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  03x12 - Utopia
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(The Tardis lands in Roald Dahl Plass.)

DOCTOR: Cardiff.

MARTHA: Cardiff?

DOCTOR: Ah, but the thing about Cardiff, it's built on a rift in time and space, just like California and the San Andreas Fault, but the rift bleeds energy. Every now and then I need to open up the engines, soak up the energy and use it as fuel.

MARTHA: So it's a pit stop.

DOCTOR: Exactly. Should only take twenty seconds. The rift's been active.

(A man in a great coat is running across the plaza.)

MARTHA: Wait a minute. They had an earthquake in Cardiff a couple of years ago. Was that you?

DOCTOR: Bit of trouble with the Slitheen.

(It is Jack Harkness. He has a rucksack on his back.)

DOCTOR: A long time ago. Lifetimes. I was a different man back then.

[Roald Dahl Plass]

JACK: Doctor!


DOCTOR: Finito. All powered up.

(The Doctor sees Jack on the scanner. He sets the time rotor moving. Jack leaps for the Tardis and something goes bang! on the console.)

MARTHA: Whoa! What's that?

DOCTOR: We're accelerating into the future. The year one billion. Five billion. Five trillion. Fifty trillion? What? The year one hundred trillion? That's impossible.

MARTHA: Why? What happens then?

DOCTOR: We're going to the end of the universe.

[Outside the Tardis]

(Jack is hanging on for his life as the Tardis hurtles through the vortex.)

JACK: Doctor!


(A tattooed tribe with pointed teeth sniff the night air.)

CHIEFTAIN: Humans. Humans are coming.

[Planet surface]

(A man is running along when a tribal woman jumps out in front of him.)

PADRA: I don't. I just want to go. Please, let me go.

(She calls back to the lookout on a ridge.)

WOMAN: Human!

SENTRY: Human!

(Padra runs.)

WOMAN: Human!

SENTRY: Human!


(The rest of the tribe are worked up into a frenzy.)

CHIEFTAIN: Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

[Yana's laboratory]

(The radar has a blip on the screen. A white haired man notices it.)

YANA: There's movement on the surface. Another human hunt. God help him.

(His blue female alien assistant is concerned.)

CHANTHO: Chan should I alert the guards tho?

YANA: No, no, we can't spare them. Poor beggar's on his own. One more lost soul dreaming of Utopia.

CHANTHO: Chan you mustn't talk as if you've given up tho.

YANA: No, no, indeed. Here's to it. Utopia.

(He takes a drink from a mug.)

YANA: Where it is to be hoped the coffee is a little less sour. Will you join me?

CHANTHO: Chan I am happy drinking my own internal milk tho.

YANA: Yes, well, that's quite enough information, thank you.

(A man's voice comes over a loudspeaker up in the rafters.)

ATILLO [OC]: Professor Yana? I don't want to rush you, but how are we doing?

YANA: Er, yes, er, er, yes. Working. Yes, almost there.

ATILLO [OC]: How's it looking on the footprint?

YANA: It's good. Yes. Fine. Excellent.

CHANTHO: Chan there's no problem as such. We've accelerated the calculation matrix but it's going to take time to harmonise tho. Chan we're trying a new reversal process. We'll have a definite result in approximately two hours tho.

(Chantho's voice becomes fuzzy and the Professor hears a thumping sound in his head, like a rhythmic drumbeat.)

CHANTHO: Chan Professor tho?

YANA: Yes! Yes, yes, yes. Working.

CHANTHO: Chan it's the surface scanner, Professor. It seems to be detecting up a different signal tho.

YANA: Well, that's not a standard reading. I can't make it out.

(Instead of the usual blip, there is a square on the screen.)

YANA: It would seem something new has arrived.


DOCTOR: Well, we've landed.

MARTHA: So what's out there?

DOCTOR: I don't know.

MARTHA: Say that again. That's rare.

DOCTOR: Not even the Time Lords came this far. We should leave. We should go. We should really, really go.

(Then he grins and runs to the door.)

[Planet surface]

(Okay, it's a quarry. Martha spots someone lying on the ground near the Tardis.)

MARTHA: Oh my God!

(It is Jack.)

MARTHA: Can't get a pulse. Hold on. You've got that medical kit thing.

(She runs into the Tardis)

DOCTOR: Hello again. Oh, I'm sorry.

(Martha returns with the medical kit.)

MARTHA: Here we go. Get out of the way. It's a bit odd, though. Not very hundred trillion. That coat's more like World War Two.

DOCTOR: I think he came with us.

MARTHA: How do you mean, from Earth?

DOCTOR: Must have been clinging to the outside of the Tardis all the way through the vortex. Well, that's very him.

MARTHA: What, do you know him?

DOCTOR: Friend of mine. Used to travel with me, back in the old days.

MARTHA: But he's. I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat. There's nothing. He's dead.

(Jack gasps and grabs Martha, who screams.)

MARTHA: Oh, so much for me. It's all right. Just breathe deep. I've got you.

JACK: Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?

MARTHA: Martha Jones.

JACK: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones.

DOCTOR: Oh, don't start.

JACK: I was only saying hello.

MARTHA: I don't mind.

(She helps Jack stand up.)

JACK: Doctor.

DOCTOR: Captain.

JACK: Good to see you.

DOCTOR: And you. Same as ever. Although, have you had work done?

JACK: You can talk.

DOCTOR: Oh yes, the face. Regeneration. How did you know this was me?

JACK: The police box kind of gives it away. I've been following you for a long time. You abandoned me.

DOCTOR: Did I? Busy life. Moving on.

JACK: Just got to ask. The Battle of Canary Wharf. I saw the list of the dead. It said Rose Tyler.

DOCTOR: Oh, no! Sorry, she's alive.

JACK: You're kidding.

DOCTOR: Parallel world, safe and sound. And Mickey, and her mother.

JACK: Oh, yes!

(Jack hugs the Doctor.)

MARTHA: Good old Rose.

(Padra is still being chased as Jack and Martha, and the Doctor, walk through some scrubland.)

JACK: So there I was, stranded in the year two hundred one hundred, ankle deep in Dalek dust, and he goes off without me. But I had this.

(A sort of bracelet.)

JACK: I used to be a Time Agent. It's called a vortex manipulator. He's not the only one who can time travel.

DOCTOR: Oh, excuse me. That is not time travel. It's like, I've got a sports car and you've got a space hopper.

MARTHA: Oh ho. Boys and their toys.

JACK: All right, so I bounced. I thought 21st century, the best place to find the Doctor, except that I got it a little wrong. Arrived in 1869, this thing burnt out, so it was useless.

DOCTOR: Told you.

JACK: I had to live through the entire twentieth century waiting for a version of you that would coincide with me.

MARTHA: But that makes you more than one hundred years old.

JACK: And looking good, don't you think? So I went to the time rift, based myself there because I knew you'd come back to refuel. Until finally I get a signal on this detecting you and here we are.

MARTHA: But the thing is, how come you left him behind, Doctor?

DOCTOR: I was busy.

MARTHA: Is that what happens, though, seriously? Do you just get bored with us one day and disappear?

JACK: Not if you're blonde.

MARTHA: Oh, she was blonde? Oh, what a surprise!

DOCTOR: You two! We're at the end of the universe, all right? Right at the edge of knowledge itself and you're busy blogging! Come on.

(They look down over a cliff onto a high tech construction of some kind.)

MARTHA: Is that a city?

DOCTOR: A city or a hive, or a nest, or a conglomeration. Like it was grown. But look, there. That's like pathways, roads? Must have been some sort of life, long ago.

MARTHA: What killed it?

DOCTOR: Time. Just time. Everything's dying now. All the great civilizations have gone. This isn't just night. All the stars have burned up and faded away into nothing.

JACK: They must have an atmospheric shell. We should be frozen to death.

DOCTOR: Well, Martha and I, maybe. Not so sure about you, Jack.

MARTHA: What about the people? Does no one survive?

DOCTOR: I suppose we have to hope life will find a way.

JACK: Well, he's not doing too bad.

(The running man is dashing through the city, pursued by the tribe.)


DOCTOR: Is it me, or does that look like a hunt? Come on!

(The Doctor, Jack and Martha run to help.)

JACK: Oh, I've missed this.

(They meet up with the running man.)

JACK: I've got you.

PADRA: They're coming! They're coming!

(Jack aims a revolver at the tribes people.)

DOCTOR: Jack, don't you dare!

(Jack fires into the air, and the noise stops the tribe in its tracks.)

MARTHA: What the hell are they?

PADRA: There's more of them. We've got to keep going.

DOCTOR: I've got a ship nearby. It's safe. It's not far, it's over there.

(More tribesmen appear on the cliff.)

DOCTOR: Or maybe not.

PADRA: We're close to the silo. If we get to the silo, then we're safe.


JACK: Silo.

MARTHA: Silo for me.

[Silo gates]

(Padra shouts whilst running.)

PADRA: It's the Futurekind! Open the gate!

GUARD: Show me your teeth! Show me your teeth! Show me your teeth!

PADRA: Show him your teeth.

(Everyone grimaces, displaying their chisel incisors.)

GUARD: Human! Let them in! Let them in!

(The metal gates are opened and the trio run through.)

GUARD: Close! Close! Close!

(A guard fires his machine gun at the ground in front of the tribe as they get too close.)

CHIEFTAIN: Humans. Humani. Make feast.

GUARD: Go back to where you came from. I said, go back. Back!

JACK: Oh, don't tell him to put his gun down.

DOCTOR: He's not my responsibility.

JACK: And I am? Huh, that makes a change.

CHIEFTAIN: Kind watch you. Kind hungry.

(The tribe back away and leave.)

DOCTOR: Thanks for that.

GUARD: Right. Let's get you inside.

PADRA: My name is Padra Toc Shafe Cane. Tell me. Just tell me, can you take me to Utopia?

GUARD: Oh yes, sir. Yes, I can.

[Yana's laboratory]

ATILLO [OC]: Professor, we've got four new humans inside. One of them is calling himself a doctor.

YANA: Of medicine?

ATILLO [OC]: He says, of everything.

YANA: A scientist! Oh, my word. Just, just, Chantho, just, er. Oh, I don't know. I'm coming!

(Yana scurries out of his lab.)


DOCTOR: It looks like a box, a big blue box. I'm sorry, but I really need it back. It's stuck out there.

PADRA: I'm sorry, but my family were heading for the silo. Did they get here? My mother is Kistane Shafe Cane. My brother's name is Beltone.

ATILLO: The computers are down but you can check the paperwork. Creet! Passenger needs help.

(A young boy appears with a clipboard. Padra goes to him.)

CREET: Right. What do you need?

ATILLO: A blue box, you said.

DOCTOR: Big, tall, wooden. Says Police.

ATILLO: We're driving out for the last water collection. I'll see what I can do.

DOCTOR: Thank you.

CREET: Come on.

MARTHA: Sorry, but how old are you?

CREET: Old enough to work. This way.

(They follow Creet.)


(People have put pictures of their loved ones on the wall as they sleep on the floor.)

CREET: Kistane Shafe Cane. Kistane Shafe Cane. Kistane and Biltone Shafe Cane? We're looking for a Kistane and Beltone Shafe Cane.

PADRA: The Shafe Canes, anyone? Kistane from Red Force Five? My name's Padra.

CREET: Anyone? Kistane and Beltone Shafe Cane? Anyone know the Shafe Cane family? Anyone called Shafe Cane?

MARTHA: It's like a refugee camp.

JACK: Stinking. Oh, sorry. No offence. Not you.

DOCTOR: Don't you see that? The ripe old smell of humans. You survived. Oh, you might have spent a million years evolving into clouds of gas, and another million as downloads, but you always revert to the same basic shape. The fundamental humans.

CREET: Kistane Shafe Cane.

DOCTOR: End of the universe and here you are. Indomitable! That's the word. Indomitable! Ha!

CREET: Is there a Kistane Shafe Cane?

(A woman stands up.)

KISTANE: That's me.

PADRA: Mother?

KISTANE: Oh, my God. Padra.

PADRA: Beltone?

MARTHA: It's not all bad news.

(A young man stands up. Jack shakes his hand.)

JACK: Captain Jack Harkness. And who are you?

DOCTOR: Stop it. Give us a hand with this. It's half deadlocked. I need you to overwrite the code. Let's find out where we are.

(Together, the Doctor and Jack open the door which turns out to be part way up a giant rocket silo. The Doctor nearly falls in.)

JACK: Gotcha.

DOCTOR: Thanks.

JACK: How did you cope without me?

MARTHA: Now that is what I call a rocket.

DOCTOR: They're not refugees, they're passengers.

MARTHA: He said they were going to Utopia.

DOCTOR: The perfect place. Hundred trillion years, it's the same old dream. You recognise those engines?

JACK: Nope. Whatever it is, it's not rocket science. But it's hot, though.

(They shut the door again.)

DOCTOR: Boiling. But if the universe is falling apart, what does Utopia mean?

(Yana arrives.)

YANA: The Doctor?

DOCTOR: That's me.

YANA: Good! Good! Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good.

DOCTOR: It's good apparently.

(Yana drags the Doctor away. A woman with pointed teeth watches.)

[Yana's laboratory]

(Yana takes the Doctor to various pieces of equipment straight away.)

CHANTHO: Chan welcome tho.

YANA: Now, this is the gravitissimal accelerator. It's past its best but it works.

CHANTHO: Chan welcome tho.

YANA: And over here is the footprint impellor system. Now, do you know anything about endtime gravity

MARTHA: Hello. Who are you?

CHANTHO: Chan Chantho tho.

YANA: But we can't get it to harmonise.

JACK: Captain Jack Harkness.

DOCTOR: Stop it.

JACK: Can't I say hello to anyone?

CHANTHO: Chan I do not protest tho.

JACK: Maybe later, Blue. So, what have we got here?

DOCTOR: And all this feeds into the rocket?

YANA: Yeah, except without a stable footprint, you see, we're unable to achieve escape velocity. If only we could harmonise the five impact patterns and unify them, well, we might yet make it. What do you think, Doctor? Any ideas?

DOCTOR: Well, er, basically, sort of, not a clue.

YANA: Nothing?

DOCTOR: I'm not from around these parts. I've never seen a system like it. Sorry.

YANA: No, no. I'm sorry. It's my fault. There's been so little help.

(Over in the corner with chairs, a table and a drinks machine, Martha pulls a transparent container from Jack's backpack. It contains a hand.)

MARTHA: Oh, my God. You've got a hand? A hand in a jar. A hand in a jar in your bag.

DOCTOR: But that, that, that's my hand.

JACK: I said I had a Doctor detector.

CHANTHO: Chan is this a tradition amongst your people tho?

MARTHA: Not on my street. What do you mean, that's your hand? You've got both your hands, I can see them.

DOCTOR: Long story. I lost my hand Christmas Day, in a swordfight.

(Reminder of when the Sycorax leader chopped of the Doctor's hand and it fell from the spaceship in Christmas Invasion.)

MARTHA: What? And you grew another hand?

DOCTOR: Er, yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah. Hello.

YANA: Might I ask, what species are you?

DOCTOR: Time Lord, last of. Heard of them? Legend or anything? Not even a myth? Blimey, end of the universe is a bit humbling.

CHANTHO: Chan it is said that I am the last of my species too tho.

DOCTOR: Sorry, what was your name?

YANA: My assistant and good friend, Chantho. A survivor of the Malmooth. This was their planet, Malcassairo, before we took refuge.

DOCTOR: The city outside, that was yours?

CHANTHO: Chan the conglomeration died tho.

DOCTOR: Conglomeration. That's what I said.

JACK: You're supposed to say sorry.

DOCTOR: Oh, yes. Sorry.

CHANTHO: Chan most grateful tho.

MARTHA: You grew another hand?

DOCTOR: Hello, again. It's fine. Look, really, it's me.

MARTHA: All this time and you're still full of surprises.

CHANTHO: Chan you are most unusual tho.


JACK: So what about those things outside? The Beastie Boys. What are they?

YANA: We call them the Futurekind, which is a myth in itself, but it's feared they are what we will become, unless we reach Utopia.

DOCTOR: And Utopia is?

YANA: Oh, every human knows of Utopia. Where have you been?

DOCTOR: Bit of a hermit.

YANA: A hermit with friends?

DOCTOR: Hermits United. We meet up every ten years and swap stories about caves. It's good fun, for a hermit. So, er, Utopia?

(Yana shows them a display on the gravitational field navigation system.)

YANA: The call came from across the stars, over and over again. Come to Utopia. Originating from that point.

DOCTOR: Where is that?

YANA: Oh, it's far beyond the Condensate Wilderness, out towards the Wildlands and the Dark Matter reefs, calling us in. The last of the humans scattered across the night.

DOCTOR: What do you think's out there?

YANA: We can't know. A colony, a city, some sort of haven? The Science Foundation created the Utopia Project thousands of years ago to preserve mankind, to find a way of surviving beyond the collapse of reality itself. Now perhaps they found it. Perhaps not. But it's worth a look, don't you think?

DOCTOR: Oh, yes.

(Yana hears the drumbeats again, all but drowning out the Doctor's words.)

DOCTOR: And the signal keeps modulating, so it's not automatic. That's a good sign someone's out there. And that's, oh, that's a navigation matrix. So you can fly without stars to guide you. Professor? Professor? Professor.

YANA: I, er, ahem, right, that's enough talk. There's work to do. Now if you could leave, thank you.

DOCTOR: You all right?

YANA: Yes, I'm fine. And busy.

DOCTOR: Except that rocket's not going to fly, is it? This footprint mechanism thing, it's not working.

YANA: We'll find a way.

DOCTOR: You're stuck on this planet. And you haven't told them, have you? That lot out there, they still think they're going to fly.

YANA: Well, it's better to let them live in hope.

DOCTOR: Quite right, too. And I must say, Professor er, what was it?

YANA: Yana.

DOCTOR: Professor Yana. This new science is well beyond me, but all the same, a boost reversal circuit, in any time frame, must be a circuit which reverses the boost. So, I wonder, what would happen if I did this?

(He sonics the end of a cable and pulls. Power surges through the machines.)

CHANTHO: Chan it's working tho!

YANA: But how did you do that?

DOCTOR: Oh, we've been chatting away, I forgot to tell you. I'm brilliant.


ATILLO [OC]: All passengers prepare for boarding. I repeat, all passengers prepare for immediate boarding.

[Yana's laboratory]

ATILLO [OC]: Destination, Utopia.

(Everyone is busy.)

[Silo gates]

(A supply truck drives in through the gates, watched by the tribe.)

ATILLO [OC]: All troops report to silo. I repeat, all troops report to silo.

GUARD: Inside! Everyone, inside! Come on, move, move, move.

[Rocket silo]

(The happy people file across numerous catwalks and into the rocket.)

ATILLO [OC]: All passengers prepare for immediate boarding. All passengers prepare for immediate boarding.


MARTHA: Excuse me. Hey, what was your name? Creet.

CREET: That's right, miss.

MARTHA: Who are you with, Creet? You got family?

CREET: No, miss. There's just me.

MARTHA: Well, good luck. What do you think it's going to be like in Utopia?

CREET: My mum used to say the skies are made of diamonds.

MARTHA: Good for her. Go on, off you go. Get your seat.

(The tribe woman watches Martha and Chantho leave.)

[Yana's laboratory]

(The Doctor sniffs one of the wires.)

DOCTOR: Is this?

YANA: Yes, gluten extract. Binds the neutralino map together.

DOCTOR: That's food. You've built this system out of food and string and staples? Professor Yana, you're a genius.

YANA: Says the man who made it work.

DOCTOR: Oh, it's easy coming in at the end, but you're stellar. This is, this is magnificent. And I don't often say that because, well, because of me.

YANA: Well, even my title is an affectation. There hasn't been such a thing as a university for over a thousand years. I've spent my life going from one refugee ship to another.

DOCTOR: If you'd been born in a different time, you'd be revered. I mean it. Throughout the galaxies.

YANA: Oh, those damned galaxies. They had to go and collapse. Some admiration would have been nice. Yes, just a little, just once.

DOCTOR: Well, you've got it now. But that footprint engine thing. You can't activate it from onboard. It's got to be from here. You're staying behind.

YANA: With Chantho. She won't leave without me. Simply refuses.

DOCTOR: You'd give your life so they could fly.

YANA: Oh, I think I'm a little too old for Utopia. Time I had some sleep.

ATILLO [OC]: Professor, tell the Doctor we've found his blue box.


JACK: Doctor?

(The Tardis is on the monitor.)

DOCTOR: Professor, it's a wild stab in the dark, but I may just have found you a way out.

(The drumbeats return as Yana looks at the monitor. A little later, the Tardis is in the laboratory and the Doctor is dragging a power cable out of it.)

DOCTOR: Extra power. Little bit of a cheat, but who's counting? Jack, you're in charge of the retro feeds.

(Martha and Chantho enter.)

MARTHA: Oh, am I glad to see that thing.

CHANTHO: Chan Professor, are you all right tho?

YANA: Yes, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. Just get on with it.

JACK: Connect those circuits into the spar, same as that last lot. But quicker.

MARTHA: Ooo, yes, sir.

DOCTOR: You don't have to keep working. We can handle it.

YANA: It's just a headache. It's just, just noise inside my head, Doctor. Constant noise inside my head.

DOCTOR: What sort of noise?

YANA: It's the sound of drums. More and more, as though it's getting closer.

DOCTOR: When did it start?

YANA: Oh, I've had it all my life. Every waking hour. Still, no rest for the wicked.

(Martha and Chantho put circuit boards into a rack.)

MARTHA: How long have you been with the professor?

CHANTHO: Chan seventeen years tho.

MARTHA: Blimey. A long time.

CHANTHO: Chan I adore him tho.

MARTHA: Oh right, and he

CHANTHO: Chan I don't think he even notices tho.

MARTHA: Tell me about it.

CHANTHO: Chan but I am happy to serve tho.

MARTHA: Do you mind if I ask? Do you have to start every sentence with chan?

CHANTHO: Chan yes tho.

MARTHA: And end every sentence with

CHANTHO: Chan tho tho.

MARTHA: What would you happen if you didn't?

CHANTHO: Chan that would be rude tho.

MARTHA: What, like swearing?

CHANTHO: Chan indeed tho.

MARTHA: Go on, just once.

CHANTHO: Chan I can't tho.

MARTHA: Oh, do it for me.


(Chantho bursts into giggles.)

[Control room]

(Atillo goes to a monitor.)

ATILLO: Professor.

(The screen remains blank, so he types in Yana.)

ATILLO: Systems are down. Professor, are you getting me?

(Yana appears on the monitor.)

YANA: I'm here! We're ready!

[Yana's laboratory]

YANA: Now all you need to do is connect the couplings, then we can launch.

(Atillo's face disappears from the screen.)

YANA: God sake! This equipment. Needs rebooting all the time.

MARTHA: Anything I can do? I've finished that lot.

YANA: Yes, if you could. Just press the reboot key every time the picture goes.

MARTHA: Certainly, sir. Just don't ask me to do shorthand.

YANA: Right.

(Atillo's face returns.)

ATILLO [on monitor]: Are you still there?

YANA: Ah, present and correct. Send your man inside.

[Control room]

YANA [on monitor]: We'll keep the levels down from here.

(Atillo opens a heavy door for a man in protective gear to go inside.)

[Yana's laboratory]

ATILLO [on monitor]: He's inside. And good luck to him.

YANA: Captain, keep the dials below the red.

DOCTOR: Where is that room?

YANA: It's underneath the rocket. Fix the couplings and the footprint can work. But the entire chamber is flooded with stet radiation.

DOCTOR: Stet? Never heard of it.

YANA: You wouldn't want to. But it's safe enough, if we can hold the radiation back from here.

(They watch the monitor showing the man connecting up equipment. An alarm sounds.)

YANA: It's rising. Naught point two. Keep it level!

JACK: Yes, sir.

(The second connection is made. The tribal woman opens a wall box marked electricity hazard and sabotages it.)

CHANTHO: Chan we're losing power tho!

(The woman uses a piece of equipment to smash other control panels.)

DOCTOR: Radiation's rising!

JACK: We've lost control!

YANA: The chamber's going to flood.

DOCTOR: Jack, override the vents!

[Radiation chamber]

ATILLO [behind door]: Get out! Get out of there! Jate!


(The saboteur is found.)

GUARD: Oi, you! Go!

(They start shooting at her.)

[Yana's laboratory]

(Jack pulls out two power cables.)

JACK: We can jump start the override.

DOCTOR: Don't! It's going to flare!

(Power surges through Jack as he holds the live ends together. He is electrocuted.)

[Radiation chamber]

ATILLO [behind door]: Jate, get out of there! Get out!

(Jate's organic molecules disintegrate, and the suit falls to the floor.)


[Yana's laboratory]

MARTHA: I've got him.

CHANTHO: Chan don't touch the cables tho.

YANA: Oh, I'm so sorry.

DOCTOR: The chamber's flooded with radiation, yes?

(Martha gives Jack mouth to mouth resuscitation.)

YANA: Without the couplings, the engines will never start. It was all for nothing.

DOCTOR: Oh, I don't know. Martha, leave him.

MARTHA: You've got to let me try.

DOCTOR: Come on, come on, just listen to me. Now leave him alone. It strikes me, Professor, you've got a room which no man can enter without dying. Is that correct?

YANA: Yes.


(Jack gasps as he returns to life.)

DOCTOR: I think I've got just the man.

JACK: Was someone kissing me?

[Control room]

(The Doctor and Jack run in.)

DOCTOR: Lieutenant, get on board the rocket! I promise you're going to fly.

ATILLO: The chamber's flooded.

DOCTOR: Trust me. We've found a way of tripping the system. Run!

(Atillo leaves. Jack takes off his shirt.)

DOCTOR: What are you taking your clothes off for?

JACK: I'm going in.

DOCTOR: Well, by the looks of it, I'd say the stet radiation doesn't affect clothing, only flesh.

JACK: Well, I look good though. How long have you known?

DOCTOR: Ever since I ran away from you. Good luck.

(Jack goes inside the radiation chamber and continues connecting things up.)

[Yana's laboratory]

(Martha reboots the monitor by typing Atillo into a hiragona keyboard.)

MARTHA: We lost picture when that thing flared up. Doctor, are you there?

DOCTOR [OC]: Receiving, yeah. He's inside.

MARTHA: And still alive?

DOCTOR [OC]: Oh, yes.

YANA: But he should evaporate. What sort of a man is he?

MARTHA: I've only just met him. The Doctor sort of travels through time and space and picks people up. God, I make us sound like stray dogs. Maybe we are.

YANA: He travels in time?

(Yana hears voices whispering in his head.)

MARTHA: Don't ask me to explain it. That's a Tardis, that box thing. The sports car of time travel, he says.

MARTHA [OC]: That's a Tardis. Time travel. That's a Tardis. That's a Tardis.

[Radiation chamber]

DOCTOR [behind door]: When did you first realise?

JACK: Earth, 1892. Got in a fight in Ellis Island. A man shot me through the heart. Then I woke up. Thought it was kind of strange. But then it never stopped. Fell off a cliff, trampled by horses, World War One, World War Two, poison, starvation, a stray javelin. In the end, I got the message. I'm the man who can never die. And all that time you knew.

DOCTOR [behind door]: That's why I left you behind. It's not easy even just looking at you, Jack, because you're wrong.

JACK: Thanks.

DOCTOR [behind door]: You are. I can't help it. I'm a Time Lord. It's instinct. It's in my guts. You're a fixed point in time and space. You're a fact. That's never meant to happen. Even the Tardis reacted against you, tried to shake you off. Flew all the way to the end of the universe just to get rid of you.

JACK: So what you're saying is that you're, er, prejudiced?

DOCTOR [behind door]: I never thought of it like that.

JACK: Shame on you.

DOCTOR [behind door]: Yeah.

[Yana's laboratory]

JACK [OC]: Last thing I remember, back when I was mortal, I was facing three Daleks. Death by extermination. And then I came back to life.

[Radiation chamber]

JACK: What happened?

DOCTOR [behind door]: Rose.

[Yana's laboratory]

JACK [OC]: I thought you'd sent her back home.

DOCTOR [OC]: She came back. Opened the heart of the Tardis and absorbed the time vortex itself.

JACK [OC]: What does that mean, exactly?

(Yana is crying.)

DOCTOR [OC]: No one's ever mean to have that power.

[Radiation chamber]

DOCTOR [behind door]: If a Time Lord did that, he'd become a god. A vengeful god. But she was human.

(Flashback to Parting of the Ways, Floor 500 of the satellite.)

ROSE: I bring life.

(Jack remembers his first coming back to life.)

DOCTOR [behind door]: Everything she did was so human. She brought you back to life but she couldn't control it. She brought you back forever. That's something, I suppose. The final act of the Time War was life.

[Yana's laboratory]

(The words echo in Yana's head.)

DOCTOR [OC]: Time war, time war.

JACK [OC]: Do you think she could change me back?

DOCTOR [OC]: I took the power out of her.

[Radiation chamber]

DOCTOR [behind door]: She's gone, Jack. She's not just living on a parallel world, she's trapped there. The walls have closed.

JACK: I'm sorry.

DOCTOR [behind door]: Yeah.

JACK: I went back to her estate, in the nineties, just once or twice. Watched her growing up. Never said hello. Timelines and all that.

DOCTOR [behind door]: Do you want to die?

JACK: Oh, this one's a little stuck.

DOCTOR [behind door]: Jack?

JACK: I thought I did. I don't know. But this lot. You see them out here surviving, and that's fantastic.

DOCTOR [behind door]: You might be out there, somewhere.

JACK: I could go meet myself.

DOCTOR: Well, the only man you're ever going to be happy with.

JACK: This new regeneration, it's kind of cheeky.


[Yana's laboratory]

JACK [OC]: Regeneration. Regeneration.

MARTHA: I never understand half the things he says. What's wrong?

CHANTHO: Chan Professor, what is it tho?

YANA: Time travel. They say there was time travel back in the old days. I never believed. But what would I know? Stupid old man. Never could keep time. Always late, always lost. Even this thing never worked.

(An ornately inscribed fob watch.)

DOCTOR [Human Nature]: Martha, this watch is me. I'm going to become human.

YANA: Time and time and time again. Always running out on me.

MARTHA: Can I have a look at that?

YANA: Oh, it's only an old relic. Like me.

MARTHA: Where did you get it?

YANA: Hmm? I was found with it.

MARTHA: What do you mean?

YANA: An orphan in the storm. I was a naked child found on the coast of the Silver Devastation. Abandoned, with only this.

MARTHA: Have you opened it?

YANA: Why would I? It's broken.

MARTHA: How do you know it's broken if you've never opened it?

YANA: It's stuck. It's old. It's not meant to be. I don't know.

(Martha turns the watch over and recognises the inscriptions.)

YANA: Does it matter?

MARTHA: No. It's nothing. It's. Listen, everything's fine up here. I'm going to see if the Doctor needs me.

[Radiation chamber]

(The final connection is made.)

JACK: Yes!

DOCTOR [behind door]: Now, get out of there. Come on!

[Control room]

(The Doctor uses the telephone.)

DOCTOR: Lieutenant, everyone on board?

ATILLO [OC]: Ready and waiting.

DOCTOR: Stand by. Two minutes to ignition.

ATILLO [OC]: Ready to launch. Outer doors sealed.

COMPUTER: Countdown commencing. T minus ninety nine, ninety eight

(Jack and the Doctor rush around, flicking switches. Martha enters.)

DOCTOR: Ah, nearly there. The footprint, it's a gravity pulse. It stamps down, the rocket shoots up. Bit primitive. It'll take the both of us to keep it stable.

MARTHA: Doctor, it's the Professor. He's got this watch. He's got a fob watch. It's the same as yours. Same writing on it, same everything.

DOCTOR: Don't be ridiculous.

MARTHA: I asked him. He said he's had it his whole life.

JACK: So he's got the same watch.

MARTHA: Yeah, but it's not a watch. It's this chameleon thing.

DOCTOR: No, no, no, it's this, this thing, this device, it rewrites biology. Changes a Time Lord into a human.

MARTHA: And it's the same watch.

DOCTOR: It can't be.

(An alarm sounds.)

JACK: That means he could be a Time Lord. You might not be the last one.

DOCTOR: Jack, keep it level!

MARTHA: But that's brilliant, isn't it?

DOCTOR: Yes, it is. Course it is. Depends which one. Brilliant, fantastic, yeah. But they died, the Time Lords. All of them. They died.

JACK: Not if he was human.

DOCTOR: What did he say, Martha? What did he say?

MARTHA: He looked at the watch like he could hardly see it. Like that perception filter thing.

DOCTOR: What about now? Can he see it now?

[Yana's laboratory]

(Yana looks at the watch.)

DOCTOR [OC]: The Tardis. The time vortex.

(Anthony Ainley's laugh.)

JACK: Regeneration. Regeneration.

WATCH: The drums, the drums, the drums, the never ending drumbeat. Open me, you human fool. Open the light and summon me and receive my majesty.

DELGADO [OC]: Destroy him! And you will give your power to me!

CHANTHO: Chan Yana, won't you please take some rest tho?

[Control room]

COMPUTER: Thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten, nine

JACK: If he escaped the Time War then it's the perfect place to hide. The end of the universe.

COMPUTER: Six, five

MARTHA: Think of what the Face of Boe said. His dying words. He said


(The Doctor turns the last switch and the rocket engines fire. Yana opens the watch and golden energy streams into him.)

BOE: You are not alone.

(Y A N A. Outside, Futurekind watch the rocket blast away.)

[Yana's laboratory]

CHANTHO: Chan Professor Yana tho?

[Control room]

DOCTOR: Lieutenant, have you done it? Did you get velocity? Have you done it? Lieutenant, have you done it?

ATILLO [OC]: Affirmative. We'll see you in Utopia.

DOCTOR: Good luck.

[Yana's laboratory]

(Yana moves a lever and the control room door slams in the Doctor's face.)

CHANTHO: Chan but you've locked them in tho.

[Control room]

DOCTOR: Get it open! Get it open!

[Yana's laboratory]

YANA: Not to worry, my dear. As one door closes, another must open.

(He turns off the silo's defences.)

CHANTHO: Chan you must stop tho. Chan but you've lowered the defences. The Futurekind will get in tho.

(The tribe bursts through the gates. The Doctor and Jack finally get the control room door open.)

CHANTHO: Chan Professor, I'm so sorry, but I must stop you. You're destroying all our work tho.

(Yana turns and sees Chantho is pointing a gun at him.)

YANA: Oh. Now I can say I was provoked.

(He takes hold of a live energy cable. The Doctor, Jack and Martha have to double back to avoid Futurekind.)

YANA: Did you never think, all those years standing beside me, to ask about that watch? Never? Did you never once think, not ever, that you could set me free?

CHANTHO: Chan I'm sorry tho. Chan I'm so sorry.

YANA: You, with your chan and your tho driving me insane.

CHANTHO: Chan Professor, please

YANA: That is not my name! The Professor was an invention. So perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am.

CHANTHO: Chan then who are you tho?

YANA: I am the Master.

(Yana thrusts the live end of the cable at Chantho.)


JACK: This way!

(Yana caresses the jar with the Doctor's hand in it.)

[Outside Yana's laboratory]

DOCTOR: Professor! Professor, let me in! Let me in! Jack, get the door open now!

[Yana's laboratory]

DOCTOR [OC]: Professor! Professor, where are you?! Professor! Professor, are you there? Please, I need to explain. Whatever you do, don't open that watch.

(Yana removes a circuit board from the gravitational field navigation system.)

YANA: Utopia.

[Outside Yana's laboratory]

MARTHA: They're coming!

DOCTOR: Professor!

[Yana's laboratory]

(Yana disconnects the power cable from the Tardis.)

DOCTOR [OC]: Open the door, please! I'm begging you, Professor. Please, listen to me.

(Chantho is not yet dead. Behind Yana's back, she reaches for her gun.)

DOCTOR [OC]: Just open the door, please.

(Chantho shoots Yana, then dies. Jack smashes the control panel and the door opens. Yana steps back into the Tardis, carrying the jar, and shuts the door on the Doctor. He locks it just before the Doctor can insert his key then goes to the console and presses a switch.)


YANA: Deadlocked.

[Yana's laboratory]

DOCTOR: Let me in. Let me in!

MARTHA: She's dead.

(Jack is trying to hold the door closed.)

JACK: I broke the lock. Give me a hand!

DOCTOR: I'm begging you. Everything's changed! It's only the two of us! We're the only ones left! Just let me in!


YANA: Killed by an insect. A girl. How inappropriate. Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so can I. The Master reborn.

(Derek Jacobi changes into John Sim. The Doctor watches the golden glow through the Tardis window.)

[Yana's laboratory]

(Futurekind force the door open.)

JACK: Doctor! You'd better think of something!


MASTER: Ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha! Oh.

[Yana's laboratory]

MASTER [OC]: Now then, Doctor.


MASTER: Ooo, new voice. Hello, hello.

[Yana's laboratory]

MASTER [OC] Hello.


MASTER: Anyway, why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to

[Yana's laboratory]

MASTER [OC]: Stop me, I don't think.

MARTHA: Hold on. I know that voice.

DOCTOR: I'm asking you really properly. Just stop. Just think!


MASTER: Use my name.

[Yana's laboratory]

DOCTOR: Master. I'm sorry.


MASTER: Tough!

[Yana's laboratory]

JACK: I can't hold out much longer, Doctor!

(The Doctor activates his sonic screwdriver while the Master starts up the time rotor.)


MASTER: Oh, no you don't! End of the universe. Have fun. Bye, bye!

[Yana's laboratory]

MARTHA: Doctor, stop him! Help us. They're getting in!

(The Tardis dematerialises.)

To Be Continued...

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