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Previously on Sons of Anarchy:

Christ, Ma.

Looks like we're gonna have to share some family history.

You said my dad was a soldier.

I know. He was a member of the club?

Founding member.

John Teller?

Salazar, man... he's kidnapped Jax's old lady and a woman she works with.

You serious?

What we need from you is to be dead.

I'll play dead

24 hours, that's it.

We've killed Alvarez. It's done.

I'm trying to save Charming P.D., Wayne, but after this, I may not be able to sway city council.

This is from Stahl, isn't it?

Do not get in bed with this bitch.

Kellan Ashby.

He's a shot-caller, and he wants me to kill Jimmy to get him back.

Jimmy O dies, so does our deal.

I need you to deliver him to me alive.

McGee's working for Jimmy?

Make sure Kellan gets this.

No matter what, he keeps his promise about my kid.


Just tell me why.

It was just about the money, brother. Sorry.

This information confirms a suspicion we've had about Jimmy for quite some time.

He's a traitor. Be dealt with as such.

That's not the deal. I'm afraid it is, Jackson.

What are you talking about?

You said I would get support to take out Jimmy.

This has to be handled internally.

You tell me where my son is, or I will kill him.

I'll tell you.

Upper Springfield Road. Private missionaries.


Look at the violence in the last three days alone.

Your father knew the patch was a mistake, and so do you.

Is that the life you want for your child?

If you love him, give him more.

This is Agent Stahl's mobile phone.

Leave a message, and I'll return the call.

Hey, I've been trying trying you for hours.

You need to call me back.



I don't know what to say here.

Feel like an idiot.

Bottom line here... I found out I have a sister.

Aye. A sister you nearly shagged.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I got to take this.

Go get my nephew, yeah?


The priest used us to prove Jimmy ordered that explosion.

IRA put out the kill order.

Jimmy's a marked man.

Then unmark him, all right?

I need him back here alive.

Yeah, first thing I got to do is find my kid.

I understand, all right? But if you want to get Gemma off the hook for the homicide and reduced time for the club, then you need to make Jimmy a priority.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

I'm handling it.

We're going to be okay.

Thinking about Dave and the kids.

They must be out of their minds with worry.

Well, the police will know we're missing by now.

They're gonna be looking for us.

You seem to be handling this well.

We should try to get some sleep.

Eglee. Shit.

Sorry, chief. Didn't know you were there.

Uh, you come in to cover a shift?

No. I was out at the Buffalo Bar.

I ran into Nikki from the mayor's office.

City council held a crisis assembly tonight.

They voted the Sanwa Sheriff's take over the entire department.

Unanimous decision.

She said they contacted everyone.

This happened tonight?


Was coming to check your e-mail, see if they sent anything about I didn't get no damn e-mail.

What the hell does this mean?

I don't know. I'm not sure.

Ugh, God.

I've got something you boys might want to see.

McGee always emptied his pockets on my dresser.

He left this.

It's an address.

Might be one of Jimmy's places, or maybe Donny's.

I don't know, but it might help you find him.


I'm sorry about your old man.

I know.

You should have this.

Thank you.

All right, nuns'll be there soon.

I'm gonna grab one of the Irish, have him navigate.

I'm going with you.

Mom... I'm going with you!

Mom, can you just...?

You're gonna need the truck to get the baby home.

Let her go.

Please... don't kill anybody.

Let's go. We'll go run down this address.

You take Bobby.

Me and Ope can handle the nuns.

You just get our boy. We'll worry about the Irish.

That's about an hour's drive.

We've anyone left we can trust down in Newry?


We just don't have enough time to find out who they are.

You reach out to the Russians?

Aye. I talked to Putlova.

They're offering me safe haven for a price.


We better go. Yeah.

What about him?


Wake up, lad.

Wake up!

I see you.

Oh, great.

Who do you think has to clean that up?



Sean Casey.


They tortured him before they killed him.


Fiona, Kerrianne.

They've tortured this poor bastard to find where Kellan's keeping him.

Call Juice.

Tell him to bring him to the alley.

Shit. Shit.

Yeah, I know where his office is.

You have uniforms drag me in here at 4:00 in the morning?

Are you out of your goddamn mind?

Guess I'm just abusing the power, while I still got it.

It was out of my hands.

It was a unanimous vote.

Means you didn't do shit to stop it.

You lied to me, sold out my whole department.

Too much has happened. There was nothing I could do.

Charming made its own decision.

You, uh, heard about Lumpy Feldstein?

Passed tonight.

Internal bleeding.

That's awful. I'm sorry to hear that.

Not so awful for you.

Now that strip of Liberty Street frees up for your development deal.

The one you paved the way for during your tenure on city council.

I have my hands in a lot of local development ventures, Chief.

That's what I do.

Maybe you should focus on what you do and find Lumpy's killer.

Not getting nowhere on that Mayan lead.

But I know for a fact that Lumpy was refusing to sell his gym.

Seems whoever wanted that space might have more motive to make him go away.

So you're suggesting that the suspects are a group of civil servants and businessmen?

And you wonder why the vote was was unanimous.

Straight on through.


Father Ashby said you'd be coming by.

Where's my son?

Please, come in and have a seat.

Where's Abel?

He was given to a family two days ago.

What family?

Where is he now?

Look, I don't have that information.

Then who does?

An independent mediator protects everyone's anonymity.

Tell me where my son is!


Back off!

I'm sorry.

If they took Abel two days ago, Kellan knew he was gone.

That son of a bitch.

I'm gonna kill him.

Wait a sec, guys.


Hold on.

Just need a second.

Back up!

Over there!

You bring me that baby.

The kid!

What are you doing?


You know the story of King Solomon, right, Sister?


If I was that mother, I'd rather have a half dead kid than watch someone else raise my flesh and blood.

You understand where I'm going with this?

And you've got to have done some research on those step parents.

So we both know that this

"anonymous" thing is bullshit.

Now, you are gonna tell us where our grandson is, or I swear to God, I will cut this baby in half.

Get the file.

Katey and Mark Petrie.

We do a four-day transition period.

Parents stay local to make sure it's a good fit.

Where is he now?

The Europa Hotel.

Not a word to the priest or the Petries, or we tell the cops about this little baby factory you've got going, you understand?

Don't hurt them.

I just want my son back.

I should scope it out myself.

Take this child.

Oh, love.

Hey, excuse me? Uh, can we get a taxi?

Agent Tyler? Right.

What do you need?

St. Thomas Hospital reported that its chief administrator Margaret Murphy and Dr. Tara Knowles are missing.

County Sheriff's on the case.


I didn't know.

What has this got to do with the ATF?

We're back on the real IRA-NorCal gun connection.

I know that the Sons are in Belfast, and I'm beginning to worry that they may have pissed off the wrong Irishmen.

You think the IRA took Tara?

Well, I don't know, but my bosses thought that it would be a good idea to talk to the club members that are still here, and I figured you'd be the best way into that.

Not so sure about that.

All right, uh, give me a minute to finish up.

What the hell is this?

The Sons are in Belfast?

I thought we were here to follow up on Gemma.

What's going on, June?

I know you've been talking to Jax Teller.

I'm going to tell you something that comes down from two levels above me, so you have to keep it to yourself.

Of course.

I made a deal with Jax Teller to deliver Jimmy O'Phelan.

Gets his club reduced time on the federal gun charges.

What about Gemma's statement?

She fled.

You think that anything she says is going to hold weight, huh?

Come on, baby. This is huge, okay?

It's good for both of us.

You rise right along with me.

Don't worry.

Am I, uh, interrupting something?


That give you a little stiffie, Wayne?

Yeah, Emerson Park.

Yeah, I know where that is.

No. No way.

No way. We're going to need more time.

I don't give a shit what you need.

Be there in an hour.

We killed Alvarez last night.

You got that confirmation, right?


Well, who do you think the cops are going to come to first, man, okay?

They're going to come here. We got to be smart.

We got to deal with them and make sure they don't tail us.


Garbage can between the two big grill pits.

You don't show, they're dead.

Call this number after the drop.

All right.

Bought us a few more hours.

Hey, Tig, I might be able to help.

No, not now, Chuck.

Dude, you were right about the cops.

Come on.

Tara Knowles is missing.

Nearly two days.

But you already knew that.

Does Jax Teller know?

No, he doesn't, and we're gonna keep it that way.

Okay. Well, we would like to help.

If you guys know anything... Really?

None of you did shit to find Abel.

You care about Tara now?

Tig... we got no choice.

Hector Salazar, he's the one who took Tara and her boss.

Calaveras? Why?

We made some new Mexi alliances, didn't fall in favor with Salazar.

His ransom was us killing Alvarez and stealing 250K from his home safe.

Which, of course, we didn't do.

We got Alvarez to play dead for the day.

But you still need the cash. Yeah.

Well, we can help you with that.

All right.

Great. You stay here, we'll let you know the next move.

Let's go.

This has nothing to do with the Irish; it's the goddamn Mexicans.

You know what, I need Jax to focus on Jimmy O.

If saving Tara from some psycho wetback protects that deal, then that's exactly what we do.



Sorry about Lumpy.

Yeah. Us, too.

Can you... pour me one?


Bottom shelf.

You guys were right about Lumpy.

It wasn't the Mayans.

I found out Hale's involved in the development deal done on Liberty Street.

I knew it. I did, I knew it.

I have not a lot of evidence, but Hale's involved.

He knows something.

So do we.

Salazar's the one who killed Lumpy.

You got proof for that? This is street logic.

Lumpy said the guy who attacked him was Mexican.

Claimed that the beat down was Mayan.

While the Mexican was carrying a grudge against Alvarez and SAMCRO.

We need Salazar alive.

He can prove Hale's dirty.

Then we can bury that lying son of a bitch.

What happened?

Where's the baby?

Where's Abel?

I need to talk to you alone.


What's going on?

You're scaring me, Jackson.

I found Abel.

He's there?

Well, we got to go get him.

I let him go, Mom.


What are you talking about?

Dad's manuscript.

It wasn't about changing the club.

It was about changing his legacy.

I don't belong here, Mom.

And neither does Abel.

Where is my grandson?

He's with a father... who didn't torture and murder a man yesterday.

I don't care...if you've killed a hundred men... he is your son!

He's gone.

And what are you gonna tell your other son... when he asks what happened to his big brother?!

Tara's pregnant.

How do you know that?

I knew it before she even told me... she's two months along.


What happened? What is it?

Clay called, said Fiona and Kerrianne were in danger.

Told us to meet here.

What happened, son?

You're the one who's twisted him up.

What the hell did you say to him?

What's going on?

Sean Casey's dead.

They tortured him for information.

Had to be for Fiona's location.


It's not for Fi, it's for the baby.

Abel? Why?

Jimmy needs a way out of the country.


He's gonna use your child for leverage.

The hotel.

Come on!

Juice, Happy, Chibs, stay here, keep an eye out for Jimmy.

On it.


Holy shit.

Oh, shit.

Where is he?



We got to get out of here.


I did this.

Come on, brother.

You should all go.


Go on. I got him.

Come on.

Jimmy has your son.

He's reached out for counsel.

Wants safe passage to the States in exchange for the boy.

I've advised they'd make the deal.

So what happens now?

The counsel considers it, Probably wants to meet with you.

Till then, we wait.

None of this shit would have happened if you told us where he was when we first got here.

I'm trying to help this family.

Help us?

Are you serious?

Hey, hey... Are you serious?!

It's not his fault.

It's my mistake.

I'm done listening to dead men.

But don't pretend you were trying to help us.

Greater good or not, we were just a means to your own end.

You don't give a shit about this family.

And the John Teller you knew 20 years ago, he didn't give a shit either.

Hey bitch! Shit quick.

You got five minutes.

Did you see that?

Dude, grab it.


Come on, go, go, go!

Come here!

Is that the pick up?

Is he the mule?

I don't know.

Follow them.

Hold it!

Stop, stop!

Federal agents!

Kid's shaking us.

He's getting away.

Are you kidding me?

Where'd he go?

What happened to the kids?

That's Salazar, man.

He just spotted us.


Salazar made us.

A late model red sedan headed towards Commerce.

Oh, my God!

You're all idiots.

All units converge on Commerce entrance.

Suspect is in a late model red sedan.

Pursue and intercept now.



It was a set-up.

There were cops waiting for me.

Little bitches!

Should I hold him?


Just let him go, let him go.


We picked up the money and the bicycle thief.

He wasn't a mule.

Yeah, no shit.

That's why I went after him.

And Salazar?

We were too late.

We lost him.

He's going to kill the girls now.

You know what?

You're the one who went off plan, asshole.

You ran us right into Salazar.

He was protecting the drop!

You know what?

We could have caught that kid and still had time to put the money back in that can.

This shit pile's all yours.

Come on.

Did you call 911?

No, there's no phone.

So let's just get out of here.

Drop the gun.


You drop it.



She's bleeding out in the bathroom.

Oh, shit.

You need me to keep her alive.

Please help me.

Please help me, help me... You do something.

Only if you let her go.

Tara... Let her leave and I'll save Luisa.

Okay, all right.

Okay, first... First we get Luisa in the car.

We'll get her out of here.

Then she can go.

Oh, my God, baby.

Oh, babe... If he reneges, shoot him.

Come on, help me!

We'll allow Jimmy a safe passage out of Ireland to secure the safety of your son.

You and Kellan will make the exchange at the docks.

There's a boat waiting for Jimmy, to take him to an airfield in County Down.

Jimmy's no idiot.

How does he know after he hands over our kid you ain't gonna gun him down?

There are assurances in place.

We'll need something in return.


We know Jimmy's reached out to the Russians in Northern California.

The ones we've been muling your handguns to?


There will be a short window of time when Jimmy will be there.

You need to kill him before he exiles someplace where we can't find him.

Comes with rewards.

We're willing to significantly expanse you gun business.

Jimmy lost sight of our goals, but we need the income he generated.

We are hoping the Sons might be willing to trade on that need.

And what's that end up looking like?

Access to our full arsenal.

AR15s, MP5s, RPGs, everything.

Plus Jimmy's rolodex.

All his contacts in the western U.S.

Means pulling up more charters, creating more alliances, organizing.

You think the reaper is up to that challenge?


I think we can help you out.

Dear Mo, I don't know what I'd do without you.

These letters are the only thing keeping me sane.

I'm so lost here in Charming.

Nothing feels familiar.

The club, my family... Everyone's a stranger.

My grief and introspection terrifies them, drives Gemma mad, and Clay's pity has moved into profound loathing.

I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer.

I have no jealousy, truly.

I feel nothing, not even fear.

And I know I should be afraid.

Hands up.




He's a sweet lad.

I wanted the good priest to return him right away.

He's the one that kept him from his da, forced this situation.

Let's go, Father.

Wait a minute.

Where you going?

Making the exchange.

The only way I get out of here alive is with a hostage.

You agreed to this?

He's gonna kill you.

Be well, my son. Come on.

I'll never let anyone take you from me again.

I love you.

What's going on? What the hell happened?

Tara got a shot at the girlfriend, cut her pretty bad.

She made a deal with Salazar that she'd keep the girl alive if he cut loose Margaret.

He's still got Tara? I'm afraid so.

He had them at his aunt's house.


We went through it top to bottom... it's empty.

Still have an APB out on the car.

I'm sorry.

Mazel tov.

Mazel tov.

Welcome home, kid.

Mazel tov.

Hey, Slainte Gaelach.


And to you.

All right, come on.

Let's go load the truck.


You hit that?


Didn't feel right.

Feels just about right to me. Mm-hmm.

Dude, you're twice her age and three times her weight.

Yeah, so? So?

Get out of here, dirty old men.

What'd I do?

Your boy's beautiful.

Thank you.

You doing okay, darlin'?

Yeah, I'm good...


How's your mom?


Hey. Hey.

I was wondering where you went.

I was just checking to make sure nobody left anything behind.


See you out there.

I'm sorry.

She's gone.

If that's Oswald's guy, tell him we'll be in Manchester by dawn.



Thank you.

Thank you.

Take care of him.

You know it.

To a safe home, eh?


All right, I will.

Yeah... It's not Oswald's guy.


It's Tig.


You're gonna want to hear this.


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