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Previously, on Sons of Anarchy:

This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.

He must have found it somewhere in Jax's house.


Maureen Ashby.

And you think Jax read 'em?

Had to be Jax or Tara who found 'em.

Clay, Jax, Romero Parada.

Friends call me Romeo.

Got two dozen of each load.

That's 700 and change for your current stock.

It should cover half plus your transport payment.

I'll have the coke ready for you for the run back.

You forgot to mention we'd also be running coke for the Galindo Cartel?

We voted in selling them guns.

We'll have another vote.

I want you to back me.

It's the only way this thing passes.

If I do this, when you hand over the club, you push for the president's patch to go to Opie.

That's the deal.

My out for your drugs.

You smell smoke?

You pushed me to this.

And I strongly suggest you guys don't do it again.

I have some good news.

We're engaged!

We got Bobby, Piney, Juice opposed.

Where we at with the rest?

AXibs knows we need this to fill our Irish commitment.

He'll go our way.

Tig and Happy, too.

Still need one more.


Ex-junkie- I'm thinking he's a no.

We any closer with Ope?

JAX A little.

He saw the benefit of having the cartel on speed-dial, but he's not there yet.

Well, you need to get him there now.

'Cause Ope gives us Miles; that gets us the majority.

And you need to work on Bobby.

Very least, stop him from spreading woe.

You using that?


It's Abel's old one.

I know- it's a piece of shit.

Buy a new one.

You sure?


Well, we should probably put it in storage just in case one of the guys needs it.

JAX Okay.

Key's in the junk drawer.


It's okay.

I just wanted to thank you for the other night.

You sharing the news when you did.

That was a class act.

It really helped.

Of course.

I'm so happy you're joining this family.

You're already a great mom; you're gonna be a... great old lady.

Thank you.

Raising Jax was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love my son... as much as I loved his old man.


I think he might need a change.

Oh. You think?

You know, these are actually disposable.

You just take 'em off, put a new one on.


And here I thought this whole "raising kids" thing was so hard on you.

You should just get out of here before you're swimming in baby piss.

JAX I love you.

TARA I love you, too.


Bye, honey.

See you later.

Hey, dickhead, you the one made pancakes?


You gonna clean your shit up?


Yeah. Now.

Who the hell you think's gonna do it?

Your mom and aunt.

They ain't your maids.

Just thought we should load these first.

No, go.

He hates messy.

Get inside there.

Yo, G!

You want to toss me that rock?

Yo, Buckwheat, want to keep your shirt on?


Hey, you ball?

Not today, man.

What's the matter, surfer dude, scared of a little hood ball?

Come on, ten bucks a point.

Shut up, bitch- you ain't got no money.


How much you got?

Like... three hundred and something?

All right, me and you, LeBrown.

One on one, winner takes all.

Shit, yeah, my lemon-headed sucker.

Yeah. Oh, look at this.

Look at my happy little elves.

Look great.

How do they hold?

Hold between ten and

16, depending on the gun.

The weight matches the car parts.


Chibs got the specs from the Irish.

Where is he?

Don't ask.

Bathroom, working shit out.


All that processed food.

Shit, you all right, man?

Something didn't settle right.

Cheap Mexican food.

Chasing burritos with Jack and James probably didn't help.

Juicy, you're gonna hit me up, yeah?

Green tea and a mint colonic- a little herbal fusion...

Stop, stop, stop. Stop.

Before we clear anybody's passage, let's just get these crates built.

Bobby, you're with me. Wahewa.

Why do you need me?

'Cause I miss you, man.

You want me with?

Nah, nah, we're good.

Stay available.

May need somebody to haul some ammo.



You gonna let him shoot that shit over you?

Come on, man.


Damn, Brew, this beach-white nigger got you looking like Cleveland.

For real!

That's bullshit, man.

Get the keys!

Hurry up!

Get the hell out of here!

Go, go!

Do you even know how to drive a truck?

Get your ass back up in here!

Oh, shit!

You got to be shitting me!

Riding through this world all alone God takes your soul you're on your own

The crow flies straight a perfect line On the devil's bed until you die

Gotta look this life in the eye.

Romero "Romeo" Parada- ex-Mexican military commando, enlisted by Jose Galindo to head up his cartel's strategic enforcement unit.

ELI The cartel has a strategic enforcement unit?

There are two Sonora-based cartels: Galindo and Lobo Sonora.

Blood feud over the whole territory began about six months ago- shows no sign of stopping.

And Romeo needs guns.

Yes, and I'm guessing the Sons will be expediting the coke that pays for them.


It's not in their wheelhouse.

Probably muling blow back to Northern Cali.


We've been watching Galindo for the last couple of years.

He's a spunky little psychopath.

Since he hired Romeo, they've been giving TJ and the others a hard run for their money and drugs.

We'd heard Romeo had reached out to the Sons in Stockton, but we weren't sure how they would fit with the Russians.

I guess they figured that out.

This was lifted from a gas station security cam outside of my beautiful birthplace, Modesto, two days ago.

So Parada's back in town, hm?

He was.

Off the grid again.

So now what?

Without someone inside to document the gunrunning, we need to make the Sons the primary RICO target.

So now, my locally enforced friend... we move on to Plan B.

Engage Mr. Crow to create the ties that bind.

Juan Carlos Ortiz.

I need you to pick him up.

How does that help RICO?

We need to create a history of organized crime, past and present.

Juice is our

"now" connection.

I can pick him up on a release violation.

He's a part owner of a weed shop.


But you can't tip him off to any of this.

The threat must remain local.

Okay, so what do you want me to do with him?

Just let him know that you're aware of his family tree and that... you'll be in touch.

All right, I'm coming.

What's going on?

That was Miles.

Some kind of hiccup with the guns.

Should I call Clay?

No, him and Bobby need some quality time.

Stay here, get the other prospects to help finish these up.

Take care of him.


You're with us.

Follow in the van. Let's go.

I'm going with.

Clay wanted you to stay here.

No, I'm not gonna be his little ammo bitch, bro, I'm not gonna do it.

If there's a problem with those guns, I should be there.

All right, Tiggy.

I know you didn't bring me out here for my vast knowledge of projectiles.

I wanted to talk to you alone.

Say what ya gotta say, Prez.

The beating we took over these last few years you know has set us way back.

Part of the life.

I didn't join this club to get rich.

It ain't about getting rich, it's about getting whole.

This club needs an infusion.

How'd you get the boy to sign off on this?

Drugs nearly killed his first-born.

He's changed.

He's gone way inside.

I... I don't know what pushed him there.

Maybe it was the time... Maybe it was me?

I don't know.

He's not the same guy.

Well, he sure knows what's best for this club.

Oh, kill the bullshit, we're not sitting around the table.

You're sprinting for the door, stuffing your pockets before it slams shut.

I get that.

But what's Jax get out of it?

You know what?

You think whatever the hell you want to about me, 'cause I don't give a shit.

My main concern is the future of this MC.

And I'll tell you what Jax gets out of it, 'cause that's what I brought you out here to talk about.

Only thing is, I need for this to stay between you and me, you understand?

'Cause Jax doesn't want anybody to know about this.

I need your word.

Jax wants out.

He's got two sons, he's got a old lady he loves.

He's done.

He backs the drugs, you let him out clean.


What's that got to do with me?

You're the guy I endorse to replace me.

Yeah, if I vote for the drugs, you'll... It's not about any vote.

I'm handing you the gavel... because you're the best guy for the job.

If you want it.

I'm giving you my word.

You looking for Charlie Horse?

Uh, yeah.

He's out in the South Res.

Get in your truck and follow me.


Just trying to remember how to do this.

You put the flame to the wick.


You stop going to your church?

When you're buried in your own shit, the Sacred Heart seems a little out of reach.

You gotta believe in something, Wayne.

Where you at with that?

Same place I'm always at.

No, you're not, sweetheart.

We wanna stay the same, but we can't.

Older we get, the further away we get from who we think we are.

Are we done here, Confucius?


Let's go.

Wait here.

You see Tara coming, knock on the door.


You brought me here to be your goddamn spotter?

I'm finishing what I started.

Oh, shit.

All right, you clever little bitch, where'd you hide that key?

Thank you, very much.

I'm sorry, baby.

We're gonna be okay.

Let's go.

Oh, shit.



Is Tara expecting you?


I, um... I was just doing some research.

Sonoanatomy and Feasibility of Ultrasonographic Guidance in Term and Preterm Neonates.

It's a trilogy.

Hey, there.

Hey, Wayne.

Chief Unser.

Uh, not anymore.

Of course.

Can I talk to you for a second?



I got some questions about my HMO and these new treatments.


I'll tell Tara you're in here.

Engrossed in the Neonatas Trilogy.


This way, please.

What the hell we doing out here, Charlie?

Tribal matters.

Also, it gives us a chance to talk privately about this increase in demand.

Is that a problem?

Labor, no.

Compensation, yes.

I know you're selling our ammo to the Mexicans now.

Our deal with the Wahewa's set, doesn't matter who we're selling to.

I'm not living in a teepee, Clay.

The cartel is a risk for you, I know you gotta be charging more for our bullets.

I just want to make sure that the Wahewa get their piece.

Jesus Christ... There's a word in the Wintu language, means "mourning war".

Families of our dead sons ask the gods to choose their revenge.

They chose slow death by flesh-eating ants.

That's some real cowboy and Indian shit, Chief.

It's about closure.

You play a part in his passing over into the spirit realm.

I'll be right back.

How long they gonna leave him out here?

I guess till the picnic's over.

Are you gonna give Charlie his bump?

I mean, we are charging the Mexicans almost 50% more for the same ammo.

I'm gonna give Charlie dick.

Because as far as he knows, we're charging the Mexicans the same as we charge anybody else.

Help me.


Help... Hey.

Are you listening to us?


Well, you heard that, didn't you?

You're gonna piss off the gods.

I don't give a shit about the gods.

Someone stealing our guns is a hiccup?

Are you shitting me?

They took the truck, thinking it was full of booze.

It only had one case of AR-15's.

Those guns are already sold, asshole.

The cartel is expecting all of them in two days.

I get it!

No, what you get, is jacked by a bunch of ghetto babies, asshole.

All right, all right.

Hey, all right, down!

Let him go! Let him go!

Hang on!

Save it for church!

Let's just get the guns back, bro.

They're not gonna hit the streets with that shit.

Okay, they're gonna try and sell them.

All right, shut up.

This hood?

Only one place to do that. Vivica.

French fence.

They better be there.

Truck got jacked a couple hours ago.

We're thinking you may be their first stop.

Do I look like I buy guns?

Well, maybe you know the kids.


He called his buddy Frecks.

I got enough kids.

Don't need to know anyone else's.

Look, if you want iPads, microwaves, or organic vegetables, I'm your Nubian goddess.

But guns... that's dirty business.

Not my flow.

Everybody around here knows that.

Luther, Vandross.

Show them out.

Well, if, for some reason, they do flow your way, we need to know.

The only thing you need to know is that my soil is in desperate need of aeration.

Wouldn't wanna get between you and your dirt.

I appreciate that.

I don't believe her, man.

Got no choice.

We rock that boat, gonna blow back on the whole neighborhood.

My aunt and mom included.

Shit, that's them!

You stay here in case the truck shows up.

Go, go, go!

If I don't start cryin' because that I have got no eyes


My father's in the fireplace and my dog lies hypnotized...

Through a crack of light...

Let's go.

I was unable to find my way trapped inside a night but I'm a day and I go...

Shit. Cops find our guns, these shitheads'll lead

'em right back to Happy's aunt's house.

Hey, I got this.

OFFICER Pull over!

Keep your hands where we can see 'em.

Let's go!


License and registration, please.

He's dead.

What happened?

Not sure.

He came to, gasped a little bit, and just went out.


It was quick.

Families gonna be disappointed.

He should've suffered at least another two days.

Well, maybe the ants were a little hungrier than you thought.

Yes... like all of us.

Look, Charlie, I don't know what you heard or what you think you might know, but we got the same deal going with the cartel as we had with the Russians.

We're not making a dime more off your ammo.

You got my word.

Okay. We'll push through with the order then.

No, man, let me out, man, let me out!

Man, you cracker-ass bitches trying to kill us?!

That's the plan, unless you start talking.

I don't know what you're talking about, okay?!

I don't! Oh, shit.

No, no!

Lying bitch!

Hey, man, what's wrong with you?!

Listen, listen, listen!

Yo, what are you doing?!

Yo, man, what are you...?

Let me go, man!

Hey, hey, listen to me.

Listen to me.

Now this guy here, he's cracked three of my ribs giving me a hug.

Now he is gonna shatter your boy's face, unless you give it up.

All right, goddamn, man, just listen!

We sold it to Vivica.

Luther only gave us half the cash.

We were headed to get the rest when y'all spotted us.

The money's in the glove box.

It's here.

We unloaded the truck on Langley.


I'm calling Miles.

I knew that bitch was lying, Jax.

Or these assholes are.

Put him in the trunk.

Get up!

Man, come on! We told ya!

Go check on the truck.

We told ya everything we kn-

Oh-ho! That was crazy.

I just saw some stuff in there I ate when I was seven years old.

I'm, like, 100 pounds lighter. I'm a brand-new man.

Hey, just got a full cleanse.

Hang on. Ah, you know what?

Sure, I'll call you back.

If you guys are heading in, I recommend the green tea and mint.

MARTINEZ Hands on the wall.

Let's go.

Got a card for that.

MARTINEZ Congratulations, but the federal government doesn't give a shit.

Is this some kind a joke?

Does that feel like a joke?

Let's go.

Come in.

Surgery went well?


Routine diaphragmatic hernia.

Here you go.

References and other info.

Legacy Emanuel and Providence Hospital are very interested in speaking with you.

Wow. Thank you for, for doing this.

I came by to drop them off earlier.

Gemma was here in your office.

Did she say why?

No, but I'm pretty certain I interrupted her looking for something.

Did she see this?


She-she was probably just looking for something for the baby.



I've heard the nurses talking.

Um, are you really engaged?

I am.

Does Jax know you're planning to move?

I'm not just yet.

Tara... I need to be here.

Two months ago you broke down in my office.

You asked me... I know, and...

I still feel that way, but I have to let Jax lead us out, Margaret.

It may take longer, but it's the only way I get my whole family out clean.

Longer can very easily turn into forever.

You know that.

Please think about this.

It's the only thing I think about.

I have to get ready for surgery.

Hey, hey, hey, easy, easy, man, easy.

Just wanna talk to your mom.

It's okay, boys.

Appreciate you taking care of my crew.

They looked a little thirsty.

And I don't like white boys spying on me.

Yeah, well, we tracked down the crew that jacked our guns.

Said they sold 'em to you.

What the hell is it with you guys?

I don't have your goddamn guns!

Maybe your boys know something about it.

Yeah, how 'bout it, boys?

You taking on a little side biz mama don't know about?

You idiots!


No! No, stop!

Stop, stop!


Hey, hey, get down!

Get down now!


Knock it off!

Jesus Christ!

What the hell were you twp cat-brain morons thinking?

Sorry, Ma.

It was supposed to be a surprise.

We was gonna get you that F-350 Super Duty.

We know how much you love that truck, Ma.

Had even had a red one all picked out and shit.

My apologies.

Give them their guns!

All of them!

Cops are gonna be here after that blast.

No, they won't.

For your troubles.

Tell Happy I'll send his mom some tomatoes.

Family meeting inside!

Luther, Vandross!

Come on, killer.

I said now!

That one there, she makes Gemma look like Donna Reed.

JAX I'm suddenly I'm feeling a little less dysfunctional.


Sorry to barge in.

In the middle of something?

No. Just finished surgery.

Just paperwork.

I came by earlier.

Yeah, Margaret mentioned that.

Yeah, I'm sure she did.

This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.

You have any idea where he might've found it?

What is it?

A note... talks about some letters.

Letters to whom?

You hiding something from me?

Why would I do that?

Same reason you keep answering my questions with questions.

Sounds like you already know the answers.

No... I don't.

What I do know is that letters from John Teller would be a very painful for my son to read.


John was in love with Maureen Ashby.

When we were in Belfast, found out she had a kid with him.

Stirred up all that old shit.

I had already fallen in love with Clay.

When Thomas died... I didn't care anymore.

I didn't even try to hide it.

That was a mistake.

Put Clay at risk... it was humiliating for JT.

Jax doesn't know any of that.

Him finding out could set things off with Clay again.

John ripped me apart.

Spent months at a time in Belfast with her.

Left me here.


With his sons.


I loved him.

Like you and Jax.

I was 19.

He was my goddamn world.

This ain't good for anybody.

You understand me?

Wherever this leads, this is bad for our family.

Alright, here you go.

So what's going on?

Hey, I just wanna have a conversation, that's all.

You can do that with my lawyer.

Oh, you don't need your lawyer.

I don't give a shit about the weed, man.

Please, sit down.

So why'd you pick me up?

This is me and my father, fishing at Rockaway Beach.


Now, you grew up in Queens, right?

Nobody fished at Rockaway.

Not unless you wanted to fry up beer bottles and syringes.

That ain't Queens.

What's the game here, man?

You ever see your father?


I can arrange that.

Michael Howard Cole.

It's your daddy, Juan Carlos.

By your silence, I'm assuming that you already knew.

I knew who he was.

I never met him.

Now, I don't know if you can tell by this picture, but, um... he's black.

Like, African black.


I picked that up.


I don't know, you tell me.

What would the club do if they found out that you were black?

Hm? You don't know?

Let me break it down for you.

Well, first they'll pull your patch, then they make you scrape the ink, then, if you're lucky enough, you'll walk out alive.

As far as SAMCRO is concerned, you never even existed.

So much for Affirmative Action.

You don't know dick about my club.

Yeah, you're right.

About Dick, nothing.

But Leroy?


Enjoy your day.

So what happens now?

We go back home to our families.

I'll stay in touch, brother.

Mexican for lunch?

Yeah, something like that.

What's going on?

I was hoping you could tell me.

He listens to you.



You know, he is getting us involved in some very deep shit.

What are you talking about?

Your old man wants us running drugs for the cartel.

And all those other drones at the table, they're gonna follow him right down to that last little crumb.

Talk some sense into him, Gemma.

You guys are running coke for the Mexicans?


Who told you that?

Not you.

You don't need to know.

Drugs are not what we do...

You don't tell me what we do.

Everything okay?


Let's just get this done.


You really think that we can handle the drug end of this?

I know we can.

Getting as cocky as Clay, too.

That's not a bad thing, man.

You came out harder.

Looking like a guy who can lead a club.

That bullshit today, you handled it, man.


You got my vote And Miles.

But when we're done with the cartel and Clay is gone, it's you and me sitting at the head of that table.

Get this back to the way it should be.

You good with that?

You've all had time to think on this.

Yea or nay:

We get in business with the Galindo Cartel.



I don't trust 'em.



I'm a yea.




I'm sorry.

I'm a no.

Backing my Prez and VP.




It passes.

You ever try to end run me through my old lady gain, I'll slit your throat.

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