Recommended Fanfiction --- Posted by Fans!

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Recommended Fanfiction --- Posted by Fans!

Post by blondeePR » 02/21/03 20:33

I wanted to make a topic for fans to post fiction they have found from other authors, but the authors can't post there stuff everywhere...but as fans we want to get the word out!


My Recommended Post:
FanFic Title: Mouth
By: Jasper711
Original Location: (Dreamer section)
Very Brief Description: M/L...when Liz is taken to a men's strip bar (like chippendales) and she falls for a tall, dark and handsome stripper. *hint, hint* the guys name is Max!
Rating: NC-17 (beware young eyes)

Mouth @

I was searching out some fanfiction that I haven't been interested in reading for a year...i think and I found the most jaw-dropping one! It's mainly a M/L story!
*sighs in M/L bliss*
May I also recommend that you download the song the title was inspired by! The track is called: Mouth by the band: Bush

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Re: Recommended Fanfiction --- Posted by Fans!

Post by debbyin » 09/03/14 15:03

I read "Mouth" recently and I feel the same way you do. I loved that fanfiction!!!

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