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  00x00 - Nightmare of Eden
 Posted: 03/22/14 10:26
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Transcripts from novels and synchro: wyxchari

Corrections: Lucife, craimez

Parece que estamos um pouco adiantados, Secker.


O que?

Quanto antes melhor.

Capitão aqui. Estamos saindo da dobra espacial em trinta segundos.

Aqui é seu computador de bordo falando.

Estamos prestes a entrar em órbita ao redor do planeta Azure.

Os passageiros podem sair do lugar quando a luz azul acender, mas são convidados a não remover

seus macacões de proteção até que seja instruído.

Passageiros, por favor, lembrem-se, que a Imperatriz estará Então por favor tenham cuidado quando

começarem a se mover, obrigado.

Estou com defeito, verifique-o para mim, ok?

Secker, essas coordenadas estão erradas você que as pôs?

O que são alguns graus?

O que são alguns graus?

O que tem de errado contigo, cara?

We're flying an Interstellar Cruiser Liner, not riding a bicicle!


So it´s be goning to our orbit.


It'll mean delay... but...

Oh, no!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is Cruise Liner Empress suporting collision.

Space collision on approach to Azure.

Damage control report to bridge.

Two ships sticking straight to each other, sir.

Any blow ups?

How's the pressure?

Everything it´s ok, except we can't get through to the some passenger sections, they're blocked off.

The hull of the other ship, sir, it's taking right the close the entrance to B-deck.

A-deck, report, A-deck other any casualties?

Any more damage report yet?

Well, it´s all your fault, Secker!

I carry the ¿gang?*****.

I'll lose my job, but you... you never work in west galaxy again.

You check the power, man.

Come on, move yourself.

This is an emergency.


Bit of a mishmash?

Why wasn't there an explosion?

One of the ships must have been in a dematerialised form when it happened.


Of course, they've got a problem.

Affirmative. The overlap areas are highly unstable, master.

Yes, interfere is as you said.


I don´t think we shouldn't interfere?


Of course we should interfere.

Always do what you're best at, that's what I say. Come on.

Who's that?

I don't know.

Shall we follow him?

At our place*****

No lo entiendo, me suena algo así.

What are you going to do about the damage to my ship?

Mister Dymond. All I'm concerned to my ship, my crew and passengers.

You´re fully covered comprehensive by all third party damage, so you don´t worry.

I was involved in a most important survey job when you just came crashing in on me.

Then you tell me not to worry!

What am I going to do for a ship?

The company will compensate you.

Get in touch with your insurance people?

Then I insist that you sign a document be affect that this collision was entirely your fault.

I can´t do that!

What were you doing there anyway, you are right in the middle of *******in a commercial flight?

I was given complete clearance by Azure control.

You were off course.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, please.

I said******** we can do.


Are you a passenger?

No, no, we ask your Mayday, I'm from Galactic, insurance of Salvage.

Been having a look around.

This is my assistent Romana, I'm the Doctor. How do you do?

How do you do?

And what's that?

Oh, K .

Well a computer sort.

Looks more like a dog.

Does it bark?


But he has been noted to bite ******** to introduce yourselves?

Oh, sí, my name's Rigg, Captain Rigg.

We've just met.


This is mister Dymond, the owner of the other vehicle involved in the... incident.

How do you do?

Salvage you say?


Yes, I can't discuss anything untill I've spoken with the company?

What about a better idea?

Why don't we try to separate the ships?


I like doing the impossible.

If it's possible to get into the situation, theoretically should be possible to get out of it.

Oh, you´d spoilt it now.

But look, at the time of the collision, this ship was partially dematerialised.

Therefore, if we can recreate the identical circumstances, the ships can be separated.

It's just a question of exciting the molecules.

Put your ship on to full thrust.

Then into full reverse.

It's worked before, you know.

I prefered when it seemed impossible.

Yes, it might work, if I could get any power.

Are you're pressing the right button?

Of course I am.

Can you switch on direct on the power unit?

We could do, but it's dangerous.

It'd be worth a try anything to get out of this mess.

It could damage your ship.

Ah, is nice coming from someone who just had crashed into it. All risk it.

All right, all right!

Where's the power unit?

Secker will show you.

Secker, take the Doctor to the power unit.

Good, no Romana, you stay here.

I might need you.

I´ll take K . K ? K ?

Affirmative, master. Affirmative.

Well, Romana, why don't you and the ********** wait in the lounge?


Is down the corridor the right.



You go down to the section five, then left into the shuttle bay and then down to the level B.

You can't miss it.

How long? I thought the idea was you show me?

I've told you, haven't I?

What's the difference?

I'm busy...

How very odd.


Any idea of what is it, K ?

A fongus, source of the drug XYP.


Dangerous, addictive, known as Vraxoin.


I've seen whole communities, whole planets, destroyed by this.

It induces a kind of warm complacency, and a total apathy.

Until it *********so you are death.

Come on.

It is my ambition to became the first zoologist to qualify and quantify every species in our galaxy.

One more trip and I may achieve it.

Are you planning another?

Yeah, the next is always on my mind, but it is a question of finance.

I was hoping to meet a sponsor on Azure, but this accident made ****** my chances.

A sponsor?

Ah yes, the Government used to fund me, but the galactic recession put a stop to that.

Now all they do is to assign me special travel facilities on Government-subsided spaced lines, but first-class.

What that machine?

That is my CET machine, the Continuous Event Transmuter.

It is an invention of my own.

I´ll show you.

It looks as if you've invented the cinematograph.

What you see may seem to be just a mere projection, but it is in fact a matter transmutation.

You see, when we collect the specimens to study they are converted into electro-magnetic signals and stored on an event

crystal in the machine.

And they go on living and evolving...

In the crystal.

This image projection allowes us to see them whenever we wish.

The flora and the fauna are actually in a crystal.

I hope you can appreciate

what a technical achievement that is.

A crude form of matter transfer by dimensional control.


A prototype.

And you could have problems with it.


But it works perfectly.

Nothing was perfectly.

Oh yes, but this...

What about the materialisation collision?

It's cause all sort of unstable matter interfaces.

They'll probably affect the dimensional matrix of your machine.

The what?

Had you thought of that?

Are you claiming superior knowledge?

Well, equal, perhaps.

I wish everyone would stop showing off get something done about my ship?

We seem to have a slight problem Azure, we are doing our best to sort it out.

And meanwhile we'll continue to our orbit.

Rigg out.

Ah, Doctor, the man from Galactic.


Back so soon.


I´ll tell you something about your man, Secker.

What about him?

He ran away.

He was been behaving rare strangely.

Seems to be in a different world.


Perhaps he is unwell.

Could I have a look at your log and check to see if he's been to any planet where he might have picked up Vraxoin?

Doctor, this is the *********.

Station nine to Azure, Azure to station nine.

A straight charter for the whole season.

What about one of the passengers?

One of them could be the carrier, ********speak?

No, Doctor.

They've all had pre-vacation checks, the Azurian authorities insist on it.

Anyone else?



Yes, the zoologist.

He arrived to station after a long expedition with his equipment, looking for a holiday.

Where had he been?

All over, but he is all right, we checked him an board.

Yes, but I'd still like to know where he's been.

Yes, and I'd still like to know who you are.



Well, I told you, I'm from Galactic.

Galactic went out of business years ago.

I wondered why I hadn't been paid.

No, that's not good enough.

That's what I thought.

Where I can find Tryst?

Is in the first class lounge.

Goog, good, good.

You try find Secker, and meet me there in first class...

No, no, no... Do you want this ship prepared or not?

Well, of course I do.

Well then...

...just find Sekker and meet me in the lounge in five minutes.


"Secker report to the bridge."


I think where did you go?

We went through the Sigmus Gap.


Yes, and then we did a slink short of a to small system, just three planets,

M- - . You know?

I know.

The second planet supports life in a very early stage of evolution.

The molluscs, the algae, the primitive insects.

I can show you.

No, no, no, it´s perfectly allright...

But I'm just interested in the voyage.

It's fascinating.

Here you are. A copy of my Log.

I had published it to ****** my lectures.

The Volante.

Yes, the name of my ship.

And you invented this marvellous machine to collect your specimens?

You know, I knew a man once ******* with an idea like this.

What was his name?

Professor... professor Schtein?

Professor Schtein?


Oh, a dear friend, he was my mentor.

We worked on the idea together before he died, of course.

Then we stoped. You knew him.

Yes, I did.

Well, by reputation.

He once give a seminar on the...

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor.

All very well reminiscing, but don't we have an urgent problem to deal with it.

I'm anxious to be on my way.

Of course, you´re extremely anxious to be on your way.

Yes, you see, I didn´t actually expect a space liner to materialise...

...half way to my ship today.


Doctor, we can't locate Secker.

My men still looking.

Could you take me to the power unit yourself?

Oh, yes, all right.

Good, good.

Please, thank you very much for your history, very interesting we must have a chat about that machine of yours sometime.


and about the emotion of capturing alien species for your own private zoo.



No Doctor, this is important scientific research, just I´m helping to conserve endangered species.

By putting them in this machine?

Oh, yes.

Ah, yes, of course.

Just in the same way a jam maker conserves raspberries.

Oh don't mind him.

He just likes to irritate people.

Yes, well, he has a right to criticize, I suppose.

Still, I´m very pleased to have someone of intellect to spech with ****** again,

After such a long voyage cooped up with the same people...

How many were on your ship?

A well, to begin with, there was ten.

But we lost one.


He died.

How did he died?

He died.

Did you find anything from Tryst?


K , check all the planets he'd been *****.


Not a good explain***** condition.

Are you sure?

Absolutely certain.

Oh, dear.

Caution. Area of overlap is highly dangerous.

Molecular structure of the two ships is incompatible,

...causing matter interface.



The two ships are rejecting each other, molecularly speaking that´s it.

Like a tissue transplant, you mean?

Exactly, exactly.

It´s another way to the power unit?

We could try from below the shuttle bay.

We'd have to cut a way through, I could put in the request for lasers **** sent from Azure.

No, don't be necessary, I've got my own equipment.

What are you doing?

Oh, I was just having a look, I hope you don't mind?

I don't, no.

Then why switch it off?

I don´t mind, Tryst does.

This machine's is his baby. Nobody touches it except for him.

Has it ever gone wrong?

No, why should it?

Lots of reasons.

Do you think I just see a look of that last one, Eden, I think it´s called?

No, no that one.

What's the matter?

It's just that Eden brings back such unpleasant memories for me.

That was where we lost the other crew member.

Oh, I see.

He was a friend of yours?

More than that.

It doesn't matter now.

Excuse me.

We won´t be able to make it, Doctor.

The place to cut through is beyond that overlap.

Where is the power unit?

Up there.

Caution, Master.

You are entering a matter interface.

What the devil he did that?

I don't no.

Medics, level four.

I'll meet you at the elevator, move.

K see the ******** in there.

The mist is a matter interface, and is therefore dangerous, master.

No, no, no, in the very edge.

Affirmative, Master.

Sensors will not function in this environment, Master.

It´s came to sickbay, quick.

Don´t, wait, please.

It's an attack by somebody or something.

Horrible. But why?

I don't know.

Have you ever seen anything like that before?

No, no I haven´t.

Ah, Captain, I´ve got your message, what´s the problem?

Look at this.

Where did this happen?

Down on the shuttle bay.

Seeking is in one of the matter interfaces.

Yes, that could be the answer.

Who knows what forces exist in an unstable zone such is that?

You didn´t hear the scream.


You didn't bring any live specimens on board my ship, did you?

Oh, no, Captain, I asure you.

No, all my specimens are laser crystal recordings.

Good, good.

This way, Mistress.

How far?

Aproximately seven meters and closing.

Doctor! What happened?



Please, clarified, statement does not compute.


Oh, Bushwacked.

Called the attack by a person o persons unknown.

It's gone.

Something have been stolen?


Someone aboard this ship is smuggling drugs. Vraxoin.



I thought that was stamped out long ago.


Only knows the source is destroyed, wasn´t it?

That´s right, they incinerated the entire planet.

Someone found another source.

Where is the man do I need?

He comes up with a marvellous idea and any to fiddles about.

I´ve got *************problem ******, including a dead navigator.

And now the Doctor says is going to blast his way to the shuttle bay.

And how can I explain the great gaping hole in this area of the ship?

I wish he'd get on with it.

I've got a schedule to keep.

So have I.

Doctor, this machine.

What? The lift?

No, not the lift, the CET machine.

What about it?

It doesn't just take recordings.

Oh, no. The animals themselves are converted into magnetic signals and their habitats.

So he's left bald patches on the planets he's visited?

Yes, CET machine is just an electronic zoo.

For cages, read laser crystals.

Either other way, the animals are trapped inside.

I hope so.

What do you mean?

Well, you saw how primitive that device was, is terrible unstable.

This ship is full of unstable matter zones.

Gives me the creeps, it wasn´t just a mirage what atacked Seeker.



Seeker is dead.

They couldn't save him.

That´s a pity.

He might have been able to say us what had atack him.

I ask trust.

But he could´t *****.

Right. First is the first.

Romana, you take of the CET machine.

What are you going to do?

Separate the ships.

Come on, Rigg.

Well, Captain you have to show us the best place.

Ah, it´s pity we can go further out there.

I don't want to damage the air seal or cutting through a stress-point.

I'm sure K will be careful.

Won't you, K ?

Affirmative, Master.


Make a big as you can, K .

Very handy, that machine of yours, Doctor.

Wow, it´s not just a mobile ********, you know?

He saved my life lot of occasions.

He even beat me at chess, once.

Right, Doctor, give me a hand.

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