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  05x04 - The Time of Angels
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(A man in a uniform is standing in the middle of a field, with a smudge of lipstick on his face. He appears to be rather dizzy. A man in evening dress walks up to him.)

GUARD: It's a beautiful day.

(The man in evening dress wipes the lipstick with the corner of his handkerchief.)


ALISTAIR: Hallucinogenic lipstick. She's here.

(A woman strides along in a evening dress and ridiculously high heels. She shoots out a door lock with a small pistol and enters a small strong room. She then converts the pistol into an acetylene torch and cuts into the surface of a box.)


(12,000 years later. The Doctor is commenting on the labelling of the various exhibits.)

DOCTOR: Wrong. Wrong. Bit right, mostly wrong. I love museums.

AMY: Yeah, great. Can we go to a planet now? Big space ship? Churchill's bunker? You promised me a planet next.

DOCTOR: Amy, this isn't any old asteroid. It's the Delerium Archive, the final resting place of the headless monks. The biggest museum ever.

AMY: You've got a time machine. What do you need museums for?

DOCTOR: Wrong. Very wrong. Ooo, one of mine. Also one of mine.

AMY: Oh, I see. It's how you keep score.

(The Doctor is very taken by a square box in a case.)

AMY: Oh great, an old box.

DOCTOR: It's from one of the old starliners. A Home Box.

AMY: What's a Home Box?

DOCTOR: Like a black box on a plane, except it homes. Anything happens to the ship, the Home Box flies home with all the flight data.

AMY: So?

DOCTOR: The writing, the graffiti. Old High Gallifreyan. The lost language of the Time Lords.

(Which, we discover, is what the woman was burning into the surface of the box 12,000 years ago.)

DOCTOR: There were days, there were many days, these words could burn stars and raise up empires, and topple gods.

AMY: What does it say?

DOCTOR: Hello, sweetie.

(Back in the past, River Song winks at a security camera. In the present, an alarm is sounding and guards are chasing the Doctor and Amy back to the Tardis.)


ALISTAIR: Party's over, Doctor Song.


AMY: Why are we doing this?

DOCTOR: Because someone on a spaceship twelve thousand years ago is trying to attract my attention. Let's see if we can get the security playback working.

(The Doctor has stolen the Home Box. The playback shows River winking at the camera.)

ALISTAIR [OC]: The party's over, Doctor Song


ALISTAIR [OC]: Yet still you're on board.


RIVER [OC]: Sorry, Alistair.


RIVER: I needed to see what was in your vault. Do you all know what's down there? Any of you? Because I'll tell you something. This ship won't reach its destination.

ALISTAIR: Wait till she runs. Don't make it look like an execution.

RIVER: Triple seven five


RIVER [OC]: Slash three four nine by ten.


RIVER: Zero twelve slash acorn.


RIVER [OC]: Oh, and I could do with an air corridor.

(The Doctor inputs the coordinates.)

AMY: What was that? What did she say?

DOCTOR: Coordinates.


RIVER: Like I said on the dance floor, you might want to find something to hang on to.

(River is standing in front of an airlock. She blows a kiss and it opens. Alistair and his guards hang onto rails as River is sucked out, backwards. The Tardis materialises in her flight path.)



(He opens the door, holds out his hand and River Song comes sailing in. She lands on top of him.)

AMY: Doctor?

DOCTOR: River?

RIVER: Follow that ship.

(So they do.)

RIVER: They've gone into warp drive. We're losing them. Stay close.

DOCTOR: I'm trying.

RIVER: Use the stabilisers.

DOCTOR: There aren't any stabilisers.

RIVER: The blue switches.

DOCTOR: Oh, the blue ones don't do anything, they're just blue.

RIVER: Yes, they're blue. Look, they're the blue stabilisers.

(She presses them and the Tardis stops shaking.)


DOCTOR: Yeah. Well, it's just boring now, isn't it? They're boring-ers. They're blue boring-ers.

AMY: Doctor, how come she can fly the Tardis?

DOCTOR: You call that flying the Tardis? Ha!

RIVER: Okay. I've mapped the probability vectors, done a fold-back on the temporal isometry, charted the ship to its destination, and parked us right along side.

DOCTOR: Parked us? We haven't landed.

RIVER: Of course we've landed. I just landed her.

DOCTOR: But, it didn't make the noise.

RIVER: What noise?

DOCTOR: You know, the (wheezing).

RIVER: It's not supposed to make that noise. You leave the brakes on.

DOCTOR: Yeah, well, it's a brilliant noise. I love that noise. Come along, Pond. Let's have a look.

RIVER: No, wait. Environment checks.

DOCTOR: Oh yes, sorry. Quite right. Environment checks.

(The Doctor opens the Tardis door and looks out.)

DOCTOR: Nice out.

RIVER: We're somewhere in the Garn Belt. There's an atmosphere. Early indications suggest that

DOCTOR: We're on Alfava Metraxis, the seventh planet of the Dundra System. Oxygen rich atmosphere, all toxins in the soft band, eleven hour day and chances of rain later.

RIVER: He thinks he's so hot when he does that.

AMY: How come you can fly the Tardis?

RIVER: Oh, I had lessons from the very best.

DOCTOR: Well, yeah.

RIVER: It's a shame you were busy that day. Right then, why did they land here?

DOCTOR: They didn't land.

RIVER: Sorry?

DOCTOR: You should've checked the Home Box. It crashed.

(River leaves.)

AMY: Explain Who is that and how did she do that museum thing?

DOCTOR: It's a long story and I don't know most of it. Off we go.

AMY: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: Leaving. She's got where she wants to go, let's go where we want to go.

AMY: Are you basically running away?


AMY: Why?

DOCTOR: Because she's the future. My future.

AMY: Can you run away from that?

DOCTOR: I can run away from anything I like. Time is not the boss of me.

AMY: Hang on, is that a planet out there?

DOCTOR: Yes, of course it's a planet.

AMY: You promised me a planet. Five minutes?

DOCTOR: Okay, five minutes.

AMY: Yes!

DOCTOR: But that's all, because I'm telling you now, that woman is not dragging me into anything.

[Planet surface]

(The once sleek spaceship is a burning wreck sticking out of a rock-carved building.)

AMY: What caused it to crash?

RIVER: Not me.

DOCTOR: Nah, the airlock would've sealed seconds after you blew it. According to the Home Box, the warp engines had a phase shift. No survivors.

RIVER: A phase shift would have to be sabotage. I did warn them.

DOCTOR: About what?

RIVER: Well, at least the building was empty. Aplan temple. Unoccupied for centuries.

AMY: Aren't you going to introduce us?

DOCTOR: Amy Pond, Professor River Song.

RIVER: Ah, I'm going to be a Professor some day, am I? How exciting. Spoilers.

AMY: Yeah, but who is she and how did she do that? She just left you a note in a museum.

RIVER: Two things always guaranteed to show up in a museum. The Home Box of category four starliner and sooner or later, him. It's how he keeps score.

AMY: I know.

RIVER: It's hilarious, isn't it?

DOCTOR: I'm nobody's taxi service. I'm not going to be there to catch you every time you feel like jumping out of a space ship.

RIVER: And you are so wrong. There's one survivor. There's a thing in the belly of that ship that can't ever die. Now he's listening.

(River uses her communicator.)

RIVER: You lot in orbit yet? Yeah, I saw it land. I'm at the crash site. Try and home in on my signal. Doctor, can you sonic me? I need to boost the signal so we can use it as a beacon.

(He does, grudgingly.)

AMY: Ooo, Doctor, you sonicked her.

RIVER: We have a minute. Shall we?

(She gets out her Tardis-style diary.)

RIVER: Where are we up to? Have we done the Bone Meadows?

AMY: What's the book?

DOCTOR: Stay away from it.

AMY: What is it though?

DOCTOR: Her diary.

RIVER: Our diary.

DOCTOR: Her past, my future. Time travel. We keep meeting in the wrong order.

(Four small tornadoes kick up the dust and turn into four soldiers.)

OCTAVIAN: You promised me an army, Doctor Song.

RIVER: No, I promised you the equivalent of an army. This is the Doctor.

OCTAVIAN: Father Octavian, Sir. Bishop, second class. Twenty clerics at my command. The troops are already in the drop ship and landing shortly. Doctor Song was helping us with a covert investigation. Has Doctor Song explained what we're dealing with?

RIVER: Doctor, what do you know of the Weeping Angels?


(Night had fallen and the rest of the troops have arrived with their supplies in a small drop ship, like a container unit. They have set up camp around it.)

OCTAVIAN: The Angel, as far as we know, is still trapped in the ship. Our mission is to get inside and neutralise it. We can't get through up top, we'd be too close to the drives. According to this, behind the cliff face there's a network of catacombs leading right up to the temple. We can blow through the base of the cliffs, get into the entrance chamber, then make our way up.

DOCTOR: Oh, good.

OCTAVIAN: Good, sir?

DOCTOR: Catacombs. Probably dark ones. Dark catacombs. Great.

OCTAVIAN: Technically, I think it's called a maze of the dead.

DOCTOR: You can stop any time you like.

SOLDIER [OC]: Father Octavian?

OCTAVIAN: Excuse me, sir.

(Octavian leaves.)

AMY: You're letting people call you sir. You never do that. So, whatever a Weeping Angel is, it's really bad, yeah?

DOCTOR: Now that's interesting. You're still here. Which part of wait in the Tardis till I tell you it's safe was so confusing?

AMY: Ooo, you are all Mister Grumpy Face today.

DOCTOR: A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life form evolution has ever produced, and right now one of them is trapped inside that wreckage and I'm supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch, and assuming I survive the radiation long enough and assuming the whole ship doesn't explode in my face, do something incredibly clever which I haven't actually thought of yet. That's my day. That's what I'm up to. Any questions?

AMY: Is River Song your wife? Because she's someone from your future, and the way she talks to you, I've never seen anyone do that. She's kind of like, you know, heel, boy. She's Mrs Doctor from the future, isn't she? Is she going to be your wife one day?

DOCTOR: Yes, you're right. I am definitely Mister Grumpy Face today.

(River calls from the drop module. She has changed into combat fatigues.)

RIVER: Doctor! Doctor?

AMY: Oops. Her indoors.

RIVER: Father Octavian.

AMY: Why do they call him Father?

DOCTOR: He's their Bishop, they're his Clerics. It's the fifty first Century. The Church has moved on.

[Drop ship]

(A grainy image of a Weeping Angel with its back towards them is on a monitor on the far wall.)

RIVER: What do you think? It's from the security cameras in the Byzantium vault. I ripped it when I was on board. Sorry about the quality. It's four seconds. I've put it on loop.

DOCTOR: Yeah, it's an Angel. Hands covering its face.

OCTAVIAN: You've encountered the Angels before.

DOCTOR: Once, on Earth, a long time ago. But those were scavengers, barely surviving.

AMY: But it's just a statue.

RIVER: It's a statue when you see it.

DOCTOR: Where did it come from?

RIVER: Oh, pulled from the ruins of Razbahan, end of last century. It's been in private hands ever since. Dormant all that time.

DOCTOR: There's a difference between dormant and patient.

AMY: What's that mean, it's a statue when you see it?

RIVER: The Weeping Angels can only move if they're unseen. So legend has it.

DOCTOR: No, it's not legend, it's a quantum lock. In the sight of any living creature the Angels literally cease to exist. They're just stone. The ultimate defence mechanism.

AMY: What, being a stone?

DOCTOR: Being a stone until you turn your back.


DOCTOR: The hyperdrive would've split on impact. That whole ship's going to be flooded with drive burn radiation, cracked electrons, gravity storms. Deadly to almost any living thing.

OCTAVIAN: Deadly to an Angel?

DOCTOR: Dinner to an Angel. The longer we leave it there, the stronger it will grow. Who built that temple? Are they still around?

RIVER: The Aplans. Indigenous life form. They died out four hundred years ago.

OCTAVIAN: Two hundred years later, the planet was terraformed. Currently there are six billion human colonists.

DOCTOR: Whoo! You lot, you're everywhere. You're like rabbits. I'll never get done saving you.

OCTAVIAN: Sir, if there is a clear and present danger to the local population

DOCTOR: Oh, there is. Bad as it gets. Bishop, lock and load.

OCTAVIAN: Verger, how are we doing with those explosives? Doctor Song, with me.

RIVER: Two minutes. Sweetie, I need you.

DOCTOR: Sweetie?

AMY: Anybody need me? Nobody?

(Amy goes back into the Module and looks at the image of the Angel on the monitor. It's face is raised from his hands and starting to look over its shoulder.)

RIVER: I found this. Definitive work on the Angels. Well, the only one. Written by a madman. It's barely readable, but I've marked a few passages.

(The Doctor riffles through the pages of the book.)

DOCTOR: Not bad. Bit slow in the middle. Didn't you hate his girlfriend? No. No, hang on. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

(He sniffs the book.)

AMY: Doctor Song? Did you have more than one clip of the Angel?

RIVER: No, just the four seconds.

DOCTOR: This book is wrong. What's wrong with this book? It's wrong.

(The Angel is now looking straight at the viewer, hands completely lowered. The time stamp has moved as far as 00:11:28:04 before jumping back to 00:11:24:23. When Amy looks at the monitor again, it is closer to the camera. The module door closes and locks behind her.)

RIVER: It's so strange when you go all baby face. How early is this for you?

DOCTOR: Very early.

RIVER: So you don't know who I am yet?

DOCTOR: How do you know who I am? I don't always look the same.

RIVER: I've got pictures of all your faces. You never show up in the right order, though. I need the spotter's guide.

DOCTOR: Pictures. Why aren't there pictures?

[Drop ship]

(Amy tries turning off the monitor, but it comes back on again, and again, and again. She moves close to the monitor.)

AMY: But you're just a recording. You can't move.

(She tries to pull out the lead to the monitor. When she looks back up, the Angel is up close to the camera, but the time stamp is still running through the same four seconds.)

AMY: Doctor?

(Amy cannot open the door. The Angel's mouth is open.)

AMY: Doctor!


DOCTOR: This whole book, it's a warning about the Weeping Angels, so why no pictures? Why not show us what to look out for?

RIVER: There was a bit about images. What was that?

DOCTOR: Yes. Hang on. (reads) That which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Doctor!


RIVER: What does that mean? An image of a Angel becomes itself an Angel.

[Drop ship]

(A image of the angel is inside.)

AMY: Doctor! It's in the room!



AMY [OC]: Doctor!

DOCTOR: Are you all right? What's happening?

[Drop ship]

DOCTOR: Doctor? Doctor, it's coming out of the television.

[Outside the drop ship]

AMY [OC]: The Angel is here.

(The Doctor sonicks the keypad lock.)

DOCTOR: Don't take your eyes off it. Keep looking. It can't move if you're looking.

RIVER: What's wrong?

DOCTOR: Deadlocked.

RIVER: There is no deadlock.

DOCTOR: Don't blink, Amy. Don't even blink.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Doctor.

[Outside the drop ship]

RIVER: What are you doing?

DOCTOR: Cutting the power. It's using the screen, I'm turning the screen off. No good, it's deadlocked the whole system.

RIVER: There's no deadlock.

DOCTOR: There is now.

AMY [OC]: Help me!

DOCTOR: Can you turn it off?

[Drop ship]

AMY: Doctor.

DOCTOR [OC]: The screen. Can you turn it off?

AMY: I tried.

DOCTOR [OC]: Try again

[Outside the drop ship]

DOCTOR: But don't take your eyes off the Angel.

[Drop ship]

AMY: I'm not.

[Outside the drop ship]

DOCTOR: Each time it moves, it'll move faster. Don't even blink.

(River is trying to cut through the door with her pistol torch.)

[Drop ship]

(Amy tries closing one eye at a time.)

AMY: I'm not blinking. Have you ever tried not blinking?

(She feels for the remote control.)

AMY: It just keeps switching back on.

[Outside the drop ship]

DOCTOR: Yeah, it's the Angel.

[Drop ship]

AMY: But it's just a recording.

[Outside the drop ship]

DOCTOR: No, anything that takes the image of an Angel is an Angel. What are you doing?

RIVER: I'm trying to cut through. It's not even warm.

DOCTOR: There is no way in. It's not physically possible.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Doctor, what's it going to do to me?

[Outside the drop ship]

DOCTOR: Just keep looking at it. Don't stop looking.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Just tell me.

[Outside the drop ship]

(The Doctor runs and gets the book.)

AMY [OC]: Tell me. Tell me!

DOCTOR: Amy, not the eyes.

[Drop ship]

DOCTOR [OC]: Look at the Angel but don't look at the eyes.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Why?

[Outside the drop ship]

RIVER: What is it?

DOCTOR: (reads) The eyes are not the windows of the soul. They are the doors. Beware what may enter there.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Doctor, what did you say?

DOCTOR [OC]: Don't look at the eyes!

AMY: No, about images. What did you say about images?

[Outside the drop ship]

RIVER: Whatever holds the image of an Angel, is an Angel.

[Drop ship]

AMY: Okay, hold this. One, two, three, four.

(Amy presses pause on the remote just as the tape loop returns to the start. The image turns to static. The Doctor and River burst in as the monitor turns off.)

AMY: I froze it. There was a sort of blip on the tape and I froze it on the blip. It wasn't the image of an Angel any more. That was good, yeah? It was, wasn't it? That was pretty good.

RIVER: That was amazing.

DOCTOR: River, hug Amy.

AMY: Why?

DOCTOR: Because I'm busy.

AMY: I'm fine.

RIVER: You're brilliant.

AMY: Thanks. Yeah, I kind of creamed it, didn't I?

RIVER: So it was here? That was the Angel?

DOCTOR: That was a projection of the Angel. It's reaching out, getting a good look at us. It's no longer dormant.

(There is an explosion outside.)


CLERIC: Last one positive.

OCTAVIAN: Doctor? We're through.

[Drop ship]

DOCTOR: Okay, now it starts.

RIVER: Coming?

AMY: Yeah, coming. There's just something in my eye.

[Entrance chamber]

(Everyone climbs down a rope ladder into a very large underground space.)

DOCTOR: Do we have a gravity globe?

OCTAVIAN: Grav globe.

(A Cleric hands a globe to the Doctor.)

AMY: Where are we? What is this?

RIVER: It's an Aplan Mortarium, sometimes called a Maze of the Dead.

AMY: What's that?

DOCTOR: Well, if you happen to be a creature of living stone

(The Doctor kicks the globe into the air, where it illuminates a vast array of mausoleums and statuary.)

DOCTOR: The perfect hiding place.

OCTAVIAN: I guess this makes it a bit trickier.

DOCTOR: A bit, yeah.

OCTAVIAN: A stone Angel on the loose amongst stone statues. A lot harder than I'd prayed for.

RIVER: A needle in a haystack.

DOCTOR: A needle that looks like hay. A hay-like needle of death. A hay-alike needle of death in a haystack of, er, statues. No, yours was fine.

OCTAVIAN: Right. Check every single statue in this chamber. You know what you're looking for. Complete visual inspection. One question. How do we fight it?

DOCTOR: We find it, and hope.

(Octavian stops River.)

OCTAVIAN: He doesn't know yet, does he? Who and what you are.

RIVER: It's too early in his time stream.

OCTAVIAN: Well, make sure he doesn't work it out, or he's not going to help us.

RIVER: I won't let you down. Believe you me, I have no intention of going back to prison.

CHRISTIAN: Sir? Side chamber. One visible exit.

OCTAVIAN: Check it out. Angelo, go with him.


(The Doctor and Amy start up the terraces. She pauses to rub her eye, and stone dust falls out between her fingers.)

RIVER: You all right?

AMY: Yeah, I'm fine. So, what's a Maze of the Dead?

RIVER: Oh, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's just a labyrinth with dead people buried in the walls. Okay, that was fairly bad. Right give me your arm. This won't hurt a bit.

(River injects Amy.)

AMY: Ow!

RIVER: There, you see. I lied. It's a viro-stabiliser. Stabilises your metabolism against radiation, drive burn, anything. You're going to need it when we get up to that ship.

AMY: So what's he like? In the future, I mean. Because you know him in the future, don't you?

RIVER: The Doctor? Well, the Doctor's the Doctor.

AMY: Oh. Well, that's very helpful. Mind if I write that down?

RIVER: Yes, we are.

DOCTOR: Sorry, what?

RIVER: Talking about you.

DOCTOR: I wasn't listening. I'm busy.

RIVER: Ah. The other way up.

(The Doctor turns River's portable computer around.)


AMY: You're so his wife.

RIVER: Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy. This is the Doctor we're talking about. Do you really think it could be anything that simple?

AMY: Yep.

RIVER: You're good. I'm not saying you're right, but you are very good.

[Side chamber]

CHRISTIAN: Can you believe this? We're hunting statues.

ANGELO: Better than chasing lava snakes.

CHRISTIAN: Actually, lava snakes weren't that bad.

(He goes on ahead.)


(The torch on Christian's rifle flickers, then he hears the sound of stone grating on stone.)

CHRISTIAN: Who's there? Is someone there? Angelo. Angelo!

(A snarling Angel appears right in front of him.)

[Side chamber]

ANGELO: Christian, is that you?

CHRISTIAN [OC]: Angelo, come and see this.

ANGELO: What is it?

CHRISTIAN [OC]: Just come and see it.

ANGELO: It's not a school trip. Just tell me.

CHRISTIAN [OC]: No, really. Come and see.

(The snarling Angel pounces again.)

[Entrance chamber]

(Gunfire. The Doctor, River and Amy run back to the main group. A young Cleric has shot up a statue.)

BOB: Sorry, sorry. I thought. I thought it looked at me.

OCTAVIAN: We know what the Angel looks like. Is that the Angel?

BOB: No, sir.

OCTAVIAN: No, sir, it is not. According to the Doctor, we are facing an enemy of unknowable power and infinite evil, so it would be good, it would be very good, if we could all remain calm in the presence of decor.

DOCTOR: What's your name?

BOB: Bob, sir.

DOCTOR: Ah, that's a great name. I love Bob.

OCTAVIAN: It's a Sacred Name. We all have Sacred Names. They're given to us in the service of the Church.

DOCTOR: Sacred Bob. More like Scared Bob now, eh?

BOB: Yes, sir.

DOCTOR: Ah, good. Scared keeps you fast. Anyone in this room who isn't scared is a moron. Carry on.

OCTAVIAN: We'll be moving into the maze in two minutes. You stay with Christian and Angelo. Guard the approach.


AMY: Isn't there a chance this lot's just going to collapse? There's a whole ship up there.

RIVER: Incredible builders, the Aplans.

DOCTOR: Had dinner with their Chief Architect once. Two heads are better than one.

AMY: What, you mean you helped him?

DOCTOR: No, I mean he had two heads. That book, the very end, what did it say?

RIVER: Hang on.

DOCTOR: Read it to me.

RIVER: What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if one day our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us. The time of Angels.


BOB [OC]: Hey, Angelo, Christian, where are you?

(The shadow of an Angel is standing over their bodies.)


AMY: Are we there yet? It's a hell of a climb.

RIVER: The Maze is on six levels, representing the ascent of the soul. Only two levels to go.

DOCTOR: Lovely species, the Aplans. We should visit them some time.

AMY: I thought they were all dead?

DOCTOR: So is Virginia Woolf. I'm on her bowling team. Very relaxed, sort of cheerful. Well, that's having two heads, of course. You're never short of a snog with an extra head.

RIVER: Doctor, there's something. I don't know what it is.

(Er, if the Aplans have two heads, why do all the statues just have one head?)

DOCTOR: Yeah, there's something wrong. Don't know what it is yet, either. Working on it. Of course, then they started having laws against self-marrying. I mean, what was that about? But that's the Church for you. Er, no offence, Bishop.

OCTAVIAN: Quite a lot taken, if that's all right, Doctor. Lowest point in the wreckage is only about fifty feet up from here. That way.

AMY: The Church had a point, if you think about it. The divorces must have been messy.


AMY: What's wrong?


(The collective penny has finally dropped.)

DOCTOR: Exactly.

RIVER: How could we have not noticed that?

DOCTOR: Low level perception filter, or maybe we're thick.

OCTAVIAN: What's wrong, sir?

DOCTOR: Nobody move. Nobody move. Everyone stay exactly where they are. Bishop, I am truly sorry. I've made a mistake and we are all in terrible danger.

OCTAVIAN: What danger?

RIVER: The Aplans.

OCTAVIAN: The Aplans?

RIVER: They've got two heads.

OCTAVIAN: Yes, I get that. So?

DOCTOR: So why don't the statues? Everyone, over there. Just move. Don't ask questions, don't speak.

(They move into an alcove away from the statues.)

DOCTOR: Okay, I want you all to switch off your torches.


DOCTOR: Just do it. Okay. I'm going to turn off this one too, just for a moment.

RIVER: Are you sure about this?


(The light goes out then back in an instant.)

AMY: Oh, my God. They've moved.

(The Doctor runs down the passage, and it is filled statues coming towards them.)

DOCTOR: They're Angels. All of them.

RIVER: But they can't be.

DOCTOR: Clerics, keep watching them.

(He runs back to a vantage point of the main cavern. All the statues are climbing up towards them.)

DOCTOR: Every statue in this Maze, every single one, is a Weeping Angel. They're coming after us.

[Entrance chamber]

ANGELO [OC]: Bob, come and see this.

BOB: Angelo?

ANGELO [OC]: Come and see what we've found.

BOB: Are you with Christian? The Bishop said you'd be five minutes.

ANGELO [OC]: I'm here, Bob. Come and see this.

BOB: Where are you?

ANGELO [OC]: Through the arch, Bob. Honestly, you've got to come and see this.

BOB: What have you found?

ANGELO [OC]: Come and see.

BOB: No. What is it?

ANGELO [OC]: Come and see.

(Bob walks cautiously into the side chamber, and the Angel pounces.)


RIVER: But there was only one Angel on the ship. Just the one, I swear.

AMY: Could they have been here already?

DOCTOR: The Aplans. What happened? How did they die out?

RIVER: Nobody knows.

DOCTOR: We know.

OCTAVIAN: They don't look like Angels.

AMY: And they're not fast. You said they were fast. They should have had us by now.

DOCTOR: Look at them. They're dying, losing their form. They must have been down here for centuries, starving.

AMY: Losing their image?

DOCTOR: And their image is their power. Power. Power!

AMY: Doctor?

DOCTOR: Don't you see? All that radiation spilling out the drive burn. The crash of the Byzantium wasn't an accident, it was a rescue mission for the Angels. We're in the middle of an army, and it's waking up.

RIVER: We need to get out of here fast.

OCTAVIAN: Bob, Angelo, Christian, come in, please. Any of you, come in.

BOB [OC]: It's Bob, sir. Sorry, sir.

OCTAVIAN: Bob, are Angelo and Christian with you? All the statues are active. I repeat, all the statues are active.

BOB [OC]: I know, sir. Angelo and Christian are dead, sir. The statues killed them, sir.

(The Doctor grabs Octavian's walkie-talkie.)

DOCTOR: Bob, Sacred Bob, it's me, the Doctor.

OCTAVIAN: I'm talking to

DOCTOR: Where are you now?

OCTAVIAN: I'm talking to my

DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up.

BOB [OC]: I'm on my way up to you, sir. I'm homing in on your signal.

DOCTOR: Ah, well done, Bob. Scared keeps you fast. Told you, didn't I. Your friends, Bob. What did the Angel do to them?

BOB [OC]: Snapped their necks, sir.

DOCTOR: That's odd. That's not how the Angels kill you. They displace you in time. Unless they needed the bodies for something.

OCTAVIAN: Bob, did you check their data packs for vital signs? We may be able to initiate a rescue plan.

DOCTOR: Oh, don't be an idiot. The Angels don't leave you alive. Bob, keep running. But tell me, how did you escape?

BOB [OC]: I didn't escape, sir. The Angel killed me, too.

DOCTOR: What do you mean, the Angel killed you?

BOB [OC]: Snapped my neck, sir. Wasn't as painless as I expected, but it was pretty quick, so that was something.

DOCTOR: If you're dead, how can I be talking to you?

BOB [OC]: You're not talking to me, sir. The Angel has no voice. It stripped my cerebral cortex from my body and re-animated a version of my consciousness to communicate with you. Sorry about the confusion.

DOCTOR: So when you say you're on your way up to us

BOB [OC]: It's the Angel that's coming, sir, yes. No way out.

OCTAVIAN: Then we get out through the wreckage. Go! Go, go, go. All of you run.

AMY: Doctor.

DOCTOR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm coming. Just go. Go, go, go. Yeah. Called you an idiot. Sorry, but there's no way we could have rescued your men.

OCTAVIAN: I know that, sir. And when you've flown away in your little blue box, I'll explain that to their families.

DOCTOR: Angel Bob. Which Angel am I talking to? The one from the ship?

BOB [OC]: Yes, sir. And the other Angels are still restoring.

DOCTOR: Ah, so the Angel is not in the wreckage. Thank you.

(The Doctor runs past Amy.)

DOCTOR: Don't wait for me. Go, run.

AMY: I can't. No, really, I can't.

DOCTOR: Why not?

AMY: Look at it. Look at my hand. It's stone.

(Memories of her role as the Soothsayer in Fires of Pompeii.)


(Sounds of metal creaking.)

OCTAVIAN: Well. There it is, the Byzantium.

RIVER: It's got to be thirty feet. How do we get up there?

OCTAVIAN: Check all these exits. I want them all secure.


DOCTOR: You looked into the eyes of an Angel, didn't you?

AMY: I couldn't stop myself. I tried.

DOCTOR: Listen to me. It's messing with your head. Your hand is not made of stone.

AMY: It is. Look at it.

DOCTOR: It's in your mind, I promise you. You can move that hand. You can let go.

AMY: I can't, okay? I've tried and I can't. It's stone.

DOCTOR: The Angel is going to come and it's going to turn this light off, and then there's nothing I can do to stop it, so do it. Concentrate. Move your hand.

AMY: I can't.

DOCTOR: Then we're both going to die.

AMY: You're not going to die.

DOCTOR: They'll kill the lights.

AMY: You've got to go. You know you have. You've got all that stuff with River and that's all got to happen. You know you can't die here.

DOCTOR: Time can be re-written. It doesn't work like that.

(The statues arrive.)

DOCTOR: Keep your eyes on it. Don't blink.

AMY: Run!

DOCTOR: You see, I'm not going. I'm not leaving you here.

AMY: I don't need you to die for me, Doctor. Do I look that clingy?

DOCTOR: You can move your hand.

AMY: It's stone.

DOCTOR: It's not stone.

AMY: You've got to go. Those people up there will die without you. If you stay here with me, you'll have as good as killed them.

DOCTOR: Amy Pond, you are magnificent, and I'm sorry.

AMY; It's okay. I understand. You've got to leave me.

DOCTOR: Oh, no, I'm not leaving you, never. I'm sorry about this.

(He bites her hand.)

AMY: Ow!

DOCTOR: See? Not stone. Now run.

AMY: You bit me.

DOCTOR: Yeah, and you're alive.

AMY: Look, I've got a mark. Look at my hand.

DOCTOR: Yes, and you're alive. Did I mention?

AMY: Blimey, your teeth. Have you got space teeth?

DOCTOR: Yeah. Alive. All I'm saying.


MARCO: The statues are advancing along all corridors. And, sir, my torch keeps flickering.

OCTAVIAN: They all do.

RIVER: So does the gravity globe.

OCTAVIAN: Clerics, we're down to four men. Expect incoming.

DOCTOR: Yeah, it's the Angels. They're coming. And they're draining the power for themselves.

OCTAVIAN: Which means we won't be able to see them.

DOCTOR: Which means we can't stay here.

OCTAVIAN: Two more incoming.

RIVER: Any suggestions?

OCTAVIAN: The statues are advancing on all sides. We don't have the climbing equipment to reach the Byzantium.

RIVER: There's no way up, no way back, no way out. No pressure, but this is usually when you have a really good idea.

DOCTOR: There's always a way out.

ECHO: There's always a way out. There's always a way out.

DOCTOR: There's always a way out.

BOB [OC]: Doctor? Can I speak to the Doctor, please?

DOCTOR: Hello, Angels. What's your problem?

BOB [OC]: Your power will not last much longer, and the Angels will be with you shortly. Sorry, sir.

DOCTOR: Why are you telling me this?

BOB [OC]: There's something the Angels are very keen you should know before the end.

DOCTOR: Which is?

BOB [OC]: I died in fear.

DOCTOR: I'm sorry?

BOB [OC]: You told me my fear would keep me alive, but I died afraid, in pain and alone. You made me trust you, and when it mattered, you let me down.

AMY: What are they doing?

RIVER: They're trying to make him angry.

BOB [OC]: I'm sorry, sir. The Angels were very keen for you to know that.

DOCTOR: Well then, the Angels have made their second mistake because I'm not going to let that pass. I'm sorry you're dead, Bob, but I swear to whatever is left of you, they will be sorrier.

BOB [OC]: But you're trapped, sir, and about to die.

DOCTOR: Yeah. I'm trapped. And you know what? Speaking of traps, this trap has got a great big mistake in it. A great big, whopping mistake.

BOB [OC]: What mistake, sir?

DOCTOR: Trust me.

AMY: Yeah.

DOCTOR: Trust me?

RIVER: Always.

DOCTOR: You lot, trust me?

MARCO: Sir, two more incoming.

OCTAVIAN: We have faith, sir.

DOCTOR: Then give me your gun. I'm about to do something incredibly stupid and dangerous. When I do, jump!

OCTAVIAN: Jump where?

DOCTOR: Just jump, high as you can. Come on, leap of faith, Bishop. On my signal.

OCTAVIAN: What signal?

DOCTOR: You won't miss it.

BOB [OC]: Sorry, can I ask again? You mentioned a mistake we made.

(The Doctor points the gun at the hull of the Byzantium.)

DOCTOR: Oh, big mistake. Huge. Didn't anyone every tell you there's one thing you never put in a trap? If you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never, ever put in a trap.

BOB [OC]: And what would that be, sir?


(He shoots at the Byzantium.)

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