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  04x04 - I'm Alive and on Fire
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Scene 1: in the woods - Eric, Sookie

Eric just killed Claudine by drinking her blood.

Sookie: We're sittin' ducks out here if any of Claudine's friends show up. Hurry. In the house. (Eric faint) We're headin' for the cubby. You hear me? Hey.

He wakes up.

Eric: Hey! More.

Sookie: Quit.

Eric: I want more.

Sookie: You can't have any more. There isn't any more. You drink the whole faierie, and you're going to your room.

Eric: Drink you up.

Sookie: Eric you'll kill me! No!

Eric: I would never harm you.

Sookie: You better not. Come on, I'll tuck you in.

Eric: *giggles*

He pinches her bottom.

Sookie: Hey! Did you just pinch my butt?

Eric: Beautiful butt.

Sookie: Well, thanks, but hands off.

Eric: Whoo! (He does it again)

Sookie: Hey! I said... What... You're drunk!

Eric: Catch me.

He leaves.

Sookie: Get back here! (He comes back) I'm trying to help you. You can't do this. Get back in the house right now.

Eric: Never.

Sookie: It'll be dawn soon!

Eric: I don't care.

He leaves again.

Sookie: Eric!

Sookie runs after him.


Scene 2: Fangtasia - Bill, Pam

Bill: Where is Eric?

Pam: For the last time, I don't know. I have no idea what happened to him.

Bill: Don't lie to me, Pam. It's treason.

Pam: Exactly. I wouldn't take the chance. All of your subjects are learning how ruthless you are.

Bill: I know the depth of your devotion. You would lie and die for your maker.

Pam: And I know how much you hate him.

Bill: Why didn't you call me when he went missing?

Pam: Well, I was kind of thinking you sent him to those witches so they'd kill him.

Bill: You're not supposed to think. You're supposed to follow protocol. When you hear from him, you let me know immediately.

Pam: Yes, sir. (He starts leaving) You like the feel of it, don't you, Bill? That crown.

He looks at her, and then leaves.

Scene 3: Hot shot - Jason, Becky, Luther, a blond girl.

Jason is being raped.

Blond girl: Oh yeah. (Jason comes) Wait, wait. Come on now.

Jason: Get off me.

Blond girl: I ain't done yet.

Jason: GET OFF ME!

She gets off, and put her panties on, crying.

Jason: I don't know why you're cryin'. I'm the one gettin' raped.

Blond girl: My brother-husband, he just bites the back of my neck and he holds me down till it's over. You're the best I ever had. Next!

She leaves, and Becky arrives.

Jason: Oh, no. Hey! She's just a little girl!

Luther opens the door.

Luther: Never you mind! Breed, ghost daddy, breed!

He closes the door.

Becky: Uncle Felton says I'm old enough, and you better give me a cub.

Jason: What? (She puts her panties off) Whoa, whoa, no no. Stop it! Stop it!

Becky: Don't yell at me!

Jason: Sorry. Becky I'm sick, and I'm - I'm getting' sicker. I can't. I can't do this no more.

Becky: You gotta (She takes a knife) I'll cut your thing if you put up a fight.

Jason: You ever done sex before?

Becky: Sure, Lots of times. (He looks at her) No. But I ain't scared.

Jason: Then this ain't the way it should be. Uh, your - your first time should be special. With a boy you really like, who brings you presents and candy.

Becky: Boys do that?

Jason: Oh, they sure do. And, hey, you make love with him 'cause it's the right time, not 'cause some big man shoves you in a shed and says you gotta.

Becky: I don't want do this with you. I don't want to do this at all.

Jason: Then cut me loose. I'm scared I'll die here.

Becky: So am I.

She cuts the first link and gave him the knife.

Jason: Here.

Becky: Be careful, Mister Jason.

Jason: Well, you too.

He goes outside.

Luther: Hey!

Jason punches Luther, who faints.

Scene 4: Bill's house - Bill, Nan.

Nan: I'm trying to salvage the future of equality for vampires in this country after Russell Edgington butchered a man on television, and you send Eric Northman after wiccans? Are you fucking insane?

Bill: Wiccans working death magic.

Nan: Some old hippies levitated a dead bird, so what?

Bill: Necromancy is no joke. Remember the Spanish massacre?

Nan: That was 400 years ago. A single powerful witch with a reason to go after vampires.

Bill: It would be foolish to believe that this could not happen again.

Nan: Remember Salem? We all thought it was such a threat, when it was just a bunch of neurotic puritanettes who needed a good lay.

Bill: This is the real thing. I know it.

Nan: they don't make necromancers the way they used to, Bill. Get a grip!

Bill: Then where is Eric? Why has nobody heard from him?

Nan: It's not my problem you can't control your sheriffs.

Bill: you're making a big mistake.

Nan: that is not for you to decide. I really don't know what you expect me to do. I can't take this to the Authority.

Bill: I don't expect anything. I'm just keeping you informed.

Nan: Fine, I'm informed. Clean it up. But don't you shed one drop of mortal blood.

Bill: And what if they come...

Nan: No dead humans! Or I will have your ass.

Bill: I'll deal with it personally.

Nan: Thank you. How's the execution go?

Bill: Oh, very smooth. Completely justified.

Nan: Aw. Poor Bill. Power's so hard. Don't fuck this up. How many retired kings do you know?

She leaves.

Bill: I'll make sure you're kept in the loop.

Scene 5: Goddess Emporium/ Spain (in the flashback) - Marnie, Antonia, Inquisition men.

Marnie's sleeping, having flashback of Antonia's last moments. Antonia is on the stake, conjuring spirits.

Antonia: Alley, Fortissian, Fortissio, Allinson, Roa.

Inquisition men (in Spannish): You must burn a witch properly. First the calves, thighs...

Antonia: Colpriziani offina alta nestra fuaro menut

Inquisition men: ... and hands. Then the torso, forearms, and the breasts.

Marnie: This is madness! (She runs into the crowd but nobody can see her) We must stop this! We - We have to save her!

Inquisition men: She is not allowed to die until her face is in flames.

Someone lights the stake, and Marnie's screaming.

Antonia (in Spannish): You belong to me, it is you who will burn for your sins! Colpriziani offina alta nestra fuaro menut. Alley, Fortissian, Fortissio, Allinson, Roa.

Antonia and Marnie: Alley, Fortissian, Fortissio, Allinson, Roa (x3)

Antonia: Ahh!

Antonia's burning alive. Then Marnie wakes up, a light in her eyes.

Scene 6: Sookie's house - Alcide, Sookie.

Alcide knocks at the door.

Alcide: Sookie?

Sookie comes from the back of the house. She holds a red blanket in her arms.

Alcide: Sookie, where you at?

Sookie: Oh, thank you for commin'. I was checking the woods out back one more time. There's no sign of him.

Alcide: How can Eric be runnin' around in the daylight?

He starts to undress.

Sookie: It's a long, strange story. I'll tell you on the way.

She looks at him, but he stops before taking off his pants.

Alcide: Sookie.

Sookie: Sorry (She turns away) I wasn't thinkin'. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.

Alcide: You'd help me if I need you.

Sookie: I sure would.

He turns into a wolf.

Sookie: You got his scent?

Alcide run into the woods.

Sookie: Wait for me! Alcide! Damn.

Scene 7: The Merlotte's - Sam, Maxine Fortenberry.

Sam serves customers when Maxine Fortenberry arrives.

Maxine: Sam Merlotte, what have you done to my boy?

Sam: I didn't do anything to anybody. I got no idea what Hoyt's up to. [To a customer] You ready to order?

Maxine: I don't mean Hoyt. He's no son of mine.

Sam: Then I don't know who you're talkin' about.

Maxine: Tommy Mickens? His own brother, who he shot? Y'all remember?

Sam: And who is now fine.

He takes her in a corner.

Maxine: He is not fine. He didn't come home last night, and I can't find him! Now, where is he?

Sam: How should I know? Tommy's a big boy. He runs his own life.

Maxine: Somethin' terrible is wrong with you. There is no family feelin' in your soul.

Sam: Well, I could point out that you're the one who disowned your child by blood, but maybe you're right. Maybe there is something wrong with me where family's concerned.

Maxine: Oh, there's no question about that, Mister Guns-A-Blazin'. The whole town knows it.

Sam: I can't help you, Maxine.

Maxine: I am a lioness, and if you even laid a finger on him...

Sam: I did not, hand to the lord.

Maxine: ... I will punch your ticket but good, you hear me?

Sam: Yes, ma'am.

Maxine: Why aren't you fightin' back?

Sam: Got no quarrel with you. Tommy's lucky a lioness has his back.

Maxine gives him a suspicious look and leaves.

Scene 8: Hotshot - Felton, Crystal, Luther, Becky

Felton comes while Becky is sleeping. He wakes her up.

Felton: Now, you look different.

Becky: I - I do?

Felton: Yep. 'Cause you ain't a virgin no more.

Becky: Mmm-Hmm

Felton: He do you right? Sex is kinda gross, but it feels good, don't it? Don't it? Tell uncle-daddy Felton all about it. (He catches her face) Hey! Look at me!

He ran to the place where Jason is supposed to be.

Felton: Luther! Luther!

Crystal comes.

Crystal: What are you hollerin' about?

Felton smashes the door and founds Luther bounded. He screams while Crystal releases Luther.

Crystal: We got Jason's seed. That's all we wanted.

Felton: Hey, I'm gonna claw your pretty boy up, and string his guts from here to Shreveport! And your little sister-niece, Becky, she's next. Come on Luther! (He goes out) Bufort! Timbo!

Somebody outside the screen: Yeah?

Crystal: You promised you wouldn't hurt him!

Felton: Fuck that shit! Fuck you!

He transforms into a were-panther.

Scene 9: Goddess Emporium - Jesus, Marnie, Lafayette, Tara.

Jesus: Don't you know a spell that'll make him remember again?

Marnie: Please, I am so tired. I have hardly slept.

Lafayette: If you fully realized what fuckin' vampire you fucked with, you would never sleep again.

Marnie: He had no right to approach us. It's his fault. This is a sacred space.

Tara: Nothing is sacred to them.

Marnie: Well, the Goddess. She will protect us.

Lafayette (to Jesus): Will you fuckin' talk some sense into her, please?

Jesus: Just calm...

Marnie: Go away. Just go away. People are so violent, and so perplexing. Just leave me alone with the dead.

Jesus: Marnie, all you have to do is come with us, and reverse the spell you cast on Eric Northman.

Lafayette: Or you'll be one of the dead.

Marnie: I can't! It wasn't me. It wasn't my spell. It was her.

Lafayette: Can't? "Can't" isn't a motherfuckin' option here!

Tara: Her who?

Marnie: Uh, I don't know her name. She hasn't told me.

Lafayette: I tell you what. You get her ass on the goddamn Goddess line, and you tell her to turn this curse a-fuckin'-round.

Marnie: Spirits aren't pets. They don't come when you call.

Jesus: Marnie, these vampires will kill everyone in our circle.

Lafayette: After a whole lot of torture.

Tara: And rape.

Marnie: Uh, I suppose I better try somethin'.

Lafayette: Thank you.

Marnie and Jesus sit down face to face.

Jesus: You can just tell us what to do.

Marnie: Goddess, Loving souls, light our way. Reveal to us your ancient wisdom.

Lafayette: Save our fuckin' asses.

Marnie: In this suffering, tragic world, show us your mercy. Blessed be!

Jesus: Come on.

Nothing happen.

Marnie: Mmm-mmm. They're just spells. Ooh, spells that restore the mind, spells that recover memory, spells that remove... (She rises) Let's turn to the books. That's bound to reveal something.

She goes out of the room, followed by Tara.

Scene 10: The woods - Eric, Alcide, Sookie.

Sookie: So, Eric can daywalk some with the faerie blood, but it makes him drunk as a skunk. He's hammered, and who knows how long before he starts to fry.

Alcide stops near the water.

Sookie: There's no time to rest. We gotta keep movin'. Alcide, I know you don't like him, but if he dies, Pam'll kill me.

Eric comes out of the water.

Eric: Hey, Sookie! Where have you been? Come, come play with me. It's wonderful here. I am Aegir, god of the sea, and you are Ran, my sea goddess.

Sookie: There's big gator in there, you crazy Vicking! Get on out and let's go home, before one of them chomps off your you-know-what.

Eric: Leave the sun to the water? Nope. I'll just kill all the sea monsters! Gators, Krukodiler! Show yourselves! Cowards!

Alcide transforms into his human form.

Alcide: He really is different.

Eric sees it and gets his fangs out.

Eric: Get away from her!

Alcide: Fuck you! She wants me here.

Sookie: Eric, this is Alcide. He's your friend. He's gonna help you. You don't want to fight him.

Eric: Yes, I do. Now prepare to die, you stinking dog.

Alcide: Take your shop, you dumbshit fanger.

Sookie: Grow up, you giant babies! Alcide, stop making that noise. Eric, put up thoses fangs and do what I say!

Eric starts to feel the burn of the sun.

Eric: Uh, uh... I don't feel so good.

Sookie: Now will you listen to me?

Eric: Sookie, I hurt. My blood is burning.

She comes with the blanket and wraps him up.

Sookie: I know. Now, come on. You gotta get. Vamps speed.

Eric: I don't want to go back to the darkness. I want us, I want us...

Alcide: Just keep that blanket on, and the sun at your back.

Eric: Sookie, I'm...

Sookie: Go. Run. We'll be right behind you.

He leaves, followed by Alcide who transformed again, and Sookie.

Scene 11: The woods - Jason, Felton.

Jason is running away, looking at his back. He's exhausted, and suffers because of his wounds.

We hear a roaring not far away. He takes off his shirt and throws it in the opposite direction, in order to fool the were-panther.

He took a stick, and smears himself with dirt.

Felton (in his were-panther form) arrives and sniffs Jason's smell, then goes in the direction of the shirt.

Scene 12: Mickens' new place - Tommy, Melinda.

Tommy's searching for his mom.

Tommy: Mama? Mama! Melinda Mickens!

Melinda appears behind the van.

Melinda: Over here! Whoo-hoo! Over here! Oh, now!

Tommy gives her a hug, making her seals of water falls.

Melinda: Look what you made me done! Now I gotta walk all the way back to the well.

Tommy: Well, I stole a car. I'll drive ya. Ain't you happy to see me?

Melinda: I been deramin' about you for months and months. I didn't want to make you mad.

Tommy: I ain't mad.

Melinda: But I couldn't wait no more. I had to call. I called Merlotte's and got the busboy t give me the name of that lady you been stayin' with.

Tommy: I missed you, Ma. And when you told me that...

Melinda: Now, sugar, don't you cry, too. You gotta be the man.

Tommy: Is it true? Did you finally leave Joe Lee? For good this time?

Melinda: Well, I did. I left him.

Tommy: Oh, Mama. I'm the happiest I ever been in my life! What'd you say? How'd you do it?

Melinda: We'll talk about that later. I want to hear about you! Look at you, all growed up, and on your own.

Tommy: I can read now.

Melinda: No, you cannot!

Tommy: Yeah.

Melinda: Can you.

Tommy: Yeah!

Melinda: Oh, I'm so proud! Remember when everybody called you stupid, and I always said you wasn't?

Tommy: Oh, and Sam shot me in the leg.

Melinda: He what? Why?

Tommy: 'Cause he hates me. Bang! Big old nasty hole right there. But I'm strong. I got better.

Melinda: Shoot my baby, I could kill him. Getting' rid of that child's the best decision I ever made.

Tommy: Yeah, you were right. He never cared about me.

Melinda: Well, we don't care about him. You are my one and only. Gimme another hug around the neck.

He hugs her again.

Scene 13: Luna's house - Sam, Luna, Emma.

Sam arrives in his car, goes out and comes to knock at Luna's door.

Luna: Who is it?

Sam: Surprise, it's Sam!

Luna opens the door.

Luna: What are you doin' here?

Sam: I felt like sayin' hey to a beautiful girl.

Luna: Oh, that, that's sweet, but...

Sam: You showed up to seduce me at Merlotte's, I thought I'd return the favor.

Luna: Shh, shh. It can't work that way, all right? Now's not a good time.

Sam: I was, I was just followin' your lead. Uh, just to be clear, has somethin' changed? Are we still on the same page?

Luna: Yeah. More or less, but you gotta call first.

Sam: So only one of us can be spontaneous?

Luna: Well...

Emma comes at the door.

Emma: Mommy! (She looks at Sam) Who are you?

Sam: Who are you? You look like somebody important. Like a princess, or a cowgirl.

Emma: I am.

Sam: Yeah? What are you doin'?

Emma: We were just playing Barbies. (To her mom) Can he play Barbies with us?

Luna: Oh, I don't think so.

Sam: Oh, come on. Can I?

Luna: Emma, this is my friend Sam. Sam, meet my daughter.

Emma: Hi.

Sam: Hey, Emma. Which Barbie do I get? I hope she has a bunch of pretty dresses.

Emma: Oh she does.

Sam: Yeah?

Luna: Come on in.

Sam: Love to.

They all come in the house.

Scene 14: The woods - Jason.

Jason is still running away in the woods. We hear the roaring, and Jason falls.

Scene 15: Sookie's house - Eric, Alcide, Sookie.

Alcide is upstairs, listening to Eric and Sookie who are in the hideout.

Eric: I don't want to go to sleep.

Sookie: You have to rest. You got all burned up today. Let me check (She checks if he's fine). Everything healed. Now, lay down and close your eyes.

Eric: No. No.

Sookie: If you stay awake, you're gonna start bleeding all over the place.

Eric: I know what the bleeds are.

Sookie: Fine, then you can clean it up. I'm not a maid.

Eric: Stay with me. Please.

Sookie: Can't. Human stuff to do.

Eric: Oh.

He looks away, a little sad. Sookie goes upstairs. Alcide moves away from the entrance.

Alcide: This is nuts.

Sookie: Hush.

They're going outside.

Alcide: He can't stay here. What are you thinkin'?

Sookie: You saw yourself. He isn't the same. He's not for long, anyway.

Alcide: He's a killer. Eric Northman at your house, you... You must have a death wish.

We see Eric in the basement, listening to them.

Sookie: Well, Debbie Pelt's still Debbie Pelt.

Alcide: So?

Sookie: She's an addict and an attempted murderer, and she lives in your house, and I'm not judjing you.

Alcide: So that's how you feel about her.

Sookie: I don't want you hurt again. Or me.

Alcide: That's what I'm saying about Eric.

Sookie: All right, then we're even.

Alcide: Come here.

She approaches and hugs him.

Alcide: I'm on your side, Sook. Whatever happens.

Sookie: Same for me. (She looks at him) Friends?

Alcide: Friends. Keep in touch.

Sookie: You know I will.

He leaves.

Scene 16: The woods - Jason, Felton, Crystal.

Jason is on a tree, cutting a branch. He starts falling asleep and let the knife fall.

The were-panther arrives, searching for him. Jason jumps from the tree and kill the panther with the stick. Felton returns into his human form.

Another were-panther arrives and transforms. It's Crystal. Jason takes the stick to defend himself.

Crystal: So long, motherfucker (she kicks Felton's corpse). Hey, baby.

Jason: Stay there. Stay there.

Crystal: Luther and Timbo are comin', but I can handle them. I'm big mama kitty now. Finally. Everybody gonna do what I say. Felton got you good. Let me rub some dirt on that.

She approaches.

Jason: Don't fuckin' touch me.

Crystal: We can be together now. Like we was always meant to be. We're mates for life.

Jason: We ain't nothin' but disaster. You're the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Crystal: That's the fever talking. (She tries to come closer)

Jason: Take one more step, I'll kill ya.

Crystal: Bontemps ain't your home no more. You're gonna be Panther Man and Ghost Daddy to our clan.

Jason: The fuck I am.

Crystal: Hotshot's the only place that'll take you in.

Jason: If the next time I see you or this shithole is a hundred years from now, it'll still be too goddamn soon.

He leaves.

Crystal: I'll be waitin' for ya, Jason! Full moon!

Scene 17: Bellefleur's house - Bill, Portia, Andy, Caroline Bellefleur.

Portia: Bill? Bill? You haven't heard a word I've said.

Bill: Sorry, I'm preoccupied. Business.

Portia: Hmm. I think you're worried about meetin' my grandmamma.

Bill: Mmm-hmm.

Portia: She's keeping you waitin' on purpose, you know. She likes to male all my gentlemen callers nervous.

Someone cough. Mrs. Bellefleur comes into the room. Bill and Portia get up.

Portia: Grandmama, this is my friend and client, William Compton.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Caroline Bellefleur.

Bill: Caroline. Well, that was my wife's name. It's an honor and a gift to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Bellefleur.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Please, sit.

Andy comes downstairs.

Andy: G'night, back soon!

Mrs. Bellefleur: Andrew. (She asks him to come)

Bill: Andrew.

Andy: Bill (he sits down). Portia.

Mrs. Bellefleur: There's tea in the kitchen, Portia.

Portia: Of course. Tru-Blood for you, Bill?

Bill: That would be very kind.

Andy: I'll have a Red Bull, please.

Mrs. Bellefleur: No, you won't. It's vulgar. He'll have sweet tea.

Andy: yes, ma'm.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Tell us about your day, dear.

Andy: Well, I caught that flasher from Glenville.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Oh, Andy. We don't talk about that in the parlor.

Andy: You asked me. That's what I did.

Mrs. Bellefleur: No, no, no, no, no. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to teach my grandson the art of polite conversation.

Bill: But he is a man of the law. He is bound by civic responsibility to practice the art of circumspection, which is entirely the opposite.

Andy: Thanks.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Mister Compton, you're good.

Scene 18: Luna's house - Sam, Luna, Emma.

Emma: No!

Luna: Yes! We have to brush your teeth, wash your face, and put you on your PJs.

Emma: I don't want to.

Sam: I think you better. Unless you'd like a million little bugs playin' house in your mouth.

Emma: Ew.

Luna: When we're done, we can say good night to Sam.

Emma: I'll do it myself. Sam, stay.

Sam: Yes, ma'am.

She goes to the bathroom.

Sam: There is a girl who knows her mind.

Luna sits on the couch ext to Sam.

Luna: I want her to be strong, but sometimes she's a little too much like her father.

Sam: Or maybe her mom?

Luna: I want to raise her right. So many shifter kids are fucked up.

Sam: Yeah.

Luna: They hate the world, they hate themselves.

Sam: Hmm-mm.

Luna: She goes that way, it's gonna break my heart.

Sam: Mmm. But you could have told me about her. You know, I like kids. I'm not gonna run. Do I seem like that kind of guy?

Luna: No. But I have to be careful. Really careful.

Sam: Go on.

Luna: My ex is a werewolf.

Sam: Ah.

Luna: I was young. He was a bad boy. Everyone said no, so I said yes. I am a cliché.

Sam: No you're not. No you're not. We make choices. We don't know what they'll mean down the line. I mean, you got away from a werewolf, right? That's no cliché.

Luna: Not away away.

Sam: He watches you.

Luna: I think he might. Drives by sometimes, comes around when I don't expect him. He loves Emma. But he's jealous, so...

Sam: Uh-huh.

Luna: If I get closer to somebody...

Sam: Me.

Luna: Yeah, you. I don't know what he'll do. That's a really good reason to run.

Sam: Do I look like I'm runnin'?

Emma enters the room.

Emma: I'm sitting next to you.

Sam: Well, I was hoping you would.

Emma sits between them.

Sam: Hey.

Luna: (gives her the remote control) Here you go.

Emma: Thanks.

Sam: Mmm-hmm.

Scene 19: Goddess Emporium - Jesus, Lafayette, Marnie, Tara.

They are all making searches.

Lafayette: What is she doing?

Jesus: She's testing for energy. The right spell might give off heat.

Tara: I got nothin'.

Marnie: You be careful of that. It's over a hundred years old.

Lafayette: This ain't workin', and we runnin' out of time.

Jesus: Marnie, maybe we should try something else.

Marnie: Well, I don't know what else I can do. (She casts a spell) I call upon you for the thousandth time, my faithful spirit guides. Why have you forsaken me?

Tara: We're fucked.

Marnie starts to cry. A book falls from the shelf.

Tara: What the...

Marnie: Whoa, whoa, whoa. (She takes the book and reads) "To heal those who have drunk from the river Lethe".

Tara: Huh?

Marnie: It's the Greeks. It's the river in Hades, the river of forgetting. This is it.

Tara: We better call Pam.

Marnie: Oh, blessed be. "Draw your circle in the light of the moon of Artemis".

Scene 20: Alcide's house - Alcide, Debbie.

Alcide comes home.

Alcide: Deb?

Debbie: In the den. You said you were workin' late tonight. You weren't kiddin'.

Alcide: Got behind on a couple things. Hey, darlin'.

Debbie: Mmm.

They kiss, and she smells him.

Debbie: Did you shift today?

Alcide: Yeah.

Debbie: Why'd you do that?

Alcide: Wasn't exactly my idea. Sookie called.

Debbie: Huh.

Alcide: Had to go to Bon Temps. She needed emergency wolf assistance wranglin' a vamp.

Debbie: In the daylight.

Alcide: Yeah. Got pretty cooked. We had to catch him and throw him underground really quick. Tool a bite out of my schedule.

Debbie: Sookie's okay?

Alcide: For now. But you know her. Danger on the doorstep every five minutes.

Debbie: Yeah, I know.

Alcide: You're not mad, are you?

Debbie: Mmm. There's nothin' to be mad about. We are living a life of rigorous honesty here. I'm glad you told me about it. You're a good man to help her with her troubles.

Alcide: Damn. I cannot get over how much you've grown.

Debbie: Mmm. (They kiss again). You're in my bed, boy. I ain't worried about no Sookie.

Scene 21: Mrs Bellefleur's house - Bill, Andy, Mrs. Bellefleur, Portia.

Mrs. Bellefleur: My husband Joseph was Arthur Bellefleur's son, and Arthur was the son of James.

Andy puts a glass on the table.

Andy: Grandmama, I can't sit here all night bein' circumspect. I uh, have a big job, and I have big things to do.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Well, go then. No one's holding you prisoner.

Andy: 'Night, y'all!

He leaves.

Mrs. Bellefleur: He's drinkin' again.

Portia: We don't know that. His work is very stressfull, and he takes it all to heart.

Mrs. Bellefleur: It's a mistake to coddle men, Bill. Don't you agree?

Bill: I don't. I thoroughly enjoy a good coddling. Now, your husband's grandfather was James Bellefleur.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Mmm-hmm.

Bill: And he was the descendant of Jedediah Bellefleur.

Mrs. Bellefleur: Mmm-hmm.

Bill: I knew him from the battlefield.

Mrs. Bellefleur: And James's father... I can't recall. Once upon a time, I could go back ten generations without giving it a thought. (To Portia) Uh, would you get the Bible for me? (Portia give it to her) Oh, thank you, dear. And a little whiskey?

She opens the Bible.

Mrs. Bellefleur: What a shame. It's so faded you can't read it.

Bill: Would you permit me?

Mrs. Bellefleur: Mmm.

Portia: Vampire vision.

Bill: So, Joseph Bellefleur was the son of Arthur Bellefleur, who was the son of James Bellefleur and Elizabeth Harris. Harris?

Mrs. Bellefleur: Yes, she was the daughter of... You, you cannot...

Bill: I understand. Please forgive me, I didn't know.

Mrs. Bellefleur: I believe you. But you cannot...

Bill: Of course. You have nothing to fear.

Portia: What?

Mrs. Bellefleur: Excuse me, I - I am... I'm really not feeling very well.

She starts to leave the room.

Bill: Good night.

Portia: Grandmama, are you gonna be okay?

Mrs. Bellefleur: Yes, dear. Yes.

Portia gives him an interrogative look.

Bill: I must go.

Portia: Uh, tell me about it over drinks?

Bill: You can't come with me. We cannot see each other anymore.

Portia: Why?

He goes outside, followed by Portia.

Portia: Hey! Don't you walk away from me. I am a lawyer, Bill. I am a terrier. I will not let this go.

Bill: Elizabeth Harris was the daughter of Lionel Harris and Sarah Compton.

Portia: So?

Bill: Sarah was my daughter. You're my great-great-great-great granddaughter.

He leaves.

Scene 22: Terry's house - Terry, Mikey, Arlene, Coby, Lisa.

Terry (with Mickey in his arms) enters the living room, where Arlene:, Coby and Lisa are sleeping on the couch.

Terry: You see that, Mickey? That's your family. That's your big brother and sister. And they're gonna teach you, and wrassle with you, protect you from your enemies. And that's your mama, the most beautiful mama in the whole world. And I'm your daddy, and I'm gonna teach you how to hunt and shoot and trap and fish and... And how to take clothes out of the dryer.

Terry puts Mickey on a blanket on the floor.

Terry: You just stay put. I'll be right back.

Lisa moves and talk during her sleep.

Lisa: Mom...

Somebody writes on the wall. Then Terry comes back.

Terry: Daddy's back.

He sees that "Baby not yours" is written on the wall.

Terry: No!

Arlene: wakes up.

Arlene:: What?

Terry: Uh.

She looks at the wall and screams. Then she and Terry look at Mickey, who's holding a pen.

Scene 23: Sookie's house (Hideway) - Eric, Bill, Sookie.

Sookie: You've been too quiet. This isn't like you.

Eric: Yes, it is.

Sookie: No, it's not. The real Eric...

Eric: I am real.

Sookie: Yes. You are. I meant the Eric with his memories. Not much gets him down. Sure, he's a rascal and a troublemaker, and most of the time, I'd like to slap the smile off his face, but he's a happy vampire.

Eric: I'll never swim in the sun again. Never feel the heat on my skin. Never see the daylight in your hair.

Sookie: Well, the nighttime's not so bad. You still got the stars and the sky.

Eric: Don't. I'm not a child.

Sookie: I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better.

Eric: You think I'm weak?

Sookie: No.

Eric: You want the Eric who doesn't feel.

Sookie: It's not that.

Eric: If you kiss me, I promise to be happy.

Sookie: (after a little hesitation) No.

Eric: Why? It's only a kiss.

He slowly approaches her, but back up.

Eric: Someone's at your door.

Sookie: Don't come up.

Sookie goes upstairs and opens the door to Bill.

Bill: Sookie.

Sookie: Bill.

Bill: Are you well? You look well.

Sookie: You, too. I'm great. What do you want?

Bill: Eric.

Sookie: He's gone.

Bill: Wasn't it just the night before last that you were begging me to get him out of here?

Sookie: But then he told me he was leavin' and I could stay. I thought you'd come through for me.

Bill: Did he say where he was goin'?

Sookie: Nope.

Bill: You see, we searched his farm in Oakland, and Holland, and his apartment in Paris, and the plantation in Barbados, and, I mean, we looked everywhere. This is the one place that he owns that my guards haven't searched, so... With your permission...

Sookie: Or without it?

Bill: Well, I'd rather you agreed.

Sookie: I'm not gonna let big goons with guns stomp around my clean house.

Bill: I'll only be me.

Sookie: I don't care who owns it on paper. This is still my home. There's not gonna be any search.

Bill: I'm sorry.

He goes to the door but she stands in front of him.

Sookie: No.

He pushes her.

Sookie: How can you.

Bill: I have to. It's my responsibility.

Sookie: What reason do you have not to trust me? When have I ever lied to you? Ever?

He's about to coming in but doesn't.

Bill: You're right. Good night.

He leaves and Sookie comes in.

Scene 24: A road - Jason, Hoyt, Jessica.

Jason is walking along the road. He's so exhausted that he fall on the floor.

Jason: Whoa!

He vomit, tries to get up, but faints. A car approaches.

Jessica: Hoyt, stop! There's somebody laying there.

Hoyt stops the car.

Hoyt: Oh my god! It's Jason.

They go out of the car.

Jessica: Jason?

Hoyt: Stay, stay with us, J! We gotcha.

Jessica gives him her blood.

Jessica: Jason, drink.

Jason: Mmm.

Scene 25: Mickens's new place - Tommy, Melinda, Joe Lee.

Melinda: If we had a book, I'd make you read it to me.

Tommy: I could do it, too. You know, there's a trick you can use when you don't know the word.

Melinda: Is that right?

Tommy: Yeah, you sound out all the letters, and you put'em together and you listen. And then all of a sudden, you're like, "Hey, I do know that word".

Melinda: I'm fixin' to bust, I'm so proud.

Tommy: Yeah?

Melinda: My baby's an educated man.

Tommy: It's a good feelin'

Tommy: Joe Lee throw you back in the ring? I can see the scars. And from the looks of your throat, you barely made it out alive.

Melinda: It was a Rottie. Skinny little thing. Didn't look like much.

Tommy: Mmm. Oh, man.

Melinda: I thought I'd kill him quick, shift in the van, have a nice cold beer. But that aint't the way it went.

Tommy: You never know how it's gonna go. How many times you tell me that? And you're too old to be fightin'.

Melinda: Fuckin' puppy had me by the throat in two seconds flat. If your daddy hadn't nailed him with a pipe, you wouldn't have a mama no more.

Tommy: Goddamn Joe Lee. You know, I wish I could throw him in the pen with six starvin' chows, show him what it's like.

Melinda: No, you got that wrong. He saved my life.

Tommy: What, you left him and you're still standin' up for him?

Joe Lee suddenly appears behind Tommy to wrap a chain around Tommy's neck.

Tommy: Whoa!

Joe Lee strangles him.

Joe Lee: She will never leave me.

Tommy: (to Melinda) You lied!

Melinda: Honey, we missed you! We need you! We can't make it out without you.

Joe Lee: Her scars are your fault! You threw us away like we was shit!

Tommy: You are shit!

Joes Lee strangles him harder.

Joe Lee: I'm really gonna train you now.

Tommy: Ahh, Blah!

Melinda: Don't hurt him bad.

Joe Lee: You will learn obedience. Loyalty. Family. Son, you done drew your last free breath.

Scene 26: The woods - Jesus, Lafayette, Pam, Marnie, Tara.

They're all in a circle made of candles. Jesus circles Marnie with salt while Tara's holding a gun in Pam's direction.

Marnie: How am I expected to repair the vampire if he isn't here?

Pam: That's your problem. Reverse the spell or I'll bite your fuckin' head off.

Tara: Then you'll never get Eric.

Pam: If you guys are so lame you can't even turn around your own magic, he's as good as dead anyway.

Lafayette: Well, so are you, bitch. Ain't nobody here to keep you safe, and we know where you fuckin' live at.

Pam: There's always a special place in my dungeon for you, Lafayette.

Jesus: This, this is the one.

Marnie: I can't find my glasses.

Jesus: They're right here.

Marnie: Oh, thank you.

Pam: Are you fuckin' retarded?

Tara: Shut the fuck up or we won't even try.

Pam: Make her fucking do somethin'.

Marnie: Top to say "fuck". I can't concentrate. (She starts the spell) Mmm, North, South, East, West. Noth, South, East... North, South, East, West. North, South, East... Mnemosyne, Goddess of memory, goddess of time, heal your wayward son of the underworld, Eric Northman. Bathe him in Hades, in your pool of remembrance...

Pam: This is bullshit.

Wind rises and Marnie lets the book fall.

Pam: Listen, bitch. I don't have time for this. Fix my maker.

She tries to go closer but Marnie stops her with one hand.

Marnie: Moil, mortuus, moriturus! Liquefactum, et calesco putridas!

Pam's face starts to rot.

Pam: Oh! Oh!

Marnie: (in Spanish) Corrupt, unsanctified corpse that walks... behold your true self!

Pam scrams and escapes. And we can see a fire in Marnie's eyes while she laughs.Then she faints.

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