: The Angels are draining the last of the ship's power, which means the shield's going to release.

(The bulkhead into the forest rises to reveal an array of Angels.)

DOCTOR: Angel Bob, I presume.

BOB [OC]: The Time Field is coming. It will destroy our reality.

DOCTOR: Yeah, and look at you all, running away. What can I do for you?

BOB [OC]: There is a rupture in time. The Angels calculate that if you throw yourself into it, it will close, and they will be saved.

DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could do, could do that. But why?

BOB [OC]: Your friends will also be saved.

DOCTOR: Well, there is that.

RIVER: I've travelled in time. I'm a complicated space time event too. Throw me in.

DOCTOR: Oh, be serious. Compared to me, these Angels are more complicated than you, and it would take every one of them to amount to me, so get a grip.

RIVER: Doctor, I can't let you do this.

DOCTOR: No, seriously, get a grip.

RIVER: You're not going to die here!

DOCTOR: No, I mean it. River, Amy, get a grip.

RIVER: Oh, you genius.

BOB [OC]: Sir, the Angels need you to sacrifice yourself now.

DOCTOR: Thing is, Bob, the Angels are draining all the power from this ship. Every last bit of it. And you know what? I think they've forgotten where they're standing. I think they've forgotten the gravity of the situation. Or to put it another way, Angels.

(A monitor says Gravity Failing. River puts Amy's hand on the handles of a console module.)

RIVER: (to Amy) You hold on tight and don't you let go for anything.

DOCTOR: Night, night.

(Gravity Failed. Feet leave the floor. The spaceship tilts and the Angels fall backwards through the Forest. They disappear into the crack, which then closes.)


(Amy is wrapped in a blanket. The Tardis is nearby.)

AMY: Ah. Bruised everywhere.

DOCTOR: Me too.

AMY: You didn't have to climb out with your eyes shut.

DOCTOR: Neither did you. I kept saying. The Angels all fell into the Time Field. The Angel in your memory never existed. It can't harm you now.

AMY: Then why do I remember it at all? Those guys on the ship didn't remember each other.

DOCTOR: You're a time traveller now. Amy. It changes the way you see the universe, forever. Good, isn't it?

AMY: And the crack, is that gone too?

DOCTOR: Yeah, for now. But the explosion that caused it is still happening. Somewhere out there, somewhere in time.

(The Clerics are also back. The Doctor goes over to River.)

RIVER: You, me, handcuffs. Must it always end this way?

(River is in a pair of high-tech cuffs that beep.)

DOCTOR: What now?

RIVER: The prison ship's in orbit. They'll beam me up any second. I might have done enough to earn a pardon this time. We'll see.

DOCTOR: Octavian said you killed a man.

RIVER: Yes, I did.

DOCTOR: A good man.

RIVER: A very good man. The best man I've ever known.


RIVER: It's a long story. Doctor. It can't be told, it has to be lived. No sneak previews. Well, except for this one. You'll see me again quite soon, when the Pandorica opens.

DOCTOR: The Pandorica. Ha! That's a fairy tale.

RIVER: Doctor, aren't we all? I'll see you there.

DOCTOR: I look forward to it.

RIVER: I remember it well.

AMY: Bye, River.

RIVER: See you, Amy. Oh, I think that's my ride.

DOCTOR: Can I trust you. River Song?

RIVER: If you like. Ha, but where's the fun in that?

(River is beamed away in a whirl of sand.)

AMY: What are you thinking?

DOCTOR: Time can be rewritten.


AMY: I want to go home.


AMY: No, not like that. I just, I just want to show you something. You're running from River. I'm running too.

[Amy's bedroom]

(The Tardis has squeezed itself in by the door. The bridal gown is still hanging on the open wardrobe door.)


AMY: Yeah.

DOCTOR: Blimey.

AMY: I know. This is the same night we left, yeah?

DOCTOR: We've been gone five minutes.

(She picks up a ring box and opens it.)

AMY: I'm getting married in the morning.

DOCTOR: Why did you leave it here?

AMY: Why did I leave my engagement ring when I ran away with a strange man the night before my wedding?


AMY: Hmm. You really are an alien, aren't you.

DOCTOR: Who's the lucky fellow?

AMY: You met him.

DOCTOR: Ah, the good looking one. Or the other one?

AMY: The other one.

DOCTOR: Well, he was good too.

AMY: Thanks. So, do you comfort a lot of people on the night before their wedding?

DOCTOR: Why would you need comforting?

AMY: I nearly died. I was alone in the dark, and I nearly died. And it made me think.

DOCTOR: Well, yes, natural. I think sometimes. Well, lots of times.

AMY: About what I want. About who I want. You know what I mean?

DOCTOR: Yeah. No.

AMY: About who I want.

DOCTOR: Oh right, yeah. No, still not getting it.

AMY: Doctor. In a word. In one very simple word even you can understand.

(Amy tries to kiss him.)

DOCTOR: No! You're getting married in the morning!

AMY: Well, the morning's a long time away. What are we going to do about that?

(She pins him against the Tardis and tries to undo his shirt.)

DOCTOR: Amy, listen to me. I am nine hundred and seven years old. Do you understand what that means?

AMY: It's been a while?

DOCTOR: Yeah. No, no, no. I'm nine hundred and seven, and look at me. I don't get older, I just change. You get older, I don't, and this can't ever work.

AMY: Oh, you are sweet. Doctor. But I really wasn't suggesting anything quite so long term.

(Amy finally gets to plant her lips on his.)

DOCTOR: But you're human. You're Amy. You're getting married in the morning. In the morning.

AMY: Doctor?

DOCTOR: It's you. It's all about you. Everything. It's about you.

AMY: Hold that thought.

DOCTOR: Amy Pond. Mad, impossible, Amy Pond. I don't know why, I have no idea, but quite possibly the single most important thing in the history of the universe is that I get you sorted out right now.

AMY: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

DOCTOR: Come on.

AMY: Doctor.

(The Doctor hustles Amy into the Tardis and takes a last look at her alarm clock as it clicks over to 12:00pm 6/26.)

RIVER [OC]: And for those of us who can't read the base code of the universe?

DOCTOR [OC]: Amy's time.

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