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  5x11 - To Thine Own Self
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy... JAX: - Diosa Norte.

NERO: I got an endgame

here, man. Tell you straight up,

if we were to do a deal, it would have to be completely

clear of all your other traffic.

See, I can't get pulled into the

heat of all the things you're moving away from.

JAX: Understood.

KAREN: You're exactly what we want, Tara.

TARA: I'm not sure what to say.

KAREN: Don't say anything.

Take a few days. I'm here till the end of the week.

CLAY: Jax is pushing to kill

the RICO leverage you got.

He's getting at Delaney.

LUIS: What do you want?

CLAY: I want protection.

LUIS: If that push comes to

that shove, we'd need you more than Jax.

JAX: I know about the leverage.

JUICE: The Feds had us on RICO.

They said if I gave them intel,

they would only take the Sons who were at the meet.

JAX: Do you want to earn your way back in?

You're gonna find those

documents, Juice, 'cause that's

gonna prove that Clay is a traitor and a murderer.

OTTO: Put it around my neck.

Can I get a minute alone?


Get me the hell out of here.

TARA: What are you doing?


Please, don't.

OTTO: Sons live, Redwood bleeds.

TARA: No! No!

JAX: Hey, morning.

TARA: Morning.

JAX: What's all this?

TARA: That, uh, pediatrics

practice in Providence made me an offer yesterday.

JAX: Wow.

Are they okay with the hand?

TARA: Yeah.

I'd finish the rehab up there.

They need a neonatal specialist.

If... we can get through this Otto mess.

JAX: Which we will.

TARA: I know why you couldn't

walk away a few months ago.

The club's been your whole

life, you couldn't let it die.

I think I fell in love with you

even more because of that.

You're a beautiful, loyal man, Jax.

But ending RICO saves SAMCRO.

And whatever happens with Clay, you have put the MC

on the right track.

You've done everything you wanted to do, baby.

It's your turn, now.

We can move on.

(muffled baby talking)

And after yesterday, I... I can't help but feel like

this is some kind of last chance for us.


JAX: Well, we don't have to make that decision now.

TARA: Yeah, we do.

They're gonna want an answer by the end of the week.


JAX: Look, let's talk to Lowen first.

Figure out this Otto mess.

TARA: Okay, baby.

CLAY: Morning.

GEMMA: Morning.

Paper's there.

CLAY: Thanks.

I know this is just... what it is.

GEMMA: Coffee?


CLAY: I'm aware that we don't

just pick it up where we left off, but...

maybe this is a chance for us, Gem.

To do it different, no lies, no secrets.

GEMMA: Maybe.

I really should be going.

Can you, uh, put these back in the garage for me?

CLAY: Sure.

Goodwill shit?


It's Luann's stuff.

I had to go through them for Tara yesterday.

She wants to give something to Otto.

Hey, does the club know she's

been volunteering at Stockton?



GEMMA: Yeah, I guess so.

She's been really slippery about it all.

She don't tell me shit anymore.

CLAY: I'll ask around.

GEMMA: Thanks.


TARA: It was chaos.

They just took a statement,

and told me they'd be in touch.

They're gonna figure it out.

LOWEN: We can maintain that

not updating your insurance was

an oversight, but that request

form you forged to see Otto,

that could come back to bite us.

JAX: Oh, come on, she was concerned about a friend.

LOWEN: An eager prosecutor

could sell that she conspired

to meet with him, then brought the cross with knowledge

of what he'd do.

BOBBY: Shit.

LOWEN: I'll start digging in.

See how much heat it has.

Uh, you clear on your story?

TARA: My husband did time.

Medical care was awful.

I wanted to make a difference.

(baby crying)

Excuse me.

JAX: Otto killing that nurse,

that will make RICO go away?


Felony charges after the deal

would destroy his reliability.

But this could unravel for Tara, Jax.

(whispering): She could do serious time for this.

JAX: Then make sure that doesn't happen!

LOWEN: I manipulate the law.

I don't write it.

I'll call you when I know something.

BOBBY: Club's gonna find out what Otto did.

We got to tell them the truth, man.

JAX: The CIA knowledge still

puts us all at risk, Bobby.

We got to get clear of the cartel first.

Then they can hear all of it.

CHIBS: Otto's move kills Romeo's leverage.

He ain't gonna take that sitting down.

JAX: Then call Alvarez and Tyler.

Lock down the muling and the distribution deal.

You call Lin.

Set up the meet.

If he can't deliver, all of this

goes south, and we are stuck being Romeo's coke whore!

All right?

MAN: Can you hear my voice, Mr. Delaney?

OTTO: What is this?

MAN: Wake up.

Wake up.

Yeah, stay with me.

Oh, that's good, yeah.

I just need to finish up.

OTTO: Who are you?

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

JAX: Where's Rat taking Unser?

JUICE: Chemo.

JAX: Time's up, Juice.

I need those documents today.

You turn his house upside down.

You understand?

JUICE: Yeah.


JAX: Chucky, close the door on your way out.

You should accept that.

CHUCKY: I am in motion, without commotion.

(door closes)

GEMMA: What?

JAX: The safe that the Nomads

stole when they broke in,

I just found out that they gave

Clay back all the legal shit.

What was it?

GEMMA: Insurance stuff, uh, marriage license,

death, birth certificates.

JAX: You need to get him talking, Mom.

Find out what he did with it.


We've run out of time.


What happened?

JAX: It doesn't matter.

GEMMA: I need to know what I'm walking into here, Jax.

You are hiding way too much shit under the table.

I know Tara's up to something at Stockton.

JAX: How do you know that?

GEMMA: I brought her a cross yesterday.

From Luann.

Why is she working there?

JAX: The reason I didn't kill

Clay after you gave me the letters,

the Feds were holding a RICO case over our heads.

Irish guns are the only thing holding them at bay.

I needed Clay alive to keep Gaalan invested.

GEMMA: Jesus Christ.

How'd they make RICO?

JAX: Otto turned.

That's what Tara's doing at Stockton.

GEMMA: Getting him to change his mind.

JAX: Which he did.

He killed a nurse with that cross yesterday.

GEMMA: Oh, shit.

JAX: RICO's dead, but now it

could all blow back on Tara.

GEMMA: Honey, I'm sorry.

JAX: Clay's gonna find out that his leverage is gone.

I need that proof now.

GEMMA: Yeah.

Okay, babe.

(knock on door)

BOBBY: You ready?

JAX: We'll be at Diosa.

We got the opening today.

CHIBS: I spoke with Alvarez and Tyler.

They're all in.

Percentages are set.

JAX: All right, good.

What about Lin?

BOBBY: Still no word.

JAX (sighs): Shit.

(knock on door)

CLAY: Hey, man.

Thanks for coming by.

TIG: Everything okay?

CLAY: You know, I wish I could say yes.

You want anything?

Coffee, beer?

TIG: Eh.

What's going on, man?

CLAY: Sit down.

(bottle pops open)

You happy?

(Tig laughs)

TIG: Really?


I mean, I've got an Elks Lodge

full of opening day pussy, and

you want to have a quality of life chat?

(Clay chuckles)

CLAY: I miss you, Tiggy.

You know, losing the gavel, I

thought the shit I'd be jonesing

for would be the money, the weight.

TIG: Don't tell me it's about the brotherhood and the

camaraderie, or I'm puke all over your goddamn table.

CLAY: I do miss having you on my right.

TIG: You killed that, not me.

CLAY: I know.

Just wanted you to know that

I appreciate all your loyalty,

all the shit you did for me.

I will never forget that.

TIG: Yeah?

I'm trying to forget it.

We done?

CLAY: I may be forced to create some new opportunities

outside of SAMCRO.

Now, if you ever found yourself

at a crossroads with the club,

you know, maybe growing tired of

watching your president sucking

up to the guy that burned your daughter alive... door would be open.

TIG: What are you working, Clay?

CLAY: Just trying to stay alive, brother.

You know how that is.

Anyway, I appreciate you listening.

I'll let you... I'll let you get

off to your banger's delight.



Hi, Jax. How are you doing, boys?

(Chibs clicks tongue)

CHIBS: Wow, Jackie, this place is bloody magical.

BOBBY: Maybe your best idea.


PHIL: Holy mother suck my tits.

JAX: Have at it, Shrek.

HAPPY: That's gonna be a lot of flop sweat.



JAX: - How you doing, darling?

LYLA: - Hey. Good.

Where's Nero?

LYLA: He's out back.

Some of his old crew showed up.

It got intense.

He wasn't happy.

NERO: Well, go ahead!

Go on, speak on it.

(men murmuring)

RENALDO: - Let's ask them.

JAX: - What's all this?

NERO: Breaking down a little pleito here.

RENALDO: That's right.

Since our OG left Stockton, we had a little problem holding down our borders.

FIASCO: Street sees your pussy leave, they think the rest of the game is up for grabs, holmes.

NERO: I got shut down, fool!

Me setting up out here, that still brings the feria in your pocket.

RENALDO: We need more than money, ese.

JAX: So what do you want?

NERO: Guns!

I told them that's not what this is.

RENALDO: I don't give a shit what this is.

We got Dante's crew stepping on our book.

Triple Two shaking up our protection.

We need AK's and Glocks to hold down our streets.

FIASCO: Otherwise, we're

gonna go broke, maybe homeless.

Might have to move in here.

LUPE: Yeah.

Me and my 37 kids, yo.

RENALDO: And you know how

expensive kids are, ese.

Even the ones without crutches.

(all shouting)


BOBBY: Enough!


This is the way we get the town

to embrace our legitimate business?

HAPPY: Dude, you just fired a gun.

BOBBY: Hey, shut up.

NERO: Sorry, man.

I didn't see that coming.

JAX: Why don't you just let me sell them the hardware.

Just a one time thing.

NERO: We ain't that crew, Jax.

We ain't never been that crew.

We run ten square blocks north and sur.

This Renaldo, he's pushing to blow up, make a name.

Vato's been seeing too many movies, que no?

BOBBY (chuckles): Come on.

Sounds like you're the guy kept them smart.

JAX: Man, I got some old KG-9s at the warehouse.

Why don't you let me give them those, a few Glocks.

Make their dicks feel bigger, keep this from happening again.

NERO: Yeah, okay.

BOBBY: - Sale can't happen here. NERO: - Right.

Well, there's an access road above the river basin near Diller Canyon.

JAX: Yeah, I know it.

Let's say an hour.

I'll bring eight pieces, street tag should be five grand.

I'll give it to them for four.

NERO: Come here, fool.

Come here!

CLAY: What you got there, Chucky?

CHUCKY: Old files for Gemma.

She's looking for something about the dead lad.

Not sure what.

She seems kind of sad.

GEMMA: Oh, thanks, Chucky.

Uh, put these in the shed.

CHUCKY: Indeed, indeed.

I do the deed.

He said, she said, with buoyant speed.

CLAY: - Is it me or is he getting... GEMMA: - Yeah.

Dr. Seuss thing is new.

But he's pretty much certifiable.

CLAY: What's going on here?

GEMMA: Oh, it's silly.

I realized that, uh, my Thomas's birthday is in two weeks.

And pretty much everything I have on him-- death, birth certificates-- were in that safe.

Look, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

But then it-it dawned on me that I saw his birth certificate in with some of the TM shit, and I-I... I thought I would just take one more look, maybe get lucky.

CLAY: Hey, we can call the county.

We can get copies.

GEMMA: It's not the same as the original.

(cell phone ringing)

CLAY: Yeah?

No, I know it.

All right. I'll see you there.

GEMMA: Problem?


I hope you find it.

GEMMA (sighs): Goddamn it.

Get rid of this shit.

CHUCKY: - Okeydokey... GEMMA: - Rhyme and I kill you.

(smooth jazz music playing)

UNSER: Hey, Doc.

TARA: Hey.

UNSER: What are you doing here?

TARA: Oh, I just ran into Rat Boy.

I thought I'd come by and check on you.


TARA: You finished?

UNSER: Yeah.

I appreciate the thought.

You mind if we get out of here?

This Kenny G shit's gonna give my cancer cancer.


TARA: I was, I was just on my way to feed the boys.

You want to join me?

UNSER: Yeah.

That'd be nice. TARA: - Okay.

UNSER: Yeah.




TARA: You okay?

UNSER: Yeah, just a little dizzy.

Fine, thank you.

TARA: Sure.

UNSER: Here.


How's the... your hand healing?

TARA: Slowly.

It's gonna be a little while.


Don't give up on that.

Staying positive is the best cure.

TARA: Really?

UNSER: Shit.

I hope not.

If it is, I'm screwed.

(both chuckle)

I have to, I got to... I got to park it for a minute.

TARA: Oh, sure. Come on.

(Unser sighs)

UNSER: What's going on, sweetheart?

I know my stage four charm is magnetic, but... that ain't the reason you come to see me.

TARA: No, it's not.

I think of you as being this... kind of watcher.

You know, the guy that's seen it all, beginning to end.

I guess I need a little impartial perspective.

I love Jax.

My boys.

I love being his wife.

And I've embraced the club and the guys.

And... I'm okay with the life.

UNSER: Seems like you left yourself off that list.

TARA: I used to love... being a surgeon.



(Unser stammering)

TARA: Oh, oh!


(Unser retching and spitting)

UNSER: Shit.

TARA: Are you okay?

(Unser clearing throat)


UNSER: Yeah.

(both laughing)

UNSER: Hey, uh... (sighs)


...let's go feed the little people, huh?

(both laughing)

Oh, come on.

TARA: Oh, I'm sorry.

UNSER: No, I mean, it's okay.

TARA: Oh, so sorry.

UNSER: No, I'm sorry.

ROMEO: Your president's making moves.

Otto killed a nurse last night.

And RICO is dead.

CLAY: Shit!

ROMEO: You were right.

We need the guns for bigger game and the coke to pay for it.

LUIS: Killing RICO is Jax making a move to end our deal.

Can't let that happen.

ROMEO: We're going to take him out.

And anyone who stands in the way.

LUIS: We suggest you make your move back to the head of the table before your charter evaporates.

CLAY: You know, getting rid of RICO ain't about guns or drugs.

It's about getting rid of RICO.

Charter's gotten used to all this cartel cash.

Jax knows that.

Let me speak to him.

See if I can make him understand the weight of all this.

Leave him be.

ROMEO: I'll give you two hours.

CHIBS: Oh, man.

CHIBS: That's definitely not good.

(engines revving)

That's ten too many wetbacks.

JAX: Stupid vato shitheads.

TIG: We should, uh, probably go, yeah?

RENALDO: Where you going, ese?!

We just want our guns!

FIASCO: Send the bill to your partner, bitch!

Here we go, boys.

(engine starts)

(automatic gunfire)

Ah! Shit!

TIG: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

JAX: Woo-hoo!


Anyone dead?

TIG: Negative.

JAX: Hap, you hit?

HAPPY: Ripped through.

I am rapturous.

(all yelling, whooping)

JAX: Clearly these assholes

ain't real happy about you and Diosa moving north.

NERO: Well, I ain't running them anymore, man.

CHIBS: Oh, maybe they don't

know that you're retired, ese.

NERO: They're gonna know

something real soon, I tell you that.

JAX: One thing I don't want

is these half-bright cholos

starting a war right outside Charming.

NERO: I hear you.

BOBBY: Finally got ahold of Lin.

He'll meet us at the Dynasty.


JAX: Good.

Hey, I got to handle this.

It's not gonna take long.

I'll meet you back at Diosa, all right?

We'll figure out what to do about your crew.

NERO: Yeah.

CLAY: Give me a minute?

JAX: No.

CLAY: You really should.

It's important, son.

I heard about Otto.

JAX: From who?

CLAY: Our cartel-CIA friend.

I know about Romeo.


And I know that's why you didn't kill me.

JAX: Yeah.

My mistake.

CLAY: Romeo knows you're gonna break ties.

Galindo ain't gonna let that happen.

They're gonna get rid of you, son.

And Romeo's gonna make sure that

whoever replaces you is gonna

keep the guns and the coke intact.

(Jax sighs)

JAX: Let me guess.

CLAY: Actually, I turned it down.

You know, you and me-- we sat in

that tow truck a few months

back, and, uh, you told me how you wanted out.

You wanted something better for your boys.

That we were gonna make some bank, move on.

JAX: That changed when you

murdered Piney and tried to kill my wife.

CLAY: This isn't about me and my mistakes.

It's about you.

And the one that you're about to make.

This CIA-cartel thing has a shelf life.

And by the time they split, all

the legit shit that you've been

putting in place will be in full swing.

But for now, you got to keep Romeo in place.

Make your bank, son.

JAX: Stop calling me "son"!

CLAY: I'm sorry.

You got to let this cartel thing play out.

And then you can take the money

and Tara and the boys and get out of Charming.

If you don't, you're gonna lose everything.

(knock on door)

BOBBY: We should be heading out.

JAX: I appreciate you looking out for me.

But I got a different plan.

I'm tired of being crushed under

the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing.

I have to change that.

(door closes)

(cell phone ringing)

ROMEO: Better be some good news.

CLAY: Things with me and the boy are, uh, complicated.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna need a little more time.

ROMEO: How much more?

CLAY: I don't know... give me another day.

I'll convince him.

ROMEO: All right, let me know.

CLAY: I will.


(snaps phone shut)

ROMEO: He couldn't do it.

Make the call.


BOBBY: What did Clay want?

JAX: He knows everything.

So does Romeo.

BOBBY: You're shitting me.

JAX: We need to get to Lin and close this shit down.

(engine starts)

GEMMA: - Sit over there. UNSER: - Yeah.

NERO: He okay?

GEMMA: Chemo.

NERO: Oh, damn.

(car alarm chirps)

You okay?

I ain't seen you around in a couple days.

GEMMA: Figured I'd stay out of your hair.

How's the opening going?

NERO: Other than this bullshit with my crew, it's

okay, I think.

You coming around tonight?

GEMMA: Let me, um, let me see

how the wounded are doing.

NERO: Okay.

Something I should know here or what?


I'm fine.

NERO: Okay.

(engine starts)

CLAY: Thanks.

(knock on door)

KAREN: Margaret said you were looking for me.

TARA: Yes.

Please, come in.

KAREN: Did you have a chance to discuss the offer with

your husband?

TARA: I did.

Um... This is very difficult for him.

He was born and raised here.

He's very invested in Charming.

KAREN: Of course.

What does your husband do?

TARA: Small business owner.

Automotive repairs.

Few other ventures.

KAREN: We'd do everything we

could to help him get set up in Providence.

TARA: I appreciate that.

KAREN: I'm sensing this may not be a good fit for you.

TARA: No, no.

It's a perfect fit.

I just, I just want to keep it under wraps.

Let Jax sit with it for a minute.

I want to move forward with the offer.

KAREN (laughs): Oh.

That makes me very happy, Tara.

My partners will be thrilled.

And of course, we'll keep it off

the radar until you say otherwise.

TARA: Thank you.

KAREN: I'll talk to Margaret and start the paperwork.

TARA: Okay.

That sounds great.

(door buzzes) (lock clicks)

LEE: Can you hear my voice, Mr. Delaney?

(Otto laughing)

OTTO: Oh, man, you should've just kept going.

LEE: I know you want to die.

And you will.

But before that happens, there

are a few things we need to do.

OTTO: RICO's dead, bitch.

I ain't giving you shit... whoever you are.

LEE: This isn't about RICO.

And I'm not a Fed.

I'm just a citizen.

OTTO: What do you want?

LEE: I do want something.

When a man is forced to put away what he does, sometimes he forgets who he is.

Thank you for giving me something to want, Otto.

These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life.

(door slams, lock clatters)

(oven wheels squeak)


Goddamn it!

(weird air sound)

LIN: When did all this take shape?

JAX: The last few months.

The Irish hate the Mexicans.

It's way too tense. We want out.

BOBBY: We just can't leave Galindo high and dry.

So we need somebody to replace the IRA hardware.

LIN: Those are some serious weapons.

It's not like bringing in a few cases of AK's.

JAX: Henry, we're handing you the winning ticket in the Mexican gun lottery.

Can you do it, or should we go someplace else?

LIN: I can dip into Gaza, probably get my hands on something comparable.

German snipers, Kassam Rockets, some anti-tank shit.

JAX: How often?

LIN: What are we talking?

BOBBY: Every two weeks.

From now until... whenever.

LIN: It won't come cheap, man.

Hamas'll rape me on this shit.

JAX: Money's not a problem.

In fact, you're gonna tack on ten percent; our referral fee.

Can you make it work?

LIN: Yeah. Yeah, I'm in.

(phone ringing)

JAX: Good. Excuse me.


JUICE: Found them.

JAX: - Where. JUICE: - In the air vent.

JAX: All right, put 'em back where they were.

Then go to TM, get Tig and Chibs to bring Clay to his house.

Me and Bobby will meet you there.

Clay does not get left alone in that house, you understand?

JUICE: Yeah.

JAX: All right.

Hey, thanks, Henry.

Do you think you can get a few of the big guns fast?

Show the buyer?

LIN: I should be able to.

JAX: All right, good. We'll be in touch.

We gotta go.

BOBBY: Good to see you again.

LIN: Bobby.

(tires screeching)

Don't move or I shoot, ese!

- Get him! Get him!

What the hell?

What the hell!

No, no!

(Spanish) - Get in! No, shit!

(Spanish) Close that. Go.

BOBBY: You're dead!


- Go, go, go!

(tires squealing) Jax!


TIG: Did Jax say why he wanted to meet here?

JUICE: No. Just said it was important.

CLAY: You got any idea what this is about?


(cell phone buzzes)

CHIBS: Bobby.


BOBBY: The Mexicans grabbed Jax.

Jumped us outside of Lodi.

CHIBS: Mother of Christ.


BOBBY: Not sure.

Called Nero.

He's gonna dig into his crew.

Prospects are picking me up.

Need everybody at the clubhouse.

CHIBS: Okay, I'm on my way.

Mexicans jumped Jax and Bobby.

TIG: What?

CHIBS: They got Jax.

Clubhouse now. Let's go!


CLAY: Oh, I'll meet you there.

I forgot to take my meds.

(lock clicks)


Guns now!

Hands, homie!

You know where to put 'em.

RENALDO: Are you out of your mind, ese?

This is some whack-ass shit!

NERO: Yeah? Where is he? Hmm?

RENALDO: Who, man?

Who the hell you looking for?!

NERO: You took Jax Teller?!

FIASCO: Why the hell would we do that, ese?

NERO: 'Cause you want guns... right?!

FIASCO: Ain't nobody here, fool!

RENALDO: Man, you been eating too much old white pussy.

You forget who you are, bitch?!

NERO: You think so?

I'm gonna shoot you in the head in five seconds.

Let's see if that jars my memory.

One, two, three... (two shots)


NERO: You pochos wanted me back, huh?

Orale. I'm back.

(footsteps approach)

(door opens)

JAX: You know, if you wanted to meet, a phone call would've done the trick.

ROMEO: We need to remind you of how easy it is to disappear.

JAX: And yet, here I am.

Oh... I see the cartel thug in you wants to chop my head off, but the Fed side struggles with the felony whacking.

LUIS: Actually, both sides are okay with whacking.

One just has paperwork.

ROMEO: We saw what you did with Delaney.

We know you want to kill the gun deal.

JAX: You don't know shit.

You think I'm just gonna cut ties with the cartel without setting you up with something else?

I'm an outlaw, cabron, not a suicide bomber.

ROMEO: Setting us up how?

JAX: Mayans will mule from

AZ, distribute in Northern Cali.

Niners will still push Pope's weight into Reno.

LUIS: Who gets us the Irish guns?

JAX: Gaalan hates wetbacks.

His words, not mine.

It's only a matter of time before he pulls the plug.

I set you up with the Chinese, a guy called Henry Lin.

He can get comparable weapons from Gaza... German snipers, Kassams, anti-tank missiles.

All the good shit.

LUIS: He can meet the demand?

JAX: It ain't gonna be cheap, but he can do it.

ROMEO: Set the meet.

That's a lot of moving parts.

They better all work.

Cut him loose.

(Spanish) Yes, boss.

JAX: They held it over our heads.

If me and Bobby told anyone about the CIA hookup, they'd crush us with RICO.

Every charter.

The Sons of Anarchy would have been dead.

So I put all my energy into finding a way out.

BOBBY: Otto killing that nurse was his way of reversing his statement.

Wiped out RICO, but pushed the game forward.

JAX: Romeo panicked.

That's why he picked me up cartel-style, trying to convince me not to walk away from the deal.

CLAY: Were you convinced?

JAX: No. He was.

You see, that's what I've been working on; getting the Mayans to take over the coke mule and Lin to cover big guns.

Romeo signed off.

This means we can walk away from drugs and the cartel!

PHIL: You set that up on your own?

JAX: Me and Bobby.

It's not the way I wanted it.

BOBBY: Look, we're not gonna do anything unless the club is behind it.

JAX: The deal with Galindo was always a means to an end.

We knew that.

But stepping away is gonna mean a pay cut.

We're gonna feel that sting initially, but once Diosa takes hold, we're gonna be solid.

I'm working on a few other things, too.

CHIBS: Let's vote it.

JAX: Okay.

We hand off the drugs to the Mexicans and the guns to the Chinese.




PHIL: Yea.

(Clay chuckles)

CLAY: Yea.

HAPPY: Yeah.

TIG: Yea.


JAX: Good.

CLAY: Well done.

JAX: Not yet.

GEMMA: I'm so glad you're okay, baby.

JAX: I'm fine, Mom.

(whispering): Take Clay to your house and keep him there till we call.

TIG: - Yeah, right? BOBBY: - All right.

TIG: You, uh, you did it, brother.


That was a beautiful thing, Jackie.

JAX: Yeah.

You three, with me.

BOBBY: Where to?

JAX: Show and tell.

TIG: You, uh, you need me there?

JAX: Not yet.

You still love me, Tiggy?

TIG: I love you, boss.

(baby squealing)

What's up.

CLAY: Can I ask you about Nero?

GEMMA: I have a needle in my hand.

CLAY: Oh, well, I'm aware.

I saw him... (groans) saying good-bye to you today.

GEMMA: It was never anything real.

Still isn't.

And no more questions.

(phone rings)


CLAY: Juice.

It's the fourth time he's called.

GEMMA: It's never too late to adopt.

CLAY: I love you.

GEMMA: I love you, too.

(knocking on door)

CLAY: Back door?

GEMMA: Yeah, Juice was probably parked out front.

CLAY: I'll handle it.

(knocking continues)

NERO: Sorry.

I'm looking for Gemma.

CLAY: Yeah, she's changing.

NERO: Yeah, okay.

I just wanted to know if, um, she heard anything about Jax.

CLAY: He's fine.

NERO: What?

CLAY: Yeah, it was a misunderstanding.

It wasn't your crew.

I think Bobby tried calling you.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

GEMMA: What're you doing here?

NERO: I was just, uh... worried.

CLAY: She's fine.

GEMMA: Just give us a minute.

It's okay.

It's okay. I'll be right there.

GEMMA: What happened to you?

NERO: Ghosts, baby.


Some very familiar ones.

GEMMA: I don't know what's going on, but now is not the time.

NERO: Yeah, yeah, I get it.

I guess we, uh, we can't stop the inevitable, right?

Clay's back here?

So what?

What are you two, like married again or what?




GEMMA: Hey, look, come here.

I can't explain all this.

Not yet.

But please don't go away.


(whispering): I love you.

It's okay.

JUICE: They were here, Jax.

I swear.

Birth certificates, deeds, all kinds of shit.

BOBBY: What kind of shit?

JAX: The Nomads gave Clay back all the legal shit from the safe they jacked.

CHIBS: Where did they go?

JAX: Was he back in the house?

JUICE: Yeah.

You told us to meet you here.

JAX: You left him alone when I didn't show.

JUICE: Yeah.

CHIBS: Get up.

(groans) Get up.

JAX: Go home, Juice.

JUICE (crying): I'm sorry.

CHIBS: Yeah.

BOBBY: You enlisted him in your war on Clay.

That's why you didn't want to bring the rat to the table.

Jax, you got no real proof of Clay's ties to the Nomad attacks.

Just the word of a dead traitor and a Fed snitch.

You got to let it go, Jax.

Look what you did for the club today.

It's epic shit, brother.


Don't let your hate kill that.

JAX: There's a few other things I can't prove.

My father wrote letters to Maureen Ashby, telling her that he feared Clay would kill him for trying to get the club out of guns.

He even told her he'd sabotage his bike.

Clay killed my old man.

Maureen put the letters in my bag when we left Belfast.

Tara found them, gave them to Piney.

Clay found out.

That's why he killed Piney.

That's why he tried to kill Tara.

Clay was the one that ordered the attack on her.

He's responsible for what happened to her hand.

He's responsible for everything.

(pounding on door)

BOBBY: I need a minute.

I'd keep that piece handy.

CLAY: You here to kill me, VP?


I'm here to keep you alive.

Sit down.

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