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  02x12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothing
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Scene 1: Sookie's house - Sookie, Lafayette, Tara, Maryann, Jane, Eggs, Arlene

Lafayette: She wants you downstairs with the egg.

Tara: Yeah?

Lafayette: Now.

Sookie: Tara? Tara? What are you doing?

Tara: He's coming. This means he's coming.

Sookie: Tara! Tara, what...? Lafayette, sweetie? I'm your friend. I know you're in there. You don't want to do this.

Lafayette's thoughts: Prepare her for Bromios, prepare her for Eleutherios.

Lafayette: Take off your clothes.

Sookie: What? Listen to what you're saying.

Lafayette: I have thousand-year-old vampire blood in me. Now, take off your fucking clothes!

Sookie takes off her clothes.

Lafayette: Now put this on.

Lafayette and Sookie go down.

Jane: Get down here. We're waiting for you.

Lafayette: Here she is, just like you wanted.

Maryann: Just in time.

Sookie: What the hell are you doing in my grandmother's wedding dress?

Maryann: Welcome, Sookie. You're gonna be my maid of honor.


Sookie: Eggs, let me go.

Eggs: Don't fight it. Just let it take you.

Sookie: I've spent enough time being taken recently.

Maryann: You haven't been taken. Just borrowed. To go along with old, new and blue over here.

Arlene: Which one am I?

Sookie: You have no right to wear that dress.

Maryann: I know I should have asked, but I couldn't find you. You'll probably never us it anyway.

Sookie: Oh, go to hell.

Maryann: Please don't be so negative. It is my day.

Sookie: And you're in my house. And those are my friends. Plus Jane Bodenhouse.

Jane: I've always liked you, Sookie. You give me extra pickles.

Sookie: I don't knowhow you did what you've done to them, but I will not let this happen.

Maryann: Girls, would you mind going and helping with the refreshments? I need to have a moment with my maid of honor.

Jane: Come on, Lafayette.

Maryann: Oh, and bring some vines. You too, Eggs. She's not going anywhere.

Everyone leaves.

Maryann: I'm all yours. Give it your best.

Sookie: My best what?

Maryann: The electricity. Do it again.

Sookie: I can't. it's never happened to me before. I don't even know what it was.

Maryann: I never felt anything like it. It was like nature herself was shooting out from your fingertips.

Sookie tries.

Maryann: That's hitting me. You're not committing to this at all.

Sookie: I do not have electrical powers. I am a human being.

Maryann: You keep saying that. But if you were human... I would have taken you over by now. Come on. It'll be our little secret. What are you?

Sookie: I'm a waitress. What the fuck are you?

Scene 2: Maxine's house - Maxine, Hoyt

Maxine sings in the kitchen. Hoyt is sleeping. She tries to go out but he stops her.

Hoyt: Mama, no.

Maxine: What good's it do you to keep your mother locked up in her own house? Norman Bates.

Hoyt: I'm gonna take everything you've said for the last days about me, about Daddy, and lock it up in a little box, and forget it ever happened.

Maxine: This is bigger than your petty, little feelings. A god is coming into our midst. Does any part of your puny brain understand what that means?

Hoyt: We're staying home.

Scene 3: Sookie's house - Maryann, Sookie

Maryann: Think back. Wasn't there ever a time you felt someone, or something, watching over you?

Sookie: Yes. God.

Maryann: You can call it that. But it's not the same one the blind billions worship. And in your heart of hearts, you know it.

Sookie: Fine. Then what am I?

Maryann: You're definitely beyond human. I live off human energy. And yours I can't channel. That's very rare, though surprisingly not unique in this town.

Sookie: Sam. You're marrying Sam?

Maryann: Please. My husband is a god. Sam is... he's just the ideal wedding gift. It's been such a long wait. I'm sorry. I'm getting a little overexcited. I'll smear everything. No time has ever been more perfect. I know my special sacrifice is on his way.

Sookie: He's done nothing to you.

Maryann: He is the vessel. He appeared to me naked, a virgin, drawn to the very statue that represents the birth of my god. Should have sacrificed him then, but I foolishly let him go.

Sookie: By "sacrifice", does that involve cutting out his heart?

Maryann: It's the food of the gods. My husband will love it. It's the very thing that gives him life.

Sookie: You'll never get Sam. He can escape you.

Maryann: That is why you are here. It's fate. Just as Sam Merlotte is the one who will bring forth my husband, you, my dear, are the one who will bring forth Sam Merlotte. The moment he learns where you are, he'll come running like a dog. Maybe even as a dog. There. Isn't that beautiful?

Scene 4: Sophie-Anne's house - Sophie-Anne, Eric, Luis, Hadley

Eric: How long does this game go on for?

Sophie-Anne: We play to 5 million.

Hadley: She's way ahead.

Sophie-Anne: It's pure luck. Yahtzee is the most egalitarian game in the world. You could be my social, physical, or intellectual inferior, but your chances are equal to mine. It's the perfect antidote for this world, where things such as superiority and inferiority do matter. Speaking of which, I heard about your maker. That blows.

Eric: Thank you. Your Majesty is very kind...

Sophie-Anne: Yahtzee!

Hadley: That's six in a row.

Luis: It is a magic.

Sophie-Anne: I do not cheat. What would be the point? I'm sorry. You were saying?

Eric: I was just saying thank you. Your Majesty's kind...

Sophie-Anne: Oh yes, now I remember. Did you know that there's a maenad in Renard Parish?

Eric: Yes, that is the reason I came to see you.

Sophie-Anne: I wouldn't get involved if I were you. Stick to what you're good at. I gave William Compton a few bits of hand-me-down folklore we've accumulated over the centuries, but who knows if it's gospel or gorilla shit? You know, I think he's monogamous with his human.

Eric: He is in love with her, yes.

Hadley: He is?

Sophie-Anne: Of course he would be with her. You probably are too.

Eric: I do not love humans.

Sophie-Anne: She's not entirely human. Have you tasted her?

Eric: Sadly, no.

Sophie-Anne: Don't. Ever. One vampire falling in love is bad enough.

Eric: Yes, Bill Compton certainly has a knack for finding trouble.

Sophie-Anne: For instance, how does he know I'm having you sell vampire blood? The guards hear everything.

Eric: Your Majesty, I'm sorry. There's no way he could...

Sophie-Anne: That is really bad.

Eric: He does not know you are supplying it.

Sophie-Anne: He'd better not. I'm holding you responsible. There they are. Aren't yours lovely. You may be the strongest, oldest vampire in my queendom, but if I wanted, I could own your fangs as earrings. Understand?

Eric: I will take care of Bill Compton. Personally.

Luis: Your turn to make a Yahtzee.

Eric: You suck at this.

Scene 5: In the woods near Sookie's house - Andy, Jason

Andy: You sure you wanna go in with the backup?

Jason: You're my backup. Now, this is Special Ops. We're surgical. One shot. Say hello to my little friend. Hasta la vista, baby. I love the smell of nail polish in the morning.

Andy: Holy shit.

Jason: That's Stackhouse property. They got no right to do that.

Andy: You just gonna run in there? We're way outnumbered.

Jason: Not with Kid Glock on my side. And yours.

Andy: I never killed nobody before.

Jason: You see that house? It's been in my family for 150 years. Now, what kind of man would stand by while his grandmother's house gets torn to the ground?

Andy: It's not my grandmother's house.

Jason: But it's in the town you swore to protect. It's times like these when this town needs a good man, Andy. And that man... is us. Let's hit it.

Rosy: Detective Bellefleur. Frisk me.

Andy: Hey, get off.

Terry: No one sees the bride before the wedding.

Jason: The what? Step away from the house.

Terry: Don't fight it.

Jason: Andy, Andy, where are you?

Andy: Right here.

He has black eyes.

Andy: He's coming!

Andy hits Jason. Jason has black eyes too.

Jason: Fuck, yeah!

Jason kisses Maxine.

Scene 6: Merlotte's - Sam, Bill

Sam: All right, they're asleep in the trailer. Lisa was so worried about her mom she was afraid to go to bed.

Bill: If you'd let me glamour them, they would have been asleep in seconds. You've heard there is a maenad in our midst.

Sam: I'm familiar.

Bill: Are you aware she's here because of you?

Sam: Something like that.

Bill: I need you, Sookie needs you, to make this right.

Sam: If I thought it was as easy as giving myself up to Maryann, I'd have done it by now. And what's to say she's gonna stop at me? Killers don't just suddenly wuit killing. You ought to know that.

Bill: And standing by idly is not an option either. You must come with me.

Sam: No, I'm not sure I wanna be doing that.

Bill: I'm not sure I'm giving you a choice.

Scene 7: Sookie's house - Arlene, Sookie, Maryann, Jane, Lafayette

Sookie: Okay, what is with this egg? Did you lay it?

Maryann: No, silly, it's an ostrich egg. It represents fertility.

Jane: Anoint it with his blood.

Maryann: You're the maid of honor. You have to lick the egg.

Arlene: Just lick it, already!

Lafayette: Only through the blood will he come.

Jason: Your vessel has arrived.

Sookie: Oh Jason, no.

Jason: Sookie. You look... beautiful.

Maryann: Girls, the time has come. You too.

Sookie: I will not be part of anything so evil.

Maryann: You. You're the brother? Maybe I could kill you.

Sookie: Fine, I'll go. But please, just don't hurt anyone else.

Maryann: Make sure she behaves. Here we go.

Sookie: Youj're gonna break my arm!

Jason: Don't make me, because I'll do it.

In the garden.

Bill: Maenad!

Sookie: Bill, what the hell are you doing?

Bill: I have your sacrifice.

Maryann: Oh, my sweet vessel.

Bill: I offer him in exchange for Sookie.

Sookie: No, she'll kill him!

Sam: She's not gonna stop with me.

Maryann: Take her to the dead man. She's served her purpose.

Sookie: Bill, you can't let her kill Sam!

Bill: Sorry. This is the only way.

Sam: Get your fucking hands off me!

Sookie: Sam! Let go of me!

Sam: Get her out of here. I won't have her watch me die.

Maryann: I will always be grateful to you.

Sam: This isn't for you.

Maryann: Gentlemen, he's yours.

Sam: Get the hell off me.

Sookie: This is what your vampire source told you to do? To give up Sam?

Bill: Sookie, you have to trust me.

Maryann: Let us call forth our God.

Lafayette: The God with horns!

Worship him, bitches!

Now the sacrificial egg.

He's coming, he's coming, Hail Dionysus.





All these names of yours, our bull-horned god.

Upon this occasion of our marriage, our offering symbolizes the rebirth of our god.

When he was a child, the jealous Titans ripped him to shreds, eating all but his heart.

And this last piece was saved by his sister, Pallas Athena, who placed it into the womb of his mother so that he could be reborn.

Oh, great mother, soon you shall have the heart that will make your egg grow fertile, and your son, our bull-horned god, will come and stand in your place.

At last.

At long, long last.

He is yours, my Lord.

You're lucky, Sam.

It's everyone's wish to have their life mean something.

So few ever get to realize that.

Come on, do it already.

Do it.

Sacrifice him!

Sam, use your gift.

Use yours.

Bring me the blood.

He is the vessel.

My Lord, this is the vessel who shall unite us.

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

Destroy it.

All of it.

The egg! You killed our sacred egg!

It's not sacred. None of it's sacred.

It's evil.

How dare you spoil my offering?

Lord Dionysus, forgive me!

Allow me to sacrifice all of them for you.

Stop it!

You're hurting them!

You brought this upon everyone.

My Lord?

My husband.

You've come.

I am here, my love.

We're together at last.

Come to me.

My God.

I am the one to be sacrificed.

I am the vessel.

I'm happy to die.

I'm yours.

Was there no God?

He killed you.


Is she gone?

I think so.

Is Sam all right?

He had to drink more of me than I expected.

He's okay.

I promised Sam that I would heal him.

We knew no other way of destroying her.

I understand.

I'm sorry if I worried you.

I so badly wished that you could hear my thoughts.

Sam, you were willing to die for us.

Bill kind of promised he wouldn't let that happen.

But if things didn't work out, I guess I...

I was ready.

Holy fuck.

We got her?

You remember anything? No.

It was bad, wasn't it?

Bill, get rid of her body. Bury it. I don't care where.

Help everyone get home.

Ain't you gonna tell what happened?

Not now.

Just get everyone off my lawn.

It's all over now.

Sookie, why do I have this sick feeling that it's not?

Mama, you're okay.

You're okay, Mama. Mama.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

Well, how'd we get home?

What, you don't remember anything?

The last thing I remember is meeting that red-headed vampire of yours, and then I...

She didn't bite me, did she?

You let a vampire feed on me?

Why on Earth would you choose that girl over your own mother?

I didn't.

I brought you straight back here right after she...

did that, and then I... I haven't spoken to her since.

What sort of evil monster would attack an innocent person for no reason?

Look, she was kind of...


It wasn't you.

Whatever it was that had control of you made you say a bunch of things you didn't mean.

Like what?

Spiteful stuff.

About Jessica.

About me.

And Daddy.

Lies, about how he shot himself.

That's not true, right?

It was a burglar.

You're nearly 30.

You should know the truth.

I should have known the truth when I was 10!

Or, hell, when I was 25.

All these years you keep me here, you keep me from moving out, from going to college...

from doing anything all because you were scared of some burglar that never existed.

I was scared.

I'm still scared.

You're all I got left.

I had to hang on to you.

You lied to me for 18 years just because you didn't want to be alone, instead of letting me be an actual person.

You know what I wish?

I wish that Jessica had finished you off.

I'm sure you're... You're just asleep.

God pray you're asleep.

Mama's gonna be home real soon, okay?

I love you.

That's the third call. Why aren't they picking up?

Yeah, come on.

Let's walk.

I can give you a lift.

My truck's just down the road.

Could you? God bless you.

What is it?

I think...

I think I found my finger.

Holy Moses. How the hell did you...?

It's okay.

Arlene, you mind if Jane comes with us?

We need to get her to the ER.

Of course.

How the fuck did I get here?

Come on by the station in the morning.

I'll give you your badge back.


I won't let you down, Bud.

And I'm never touching another drink again.

This towns a hell of a mess, and I'm man enough to know I can't shoulder it myself.

You might have your faults, Andy, but at least you got pants on.

I wanted to thank you for trusting me with your life.

That couldn't have been easy.

Sookie's safe. You got what you wanted.

You wanted it too.

Well, she's family.

But they all are.

If there was a way to save 'em, how could I say no?

I am grateful that you would reveal your gift for the sake of the town.

It took me this long to realize it, but you suffer more hiding something than you do if you face up to it.

Where's Maryann?

She's gotta know what happened.

We're okay.

That's all that matters.

Blood on my hands is not okay, Tara.

Sookie helped me remember some of the things I lost.

And I wish I could forget it again. There's things you don't want to know.

How do you know I don't want?

All that stuff's in the past.

Why dwell on it? Can't we just start fresh?

Fuck, there's blood under my fingernails.

Finally got everyone home.

Did Bill come in?

I think he went upstairs.

Is he okay?

Are you okay?

Yeah, I just...

I'm so sorry for bringing all this craziness into your house.

I got sucked in

'cause she made me feel like I was a part of... Like...

a family or something.

You have a family.

We're family.

And tomorrow, we're gonna clean every single thing that monster touched in this house.

My God, is...?

Is Mike Spencer still here?

I kinda knocked him out.

I'll wake him up.

You go to bed.

Thank you.

How long before sunrise?

Forty-one minutes.

Hold me for 40.

I certainly never expected anything like that to happen here.

I know.

Thanks for opening today.

I know you didn't have to, but everyone's grateful for a little something familiar.

It's not just my bar. It's everybody's.

But it's called Merlotte's.

Merlotte is just a name.

Doesn't really say anything about me, does it?

Mama, we forgive you. Oh.

You shouldn't even have to know what that word means.

Mama, it's okay.

Mr. Merlotte kept us company.

He took us to see some vampires, and one of them can fly.

Well, Mr. Merlotte's a good man, but he ain't your family.

I'm the one that should have been there.

I'm so sorry about that, okay?

But I promise you that from now on, I'm gonna be the best mama in the world, okay?

Stick 'em up.

Tell you what, you kids keep an eye on your mama when she's at home, and I'll make sure nothin' bad happens to her when she's here.

That way, we can all take care of each other, okay?

Sure, I guess.

Sounds like a plan to me.

We're drowning back here. Come on.

You can skip to the ice cream if you want.

When you went away for all that time, you didn't go see Rene, did you?

I think he's still on his vacation.

Eat, eat.

Yep, I'm pretty sure he's dead.

Gas leak, my ass.

You know the real reason no one remembers anything?

It's the way the aliens wanted it.

The what?

"Maryann Forrester"

rhymes with "Martian Foreigner."

She's a fugitive from her home planet.

Everyone knows that, uh, aliens erase people's memories.

It just adds up.

I heard that Maryann Forrester was an agent of the pharmaceutical companies and the liberal media, and she poisoned our water supply with LSD as a mind-control experiment.

Like they did to San Francisco?

That's why I stick to Mountain Dew.



You know, between us, the real story?

ATF shut down a distillery in Breaux Bridge last week over a bad batch of vodka.

Pure ethanol.

Apparently that's what they were serving up last night.

Mountain Dew. Smart choice.

I knew it.

God bless who made those jeans.

I'm serious, I'll wear him like a scrunchie.

Hit me.

Everybody been acting so crazy, I forgot how stupid they were.

There it is.

I feel for you the most.

What? Why?

'Cause you know what really happened, and you got to carry the burden of that.

I mean, I'm thrilled I got a choice, and I don't ever wanna know.

Don't tell me nothing, even if I beg for it.

I don't think it's healthy to know everything you've done.

Its like knowing what's sausage. You should just eat it.

You should enjoy it.

Speaking of which, Jane Bodenhouse wants a jambalaya.

I don't know.

It was so traumatic I must have blacked out, but I'm thinking a gator must have bit it off while I was down at the lake.

I've been doing a lot of sunbathing lately.

But the doctor who sewed it back on says I have wonderful bone structure, so hopefully it'll take.

Luckily, I use my right hand for most things.

It wasn't no gator and you weren't down by the lake.

I saw you pull that finger out of a giant statue of meat.

Just like I saw you getting it from behind from Mike Spencer.

Whatever you're drinking, we all want some of that.

It's Diet Coke with lime.


Used to be they all thought I was crazy.

Now they know I'm tellin' the truth, and they can't face it.

Zombie-eyed freaks.

Hey, let it go, Bubba.

Look, you and me both know we saved her and everybody else.


We're heroes to this town.


They don't remember anything, we don't remember anything.

How does that make us heroes?

We gotta be.

We set out to save this town from Maryann.

Now today, she's gone, and everybody's okay.

We must have done something right.

In my book, if no one thinks we're heroes, it don't count.

Of course it counts.

It's like if a tree falls in the woods. It's still a tree, ain't it?

The whole point in being a hero is to do something greater than yourself.

It'd be easy to do it for the glory or the girls, but we're bigger men than that, right?

Strange to see you working here.

It's been a while.

It's like riding a bicycle.

You think you can keep an eye on things here, without me for a couple days?

Why, where you going?

Well, I... I'm the only one who hasn't had a break.

And in case you didn't notice, yesterday was a little rough for me too.

I don't have the words to thank you for what you did.

It's probably best you don't.

I'm not sure we want people knowing...

well, any of it.

I for one wish everyone knew how special you are.

I'm Autumn from Maison Maribel in Ruston.

Special delivery for you.

Thank you.

Lucky girl. You've got one classy admirer.

Can I have a minute?


{\I've owed you an evening out for some time now.}

{\I would very much like for you to wear this Tonight. Bill.}

My God, you scared me half to death.

I'm sorry, Sookie. I just...

I gotta talk to you. What is it?

You look like you haven't slept all night.

There's gaps...

where I can't remember anything.

But I have to know what I did, and...

Please. I need your help.

I don't know.

It's not as easy as that.

I had blood on my hands last night, and I can't remember why.

Now, I know I did terrible things in my past, but I paid for 'em.

I thought that was all over. But if it's not...

I got a right to know.

Are you sure?

'Cause Maryann made a lot of people do a lot of things they wouldn't ordinarily do.

Like...? Like what? What things?

I can't live with myself not knowing what I did.

I don't know what I am.

You can help me, I know you can.

I know it. Please help me. Please help me.

I can't promise it'll work.

I had Bill with me last time.

Tell me what to do. I want you to find it.

You have to open yourself up.

You have to let me in, okay?

Let's go back to your first blackout.

Do you remember that?

Take me back there.

What's the last thing you remember?

I'm with Maryann in her car.

She's taking me somewhere.

Then it's just blank.


Let me in.

I'm trying.

You're in the woods. There's a woman there

with a... With a cane?

I see her.

You're a vessel to the Other World. You will bring forth my God.

I ain't no vessel. I don't know what I'm doing.

It wasn't you. You had no free will.

I killed people. I cut out their hearts.

No, listen to me.

That wasn't you.

Maryann used you.

But it was my hands. My hands that did all that.


don't blame yourself.

Eggs, I'm so sorry.

You look quite a vision.

Are you off to see Hoyt Fortenberry?

So what if I am? You're going to see Sookie, aren't you?

It's fine.

In my day, the gentleman came to the lady's house to court her, but times change.

I see his mother's gone.

He took her home yesterday.


I hope she's better.

And I hope you and Hoyt have a nice time.


Actually, we kinda had a little fight, but I was just gonna go over and make an apology.

Well, he'd be a fool not to accept.

Where are you going with Sookie?

To a French restaurant.

Do you know I haven't been to one in over 70 years?

Humans seem to love them.

They go there to celebrate.

Just be back by 5.

You be back by 4.

Mrs. Merlotte.

Oh, dear God.

You... threw away all the pictures of me?

We have 'em. It's just...

It'd be hard to explain to friends who think we never had children.

Will you sit down? No, I don't plan on staying.

We never thought we'd see you again.

Never say never when there's the Internet.

If you came for an explanation, I don't have a good one.

Mitchell and I were down to our last nickel, and we were scared.

We still don't know what we saw that night.

You saw me turn into a dog.

And apparently that was worth abandoning me over.

So I spent the next 19 years making sure nobody would know who I really was.

That's what you left me with.

I'm sorry.

I am so sorry, Sam.

We never meant to hurt you. Hey, hey.

I'm not here for an apology.

I wanna find the people you adopted me from.

I wanna meet my parents.

I can't do that.

I swore to them I'd never say anything.

Jesus Christ.

Please. Trust me.

You don't wanna know them.

They're bad people.

I guess you know a thing or two about that.

{\Melinda + Joe Ler Mickens last known is Magnolia Art.}

No, before we go any further, there's something you ought to know.

What's that, sugar?

That I'm...

I'm a virgin.

That's okay.

I'll be gentle with you.

In fact, I kinda like it.


Well, I don't like it one bit.

Welcome, Mr. Compton. We are all ready for you.

Thank you.

I'll get the music started.

You rented out the whole place?

The sight of you is not something I wish to share with others tonight.

You didn't have to do all this for me.

I love nothing more than to see you happy.

It's really quite selfish.

Well, I know I'm gonna eat, but what's there for you to do at a restaurant besides look at me?

We can dance.

May I?

Hold up. Hold up!

Listen, I'm a killer.

I'm a murderer. I murdered innocent people.

Now, you have to lock me up, please.

All right, man, why don't you put the knife down.

We'll talk?

It's the murder weapon, you dumb fuck!

The voodoo woman, Daphne, Sam Merlotte.

I used it on all of them.

Hold on.

You were under Maryann's spell.

But it was me who cut out those women's hearts.

Calm down. Calm down.

Give me that knife...

You call this a knife?

I saw their eyes.

Looking up at me, holding this knife out.

That was the last thing they saw, Andy.

He was gonna...

Holy shit.

I ain't never killed nobody before.

Fuck, this ain't even mine. Give it to me.

Give me the gun.

You didn't see anything.

You weren't here. Get the hell out of here. Go on.


Somebody call an ambulance.

What happened?

We got a confession from our killer and a murder weapon.

He was coming after me, and, uh...

Oh, God.

I got him.

Tara, honey, don't...

No, please.


It's a good thing you don't eat.

'Cause I wouldn't have shared it with anyone.

I can't think of a better way to top off the best meal of my life.

I do have one last thing.

Plane tickets?

Where's Burlington?

It's in Vermont.

Vermont? Why would we...?

This is the other part.

Miss Stackhouse, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

That is, assuming that last night didn't scare you off weddings for good.

Say something.

I've dreamed of this since I was a girl.

And in my dreams, I always say yes.

Then it ought to be easy.

Then why can't I say it?

My heart's flying around in my chest.

I can't even think straight.

My life's inside-out.

With all that's happened, I'm not sure about anything.

I don't even know if I'm human.


Maybe I am some kind of freak.

I've only met one other person in the world like me, and who even knows where he is?

And what happens when I grow old and weak and you're still the same?

What then?

I don't care about any of that.

I want you just as you are.

But I'm not even sure what I am.

Are you saying no?

I'm saying...

I don't know what I'm saying.

I need a minute to clean myself up. I'm sorry.

Yes, Bill Compton, I will marry you.

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