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 Posted: 04/28/13 20:08
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My daughter's still in shock. Asshole threw her down on the dirt, raped her. I am so sorry that happened to you.

Don't worry, baby. It's going to be okay.

You're one of Luann's girls.

You can call me.

This is Clay's club. You gotta back down, get in line before somebody gets hurt.


This was Zobelle.

Clay'll go at Zobelle full-bore.

I got a bad feeling we'll be walking right into a trap.

They think they know where Zobelle is. Christian Center in Morada.

AKs and shotguns. Let's go.

Drop the guns! Now!

Holy shit.

Aryans put out the word, us white boys are on our own.

Zobelle tapping into the shot-callers.

Rosen thinks the case is being tied up.

Be a while before it sees a courtroom.

Without a color crew, we ain't gonna make it to trial.

This herd could use a little thinning.

It's not his fault we're here.

So, what, it's mine?

We all voted on it.

I'm working on getting us some friends.

They're jamming us.

Seven-figure bail, no court date, it's bullshit.

Apparently they have security tapes.

Women and children running for their lives.

You saw what happened to Otto.

They've got no protection.

I know. What about a bondsman?

500,000 a head, at ten percent, you'd need 300k to get the six of them out.

I can post the house.

My dad's, too.

That's enough to get out Clay.

Maybe Jax.

That's it.

Clay won't leave 'em behind.

I'm sorry, Gemma.

Clay needs you to call Laroy, deliver this message, asap.

I never saw it. Never gave it to you.

You can use my office.

If you need unis, I'll call in an extra shift.

You have any interest in why I'm here?

Not really.

Who do I brief?

Commanding officer.

League of American Nationalists. I know who they are.

Cameron and Edmond Hayes.

True IRA. That's the reason I'm here.

Same reason Zobelle is. He wants their guns.

His crew is pushing out the MC.

So, pick up Zobelle, and squeeze him for the Irish.

FBI's working a case on the separatist group, Zobelle is on their radar. So, for now, he's off-limits to us.

Same bureaucratic bullshit, huh?

I have no interest in creating any collateral damage in your town, David.

I've already done my fair share of that.

So, any intel that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know anything about the IRA, but Zobelle is responsible for the car bombing at Teller-Morrow.

Looks like the retaliation backfired, didn't it?

Jax tried to prevent that.

We tried to scoop up Zobelle before Clay went in loaded for bear.

So, the VP's working behind Clay's back?

Jax may have some suspicions about what happened to Donna Winston.

It's a good thing Opie didn't get picked up.

How is he doing?

I don't know.

You should ask him.

Why aren't they at school?

Grading day.

You get my message?

It's been crazy here with everybody gone.

Gonna head up to the cabin, make sure Piney's not dead.

Means you're actually gonna have to be a father today.

I'll handle it.

The old man's fine.

You know how he gets.

You behave for your pop.

Love you both.

Love you too, grandma.

Let him through.

Russell's waitin'.

Understand y'all got safety concerns.

Just a bunch of short timers looking for some friends.

Monumental times, my brothers.

Black man in the White House.

Black saving white in the big house.

My cousin says you're dependable.

I been working with Laroy a long time.

Peckerwoods are flexing, protection ain't gonna come easy.

What's the price?

Had a couple of affiliated friends fall from grace.

Ratted out my nephew.

Need y'all to deliver 'em to me.

That bitch over in there, in protective custody.

Dion likes buff brown boys.

Noticed you got yourself one of them.

Yeah, we do.

And the other rat? Vincent Bell, tranny dealer, t-girl's gone awol somewhere in Stockton.

I'm gonna need some time to reach outside.

So, we do this, black got our back. When they're both delivered, Harleys gettin' all kinds of love from the family.

Minutes are limited.

Reach out wisely.

Can you hear me now?

Riding through this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You're on your own

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil's bed

Until you die

Gotta look this life

In the eye.

Episode 207: Gilead Where's grandma? She went to go find grandpa.

That was Clay.

On the cell?

He needs me to run an errand.

It's gonna take a while.

I'll have Neeta take Kenny and Ellie, and I'll just go grab the baby.

Pick 'em up at Jax's?

Is there anything I can do?

Not right now.

I put Opie on the tranny snitch. He gonna use Trammel to set her up.

Opie's doing it alone? We're all a little busy.

Then tap another charter.

Why don't you get Hale to help. All right.

What about the other one?

He's over there in PC.

He's got a thing for Puerto Rican wood.

Juice bait?

We gotta lure Dion to someplace Russell's crew can get to him.

Set it up.

I'll let our black daddies know it's all in motion.

Must be lonely up there, huh? I know you, blondie?

New on the block.



Dion get you anything you need, Clay.

That face and body, gets you a lot of store credit.

Appreciate the offer, man, but...

I belong to him. Fat guy with the beard.

No accounting for taste.

Got other revenue.

Short, pretty one.

Stupid haircut.

Absolutely doable, man.

50 credit.


Need a test drive.

I'll make sure he's tuned up.

Where? Infirmary.

Name's Vincent Bell, aka Venus.

He's a tranny dealer.

Need you to track down the he-she. I'll take it from there.

This is direct from Clay.

Just plant it in the car.

All right? I don't need a warrant for that.

Put it under the driver's seat.

And don't skimp on the dope.

I need a lot more than a misdemeanor to get him into county.


Up. Just get it off the bench.

How you doing, beautiful?


We need you to take one for the club.


Snitch over there finds you very appealing.

Got to get him out of PC for the family.

Buys us protection.

Get him out how?

Come on. Are you serious?

Nothing's going to happen. You're just bait.

Black'll jump in before he bites.

We hope.

50-50 chance you wind up with no dick up your ass.

I arranged a meet at the PC infirmary.

You got to distract Dion, unlock the guard gate, let in Russell's crew. It'll be a piece of cake.

How do I get there?


Jesus Christ, I think you cracked my rib.

I know. Sorry.

Where's Lyla? She's right over there.

I got your message.

What do you need?

I saw the coke vials when I was working on your car.

I need to ask a favor.

Call your dealer, ask him to make a delivery. Half an ounce.

That's a lot of blow.

What's it for?

To help the club.

That's all I can tell you.


Angus is an asshole.

Every time he makes a drop, he won't leave till I blow him.

So I guess you wouldn't be too upset if he never came back.

Should I ask why?

Look, you don't know me.

I'm sorry for coming up on you like this, but I'm up against it here.

I need your help and I promise that it won't blow back on you.

How you doing?


Yes, you are. Right.

Come prepared.

I like to be responsible.

Good for you, Juicy.

This is a lot nicer than gen pop.

A little more intimate.

That, too, yeah.

Have a seat.

You sore, baby? Yeah, a little.

Don't be nervous, sweetheart. I'm not.

I'm just...

You mind if we move this to the bathroom?

A little more private. Sure, baby.

I'm sort of shy.

Like to get down to business.

Just let me grab the condoms real quick.

Come on, honey. Let's get this done!

We're coming.



Guessing you won't be needing these?

He's smiling.

Maybe he did take one up the ass.

That's one down.

Just need Ope to come through. Then we got protection.

Shit, it's going down!


Hi, sweetheart.

Is this your baby?

I'm grandma.

I'll meet you out front, trissy.

She sings beautiful.

I'm gonna be out of town for the recital.

Trying to catch some rehearsals.

You're a good dad.

How's she doing?

Dealing with the rape and all?

Therapy's been helping a lot. She's starting to talk about it.

That's good.

I heard about Clay.

Your office told me you were here.

Didn't know who else to go to.

Maybe it's time for a lesson, Gemma, for all of us.


But this isn't it.

Zobelle set up that bust.

He's ripping apart the club.

He's ripping apart charming.

Clay outed Jacob Hale's bullshit scam, saved your land.

Thought maybe you'd like to return the favor.

How big a favor?

300 against three mil. Jesus Christ.

I'd have to put up the same land for that kind of bail.

One infraction, one guy splits, I lose it all.

I lose it all. They're not safe, Elliot.

If I don't get them out of there, I might not see any of them again.

I'm sorry.

Jesus Christ.

I've been waiting ten goddamn minutes.


Let's go inside.

Shit. What the hell is this?

Luann hired security. Get inside.

Relax, Hot Dog.

Call this your harassment fine.

You stupid bitch!

Another word and I blow your Jap head off.

I'm Chinese. You're gone.

We'll see.

Are you okay?

I'm just a little sad.

Are you baptizing him?

Thought did cross my mind.

Figured he could use all the help he can get.

Not sure what I'm doing.


That's it?

I think so.


Come on back here.

Why are you so sad?

My son and my husband got arrested.

Guess I...

I just don't like being alone.

And that's why you came to my dad.

Money to get them out?

You're a smart girl.

You seem happy, baby.

Come on, sweetheart.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Thanks, man.

Shank missed the vitals. Juice is going to live.

Good, good.

Let's hope we're all that lucky.

The first part of the deal is done.

Opie will come through. He's on his way to Stockton right now.

We should have protection before morning.

Let's just hope Opie's not here with us.

Yeah, or dead.



Shit, man, I'm sorry.

I guess that bitch didn't want to be set up.

What do I do? Get on my radio.

"Officer down."

All right.

Officer down.

Probably smells like pussy.


You okay?

Thanks for not asking questions.

I gotta get going, pick up my kid.


Gotta pick up mine, too.

I was going to take Piper to get something to eat.

Your kids can come.

Pick them up at my place later.

No, that's okay.

Look, I don't know what happened...

But maybe this isn't the best time for you to be around your kids.

There's never a good time for me to be around my kids.

I know the feeling.

Setup on the tranny went south.

Bitch got away. Trammel took a bullet.

Belly wound.

Is Opie okay?

You got to talk to Russell.

Maybe getting Dion buys us some protection.

Come with us.

What for? No idea. Let's go.

I ain't ever seen us beat up this bad.

Half our crew in hospital beds.

The med bills alone... They're going to bury us.

We got to fix the things we can.

You and Clay...

Whatever it is, it's going to land on you to make it right.

What makes you think this would land on me?

Because Clay is old, he's mean, and he is never going to admit that he made a mistake.

And he's earned that.

Time don't mean shit.

I'm doing the best I can to hold us together but if this split gets any worse...

I'm going to have to pick a corner.

You know, this club needs a healing, brother.

And you got to be the one to deliver it.

I'm here to pick up Opie's kids.

I'm Lyla. I know who you are.

Where is Opie?

He's doing something for the club.

Porn girl's here for Kenny and Ellie.

You're kidding me.

I got to pick up my kid at my mom's.

Told Opie I'd take them all for something to eat.

We already fed them.

I'm just trying to help Opie. We don't know you.

We're not about to turn two kids over to some...

Some hottie your boyfriend jerks off to?

My guy's not into the underdeveloped tween thing.

Why don't you go pick up your own kid.

We'll tell Opie there's been a change of plans.

Come on.

Is he out of his goddamn mind?

Perfect ending to a shitty day.

Lot of shitty days since we last talked.

Otto loses another eye... Car bombs...

Assaulting christians.

I get the sense that you are losing control, Clay.

Which might explain why Ethan Zobelle is stealing your gun source.

Zobelle attacked Otto, planted the bomb, and he is now going after your livelihood, Clay.

He's unraveling the club.

You can stop that from happening.

Let me have the IRA.

They've already sold you out, so you don't lose anything.

And no guns means that Zobelle and his aryan crew have no reason to be in Charming.

Let me make this arrest go away, and everything returns to normal.

Only IRA I work with is the one my accountant feeds at tax time.

How are the hands?

I watched my dad go through the same thing.

Painful shit.

How long do you think you have?

I know the rules.

Can't ride, can't lead.

How long did your daddy last?

Seeing how you hate men, I'm guessing he rubbed those sore hands up and down your fine-ass body for a long time.

I guess I really should speak with the heir apparent.

Seems that Jax has a better grasp on the big picture.

I know that he was working with Hale to get to Zobelle before you did something stupid.

Like attack a christian family dinner.

You talk to whoever the hell you want to.

You ain't get nothing but the same truth.

You sure about that?

Hale tells me that things have been a little tense between you and your stepson.

Since Jax figured out that you killed Donna.

Let's go, Teller.

Come on.

They need this.

Tried calling. No one answered.

We're a little shorthanded.

What's going on?

How long do you think we can keep charming the way it is, Gemma?

I don't know.

Everything caves under the weight of greed.

Seen it my whole life.

Nothing stays simple.

Guess that's true.

I called Rosen.

Posted bail a few hours ago.

My god.

Promise to keep them out of trouble until after the trial.

I'll chain 'em to the auto lifts if I have to.

Thank you, Elliot.

Thank Tristen.

Good night.

You guys, let's go.

Thank Tara. Thank you, Tara.

You're welcome. Thank you, Tara.

You're welcome. Kids, wait in the car.

They're good kids.

Look, I'm sorry about the Lyla thing.

I wouldn't have done it if I didn't trust her.

Guess we made a judgment call.

Maybe you weren't thinking clearly. That sounds like a judgment call.

She's a porn star. She's a single mom.

She's just trying to make it work like the rest of us.

How's Jax doing with it?

He's figuring it out.

Good he has you to help him.

You'll find someone, Ope.

Time is right, it'll happen.

I went by my place.

All of Mary's shit is gone. She split.

I'm sorry.

She couldn't be a mom 20 years ago.

Can't do it now.

We'll help with the kids.

You're not alone, Ope.

I am.

Good night.

I know you want the MC on a better path.

Put some distance between the law and the harleys.

Legit porn business is proof of that.

It's real smart, Jax.

My guess is that you don't even want to be dealing guns.

I'm not after sam crow.

I want Cameron Hayes's true IRA contacts.

Consider it retaliation for the Mick assholes jumping ship.

And we both know that you'll never win this war against Zobelle.

I'm not in a war.

You look pretty battle-worn to me.

Look, I don't give a shit about this beef between you and Clay.

Your club, your business.

But maybe I can help you repair the damage, very least keep you alive.

How long do you think you're gonna last out there on the yard?

They will pick you off, one by one, same way they did Juice.

Then get us a decent bail.

I'll do better than that.

You give me inroads to the Irish, I'll get you and the club full immunity.

I might even be able to get Otto's parole back on track.

You have to think past your hatred for me.

You're smarter than that.

I am offering you a bigger picture.

You have a great girl, a beautiful son.

I know how much they mean to you.

My son... he's given me...

A new pair of glasses.

Find myself thinking about the things I do, things I say.


You have to.

Not as angry or reactive.

I can see that.

For instance, you showing me these photos, trying to play my rage, my need for revenge.

It didn't work.

See, I was able to take a moment, think.

And I realized that if we did have a relationship with the Irish...

Which of course, we don't...

What'd stop me from tipping them off?

Letting 'em know you got 'em under thumb?

You took a huge risk playing that card, which means you're desperate.

You got nothing.

You really are the smart one.

By the way...

Your bail was posted.

You're all free to go.

You ever heard from Kohn?

Dangerous being a Fed.

Santiag Team

.:: La Fabrique ::.

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