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 Posted: 02/15/13 16:21
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It takes only one person to have a dream, but many, many people to make it become a reality. Many thanks go out to all those who have helped us over the years in the creation of Forever Dreaming!

Our sincerest heartfelt appreciation goes out to the person who brought this entire board over to total freedom. We will be forever indebted to you. :heart

Our Social Media team-
Tumblr- SpicyAlejandra
Pinterest- Christina
Facebook- JJ luvr

Our Graphics Team:
Specialty Forums, Graphic layouts, Banners, Backgrounds, Colors and Design:

Spicy Alejandra

All custom buttons provided by- Nutrocker

All backgrounds provided by-

All drink, icon & graphic animations provided by-
Flaming Text

Custom banner in The Music Zone provided by- TabbyVolatile
Custom banner in Picture Zone, Smallville provided by- Ademafan18
Custom banner in the Alias Forum provided by- BlondeePR
Custom buttons in the Alias Forum created by- Destinyros2005
All other custom banners including the main board banner provided by- Laura

Small FD Advertising button provided by- paladinsean
Glittery FD Advertising button provided by- Hugsbugsmom @ Four Seasons
Roswell and all other Advertising buttons provided by Laura

FD Exclusive Online Store- Graphics, Design & Help provided by
And original logo & concept credit to Laura.

All special effects (ie. mouse, rain/snow, graphics, scripts, ect.) provided by-
Dynamic Drive
All Java Scripts provided by-

All custom emoticons provided by- and community.the-underdogs.o...index.html & rightful designers

All behind the scenes photos of Roswell provided by- Covina Guy & Big Spam

All upcoming show screencaps provided by- Ademafan18

Alias S&V upcoming show screencaps also provided kindly by Gertie @ Alias Media-

All Spoiler Scripts provided by- Mr. Anonymous

A very special thanks for help and Music Scripts provided by Electric Graffiti

Tons of thanks to DemStalker for his help on the Individual forum scripts.

A special thanks & appreciation to the guys over on the help forums for helping us with the scripts & problems we've come across along the way~

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