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  01x06 - Dalek
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The TARDIS materialises and the Doctor and Rose step out.

ROSE : So, what is it ? What's wrong ?

THE DOCTOR : Don't know, some kind of signal drawing the TARDIS off course...

They look about themselves.

ROSE : Where are we ?

THE DOCTOR : Earth, Utah, North America. About half a mile underground.

ROSE : And... when are we ?

THE DOCTOR : 2012.

ROSE : God, that's so close, so I should be... 26.

The Doctor flicks a switch and lights flood the museum.

ROSE : Blimey ! It's a great big museum !

THE DOCTOR : An alien museum. Someone's got a hobby. They must've spent a fortune on this. Chunks of meteorite, moon dust... that's the milometer from the Roswell Spaceship.

He passes the exhibits as he names them. They notice a Slitheen arm in one case.

ROSE : That's a bit of Slitheen ! That's a Slitheen's arm, it's been stuffed.

The Doctor notices something else.

THE DOCTOR : Ah ! Look at you !

Inside the glass case he is approaching, is the head of a Cyberman. The Doctor stares through the glass at it. Rose stands behind him.

ROSE : What is it ?

THE DOCTOR : An old friend of mine... well, enemy. The stuff of nightmares reduced to an exhibit. I'm getting old.

ROSE : Is that where the signal's coming from ?

THE DOCTOR : Nah, it's stone dead. The signal's alive. Something's reaching out. (Stares intently through the glass). Calling for help.

He places the tip of his finger gently on the glass. Immediately, an alarm goes off and they are promptly surrounded by soldiers all pointing their guns at them.

ROSE : If someone's collecting aliens, that makes you Exhibit A.

The Doctor flashes the soldiers a grin.



A helicopter lands. Inside a corridor, men with guns line the walls. Henry van Statten alights from a lift with a few others - they begin to walk briskly down the corridor.

POLKOWSKI : On behalf of all of us, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, sir. (No reply). And the President called to convey his personal best wishes.

VAN STATTEN : The President is 10 points down. I want him replaced.

POLKOWSKI : I don't think that's very wise, sir...

VAN STATTEN : Thank you so much for your opinion. You're fired. (To the soldiers) : Get rid of him.

POLKOWSKI : Wha... ?

The soldiers drag him off. Van Statten keeps on walking.

VAN STATTEN : Wipe his memory, put him on the road someplace, Memphis, Minneapolis - somewhere beginning with 'M'.

Another woman named Goddard hastens to take Polkowski's place.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : So, the next President, what do you think ? Republican or Democrat ?

GODDARD : Democrat, sir.

VAN STATTEN : For what reason ?

GODDARD (a pause) : They're just so funny, sir ?

They all stop. Van Statten looks at her.

VAN STATTEN : What is your name ?

GODDARD : Goddard, sir. Diana Goddard.

VAN STATTEN : I like you, Diana Goddard. (Resumes walking). So, where's the English kid ?

The "English Kid", Adam, hurries up to him.

ADAM : Sir ! Sir ! I bought ten more artefacts at auction, Mr Van Statten.

VAN STATTEN : Bring 'em on, let me see 'em.

GODDARD : Sir, with respect, there's something more urgent. We arrested two intruders 54 floors down. We don't know how they got in.

VAN STATTEN : I'll tell you how they got in. In'tro the window. In'tro the window, that was funny ! (Polite laughs). Bring 'em in, let's see 'em, and tell Simmons I wanna visit my little den. Get to it !

He goes through a door.

GODDARD (into mouthpiece) : Simmons ? You'd better give me good news. Is it talking ?


From the alien's point of view, we see Simons attacking it with some sort of chainsaw. It is screaming.

SIMMONS : Not exactly "talking", no.

GODDARD : What's it doing ?

SIMMONS : Screaming. Is that any good ?

He applies the chain saw again.


Van Statten is sitting at a table while Adam shows him the artefacts.

ADAM : And this is the last... paid $800,000 for it.

The Doctor, Rose and Goddard enter.

VAN STATTEN : What does it do ?

Takes it from Adam.

ADAM : Well you see, the tubes on the side must be to channel something, I think maybe fuel...

THE DOCTOR : I really wouldn't hold it like that.

GODDARD : Shut it.

THE DOCTOR : Really, though, that's wrong.

ADAM : Is it dangerous ?

THE DOCTOR : No. Just looks silly.

He holds his hand out for the artefact. Security ready their guns. Van Statten holds up a hand to stop them and hands the object to the Doctor.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : You just need to be...

He runs his fingers gently over the artefact and it plays a note, rather like a harmonica.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : ... delicate.

Everyone looks suitably impressed. The Doctor beams around at them all whilst playing it.

VAN STATTEN : It's a musical instrument.

THE DOCTOR (nods) : And it's a long way from home.

VAN STATTEN (stands) : Here, let me.

He grabs it off the Doctor, who raises his eyebrows.

THE DOCTOR : I did say "delicate". Reacts to the smallest fingerprint.

Van Statten cannot make it play at first and it makes a series of bleeping noises.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : It needs precision.

Van Statten touches it more gently and it plays a few notes. The Doctor smiles.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Very good. Quite the expert.

VAN STATTEN : As are you.

He tosses the instrument aside, where it lands somewhere on the floor. The Doctor's and Adam's eyes follow it, slightly alarmed.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : Who exactly are you ?

The Doctor looks back at Van Statten with a new, slightly disdainful look in his eye.

THE DOCTOR : I'm the Doctor. And who are you ?

VAN STATTEN : Like you don't know. We're hidden away with the most valuable collection of extra-terrestrial artefacts in the world and you just stumbled in by mistake.

THE DOCTOR : Pretty much sums me up, yeah.

VAN STATTEN : The question is, how did you get in ? 53 floors down. With your little cat burglar accomplice. (Looks at Rose). Quite a collector yourself, she's rather pretty.

ROSE : She's gonna smack you if you keep calling her "she"

VAN STATTEN (eyes on the Doctor) : She's English too ! (To Adam). Hey, little Lord Fauntleroy, got you a girlfriend.

ADAM : This is Mr Henry Van Statten.

ROSE : And who's he when he's at home ?

ADAM : Mr Van Statten owns the Internet.

ROSE : Don't be stupid, no one owns the Internet.

VAN STATTEN : And let's just keep the whole world thinking that way, right kids ?

THE DOCTOR : So you're an expert on just about everything except the things in your museum. Anything you don't understand, you lock up.

VAN STATTEN : And you claim greater knowledge ?

THE DOCTOR : I don't need to make claims, I know how good I am.

VAN STATTEN : And yet, I captured you. Right next to the Cage. What were you doing down there ?

THE DOCTOR : You tell me.

VAN STATTEN : The cage contains my one living specimen.

THE DOCTOR : And what's that ?

VAN STATTEN : Like you don't know.

THE DOCTOR : Show me.

VAN STATTEN : You wanna see it ?

ROSE : Blimey, you can smell the testosterone

VAN STATTEN : Goddard, inform the Cage. We're heading down.

Goddard nods.

VAN STATTEN (to Adam) : You, English. Look after the girl. Canoodle or spoon, or whatever it is you British do. And you, Doctor with no name... (Ready by the lift). Come and see my pet.


Van Statten leads the Doctor to the cage.

VAN STATTEN : We've tried everything. The creatures has... shielded itself but there's definite signs of life inside.

He has entered a code to enter the Cage. The door to the Cage opens behind him.

THE DOCTOR : Inside ? Inside what ?

SIMMONS (to Van Statten) : Welcome back, sir. I've had to take the power down, the Metaltron is resting.

THE DOCTOR : Metaltron ?

VAN STATTEN : Thought of it myself. Good, isn't it ? Although I'd much to prefer to find out its real name.

SIMMONS (to the Doctor) : Here, you'd better put these on. (Offers the Doctor a pair of gloves). The last guy that touched it... burst into flames.

THE DOCTOR : I won't touch it then.

Goddard smirks.

VAN STATTEN : Go ahead, Doctor. Impress me.

Goddard looks at the Doctor. With a placid expression on his face, he steps into the Cage. Van Statten steps away.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : Don't open that door until we get a result.

He and Goddard bend down to look at the monitor showing surveillance footage from the Cage. It is pitch dark inside - they watch the Doctor enter.


The door shuts behind the Doctor. He looks at some of the instruments Simmons was using to torture the alien. Through the darkness, the Doctor sees a blue light giving away the alien's location in the Cage.

THE DOCTOR : Look, I'm sorry about this. Mr Van Statten might think he's clever, but never mind him. I've come to help. I'm the Doctor.

DALEK : Doc-tor.

THE DOCTOR (absolute shock) : Impossible.

DALEK : THE Doctor ?

The Doctor watches, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open. Lights suddenly come on, illuminating the Dalek.

DALEK (CONT'D) : Exterminate ! Exterminate ! Exterminate !

The Doctor bangs on the door of the cage, rattling it.

THE DOCTOR : Let me out !

DALEK : Exterminate!


GODDARD : Sir, it's gonna kill him !

VAN STATTEN : It's talking !


DALEK : You are an enemy of the Daleks ! You must be destroyed !

It waves its gun around helplessly. The Doctor stops looking terrified and his face breaks into a huge grin.

THE DOCTOR : It's not working !

The Dalek's eyepiece looks down at its gun. The Doctor laughs manically.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Fantastic ! Oh, fantastic ! Powerless ! Look at you. The Great Space Dustbin. How does it feel ?

He lunges at the Dalek. The Dalek strains against its chains.

DALEK : Keep back !

The Doctor is inches from the Dalek, looking straight into its eyepiece.

THE DOCTOR : What for ? What're you going to do to me ? (silence). If you can't kill... then what are you good for, Dalek ? What's the point of you ?

He circles the Dalek. The Dalek follows his progress with its eyepiece.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : You're nothing.


Van Statten, Goddard and Simmons watch the proceedings, intrigued.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : What the hell are you here for ?

Goddard glances at Van Statten.


DALEK : I am waiting for orders.

THE DOCTOR : What does that mean ?

DALEK : I am a soldier. I was bred to receive orders.

THE DOCTOR : Well you're never gonna get any. Not ever.

DALEK : I demand orders !

THE DOCTOR (voice rising) : They're never gonna come ! Your race is dead ! You all burnt, all of you. Ten million ships on fire, the entire Dalek race wiped out in one second.

DALEK : You lie !

THE DOCTOR : I watched it happen. I MADE it happen !

DALEK : You destroyed us ?

The Doctor's expression changes. He walks away, his back turned on the Dalek.

THE DOCTOR (quietly) : I had no choice.

DALEK : And what of the Time Lords ?


Van Statten, Goddard and Simmons watch the monitor avidly. The Doctor pauses.


THE DOCTOR : Dead. They burnt with you. The end of the last great Time War. Everyone lost. DALEK : And the coward survived.

THE DOCTOR (mockingly) : Oh, and I caught your little signal... help me... poor little thing (resumes normal tone). But there's no one else coming 'cos there's no one else left.

DALEK (lowers eyepiece) : I am alone in the Universe.

THE DOCTOR (smiles) : Yep.

DALEK : So are you.

The Doctor's smile fades.

DALEK (CONT'D) : We are the same.

The Doctor spins around to face the Dalek angrily.

THE DOCTOR (furious) : We're not the same, I'm not... (Stops). No, wait. Maybe we are. You're right, yeah, okay. You've got a point. 'Cos I know what to do. I know what should happen. I know what you deserve. (Raises eyebrows). Exterminate.

He pulls a lever on the control panel and the Dalek is immediately engulfed by electricity. It starts screaming again.

DALEK : Have pity !

THE DOCTOR : Why should I ? You never did.

He turns up the voltage.


VAN STATTEN (to soldiers) : Get him out.


DALEK : Help me !

Security burst in and grab the Doctor before he can lunge for the control panel again. Van Statten addresses the Dalek.

VAN STATTEN : I saved your life, now talk to me ! Goddamn it, talk to me !

THE DOCTOR (as he is dragged away) : You've got to destroy it !

VAN STATTEN : The last in the Universe. And now I know your name. Dalek. Speak to me, Dalek. (Silence). I am Henry van Statten, now recognise me ! (Silence again. To Simmons) : Make it talk again, Simmons.

Simmons approaches the Dalek with a greedy look in his eye.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : Whatever it takes.


Adam shows Rose into his workshop. Rose looks around.

ADAM : Sorry about the mess. Mr Van Statten sort of lets me do my own thing. So long as I deliver the goods...

Rose prods a few things on the surfaces.

ADAM (CONT'D) : What do you think, that is ?

He hands Rose an object.

ROSE : Er... a lump of metal ?

ADAM : Yeah. Yeah, but I think... well, I'm almost certain, it's from the hull of a spacecraft.

Rose finishes examining the lump of metal and places it down carefully.

ADAM (CONT'D) : The thing is, it's all true. Everything the United Nations tries to keep quiet, spacecrafts, aliens, visitors to Earth, they really exist.

ROSE : That's amazing.

ADAM : I know it sounds incredible, but I honestly believe that the whole universe is teeming with life.

ROSE (smiling slightly) : I'm gob-smacked, yeah. And you do what ? Sit here and catalogue it ? ADAM : Best job in the world.

ROSE : Imagine if you could get out there. Travel amongst the stars and see it for real.

ADAM : Yeah... I'd give anything. But I don't think it's ever gonna happen, not in our lifetimes. ROSE : Oh, you never know... what about all those people who say they've been inside spaceships and things and talked to aliens ?

ADAM : I think they're nutters.

ROSE : Yeah, me too. (Both laugh). So, how'd you end up here ?

ADAM : Van Statten has agents all over the world looking for geniuses to recruit.

ROSE : Ah, right, you're a genius.

ADAM : Sorry, but yeah... can't help it, I was born clever.

Rose smiles.

ADAM (CONT'D) : When I was eight, I logged onto the US Defence System, nearly caused World War Three.

ROSE : What, and that's funny is it ?

ADAM : Well you should've been there ! Just to see them running about ! Fantastic !

ROSE : You sound like the Doctor.

ADAM : Are you and him... ?

ROSE (quickly) : No, we're just friends.

ADAM (nods) : Good.

ROSE (smiling, a little shy) : Why's it good ?

ADAM : Just is.

A pause.

ROSE (breaking the moment) : So... wouldn't you rather be downstairs ? I mean, you've got these bits of metal and stuff, but Mr Van Statten's got a living creature down there.

ADAM : Yeah... yeah well I did ask but he keeps it to himself. Although, if you're a genius, it does take long to patch in on the comms system.

ROSE (laughs) : Let's have a look then.

Adam turns to the computer and taps some keys and Rose observes over his shoulder.

ADAM : It doesn't do much, the alien. It's weird, it's kind of... useless, it's just like this... great big pepper pot.

They access the screen that surveys the Cage. They watch Simmons approach the Dalek and begin to torture it with one of the devices. The Dalek screams again.

ROSE (alarmed) : It's being tortured ! Where's the Doctor ?

ADAM : I don't know.

ROSE : Take me down there. Now.

She strides from the room.


The Doctor, Van Statten, Goddard and the security guards step into the lift.

THE DOCTOR : The metal's just battle armour. The real Dalek creature's inside.

VAN STATTEN : What does it look like ?

THE DOCTOR : A nightmare. It's a mutation. The Dalek race was genetically engineered, every single emotion was removed except hate.

VAN STATTEN (impressed) : Genetically engineered... by whom ?

THE DOCTOR : By a genius, Van Statten. By a man who was king of his own little world, you'd like him.

GODDARD : It's been on Earth for over fifty years, sold at a private auction moving from one collection to another. Why would it be a threat now ?

THE DOCTOR : Because I'm here. How did it get to Earth ? Does anyone know ?

GODDARD : Records say it came from the sky like a meteorite. It fell to Earth on the Ascension Islands, burnt in its crater for nearly three days before anybody could get near it and all that time it was screaming. It must've gone insane.

THE DOCTOR : Must've fallen through time. The only survivor.

GODDARD : You talked about a war ?

THE DOCTOR : The Time War. The final battle between my people and the Dalek race.

VAN STATTEN : But you survived too.

THE DOCTOR : Not by choice.

VAN STATTEN : This means that the Dalek isn't the only alien on Earth, Doctor, there's you. The only one of your kind in existence.


Lights flash on, illuminating the Doctor. They have chained him up against a rack and striped his torso. Van Statten stands behind an instrument pointing at the Doctor.

VAN STATTEN : Now, smile !

The instrument runs some sort of scan over the Doctor's torso. The Doctor moans slightly in pain, grimacing. The scan image shows the Doctor's ribcage with two hearts beating within it.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : Two hearts ! Binary vascular system ! Oh, I am so going to patent this.

THE DOCTOR : So that's your secret. You don't just collect this stuff, you scavenge it.

VAN STATTEN : This technology has been falling to Earth for centuries. All it took was the right mind to use it properly. Oh, the advances I've made from alien junk, you have no idea, Doctor. Broadband ? Roswell. Just last year my scientists cultivated bacteria from the Russian Crater, and do you know what they found ?

The Doctor looks at him angrily but questioningly.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : The cure for the common cold. Kept it strictly within the laboratory of course, no need to get people excited. Why sell one cure when I can sell a thousand palliatives ?

He smiles smugly.

THE DOCTOR : Do you know what a Dalek is, Van Statten ? A Dalek is honest. It does what it was born to do for the survival of its species, that creature in your dungeon is better than you.

VAN STATTEN : In that case, I will be true to myself and continue.

He walks back to the scanner.

THE DOCTOR (frantic) : Listen to me, that thing downstairs is going to kill every last one of us ! VAN STATTEN : Nothing can escape the Cage.

He runs the scan again. The Doctor writhes with pain.

THE DOCTOR : But it's woken up ! It knows I'm here ! It's gonna get out ! Van Statten, I swear no one on this base is safe ! No one on this planet !

The scan is run again. The Doctor groans in pain and throws his head back.


Adam enters the lobby outside the Cage, followed by Rose.

BYWATER : Hold it right there !

ADAM (flashes ID) : Level three access. Special clearance from Mr Van Statten.

They pass Simons and enter the Cage.


Rose stares at the Dalek.

ADAM : Don't get too close...

Rose walks slowly up to the Dalek and peers into its eyepiece. It watches her.

ROSE : Hello ?

The Dalek simply continues to watch her. Rose is innocently concerned.

ROSE (CONT'D) : Are you in pain ? My name's Rose Tyler. I've got a friend, he can help. He's called the Doctor. What's your name ?

DALEK : Yes.

ROSE : What?

The Dalek raises its eyepiece to look into her face.

DALEK (slowly and wearily) : I am in pain. They tortured me. But still they fear me. Do you fear me ?

ROSE : No.

The Dalek lowers its eyepiece.

DALEK : I am dying.

ROSE : No, we can help !

DALEK : I welcome death. But I am glad... that before I die... I met a human who was not afraid.

Rose looks overwhelmed with sadness and pity.

ROSE : Isn't there anything I can do ?

DALEK : My race is dead. I shall die alone.

Rose has tears in her eyes. She places a hand gently on the Dalek.

ADAM (too late) : Rose, no !

The place where Rose has put her hand suddenly burns bright orange and she snatches her hand away from the heat. The Dalek's tone changes.

DALEK : Genetic material extrapolated, initiate cellular reconstruction !

It bursts out of its chains with a new lease of life. Sparks fly from it. Simmons enters the room.

SIMMONS : What the hell have you done ?

He approaches the Dalek. It points a sucker at him.

SIMMONS (CONT'D) : Whatcha gonna do ? Sucker me to death ?

The Dalek proceeds to do just that. It places the sucker over Simmons face and we hear his skull cracking as it sucks inwards. Rose and Adam rush outside.


ROSE (to Bywater) : It's killing him ! Do something !

BYWATER (over intercom) : Condition red ! Repeat, condition red ! This is not a drill !


Van Statten, still with the Doctor looks up, as does the Doctor, who is sweating with the pain.

THE DOCTOR (wearily) : Release me if you want to live.


The Doctor, Van Statten, Goddard and Van Statten's security guards exit the lift and enter Van Statten's office. The Doctor addresses a monitor where there is a communication link to the lobby.

THE DOCTOR : You've got to keep it in that cell.

ROSE : Doctor, it's all my fault.

BYWATER : I've sealed the compartment. It can't get out, that lock's got a billion combinations. THE DOCTOR : The Dalek's a genius. It can calculate a thousand billion combinations in one second flat.


Inside the cage, the Dalek places its sucker to the code lock and begins to run through all the combinations.


Rose and Adam stand before the door with security, who are pointing their guns at the door. In no time at all, the door opens.

BYWATER : Open fire !

They shoot at the Dalek.


VAN STATTEN : Don't shoot it, I want it unharmed !

THE DOCTOR : Rose, get out of there !


The Dalek advances upon them, the bullets having no affect at all. Bywater turns to the female guard.

BYWATER : De Maggio, take the civilians and get them out alive. That is your job, got that ?

DE MAGGIO (to Rose and Adam) : You, with me.

They follow her. The Dalek approaches the screen displaying the Doctor, Van Statten and Goddard and smashes right through it. Then electricity starts to course through it. It wails as the peeling metal bends back into shape, the rust fades away. It looks perfect again.

BYWATER (into mouthpiece) : Abandoning the cage, sir.


Goddard is tapping into a computer as Van Statten and the Doctor look over her shoulder.

GODDARD : We're losing power. It's draining the base. Oh, my God. It's raiding entire power supplies for the whole of Utah.

THE DOCTOR : It's downloading.

VAN STATTEN : Downloading what ?

GODDARD : Sir, the entire West Coast has gone down.

THE DOCTOR : It's not just energy. That Dalek just absorbed the entire Internet. It knows everything.


The Dalek finally backs away from the computer.

DALEK : The Daleks survive in me !

The Dalek fires its exterminator beam randomly around the room, as though to test it.


GODDARD : Sir, the cameras in the vault have gone down.

THE DOCTOR : We've only got emergency power, it's eaten everything else, you've got to kill it now !

GODDARD : All guards to converge in the Metaltron cage, immediately.


Rose and Adam run past another bunch of security guards, led by De Maggio.

DE MAGGIO : Civilians ! Let them through !

Rose and Adam run out of sight. The guards point their guns ready in the direction they anticipate the Dalek will approach from. Bywater runs into view.

BYWATER (shouts) : Cover the north wall : Red division, maintain suppressing fire along the perimeter, Blue Division hold.

He is exterminated by the Dalek behind him. The guards immediately start firing at the Dalek, but the bullets melt before they can even touch the armour. The Dalek is surrounded - but it simply exterminates them, one by one, the bullets having no effect.


VAN STATTEN (to Goddard) : Tell them to stop shooting at it !

GODDARD : It's killing them !

VAN STATTEN : They're dispensable, that Dalek is unique. (Into intercom) : I don't want a scratch on its body work ? Do you hear me ? Do you hear me ?

The sound of the gunshots fade into silence.


Every single soldier lies dead. The Dalek proceeds up the corridor.


Goddard shows the Doctor a map of the base on the computer screen.

GODDARD : That's us right below the surface. That's the cage, and that's the Dalek.

She indicates a blue light moving along a corridor.

THE DOCTOR : This museum of yours, have you got any alien weapons ?

GODDARD : Lots of them, but the trouble is the Dalek's between us and them.

VAN STATTEN : We've got to keep that thing alive. We could just seal the entire vault, trap it down there.

THE DOCTOR : Leaving everyone trapped with it ? Rose is down there. I won't let that happen. Have you got that ?

Van Statten stands up. The Doctor turns back to the computer screen and Goddard.

THE DOCTOR : It's got to go through this area. What's that ?

GODDARD : Weapons testing.

THE DOCTOR : Give guns to the lawyers, technicians, anyone. Everyone. Only then have you got a chance of killing it.

Goddard nods and gets up. The Doctor takes her place in front of the computer.


Rose, still running, finds herself at the foot of a flight of stairs.

ROSE : Stairs ! That's more like it !

Adam runs up behind her.

ROSE (CONT'D) : It hasn't got legs, it's stuck !

DE MAGGIO (joining them) : It's coming ! Get up !

They run up the stairs and look over the banisters to watch the Dalek. It stops at the foot of the stairs. Adam breathes a small sigh of relief. It runs its eyepiece over the stairs.

ADAM (mockingly) : Great big alien death machine. Defeated by a flight of stairs.

The Dalek's eyepiece rests on them. De Maggio still has her gun pointing at it.

DE MAGGIO : Now, listen to me. I demand that you return to your cage. If you want to negotiate, then I guarantee that Mr Van Statten will be willing to talk. I accept that we imprisoned you and maybe that was wrong. But people have died, and that stops. Right now. The killing stops, have you got that ?

The Dalek merely watches her, saying nothing.

DE MAGGIO (CONT'D) : I demand that you surrender, is that clear ?

Short pause.

DALEK : El-ev-ate.

The Dalek levitates in the air and floats up the first few steps of the stairs.

ROSE : Oh my God.

The Dalek proceeds up the stairs. Adam looks gob smacked.

DE MAGGIO : Adam, get her out of here.

ROSE (urgently) : Come with us, you can't stop it !

DE MAGGIO : Someone's got to try. Now get out !

She pushes them away.

DE MAGGIO (CONT'D) : Don't look back, just run !

Adam and Rose go up the rest of the stairs. The Dalek advances. De Maggio shoots at it without avail.


Moments later, Rose and Adam hear the sound of the exterminator beam and De Maggio's scream. They run down the corridor terrified.


VAN STATTEN : I thought you were the great expert, Doctor.

The Doctor, still staring at the monitor, does not answer.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : If you're so impressive, then why not just reason with this Dalek ? It must be willing to negotiate, there must be something it needs, everything needs something.

THE DOCTOR : What's the nearest town ?

VAN STATTEN : Saltlake City.

THE DOCTOR : Population ?

VAN STATTEN : One million.

THE DOCTOR : All dead. If the Dalek gets out, it'll murder every living creature, that's all it needs.

VAN STATTEN (furious) : But why would it do that ?!


Because it honestly believes they should die. Human beings are different, and anything different is wrong. It's the ultimate in racial cleansing and you, Van Statten, you've let it loose !


The soldiers position themselves.

THE DOCTOR (through intercom) : The Dalek's surrounded by a force field. The bullets are melting before they even hit home but it's not indestructible. If you concentrate your fire, you might get through.

The soldiers wait apprehensively.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Aim for the dome, the head, the eyepiece. That's the weak spot. COMMANDER : Thank you, Doctor, but I think I know how to fight one single tin robot. Positions !

They ready their guns and wait. After a few moments, Rose and Adam run into view, right in the middle of the open area.

COMMANDER (CONT'D) : Hold your fire !

Rose and Adam stop.

COMMANDER (CONT'D) : You two, get the hell out of there !

Rose and Adam make it outside the door the moment the Dalek slowly comes into view. They stop for a moment to watch it. The Dalek also stops, and it focuses on them. It then zooms right in on Rose's face and turns in their direction. Adam grabs Rose's hand and pulls her away, but she stops again.

ROSE : It was looking at me.

ADAM : Yeah, it wants to slaughter us !

Rose pulls her hand away.

ROSE : I know ! But it was looking right at me.

ADAM (impatiently) : So ? It's just a sort of metal eye thing, it's looking all around !

ROSE (shakes her head) : I don't know... it's like there's something inside looking at me, like... like it knows me.

The Dalek makes its way towards the door.

COMMANDER : On my mark...

The Dalek looks up at them.

COMMANDER (CONT'D) : Open fire !

They all start shooting at the Dalek. Like before, the bullets have no effect.


GODDARD : We've got vision.

The Doctor stands up and looks at the monitor, showing the weapons testing area.

THE DOCTOR : It wants us to see.

The Dalek is looking straight at the camera, completely unperturbed by the volley of gunshots.


The Dalek slowly levitates into the air until it is hovering near the ceiling. It fires it's exterminator beam at the fire alarm, causing the fire sprinkles to rain water from the ceiling. The bullets keep coming, but the Dalek pays no heed. It aims at a man who has his feet firmly rooted to the wet ground and fires its exterminator beam at him. The rest of the team fall like flies except from the Commander and one of his men who are sheltered from the sprinklers.

COMMANDER : Fall back ! Fall back !

The Dalek exterminates both of them and then observes the tens of lifeless forms lying on the wet ground with their useless bullet scattered on the floor.


There is a silence in Van Statten's office. The Doctor looks down, breathing heavily in shock.

VAN STATTEN (stunned) : Perhaps it's time for a new strategy, maybe we should consider abandoning this place.

GODDARD (quietly furious with him) : Except there's no power to the helipad, sir. We can't get out.

THE DOCTOR : You said you could seal the vault.

VAN STATTEN (going to the computer) : It was designed to be a bunker. In the event of nuclear war, steel bulkheads...

GODDARD (to the Doctor) : There's not enough power, those bulkheads are massive.

THE DOCTOR : We've got emergency power, we can re-route that to the bulkhead doors.

GODDARD : We'd have to bypass the security codes, that would take a computer genius !

VAN STATTEN : Good thing you've got me, then.

THE DOCTOR : You want to help ?

VAN STATTEN : I don't want to die, Doctor, simple as that. Nobody knows this software better than me.

The screen showing the footage of the basement suddenly flashes back into life. The Dalek is still standing in the middle of the open area. At first, only Goddard notices.

GODDARD : Sir...

The Doctor and Van Statten also look round at the screen.

DALEK : I shall speak only to the Doctor.

The Doctor slowly straightens up, not taking his eyes off the Dalek.

THE DOCTOR : You're gonna get rusty.

DALEK : I fed off the DNA of Rose Tyler. Extrapolating the biomass of a time traveller regenerated me.

THE DOCTOR : What's your next trick ?

DALEK : I have been searching for the Daleks.

THE DOCTOR : Yeah, I saw. Downloading the Internet. (Walks around the table to be nearer the screen). What did you find ?

DALEK : I scanned your satellites and radio telescopes.


DALEK : Nothing. (Voice rising, it's scared). Where shall I get my orders now ?

THE DOCTOR : You're just a soldier without commands.

DALEK : Then I shall follow the primary order, the Dalek instinct to destroy ! To conquer !

THE DOCTOR (exasperated) : What for ? What's the point ? (Silence). Don't you see ? It's all gone. Everything you were, everything you stood for.

DALEK : Then what should I do ?

THE DOCTOR : All right then. If you want orders... follow this one : kill yourself.

DALEK : The Daleks must survive !

THE DOCTOR (angrily) : The Daleks have failed. Why don't you finish the job and make the Daleks extinct ? Rid the Universe of your filth, why don't you just die ?

He shouts this last word, spit flying from his mouth in his passionate hatred. The Dalek is silent for a few seconds, then...

DALEK : You would make a good Dalek.

The screen goes blank. The Doctor stares, dumbstruck.

THE DOCTOR : Seal the vaults.


The Dalek elevates its way out of the room.


Van Statten and the Doctor are busy tapping into the computer.

VAN STATTEN : I can leech power off the ground defences, feed it to the bulkheads. It's been years since I had to work this fast.

THE DOCTOR : Are you enjoying this ?

GODDARD : Doctor, she's still down there.


Adam is running up a flight of stairs in a stairwell, followed by Rose who is on her mobile to the Doctor.

ROSE : This isn't the best time.

THE DOCTOR : Where are you ?

ROSE : Level 49.


THE DOCTOR (working on the computer) : You've got to keep moving, the vault's being sealed off, bulkhead level 46.

ROSE : Can't you stop them closing ?

THE DOCTOR : I'm the one who's closing them. I can't wait and I can't help you. Now for God's sake, run.


Rose and Adam run up the stairs, the Dalek in pursuit.


VAN STATTEN : Done it. We've got power to the bulkheads.

GODDARD : The Dalek's right behind them.


Rose and Adam round a corner on floor 46.

ROSE : We're nearly there, give us two seconds.


VAN STATTEN : Doctor, I can't sustain the power. The whole system is failing.

The Doctor looks at him.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) : Doctor, you've got to close the bulkheads.

Focused on the Doctor's eyes. He pauses for a few moments, trying to summon the courage, observed by Van Statten and Goddard.

THE DOCTOR : I'm sorry.

He hits the enter key.


The bulkhead begins to lower, Adam's nearly there but Rose is falling behind a little.

ADAM : Come on !

The bulkhead is only about a foot away from the ground when Adam manages to roll underneath it.


The Doctor stares intently at the screen, waiting.

VAN STATTEN : The vault is sealed.

The Doctor leaps out of his seat.

THE DOCTOR : Rose, where are you ? Rose, did you make it ?


Rose leans against the wrong side of the bulkhead, taking a few steadying breaths before answering.

ROSE : Sorry, I was a bit slow.


Horrible shock spreads across the Doctor's face.


Rose glances behind her to see the Dalek round the corner. She turns away.

ROSE : See you then, Doctor.


The Doctor is silent, just staring, horrified.


ROSE (voice trembling) : It wasn't your fault. Remember that, okay ? It wasn't your fault. And do you know what ? (Chokes up). I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Rose turns slowly around to face the Dalek as it approaches her.


DALEK : Exterminate !

The Doctor hears the sound of the death ray and he tears the earpiece off. There is a stunned silence in Van Statten's office.

THE DOCTOR (blank) : I killed her.

VAN STATTEN : I'm sorry.

THE DOCTOR (turns to him) : I said I'd protect her. She was only here because of me, and you're sorry ? I could've killed that Dalek in its cell. But you stopped me.

VAN STATTEN : It was the prize of my collection !

THE DOCTOR (furious) : Your collection ? But was it worth it ? Worth all those men's deaths ? Worth Rose ? (Silence). Let me tell you something, Van Statten. Mankind goes into space to explore. To be part of something greater.

VAN STATTEN (standing in enthusiasm) : Exactly ! I wanted to touch the stars !

THE DOCTOR (contemptuously, full of hate) : You just want to drag the stars down and stick them underground underneath tons of sand and dirt. And label them. You're about as far from the stars as you can get.

The Doctor's face, contorted with fury suddenly softens into a sad, grief-stricken expression.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : And you took her down with you. (Stares into space). She was nineteen years old.


Rose has her eyes closed, ready for the Dalek to kill her. The Dalek approaches but does nothing. It just stares at her as Rose opens her eyes cautiously and looks round.

ROSE : Go on then, kill me. (Silence. Angrily) : Why are you doing this ?

DALEK : I am armed. I will kill. It is my purpose.

ROSE : They're all dead because of you !

DALEK : They are dead because of us.

Rose is shaken into a short silence.

ROSE : And now what ? What're you waiting for ?

DALEK : I feel your fear.

ROSE : What do you expect ?!

DALEK : Daleks do not fear. Must not fear.

It shoots its death ray wildly at the wall either side of Rose.

DALEK (CONT'D) (slightly hysterical, even scared) : You gave me life. What else have you given me ? I am contaminated !


Adam steps out of the lift into Van Statten's office. The Doctor rounds on him.

THE DOCTOR : You were quick on your feet, leaving Rose behind.

ADAM (indignantly) : I'm not the one who sealed the vault !

The screen springs into life. It shows Rose standing by the Dalek's side.

DALEK : Open the bulkhead or Rose Tyler dies.

The Doctor takes a few steps towards the screen, an expression of joy and relief breaking out onto his face.

THE DOCTOR : You're alive !

ROSE : Can't get rid of me.

THE DOCTOR : I thought you were dead.

DALEK : Open the bulkhead !

ROSE : Don't do it !

DALEK : What use are emotions if you will not save the woman you love ?

The Doctors is stunned. He turns to Van Statten, who is looking at him, shocked.

THE DOCTOR : I killed her once. (Goes to the computer). I can't do it again.

He hits the return key.


The bulkhead opens and the Dalek and Rose slowly go through it.


VAN STATTEN (desperate) : What do we do now ? You bleeding heart, what the hell do we do ?

The Doctor stares at him wordlessly.

ADAM : Kill it when it gets here !

GODDARD : All the guns are useless, and the alien weapons are in the vault.

ADAM : Only the catalogued ones.

Van Statten turns to him, eyebrows raised. Adam looks back at him apologetically.


The Doctor is in Adam's workshop, going through a basket of Adam's un-catalogued weapons.

THE DOCTOR (takes one out) : Broken. (Chucks it aside, takes another). Broken. (Chucks it aside, takes another). Hairdryer.

ADAM : Mr Van Statten tends to dispose of his staff, and when he does he wipes their memory. I kept this stuff in case I needed to fight my way out one day.

THE DOCTOR : What, you in a fight ? I'd like to see that.

ADAM (mildly offended) : I could do.

THE DOCTOR : What're you gonna do, throw your A-Levels at 'em ? (Finds a suitable weapon). Oh, yes. Lock and load.


Rose and the Dalek are in the lift going up to Van Statten's office. The atmosphere is very tense. Rose watches the Dalek's exterminator arm twitch slightly.

ROSE : I'm begging you, don't kill them, you didn't kill me.

The Dalek spins its eyepiece around to look at Rose so fast she has to duck out of the way to avoid having her eye poked out.

DALEK : But why not ? Why are you alive ? My function is to kill. What am I ? What am I ?


The lift door opens and Van Statten is standing there, waiting.

ROSE : Don't move ! Don't do anything, it's beginning to question itself.

The Dalek advances on Van Statten.

DALEK : Van Statten. You tortured me. Why ?

VAN STATTEN (backing away, terrified) : I wanted to help you, I just... I don't know, I, I was just trying to help. I thought if we could get through to you, if we could mend you... I wanted you better, I'm sorry.

The Dalek still advances, backing him against the wall.

VAN STATTEN (CONT'D) (voice rising shrilly) : I'm so sorry ! I swear ! I just wanted you to talk !

DALEK : Then hear me talk now. Exterminate ! Exterminate !

Van Statten winces.

DALEK (CONT'D) : Exterminate !

ROSE (rushing over) : Don't do it ! Don't kill him !

The Dalek spins to face her. Rose looks right into its eyepiece.

ROSE (CONT'D) : You don't have to do this anymore. There must be something else. Not just killing... what else is there ? What d'you want ?

The Dalek turns back to Van Statten. Then back to Rose.

DALEK : I want freedom.


The Doctor runs up the stairs, holding the alien weapon.


Rose and the Dalek are on floor 01 in the base. The Dalek fires its death ray at the ceiling, making a hole through which the sunlight floods, shining on the Dalek.

ROSE : You're out. You made it. (Smiles). Never thought I'd see the sunlight again.

DALEK : How... does... it... feel ?

Before an astonished Rose, the Dalek opens up its casing to reveal the mutated creature inside. It stretches its feelers out to the sunlight. Rose gazes at it until a voice behind her makes her jump.

THE DOCTOR : Get out of the way.

He is holding the gun, pointing it at the Dalek. Rose stares at him in shock. She does not move.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : Rose, get out of the way, now !

ROSE : No ! 'Cos I won't let you do this !

THE DOCTOR : That thing killed hundreds of people.

ROSE (coldly) : It's not the one pointing the gun at me.

THE DOCTOR : I've got to do this. I've got to end it. The Daleks destroyed my home, my people. I've got nothing left.

ROSE : Look at it.

She stands aside and gestures to the Dalek who feeling the sunlight.

THE DOCTOR (confused) : What's it doing ?

ROSE : It's the sunlight, that's all it wants !

THE DOCTOR (voice shaking) : But it can't...

ROSE : It couldn't kill Van Statten, it couldn't kill me, it's changing. What about you, Doctor ? What the hell are you changing into ?

The Doctor finally lowers the gun. He looks completely lost.

THE DOCTOR (close to tears) : I couldn't...

Rose stares at him.

THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) : I wasn't... (Looks at the Dalek, then back at Rose). Oh, Rose. They're all dead.

DALEK : Why do we survive ?

THE DOCTOR : I don't know.

DALEK (speech an effort, now) : I am the last of the Daleks.

THE DOCTOR : You're not even that. Rose did more than regenerate you. You absorbed her DNA. You're mutating.

DALEK : Into what ?

THE DOCTOR : Something new. I'm sorry.

ROSE : Isn't that better ?

THE DOCTOR : Not for a Dalek.

DALEK : I can feel so many ideas. So much darkness... Rose... give me orders ! Order me to die.

It closes its eye. The Doctor looks from the Dalek to Rose.

ROSE : I can't do that.

DALEK : This is not life. This is sickness.

Rose's face contorts with pity and disgust.

DALEK (CONT'D) : I shall not be like you. Order my destruction ! Obey ! Obey ! Obey !

ROSE (after a moment) : Do it.

DALEK : Are you frightened, Rose Tyler ?

ROSE : Yeah.

DALEK : So am I. (Feebly). Exterminate.

Rose stumbles backwards, and runs to the Doctor's side as the Dalek replaces its armour. It levitates into the air and the golden knobs detach themselves to surround the Dalek in a perfect sphere. The Dalek glows briefly, and then explodes inside the sphere, vanishing into nothing. The Doctor stares at the place where it disappeared, stunned.


Goddard walks slowly up to Van Statten, who has several guards standing behind him. She raises behind them and they grab him by the shoulders and push him backwards. Goddard follows them at a brisk walk.

VAN STATTEN : What the hell are you doing ?!

GODDARD : Two hundred personnel dead, and all because of you, sir. Take him away, wipe his memory, and leave him by the road someplace.

VAN STATTEN : You can't do this to me ! I am Henry Van Statten !

GODDARD : And by tonight, Henry Van Statten will be a homeless, brainless junkie living on the streets of San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento. (Turns away with a flourish and a satisfied smile). Someplace beginning with 'S'.


Rose and the Doctor stand by the TARDIS. The Doctor has his hand on it, looking up at it pensively.

THE DOCTOR (sadly) : Little piece of home. Better than nothing.

ROSE : Is that the end of it ? The Time War ?

THE DOCTOR : I'm the only one left. I win. How about that.

ROSE (consolingly) : The Dalek survived... maybe some of your people did too.

THE DOCTOR : I'd know. In here. (Gestures his head). Feels like there's no one.

ROSE : Well then, good thing I'm not going anywhere. (Smiles).

THE DOCTOR (smiles back) : Yeah.

Adam jogs up to them.

ADAM : We'd better get out. Van Statten's disappeared... they're closing down the base.

The Doctor faces him with his arms folded.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Goddard says they're going to fill it full of cement ! Like it never existed !ROSE : About time.

ADAM : I'll have to go back home.

THE DOCTOR : Better hurry up then. Next flight to Heathrow leaves at 1500 hours.

ROSE (hintiong) : Adam was saying that all his life he's wanted to see the stars...

THE DOCTOR : Tell him to go and stand outside, then.

ROSE : He's all on his own, Doctor. And he did help.

THE DOCTOR : He left you down there !

ROSE : So did you !

ADAM : What're you talking about ? We've got to leave !

THE DOCTOR (eyes on Rose) : Rose, he's a bit pretty.

ROSE (innocently) : I hadn't noticed.

The Doctor raises his eyebrows skeptically and turns to the TARDIS.

THE DOCTOR : On your own head.

ADAM : What're you doing ? She said 'cement'. She wasn't joking, we're going to get sealed in.

Both the Doctor and Rose disappear into the TARDIS, leaving Adam standing outside.

ADAM (CONT'D) : Doctor ? (Sounding genuinely concerned for their sanity). What're you doing standing inside a box ? (Pauses). Rose ?

He peers through the doors and steps inside. The engines start up and the TARDIS dematerialises.


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