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  4x07 - Fruit for the Crows
 Posted: 04/29/13 13:06
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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

You hiding something from me?

This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.

Letters from John Teller would be very painful.

Could set things off with Clay again.

The history that Tara and Piney know-- very dangerous.

These are copies.

I searched her whole office.

All she had.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to protect both of us.

I'll have the coke ready for you for the run back.

30 kilos of uncut Colombian cocaine.

Have him pull a sample from the load.

A couple grams.

If he gets caught, they'll kill him.

That's the point.

That shipment that you muled out of Tucson?

String-puller-- he wants a sample.

We connect the cartel, leave SAMCRO out of it.

Are you in there, man?

Jesus, you took it?

Shit, Juice.


Juicy boy caught him.

Good work, Juicy.


The thief-- put him deep, no marker.

Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having

offended you and I detest all my sins not because of your just

punishments but most of all because they offended you, my

God, who are all good and deserving of all my love.

I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to sin no more

and to avoid the near occasions of sin.

Could this be someone at work-- a patient?

Something happen to a kid?

You really think this has anything to do with my work?

We should call Jax.

I'm calling the police.

No, no.

If this is the club, you get that new sheriff involved,

everyone gets hurt.

I'm gonna give Unser a call, too.

This is a death threat, Gemma, delivered to my front door.

I know.

Let's, uh, let's get you and the kids to the compound, make sure you're safe.

Normal people call the authorities when their lives are threatened.

You don't have a normal life, baby.

You have this one.

What, do you own the block?

They cooperate.

PD keeps its distance.

Come on, I'll give you the tour.

Put the ammo here.

Oh, shit.

That is a lot of coke.

Let me show you distribution.

Ha, tortillas?

That's embracing the stereotype, man.

How many dealers?


Looking to triple that, get into the prisons by the end of the year.

What about your "H"


Prison demand is steady.

Street buy is slow.

It all goes in cycles, man.


No, I'm coming right now.

Hey, we got to go.

It's Tara.

Someone put a death threat in her car.


Jesus Christ.

Where is she, man?

Gemma called Chibs and Ope, getting 'em to TM.

Get down, get down!

I'm on the shooter.

All right, all right!

Put someone with my wife and kid.

How far is your shot doc?

Not too far.



You guys follow us.

Call Tara.


Let's go.

Okay, we'll meet you there.


It's all right, darling.


Oh, come on.

Bring your medical bag.

See, there's your mommy, look, yeah, it's okay.

Oh, sweetie.

- Daddy, Daddy!

- Shit.

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye

Drop it, drop it!


Where's Jax?

Went after the shooter.

What shooter?

Con cuidado, hermano.

Te vamos a ayudar, jefe.


- Vas a estar bien.

- Get him into the clubhouse.

What the hell happened?

Bad morning.


Someone left it in her car.

See what you can find out about that.

Is the club watching her?

Yeah, she won't leave our sight.

Okay, I'll, uh, I'll dig into this.

Here, man, that'll help.


Why aren't you at the warehouse?

Chibs told me to come back.

We're on lockdown.

Who's there?

Hap, Rat, and V-Lin.


Let's get Tacoma down here, all right?

Head back up there.

Take a couple ARs with you.

Yeah, okay.

Keep the pressure on it.

How is Tara?


Think the threat's real?

I don't know.

This thing with Alvarez-- is it connected?

I don't know that either.

Where's Lyla and the kids?

Kids are with Mary.

Called the house, Lyla's not there.

She's got to be at work.

Go get her.

All right, call my old man.

He's either at the house or the cabin.

I'm with Ope.

You got any idea who this was?

Some guy that wanted me dead.

Well, he almost got his wish.

Two more inches, he would have hit an artery.

It's a local.

It'll help a little.


What happened to you?

Jax was very concerned.

Ask them.

I have to disinfect.

She found a note in her car.

Death threat.

Death threat?

- Shit.

- What?

Been hearing rumors.

Galindo lost a hit squad last week.

Found 'em butchered and burned.

So you're saying that this might be the other cartel?

Lobo Sonora?

No, this is some turf shit that came over the border,

or Romeo would've given us the heads up, no?

Targeting families is what drug cartels do.



Jackie boy, you all right?

I'm fine.

Is Tara safe?

Oh, yeah, she's right here, patching up Alvarez.

Okay, I followed the shooters to Fruitvale, 28th and Neal.

I got one of them.

Got the building and the car.

I'm not sure of the apartment.

All right, we're on the way.

Hey, call Laroy.

Tell him we might need some backup.

Call Laroy.


Can I talk to him?

Gemma, can...?

Thank you.

Hey, are you okay?

Yeah. Are you?

No, I'm wrist deep in Mr. Alvarez's shoulder cartilage.

Thank you.

Tara, you do not leave that compound.


I love you.

I love you.

I got to go.

Rafi, Pedro, get the crew.

They should be with the Sons to track those putos.

No, no, no, you need these guys to hold down your shit.

I got a call into Laroy.

We're gonna handle it.

Sheriff's here.

He's looking for Tara.

Who told you someone made a threat?

It was an anonymous tip.

Well, I'm fine.

Are you sure?

You seem a little unnerved.

Rough surgery this morning.

Yeah, well, I hope they pulled through.


We can help you.

You know that, right?

I appreciate that.

Want me to leave a a few of my men here?

That won't be necessary.

Give us a call if you need anything.


All right.

Mr. Ortiz, your P.O. called.

He wants you to take a piss test.



Follow me back.

This is bullshit.


Last thing in the world we want is this prick coming back here.

Everything okay?


He must have caught wind of the threat.

I told him it was nothing.

Good girl.

- Hey.

- Hey.

That's a cut on rehearsal.

You need to pick up Piper and come back to the compound.


Some shit went down.

It's just safer.

I'm working.

I can't just leave.

All right.

I'll have one of the prospects come by, bring you back.

What happened?

Why are you worried?

Somebody left a note in Tara's car.

Kind of a threat.

Kind of?

A death threat.


Don't know if it's real.

Just taking precautions.

See you later.

Hey, man, are you okay?

What happened to you?

Ask your VP.

You' saying Jax did this?

- I'm working, so... Whoa, whoa.

You didn't happen to put a note in his old lady's car by any chance?

What are you talking about?

- Somebody threatened Tara. No, I swear, I did not do anything.


Jax called.

Got to go.

Your two days are up.


Where is the sample?

Where's the guy who can help me?

Right now, I'm that guy.


What's going on with you?

I'm just tired of playing who's your daddy.

I'll bring you the sample... when I meet the guy who can make the deal.

I saw one of 'em pull a big ass bag from the car.

Probably more weapons.

Okay, second floor, end apartment.

Where the hell's Laroy?

I called him.

He should be here.

We got to do this now.

Before they split or more show up.

What are you thinking?

There's an entrance off the balcony around back.

I was thinking, me, Chibs and Ope.

You all take the front.

We'll call when we're ready.

All right.

Okay, let's go silent.


We gonna do this?

Okay, on ten.

One, two...

seven, eight... ten.

What the...?


Get the kids out of here.

Okay, come on, come on.

Give me that baby.

Get up, get up. Give me.

Come on, get up.

Come on, take this.

Take this little girl, come on.

Come on, attaboy.

All the way out.

All the way.

That's it, that's it, that's it, that's it.

He was the driver.

Where's the other shooter?

Where is the other shooter?


I'm assuming none of us picked up any Spanish in Stockton.


You speak English?


No? Well, okay.

How about now?


What are you all doing here?

We live here.

No. Calm down.

It's okay.

We're not gonna hurt you, bro.

We just want to ask you some questions.


He won't listen.

He doesn't care.


Who is he?

Who is he?!



Jesus Christ.

Get him up.

Get him up!

Oh, man, oh, man.

I ain't kidding, bro.

Tell me who you are.

Come on, come on.

Tell me who you are.

I live here.

We're not illegals.

Me and my sister are from Sonora.


They said if we didn't do it that they would kill my family.

My family's down there.

Better call your friend Romeo.

We got to go.

We got to go, bro.

Come on.

Is he gonna make it?


Can I talk to you?


What do you know about a cartel?

Should I ask Alvarez?

All I know is they're selling them guns.

Are there drugs involved?


The note, is that the... the cartel threatening me?

I'm not sure.

Oh, my God.

Look, the club is not gonna let anything happen to you.

The club is why everything is happening to me!

To my famil... I can't believe I signed off on this shit.

Signed off on what?

I got to get cleaned up.

He's not gonna give me the sample until he meets you.

And I can't risk exposure until I have that sample.

Have him meet you on the street with the coke, tell him the

deal maker will be there, then bust him for possession.

Are you kidding?

That's entrapment.

It's an outlaw with a couple of grams of blow getting

pulled over by a sheriff.

I am not going dirty to expedite your agenda.

Trashing the MC clubhouse, what was that, a fire drill?

That was tactical.

This is criminal.

You want to tie up Juice on a bullshit bust... do it yourself.

I'm done.

I still need you, Eli.

And I really don't relish the idea of calling your superiors.

A formal complaint from the United States District

Attorney's Office, how's that going to look in your jacket?

- Oh... Hey.

Where's Tara?

In the apartment, cleaning up.

You guys okay?


She knows about the drugs.

And the cartel.

Not from me.

Aw, shit.


What happened?

It's done.

How's he?

All patched up.

You guys need anything?

We're good.

I didn't know the drugs were gonna be part of the guns.


Was that Clay?


The deal we had to make was... it was complicated.

He can't be trusted, Jax.

Clay is protecting this club.

Clay protects himself.

This is two weeks into it.

What happens in two months, a year?

We got the shooters.

Lobo Sonora.

I think Galindo's rival is making a play in Northern Cali.

I talked to Romeo.

Said it was a shot off the bow.

Lobo making noise.

Luis is coming up with a few of his guys, make sure it all dies quietly.

What about the, uh... note left for Jax's old lady?

He said it's not their style.

Lobo would've written the note in their kid's blood.

Hey, thanks for handling this, huh?

Just paying back a debt, bro.

Meet me off Howard in the same place that

we met before.

You bring the sample, and I will bring the guy that makes the deal.

- When?

- Now.

I made some calls, and, uh, no other doctors in the area

have been threatened.

Did she tell Margaret, hospital security?


Last thing we need is that bitch setting this on fire.

Think maybe... it's club-related?

No. Had nothing to do with our business.

Are you sure?


You think this is some kind of game?

I'm certain it ain't that.

Crawl back into your little shithole, Wayne.

You leave this alone.

Don't get in my way anymore.

Put your hands up against the car.

What the hell are you doing?

You are under arrest for the possession of cocaine.

Clay. Samtaz called.

Armando's MIA since last night.

Yeah. Tucson's worried.

Get Jax and Ope.

Good work. Thank you.

Now what?

Now we have leverage.

I test this, we tie it to Galindo... then we see if Juice feels like cooperating.

And what if he doesn't feel like it?

We yell to the underworld that he's working with us.

He stole from his own club.

If that doesn't motivate him, we move forward on possession charges.

And we send him back to Stockton an unprotected rat.

That sounds terrifying.

You love this shit, don't you?

I like you, Eli.

You're a good man, straight shooter.

I know this is difficult for you.

Tell Juice about the leverage.

Cut him lose.

His fear will... multiply exponentially around his brothers.

Hi, baby.

Hi, baby. Come on.


Where's Lyla and Piper?

I was waiting for her, dude.

Nanny dropped off the kid.

She was changing... Where is she?

She ducked out.

Lost me.



I don't know what they, uh... what they want from you.

But at this point... you have no choice.

You have to cooperate, Juice.

Doesn't matter.


All right.

We need to bring Juice up to speed on this.

Yeah, let me see where he's at.

How was the piss?


Bobby wants to bounce some stuff off of you.



Where you going?


Is he okay?

I don't know. I'll be right back.


I'm a bit worried about Juice.

Worried how?

This thing with Miles, the sheriff riding him.

Boy's checked out.

We got to put him off this cartel shit.

Send him in, will you? Yeah.

What's up? Shut the door.

Have a seat.

No, over here.

You know, most days this life is just riding around, getting shit done.

Some days it's more than that.

Some days we ask our guys to do shit very few men could do.

That's what this means.

Way you handled the Russians, this hard thing with Miles.

I'm proud of you.


But now you need to put it behind you.

You understand me?


Yeah, okay.

Hey... you earned this.

I love you, son.

I love you.

Now, head back up to the warehouse.

Tacoma should be there by now.

Just make sure you keep

'em on their toes.


She split.

Sorry, bro.

Talked to Luis.

He's on his way up here with a few guys.

Any word on Armando?


Could have been picked up by state police.

Tucson is into it.

Kozik will be down next week with the guns.

I gave him the heads up, told him to keep his eyes open on the ride.

Well, we'd better do more than keep our eyes open.

Lobo Sonora knew exactly where to hit the Mayans.

That makes us the next target.

And if we are, we'll handle it.

Like Alvarez handled it?

You know, instead of sitting on your fat ass complaining about all the shit I'm doing wrong, why don't you do something that actually helps this goddamn club?

Yeah, like calling a vote?

Little late for that.

I'm not talking about the cartel.

Officer challenge.

Your leadership is compromising this club.

I want a vote.

New president.

Second it.

Get Juice and Happy back here.

Call Kozik and Piney and get their proxies.

We vote this shit tonight.

I trust you know how to use this.

Yes, ma'am.

I'm going to bed.

Good night, ma'am.

Don't call me ma'am.

Excuse me. Mr. Unser.

I was hoping I could walk you to your car, bend your ear a bit.


We're safe, babe.

I promise.

Trying to get a hold of Juice.

He ain't picking up his cell and I called the warehouse.

He never showed up.

Shit. I'm heading up there.

I'm with you. Come on.

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