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  02x06 - When a Mandragora Loves a Woman
 Posted: 08/19/14 07:01
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Previously on Witches of East End...

We should consult your family.

(screaming, yelling)

JOANNA: Well, now we know for sure what's been killing people in the town; it's a Mandragora.

But why would it even come here from Asgard?

They're feral creatures.

Grandfather built an entire army to do his bidding.

He must have sent this one through the portal after me.

JOANNA: What is that?

ALEX: This dart contains a poison called discidium.

Enough to kill even a Mandragora.

This is all pretty crazy.

We're warlocks.

Guess who else is one of us?


I need to talk to you.

My father died.


JOANNA: Don't go with him!

No. No!

Yes, I'll meet you in an hour?

I just needed to get a few things done here while we are closed.


(clattering in distance)


Is anyone there?

Ingrid? Ingrid, are you okay?

I'm so glad it's gonna be you, Hudson.


You've been chosen.

(deep growling)



JOANNA: Mmm... Can you hand me the Madragora's cup?


I didn't realize that the discidium potion would be so involved.

Or smell like dog vomit.


It's very powerful.

It does have to kill a Mandragora.

So why do we have to cook this goo, anyway?

I thought Alex had enough to do the job.

No, there was only enough to coat two darts, and we used one.

Plus, we need some for Ingrid.

Wait... what?

You're gonna use this on Ingrid?

We don't have a choice.

Joanna, honey, okay, I don't think you're thinking this through.

The Mandragora has Ingrid in a really creepy trance that we can't break on our own, so this should bring her out of it.

We just have to use a smaller dose on her than on him.

Okay, but it's a poison, so what if...

I don't want to have to think about the what ifs.

Pulling Ingrid out of the mind spell is just the first step.

We still need to figure out how to sever the symbiotic connection between Ingrid and the Mandragora, so we can kill it without killing her.

And you do know how to do that, right?


First things first.

Freya... this is crazy.

We're in the middle of a crisis, and you're still avoiding me.

You haven't spoken to me since I...

Your friends killed our father?

They weren't my friends, and I've beaten myself up every day since.

You look fine; must not be punching hard enough.

You can't blame me for what the Zurka twins did.

They're bottom-feeding rats.

I heard the stories, Frederick.

You were practically their ringleader.

I know exactly what type of person you are.

Yeah, I'm your twin.

And you are nothing like me.

And that's good.

Aunt Wendy was right about you.

This is completely ridiculous.

I hated the Zurkas. I got rid of them.

I've done nothing since I've been here but try to help and protect this family.

And since you've been here, everything's gotten worse.

Can I get a beer?

Yeah, sure thing.

CUSTOMER: Gee, thanks, shitty bartender.

I only had to wait a million years.

What'd you say to me?

Nothing. I didn't say anything.

NERVOUS WOMAN: If he's gonna have an affair, then I'm gonna have an affair.


He's cute.

I wonder if he wants to have sex with me.

Thanks, man.

Why don't you just put some more head on this?

Worst pour ever.

BUSINESSMAN: I just want to kill my boss; he's such a dick.

MAN: It's getting late.

I got to get out of here.

What's the difference between manslaughter and murder?

MAN 2: ...he's our guy.

WOMAN: boring...

WOMAN 2: ...where's that bartender?

MAN 3: ...I gotta change that...

MAN 4: ...who am I kidding?

MAN 5: ...make as much money...

MAN 6: ...we're suffocating there...

You understand me...? I'm headed for the street...

MAN 7: ...give my lecture...

WOMAN 3: ...go here every day, always the same thing...

MAN 8: ...oh, man, I can't wait to try that...

Whoa, it smells like that discidium's ready.

Yeah, as soon as it's cool.

How are we supposed to get Ingrid to take this, anyway?

She can barely gag down cough medicine.

ALEX: For this to work, it needs to be injected directly into the brain.


FREYA: Through her skull?

That brain? How the hell are we gonna do that?

By any means necessary.

FREDERICK: Even if you find Ingrid, what do you do if that thing attacks?

We can't kill it without killing her.

Well, if it attacks, we'll have to inflict it with a nonlethal wound, preferably in its leg so it can't chase us, because if it can, we're dead.

But if you wound the Mandragora, then you'll wound Ingrid.

Which is why we need to unlink them as quickly as we can.

But you don't know how to do that, and there's no spell for that in our Grimoire.

There might be one more at Fair Haven.

In Archibald Browning's Grimoire.

He fancies himself a bit of an expert on the beasts.

Okay, yeah, but he's been dead for over 100 years.

We don't even know what happened to his Grimoire.

I know what happened to it.

Ingrid told me Dash and Killian found it.

It's at Fair Haven. I should go.

I need to talk to Dash, see if he'll help us with the spell.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you think that's a good idea?

Last time you saw him, he didn't look to helpful.

I told you, Ingrid has been helping him with his powers.

We're all the same now; that changes everything.

And you think just because the two of you are magic, that he's just gonna forget that you left him at the Altar?

This isn't about me. It's about Ingrid.

He's gonna want help her.

Okay, fine. I'm coming with you.

I don't think so. I should talk to him alone.

JOANNA: Wendy, let her go.

She can handle it. Here, you're gonna be safe.

You're gonna take these just in case you run into Ingrid in a trance.

And I'm gonna stab her in the brain?

ALEX: And then you and Ingrid need to run like hell.

All right, so while Freya's at Fair Haven, we're gonna look for Ingrid.

They'll be in hiding, since it's still daylight.

All right, so we need to check in the woods, at her apartment, and at the library.




Who's this poor bastard?

He's Ingrid's friend.

I didn't work.

I wasn't worthy.


Look familiar?

Yeah, it looks like we were both marked against our will.

Except that your mark involved an oath.


You want me to take an oath of loyalty to you right now?

Would that be enough?

Please, will you both stop it?

Hudson, look at me.

Hudson, look at me.

Hello, Joanna.

I was chosen.

He wanted to wear my skin, but it wasn't a good fit.


Okay, so he recognizes his own name.

That's a good sign, right?

He's not like the others.

But this means that Ingrid and the Mandragora were here.

They might still be.

Then let's find them.


Wendy, I need you and Frederick to take Hudson back to the house.

All right.

Just do whatever you can to save him.

Okay, Hudson, we're going for a little ride.

(weak laugh)

On a magic carpet?

Close. It's a station wagon.



(knocking on door)

Dash, hi.

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry to bother you, but Ingrid's in trouble.

We need your help.

Come on in.


I'm always happy to help.


ALEX: I think he's on to us.

So he'll be keeping her close.

But by nightfall, he'll be feeding off of Ingrid.

I'd rather not think about what that process entails.

Let's just hope we find her before the second feeding.

After that, the trick is gonna be severing their connection.

Oh, my God!


Wait, wait, wait, don't, don't, don't wake her up.

- Why?

We need to get the discidium
into her brain before he gets back.

I don't think I can do this.

You have to.

No, it could kill her.

Oh, fine, I'll do it.

No, you are not stabbing my baby.

Well, one of us is stabbing her.

Because if she wakes up before we do, she will attack us.

She's still entranced.

Look at her breathing.

You're here to hurt him!

I won't let you!



Sana, sana, Ingrid.





Oh, God.

Where am I?

What-What's happening?

Oh, come on.

We don't have time to explain.

You got to get out of here.

How did I get here?

Come on. Run.

Run home.

And don't look back!



Did you get him?


He's just looking for a better line of attack.

Losa sársauka... lakna sár... láta lausan Drago Sanguinem...

What are you doing to him?

I'm easing his pain.

I've already tried a dozen healing spells.

Nothing's worked. But this spell can dissipate Drago Sanguinem.

Dragon's blood? What's that?

It's the Mandragora's venom.

It's what's gonna kill him if we don't stop it.

How would you know that?

Losa sársauka lakna sár...

Just yesterday, you said the only thing you knew about Mandragoras is that the king uses them to hunt his enemies.

Now, all of a sudden, you know the name of the venom and how to counteract it?

Please, get out of the way. I'm trying to save his life.

Or you're trying to kill him before he says something that you don't want us to hear.

This is absurd! What have I done since I've been here?

Saved my mother's life, got rid of the Zurka twins, tried everything in my power to keep this family safe!

What do I need to do to prove to you...?

I want you gone.

Leave him alone.

Hola, mi amor.


I thought you were at work?

I left.

Came home sick.

Oh, no. Are you okay?

Yeah, fine.

Here, try this.


Rum punch.

It reminds me of the night we slept on the beach.

I don't remember getting much sleep that night.

So, you just left work at the bar to come home and make us drinks?

Just needed a break.

From all the voices.

What voices?

Sometimes I feel like

I can hear what people are thinking.

Like their inner voice is inside my head.

Lately it's been getting worse.

Mind reading is one of your gifts.

It worked to your advantage at the poker table.

It doesn't feel like a gift.

It feels like I'm eavesdropping on a conversation I don't want to hear.

And most people's inner monologues?

Disturbing as shit.

You'll learn to tune it out as soon as you learn to let go.


It's tricky like that.

The less you try to force control over your abilities, the more control you'll have.

I didn't ask for these abilities.

I was fine without them.

You'll learn to live with them.

Soon it'll just be another fact about you.

Like being right-handed.

Or playing the piano.

You know what's strange?

Some people I can read so well, and others are just... blank to me.

(laughs quietly)

I've never been able to read one of your thoughts.

Maybe that's a good thing.

Oh, yeah?

Why's that?

Because if you knew what I was thinking right now... it'd make you blush.

(whispers): Yeah.

♪ ♪



Oh, my God!

Oh, my God. Wake up.

(chanting in ancient language)



You're okay.

I don't feel well.

I keep remembering.

And it won't stop.

I just want it to stop!


Make it stop!

Hey, no, you're okay. You're okay.

I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry for everything I did.

It wasn't your fault.

Ingrid, it wasn't your fault.

It wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault.

(glass rattles)

FREYA: Are you okay?

You're acting kind of funny.

I'm great.

Why wouldn't I be?

Ingrid was here earlier.

Did you see her?

No. Why?

Are you upset that we're spending time together?

Of course not.

I detect a note of jealousy.

No. I'm worried about her.

Falling in love with me?

No. You know, I've always liked Ingrid.

She's so... real.

She's honest.

She's loyal.

Unlike some people.

She's in trouble, Dash.

We need your help.

And there's something I need.

The truth.

Can we finally be honest with each other?


You screwed my brother while you were with me, didn't you?

What?! No!No, I-I-I...

That's not true. You kissed him.

Oh, uh, yes!

Okay, uh, yes, fine! I did. I kissed him once...

At our engagement party, if I recall correctly.

Come on, Freya.

We said we'd be honest with each other.

You had sex with Killian, so why not just admit it?

I am done having this discussion.

Where's your family Grimoire?


I need it to save Ingrid's life.

(laughs): Freya.

I would never give that to you.

Why not?

Because nothing would make me happier than seeing all the Beauchamp women dead.

Starting with you.



Come back here, you bitch!

(quiet sobbing)


Ingrid, you're all right.


He's dying, isn't he?


He's dying because of me.

Yes, he's dying.

But it was the Mandragora it wasn't you.

I remember everything.

What he did to me.

Feeding off of me.

And I let him.

I enjoyed it.

You were under a spell.

And their screams.

All the people he killed.

I can still hear them.

And it's my fault. I kept him alive.

I kept him alive so he could kill people. And now...


Ingrid, don't do this to yourself.

It wasn't because of you.



You're okay.

I always knew you were a witch.

I'm so sorry, Hudson.


I'm just glad you're safe.

Everyone was... so worried.


There has to be something we can do.

Honey, it's too late.

Just be with him.

Help him say good-bye.

I love you.

And I'm so sorry.

I wish I could help.

It's okay.

I always knew there was magic in the world.

Now I know for sure.

I love being right.



Adora me mas que cualquier otra.

A los santos les pido tu devocion.

What are you doing?

Making you a drink. Here you go.


What is this?

I can't tell you.

It's my secret recipe.

Want to come back to bed?

So is that what we're gonna do all day?

This town's pretty boring.

Gotta make your own entertainment.

Believe me.

I'm not complaining.

I hope you call in sick every day.

Finish your drink.


(gasps, laughs)




Oh, my God.



Where do I even...?

(wry laugh)


Oh, shit...

Uh, okay, here...




(music playing)

Okay, okay. Okay.


♪ ♪

Okay, it's... it's...

Yeah, you.

Where is it?

Come on, come on...

DASH (distant): Freya!


(Dash shouting)

(Freya gasping anxiously)

(distant): Freya!

When I get in there

I'm gonna snap your neck!

You're not the only one who can do magic.




(chokes, gasps)

This isn't you, Dash.

It's the Mandragora venom.

It brings on psychosis.

I can help you.

See, that's what you don't get.

This is me, Freya.

I've changed.

I've done things that'll make you shudder.

Freya, you have no idea what I'm capable of.

But you're about to find out!


(Dash groans)




Are you okay?

I... what happened?

What did it do to us?

I don't know.

I-I-I feel fine.

So do I.



This doesn't make sense.

Of course it does.

We can't get out of here.

This is what it did to us.

(grunts, gasps)

DASH: It's no use, Freya.

I've made sure that you can't get out.

FREYA: Dash...

I'm begging you, please don't do this.

I know there's still good inside of you.

If that's what you need to believe... whisper it to yourself while I smash your skull in.



(wheezing laugh)

Is... is that all you got?

I bet you banged my brother harder than that.

No matter what you think, I never slept with Killian.

I loved you, Dash.

I really did.

Thank you, Freya.

For what?

For leaving me.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Do you have any idea how many people told me not to lower myself to be with you?

A white trash bartender who barely finished high school?

My mother would cry herself to sleep at night, ashamed that her son was too stupid to realize what a gold-digging little whore he had for a fiancée.

And she was right about you.

Everyone was right about you.

Clever girl.

FREYA: Oh, you have no idea.


Nice little trick, huh?

Oh, God.

Are you all right?


- (sighs)

sana, sana.

Sana, sana.

I tried to kill you, didn't I?

It wasn't you.

It was the venom.

My priority now is Ingrid.

Let me help.


For Ingrid.


JOANNA: I'm calling Wendy.

She can help get us out of here.

ALEX: It won't work.

There's no reception.


How did you know that it wouldn't work?

'Cause I know about this.

Nobody can get us out of here.

This head game? It's gonna go on and on till we don't know what's real and what's not anymore.


I feel like I am losing my mind.

Alex, relax.

We need to think.

We can figure this out.

There's no "figuring" this out.

We're trapped here. Damn it!

Okay. Getting angry's not gonna help.

It wouldn't kill you to get angry once in a while.

It feels good.

I mean, show some emotion for once in your life, Joanna.

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

I overheard Wendy saying something about Victor.

I know he died, but you haven't mentioned him once.

I am not doing this right now.

Oh, that's right.

Yeah, walk away when things get too real, just like you always do.

Oh, just because I'm not doing what you want me to do, or feeling what you want me to feel?

No, no, no.

This is about letting yourself feel.

You told me that my intensity scared you?

That's bullshit.

Your intensity scares you.

You run away from anyone who makes you feel things.

That's why you ran away from me, and that's why you're still running.

I'm not doing this.

I made you happy, Joanna!

And that scared you.

So you pushed me out of your life, because you'd rather be numb inside than risk getting hurt.

Do you think I'm numb?

My whole life is grief.

I love my girls more than anything else, and I have to watch them die again and again.

And it doesn't get easier. It gets worse.

I'm cursed, Alex. Can't you just understand that?

I know you're cursed.

I don't care. I never did!

Because you never had to see it.

You never had to live through it, because I kept you from it.

It was never about you not being strong enough to handle it.

I didn't want you to have to share in my suffering and I didn't want you to have to see it.

I pushed you away because I loved you.

So you killed what we had because you thought you were protecting me?

I know I was.

All this time, I thought you hurt me.

But you know what, Joanna?

You hurt yourself.

Okay, it says we have to boil the baby's breath in the oil.

And if this doesn't work, we can't kill it?

We'll figure something else out.

It'll work. It has to.

Light the feathers on fire; we need the ash.

Oh, no.


Freya didn't text the last page.

We can't finish the spell without the last page.

Do you think she's all right?

She damn well better be all right, so I can kill her when she gets back.

Don't pull out the knives just yet.

I'll kill you later.

Sweetie, you look like you've been through hell.

Hell would have been a lot more pleasant.

Please tell me you got a look at the last page.

Even better. Hey, guys.

DASH: How can I help?

Last person I expected to see.

Well, we had a little, uh...

Issue with some Mandragora venom.

That's right!

He attacked you!

It's all right.

I managed to break the spell.

She stabbed me in the brain. They got me too, right through the ear.

Hurts, right?

Oh, God. Like a mother! Oh, I'm so glad you're okay.

Guys, we need to get back to the spell.

(yells, groans)

What's wrong?

It's a Mandragora.

He's here. I can feel it.

You okay?

INGRID: He's coming for me.

He'll never let you take me from him.


You are running me ragged.


No, no... in the best possible way.


What are you doing?


Ow! Aah.

That hurts.



Okay. Now close your eyes.

♪ ♪


(panting quietly)


Can you guess what I'm thinking right now?

No. No, I really can't.

There's still a lot I don't know about you.


Let's go another round.

(grunts in pain)

WENDY: Hold her still.


To the spirits above and below, free this soul from her unnatural bond.

Vinculum abrumperes.

INGRID: He's here.

He's come for me.

Vinculum abrumperes.

(rumbling, clattering)

What the hell was that?

WENDY: Either the biggest squirrel on earth, or...

The Mandragora.

Okay, cover her entire body with this oil.

And then what?

Okay, this is gonna sound terrible.

Don't freak out.

Oh, God.

We need to set her on fire.

Are you kidding?

INGRID: What?! Why?

According to the spell, if you move at all you'll be burned, but if you stay completely still, the fire will consume the oil and disappear along with your connection to it.

What if I can't stay perfectly still?

You better.

Can I breathe?

Try not to.

As soon as the oil is gone, the symbiosis will be fully broken, and we can finally kill the sucker.

(rumbling, scraping, banging)


WENDY: Where are you going?

I'm gonna deal with that damn thing once and for all.

No, you're not.

Stay here.

You still don't trust me.

Even at a time like this.

Especially at a time like this.

Finish coating her I'll stall it for as long as I can.

Seriously? A broom?

Till the spell's broken and Ingrid's free, that's all I'm willing to risk.





FREYA: Hunc dimittis... animae.

Hunc dimittis...





(low, deep whirring)


Come on.

Are you okay?


I think so. I think it worked.

(relieved sigh)

I can't sense him.

I don't... I don't feel the connection anymore.

Oh, thank God.

We did it!

(Mandragora growling, snarling)


(Mandragora roaring in pain)


Forach Deyna!

You saved me.

You sound surprised.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Aunt Wendy.

Did you feel that?

I did.

The Mandragora must be dead.

Its venom's not working on us anymore.

Oh, my God. Ingrid.

Llena me con tu virilidad.

Has de mi una madre.

(whispers): You're going to give me a baby.

How is she? She's asleep. She needs it.

She's been through a lot.


Thank you... for saving Wendy...

and Mom, with the argenteum.

You're two for two.

I'm sorry I let the Zurkas color my view of you.

That wasn't fair.

Whatever happened in the past... you are still my twin, no matter what.

Thank you, Freya.

That means everything to me.

You look like you could use a beer.

We all could.

Hey, Mom.


Where's Ingrid?

She's fine. She's resting.


I need go see her.

She's okay.

She's asleep.

You should've seen your son.

He killed the Mandragora.





So we're all finally safe from that thing.

Nightmare over.

Can we finally have a boring Sunday, please?

Yes. Cheers to that.

Cheers to that.

FREYA: You just gonna leave without saying good-bye?

I-I... I just didn't want to intrude.

I should go.

Do you remember what you said to me when you were... well, basically trying to kill me?

I know I said horrible things.


You did.

Freya... if you say you didn't sleep with Killian while you were with me... then I believe you.


And look, for what it's worth... those things I said about your job and your family... I didn't mean it.

I was always proud to be with you.



Just one more thing.

You had said something... about doing bad things.


You had said that

I had no idea what you were capable of, and that you had done things that would make me shudder.


I was under a spell.

I mean, I was literally insane.

I-I didn't mean a word of anything I said.

It's okay I'll show myself out.


I figured we could both use one of these.


Do you have to leave so soon?

The Mandragora's gone, your family's safe, and I have a life to get back to in New York.

But we should talk.

So talk.

I know I screwed it up all those years ago.

And you were right I didn't just hurt you, I... I hurt myself.

(chuckles): Seeing you again, it's... it's made me realize we really did have a good thing.

(laughs softly)

I know I can be closed off, Alex.

I've missed you, very much.

I've missed you, too.

More than you know.

(wry laugh)

But you hurt me, Joanna.

Yeah, I...

I understand I screwed it up.

You were right to leave.

I just... I want you to know how much you've meant to me.

And I am so sorry that I hurt you.

I think the fact that you were even just willing to come back here and... help after the way I left things, it just... says so much about who you are.


You still talk too much.

We really did have a good thing.

Don't forget that.



I'm sorry.

I know I let you down.

I'll find another way.

I promise, Grandfather. I promise.

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