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By Six

Rating: PG (As series)
Timeline/Spoiler warning: Between Series 4 and 5
Trailer: The Angel of Destiny is in trouble and seeks three of his most recent contacts, The Charmed Ones. Can the Halliwell sisters save time?
Acknowledgements: To the makers of Charmed who created the charmed ones, Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige, love the show. Aaron Spelling does it again. To THUNDER, thank you for the music. No breach of the copyright is intended, just a non-profitable loan. I hope this turns out the way I pictured it.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters in this story are the property of Spelling Productions and WB. The author, who receives no monetary benefit from this work, intends no copyright infringement. The ideas expressed here are original. All rights reserved.

'Cos you stole my soul then you broke my heart
And I don't know why but I'm still yearning.
Darling in my mind you've frozen the of time
Because today the world stopped turning.

Today the World Stopped Turning by Luke Morley
From Laughing on Judgement Day by Thunder

Today the world stopped turning

It is a clear, sunny day outside the Halliwell manor. A gentle breeze ripples through the trees. The street is peaceful. The only noise is the conversation between Piper and Phoebe as they climb the steps that lead to the front door. Each is clutching a bag full of groceries.

'Well, how are you feeling. Any morning sickness yet?' Enquires Phoebe of her pregnant sister.

'Not really.' Replies Piper lying, as her stomach churns over for the hundredth time that day.

Phoebe opens the door of the manor as they reach the top of the steps and lets Piper walk through. The house is quiet.

'Anyone home?' Piper shouts out.

'Up here.' Paige's mumbled voice replies from some distant corner of the manor.

'Shouldn't you be at work young lady?'

'Just finished. I wanted to get back early to try on this new dress I bought during my lunch break.' Paige answers as she appears at the top of the stairs in a flowing black strapless gown. 'What do you think?'

'Nice. Very elegant.' Chips in Phoebe.

'A little overdressed for tonight.' Says Piper

'What about tonight? Something going on.' Says Paige, looking puzzled.

'Your next potion lesson.' States Piper, with triumphant relish.

'Oh!? Replies Paige unconcerned. 'I though it was something important.'

'It is important.' Snaps Piper. 'There is still plenty to learn. You've got to take this more seriously. Last time you made some excuse and the time before that you dyed your hands green. If you don't pay more attention you'll do something that even we can't undo.'

'That's not what I meant.' Replies a slightly bemused Paige. 'I hadn't forgot. I just thought you might have changed our plans for this evening. That's all.'

'Sorry.' Says Piper as she turns to Phoebe. 'Want to help me unpack?'

'I?ll be with you in a minute.' Says Phoebe.

Piper walks off into the kitchen, still clutching her groceries. As she rounds the corner a bluish white glow appears in the kitchen door. The groceries slip from Piper's hands, but she is able to freeze them before they hit the floor.

'Leo!? She growls as she unfreezes her husband mid orb.

'What's up with her?' Whispers Paige to Phoebe.

'Hormones. She's been like this all day.'

'At least she isn't destroying everyone in sight.'

'That is one area where she still seems normal thankfully. If anything she seems to have gained greater control of her magic. Anyway,? Phoebe says changing the subject, 'why the new dress?'

'Well we have a charity ball coming up soon. South Bay has one most years to raise money for local charities. This year I'm on the team that is organising it, so I have to look my best. The mayor may even come.'

Paige walks back towards the stairs. Phoebe heads off to the kitchen, leaving her bag of groceries on the hall table. Turning round to pick them up she glances at Paige, only for a second its not Paige, its Prue who looks back at her.

'You're back.' Phoebe gasps in shock at the scene before her.

'What's up with my back? Is the zip coming loose?' Says Paige suddenly noticing her sister expression. 'Are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost.'

Dark storm clouds gather over a distant horizon. The hunched figure of an aged gentleman sits on a wooden bench rocking gently back and forth. He stops for a second to gather up a faded scroll from the ground below him. Putting a pair of rounded spectacles on he looks down at the text below and starts to sob as he reads what is written before him.

'It was Prue I tell you, standing there. As clear as day and as solid as the three of us.' Declares a clearly agitated Phoebe.

'You're sure of that?' Asks Piper, in concern.

'Look, I know my own sisters when I see them.'

'Piper is only asking because she is concerned for you.' Says Paige softly.

Leo walks into the living room carrying a large mug.

'Drink this. It will help you relax.'

'Any idea what's going on here dear?' Asks Piper to her husband.

'It could be any number of things. I wouldn't even want to guess.' Replies the white-lighter humbly.

'I think I can help you there.' Says a familiar voice wafting across the air. In a shimmer of light the Angel of Destiny reappears before them.

'What are you doing back here?' Asks a rather disturb Paige as her sisters look on in surprise. ' We've already made our decision.'

'I know.' Replies the Angel. 'That's the reason I'm back. It's about your pledge to help save the innocent. I've got a few who need your help.'

'Like who?' Enquires Piper.

'Everyone who has existed, does exist or will exist.'

In the desert plateau that is the wasteland of lost souls, the atmosphere crackles as the souls of slain demons fall through with far greater regularity than normal. Cole is busy jumping around his realm, moving from demon to demon, stripping them of their powers before they land. He looks up and smiles as another soul brings him still more power.

'So what is going on?' Asks Piper emphatically as she leads the Angel, her sisters and her husband into the attic. 'And why are we meeting up here?'

'I suppose it all started when you vanquished the Source.' Replies the Angel. 'With him gone a power struggle started amongst the remaining demons to determine who would take his place. At first it was a relatively localised affair with little to worry the mortal realm. Then thing started turning nasty, with some using innocents to advance their cause. Even then, with everything that happens on this planet, most of it could have been easily overlooked. That was until a demon called Tempest started to manipulate the fabric of time itself.'

'I've met him before.' Says Phoebe sadly. 'He was part of the Source's scheme that led to the death of Prue in the first place. How does he have anything to do with her appearance in this house earlier.'

'As I said, he manipulates the fabric of time. In the battle for control of the underworld his powers have grown stronger. In your previous encounters with him he could only reset universal time. Now he can reset localised time. At the second you saw Prue it was as if that portion of time and space had been transported forward from some time in the past.'

'From before she died?' Enquires Piper.


'So why didn't I notice anything different?' Asks Paige.

'Ah! That's the worst part of it. By ripping up time itself he has made it possible for two perceptions of time to exist in one place. In yours Phoebe, you saw Prue standing there as if she had never died. In yours Paige, all you saw was Phoebe looking at you a bit strangely.'

'Do you understand this?' Whispers Paige to Piper.

'Not exactly.'

'Why was I the first to see this?' Quizzes Phoebe.

'That I don't know. It was Probably just chance.' Replies the Angel.

'If living in this house has taught me one thing it is that there is no such thing as chance.' States Phoebe.

'It could be to do with your particular powers. Your ability to see past and future events enabled you to defeat him before, when you beat Rodriguez. Perhaps you are more attuned to the passage of time.' Leo suggests, trying to calm the agitated witch down.

'So how do we stop this?' Asks Phoebe. 'And who's butt do I get to kick?'

'It's Tempest that you must stop. As for how, I have no idea. That is why I came to you.'

In the dark night of the underworld, the cloaked figure of Tempest paces back and forth through his lair. He stops a second, raises his hand and discharges an energy ball.

Whilst the others are examining the old scroll the Angel has brought with him, Phoebe is flicking through the book of shadows. A cold figure touches her back. She turns sharply and prepares to kick out, but instead is greeted by the stern stare of Grams.

'Phoebe Halliwell, what have I told about the attic?'

Phoebe blinks in disbelief. However just as quickly as she arrived their Grams is gone.

'Did you all see that?' She asks the rest of the assembled group.

'As clear as day.' Replies Paige accompanied by nodding heads all around.

'Its as if she had never died. As real as she was at our wedding.' Says Piper, as she hugs Leo for comfort.

'What did she mean about the Attic?' Enquires Paige.

'I'm not sure.' Piper answers. 'She only used to speak to us like that if we had done something wrong.'

'Wrong, like coming into the attic when we were children.' Interjects Phoebe.

'Another time slip.' The Angel states.

Leo looks intently at the scroll. A broad grin crosses his face.

'What are you so happy about?' asks Paige of the White-lighter.


'What of our relations got to do with it?'

'Apart from popping up at unexpected moments.' Chirps Phoebe.

'No, the Theory of Relativity. Einstein.' Says an exasperated Leo to the three bemused sisters. 'It describes how matter, space and time interact. To put it very simply, it shows that what we think we see is dependant on where we are, how fast we are travelling and what we are looking at.'

Piper, Phoebe and Paige look at each other dumb-founded.

'Well you were the one who married him.' Says Phoebe to Piper.

'I thought you were the smart one. You have a degree.'

The two sisters stare at each other and then at Leo. He looks back in disbelief.

'That is our perception of reality, of each other and the world around us are unique to each of us as individuals. We each see things differently.'

'So what?' Asks Paige.

'So every time slip is different for each person experiencing it. Some we may share with others, but even then we may each have a different perspective on the events that just unfolded. Others, such as the time slip Phoebe experienced earlier, are totally unique to that individual.'

'I repeat the question. So what?' Questions Paige more annoyed this time.

'I think I understand you Leo.' Says the Angel. 'Even Tempest has certain things he can not do, even if he, like me, can manipulate the time-space continuum, he can't break it. All he can do is alter perceptions, change viewpoints or jump between parallel dimensions. By working out how he is manipulating us we may be able to better locate his base of operations.'

Piper, Phoebe and Paige look at the Angel completely dumbfounded.

'How do we find that?' Asks Phoebe cautiously, not certain whether she is asking the right question.

'We must first work out where and when the time slips first occurred. He won't want to move far from there or he would become as lost as the rest of us in the muddle of time and space he has created.' Says Leo, enjoying being one up on the charmed ones for a change. 'Then all we have to do is vanquish him and the chaos he has caused will be reversed.'

The Angel strokes his chin gently then says. 'Just two small points. One, when you reverse all his actions you will forget all that you have done and revert back to where you were before all this started, which may not itself be that bad. Two, you won't be able to vanquish him as such. Tempest is as much a balance in the universe as I am. You can only undo what he has done and bind him while I restore what passes for normality on this planet. If you get the timing wrong then you'll forget what you have to do and Tempest will be free to cause havoc again. You could get caught up in a time loop.'

'How do we know we aren't already in a time loop?' Exclaims Piper excitedly, as she finally understands at least part of the conversation. 'We could have tried this already.'

'We don't.' Says Leo gravely.

'I might.' Interjects Phoebe. 'Its not like I haven't done this before.'

'Well! Does it feel like we've done this before?' Piper questions her sister.

'No more than it does most times we fight evil.' Phoebe shrugs back.

Meanwhile, across the globe at a naval observation post on the Isle of Wight, England, a junior naval cadet is looking out across the Solent towards the port of Southampton.

'Sir, are there any cruise liners due out of port today?' He asks tentatively turning to the senior officer.

'No cadet. Why do you ask?'

'Because there's one moving out of harbour now.'

The senior officer picks up a pair of binoculars. He adjusts them so that he can make the name out on the name on the side of the mystery ship. His face turns ashen white and he slowly puts down the binoculars in disbelief.

'What is it sir.' Asks the by now concerned cadet.

The senior officer passes him the binoculars without saying a word. The cadet raises them to his own eyes, adjusting them to his own vision in the process. He focuses on the side of the ship and sees the name for himself. S.S. TITANIC.

'If only we there was someway of standing aside from this mess.' Says Paige.

'Somewhere outside the normal rules of time and space.' Leo agrees.

'You mean like Limbo?' Says the Angel.

'Been there? Says Piper in a dismissive manner.

'Or the wastelands.' Says Phoebe realising the grim implications of what she has just said.

In the Forbidden City at the heart of Beijing a fanfare, the likes of which has not been heard since the last Emperor, rings out to herald the arrival of a long dead dowager empress. Whilst a tour guide stands on in amazement, several tourists are busy taking photographs, unaware that it is not a part of their tour.

At the Halliwell Manor all seems quite until Piper comes storming down the stairs, followed by a concerned Phoebe.

'You can't go through all of that again.' Shouts Piper, drying to cover her concern with anger.

'I have to.' Replies Phoebe, trying to hold back her own emotions.

'Do you remember how much trouble it caused the last time you went there?'

'Yes, but I still have to go. How else are we going to stop Tempest?'

'We'll find a way.'

'If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them?'

Piper looks round for a second. Realising that there are no better options, she breaks down, her anger turning to tears. Phoebe takes hold of her sobbing sister in an emotion charged embrace, as the tears roll gently down her cheeks as well.

'Just you come back now. I want my child to know both its aunts.' Says Piper, wiping away a tear.

'I?ll be back.' Says Phoebe, as much to re-assure herself as Piper.

In the attic Leo is pacing back and forth. The Angel just stands there lost deep in his own thoughts. Paige walks in carrying a bundle of candles. She has changed out of her new gown into an old pair of jeans and white blouse, with a waistcoat that looks suspiciously like one of Phoebe's. Over her left shoulder she is carrying a small string-drawn bag.

'Got everything?' Asks Leo, stopping for a second

'Yes.' Replies Paige, slightly short of breath. 'Candles, matches, chalk, potions and of course the spells.'

'Isn't that black leather waistcoat Phoebe's.' Comments Leo.

'Quite!? Replies Paige in a loud whisper that rasps through the air

She hands Leo the candles and, removing the chalk from her pocket, she proceeds to draw a large circle on the attic floor. Phoebe and Piper walk in.

'Are you both okay about this?' Asks Leo with concern, as he places the fifth and final candle on the edge of the circle.

'Of course.' Replies Piper unconvincingly.

'As ready as I will ever be.' Says Phoebe.

Paige passes the box of matches to Leo who removes one, strikes it and starts to light the candles. She then removes a crumpled sheet of paper from the pocket at the rear of her jeans and passes it to Phoebe.

'It's a variation on the To Find a Lost Love spell that you used last. I call it To Find a Lost Cole spell.' She says chirpily. 'And here's a little something else that will help. The instructions are in the bag.'

Phoebe looks at her sister nervously. Paige removes a bottle of red liquid from the bag.

'Drink this one now, before you go. The rest you should use when you get there.'

'How can I do that? In the wastelands I'm only an astral projection.'

'Don't worry. I've enchanted the bag. It goes where ever your soul goes.' Replies Paige grinning from ear to ear.

'Thank you.' Says Phoebe. She drinks the liquid. 'What did you make it out of?'

'You don't want to know.' Answers a still grinning Paige.

Phoebe takes the bag and paper from her over enthusiastic sister as she settles down in the middle of the circle. Opening the sheet of paper up she starts to read. 'Whither my Cole, wherever you be, through time and space, take my heart near to thee.'

Cole stands on a rock at the centre of his realm. A dry desert wind is blowing the sand around, but even this does not hide the carnage that envelops this land. Another soul appears close by. Another power to grab and use. He leaps down into the heart of the sandstorm, but his eagerness turns to the surprise when he recognises the person awakening before him.

'What are you doing here?' Asks Cole. 'I thought you would never return to this plane.

'I'm here to stop Tempest from undoing the fabric of time.'

'I wondered who was capable of doing so much carnage.' Says Cole looking around him.

'Don't tell me he has been creating time slips here to?' Asks Phoebe with some concern.

'No, but I have seen the demons that have got caught up in his scheme. They all end up here you know.'

'Good we needed somewhere out of his reach to try to locate his base of operations. Once we locate him we can attempt to stop him.'

'How do you intend to do that? Are you going to scry for him?'

'We don't have anything of his that we could use to do that, unfortunately.' Phoebe sighs. 'I just going to have to work it out by observing his actions from here. They are rippling through time and space getting more distorted the further from him that they are. The only way we could reduce our odds is if we recognise the place he is hiding in?

'And how do you intend to watch all this? Its not like I have a television or something.'

'I brought these with me.' Phoebe replies, producing some bottles of green potion from her bag.

'What are those?'

'You'll see.' Says Phoebe turning away from her former love. 'I hope you know what your doing Paige.' She mutters under her breath.

Back in the attic Piper looks down at her sister's almost motionless body. She clutches firmly to her man's arm and then darts her eyes nervously towards Paige.

'What was in that bottle you made her drink?' she asks Paige through gritted teeth.

'Nothing much, in fact I picked most of it up at the chemist. It'll just make her talk in her sleep. It means we can find out any information as soon as Phoebe does.'

'I hope you know what your doing Paige.' Phoebe mutters, much to Paige's relief.

Now standing alone on a rock in the heart of the wasteland, Phoebe opens up Paige's instructions and nervously reads her sister's spell.

'Bring together Tempest and me, his kingdom now I wish to see, crossing time and space to his side, from myself I will not hide.'

As a vortex opens up Cole leaps up to his witch. They look through and can see Tempest in a large cave with a stone alter in the middle of it. Candles are placed around the edges of the alter. Energy bolts fly off Tempest in all directions.

'I recognise that place.' Says Cole. 'The Source held Piper there when he took control of her mind.'

'That was the place where you and Leo rescued Piper from the Source when she thought she was in an asylum.' Says a surprised Phoebe. 'I thought it would be far more sinister than that.'

'Its not the place, it's the people who use it.' Murmurs Cole, remembering his own time as the Source. 'So what do we do next?'

'Just throw the Bottles of potion through the vortex.' Replies Phoebe looking at Paige's notes as she does so. 'Then ask to go home.'

In the manor, her sister's, on hearing this request, start to chant the reversal spell. 'Return thy love, wherever she be, through time and space, bring her back to me.'

Phoebe awakens with a jolt.

'Quick, we must act. I know where Tempest is.' Says Phoebe, struggling to her feet.

'So do we.' Says Paige, grabbing her sister by the arm as they orb out of the attic to Tempest's lair. The Angel and Leo follow with Piper clinging to her husband's warm embrace.

On landing in the lair the five find themselves in a passage leading to the main room. Phoebe turns to Paige and opens her mouth as if to say something but the finger to mouth gesture that that her sister makes convinces her that now is not the right time. Piper makes her way quietly towards the alter ducking behind a pillar of rock so that Tempest is unable to see her. The rest follow. Tempest is clearly confused and a low mist hangs around his feet. Piper gives Paige a big thumbs-up and then flashes her hands out in Tempest's direction.

Tempest vaporises. As his physical form attempts to regroup Paige draws more bottles of the green potion from her waistcoat. Throwing them into the chamber they explode creating a thick acrid smoke. In the noise and confusion the Angel opens his scroll and starts reading. He and Leo disappear.

'Read this quickly, before the smoke clears and he regroups.' Paige shouts to her sisters, handing them each a copy of the spell to unbind a bond.

'The bond that was not to be done. Give us the power to see it undone, and turn back time to whence it begun.' They repeat together.

It is a clear, sunny day outside the Halliwell manor. A gentle breeze ripples through the trees. The street is peaceful. The only noise is the conversation between Piper and Phoebe as they climb the steps that lead to the front door. Each is clutching a bag full of groceries.

'Well, how are you feeling. Any morning sickness yet?' Enquires Phoebe of her pregnant sister.

'Not really.' Replies Piper lying, as her stomach churns over for the hundredth time that day.

Phoebe opens the door of the manor as they reach the top of the steps and lets Piper walk through. The house is quiet.

'Anyone home?' Piper shouts out.

'Up here.' Paige's mumbled voice replies from some distant corner of the manor.

'Shouldn't you be at work young lady?'

'Just finished. I wanted to get back early to try on this new dress I bought during my lunch break.' Paige answers as she appears at the top of the stairs in a flowing black strapless gown. 'What do you think?'

'Nice. Very elegant.' Chips in Phoebe.

'Haven't we been here before?' Says Piper, overcome by a curious sense of deja-vu.

'Of course we have darling we live here.' Quips Phoebe, only to start sensing the same thing herself.

As Piper turns to chastise her sister's bad joke, Leo and the Angel reappear.

'Read this spell. All of you.' He urges frantically.

'Hey! That looks like my handwriting.' Says Paige. 'I don't remember writing this.'

'It is and you did.' Reply Piper and Phoebe in unison.

'Now just read it.' Says Leo even more desperately.

'Bring balance to our time and space. Keep Tempest in his rightful place. The Power of Three will keep everyone free.' They rhyme together.

Paige turns to Leo. Curiosity overcomes her anger.

'And what was that all about?' She asks.

Sometime later when Leo explains all that has happened that day, or at least all that should have happened had Tempest had his way, Phoebe is left with just one question.

'How come Piper was able to know that we were experiencing a past event? I thought that was my power.'

'Well,? says Leo, 'it could be that her powers are developing. You each grow more powerful as the years go by. Look at how powerful you have been in your previous lives. Then of course there's the fact she is pregnant. You gained many extra powers when you were pregnant Phoebe.'

'But mine were evil powers.' Phoebe reminds everyone.

'It doesn't matter what type of powers they are, as that is just down to the type of witch. All witches? powers grow when they are pregnant. It helps to protect the baby.'

Piper sits in her favourite chair. A smug expression crosses her face as she gently rubs her stomach.

'I think I've covered everything now.' Says Leo, looking contentedly at his glowing wife.

'Not quite.' Replies Piper as a remember thought brings back that nauseous morning sickness feeling.
'What exactly was that green potion, Paige?'

'From Leo's description it sounds like a cross between a smoke bomb and a stink bomb that I invented whilst I was still at school. I still remember the recipe.' Answers the youngest sister.

'I think we can skip tonight's potion class, you're more skilful than I thought.'

Whilst all those present in the Halliwell house share this little joke, somebody lurks in Tempest's former lair.

'I'm home.' Exclaims Cole in the now empty chamber.

The End.

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