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  01x07 - The Long Game
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The camera is focused on television screens, all broadcasting news channels. A reporter's voice over the sound of the TARDIS materialising.

REPORTER : Solar flare activity has increased across space links 556 and all commercial flights are advised to...

The sound of the TARDIS engines drowns her voice out. The camera swings slowly around to reveal the TARDIS appearing. When it stops whirring, the Doctor and Rose step out.

THE DOCTOR : So, it's 200 000, it's a spaceship... no wait a minute, space station, and uh... go and try that gate over there. Off you go !

He leans against the TARDIS, waiting.

ROSE : 200 000 ?

THE DOCTOR : 200 000.

ROSE : 'Kay.

The Doctor grins and raises his eyebrows. Rose giggles as she opens the TARDIS door and calls inside.

ROSE (CONT'D) : Adam ? Out you come.

Adam steps out with his mouth hanging open.

ADAM (awestruck) : Oh my God.

ROSE : Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

ADAM : Where are we ?

ROSE (knowledgably) : Good question. Let's see. So, um... judging by the architecture, I'd say we're around the year 200 000.

Adam nods and mumbles, still boggling.

ROSE (CONT'D) : If you listen... engines.

The Doctor watches her, smiling.

ROSE (CONT'D) : We're on some sort of space station. Yeah. Definitely a space station. It's a bit warm in here, they could turn the heating down... Tell you what, let's try that gate. Come on !

Rose opens the gate, and the Doctor and Adam follow her into the room beyond.


They are in a room overlooking the Earth.

ROSE (CONT'D) : Here we go ! And this is...

She pauses as she looks down upon the Earth. Adam has to hold on to the railings for support as he makes his way to her side.

ROSE (CONT'D) (a little awestruck herself) : ...I'll let the Doctor describe it.

THE DOCTOR : The fourth great and bountiful human empire. And there it is. Planet Earth at it's height. Covered with mega-cities, five moons - population 96 billion. The hub of a galactic domain, stretching across a million planets, a million species - with mankind right in the middle.

Adam faints with a girlish sigh. Neither the Doctor or Rose bother to even turn around.

THE DOCTOR : He's your boyfriend.

ROSE : Not anymore.


Zoom out to reveal the entire space station, with one of the Earth's moons in the background.



A shot of the space station in orbit around the Earth, with the sun shining upon it.

THE DOCTOR (voice-over) : Come on, Adam. Open your mind.


The Doctor is walking with his arms around Adam's and Rose's shoulders.

THE DOCTOR : You're gonna like this fantastic period of history. The human race at its most intelligent - culture, art, politics. This era has got fine food, good manners...

MAN (rudely) : Out of the way !

Floor 139 suddenly springs into life around them. Food stools are set up all around them and people bustle past the trio to queue up. There is much chatter.

CHEF : One at a time...

The stall keepers take orders, and the place becomes rather busy. The Doctor looks bemused.

CHEF (CONT'D) (to a man with spiky hair) : Oi ! You, mate ! Stop pushing. Get back. I SAID, back.

Rose examines the fast food behind the cases and turns to the Doctor.

ROSE : Fine cuisine ?

THE DOCTOR (wrong-footed) : My watch must be wrong. (Checks it). No, it's fine... weird.

ROSE : That's what comes of showing off. Your history's not as good as you thought it was.

THE DOCTOR : My history's perfect.

ROSE (teasingly) : Well, obviously not...

ADAM : They're all human. What about the millions of planets ? The millions of species ? Where are they ?

THE DOCTOR : Good question. Actually, that IS a good question. (Jovially puts an arm around Adam's shoulder). Adam, me' old mate, you must be starving.

ADAM : No, I'm just a bit time sick.

THE DOCTOR : Nah, you just need a bit of grub. (To Chef) : Oi, mate, how much is a cronk burger ?

CHEF : Two credits twenty, sweetheart. Now, join the queue.

THE DOCTOR : Money. We need money. (Goes to a cash point, sonic screwdriver ready). Have to use a cash point.

Rose and Adam follow him. The Doctor holds his sonic screwdriver to the cash point and what must be some futuristic version of a credit card falls out. It looks like a metal strip. The Doctor hands it to Adam.

THE DOCTOR : There you go - pocket money. Don't spend it all on sweets.

Walks away.

ADAM (examining it bemusedly) : How does it work ?

THE DOCTOR (turning back) : Go and find out ! Stop nagging me ! The thing is, Adam, time travel's like visiting Paris. You can't just read the guide book, you've got to throw yourself in. Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, get charged double and end up kissing complete strangers.

Rose laughs. Adam just stares at him, brow furrowed.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : ...or is that just me ? Stop asking questions, go on, do it !

He shoos him away. Adam turns and walks into the crowd. Rose makes to follow him.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) (to Rose) : Off you go then ! Your first date.

ROSE : You're going to get a smack, you are.

The Doctor grins. When she is gone, his grin fades into a more thoughtful look. He stops two women named Suki and Cathica who walk past chatting.

THE DOCTOR : Erm... this is gonna sound daft, but can you tell me where I am ?

CATHICA (indicating a huge sign on the wall) : Floor 139... could they write it any bigger ?

THE DOCTOR : Floor 139 of what ?

CATHICA : Must've been a hell of a party.

SUKI : Oh, you're on Satellite Five.

THE DOCTOR : What's Satellite Five.

CATHICA : Come on, how could you get on board without knowing where you are ?

THE DOCTOR (pleasantly) : Look at me, I'm stupid.

SUKI : Hang on, wait a minute, are you a test ? Some sort of management test kind of thing ?

THE DOCTOR : You've got me. Well done. You're too clever for me.

Shows them psychic paper.

SUKI : We were warned about this in basic training. All workers have to be versed in company promotion.

CATHICA : Right. Fire away, ask your questions. If it gets me to Floor 500 I'll do anything.

THE DOCTOR : Why, what happens on Floor 500 ?

CATHICA (as though stating the obvious) : The walls are made of gold. And you should know... Mr. Management. So... this is what we do.

She walks away and leads him to the screens. Suki smiles at him nervously.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : Latest news... sandstorms on the new Venus archipelago. Two hundred dead. Glasgow water riots into their third day... spacelane 37 closed by sunspot activity. And over on the Bad Wolf channel, the Face of Boe has just announced he's pregnant.

THE DOCTOR : I get it. You broadcast the news.

CATHICA : We ARE the news.

Suki smiles at the Doctor again. He smiles back.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : We're the journalists. We write it, package it and sell it.


A camera above them zooms in as though someone is watching them. It then switches to a view on a monitor.

CATHICA : 600 channels all coming out of Satellite Five, broadcasting everywhere.

A man, the Editor, comes into view. He glances at the monitor and ponders for a moment.

THE EDITOR : Something... is wrong. Something fictional.

He bends over the shoulder of a man, who is covered in ice. He points at the monitor showing live footage of Cathica, Suki and the Doctor.

THE EDITOR : Those people.

CATHICA : Nothing happens in the whole human empire without it going though us.

THE EDITOR : Security check. Go deep.


LOUDSPEAKER : All staff are reminded that the canteen area now has self cleaning tables. Thank you !

Adam is sitting at a crowded table. Rose stands next to him, offering him a paper cup.

ROSE : Try this. It's called "zaffic", it's nice. It's like a, um, slush puppy.

ADAM : What flavour ?

ROSE : Um... (Tries it) : Sort of, beef ?

ADAM : Oh, my God...

Rose laughs. Adam shakes his head.

ADAM (CONT'D) : It's like everything's gone. Home, family, everything.

Rose looks at him concernedly. She takes her phone out of her pocket.

ROSE : This helps... the Doctor gave it a bit of a top-up. Who's back home, your mum and dad ?

ADAM : Yeah.

ROSE (offers him the phone) : Phone 'em up.

ADAM : But that's one hundred and ninety-eight thousand years ago.

ROSE : Honestly, try it. Go on !

ADAM (takes the phone) : Is there a code for planet Earth ?

ROSE : Just dial !

Adam does so.


A phone rings. No one answers. The answering machine comes on.

ANSWERING MACHINE : I'm sorry we're not in.

ADAM : It's on !

ANSWERING MACHINE : Please leave a message. Thanks, bye !

The tone sounds.

ADAM : Hi. It's... it's me.

A dog hops through the cat flap.

ADAM (CONT'D) : I've sort of gone... travelling.

The dog scurries to the phone and sniffs it, giving small whines.

ADAM (CONT'D) : I met these people... and we've gone travelling together. But, um... I'm fine... and I'll call you later. Love you. Bye.


ADAM (hangs up, gleeful) : That is just...

An alarm sounds. Everyone starts to abandon the the canteen area, but Rose and Adam don't know what to do. The Doctor is revealed through the crowd a short distance away.

THE DOCTOR : Oi ! Mutt and Jeff ! Over here !

Rose, beaming, immediately gets up and joins him. Adam pauses for a moment, holding Rose's phone. Then, seeming to reach a decision, he pockets it.


The Editor is waiting for the results of the security check.

COMPUTER : Security check cleared.

THE EDITOR : No, something's wrong. I can taste it. Tiny little shift in the information. Someone down there shouldn't be here.

The camera is focused on the Doctor, Rose, Adam, Cathica and Suki, who are standing together. The Editor orders the two of the people he has working at the computers.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Double check. Triple check. Follow them.


The five of them are now joined by several others in a room, where their work takes place. There is a chair in the middle of raised octagonal platform in the middle of the room, around which the staff are sitting cross legged. In front of them are pads on which to place their hands. The Doctor, Rose and Adam stand leaning against some railings at the side of the room. Cathica is in the middle of the octagonal platform. She addresses the room.

CATHICA : Now. Everybody behave. We have a management inspection. (To the Doctor) : How do you want it ? By the book ?

THE DOCTOR : Oh, right from scratch, thanks.

Cathica turns away. The Doctor and Rose smirk at each other.

CATHICA : Ok, so, ladies, gentlemen, multisex, undecided or robot, my name is Cathica Santini Kadainy. That's Cathica with a "C", in case you want to write to Floor 500 praising me, and please... do...

The Doctor grins, giving a non-committal jerk of his head.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : Now, please feel free to ask any questions. The process of news gathering must be open, honest, and be non-biased. That's company policy.

She turns to smile at the Doctor. The Doctor nods.

SUKI : Actually... it's the law.

She also smiles at the Doctor.

CATHICA (irritated) : Yes, thank you, Suki. Okay, keep it calm... don't show off for the guests... here we go. (Lies down in the chair). And... engage safety...

The staff hold their hands out over their hand pads. Each of the eight walls light up as they do so. The Doctor, Rose and Adam look around. Cathica clicks her fingers, and a door in her forehead opens, revealing her brain. The Doctor looks mildly disgusted, Rose alarmed, and Adam leans forward slightly trying to get a better look. The staff place their hands down on the pads and close their eyes.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : And 3... 2... and spike.

From the contraption over the chair, a blue light spikes down into her brain, flowing into her.

THE DOCTOR : Compressed information, streaming into her. Reports from every city, every country, every planet, and they all get packaged inside her head. She becomes part of the software. Her brain is the computer.

ROSE : If it all goes through her, she must be a genius.

THE DOCTOR : Nah. She wouldn't remember any. There's too much, her head would blow up.

He begins to walk around the room, circling the octagonal platform. Rose follows.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : The brain's the processor. As soon as it closes, she forgets.

ROSE : So, what about all these people round the edge ?

THE DOCTOR : They've all got tiny little chips in their head, connecting them to her...

Rose kneels down next to one of them for a closer look.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : ...and they transmit 600 channels. Every single fact in the empire beams out of this place.

He completes his circuit around the room and leans against the railing again, next to Adam.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Now, that's what I call power.


COMPUTER : Analysis confirmed. Security breech.

THE EDITOR (gleefully) : I knew it. Which one ? It's someone inside that room, which one ?

The camera is going from person to person in the spike room.

COMPUTER : Isolating breech.

THE EDITOR : Come on, show me. Who is it ?

The camera focuses on Rose, Adam and the Doctor.

ROSE (to Adam) : You alright ?

ADAM : I can see her brain.


ROSE : Do you want to get out ?

ADAM : No... no. This is technology, it's... it's amazing.

THE DOCTOR : This technology's wrong.

Rose and Adam look at him.

ROSE : Trouble ?

THE DOCTOR (catches her eye) : Oh yeah.

He smiles at her. Rose smiles in a satisfied sort of way. There is a slight shuddering sound, and Suki twitches.


THE EDITOR : That's it ! (Points at the monitor, laughing in triumph). Yes ! She's the liar.

The camera is focused on Suki.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Intercept and scan. Gotcha.


Suki gasps and lifts her hands off the pad as though she has just received an electric shock. The other members of staff are forced to lift their own hands too, and the lights in the walls turn off. The compressed information stops streaming into Cathica and the door in her head closes. Suki rubs her hands, breathing heavily.

CATHICA (annoyed) : Come off it, Suki, I wasn't even halfway, what was that for ?

SUKI : Sorry, must've been a glitch...

Cathica stands up.


The Editor is still watching the monitor closely.

THE EDITOR : Her information's been tampered with. There's a second biography hidden underneath.

There is a sudden roaring sound from above. The Editor spins around and looks up at the ceiling.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Yes, sir ?

More roaring.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Absolutely, sir. Yeah, well - her data was encrypted so there's no way we could've found her sooner.

An angry roar, this time.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Yeah. I... sorry, sir. (Thumbs up). Absolutely. (Urgently, to a woman) : Get her up here. Now.


Inside the room where Suki, Cathica and the others are assembled, a loudspeaker sounds over the room and a projection springs to life on the wall.

LOUDSPEAKER : Promotion.

CATHICA (praying just a little too hard) : This is it. Come on. God, make it me. Come on, say my name.

The Doctor, Rose and Adam look at her with mild concern.

CATHICA (CONT'D) (pleading, eyes screwed shut) : Say my name, say my name...

Opens her eyes.

LOUDSPEAKER : Promotion for... Suki Macrae Cantrell.

The words flash on the projection. Suki's mouth drops open. Cathica looks gutted.

LOUDSPEAKER (CONT'D) : Please proceed to Floor 500.

Suki stands up and stares at the projection as if she cannot believe what she is seeing.

SUKI (awestruck) : I don't believe it... Floor 500...

CATHICA : How the hell did you manage that ? I'm above you !

SUKI : I don't know, I just applied on the off-chance... and they've said yes !

CATHICA : That's so not fair, I've been applying to Floor 500 for three years !

ROSE (to the Doctor) : What's Floor 500 ?

THE DOCTOR : The walls are made of gold.


The Doctor, Rose and Cathica stand by the lift to say goodbye to Suki.

SUKI : Cathica, I'm gonna miss you ! Floor 500... (To the Doctor) : Thank you !

THE DOCTOR : I didn't do anything !

SUKI : Well, you're my lucky charm !

THE DOCTOR : All right ! I'll hug anyone !

Suki giggles as the Doctor hugs her. Cathica looks stubbornly anywhere but at Suki, and Rose goes over to Adam who is sitting a short distance away.

ROSE : Come on, it's not that bad...

ADAM : What, with the... the head thing ?

ROSE : Yeah, well she's closed it now !

ADAM : Yeah but... it's everything. It freaks me out. And I just need to... if I could just... (Struggles to find the words) down. Sort of, acclimatize.

ROSE : How d'you mean ?

ADAM : Maybe... I could just go and sit on the observation deck ? Would that be all right ?

Rose nods.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Soak it in, you know, pretend I'm a citizen of the year 200 000.

ROSE : Do you want me to come with you ?

ADAM : No, no, you stick with the Doctor.

Rose nods. A pause.

ADAM (CONT'D) : You'd rather be with him.

Another awkward pause, because it's true.

ADAM (CONT'D) : It's gonna take a better man than me to get between you two. Anyway, I'll be on the deck.

He gets to his feet. Rose fumbles in her pocket.

ROSE : Here you go... take the TARDIS key. You know, just in case it gets a bit too much.

ADAM : Yeah, like it's not weird in there.

Rose gives him the key. Adam walks away, leaving Rose standing alone. He grins to himself gleefully, holding the key, rejoicing under his breath.

SUKI : Oh, my God, I've got to go, I can't keep them waiting... (Picks up her bag, rushes to the lift). I'm sorry ! (Lift pings open, she steps inside). Say goodbye to Steve for me.

The Doctor and Rose smile. The lift doors close.

SUKI (CONT'D) : Bye !

The Doctor and Rose wave cheerily. Cathica looks away sourly.

CATHICA : Good riddance.

THE DOCTOR : You're talking like you'll never see her again. She's only going upstairs.

CATHICA : We won't. Once you go to Floor 500 you never come back.

The Doctor looks at the closed lift doors, brow furrowed.


Suki stands nervously in the lift, which is zooming up to Floor 500 very fast.


The Doctor and Rose follow Cathica through the canteen area.

THE DOCTOR (to Cathica) : Have you ever been up there ?

CATHICA : No. You need a key for the lift, and you only get a key with promotion. No one gets to 500 except for the chosen few.


Suki paces agitatedly in the lift. Finally, it reaches Floor 500 and the doors open. She looks out beyond the doors, Floor 500 is covered in frost and snow, snow which is gently falling from the ceiling. Suki picks up her bag and walks out of the lift.


Suki looks around at her surroundings nervously. Behind her, the doors bleep and shut. Scared, Suki throws her weight against them, trying to open them, but to no avail. She gives up and takes a torch out of her bag. She walks cautiously onto Floor 500, holding it before her. There is a small sound from one of the side rooms. She edges into it slowly.


Suki shines her torch around - it appears to be a disused room, like the one where she works. She places a hand on the chair in the middle of the octagonal platform, and shrieks as a rotten corpse falls into view. Shining her torch around, she finds there are eight other corpses, sitting around the edges of the platform. She backs hurriedly out of the room.


Suddenly, a shaft of light falls across the floor. Having no other indication as to where she should go, Suki follows it.


Suki finds herself facing the Editor, in the place where the other deceased members of staff are working on the computers. She turns off the torch. The Editor waves, and she places it back in her bag, walking up some steps towards him.

SUKI : Who're you ?

THE EDITOR : I'm the Editor.

SUKI : What's happening ? There're... bodies out there, what's going on ?

THE EDITOR : Well, while we're asking questions, would you please confirm your name.

He snaps his fingers, and a projection of Suki appears between them, obviously recorded from the time when she was applying for her job.

PROJECTION OF SUKI : My name is Suki Macrae Cantrell. I was born 1-9-9 apostrophe 8-9 in the Independent Republic of Morocco.


Suki looks at him with something like defiance in her eyes.

PROJECTION OF SUKI : Hobbies include reading and archaeology. I'm not an expert or anything, I just like digging.


He snaps his fingers again, the recording is forwarded to a different point.

PROJECTION OF SUKI : I want to work for Satellite Five because my sister can't afford university.

The Editor shakes his head. Suki looks from him to the projection.

PROJECTION OF SUKI (CONT'D) : And the pay scheme is really good...

THE EDITOR (shouts) : Liar !

Suki stares at him defiantly.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Let's look at the facts, shall we ?

He snaps his fingers again. The projection now shows Suki in a trench, wearing army attire, firing a gun and shouting to her comrades.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Ah, hidden behind a genetic graft, but that's still you. Eva San Julienne. Last surviving member of the Freedom Fifteen! Hmm, self declared anarchist, is that right ?

Suki suddenly produces a gun and points it at the Editor. Her voice has changed - it is now harsh and cold.

SUKI : Who controls Satellite Five ?

Looking shocked, the Editor raises his hands slowly in the air. Then, he bursts out laughing and lowers them.

THE EDITOR : There's the truth !

SUKI (unfazed) : The Freedom Foundation has been monitoring Satellite Five's transmissions. We have absolute proof that the facts are being manipulated. You are lying to the people.

THE EDITOR : Ohh, I love it. Say it again.

SUKI : This whole system is corrupt. (Steps towards her, gun ready). Who do you represent ?

THE EDITOR : I'm merely a humble slave. I answer to the Editor in Chief.

SUKI : Well, who is he ? Where is he ?

THE EDITOR : He's overseeing everything. Literally everything.

Suki narrows her eyes.

THE EDITOR : If you don't mind, I'm going to have to refer this upwards.

He clicks his fingers and points upwards. The roaring voice starts again. Suki immediately points her gun at the ceiling instead.

SUKI (scared) : What is that ?

THE EDITOR : Your boss. This has always been your boss. Since the day you were born.

Suki fires ineffectually in the direction of the creature. But it bears down on her. Suki screams.


Adam enters the observation deck. He looks out over the Earth for a few seconds, then turns to a computer behind him. He places his hand on the hand pad.

ADAM : Give me access...

The computer screen springs to life. Adam snatches his hand away and pauses.

ADAM (CONT'D) : I can learn anything.

He looks around to make sure no one is watching him, then turns back to the screen. He places his hand back on the groove.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Let's try... uh, computers. From the 21st Century to the present date, give me the history of the Microprocessor.

The computer starts to stream the information into Adam. He looks amazed.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Oh my God.


Cathica enters followed by the Doctor and Rose.

CATHICA : Look, they only give us twenty minutes maintenance, can't you give it a rest ?

THE DOCTOR : But you've never been to another floor ? Not even one floor down ?

He settles himself comfortably in the chair on the platform. Rose leans on the back of it.

CATHICA : I went to floor 16 when I first arrived, that's medical, that's when I got my head done, and then I, I came straight here. Satellite Five, you work, eat and sleep on the same floor. That's it, that's all. (Eyes them). You're not management, are you.

THE DOCTOR : At last ! She's clever !

CATHICA (after a pause) : Yeah, well, whatever it is, don't involve me. I don't know anything.

THE DOCTOR : Don't you even ask ?

CATHICA : Well, why would I ?

THE DOCTOR : You're a journalist ! Why's all the crew human ?

CATHICA : What's that got to do with anything ?

THE DOCTOR : There's no aliens on board. Why ?

CATHICA : I don't know - no real reason, they're not banned or anything.

The Doctor looks around the room theatrically.

THE DOCTOR : Then where are they ?

CATHICA (stumped) : I suppose immigration's tightened up. It's had to, what, with all the threats.

THE DOCTOR : What threats ?

CATHICA (lost) : I don't know... all of them. Usual stuff. And the price of space warp doubled so that kept the visitors away...

Rose and the Doctor watch her intently.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : Oh, and the government on Traffic Five's collapsed, so that lot stopped coming, you see... just... lots of little reasons, that's all.

THE DOCTOR : Adding up to one great big fact, and you didn't even notice.

CATHICA : Doctor, I think if there was any kind of conspiracy, Satellite Five would have seen it. We see everything.

THE DOCTOR : I can see better. This society's the wrong shape. Even the technology.

CATHICA : It's cutting edge !

THE DOCTOR : It's backward ! There's a great big door in your head ! You should've chucked this out years ago.

ROSE : So, what do you think is going on ?

THE DOCTOR : It's not just this space station, it's the whole attitude. It's the way people think. The great and bountiful human empire's stunted. Something's holding it back.

CATHICA : And how would you know ?

THE DOCTOR : Trust me. Humanity's been set back about 90 years, when did Satellite Five start broadcasting ?

CATHICA : 91 years ago...

The Doctor nods. Cathica looks away thoughtfully.


Adam stands in front of the computer terminal on Rose's mobile.

ADAM : Mum, Dad, keep this message, okay ? Whatever you do, don't erase it.


The dog scuttles up to the phone again, sniffing around it.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Save it. You got that ?


Adam places his hand on the pad again. He speaks into the mobile as the information streams into him.

ADAM : The microprocessor became redundant in the year 2019, when it was replaced by a system called SMT, that's Single Molecule Transcription...

Suddenly, the information stops coming and the words 'Floor 16' appear on the screen.

ADAM (CONT'D) : No, no, no, no, no, no ! What're you doing ! Come back ! Come...

He kicks the base of the computer. He looks behind him to check no one heard, then back at the computer.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Why are you doing that ?

The words remain stubbornly on the screen.

ADAM (CONT'D) : What's Floor 16 ? What's down there ?


The lift doors open on Floor 16 and Adam steps out. The floor is lined with desks with people sitting behind them, taking to members of staff. Adam walks past them all, until he reaches the end one, where a nurse is sitting unoccupied. He approaches her.

ADAM : Sorry, um, Floor 16, that's, um... what do you cover ?

NURSE : Medical non-emergency.

ADAM : Right, wrong floor, I'm having technical difficulties, my screen keeps freezing, blocking me out.

NURSE : No, that's medical... there must be something wrong with your chip.

ADAM : Yes. Yeah, of course, yeah. (A laugh, a pause, then). I haven't got one.

NURSE (rolls her eyes) : No wonder you can't get a screen to work.

Adam nods.

NURSE (CONT'D) : What are you, a... student ?

ADAM (thinking quickly) : Yes, yeah, I'm um... (Sits opposite her). I'm on a research project from... the University of Mars.

NURSE (rolls her eyes again) : The Martian Boondocks. Typical.

ADAM : Yep.

He giggles apologetically.

NURSE : Well, you still need chipping.

ADAM : So... does that mean like... brain surgery ?

NURSE : That's an old fashioned phrase... but it's the same thing, yes.

ADAM : Oh... okay... never mind. But if I get a chip... that means I could use any computer.

NURSE : Absolutely. You'll... have to pay for it. They've stopped subsiding.

ADAM : Oh ! Right. Sorry. Wasting your time. Thanks.

He gets up and makes to leave. A few paces away he stops and puts his hand in his pocket.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Hold on... can I use this ?

He holds up the credits. The Nurse smiles.

NURSE : That'll do nicely.


Adam is sitting in what looks like a futuristic dentist's chair in some sort of operating theatre. The Nurse approaches him.

NURSE : It all comes down to two basic types. (Pushes him back into the chair, puts a strange contraption around his forehead). Type one, the head chip. Inserted into the back of the skull, one hundred credits. There's the chip... (Places the chip on her forefinger and shows it to him). Tiny. Invisible. Type two is the full info-spike.

ADAM : Oh, um... that's the... (Indicates his forehead and does sound effects to illustrate his point) ...thing.

NURSE : That's the one. It does cost ten thousand.

ADAM : Oh, well I um... I couldn't afford it, then.

NURSE : Not at all ! Turns out, you've got unlimited credit.

She takes the credit out her pocket and shows it to him.

ADAM : No, but... I couldn't have it done, I mean... that's gotta hurt, hasn't it ?

NURSE : Painless. Contractual guarantee.

ADAM (laughs nervously) : No, my mate's waiting upstairs, I can't have major surgery.

NURSE : It takes ten minutes. That sort of money buys a very fast picosurgeon.

She circles his chair in a somewhat predatory nature.

ADAM (still smiling, unsure) : No, but I... I couldn't, no, no. It's...

The Nurse leans closer to him.

NURSE : Type one, you can interface with a simple computer. Type two, you are the computer. You can transmit any piece of information from the archive of Satellite Five, which is just about the entire history of the human race. Now... (Leans in). Which one's it going to be ?


Cathica's face comes into view, looking anxious.

CATHICA : We're so gonna get in trouble.

The Doctor is scanning the side of a door with his sonic screwdriver, Rose standing behind him. Cathica goes over to him.

CATHICA (CONT'D) : You're not allowed to touch the mainframe, you're gonna get told off.

THE DOCTOR : Rose, tell her to button it.

CATHICA (urgent whisper) : You can't just vandalise the place, someone's gonna notice !

The Doctor wrenches the door open.


Up on Floor 500, the Editor is watching.

THE EDITOR : I don't understand ! We did a full security scan. That man was there when we found Suki Macrae Cantrell. There were no indications about him. And yet here he is... (Kneels by Suki's body, now hard at work at a terminal). Clearly acting outside the parameters. (Looks back at the screen). Fascinating.

He leaps to his feet as the creature in the ceiling starts talking again.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Yes, sir. Absolutely. At once. (Goes along the line of workers, speaking to each in turn). Check him. Double check him. Triple check him. Quadruple.

The creature rumbles.


The Doctor is still messing around with the mainframe.

CATHICA : This is nothing to do with me, I'm going back to work.

She begins to walk away.

THE DOCTOR : Go on then ! See ya !

Cathica stops.

CATHICA : I can't just leave you, can I !

ROSE : If you wanna be useful, get 'em to turn the heating down. It's boiling. What's wrong with this place, can't they do something about it ?

CATHICA : I don't know, we keep asking, something to do with the turbine.

THE DOCTOR (mockingly) : "Something to do with the turbine".

CATHICA : Well, I don't know !

THE DOCTOR : Exactly ! I give up on you, Cathica. Now, Rose, look at Rose.

Rose turns round, smiling.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Rose is asking the right kind of questions.

ROSE : Oh, thank you.

THE DOCTOR : Why is it so hot ?

CATHICA : One minutes you're worried about the Empire and the next it's the central heating !

THE DOCTOR : Well, never underestimate plumbing. Plumbing's very important.

He accidentally snaps a bunch of wires. Cathica looks away, exasperated.


The Editor is waiting for the results of the security scan.

COMPUTER : Security scan complete.

THE EDITOR : Well, who is he ?

COMPUTER : He is no-one.

THE EDITOR (laughs, not comprehending) : What does that mean ?

COMPUTER : He is no-one.

THE EDITOR : What, you mean he has a fake ID ?

COMPUTER : He has no identification.

THE EDITOR : But everyone's registered. We have a census for the entire Empire.

COMPUTER : He is no-one.

THE EDITOR : What, he doesn't exist ? Not anywhere ?

COMPUTER : He is no-one.

THE EDITOR : What about the blonde ?

COMPUTER : She is no-one.

THE EDITOR (incredulous) : Both of them ?! Well ! We all know what happens to non-entities. They get promoted. (To a Drone). Bring them up.

He pats her shoulder.


The Doctor has now successfully managed to hack into the mainframe. He turns the screen to Cathica

THE DOCTOR : Here we go, Satellite Five. Pipes and plumbing. Look at the layout.

He moves to stand behind her so she can see. Cathica examines the screen.

CATHICA : This is ridiculous. You've got access to the computer's core. You can look at the archive, the news, the stock exchange... and you're looking at pipes ?

She turns to him, bemused.

THE DOCTOR : But there's something wrong.

Cathica turns back to the screen.

CATHICA : I suppose...

ROSE : Why, what is it ?

CATHICA : The ventilation system. Cooling ducts, ice filters, all working flat out... channelling massive amounts of heat DOWN.

She looks upwards.

THE DOCTOR : All the way from the top.

ROSE : Floor 500.

THE DOCTOR : Something up there is generating tonnes and tonnes of heat.

ROSE : Well, I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm missing out on a party. It's all going on upstairs. Fancy a trip ?

CATHICA : You can't, you need a key.

THE DOCTOR : Keys are just codes, and I've got the codes right here. (Gestures the screen, taps a few keys). Here we go, override 215.9.

CATHICA : How come it's giving you the code ?

The Doctor looks up at a security camera.


THE DOCTOR : Someone up there likes me.

The Editor laughs to himself.


Adam runs his hand over his forehead. The Nurse is standing next to him.

NURSE : I told you it was painless. No scaring, you see ? Perfect success.

ADAM : How do I activate it ?

NURSE : It's a personal choice. Some people whistle... I know one man who triggers it with "Oh, Danny Boy".

Adam looks at her.

NURSE (CONT'D) : But you're set on default for now. That's a click of the fingers.

ADAM : So you mean, I just...

The Nurse raises her fingers, ready to click.

NURSE : Click.


The lift doors open on Floor 139, and Rose and the Doctor step into it. Cathica stops outside.

ROSE : Come on, come with us !

CATHICA : No way !

THE DOCTOR (waves) : Bye !


Well, don't mention my name. When you get in trouble, just don't involve me !

She stalks off.

THE DOCTOR (to Rose) : That's her gone. Adam's given up. Looks like it's just you and me.

ROSE : Yeah.


ROSE : Yep.

They grin at each other. The Doctor slots a card into the controls, and grabs Rose's hand as the doors close.


Adam clicks his fingers. The door in his head opens, revealing his brain. He fingers the shutters with his mouth open for a few seconds, then clicks his fingers again to close it, shaking. He flops back in his seat.

ADAM : Oh, my God. I'm gonna be sick.

He wretches. A vomit coloured ice-cube pops out of his mouth. Adam takes it between his fingers, and looks at it in confusion.

NURSE : Special offer. We installed the vomit-o-matic at the same time. Nano-termites have been placed in the lining of your throat. In the event of sickness... (Holds out a bowl). They freeze the waste.

Adam places the ice-cube into the bowl. They both peer at it. Adam looks severely shaken.


The lift reaches Floor 500. The doors open and the Doctor and Rose step out.

THE DOCTOR (looks around) : The walls are not made of gold. You should go back downstairs.

ROSE : Tough.

She strides onto Floor 500. The Doctor watches her a moment, then follows.


The Doctor and Rose find themselves in the Editor's room, where he is watching the screens.

THE EDITOR : I started without you. This is fascinating. Satellite Five contains every piece of information within the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Birth certificates, shopping habits, bank statements, but you two... you don't exist !

The Doctor and Rose look right back at him. He laughs.

THE EDITOR :l Not a trace ! No birth, no job, not the slightest kiss. How can you walk through the world and not leave a single footprint ?

Rose spots Suki sitting at one of the screens and rushes over to her immediately.

ROSE : Suki ! Suki !

She kneels next to her, but Suki does not respond.

ROSE (CONT'D) : Hello ? Can you hear me ? Suki ? (To the Editor) : What've you done to her ?

THE DOCTOR : I think she's dead.

ROSE : She's working...

THE DOCTOR : They've all got chips in their head, and the chips keep going. Like puppets.

THE EDITOR : Ohhh ! You're full of information ! But it's only fair we get information back, because apparently, you're no-one.

He laughs. The Doctor nods.

THE EDITOR : It's so rare not to know something. Who are you ?

THE DOCTOR : It doesn't matter, 'cause we're off. Nice to meet you. (To Rose) : Come on.

Two of the Drones restrain him. Rose tries to get up, but Suki's corpse grabs her arm.

THE EDITOR (persistently) : Tell me who you are !

THE DOCTOR : Since that information's keeping us alive, I'm hardly gonna say, am I ?

THE EDITOR (smiling) : Well, perhaps my Editor in Chief can convince you otherwise.

THE DOCTOR : And who's that ?

THE EDITOR : It may interest you to know that this is not the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. In fact, it's not actually human at all. It's merely a place where humans happen to live.

The creature speaks. The tone sounds angry.

THE EDITOR : Yeah, sorry. It's a place where humans are allowed to live by kind permission of my client.

He snaps his fingers and points upwards and points at the creature in the ceiling. It is revealed to be a huge, slobbering lump of an alien with a mouth full of sharp, snapping teeth.

ROSE (nervously) : What is that ?

THE DOCTOR : You mean, that thing's in charge of Satellite Five ?

THE EDITOR : That "thing", as you put it, is in charge of the human race.

The Doctor looks at him in alarm.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : For almost a hundred years, mankind has been shaped and guided, his knowledge and ambition strictly controlled by its broadcast news. Edited by my superior, your master, and humanities guiding light, the mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.

The Jagrafess roars.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : I call him Max.

The Doctor smiles sarcastically and nods.


Adam is back on Floor 139. He swiftly steps aside as he sees Cathica coming. She does not notice him. However, she looks troubled. She goes back to the computer which the Doctor hacked to find the codes. She then enters the code into the lift. The doors close.


The Doctor and Rose have both been restrained with manacles.

THE EDITOR : If we create a climate of fear... then it's easy to keep the borders closed. It's just a matter of emphasis. The right word in the right broadcast repeated often enough can destabilize an economy... invent an enemy... change a vote...

ROSE : So, all the people on Earth are like, slaves.

THE EDITOR : Well, now. There's an interesting point. Is a slave a slave if he doesn't know he's enslaved ?


THE EDITOR : Oh. I was hoping for a philosophical debate. Is that all I'm going to get ? Yes ?


The Editor laughs.

THE EDITOR : You're no fun.

THE DOCTOR : Let me out of these manacles, you'll find out how much fun I am.

THE EDITOR : Oh, he's tough, isn't he. But, come on. Isn't it a great system ? You've got to admire it, just a little bit.

ROSE : You can't hide something on this scale. Somebody must've noticed.

THE EDITOR : From time to time, someone, yes. But the computer system allows me to see inside their brain... I can see the smallest doubt, and crush it.

He grins.


Cathica steps out of the lift on Floor 500, and strides onto the floor.


Adam steps cautiously into the spike room and shuts the door behind him.


THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : And then they just carry on, living their life. Strutting about downstairs and all over the surface of the Earth like they're so individual.

The Doctor spots Cathica out of the corner of his eye. She has made it to the room, but does not reveal herself.

THE EDITOR : When of course, they're not. They're just cattle. In that respect, the Jagrafess hasn't changed a thing.

ROSE : What about you ? You're not a Jagra... uh... a...

THE DOCTOR : Jagrafess.

ROSE : Jagrafess. You're not a Jagrafess. You're human.

THE EDITOR : Yeah, well simply being human doesn't pay very well.

ROSE : But you couldn't have done this all on your own.

THE EDITOR : No ! I represent a consortium of banks. Money prefers a long-term investment. Also, the Jagrafess needed a little hand to um... install himself.

THE DOCTOR : No wonder, a creature that size.

Cathica, still hiding, spots the Jagrafess on the ceiling.

THE DOCTOR : What's his life span ?

THE EDITOR : Three thousand years.

THE DOCTOR : That's one hell of a metabolism generating all that heat. That's why Satellite Five's so hot. You pump it out of the creature, channel it downstairs - Jagrafess stays cool, stays alive. Satellite Five's one great big life support system.


Adam, now in the chair, opens his head. He calls his house number on Rose's mobile.


ADAM (through answering machine) : Me again. Don't wipe this message. It's just gonna sound like white noise, but save it because I can translate it. Okay ? Three, two, one... and spike.


The compressed information starts to flow into Adam's brain.


THE EDITOR : But THAT'S why you're so dangerous. Knowledge is power, but you remain unknown.

He gives a small laugh, then clicks his fingers. The manacles send an electric shock through the Doctor and Rose.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Who are you ?


Adam is shaking.


A blue light surrounds the telephone, and the dog is barking at it.


The Doctor grimaces in pain.

THE DOCTOR (indicating Rose) : Leave her alone. I'm the Doctor, she's Rose Tyler, we're nothing, we're just wandering.

THE EDITOR : Tell me who you are !

THE DOCTOR : I just said !

THE EDITOR : Yeah, but who do you work for ? Who sent you ? Who knows about us ? Who exactly...

He stops.


Adam shudders.


The Doctor looks at The Editor questioningly. He smiles.

THE EDITOR : Time Lord.


THE EDITOR : Oh, yes ! The last of the Time Lords in his travelling machine. Oh, with his little human girl from long ago...

He touches Rose's face gently, and she jerks her head away roughly.

THE DOCTOR : You don't know what you're talking about.

THE EDITOR : Time travel.


Adam shouts in pain.


THE DOCTOR : Someone's been telling you lies.

THE EDITOR : Young master Adam Mitchell ?

He snaps his fingers, and a projection of Adam, writhing with pain and shouting, the compressed information still flowing into him, appears in the air.

ROSE : Oh, my God, his head !

THE DOCTOR : What the hell's he done ? What the hell's he gone and done ?

Cathica listens.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : They're reading his mind. He's telling them everything !

THE EDITOR : And through him, I know everything about you. Every piece of information in his head is now mine. And you have infinite knowledge, Doctor. The Human Empire is tiny compared to what you've seen in your T-A-R-D-I-S. TARDIS.

THE DOCTOR : You'll never get your hands on it. I'll die first.

THE EDITOR : Die all you like. I don't need you. I've got the key.


The key slowly floats from Adam's pocket and dangles in front of his face.


The Doctor rounds on Rose.

THE DOCTOR : You and your boyfriends !

THE EDITOR : Today, we are the headlines. We can rewrite history. We could prevent mankind from ever developing.

THE DOCTOR : And no-one's gonna stop you. Because you've bred a human race that doesn't bother to ask questions. Stupid little slaves, believing every lie. They'll just trot right into the slaughter house if they're told it's made of gold.

He is indirectly addressing this to Cathica, who is still listening, revelation showing on her face. She seems to reach some sort of decision.


Cathica enters the broadcasting room on Floor 500. She tosses the rotten corpse off the chair, and sits down in the vacated seat herself.

CATHICA : Disengage safety.

The walls around her light up.


An alarm goes off.

THE EDITOR : What's happening ?

CATHICA : Maximum access. Override Floor 139.


The information stops flowing into Adam, and the TARDIS key falls to the floor.


CATHICA (CONT'D) : And... spike !

The information flows into her.


THE EDITOR : Someone's disengaged the safety.

He clicks his fingers - the projection shows Cathica, the compressed information flowing into her brain.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Who's that ?!

ROSE : It's Cathica !

THE DOCTOR : And she's thinking. She's using what she knows !

THE EDITOR (to Suki) : Terminate her access.

THE DOCTOR : Everything I told her about Satellite Five, the pipes, the filters, she's reversing it ! Look at that...

The icicles are beginning to melt.

THE DOCTOR : It's getting hot.

THE EDITOR : I said, terminate !

He frantically places his own hands over Suki's.

THE EDITOR : Burn her mind.

CATHICA : Oh, no you don't. You should've promoted me YEARS back.

All the screens suddenly explode with sparks, and the Drones fall lifeless to the floor. Satellite Five shudders, and alarms go off. Rose's manacles come undone.


All the workers are running and screaming.


The Editor tries to get the corpses to sit upright again.


Cathica smiles.


THE DOCTOR : She's venting the heat up here. The Jagrafess needs to stay cool and now it's sitting on top of a volcano.

The Jagrafess is roaring violently. The Doctor laughs.


Adam runs through the crowds.


THE EDITOR (in response to the Jagrafess' roars) : Yes ! Uh... I'm trying, sir but, I don't know how she did it, it's impossible. A member of staff with an idea...

The Jagrafess roars angrily. The Editor pushes Suki's body aside, and tries to operate the computer himself. Rose, free from her manacles, fumbles in the Doctor's jacket pocket for his sonic screwdriver, while the Jagrafess roars and snaps at them menacingly.

ROSE : What do I do ?

THE DOCTOR : Flick the switch !

Rose does so, and the sonic screwdriver buzzes. A small explosion goes off nearby, causing Rose to jump.


Adam pushes through the crowds. Cathica closes her eyes.


Rose uses the sonic screwdriver to free the Doctor. He says to the Editor...

THE DOCTOR : Oi, mate, wanna bank on a certainty ? Massive heat in a massive body. Massive bang !

He frees himself just as lumps of flesh start falling off the Jagrafess.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : See you in the headlines !

He runs for it. The body of the Jagrafess starts to pulsate horribly, glowing red.

THE EDITOR : Um, actually, sir, if it's all the same to you, I think I'll resign. Bye, then !

He makes to leave, but Suki grabs his ankle, tripping him over and preventing him from leaving. He tries to tug his foot away.

THE EDITOR (CONT'D) : Let go of me !


The Doctor and Rose run across Floor 500 hand in hand, avoiding the huge lumps of snow falling from the ceiling.


The Jagrafess roars in pain.

THE EDITOR (to Suki) : Let go of me ! Let go of me !


The Doctor and Rose enter - the information is still streaming into Cathica.


The Jagrafess swells horribly. The Editor shouts in terror. And then, it explodes.


The Doctor clicks his fingers and the door in Cathica's head closes. She looks up at the Doctor, who smiles down at her.


The sun rises over the planet Earth.


Everyone is recovering from the commotion. The Doctor and Cathica are sitting at a table in the canteen area, Rose leaning on the bar behind them.

THE DOCTOR : We're just gonna go. I hate tidying up. Too many questions. You'll manage.

CATHICA : You'll have to stay and explain it. No-one's gonna believe me.

THE DOCTOR : Oh, they might start believing a lot of things now. The Human Race should accelerate. All back to normal.

CATHICA (eying Adam, who is loitering by the TARDIS) : What about your friend ?

THE DOCTOR : He's not my friend.

There is something menacing in the way he stands up and marches in Adam's direction.

ROSE : Now, don't...

He ignores her. The Doctor advances on Adam.

ADAM : I'm all right now. Much better. I've got the key. (Shows him). Well, it's... I know... (Laughs nervously). It all worked out for the best, didn't it ? (Laughs nervously).

The Doctor takes the key off him, and grabs Adam, and unlocks the door of the TARDIS.

ADAM (CONT'D) : You know, it's not actually my fault, because you were in charge.

The Doctor shoves Adam inside, ignoring him completely.


The Doctor steers Adam out of the TARDIS which has materialised in his living room. Rose follows them out, shutting the doors behind her.

ADAM : It's my house ! I'm home ! Oh, my God, I'm home !

The Doctor glares at him.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Blimey. I thought you were going to chuck me out of an airlock.

THE DOCTOR : Is there something else you want to tell me ?

ADAM : No. Um... what do you mean ?

The Doctor walks over the the telephone and picks it up.

THE DOCTOR : The archive of Satellite Five. One second of that message could've changed the world.

Adam looks rather caught out. The Doctor puts down the phone, and takes out his sonic screwdriver. Adam looks as though he wants to stop him, but cannot think of anything to say, and merely points at him wordlessly while he blows up the telephone.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : That's it, then. See ya.

He walks back to the TARDIS doors.

ADAM : How do you mean, "see ya" ?

THE DOCTOR : As in "goodbye".

ADAM : But... what about me ? You can't just go, I've got my head, I've got a chip type two, my head opens.

THE DOCTOR : What, like this ?

He clicks his fingers, opening Adam's head.

ADAM (angrily) : Don't.

He clicks his fingers and it closes.

THE DOCTOR : Don't do what ?

He clicks his fingers again.

ADAM : Stop it !

Adam closes it again.

ROSE : All right now, Doctor, that's enough. Stop it.

The Doctor backs down.

ADAM (to Rose) : Thank you.

Rose clicks her fingers.

ADAM : Oi !

ROSE (sniggering) : Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Adam closes it again.

THE DOCTOR : The whole of history could've changed because of you.

ADAM : I just wanted to help.

THE DOCTOR : You were helping yourself.

ADAM : And, I'm sorry. I've said I'm sorry, and I am, I really am, but you can't just leave me like this.

THE DOCTOR : Yes I can. 'Cos if you show your head to anyone, they'll dissect you in seconds. You'll have to live a very quiet life. Keep out of trouble. Be average. Unseen. Good luck.

He opens the TARDIS door.

ADAM : But I wanna come with you !

THE DOCTOR : I only take the best. I've got Rose.

Adam's mum opens the front door, carrying bags of shopping. Adam hears her.

ADAM : Oh my God.

ADAM'S MUM : Who's that ? Jeff ? Is that you ?

ADAM : It's me, mum, don't come in, wait there a minute.

A look of surprised delight spreads across Adam's mum's face.

ADAM'S MUM : Oh, my Lord ! You never told me you were coming home !

Rose watches Adam's embarrassed face, teasingly, her tongue between her teeth.

ADAM'S MUM (CONT'D) : Hold on, I'll just take my coat off. You should've told me you were coming home. I would've got your favourite tea in.

ADAM : Rose... take me with you.

Rose, however, stares at Adam like she's never seen him before, and boards the TARDIS without a backward glance. The engines start up.

ADAM'S MUM : Hey, I'll tell... what's that noise ? Have you left the back door open ? Blimey, there's a draft.

She flings the door open just as the TARDIS disappears.

ADAM'S MUM (CONT'D) : What a surprise. Ah, let me look at you. Ah, six months.

Adam nods.

ADAM'S MUM (CONT'D) : It's like I saw you yesterday. Isn't it funny ? The time goes by like "that".

She clicks her fingers. Her draw drops.


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