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Previously on Sons of Anarchy...

I need you to pass on a message to your old man.

Tell him to stop selling guns to niggers and wetbacks or we find you and we do this again.

Oh my god!

Promise me you won't tell anyone.

We gotta tell Clay. Not Clay.

Not Jax. No one.


Fiona? the hell are you doing here?

We were worried.

You alone? It doesn't matter, came to see you.

I'm not after Sam Crow.

I want Cameron Hayes's True IRA contacts.

This was in one of his boxes.

He wrote it all down. John is speaking to him from the goddam grave.

Clay tried to kill my son. Slaughtered his wife by mistake.

I'm depending on you to make that right.

Right now it's about protecting Ope.

Why don't you tell how I get right Your little trigger boy blowing an innocent woman's head off.

If you mention Donna or the incident again, I'll kill you.

Trying to get into porno was a bad call We need Caracara. Samcro deals guns.

You tied us to prostitution, you got one of our member's old lady killed.

You are really gonna lay the guilt of a dead wife on me?

You remember that promise I made.

Do you want recompense against Sam Crow?

Yeah, I wanna hurt them.

This thing will cook all night before the flames are visible.

Duz it all!

This was Clay.

I'm going Nomad.


Hey, what's going on?

Nomad president.

All right.

Yeah, no thanks.

Quinn accepted jax. He's waiting on our answer.

Is he really going through with this? yep.

I didn't strike the goddamn match.

Maybe that's the case you make to jax.

If he really believes that I would burn down Caracara, I got no reason to keep him around.

Need a full table.

Vote's got to be unanimous.

Jesus christ. What do you want?

No one's heard from you in weeks.


So, I'm making sure you're not dead.

Well, am i?

You smell like shit. When's the last time you took a shower?

You really come all the way up here to give me hygiene tips, did ya?

I got news. I wanted you to hear it from me.

I think it's best I go nomad.

And I gave you John's book so you'd make things right.

And you gave me your word. I'm trying, Piney.

Did you read it? A long time ago.

Yeah, well, it's not exactly a how-to manual.

It's half angry manifesto, half mc love letter.

I'm trying to read between the lines here--

See the path.

Your father saw this coming.

Saw the feds, the irish, Guys like zobelle.

And he knew were were going to die bloody.

We're not going to die bloody.

We will--

If you give up.

If I don't get away from clay now, One of us is going to end up dead.

And we both know who that should be.

Don't we?

Look, If you're not number two when Clay's hands freeze up, Who becomes leader then?

I mean, Tig?


You want to trust your father's legacy to those two clowns?

Hey, this is just a detour On a very long road. I don't have a long road.

You think about this move, son.

'Cause it's just a reaction.

It's not a solution.

Guess you told him.


Can't wrap my headaround it either, brother. You called me on it months ago, man.

When it comes to clay, I'm not sure anything I do is for the good of the club.

He's your father, Jax.

My father died on 580...

16 years ago.

I got Quinn's letter of acceptance.

Not now, bro.

I'm free!

Jackie boy! Elvis!

Put this on.

Clearly there's been some brain damage.

I'm pretty sure he was this stupid before he got here.

How you doing? I'm all right.

What's going on with Zobelle?

It's complicated, man. Got the feds in town.

Us going to county...

He's gotta go away.

I know. We'll settle the score.

Let's just get you home.

Thank you.

See you later.

Trouble down below?

I don't know.

I think the swelling's getting worse.

I got a perfect cure for that.

Let's go to caracara, get ourselves a couple of lovelies each.

The warehouse burned down, man. When?

How? We don't know yet.

Jax thinks Clay did it To kill the porno biz. Why the hell would Clay try to kill porn?

He wants us focused on guns.

Jesus christ.

That's why Jax is talking nomad.


Make a left.


Make a left!



Where they going? Shit. I got this.

Meet you back at the clubhouse.

Chibs, what the hell are we doing?

Oh, Chibs... Christ!

Shit! What the hell's the matter with you?!

Chibs, wait, wait!

Explain to me.

Explain what? Why you mick bastards are selling guns to the piece of shit that blew me up!

Should we go in? Christ!

No. Man, the feds were all over you guys.

What was I supposed to do?

That's not the answer i'm looking for.

Let him go, Chibs.

Put the gun down.

Careful, brother.

You'll pop your sutures.

You got every right to blow his head off.

Things went sideways when McKeavy died.

I should've been stateside to handle that transition.

Well, it's too late.

Sons have got a new pipeline.


They don't.



How are you, Jackson?

Been better, Jimmy.

Chibs, come on.

Lets get out of here.

You are not my vp anymore...


Prospect, lets roll.

Time to press the scot.

Put eyes on him.

I'll give the prince one last chance.

Hey, Chibs.

Iron Man Jax going nomad...

Caracara burning down...

Anything else that I don't know?

We were gonna let you heal.

Well, I'm all better now.

Let's just save it for the table, boys.

Welcome home, baby. Hi, darling.

My guardian angel.

I have a repo run.

Sack, let's go.

Chibs, we'll catch you up.

Come on.

You tell her or I will.

What's up? Text was vague.

You got a warrant?

You see me searching?

I got nothing to say to you.

Hey, what's happening, little man?

Where's Neeta? I sent her out for groceries.

Look at you two.

Ozzy and Harriet.

Oh, shut up.

Get out, now.

I was just curious, Jax.

I just wanted to know why you were leaving sam crow.

Give me a minute?

I'm sorry, I, uh, I thought old ladies were privy.

Has she got issues with the extracurricular?

Just say it.

Same pitch.

The Irish screwed you, so you screw them back.

More importantly, you screw Ethan Zobelle.

You even the score, you protect the MC.

Same response. I don't rat.

Sons are living in grace, sweetheart.

You're not my target now.

But if you don't help me, I will come after you.

Uh, is Tara legal guardian?

Because I would really hate to see that perfect boy end up in the system.

You're so full of shit.

Oh, you know, I, uh, I do want to thank you for confirming a suspicion of mine, though... Agent Kohn.

ATF always assumed that he went AWOL, but, uh, I never believed that, though.

We both know that he's more than missing.

He's wherever he's supposed to be.

Well, when I'm done burying the Irish, I'll just go digging into Charming.

Maybe find me a shallow grave, hmm?

And I always thought that you were too damn pretty to be a killer.

Wish I could say the same.

You okay?

What was she talking about?

I'm joing the nomad charter of the sons.

Means I'm still a member of the MC, just not attached to any one town.

Leave Charming?


The rest of the nomads are spread out north.

I attend church at different places, put a few more miles on my bike.

I got to do this, Tara.

I need space between me and Clay.

How do you fix Sam Crow if you're not a part of it?

I can't do what I need to do with this guy in place.

I ride independently for a few years and wait for him to step down.

A few years?

We've barely made it through the last few months.

You made this deci me.

It's the right thing.

If it's the right thing, then why were you afraid to tell me?

You're gonna be late for work. I'll wait for Neeta.

No! Just doing our jobs, ma'am.

Son of a bitch, I need my truck!

Ow. Really?

All my beads are in there. They're very rare.

Jesus. I'm a bead weaver, how I make money.

Please. Got to contact your finance company.


I'm sorry. Yeah?

Listen, Bobby got all that fishing gear yesterday.

I got dibs on this shit.

You gonna start weaving beads?


Did a lot of macram? In Iraq.

Holy shit.



It's bullets. Goddamn.

I'll be there in five minutes unstamped.


We hauled it from the Wahewa land.

Wow. I don't know too many hunters using nine mil for deer.

Nationwide ammo shortage.

Pick up the porn slack, we get ahold of this supply.

We should talk to the Squaw.

Is he supposed to be driving?



Jax says he's joining the nomad charter.

Needs to get away from Clay.

Jesus Christ!

Shit that's been going on around here, maybe it's a good solution.

No, it's... it's not.

Nomad is...

Nomad is MC purgatory.

No family, no roots. He seems convinced it's the best thing.

Well, he's so deep in his hate for Clay, he don't know what's best.

Yeah, but isn't that hatred a good reason to step away?

Look, you don't want Jax in a charter scatte across four states.

On the road alone.

The list of enemies we have.

You want that phone call telling you where to pick up the body?



You stupid ga You trying to kill me?!

Watch it! Stop.

Watch his head.

All right, let him up.

That's okay.You get blown up, Jax quits, you You okay?


You get blown up, Jax quits, you are in a charter that neither protects nor retains its members.

What do you want?

Jimmy O'Phelan.

I know that you two have history.

I know he excommunicated you from the IRA, that he stole your wife, raised your daughter.

Left you with a, uh, little reminder you'd never forget.


Thanks for that little trip down memory lane.

Are we done here?

You hate him.

We both know that he's the devil, so...

Maybe we help each other, hmm?

Think about it.


Were you gonna tell me?

Of course I was gonna tell you.

I just...

I just didn't want to say anything till things were certain.

Are things certain?

Vote's tonight.


The other day you, uh, you asked me what was in that box.

It wasn't just old t-shirts.

I know.

Why'd you burn it?

I didn't know what to do with it.

And now?

It was after Thomas died.

Your dad was lost.

Darkest part of his life.

You want it back?


I think it's good you have it.

Well, if I know your father, there's more than one copy.


I loved your dad.

More than...

More than I've loved any man.

Great lay.

Smart, big heart...

And very complicated.

Sound familiar?

His complications killed him.

What do you mean?

I don't think your father's death was an accident I think he hated his life, and he let the road take it.

I don't want that same fate for you, Jackson.

Things I do to keep you safe.

Less complicated.

I know, mom.

Nomad... is a bad Page 449.

Oh, thanks for coming I was worried about you.

Well, what is it, Fi?


Sorry, love.

Sit down.

Want a drink?

I'm not stateside for the Sons.

Came to close a distribution deal.

I had no idea how muddled things had become.

Edmond and Cameron wouldn't take a piss without your permission.

You see what happens when you give men some rope.

Shit only works when I handle it myself.

And that's my lesson here.

I want a sit-down with Clay.

Get us back together.

You expect me to recommend?

Our bond with the Sons runs deep.

Belfast charter has been our right hand since '87.

Not gonna jeopardize that.

I'm not your errand boy, Jimmy.

Aye, Filip, you are.

I banished you, took what's yours.

These are the facts.

You do as I say.

Go to hell, Jimmy.

Have you seen any recent pictures of Kerrianne?

She's all Fiona.


Reaching that magical change; tight little curves, breasts popping.

Timely, actually.

Fiona's look's fading.

Can hardly catch an edge anymore.

But Kerrianne...

The thoughts that enter my brain... impure, awful, I think.

But then I recall, she's not my daughter.

So what's the sin?

Even if she does call me "da."

Piss off. Piss off.

Put it away.

You set the meeting with Clay, and we'll work out this What is this?

I'm a big fan of your Where are the boxes?

Who's pressing your bullets?

That's our ammo, you son of a bitch!

Mother, wait inside.

Tonto, speak up, will ya?

My name is Ferdinand.

Hey, Ferdinand, we sell guns.

You... make bullets.

Now, I can either help you, or crush you.


Smart boy.

You've been quiet about all this.

Nobody asked my opinion.


So now I'm asking.

Well, I don't think Clay sabotaged caracara.

If you wanna believe it, makes it easy for you to hate him.

Go see unser-- fire dick info should be in.

See what he knows.

You think going nomad's a bad idea?

I think this club needs a psychic shift of some sort.

Get it past whatever this shit is.

Maybe you going nomad is it.

Maybe not.

Dr. Mason didn't call you?

Um, well, I haven't returned yet. I have to scrub in.

Umbilical hernia repair.

Dr. Barclay is taking the surgery.


The ruse you played with Filip Telford.

I don't know what you're talking about Faking symptoms to extend his critical status.

It was unethical, dangerous and a breach of insuranc He said he had severe head pain.

Come on, doctor, the biker's not that clever. He was coached by you.

I was taking care of a vulnerable patient.

By breaking the law? By doing my job.

You'll get an opportunity to explain yourself to the board.

Until then, I've had your privileges suspended.

No worries about the cops?

We supply tribal police.

State and local law enforcement have no jurisdiction.

All you're pressing are 9 mil.

Can you make 7.62? Ak rounds?

Full metal jacket or hollow point?


How long would it take to press a case?

Thousand rounds...

A couple hours.

Who says you can't make an honest deal with the white man?

There's something else.


Fair price.

Psychedelic Ah, we don't deal, chief.

Then neither do we.

Well, let me guess, some state law allows you to grow psyches for religious purposes.

Visionquest and whatnot.

You know people who deal.

Call them.

I do know some serious people.

I have some serious fungi.


Get in here.

Taste test.


Like, tripping mushrooms? Need to know if they're any good.

Smell like shit.

They grow on shit.


I know you love 'em.

Yeah. But we got the vote later, I...

I can proxy for you. Really?

Hey, how's our favorite pin cushion?


Shit, I miss you guys.

Miss you, too, little rican.

Man, should have been out of here days ago, but... still got a lot of blood in my stool.

Nice. Appreciate the update.

Trust me, man, you're better off in here.

Yeah, I know.

Heard about Caracara.

That shit sucks.

What do we know?


You're going to need to proxy a vote.

For...? I'm asking for transfer.


Guess it's been coming.


I'll let you give your vote to Bobby.

You remember what you said to me when I told you that I wanted to prospect?

My blood family, my home town, all that shit moves back a row.

Once you're patched, the members are your family.

This charter is your home.

So, this is how it works.

You do not touch Sam Crow.

I don't want the Sons. I want the IRA.

Zobelle, the assault charges against the club. Drop them.

Well, that's not easy.

Then we are done talking. No, no. Okay. All right. I'll, uh...

I'll get into it.

What else?

My daughter and my wife.

If I help you move on Jimmy, he's going to think they conspired.

Fiona is not an innocent bystander. She's third generation IRA.

Full protection an immunity...

'cause he'll kill them both.

All right.

I'll bring in Fiona and I'll task Interpol with Kerrianne.

We'll witpro them.

You know, what you're asking for here is huge.

International red tape up the ass.

I'm going to need some good faith, Chibs.

IRA safe house.

The guns.

I can give you the location.

Edmond Hayes... he will be there.

Maybe his old man, too.

Good enough.

Remind me of your old man when you go all quiet like that.

Jax wants me to vote let him go.


Sure likes to give advice.

Won't take any, though.

Reminds me of his old man.

John was stubborn.

I meant you.

Clay tough goddamn gig, father.

I got so spun out... after Donna died.

No idea how to comfort my kids.

You're a good man, Ope.


They pick up on that shit.

And they forgive.

I hope so.

Just go home, brother.

I'll, uh, I'll wait for Laroy. You sure?


I'll see you at the clubhouse. All right.

I found myself lost in my own club.

I trusted few, feared most.

Nomad offered escape and exile.

I didn't know if leaving would cure or kill this thing that we created.

I didn't know if it was an act of strength or cowardice.

I didn't know, so I stayed.

I stayed because, in the end, the only way I could hold this up was to suffer under the weight of it.

Ammo's tight.

But we're running out of shit to load 'em into.

We got a line on a new source through the Chinese.

Should be up and running before the end of the month.

We're losing ground, brother. I heard.

You'll be my first order. I promise.


So... help me out with the dry goods?

'Shrooms got to be high end, man.

Step into my office.

How's it going, prospect?


I can feel it... wants to cure me.

It's cool and warm at the same time.

It's coorrmm.



Product quality tested by SOA.

Little white frat boys will eat this shit up.


Hi. Hey.

Thought it was a late one for you.

I got to get back pretty soon.

I was gonna go pick up the kids.

If you're not ready, it's okay.

Forensics says it was definitely arson.

Suspicious burn pattern.

Still running tests.

They found multiple sets of footprints, Jax.

Blaze that size, couldn't have been one guy.

Had to be a crew.

My money lands on Zobelle.

Can I talk to you?

Guys, uh, why don't you take a break.

What's on your mind?

I think maybe I was wrong about Caracara.

I'm sorry I put it on you.

Way we've been going, made sense at the time.


Me going nomad... what's your hit on that?

Way we've been going, makes sense.

You want me gone?

This ain't gonna be my call.

You put this transfer in motion.

I'm not putting it on you. I'm asking you a simple question.

Do you want me gone?


Wanted to know about Caracara.

I told him it couldn't have been Clay.

The club's gonna need your help.

For what?

You need to protect them.


What are they gonna do?

Thank you.


We know what's on the table.

Nomad charter accepted Jax.

Redwood has to vote to release.

You want to say anything?

This is the best thing for Sam Crow.


I got Tig's proxy, it's a yea.


Juice's proxy's a yea.

Me... yea.




This what you want, Jackie boy?

For real?




You're free to transfer.

Get your hands up. Shit.

Edmond Hayes.

Agent June Stahl.


Lovely to meet you, laddy.

You okay?

I have some vacation time coming.

Let's just get away for a few days.

Big Sur, the desert, I don't care.

What about the kid? Take him with us.

Let's just go. Tonight.


I need to talk to you.

It's done, ma.

Meet me at my house.

Both of you.

I know that you are a little cog in a big green wheel, and I am perfectly willing to look past the illegal guns and the decades of jail time.

Because I want James O'Phelan.

Don't know h Don't know anything.


I arrest you and seize the guns.

Then I leak a rumor that you've turned rat.

I pick up your father on some bullshit charge.

Unfortunately, Jimmy believes the rumor.

And he pushes the button on you.

They'll know it's a lie.

Okay, let's see how that plays out, hmm?

Been stateside the last two years.

Can't tie anything to Jimmy.

But my dad can.

He never has to know.

Sit down, both of you.

You, too, sweetheart.


You know what it is I have to tell them.

What is this?

You're covered the night of Bobby's party...

I didn't get into an accident driving home.

I was attacked.

A minivan pulls up behind me.

A girl jumps out in a panic.

Says her baby's choking.

The girl was very convincing.

There was a... Goddamn doll in the car seat.

She hit me over the back of the head with, uh, you know, a blackjack, something.

Tig I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm just so sorry!

I came to handcuffed to the chain-link of a utility house out by the access road.

They wore masks.

There were three of them.

The one who spoke, I... I knew his voice.

The tat on his throat.

Zobelle's right hand...


Told me to deliver a message to you.

Stop selling guns to color.

Said if I...

If I didn't tell you, that he'd find me and do it again.

They raped me.

All three of them.

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