Fairytale for Wyatt

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Fairytale for Wyatt

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Fairytale for Wyatt
By Six

Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler warning: Story is set somewhere in season five, though it basically stands alone.
Trailer: This tale serves as a warning to all who are new to their power. Sleep well.
Acknowledgements: To the makers of Charmed who created the charmed ones, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, love the show. Aaron Spelling does it again. To Manda, thanks for the challenge. No breach of the copyright is intended, just a non-profitable loan. I hope this turns out the way I pictured it.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters in this story are the property of Spelling Productions and WB. The author, who receives no monetary benefit from this work, intends no copyright infringement. The ideas expressed here are original. All rights reserved.

Fairytale for Wyatt

Leo walks over to the cote where young Wyatt lies there smiling.

?Well Halliwell it?s about time you and I had a man to man talk.? Says Leo trying and failing to sound serious as he lifts his son into his arms. ?Its about time you learned that being magical does not come without consequences, even for the most experienced and powerful of witches, let alone for one so new to this as you.?

Leo makes his way over to the rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. Settling down he begins his tale.

?Once upon a time in a land not so far away, three magical princesses lived in an enchanted castle. Piper, Phoebe and Paige were good, powerful witches. However each had a character flaw that if they were not careful would undo them all. One was pig-headed, one was flighty and one was naïve.?

?Thankfully they were watched over by a good kind king who acted as their guide. He helped them as their powers grew and taught them how to use their powers wisely and safely. Unfortunately the three witches did not always listen.?

?One day the king decided to go for a long walk in the woods. The youngest sister, Paige, decided that this was a good time to practice her newest power, to change into any creature of her choosing. The good king had told her not to do this, but she thought that he was just being too cautious. The only question was what creature to be. In the kingdom there were many fabulous creatures, dragons, lions, wyverns, trolls, horses, monkeys and even mermaids. Paige decided instead to try one of the smaller creatures. She remembered the king had shown her this small spider from the dark side of the woods. It was poisonous, he said, so she must not go near it. He hadn?t said anything about turning into one.?

?The second sister, Phoebe, could levitate, a skill she found very useful when fighting the forces of evil. This had started as a small ability to lift herself, to other people?s head height, very useful if she needed to kick them in the head. Now she could fly around the kingdom at will and every day, despite the king urging her to slow down, she went faster and further.?

?The eldest daughter, Piper, was able to freeze or blow up any object. Recently she had also been able to rearrange them at will and taken ridding the castle of mice by turning them into goo and feeding them to her cat. The cat had grown fat on the easy meals. The King had told her to stop being so mean to the innocent animals. She told the king that she was clearing the castle of vermin and would not stop just because he said it was bad.?

?On this day Piper was chasing this one small mouse around the castle. She chased it into Paige?s room. As she followed it in she noticed a small spider emerge from under a pile of Paige?s clothes. She hated spiders. She really loathed spiders. She waved her hands at it and turned it into goo. As she did so, in walked Phoebe, completely oblivious to her sister?s actions, wanting to borrow one of Paige?s tops so she could charm a handsome prince at that night?s ball. She trod on the spider goo with her bare feet, causing the severely wounded creature to morph back into Paige. Seeing their sister lying there, Phoebe and Piper decided that they must rush Paige to the king, as only he might be able to heal her.?

?Well young Wyatt you might be wondering how the two sisters did this. Piper picked up Paige?s lifeless body, draped a sheet over her and asked Phoebe to fly them both to the far side of the woods where the king said he would be. Phoebe, without thinking agreed, after all she had flown a lot further than that.?

?As they set off Phoebe started to feel faint. She had not known that the spider that Paige had turned into was poisonous, and that when she had stepped onto it that poison had penetrated her bare feet. She had also forgotten how much her sisters weighed and that this would mean she would not be able to carry them as far. Still she took the quickest route across the open bay where the sea lapped against the jagged rocks.?

?Suddenly Phoebe felt her grip weaken. Piper slipped from her grasp, taking Paige down onto the jagged rocks. They landed with a horrible splat, killing them both at once. Phoebe by now weakened and delirious flew on. However over the open ocean the poison overcame her and she fell into the sea, where she drowned.?

?So, Wyatt, let that be a lesson to you. Be careful of your powers, no matter how strong you become, because without sound guidance you could, even by accident cause great harm to yourself and others.?

Wyatt?s Smiling face beams back at his father.

?Do you think he got the message? Asks Piper, through the open door of the nursery.

?Well I don?t know about him, but I certainly did.? Says Paige, stood next to her sister.

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