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Recap of 107 "The Long Game".

100 years later.


The Doctor is crouched inside what appears to be a small cupboard. The tiny enclosure starts spinning, spinning... The Doctor leaps to his feet and frantically starts feeling the walls.

THE DOCTOR : What is it ? What's happening ?

He unexpectedly finds a door and falls through it.


The Doctor lands flat on his face on the floor. He is in a brightly coloured room, drawings on the wall, modern style chair.

LYNDA : Oh my God !

A woman of 30, Lynda, hurries over to him.

LYNDA (CONT'D) : I don't believe it ! Why'd they put you in there ? They never said you were coming !

The Doctor tries to pull himself up, very disorientated.

THE DOCTOR : But what happened ? I was...

Lynda helps him to his feet.

LYNDA : Careful now... oh !

The Doctor's legs give way and he falls flat on his face again.

LYNDA (CONT'D) : Oh ! Mind yourself ! Oh, that's the transmat. Scrambles your head, I was sick for days.

He tries to push himself up again. Lynda helps him to stand.

LYNDA (CONT'D) : You all right ?

The Doctor grunts. He finally manages to stabilise himself.

LYNDA : So ! What's your name then, sweetheart ?

THE DOCTOR (groggily) : The Doctor, I think. I was er... I don't know, what happened ? How...

He looks at her for help.

LYNDA : You got chosen.

She nods, grinning, as though this explains everything.

THE DOCTOR : Chosen for what ?

LYNDA : You're a house mate. You're in the house ! Isn't that brilliant ?!

She laughs as this truly is something to be happy about. A camp voice comes from within.

STROOD : That's not fair.

There are two other house mates, Strood and Crosbie, sitting on a purple couch in front of the TV, which has a familiar eye logo on the screen...

STROOD (CONT'D) : We've got eviction in five minutes ! I've been here for all nine weeks, I've followed the rules, I haven't had a single warning, and then he comes swanning in.

He gestures to the extremely confused Doctor, clearly rather peeved.

CROSBIE : If they keep changing the rules, I'm gonna protest, I am. You just watch me, I'm, I'm gonna paint the walls.

The Doctor looks around at the House, mouth open, brow furrowed. Completely bemused. A camera fixed to the ceiling turns slowly. Big Brother's voice rings out over the theme music.

BIG BROTHER : Would the Doctor please come to the Diary Room ?

The Doctor looks up at the ceiling trying to see where the voice is coming from, then turns around at a buzzing noise behind him. A silver door with an illuminated eye on the side awaits him. He walks over to the door, opens it and goes inside.


The Doctor finds himself in the Diary Room. He plonks himself down in the bright red chair, looking rather useless.

BIG BROTHER : You are live on channel forty-four-thousand. Please do not swear.

THE DOCTOR (raises eyebrows) : You have got to be kidding.



Rose is lying on the floor of a darkened room, in a beam of light. She is just starting to regain consciousness. She looks around, bemused, with a just-woken-up look.

ROSE (blearily) : What happened ?

A man of 25, Rodrick, is crouched beside her, observing her.

RODRICK (CONT'D) : It's all right... it's the transmat. Does your head in.

Rose looks around at her surroundings, blinking.

RODRICK (CONT'D) : Get a bit of amnesia. What's your name ?

ROSE (just about remembering) : Rose. But... where's the Doctor ?

RODRICK : Just remember, do what the Android says. Don't provoke it. The Android's word is law.

ROSE : What d'you mean, android ? Like... a robot ?

She looks around as a voice calls out.

FLOOR MANAGER : Positions, everyone ! Thank you !

RODRICK : Come on. Hurry up ! (Helps Rose to her feet). Steady, steady...

Rose hangs on to him for support.

ROSE (beginning to sound scare) : I was travelling. With the Doctor and a man called Captain Jack... ? The Doctor wouldn't just leave me...

FLOOR MANAGER : That's enough chat ! Positions ! Final call !

She is standing next to an inactive robot, which is being attended to by technicians. The robot stands on a platform around which are six podiums, the contestants milling around.

FLOOR MANAGER (CONT'D) : Good luck !

Rodrick smiles slightly in anticipation and looks at Rose.

ROSE (confused, frightened) : But I'm not supposed to be here.

RODERICK : Well, it says Rose on the podium...

Rose looks - and sure enough, her name lights up on one of the podiums. She stares.

RODERICK (CONT'D) : Come on !

He dashes off and climbs up to stand behind his podium. Slowly, confused but with a dawning revelation, Rose takes her places behind her own podium.

ROSE : Hold on... I must be going mad.

She looks round at her surroundings... the technicians and Floor Manager are still attending to the inactive Android.

ROSE : It can't be. This looks like the...

FLOOR MANAGER : Android activated !

The Android springs to life, raising her face up.

ROSE : Oh, my God. The Android. The Anne... Droid.

ANNE DROID : Welcome, to "The Weakest Link" !

Cue theme music.


A white, clinical room. Blurry faces come slowly into clarity. Robotic voices.

TRIN-E : Here we go again. We've got our work cut out for us.

ZU-ZANA : I don't know, he's sort of handsome. That's a good lantern jaw.

Jack awakens. He's lying on a chair in the 'What Not To Wear' studio, being examined by the Trin-E and Zu-Zana droids. He blinks.

TRIN-E : Lantern jaws are so last year.

JACK : Sorry... nice to meet you ladies, but where exactly am I ?

TRIN-E : We're giving you a brand-new image.

JACK : Oh, hold on, I was with the Doctor... (Realises what she said, looks at them in alarm). Why, is there something wrong with what I'm wearing ?

ZU-ZANA : It's all very twentieth century. Where did you get that denim ?

JACK : Little place in Cardiff... it was called "The Top Shop".

ZU-ZANA (gliding around him) : Oh, design classic.

TRIN-E : But we're gonna have to find you some new colours. Maybe get rid of that "Oklahoma Farm Boy" thing you've got going on...

Jack stands up and faces them, hands on hips, rather indignant but at a loss for words.

ZU-ZANA : Just stand still and let the Defabricator work its magic.

JACK : What's the Defabricator ?

They demonstrate. A beam of light hits Jack's clothing and relieves him of it. He does not seem in the least bit bothered.

JACK : Okay... Defabricator. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Am I naked in front of millions of viewers ?

TRIN-E / ZU-ZANA : Absolutely !

JACK : Ladies... (Glances down at his body, a smug smile spreading across his face)... your viewing figures just went up.


The sonic screwdriver whirrs and buzzes as the Doctor tries to open a door. Then he stops.

THE DOCTOR (to Lynda) : I can't open it.

LYNDA : It's got a deadlock seal. Ever since Big Brother Five Hundred and Four when they all walked out...?

No answer from the Doctor, who is walking swiftly to the other side of the room looking for any possible exits.

LYNDA (CONT'D) : You must remember that.

THE DOCTOR (referring to a mirror) : What about this ?

LYNDA : Oh, that's exoglass. You'd need a nuclear bomb to get through.

THE DOCTOR (scanning the edges) : Don't tempt me.

Lynda leans against the wall next to him. It's as though she wants to say something. She lowers her voice.

LYNDA : I know you're not supposed to talk about the outside world, but you must've been watching. Do people like me ? Lynda with a Y, not Linda with an I, she got forcibly evicted because she damaged the camera.

The Doctor nods, grinning in an uninterested sort of way.

LYNDA : Am I popular ?

THE DOCTOR (indifferently) : I don't remember.

LYNDA (quickly) : Oh, but does that mean I'm nothing ? Some people get this far just 'cos they're insignificant. Doesn't anybody notice me ?

He looks at her properly now, almost pityingly.

THE DOCTOR : No... you're... you're nice. You're sweet. Everybody thinks you're sweet.

He grins.

LYNDA (flattered) : Oh ! Is that right ? Is that what I am ? (Very pleased). Oh, no-one's ever told me that before. Am I sweet ? Really ?

THE DOCTOR : Yeah. Dead sweet !

LYNDA (grinning, touched) : Thank you !

The Doctor looks over to one of the so-called windows. It is solid black.

THE DOCTOR : It's just a wall, isn't there supposed to be a garden out there ?

He walks over to it. Lynda follows.

LYNDA : Don't be daft. No-one's got a garden anymore. Who's got a garden ? (Gasps). Don't tell me you've got a garden !

THE DOCTOR (examining the wall) : No, I've just got the TARDIS... (Spins around, as though hit by sudden inspiration). I remember.

LYNDA : That's the amnesia ! So what happened ? Where did they get you ?

THE DOCTOR (remembering) : We'd just left Raxacoriofallapatorius. Then we went to Kyoto, that's right. Japan in 1336, and we only just escaped...


Flashback to the Doctor, Rose and Jack laughing together in the TARDIS.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (voice-over) : We were together, we were laughing, and then... there was this light...

A bright light shines through the walls of the TARDIS. Bewildered and scared, Rose reaches out to the Doctor as she is sucked into the light...

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (voice-over) : ... this white light coming through the walls, and then...

Rose is pulled back and back into the blinding white light... end flashback.


THE DOCTOR : And then I woke up here.

LYNDA : Yeah, that's the transmat beam. That's how they pick the housemates.

THE DOCTOR : Oh, Lynda with a Y... sweet little Lynda... (Walks a few paces into the room). It's worse than that.

POV of the mirror, as though there is a camera hidden inside it.

THE DOCTOR : I'm not just a passing traveller. No stupid little transmat gets inside my ship. That beam was fifteen million times more powerful, which means... this isn't just a game. There's something else going on. (Steps closer to the camera). Well ! Here's the latest update from the Big Brother house. I'm getting out. (Looks straight into the camera). I'm gonna find my friends. And then I'm gonna find you.

He places his finger on the camera lens threateningly.


A male programmer watches these proceedings. He approaches a female programmer, who is working at a computer.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Need a word.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Hold on... let me finish this.

On her screen is the image of "The Weakest Link" studio, where Rose is.



FLOOR MANAGER : 17... 16... 15... thank you people, transmitting in 12... 11... 10...

Agitated, Rose turns to Rodrick.

ROSE : But I need to find the Doc...

RODRICK (pushing her back impatiently) : Just... shut up and play the game !

ROSE : All right then. What the hell ? I'm gonna play to win !

She smiles. Rodrick looks distractedly at her, clearly thinking she's slightly mad.

FLOOR MANAGER : 3, and cue !

ANNE DROID : Let's play "The Weakest Link" !

Music, lights.

ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Start the clock.


ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Agorax, the name of which basic food stuff is an anagram of the word "beard" ?

AGORAX : Bread.

ANNE DROID : Correct. Fitch, in the Pan Traffic Calendar, which month comes after Hoob ?

FITCH : Is it... Clavadoe ?

ANNE DROID : No, Pandoff. Rose, in maths, what is 258 minus 158 ?

ROSE : One hundred !

She looks extremely pleased with herself.

ANNE DROID : Correct. Rodrick...


ANNE DROID : Which letter of the alphabet appears in the word "dangle" but not in the word "gland" ?

RODRICK (after a second's thought) : E.

ANNE DROID : Correct ! Colleen, in social security, what D is the name of the payment given to Martian Drones ?

COLLEEN : Default.

ANNE DROID : Correct. Broff, the Great Cobalt Pyramid is built on the remains of which famous Old Earth Institute ?

BROFF : T... Touchdown.

ANNE DROID : No, Torchwood.

Rose laughs. Broff's expression is genuinely distraught.

ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Agorax, in language, all five examples of which type of letter appear in the word "facetious" ?

AGORAX : Vowels.

ANNE DROID : Correct. Fitch, in biology, which blood cells contain iron, red or white ?

FITCH : Um... white.

Rose giggles. Fitch looks as though her heart has just sunk into her shoes.

ANNE DROID : No, red. Rose, in the holovid series "Jupiter Rising", the Grexnik is married to whom ?


The show is watched by the programmers.

ROSE : How should I know ?

She laughs at the absurdity of the situation.

ANNE DROID : No, the correct answer is Lord Drayvole.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Why's she laughing ?

ANNE DROID : Rodrick, in maths, what is nine squared ?

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Oh, my God... I don't think she knows...

MALE PROGRAMMER (leaning over her shoulder) : And I've got a housemate to appear out of nowhere. I told you, it's like the game's running itself.


Jack stands admiring himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles in the mirror. He's wearing black leather trousers and a white vest.

TRIN-E : It's the buccaneer look. Little dash of pirate and just a tweak of President Schwarzenegger.

JACK : Nah, not sure about the vest. What about a little bit of colour to lift it ?

ZU-ZANA : Absolutely not. Never wear black with colour. It makes the colour look cheap and the black look boring. Now, let's talk jackets.

JACK : I kinda like the first one...

ZU-ZANA : No, that's a bit too much Hell's Angel. I think I like the shorter one.

Jack shrugs into it in front of the mirror.

ZU-ZANA : Look, waist length, nice and slimming, shows off the bum.

She pats his bum. Jack turns to her.

JACK : Works for me.

TRIN-E : Once we've got an outfit, we can look at the face. Ever thought about cosmetic surgery ?

JACK : Well, I've considered it, yeah. A little lift around the eyes... tighten up the jaw line... what do you think ?

He places his hands on Zu-Zana's plastic breasts flirtatiously.

TRIN-E : Oh, let's have a bit more ambition... (Takes a cap off her forearm revealing a chainsaw underneath). Let's do something... cutting edge.


ANNE DROID : So, Rose. What do you actually do ?

ROSE (light-hearted, even relaxed) : I just travel about a bit. Bit of a... tourist, I suppose.

Rodrick, holding up a card saying 'Fitch', glances sideways at her.

ANNE DROID : Another way of saying "unemployed".

ROSE : No.

ANNE DROID : Have you got a job ?

ROSE : Well... not really, no, but...

ANNE DROID : Then you are unemployed ! And yet, you've still got enough money to buy peroxide. Why Fitch ?

ROSE (completely wrong-footed) : Uh... I think she got a few of the questions wrong.

Fitch is staring at the ground, tears running down her cheeks.

ROSE (CONT'D) : ... that's all.

ANNE DROID : Oh, you'd know all about that.

ROSE : Well yeah, but I can't vote for myself, so it had to be Fitch...

Fitch sobs silently. Rose doesn't understand. She's disturbed, confused.

ROSE (CONT'D) (to Fitch) : I'm sorry... that's the game. That's how it works... I had to vote for someone.

Fitch ignores her and addresses the Anne Droid. She's terrified.

FITCH (desperately) : Let me try again, it was the lights and everything, I couldn't think.

ANNE DROID : In fact, with three answers wrong, Broff was the weakest link in that round, but, it's votes that count.

FITCH (begging) : I'm sorry. Oh, please... oh God, help me !

She looks wildly around at her fellow contestants, pleading for help they can't give. Rose looks at her, still completely in the dark. Rodrick looks away. Broff sobs silently into the board he is holding up. Rose glances back at the Anne Droid.

ANNE DROID : Fitch, you are the weakest link. Goodbye !

The Anne Droid's mouth opens, and a gun protrudes from it. Without a moments hesitation, it fires, a thick and fast bolt of yellow/gold light. Hits Fitch - and she is gone. The gun retreats back into the Anne Droid's mouth. Rose looks back, having hidden her face, to see only smoke billowing where Fitch once stood.

FLOOR MANAGER : And we've gone to the adverts. Back in three minutes...

ROSE (to Rodrick, gesturing the smoke) : Wassat ? What's just happened ?

RODRICK (wiping his board clean) : She was the weakest link. She gets disintegrated.

Rose is uncomprehending. She makes a small noise at the back of her throat. Rodrick rolls his eyes.

RODRICK (CONT'D) (with the air of addressing a dimwit) : Blasted into atoms.

ROSE (stunned) : But I voted for her. Oh, my God. This is sick.

Her words ring around the silent studio. The contestants glance at her.

ROSE (CONT'D) : All of ya, you're just sick ! I'm not playing this..;

BROFF : I'm not playing ! (Whimpers, terrified, crying). I... I can't do it.

The Anne Droid turns to him slowly. Broff leaps off his podium and tries to run for it.

BROFF : I'm not... please, somebody let me...

ANNE DROID : You are the weakest link.

She fires. Broff disappears in mid-run.

ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Goodbye.

And the gun retreats back into her mouth. Rose is staring, mouth open, shocked and absolutely disgusted. Rodrick shuffles, uncomfortable. The Anne Droid turns back to the remaining contestants.

RODRICK (to Rose) : Don't try to escape. It's play... or die.


Lynda, Strood and Crosbie are gathered on the sofa in front of the TV.

LYNDA : Doctor, they said all the housemates must gather on the sofa. You've got to.

THE DOCTOR : Busy getting out, thanks.

He is standing at one of the doors, whirring away with his sonic screwdriver.

LYNDA : But if you don't obey, then all the housemates get punished.

He grudgingly accepts this, and joins them on the sofa, clicking off his sonic screwdriver.

THE DOCTOR : Well maybe I'll be voted out, then.

STROOD : How stupid are you ? You've only just joined, you're not eligible.

LYNDA : Don't try anything clever or we all get it in the neck.

BIG BROTHER : Big Brother House, this is Davina Droid.

Lynda, Strood and Crosbie all grab each others hands, Crosbie hanging onto the Doctors, who rolls his eyes.

BIG BROTHER (CONT'D) : Crobsie, Lynda and Strood, you have all been nominated for eviction.

The three housemates all look extremely tense.

BIG BROTHER (CONT'D) : And the eighth person to be evicted from the Big Brother House is...

Long, tense pause in which the Doctor looks bored and keeps rolling his eyes.

BIG BROTHER (CONT'D) : ... Crosbie !

Crobsie gasps. Strood and Lynda are immediately all over her.

LYNDA : I'm sorry ! Oh, I'm sorry ! Sorry !

STROOD (an arm around her) : Oh, it should've been me, that's not fair... oh, Crosbie love...

The Doctor relaxes back in the chair with his hands behind his head.

BIG BROTHER : Crosbie, you have ten seconds to make your farewells, and then we're gonna get you !

Crosbie, Lynda and Strood all leap to their feet. The Doctor doesn't bother. They rush to the door. The Doctor shakes his head.

LYNDA : I won't forget you.

CROSBIE : I'm sorry I stole your soap.

LYNDA : Oh, I don't mind, honestly.

She hugs her.

STROOD : Thanks for the food, you're a smashing cook. (Kisses her cheek and hugs her). Bless you.

The doors slide open, revealing a small, narrow, gleaming white room beyond, ending in a door.

BIG BROTHER : Crosbie, please leave the Big Brother House.

Crosbie stares into the room apprehensively.

CROSBIE (scared, looking at each of them) : Bye, then... bye Lynda...

LYNDA : Bye...

Lynda and Strood catch each others eye and make an archway with their arms. Crosbie walks underneath. The Doctor looks at them in in disbelief over the back of the sofa. Lynda and Strood wave to Crosbie who waves back until the doors slide close.

LYNDA (CONT'D) (close to tears) : I don't believe it. Poor Crosbie...

THE DOCTOR (from the sofa) : It's only a game show, she'll make a fortune on the outside ! Sell her story, release a record, fitness video, all of that... she'll be laughing !

LYNDA (staring at him) : What d'you mean, "on the outside" ?

Crosbie stands in the middle of the white room, trembling.

STROOD : Here we go...

Lynda and Strood dash back to the sofa and perch on the edge nervously. The Doctor sighs and relaxes back again. There are a few tense moments while Crosbie stands in the room, waiting, and Lynda and Strood watch her anxiously.

THE DOCTOR : Well, what are they waiting for ? Why don't they just let her go ?

LYNDA (tearful) : Stop it, it's not funny.

She turns back to the TV. The Doctor completely uncomprehending.

BIG BROTHER : Eviction in... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1 !

And with the same bolt of light that the Anne Droid used on Fitch, Crosbie is disintegrated. The tension is released and Lynda and Strood stare at the screen, distraught. The Doctor sits up, staring at the screen.

THE DOCTOR : What was that ?

STROOD : Disintegrator beam.

The Doctor looks at them, not fully understanding. They look back at him.

LYNDA : She's been evicted. (Pause). From life.

Cut to the Big Brother logo, stars swirling innocently behind it.


MALE PROGRAMMER : No one programmed the transmat, no one selected the new contestants... it is exactly like those stories.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Oh, don't start that again. I think you need to take a session off.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Well, I would. If you'd take it with me.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : And don't start that again either.

The Male Programmer smiles at that.

MALE PROGRAMMER : But the rumours go back decades. Saying that something's been... hidden up here. Underneath the transmissions.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER (glancing at him) : But the Controller would know. She watches everything.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Maybe she just can't see it. Gotta allow for human error.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Well, that's your problem, then. (Leans closer, whispers in his ear). I don't think she's been human for years.

They smile and then look to the other end of the room, where the Controller is wired up to the computers. She is deathly white and muttering under her breath, monitoring and controlling all the transmissions.

CONTROLLER : 18... 19... 20... 21... 22... 23... transmit.


The Doctor paces around the Big Brother house, laying into Lynda and Strood who are still sat on the sofa.

THE DOCTOR : Are you insane ? You just step right into the disintegrator ? Is it that important, getting your face on the telly ? Is it worth dying for ?

LYNDA (standing) : You're talking like we've got a choice !

THE DOCTOR : But I thought you had to apply !

STROOD : Don't be so stupid. That's how they played it centuries back.

LYNDA (frustrated) : You get chosen whether you like it or not ! Everyone on Earth is a potential contestant. The transmat beam picks you out at random. And it's non-stop. There are sixty Big Brother houses running all at once.

THE DOCTOR (shocked) : How many ? Sixty ?

STROOD (dejectedly) : They've had to cut back. It's not what it was.

THE DOCTOR : It's a charnel house ! What about the winners ? What to they get ?

LYNDA : They get to live.

THE DOCTOR : Is that it ?!

LYNDA : Well, isn't that enough ?!

The Doctor stares at her for a few seconds, then strides across the room.

THE DOCTOR : Rose is out there. She got caught in the transmat. She's a contestant. Time I got out.

Camera POV - zooms in on him.

THE DOCTOR : That other contestant, Lynda with an I, she was forcibly evicted for what ?

LYNDA : Damaged property...

THE DOCTOR : What, like this ?

And he points his sonic screwdriver directly at the camera, destroying it.


Jack is now dressed up in tennis garb, and is swishing a racket around in front of the mirror.

JACK (stopping) : No. I'm just not getting this. It just too safe, too decent. And you'd never keep it clean.

ZU-ZANA : Stage Two ready and waiting !

JACK : Bring it on, girls !

He stands in front of the Defabrictor so it can defabricate him. He stands naked in front of them once more.

TRIN-E : And now it's time for the face-off !

JACK (enthusiastically) : What does that mean ? Do I get to compete with someone else ?

TRIN-E : No, like I said, face... off !

And she holds up her arms, one with needles on the end of each of her fingers, and the other a chain saw. Jack stares at it, not scared but mildly surprised.

ZU-ZANA : I think you'd look good with a dog's head.

And she snips the enormous scissors that have replaced her forearm.

TRIN-E : Or maybe no head at all. That would be so outrageous.

ZU-ZANA : And we could stitch your legs to the middle of your chest.

Jack raises an eyebrow, not remotely perturbed.

TRIN-E : Nothing is too extreme. It's to die for.

JACK (warningly) : Now, hold on, ladies. I don't want to have to shoot either one of you.

TRIN-E : But you're unarmed !

ZU-ZANA : You're naked !

Jack reaches behind him and produces a small gun. He points it at them.

ZU-ZANA (CONT'D) : But... that's a Compact Laser Deluxe !

TRIN-E : Where were you hiding that ?

JACK : You really don't wanna know.

TRIN-E (moving towards him) : Give me that accessory...

But Jack's ready, he fires and blows her head off. And then does the same to Zu-Zana.


ANNE DROID : You are the weakest link. Goodbye !

Rodrick averts his eyes, and with a blast of the gun, Colleen is gone.

FLOOR MANAGER : Going to the break ! Two minutes on the clock.

Rose looks tired and fed-up.

FLOOR MANAGER (CONT'D) : Just a reminder, we've got solar flare activity coming up in ten.

Rodrick is wiping his board clean. Rose turns to him.

ROSE : Colleen was clever, she banked all our money. Why'd you vote for her ?

RODRICK : 'Cos I want to keep you in ! You're stupid ! You don't even know the Princess Vossaheen's surname. When it comes to the final, I want to be up against you. So that you get disintegrated, and I get a stack-load of credits. Courtesy of the Bad Wolf Corporation...

ROSE : What d'you mean ? Who's Bad Wolf ?

Rodrick turns to her as if he can't believe she doesn't know this.

RODRICK : They're in charge. They run the Game Station.

ROSE : Why are they called Bad Wolf ?

RODRICK : I dunno, it's just a name. It's like an Old Earth... nursery rhyme sort of thing... What does it matter ?

ROSE (pensively) : I keep hearing those words everywhere we go. Bad Wolf.



GWYNETH : The things you've seen... the darkness... the big bad wolf...


TANNOY VOICE : Attention all personnel, Bad Wolf One descending.


THE DOCTOR : Blaidd Drwg...

ROSE : What's it mean ?

THE DOCTOR : Bad Wolf.


"Bad Wolf" graffiti'd on the side of the TARDIS.


The Face of Boe on the Bad Wolf channel. End Flashback.


ROSE (haunted) : Different times... different places like it's written all over the universe...

RODRICK (impatiently) : What're you going on about ?

ROSE : If the Bad Wolf is in charge of this quiz, then... maybe I'm not here by mistake. Someone's been planning this...


The Big Brother logo on the screen.

BIG BROTHER : The Doctor, you've broken the House Rules.

The Doctor, Lynda and Strood are sat on the sofa.

BIG BROTHER (CONT'D) : Big Brother has no choice but to evict you.

The Doctor raises his hand in triumph.

BIG BROTHER (CONT'D) : You have ten seconds to make your farewells, and then we're gonna get you !

THE DOCTOR (leaping up and running to the door) : That's more like it ! Come on then, open up !

LYNDA (rushing after him) : You're mad ! It's like you want to die !

STROOD :I reckon he's a plant ! He was only brought in to stir things up !

The door slides open. The Doctor dashes through into the white room beyond.

BIG BROTHER : The Doctor, please leave the Big Brother house.

Strood rushes back to the sofa and leaps over the back to watch on the screen, but Lynda stays at the doorway and slides sideways with the door anxiously as it closes, keeping him in vision for as long as possible. When the door is shut, she turns to the TV.

THE DOCTOR : Come on then, disintegrate me ! Come on, what're you waiting for ?

He looks impatiently and expectantly up at the disintegrator.

LYNDA : He is, he's mad. He's bonkers.


The programmers watch the Doctor on the screen.

THE DOCTOR : Disintegrate me !

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : I told you to keep an eye on him, not kill him.

MALE PROGRAMMER : He damaged the property. It's an automatic process.


The Doctor folds his arms and looks up the disintegrator, waiting, grinning.

BIG BROTHER : Eviction in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


Lynda screws up her eyes, but nothing happens. The sound of the power failing.


Lynda opens her eyes in surprise.


THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : I knew it ! You see ? Someone brought me into this game. If they'd wanted me dead, they could've transmatted me into a volcano.


FEMALE PROGRAMMER : What did you do ?


THE DOCTOR : They want me alive...

MALE PROGRAMMER : It's like... some sort of override.

THE DOCTOR (at the door) : Maybe the security isn't as tight this end. (Looks mockingly up at the camera). Are you following this ? I'm getting out !


The Doctor points his sonic screwdriver at the lock at the door swings open. Then, the door leading back into the House also opens. Lynda pops her head through and the Doctor looks back at her.

THE DOCTOR : Come with me.

Lynda looks at Strood who is kneeling on the sofa.

STROOD : We're not allowed !

THE DOCTOR : Stay in there, you've got a fifty-fifty chance of disintegration. Stay with me, I promise I'll get you out alive. Come on !

LYNDA (nervous) : No... I can't, I can't...

THE DOCTOR : Lynda, you're sweet. From what I've seen of your world, d'you think anyone votes for sweet ?

Lynda sees the logic in this. The Doctor holds out his hand and after a moments hesitation, she grabs it and off they go.


After going through the door, they find themselves on Floor 56 of Satellite Five.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (looking around, surprised) : Hold on... I've been here before. This is Satellite Five !


A shot of Satellite Five from space, looking as it did in 107 "The Long Game".


The Doctor opens the door to the side room with his sonic screwdriver and they step through it. He whirrs on a control panel.

THE DOCTOR : No guards. That makes a change. You'd think a big business like Satellite Five would be armed to the teeth.

They leave the room again. The Doctor tests the walls with his sonic screwdriver.

LYNDA : No one's called it Satellite Five in ages. It's the Game Station now. Hasn't been Satellite Five in about a hundred years.

THE DOCTOR (checking his watch) : A hundred years exactly. It's the year two zero-zero/one zero-zero. I was here before. Floor 139. Satellite was broadcasting news channels back then... had a bit of trouble upstairs. Nothing too serious. Easy, gave 'em a hand, home in time for tea.

LYNDA (smiling skeptically) : A hundred years ago ?

The Doctor places his hand on a touch-sensitive pad to open a door, with no luck.

LYNDA (CONT'D) : What, you were here a hundred years ago ?

The Doctor whirrs around the edges of the door with his sonic screwdriver.


LYNDA : You're looking good on it...

THE DOCTOR (turns to her) : I moisturise.

He looks at the sonic screwdriver.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Funny sorts of readings. All kinds of energy... the place is humming. It's weird. This goes way beyond normal transmissions. What would they need all that power for ?

He tries another door.

LYNDA : I dunno. I think we're the first ever contestants to get outside.

THE DOCTOR (scanning the door) : I had two friends travelling with me. They must've got caught in the same transmat. Where would they be ?

LYNDA : I dunno. They could've been allocated anywhere. There's a hundred different games.

THE DOCTOR (giving her his full attention) : Like what ?

LYNDA : Well, there's ten floors of "Big Brother". There's a different House behind each of those doors. And then beyond that, there's all sorts of shows. It's non-stop. There's um... "Call My Bluff"... with real guns... "Countdown", where you've got thirty seconds to stop the bomb going off... "Ground Force", which is a nasty one... you get turned into compost. Erm... "Wipeout", speaks for itself... oh ! And "Stars In Their Eyes". Literally, stars in their eyes. If you don't sing, you get blinded.

THE DOCTOR : And you watch this stuff ?

LYNDA (shrugs) : Everyone does. How come you don't ?

THE DOCTOR : Never paid for my license.

LYNDA (shocked) : Oh, my God ! You get executed for that !

THE DOCTOR (holding up his sonic screwdriver) : Let them try.

LYNDA : You keep saying things that don't make sense. But who are you though, Doctor ? Really ?

THE DOCTOR : Doesn't matter.

And he walks away to try the next door.

LYNDA : Well, it does to me... I've just put my life in your hands.

THE DOCTOR (examining the lock) : I'm just a traveller, wandering past. Believe it or not, all I'm after is a quiet life.

LYNDA : So... if we get out of here, what're you gonna do ? Just... wander off again ?

THE DOCTOR : Fast as I can.

LYNDA (tentatively) : So... I could come with ya.

She smiles, waiting for an answer. He looks away from the lock and studies her properly.

THE DOCTOR : Maybe you could.

LYNDA (brightly) : I wouldn't get in the way.

THE DOCTOR (smiling) : I wouldn't mind if you did. Not a bad idea, Lynda with a Y.

Lynda smiles cheerily.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (briskly) : But first of all, we've gotta concentrate on the getting out. (Scans the edges of a door). And to do that, you've got to know your enemy, who's controlling it, who's in charge of the satellite now ?

LYNDA : Hold on...

She runs to the opposite end of the room and pulls down a lever, which illuminates huge letters on the wall. They say "Bad Wolf Corporation".

LYNDA (CONT'D) : Your Lords and Masters.

The Doctor gazes up at the letters in wonder and confusion.


Satellite Five revolves slowly.


Several people on Floor 500 are busy working at their screens.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Okay, you win. The Controller's got to handle this. The Archive makes a record of all transmat activities.

The Male and Female Programmers are working on the same screen, which is showing footage of the Doctor and Lynda on Floor 56.

MALE PROGRAMMER (CONT'D) : Find out how they got on board... Archive Six.

He takes off his headphones and strides slowly across the floor to address the Controller.

MALE PROGRAMMER (CONT'D) : Controller... we have a problem.

CONTROLLER : Continue working.

MALE PROGRAMMER : We have a security problem.

CONTROLLER : Continue working. 6... 5...

MALE PROGRAMMER : I'm sorry, but I can't. We have contestants outside of the games. But the alarms haven't gone off.

CONTROLLER : No security. The games continue.

MALE PROGRAMMER (smiling confusedly) : But we can't just let them wander...

CONTROLLER : They are no one.

The Male Programmer stares at her, brow furrowed.

MALE PROGRAMMER : They are no one.

The Female Programmer places a hand on the touch sensitive lock to open the door to the Archive. The Controller gasps with pain.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Erm... sorry. I was just, um...

CONTROLLER : Archive Six is out of bounds.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : But I need to check the transmat log.

CONTROLLER (slightly crazed) : Archive Six is out of bounds. No one may enter Archive Six. Return to work. (Lapses back into herself, muttering numbers under her breath). Return to work. Inform all staff, solar flares in delta point seven. 19... 20...


The Satellite revolves peacefully.


Jack is attaching his Compact Laser Deluxe to the Defabricator.

JACK (to himself) : Compatible systems... just align the wave signature... (Laughs). Thattaboy ! Got myself a gun. (Picks up the Defabricator and glances at the dead Droids). Well, ladies, the pleasure was all mine. Which is the only thing that matters in the end.

And off he goes, leaving the smouldering bodies of Trin-E and Zu-Zana.


Jack runs out onto Floor 299, and places his hand on a pad to open the door to the lift. He consults his wrist device.

JACK : Two hearts, that's him... which floor ?

He impatiently presses a few buttons on the lift and the doors close.


The Doctor and Lynda emerge onto an observation deck.

LYNDA : Blimey ! I've never seen it for real before ! Not... not from orbit. Planet Earth...

They stand before the window, observing the Earth. The whole planet is grey and ugly, a few patches of light here and there.

THE DOCTOR (surprised) : What's happened to it ?

LYNDA : Well, it's always been like that. Ever since I was born. See that there ? (Points). That's the Great Atlantic Smog Storm. It's been going twenty years. We get newsflashes telling us when it's safe to breathe outside.

THE DOCTOR : So, the population just sits there ? Half the world's too fat, half the world's too thin, and you lot just watch telly ?

LYNDA (bright-eyed) : Ten thousand channels, all beaming down from here.

THE DOCTOR : The Human Race. Brainless sheep. Being fed on a diet of... mind you, have they still got that programme where three people have to live with a bear ?

LYNDA (delighted) : Oh, "Bear With Me", I love that one !

THE DOCTOR : And me. The celebrity edition where the bear got in the...

LYNDA : Got in the bath !

THE DOCTOR (suddenly serious) : But it's all gone wrong. I mean, history's gone wrong. Again. This should be the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. I don't understand. Last time I was here, I put it right.

LYNDA : No, but that's when it first went wrong. A hundred years ago, like you said. All the news channels - they just shut down overnight.

THE DOCTOR : But that was me. I did that.

LYNDA : There was nothing left in their place. No information. The whole planet just froze. The government, the economy, they collapsed... that was the start of it. One hundred years of hell.

THE DOCTOR : Oh, my... (Stares at the wasted planet, stunned). I made this world.


Agorax screams as the disintegrator beam shoots him until there's nothing left but dust. The gun retreats back into the Anne Droid's mouth and the light behind Agorax's name on his podium goes out.

ANNE DROID : That leaves Rose and Rodrick, you're going head-to-head... let's play "The Weakest Link".

RODRICK (to Rose, without looking at her) : Right, that's the end of tactical voting... you're on your own now.


Satellite Five, sitting in Space.

JACK (voice-over) : Hey, handsome ! Good to see ya ! Any sign of Rose ?


Jack has managed to find the Doctor, and is now standing with him and Lynda on the observation deck.

THE DOCTOR : Can't you track her down ?

JACK : She must still be inside the games. All the rooms are shielded.

THE DOCTOR (fiddling with the computer) : If we can just get inside this computer... she's got to be here somewhere.

JACK : Well, you'd better hurry up. These games don't have a happy ending.

THE DOCTOR (snaps) : You think I don't know that ?

Jack backs down and gives the Doctor his wrist-device.

JACK : There you go.

The Doctor snatches it off him.

JACK (CONT'D) : Patch that in. It's programmed to find her.

THE DOCTOR : Thanks.

JACK (to Lynda, shaking her hand) : Hey there !

LYNDA : Hello !

JACK : Captain Jack Harkness.

LYNDA : Lynda Moss.

JACK : Nice to meet you, Lynda Moss !

THE DOCTOR (not even looking up) : D'you mind flirting outside ?

JACK (indignantly) : I was just saying hello !

THE DOCTOR : For you, that's flirting.

LYNDA (to Jack) : I'm not complaining.

JACK (kissing her hand) : Which is a good idea.

LYNDA (laughing) : Oh !

The system bleeps in protest.

THE DOCTOR (angry and frustrated) : It's not compatible. This stupid system doesn't make sense.

He chucks the wrist-device to Lynda, and then wrenches the front of the computer away with Jack's help. He snatches the wrist-device from Lynda again.

THE DOCTOR (trying to patch in it) : This place should be a basic broadcaster. The systems are twice as complicated. It's more than just television... this station's transmitting something else.

JACK : Like what ?

THE DOCTOR (working frantically) : I don't know. This whole Bad Wolf thing's tied up with me. Someone's manipulating my entire life. It's some sort of trap and Rose is stuck inside it.


ANNE DROID : Rose, in geography, the Grand Central Ravine is named after which Ancient Britain City ?

The TV footage shows a scoreboard on the screen. Rodrick has one tick so far, and this is Rose's first question.

ROSE : Is it York ?

ANNE DROID : No, the correct answer is Sheffield.


The wrist-device bleeps.

THE DOCTOR : Found her ! Floor 407 !

Lynda gasps with horror.

LYNDA (frantic) : Oh, my God ! She's with the Anne Droid ! You've gotta get her out of there !


ANNE DROID : Rodrick, in literature, the author of "Lucky" was Jackie who ?

RODRICK (wild guess) : Stewart.

ANNE DROID : No, the correct answer is Collins.

A cross for Rodrick.

ANNE DROID : Rose, the oldest inhabitant of the Isop Galaxy is the Face of what ?

ROSE : Boe ! The Face of Boe !

A few second silence in which the Anne Droid and Rodrick both stare at her.

ANNE DROID : That is the correct answer.


Satellite Five.


The Doctor, Jack and Lynda are in the lift, the Doctor impatiently watching the numbers racing up.

THE DOCTOR (urgently) : Come on... come on... !


ANNE DROID : Rodrick, in history, who was the President of the Red Velvets ?

The scores are equal.

RODRICK : Hoshbin Frane.

ANNE DROID : That is the correct answer.

Rodrick is one-up. The Anne Droid turns her head sharply to Rose.

ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Rose, in food, the dish Gaffabeque originated on which planet ?

ROSE (without a clue) : Um... is it...

The Anne Droid stares at Rose. Rose stares back, at a loss.

ROSE (CONT'D) : ... Mars ?

ANNIE DROID : Nope, the correct answer is Lucifer.

Rose gets a cross. The nasty pleasure in Rodrick's eyes is evident.


Satellite Five. The lift races upwards.


The counter rises rapidly. The Doctor's eyes are on it, intense.


ANNE DROID : Rodrick, which measurement of length is said to have been defined by the Emperor Jate as the distance from his nose to his fingertip ?

Rose glances at Rodrick. He doesn't know.

RODRICK : Would that be a goffle ?

ANNE DROID : No. The correct answer is a paab.

Rodrick gets a cross.

ANNE DROID (CONT'D) : Rose, in fashion, Stella Pok Baint is famous for what ?

ROSE (taking a firm but completely random guess) : Shoes.

ANNE DROID : No. The correct answer is hats.

Rodrick is still one ahead and there's only one question left for each of them...


The Doctor, Jack and Lynda belt out of the lift onto Floor 407. The Anne Droid's voice rings out over the Floor.

ANNE DROID : Rodrick, in physics, who discovered the Fifteen-Dash-Ten Barric Fields ?

THE DOCTOR (frantically, drowning her voice out) : Game Room Six, which one is it ?!

LYNDA : Over here !


RODRICK : San... Hazeldine.



They've reached the door, the Doctor whipping out his sonic screwdriver.

ANNE DROID : ... the correct answer is San Chen.

JACK : Stand back, let me blast it open.

THE DOCTOR : Can't, it's made of Hydra Combination.

He presses his sonic screwdriver to the touch-sensitive pad.


ANNE DROID : Rose, in history, which Icelandic city hosted Murder Spree Twenty ?

Rose stares at the Anne Droid, who stares right back at her. Rodrick glances at Rose. A tense silence.

ROSE : Reykjavik... ?

Rodrick looks back the Anne Droid anxiously. There is a few seconds pause.

ANNE DROID : No, the correct answer is Pola Ventura.

Rose gets a cross. The game's finished and Rodrick is one point up. Music cue... an ecstatic smile spreads across Rodrick's face.

RODRICK : Oh, my God ! I've done it ! (Looks at Rose, without a trace of pity, even gloating). You've lost !


The sonic screwdriver whirrs.

THE DOCTOR (muttering in his desperation) : Come on, come on, come on...


ROSE (terrified) : But I'm not meant to be here. I need to find the Doctor, he's got to be here somewhere... he's always here ! He wouldn't just leave me !

ANNE DROID (ignoring her, speaking over her) : Rodrick, you are the strongest link, you will be transported home with one thousand six hundred credits.

RODRICK : Oh, thank you, thank you so much.

ROSE (strong but scared, leaning over her podium) : This game is illegal ! I'm telling you to stop !

Suddenly, the Floor Manager turns to look at a point off-set, the Doctor, Jack and Lynda barge in through the door which is just too far away...


ANNE DROID : Rose, you leave this life with nothing...

JACK : Stop this game !

THE DOCTOR : I order you to stop this game !

FLOOR MANAGER : We're live on air !

The Doctor runs across the wide expanse of floor as fast as he can. Rose begins to run towards him, pushing the podium out of the way.

ANNE DROID : You are the weakest link.

ROSE : Look out for the Anne Droid, it's armed !

She's running... The Anne Droid turns her head and her jaw hinges down, the disintegrator beams shoots out, hitting Rose squarely in the back. And with a scream, Rose is gone, mere feet away from the Doctor. Jack takes off towards the set, raging.

JACK (furious) : What the hell did you do to her ?

The Doctor crouches down to the pile of dust that was Rose. The smoke clears. There's a moment where he's absolutely in shock... the voices in the background are meaningless to him. He picks up a piece of the dust between his fingers, feeling it... he's just staring - broken, hollow.

JACK (CONT'D) (brandishes the gun at the Floor Manager and Rodrick) : Back off !

FLOOR MANAGER : I need security and I need it here right now ! It's this lot...

A security guard appears behind the Doctor.

JACK : Don't you touch him ! Leave him alone !

The security guard pulls the Doctor to his feet and places a gun to his head. The Doctor has lost the will to resist. He just lets him do it.

JACK (CONT'D) (barking at the Floor Manager while his hands are tied) : You killed her ! Your stupid freaking game show killed her.

His voice is distant to the Doctor. He's staring at the pile of ashes while his hands are tied. He looks empty. A tear is glistening in his eye.

SECURITY GUARD (distant) : Sir, I'm arresting you under Private Legislation Sixteen of the Game Station Syndicate.

And his voice fades away as the Doctor is lost inside his own head. He is as a man dead.


The Satellite hovers over Earth, the sun behind it.


The Doctor is slammed roughly against a gate as he is searched. The Doctor is completely unresisting, past caring. The sonic screwdriver is wrenched from his pocket. The Doctor is turned roughly back to face the security guard, who brandishes it in his face.

SECURITY GUARD (brusquely) : Can you tell us the purpose of this device, sir ?

No response. The Doctor isn't even looking at it.


Jack, the Doctor and Lynda are sat on a bench in a prison cell as they are interrogated.

SECURITY GUARD : Can you tell us how you got on board ?

LYNDA : Just leave him alone...

The Security Guard grabs her chin, silencing her.

SECURITY GUARD : I'm asking him.

He releases her and turns to the Doctor.

SECURITY GUARD (CONT'D) : Sir ? Can you tell us who you are ?


The Doctor is against a wall having a convict's photo taken. First from the front, the camera flashes. He turns to each side and the camera flashes twice more, the sound echoing in the silence. The Doctor is still numb, still dead.


They are back in the cell.

SECURITY GUARD : You will be taken from this place to the Lunar Penal Colony, there to be held without trial, you may not appeal against this sentence.

Neither Jack or the Doctor move or make any acknowledgment to this statement, but Lynda shifts uncomfortably.

SECURITY GUARD (CONT'D) (coldly) : Is that understood ?

No response. The Security Guard goes to the gate and opens it.

THE DOCTOR (to Jack) : Let's do it.

All three of them leap to their feet. Jack punches and kicks his way through the gate. He tosses one guard aside, the Doctor throwing another easily against the wall, knocking him out. They all grab weapons and leave. An alarm goes off.


MALE PROGRAMMER (watching the proceedings) : Oh, my God. Now we're in trouble.


Jack, Lynda and the Doctor pile into the lift.

THE DOCTOR : Floor 500.


The Male Programmer presses a button on Floor 500, causing an alarm to go off.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Clear the floor ! He's on his way up here. With a gun !

The staff all stand hurriedly.


The Doctor releases the safety catch on the huge defabricator he is now holding. His face is dark, and he means business. The lift zooms upwards...


FEMALE PROGRAMMER (exasperated, trying to get through the Controller) : This is an emergency ! You've got to close the lift !

CONTROLLER (completely ignoring her) : All staff are reminded that solar flares commence in delta point two.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Never mind solar flares ! He's gonna kill you !

And the lift doors open. All the staff turn around, and the Doctor, Jack and Lynda all stride out, armed to the teeth.

JACK : Okay ! Move away from the desk ! Nobody try anything clever. Everybody clears !

The staff scatter as the Doctor strides towards the Controller as though he has tunnel vision.

JACK : Stand to the sides. And stay there.

THE DOCTOR (brandishing his gun at the Controller) : Who's in charge of this place ?

CONTROLLER : ... 18... 19... 20...

THE DOCTOR : This Satellite's more than a Game Station.


THE DOCTOR : Who killed Rose Tyler ?

CONTROLLER : All staff are reminded that solar flares...

THE DOCTOR : I want an answer !

CONTROLLER : ... in delta point one.

MALE PROGRAMMER : She can't reply.

The Doctor abruptly swings the gun around to the staff, making them all flinch.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Don't shoot !

THE DOCTOR : Oh, don't be so thick. Like I was ever gonna shoot.

And he tosses the defabricator to the Male Programmer.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Captain, we've got more guards on the way up. Secure the exits.

JACK : Yes, sir !

THE DOCTOR (to the Male Programmer) : You, what were you saying ?

MALE PROGRAMMER : But... I've got your gun.

THE DOCTOR : Okay, so shoot me. Why can't she answer ?

MALE PROGRAMMER : She's, um... (Completely distracted by the gun he's holding). Can I put this down ?

THE DOCTOR (impatiently) : If you want, just hurry up.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Thanks. (Puts it down). Sorry. Um... the Controller is linked to the transmissions. The entire output goes through her brain - you're not a member of staff so she doesn't recognize your existence.

THE DOCTOR (looking up at her) : What's her name ?

MALE PROGRAMMER : I don't know. She was installed when she was five years old. That's the only life she's ever known.

JACK (calling over) : Door's sealed. We should be safe for about ten minutes.

THE DOCTOR : Keep an eye on 'em.

MALE PROGRAMMER : But that stuff you were saying about something going on with the Game Station, I think you're right.

Jacks device bleeps. He reads it and looks around.

MALE PROGRAMMER (CONT'D) : Unauthorized transmats... it's been going on for years.

THE DOCTOR : Show me.

Captain Jack places his hand on the door to Archive Six.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER (making him jump) : You're not allowed in there ! Archive Six is out of bounds !

JACK (holding up his two guns) : Do I look like an out-of-bounds sort of guy ?

He places his hand on the pad and the door opens.


Jack smiles - as there, in the middle of the room, stands the TARDIS. He fits the key into the lock and enters.


The TARDIS is humming away, a comforting, familiar sound. Slung casually over the handrail just inside the door is one of Rose's jackets. He pauses, placing his hand on it briefly before moving on to the console. He checks the screen and leans closer to it, clearly puzzled.

JACK : What the hell... ?


The sun rises over the Earth, also illuminating the Satellite.


CONTROLLER : Solar-flare activity at delta point zero...

FEMALE PROGRAMMER (impatiently, to the Doctor) : If you're not holding us hostage, then open the door and let us out. The staff are terrified.

THE DOCTOR : That's the same staff who execute hundreds of contestants every day...

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : That's not our fault, we're just doing our jobs.

THE DOCTOR : And with that sentence, you just lost the right to even talk to me. Now back off.

He sounds disgusted, his voice rising. Lynda flinches and the Female Programmer stares at him. One of the screens goes static and the lights flicker off, the sound of the power winding down.

MALE PROGRAMMER : That's just the solar-flares. They interfere with the broadcast signal, so this place automatically powers down. Planet Earth gets a few repeats. It's all quite normal.

CONTROLLER (quietly) : Doctor...


He hasn't heard the Controller and is still sore with the Female Programmer.

THE DOCTOR : Whatever it is, you can wait.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER (ignoring this) : I think she wants you.

The Doctor spins around to look at the Controller at the other end of the floor.

CONTROLLER : Doctor...

The Doctor hurries over to stand before her. She is still staring straight ahead with her milky eyes.

CONTROLLER (CONT'D) : Doctor... ? Where's the Doctor ?

THE DOCTOR : I'm here.

CONTROLLER : Can't see. I'm blind. So blind. All my life, blind. All I can see is numbers, but I saw you.

THE DOCTOR : What do you want ?

CONTROLLER : Solar-flares hiding me. They can't hear me... my... my masters, they always listen but they can't hear me now. The sun... the sun is so bright...

THE DOCTOR : Who are your masters ?

CONTROLLER : They wired my head, their name is forbidden. They control my thoughts, my masters... my masters, I had to be careful. They monitor the transmissions but they don't watch the programmes. I could hide you inside the games.

Everyone is listening to her intently.

THE DOCTOR (coldly) : My friend died inside your games.

CONTROLLER : Doesn't matter.

THE DOCTOR : Don't you dare tell me that.

CONTROLLER : They've been hiding. My masters, hiding in the dark space, watching and shaping the Earth... so, so, so many years... they've always been there. Guiding humanity, hundreds and hundred of years...

THE DOCTOR : Who are they ?

CONTROLLER : They wait. They plan and grow in numbers, they're strong now. So strong, my masters...

THE DOCTOR (persistently) : Who are they ?

CONTROLLER (suddenly looking at him) : But they speak of you. My masters, they fear the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR (stepping forward) : Tell me ! Who are they ?

But at that moment, the Controller gasps. The power flickers back on, and she goes back to counting.

CONTROLLER : 20... 21... 22...

THE DOCTOR (to the Male Programmer) : When's the next solar-flare ?

MALE PROGRAMMER : Two years time.

THE DOCTOR : Fat lot of good that is.

JACK (emerging from Archive Six) : Found the TARDIS !

THE DOCTOR : We're not leaving now.

JACK : No. But the TARDIS worked it out.

He shoves the Male Programmer out of his chair.

JACK (CONT'D) : You'll wanna watch this.

The Doctor turns around to watch.

JACK (indicating) : Lynda, could you stand over there for me please ?

LYNDA : I... I just wanna go home.

JACK (fixed smile) : It'll only take a second. Could you stand in that spot, quick as you can ?

Lynda complies, and stands in an empty area of floor.

JACK (CONT'D) : Everybody watching ? Okay... three, two, one...

He presses a button and a disintegrator beam shoots down from the ceiling and hits Lynda. There's nothing left but a billow of smoke.

THE DOCTOR (shocked) : But you killed her !

JACK : Oh, d'you think ?

He presses the button again, and Lynda reappears next to the Doctor, slightly dazed but completely unharmed.

LYNDA : ... What the hell was that ?

The Doctor looks to Jack for an explanation.

JACK : It's a transmat beam. Not a disintegrator. A secondary transmat system.

And the Doctor is realising what he's trying to say... his eyes light up...

JACK (CONT'D) (walking towards him) : People don't get killed in the games ! They get transported across space ! Doctor, Rose is still alive !

The Doctor laughs with ecstatic relief. They throw their arms around each other, grinning madly, so happy.


Rose is lying on the floor unconscious. After a few seconds, she begins to stir. The camera gives us a wider view, and we see that she's inside a spaceship, which is humming ominously. She sits up, sees something...

ROSE : It can't be...

A horribly familiar alien POV, gliding towards her... Rose scrambles to her feet and stumbles backwards, gasping.

ROSE (CONT'D) : But you're dead... I saw you die !

The alien backs her against a wall. She tries to edge sideways, but is stopped by a plunger shooting out.


THE DOCTOR (dashing from console to console) : She's out there somewhere !


It's causing her pain to communicate with the Doctor and betray her masters, but determined, she carries on.

CONTROLLER (CONT'D) : Co-ordinates five point six point one...

THE DOCTOR (typing them in frantically) : Don't ! The solar flare's gone, they'll hear you !

CONTROLLER (crying out with pain) : Point four three four... no my masters, no ! I defy you ! Stigma seven seven...

She screams. The Doctor looks up, and the wires she was attached to fall away, empty. There's nothing left but dust.

THE DOCTOR : They took her.


The Controller reappears on the floor of the spaceship. There are holes all over her body where the wires once entered her. She stands, her blind eyes staring forward. She's defiant, proud.

CONTROLLER : Oh, my masters...

And in the shining wall behind her, a Dalek glides towards her.

CONTROLLER (CONT'D) (gleefully) : You can kill me. For I have brought your destruction.

The sound of a ray gun. We can see right through to her skeleton as she glows negative, and then she slumps to the floor, dead.


Satellite Five, seemingly serene from the outside.


Jack is sitting at one of the computer terminals, the others gathered around him.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Look, use that. (Gives Jack a disk) : It might contain the final numbers. I kept a log of all the unscheduled transmissions.

JACK (peering up at him) : Nice... thanks... (Holds out his hand, eyeing him in an entirely un-platonic manner). Captain Jack Harkness, by the way...

MALE PROGRAMMER (shaking his hand) : I'm Davitch Pavale.

JACK (flirtatiously) : Nice to meet you, Davitch Pavale...

THE DOCTOR : There's a time and a place.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : Are you saying this entire set-up's been a disguise all along ?

THE DOCTOR : Going way back. Installing the Jagrafess a hundred years ago. Someone's been playing a long game. Controlling the Human Race from behind the scenes for generations.

JACK (handing a small device to the Doctor) : Click on this.

The Doctor takes it, points it upwards, and clicks. An image of an empty expanse of space materializes above thier heads.

JACK (CONT'D) : The transmat delivers to that point. Right on the edge of the solar system.

FEMALE PROGRAMMER : There's nothing there.

THE DOCTOR : It looks like nothing. 'Cause that's what this satellite does. Underneath the transmission, there's another signal...

MALE PROGRAMMER : Doing what ?

THE DOCTOR : Hiding whatever's out there. Hiding it from sonar, radar, scanner...

They all stare up at the blank expanse of space.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : There's something sitting right on top of Planet Earth... but it's completely invisible.

Lynda chews her lip.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : If I cancel the signal...

He presses a few buttons, and when he looks back at the screen, the expanse of space is no longer empty. Right in front of them is a spaceship, revolving slowly. The Doctor stares at it, eyes wide. We zoom out... reveal more and more...


Carry on zooming out, revealing ship after identical ship. Two hundred of them.


JACK : That's impossible. I know those ships... they were destroyed.

THE DOCTOR (hushed) : Obviously, they survived.

LYNDA : Who did ? Who are they ?

THE DOCTOR (fearful) : Two hundred ships. More than two thousand on board each one. That's just about half a million of them.

MALE PROGRAMMER : Half a million what ?

THE DOCTOR : Daleks.


A Dalek enters an area on the spaceship, where several others are crowded.

DALEK 2 : Alert ! Alert ! We are detected !

DALEK 1 : It is the Doctor ! He has located us !

Rose, huddled against the foot of the wall, stares around at them all, her eyes wide.

DALEK 1 : Open communications channel !

Dalek 2 swivels around to face Rose.

DALEK 2 : The female will stand. Stand !

Rose stands. The Dalek looks up and an image materializes in mid-air : the Doctor, Jack, Lynda, the Male Programmer and the Female Programmer all staring back at Rose and the Daleks.


The Doctor is grim, looking at the three Daleks flanking Rose with distaste.

DALEK 1 : I will talk to the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR : Oh, will you ? That's nice. Hello !

He waves at them mockingly, his fake grin fading rapidly.

DALEK 1 : The Dalek Stratagem nears completion. The Fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene.

THE DOCTOR : Oh, really ? Why's that then ?

DALEK 1 : We have your associate. You will obey or she will be exterminated.

Rose, shaking, looks up at the Doctor on the screen.


As one, Jack, Lynda, the Male Programmer and the Female Programmer jerk their heads in his direction. Rose stares, mouth slightly open. What's he doing ?

DALEK 1 : (clearly not having anticipated this answer) : Explain yourself.

THE DOCTOR : I said : no.

DALEK 1 : What is the meaning of this negative ?

THE DOCTOR : It means : no.

DALEK 1 : But she will be destroyed.

THE DOCTOR (standing in his passion) : No ! 'Cos this is what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna rescue her.

Rose listens, the pride evident in her eyes. The others glance at him in awe.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (true hero, fiery) : I'm gonna save Rose Tyler from the middle of the Dalek Fleet, and then I'm gonna save the Earth, and then just to finish off, I'm gonna wipe every last stinking Dalek outta the sky !

DALEK 1 : But you have no weapons ! No defences ! No plan !

THE DOCTOR (grinning) : Yeah. And doesn't that scare you to death ? Rose ?

ROSE (eagerly) : Yes, Doctor ?

THE DOCTOR : I'm coming to get you.

He clicks the device, and the communication line closes.


DALEK 1 : The Doctor is initiating hostile action !

DALEK 2 : The Stratagem must advance. Begin the invasion of Earth !

They spin around wildly. Rose gasps but they take no notice of her, and she steps out of their way.

DALEK 3 : The Doctor will be exterminated !

DALEKS : Exterminate !

The entire ship is filled with thousands of Daleks crying "exterminate !" as one. Rose looks around in terror at the huge, insane army.


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