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  02x10 - The Satan's Pit
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[Drilling area]

JEFFERSON: Open fire!

(Jefferson and the guard start shooting at the Ood.)

[Control room]

ZACH: We're stabilising

(The overhead shutters close.)

ZACH: We've got orbit.

[Drilling area]

(Rose runs back to the comm.)

ROSE: Doctor? Doctor, can you hear me? Doctor, Ida, are you there?

COMPUTER: Open door 25.

(Jefferson and the guard prepare to shoot.)

DANNY: It's me! But they're coming.

COMPUTER: Close door 25.

DANNY: It's the Ood. They've gone mad.

JEFFERSON: How many of them?

DANNY: All of them! All fifty!

JEFFERSON: Danny, out of the way. Out of the way!

DANNY: But they're armed! It's the interface device. I don't know how, but they're using it as a weapon.

COMPUTER: Open door 25.

(Jefferson opens the door. The leading Ood sticks its globe onto the guard's forehead. She screams and dies. Jefferson starts shooting.)


COMPUTER: Close door 1.

(Zach sees Ood coming towards him.)

[Control room]

COMPUTER: Open door 1. Close door 1.

ZACH: Lock down. Seal door 1.

COMPUTER: Lock down. Door 1.

JEFFERSON [OC]: Seal door 24. Seal door 23.

ZACH: Jefferson, what's happening there?

[Drilling area]

JEFFERSON: I've got very little ammunition, sir. How about you?

[Control room]

ZACH: All I've got is a bolt gun. With er, all of one bolt. I could take out a grand total of one Ood. Fat lot of good that is.

JEFFERSON [OC]: Given the emergency

[Drilling area]

JEFFERSON: I recommend strategy nine.

[Control room]

ZACH: Strategy Nine

[Drilling area]

ZACH [OC]: Agreed. Right, we need to get

[Control room]

ZACH: Everyone together. Rose? What about Ida and the

[Drilling area]

ZACH [OC]: Doctor? Any word?

ROSE: I can't get a reply. Just nothing. I keep trying, but it's

DOCTOR [OC]: (static) No, sorry, I'm fine. Still here.

ROSE: You could've said, you stupid

[Point Zero]

DOCTOR: (feedback) Whoa. Careful! Anyway, it's both of us. Me and Ida. Hello. But the seal opened up. It's gone. All we've got left is this chasm.

ZACH [OC]: How deep is it?

DOCTOR: Can't tell. It looks like it goes down forever.

ROSE [OC]: The pit is open.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: That's what the voice said.

[Control room]

ZACH: But there's nothing. I mean

[Point Zero]

ZACH [OC]: There's nothing coming out?

DOCTOR: No, no. No sign of the Beast.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: It said Satan.

[Point Zero]

DOCTOR: Come on, Rose. Keep it

[Drilling area]

DOCTOR [OC]: Together.

ROSE: Is there no such thing? Doctor.

[Point Zero]

ROSE [OC]: Doctor, tell me there's no such thing.

[Control room]

ZACH: Ida?

[Point Zero]

ZACH [OC]: I recommend that you withdraw.

[Control room]

ZACH: Immediately.

[Point Zero]

IDA: But, we've come all this way.

ZACH [OC]: Okay

[Control room]

ZACH: That was an order. Withdraw. When that thing opened, the whole planet's shifted. One more inch and we fall into the black hole. So this thing stops right now.

[Point Zero]

IDA: But it's not much better up there with the Ood.

[Control room]

ZACH: I'm initiating strategy

[Point Zero]

ZACH [OC]: Nine, so I need the two of you back up top immediately, no ar

(Ida turns off the comms.)

[Control room]

ZACH: Ida. Ida!

[Point Zero]

IDA: What do you think?

DOCTOR: I think they've an order.

IDA: Yeah, but what do you think?

DOCTOR: It said, I am the temptation.

IDA: Well, if there's something in there, why is it still hiding?

DOCTOR: Maybe we opened the prison but not the cell.

IDA: We should go down. I'd go. What about you?

DOCTOR: Oh. Oh, in a second, but then again, that is so human. Where angels fear to tread. Even now, standing on the edge. It's that feeling you get, eh? Right at the back of your head. That impulse. That strange little impulse. That mad little voice saying, go on. Go on. Go on. Go over. Go on. Maybe it's relying on that. For once in my life, Officer Scott, I'm going to say retreat. Oh, now I know I'm getting old. Rose, we're coming back.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Best news I've heard all day.

(Jefferson points his rifle at Toby.)

ROSE: What're you doing?

JEFFERSON: He's infected. He brought that thing on board. You saw it.

ROSE: Are you going to start shooting your own people now, Is that what you're going to do? Is it?

JEFFERSON: If necessary.

ROSE: Well then, you'll have to shoot me if necessary, so what's it going to be? Look at his face. Whatever it was, is gone. It passed into the Ood. You saw it happen. He's clean.

JEFFERSON: Any sign of trouble, I'll shoot him.

ROSE: Are you all right?

TOBY: Yeah. I don't know.

ROSE: Can you remember anything?

TOBY: Just, it was so angry. It was fury and rage and death. It was him. It was the devil.

ROSE: Come on.

(Rose hugs the terrified Toby.)

[Point Zero]

(The Doctor and Ida return to the capsule.)

DOCTOR: What's strategy nine?

IDA: Open the airlocks. We'll be safe inside the lock down. The Ood will get thrown out into the vacuum.

DOCTOR: So we're going back to a slaughter?

IDA: The devil's work.

[Drilling area]

IDA [OC]: Okay, we're in. Bring us up.

JEFFERSON: Ascension in three, two, one.

(And the power goes out.)

VOICE [OC]: This is the darkness. This is my domain.

(Monitors flicker with images of the Ood.)

VOICE [OC]: You little things that live in the light, clinging to your feeble suns which die in the

ZACH [OC]: That's not the Ood. Something's talking through them.

[Control room]

VOICE [OC]: Only the darkness remains.

ZACH: This is Captain Zachary Cross Flane of Sanctuary Base Six, representing the Torchwood archive. You will identify yourself.

VOICE [OC]: You know my name.

ZACH: What do you want?

VOICE [OC]: You will die here. All of you. This planet is your grave.

TOBY: It's him. It's him. It's him.


DOCTOR: If you are the Beast, then answer me this. Which one, hmm? Cos the universe has been busy since you've been gone. There's more religions than there are planets in the sky. The Archiphets, Orkology, Christianity, Pash Pash, New Judaism, San Klah, Church of the Tin Vagabond. Which devil are you?

VOICE [OC]: All of them.

DOCTOR: What, then you're the truth behind the myth?

VOICE [OC]: This one knows me as I know him. The killer of his own kind.

DOCTOR: How did you end up on this rock?

VOICE [OC]: The Disciples of the Light rose up against me and chained me in the pit for all eternity.

DOCTOR: When was this?

VOICE [OC]: Before time.

DOCTOR: What does that mean?

VOICE [OC]: Before time.

DOCTOR: What does before time mean?

VOICE [OC]: Before light and time and space and matter. Before the cataclysm. Before this universe was created.

DOCTOR: That's impossible. No life could have existed back then.

VOICE [OC]: Is that your religion?

DOCTOR: It's a belief.

[Control room]

VOICE [OC]: You know nothing. All of you, so small. The Captain, so scared of command.

[Drilling area]

VOICE [OC]: The soldier, haunted by the eyes of his wife. (Jefferson) The scientist, still running from Daddy. (Ida) The little boy who lied. (Danny) The virgin. (Toby) And the lost girl, so far away from home. (Rose) The valiant child who will die in battle so very soon.

ROSE: Doctor, what does that mean?


DOCTOR: Rose, don't listen.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: What does it mean?

VOICE [OC]: You will die and I will live.

(The image of the Ood is replaced by a roaring horned beast.)

DANNY: What the hell was that?

TOBY: I had that thing inside my head.

ROSE: Doctor, what did it mean?

DANNY: What do we do? Jefferson?

JEFFERSON: Captain? What's the situation on strategy nine?

DANNY: Zach, what do we do?

TOBY: The planet, the orbit, the black hole. Everything's true.

JEFFERSON: Captain, report.

[Control room]

ZACH: We've lost pictures, Mister Jefferson.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Doctor, how did it know all of


IDA: Did anyone get an anal

[Control room]

ZACH: Jefferson.



[Drilling area]

ROSE: What did it mean?


DOCTOR: Everyone just stop.

[Drilling area]

DANNY: What do we do?


(The Doctor sends feedback through the comms to shut everyone up.)

DOCTOR [OC]: You want voices in the dark


DOCTOR: Then listen to mine. That thing is playing on very basic fears. Darkness, childhood nightmares, all that stuff.

[Drilling area]

DANNY: But that's how the devil works.


DOCTOR: Or a good psychologist.

IDA: Yeah, but how did it know about my father?

DOCTOR: Okay, but what makes his version of the truth any better than mine, hmm? Cos I'll tell you what I can see. Humans.

[Drilling area]

DOCTOR [OC]: Brilliant humans. Humans who travel all the way across space, flying in a tiny little rocket

[Control room]

DOCTOR [OC]: Right into the orbit of a


DOCTOR: Black hole, just for the sake of discovery. That's amazing!

[Drilling area]

DOCTOR [OC]: Do you hear me?


DOCTOR: Amazing, all of you. The Captain, his Officer, his elders, his juniors, his friends. All with one advantage. The Beast is alone. We are not. If we can use that to fight against him

(Bang! The cable shears and falls into the shaft.)

IDA: The cable's snapped!

DOCTOR: Get out!

(The Doctor and Ida get out of the capsule and throw themselves to the ground as alleged miles of steel cable arrives at speed.)

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Doctor, we lost the cable! Doctor, are you all right? Doctor!

[Control room]

ZACH: Comms are down.

ROSE [OC]: Doctor? Doctor, can you hear me?

ZACH: I've still got life signs, but we've lost the capsule.

ROSE [OC]: Say something. Are you there?

ZACH: There's no way out. They're stuck down there.

[Point Zero]

(The capsule is wrecked.)

DOCTOR: How much air have we got?

IDA: Sixty minutes. Fifty five.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: But we've got to bring them back.

JEFFERSON: They're ten miles down. We haven't got another ten miles of cable.

(Banging at door 25.)

JEFFERSON: Captain? Situation report.

[Control room]

(Zach checks door one.)

ZACH: It's the Ood. They're cutting through the door bolts. They're breaking in.

[Drilling area]

JEFFERSON: Yeah, it's the same on door 25.

ROSE: How long's it going to take?

JEFFERSON: Well, it's only a basic frame, it should take ten minutes.

(Another bolt is cut.)


[Control room]

ZACH: I've got a security frame. It might last a bit longer, but that doesn't help you.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Right. So we need to stop them, or get out, or both.

DANNY: I'll take both, yeah? But how?

ROSE: You heard the Doctor. Why do you think that thing cut him off? Cos he was making sense. He was telling you to think your way out of this. Come on! For starters, we need some lights. There's got to be some sort of power somewhere.

[Control room]

ZACH: There's nothing I can do. Some Captain, stuck in here, pressing buttons.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: That's what the Doctor meant. Press the right buttons.

[Control room]

ZACH: They've gutted the generators. But the rocket's got an independent supply. If I could reroute that. Mister Jefferson?

[Drilling area]

ZACH [OC]: Open the bypass conduits. Override the safety.

JEFFERSON: Opening bypass conduits, sir.

[Control room]

ZACH: Channelling rocket feed in three, two, one. Power.

[Drilling area]

(The lights come on.)

ROSE: There we go.

[Control room]

DANNY [OC]: Let there be light!

ROSE [OC]: What about

[Drilling area]

ROSE: That strategy nine thing?

JEFFERSON: Not enough power. It needs a hundred percent.

ROSE: All right, we need a way out. Zach, Mister Jefferson, you start working on that. Toby, what about you?

TOBY: I'm not a soldier. I can't do anything.

ROSE: No, you're the archeologist. What do you know about the pit?

TOBY: Well, nothing. We can't even translate the language.

ROSE: Right.

TOBY: Hold on. Maybe.

ROSE: What is it?

TOBY: Since that thing was inside my head, it's like the letters made more sense.

ROSE: Well, get to work. Anything you can translate, just anything. As for you, Danny boy. You're in charge of the Ood. Any way of stopping them?

DANNY: Well, I don't know.

ROSE: Then find out. The sooner we get control of the Base, the sooner we can get the Doctor out. Shift.

[Point Zero]

IDA: Well, we've got all this cable, we might as well use it. The drum's disconnected. We could adapt it, feed it through.

DOCTOR: And then what?

IDA: Abseil into the pit.

DOCTOR: Abseil. Right.

IDA: We're running out of air with no way back. It's the only thing we can do. Even if it's the last thing we ever achieve.

DOCTOR: I'll get back. Rose is up there.

IDA: Well, maybe the key to that is finding out what's in the pit.

DOCTOR: Well, it's half of a good plan.

IDA: What's the other half?

DOCTOR: I go down, not you.

[Drilling area]

JEFFERSON: Open junctions five, six, seven. Reroute filters sixteen to twenty four. Go.

DANNY: There's all sorts of viruses that could stop the Ood. Trouble is, we haven't got them on board.

ROSE: Well, that's handy, listing all the things we haven't got. We haven't got a swimming pool either. Or a Tesco's.

(The screen says affirmative.)

DANNY: Oh, my God. It says yes. I can do it. Hypothetically, if you flip the monitor, broadcast a flare, it can disrupt the telepathy. Brainstorm!

ROSE: What happens to the Ood?

DANNY: It'll tank them spark out.

ROSE: There we are, then. Do it!

DANNY: No, but I'd have to transmit from the central monitor. We need to go to Ood Habitation.

ROSE: That's what we'll do, then. Mister Jefferson, sir. Any way out?

JEFFERSON: Just about. There's a network of maintenance tunnels running underneath the base. We should be able to gain access from here.

ROSE: Ventilation shafts.

JEFFERSON: Yeah, I appreciate the reference, but there's no ventilation. No air, in fact, at all. They were designed for machines, not life forms.

ZACH [OC]: But

[Control room]

ZACH: I can manipulate the oxygen field from here. Create discrete pockets of atmosphere. If I control it manually, I can follow you through the network.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Right, so we go down, and you make the air follow us by hand.

[Control room]

ZACH: You wanted me pressing buttons.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Yeah, I asked for it. Okay, we need to get to Ood Habitation. Work out a route.

[Point Zero]

(The ten miles of cable is now wrapped around a drum, with one end tied around the Doctor's waist.)

IDA: That should hold it. How's it going?

DOCTOR: Fine. Should work. Doesn't feel like such a good idea now.

(He steps onto the rim of the trapdoor.)

DOCTOR: Hmm, there it is again. That itch. Go down, go down, go down, go down, go down.

IDA: The urge to jump. Do you know where it comes from, that sensation? Genetic heritage. Ever since we were primates in the trees. It's our body's way of testing us. Calculating whether or not we can reach the next branch.

DOCTOR: No, that's not it. That's too kind. It's not the urge to jump. It's deeper than that. It's the urge to fall!

(And he launches himself into the chasm.)

IDA: Doctor!

(She throws the brake on the drum.)

IDA: Are you okay?

DOCTOR: Not bad, thanks. The wall of the pit seems to be the same as the cavern, just not much of it. There's a crust about twenty feet down and then nothing. Just the pit. Okay, then. Lower me down.

IDA: Well, here we go then.

[Drilling area]

(The Ood are nearly through the door. The others have got a piece of deck plating up.)

ROSE: Danny!

DANNY: Hold on! Just conforming.

JEFFERSON: Dan, we got to go now! Come on!

DANNY: Yeah!

(He grabs an orange computer chip from the machine and runs over to the others.)

DANNY: Put that in the monitor and it's a bad time to be an Ood.

ROSE: We're coming back. Have you got that? We're coming back to this room and we're getting the Doctor out.

JEFFERSON: Okay. Danny, you go first, then you, Miss Tyler, then Toby. I'll go last in defensive position. Now, come on, quick as you can!

[Maintenance tunnel]

(Looking like an air conditioning tunnel.)

ROSE: God, it stinks. You all right?

DANNY: Yeah, I'm laughing. Which way do we go?

[Control room]

ZACH: Just go straight ahead. Keep going till I say so.

[Maintenance tunnel]

(Jefferson shuts the entrance behind him as the Ood break through door 25. The group crawl off on hands and knees.)

ROSE: Not your best angle, Danny.

DANNY: Oi, stop it.

TOBY: I don't know, it could be worse.


[Control room]

ZACH: Straight on until you find junction seven point one. Keep breathing. I'm feeding you air. I've got you.

[Maintenance tunnel]

DANNY: We're at seven point one, sir.

[Control room]

ZACH: Okay, I've got you. I'm just aerating the next section.

[Maintenance tunnel]

DANNY: Getting kind of cramped, sir. Can't you hurry up?

[Control room]

ZACH: I'm working on half power, here.

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: Stop complaining.

ROSE: Mister Jefferson says stop complaining.

DANNY: I heard.

ROSE: He heard.

TOBY: But the air's getting a bit thin.

ROSE: He's complaining now.


ROSE: (sniffs) Danny, is that you?

DANNY: I'm not exactly happy.

ZACH [OC]: I'm just moving the air.

[Control room]

ZACH: I've got to oxygenate the next section. Now, keep calm or it's going to feel worse.

[Maintenance tunnel]


DANNY: What was that?

ROSE: Mister Jefferson, what was that?

TOBY: What's that noise?

JEFFERSON: Captain, what was that?

[Control room]

ZACH: The junction in Habitation Five's been opened. It must be the Ood.

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: They're in the tunnels!

DANNY: Well, open the gate.

[Control room]

ZACH: I've got to get the air in!

DANNY [OC]: Just open it, sir.

[Maintenance tunnel]

ROSE: Where are they? Are they close?

[Control room]

ZACH: I don't know. I can't tell. I can't see them. The computer doesn't register Ood as proper life forms.

[Maintenance tunnel]

ROSE: Whose idea was that?

DANNY: Open the gate!

(The gate slides up behind Danny and they hurry through.)

[Control room]

ZACH: Danny, turn left. Immediate left.

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: The Ood, sir. can't you trap them? Cut off the air?

[Control room]

ZACH: Not without cutting off yours.

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: Danny, turn right. Go right! Go fast, Dan. They're going to catch up.

JEFFERSON: I'll maintain defensive position.

ROSE: You can't stop!

JEFFERSON: Miss Tyler, that's my job. You've got your task, now see to it.

TOBY: You heard what he said, now shift.

(Jefferson braces himself on the sides of the tunnel and starts firing as Ood come around the corner.)

DANNY: Eight point two. Open eight point two. Zach!

[Control room]

DANNY [OC]: Open eight point two!

ZACH: I've got to aerate it.

[Maintenance tunnel]

DANNY: Open it now!

[Control room]

ZACH: I'm trying.

[Maintenance tunnel]

(Danny starts thumping the gate.)

ROSE: Danny, stop it. That's not helping.

TOBY: Zach, get it open!

[Control room]

ZACH: Jefferson, I've got to open eight point two by closing eight point one. You've got to get past the junction. Now move. That's an order, now move!

(Jefferson has had to resort to his pistol, and now he is completely out of ammunition.)

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: I'm going to lose oxygen, Jefferson, I can't stop for your dramatics!

(Jefferson retreats. The gate opens.)

DANNY: That's it! Come on.

[Control room]

ZACH: Danny, turn left and head for nine point two. That's the last one. Jefferson

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: You've got to move faster. John, move!

ROSE: Mister Jefferson!

TOBY: Keep going!

(Gate 8.1 closes in front of Jefferson.)

[Control room]

JEFFERSON [OC]: Regret to inform, sir

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: I was a bit slow. Not so fast, these days.

[Control room]

ZACH: I can't open eight point one, John. Not without losing air for the others.

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: And quite right too, sir. I think I bought them a little time.

(Further along, the others hear the conversation.)

ZACH [OC]: There's nothing I can do, John.

[Control room]

ZACH: I'm sorry.

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: You've done enough, sir. Made a very good captain under the circumstances. May I ask, if you can't add oxygen to this section, can you speed up the process of its removal?

[Control room]

ZACH: I don't understand. What do you mean?

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: Well, if I might chose the manner of my departure, sir, lack of air seems more natural than, well, let's say death by Ood. I'd appreciate it, sir!

(The Ood have arrived.)

[Control room]

ZACH: God speed, Mister Jefferson.

[Maintenance tunnel]

JEFFERSON: Thank you, sir.

[Control room]

(Zach presses the necessary buttons. There is a hiss and then Jefferson's blip disappears from his diagram.)

ZACH: Report Officer John Maynard Jefferson PKD deceased

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: With honours. 43 K two point one.

DANNY: Zach, we're at the final junction, nine point two. And er, if my respects could be

[Control room]

DANNY [OC]: On record. He saved our lives.

ZACH: Noted.

[Maintenance tunnel]

ZACH [OC]: Opening nine point two.

(An Ood is waiting for them.)

ROSE: Lower nine point two! Hurry, Zach!

DANNY: Back! Back! Back!

TOBY: We can't go back! The gang point's sealed off. We're stuck.

(Rose looks up, then pushes open a floor grating as the Ood struggles with the gate.)

ROSE: Come on! Up!


(They come out near door 32.)

ROSE: Come on! Toby, come on!

[Maintenance tunnel]

(Toby's eyes are red. He gestures to the Ood to keep quiet.)

ROSE: Toby, get out of there!

(His eyes are back to normal.)

TOBY: Help me! Oh, my God. Help me!


(Ood approach along the corridor.)

ROSE: Come on.

(They pull Toby up.)

DANNY: It's this way.

[Control room]

(The Ood are nearly through door 1. Zach picks up the bolt gun.)

ZACH: Hurry it up!

[Ood Habitation]

ROSE: Get it in!

TOBY: Danny, get down.

ROSE: Transmit!

DANNY: I'm trying, I'm trying! I'm getting at it.

(Danny searches his pockets for the computer chip as the Ood come up the stairs.)

(The Ood break into the control room.)

ROSE: Danny, get that thing transmitting!

(He does. The reading falls from basic 100 to zero. All the Ood grab their heads and writhe for a few seconds before finally collapsing.)

ROSE: You did it! We did it!


ROSE: Zach, we did it. The Ood are down. Now we've got to get the Doctor.

[Control room]

ZACH: I'm on my way.


(The Doctor is still descending.)

DOCTOR: You get representations of the Horned Beast right across the universe, in the myths and legends of a million worlds. Earth, Draconia, Velconsadine, Daemos. The carving on the wall. It's the same image, over and over again. Maybe that idea came from somewhere, bleeding through. The thought at the back of every sentient mind.

IDA: Emanating from here?

DOCTOR: Could be.

IDA: But if this is the original, does that make it real? Does that make it the actual devil, though?

DOCTOR: Well, if that's what you want to believe. Maybe that's what the devil is, in the end. An idea.

(They run out of cable. The Doctor is dangling in mid-air. Mid-vacuum. Whatever.)

IDA: That's it. That's all we've got. You getting any sort of readout?

DOCTOR: Nothing. Could be miles to go, yet. Or could be thirty feet. No way of telling. I could survive thirty feet.

IDA: Oh no you don't. I'm pulling you back up.

(She reverses the drum. The Doctor stops it.)

IDA: What're you doing?

DOCTOR: You bring me back, then we're just going to sit there and run out of air. I've got to go down.

IDA: But you can't. Doctor, you can't.

DOCTOR: Call it an act of faith.

IDA: But I don't want to die on my own.

DOCTOR: I know.

(The Doctor undoes the caribiners holding the cable in place around him.)

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Doctor, are you there? Doctor, Ida, can you hear me?

ZACH: The comms. are still down. I can patch them through the central desk and boost the signal. Just give me a minute.


DOCTOR: I didn't ask. Have you got any sort of faith?

IDA: Not really. I was brought up Neo Classic Congregational, because of my mum. She was. My old mum. But no, I never believed.

DOCTOR: Neo Classics, have they got a devil?

IDA: No, not as such. Just er, the things that men do.

DOCTOR: Same thing in the end.

IDA: What about you?

DOCTOR: I believe, I believe I haven't seen everything, I don't know. It's funny, isn't it? The things you make up. The rules. If that thing had said it came from beyond the universe, I'd believe it, but before the universe? Impossible. Doesn't fit my rule. Still, that's why I keep travelling. To be proved wrong. Thank you, Ida.

IDA: Don't go!

DOCTOR: If they get back in touch, if you talk to Rose, just tell her. Tell her. Oh, she knows.

(He releases the last caribiner and falls into the blackness.)

ROSE [OC]: Doctor, are you there? Doctor, Ida, can you hear me?

[Drilling area]

ROSE: Are you there, Doctor?


IDA: He's gone.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: What do you mean, he's gone?


IDA: He fell into the pit. And I don't know how deep it is. Miles and miles and miles.

[Drilling area]

ROSE: But what do you mean, he fell?


IDA: I couldn't stop him. He said your name.

[Drilling area]

(Zach takes the microphone from Rose.)

ZACH: I'm sorry. Ida? There's no way of reaching you. No cable


ZACH [OC]: No back up. You're ten miles down.

[Drilling area]

ZACH: We can't get there.


IDA: You should see this place, Zach. It's beautiful. Well, I wanted to discover things, and here I am.

[Drilling area]

ZACH: We've got to abandon the base.


ZACH [OC]: I'm declaring this mission unsafe.

[Drilling area]

ZACH: All we can do is make sure no one ever comes here again.


IDA: But we'll never find out what it was.

[Drilling area]

ZACH: Well, maybe that's best.


IDA: Yeah.

[Drilling area] ZACH: Officer Scott


IDA: It's all right. Just go. Good luck.

[Drilling area]

ZACH: And you. Danny, Toby, close down the feed links. Get the retrotropes online, then get to the rocket and strap yourselves in. We're leaving.

ROSE: I'm not going.

ZACH: Rose, there's space for you.

ROSE: No, I'm going to wait for the Doctor. Just like he waited for me.

ZACH: I'm sorry, but he's dead.

ROSE: You don't know him. 'Cause he's not. I'm telling you, he's not. And even if he was, how could I leave him all on his own, all the way down there? No, I'm going to stay.

ZACH: Then I apologise for this. Danny, Toby? Make her secure.

(The men grab Rose.)

ROSE: No, no. No! No! No! Let me go! Get off me! I'm not leaving!

(Zach injects Rose, and she passes out.)


ZACH: I have lost too many people. I am not leaving you behind. Let's get her on board.


(An Ood twitches.)

TOBY: Did that one just move?

DANNY: It's the telepathic field. It's reasserting itself.

ZACH: Move it. Get to the rocket. Move!


(The Doctor has landed at the bottom, and his faceplate is broken. He wakes and stands up.)

DOCTOR: I'm breathing. Air cushion to support the fall. You can breath down here, Ida. Can you hear me, Ida?


(Everyone is strapped in.)

ZACH: Dislocating B clamp. C Clamp. Raising blu-nitro to maximum. Toby, how's the Negapact feed line?

TOBY: Clear. Ready to go, sir. For God's sakes, get us out of here!

(Rose starts to wake.)

DANNY: Captain, I think we're going to have a problem passenger.

ZACH: Keep an eye on her.

ROSE: Wait. We're not

DANNY: It's all right, Rose. You're safe.

ROSE: I'm not going anywhere! Get me out of this thing! Get me out!

ZACH: And lift off! Whoo!


(Ida hears the rocket engines. So does the Doctor.)

DOCTOR: A rocket.


(Rose grabs the bolt gun.)

ROSE: Take me back to the planet. Take me back!

ZACH: Or what?

ROSE: Or I'll shoot.

ZACH: Would you, though? Would you really? Is that what your Doctor would want? (Rose slumps back in her seat.)

ZACH: Sorry, but it's too late anyway. Take a look outside. We can't turn back. This is what the Doctor would have wanted. Isn't that right?

(The rocket zooms away from the black hole.)


(The Doctor shines his torchlight on wall paintings.)

DOCTOR: The history of some big battle. Man against Beast. I don't know if you're getting this, Ida. Hope so. Anyway, they defeated the Beast and imprisoned it.

(He sees two bronze urns on a pedestals. There are two painted on the wall.)

DOCTOR: Or maybe that's the key.

(He touches one urn and they both light up.)

DOCTOR: Or the gate, or the bars.

(An impossibly big horned creature wakes and looks at him. It is chained to the wall by its horns and limbs.)


DANNY: What's the joke?

TOBY: Just, we made it. We escaped. We actually did it.

ROSE: Not all of us.

ZACH: We're not out of it yet. We're still the first people in history to fly away from a black hole. Toby, read me the stats.

TOBY: Gravity funnel holding, sir. Always holding.


DOCTOR: I accept that you exist. I don't have to accept what you are, but you're physical existence, I'll give you that. I don't understand. I was expected down here. I was given a safe landing and air. You need me for something. What for? Have I got to, I don't know, beg an audience? Or is there a ritual? Some sort of incantation or summons or spell? All these things I don't believe in, are they real? Speak to me! Tell me! You won't talk. Or you can't talk. Oh, hold on, wait a minute, just let me. Oh! No. Yes! No. Think it through. You spoke before. I heard your voice. An intelligent voice. No, more than that. Brilliant. But, looking at you now, all I can see is Beast. The animal. Just the body. You're just the body, the physical form. What's happened to your mind, hmm? Where's it gone? Where's that intelligence? Oh, no.


TOBY: Stats at fifty three. Funnel stable at sixty six point five. Hull pressure constant. Smooth as we can, sir, all the way back home. Coordinates set for planet Earth.


DOCTOR: You're imprisoned, long time ago. Before the universe, after, sideways, in between, doesn't matter. The prison is perfect. It's absolute, it's eternal. Oh, yes! Open the prison, the gravity field collapses. This planet falls into the black hole! You escape, you die. Brilliant! But that's just the body. The body is trapped, that's all. The devil is an idea. In all those civilisations, just an idea. But an idea is hard to kill. An idea could escape. The mind. The mind of the great Beast. The mind can escape! Oh, but that's it! You didn't give me air, your jailers did. They set this up all those years ago! They need me alive, because if you're escaping, then I've got to stop you. If I destroy your prison, your body is destroyed. Your mind with it.

(The Doctor raises a rock to smash an urn, then drops it again.)

DOCTOR: But then you're clever enough to use this whole system against me. If I destroy this planet, I destroy the gravity field. The rocket. The rocket loses protection and falls into the black hole. I have to sacrifice Rose.


ROSE: It doesn't make sense. We escaped, but there's a thousand ways it could've killed us. It could've ripped out the air or, I don't know, burnt us, or anything. But it let us go. Why? Unless it wanted us to escape?

TOBY: Hey, Rose, do us a favour. Shut up. Almost there. We'll be beyond the reach of the black hole in forty, thirty nine


DOCTOR: So, that's the trap. Or the test, or the final judgment, I don't know. But if I kill you, I kill her. Except that implies in this big grand scheme of Gods and Devils that she's just a victim. But I've seen a lot of this universe. I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods, and out of all that, out of that whole pantheon, if I believe in one thing, just one thing, I believe in her.

(He smashes the urn.)


(The rocket starts to shake.)

DANNY: What happened? What was that?

TOBY: What's he doing? What is he doing?

ZACH: We've lost the funnel. Gravity collapse!

ROSE: What does that mean?

ZACH: We can't escape. We're headed straight for the black hole!


(The Doctor smashes the second urn.)

DOCTOR: This is your freedom. Free to die. You're going into that black hole and I'm riding with you.


ROSE: It's the planet. The planet's moving. It's falling. (Toby's face is covered in symbols.)

TOBY: I am the rage.

ROSE: It's Toby. Zach, do something.

TOBY: And the bile and the ferocity.

ROSE: Just do something!

TOBY: I am the Prince and the Fall and the enemy. I am the sin and the fear and the darkness.

DANNY: It's him! It's him! It's him!

ZACH: Stay where you are. The ship's not stable!

(Toby breathes out fire.)

ZACH: What is he? What the hell is he?

(The Beast in the pit is bursting into flames.)

TOBY: I shall never die. The thought of me is forever. In the bleeding hearts of men, in their vanity and obsession and lust

(Rose picks up the bolt gun.)

TOBY: Nothing shall ever destroy me. Nothing!

ROSE: Go to hell.

(Rose shoots out the front screen then unfastens Toby's seatbelt. He is sucked out into space, still roaring.)

ZACH: Emergency shield!

(A metal shutter seals the hole, but the rocket is still falling.)

ZACH: We've still lost the gravity funnel. We can't escape the black hole.

ROSE: But we stopped him. That's what the Doctor would've done.

ZACH: Some victory. We're going in.

(The Beast is writhing.)

DANNY: The planet's lost orbit. It's falling!

(The Ood are all awake and aware. Ida passes out from lack of oxygen. The disintegrating planet throws the Doctor back against - a blue box with a light on top.)

DANNY: The planet's gone. I'm sorry.

ZACH: Accelerate. I did my best. But hey! The first human beings to fall inside a black hole. How about that? History.

(Then all the shaking and dramatic music stops.)

ROSE: What happened?

ZACH: We're turning. We're turning around. We're turning away!

DOCTOR [OC]: Sorry about the hijack, Captain. This is the good ship Tardis.


DOCTOR: Now, first thing's first. Have you got a


DOCTOR [OC]: Rose Tyler on board?

ROSE: I'm here! It's me! Oh, my God. Where are you?

DOCTOR [OC]: I'm just towing you home. Gravity schmavity. My people practically invented black holes.


DOCTOR: Well, in fact, they did. In a couple of minutes, we'll be nice and safe. Oh, and Captain?


DOCTOR [OC]: Can we do a swap? Say, if you give me


DOCTOR: Rose Tyler, I'll give you Ida Scott? How about that?


ZACH: She's alive!

DANNY: Yes. Thank God.


DOCTOR: Yeah! Bit of oxygen starvation, but she should be all right. I couldn't save the Ood. I only had time for one trip.


DOCTOR [OC]: They went down with the planet.


DOCTOR: Ah! Entering clear space. End of the line. Mission


DOCTOR [OC]: Closed.

(A little later, Rose runs into the Tardis and hugs the Doctor.)

IDA: I don't know. I can't remember.

DANNY: Well, it looked like a box.

ZACH: What do you mean, a box?

DANNY: Well, down in the hold. A big blue box. It just appeared. I don't know.

DOCTOR [OC]: Zach? We'll be off, now. Have a good trip home.


(The Doctor is back in his suit.)

DOCTOR: And the next time you get curious about something. Oh, what's the point. You'll just go blundering in. The human race.


IDA: But Doctor, what did you find down there? That creature, what was it?


DOCTOR: I don't know. Never did decipher that writing. But that's good, Day I know everything? Might as well stop.

ROSE: What do you think it was, really?

DOCTOR: I think we beat it. That's good enough for me.

ROSE: It said I was going to die in battle.

DOCTOR: Then it lied. Right, onwards, upwards. Ida? See you again, maybe.


IDA: I hope so.


ROSE: And thanks, boys!


IDA: Hang on though, Doctor. You never really said. You two, who are you?


DOCTOR: Oh, the stuff of legend.


ZACH: This is the final report of Sanctuary Base Six. Officer Tobias Zed, deceased, with honours. 43K two point one. Also Ood 1 Alpha 1, deceased with honours. Ood 1 Alpha 2, deceased with honours.

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