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  02x04 - The Brothers Grimoire
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Previously on Witches of East End...

Nice to see you again.

Tommy Cole. If you want to get together sometime, my number's 911.



Wendy: I don't trust him.

Where have you been?

I can't remember.

Did anyone or anything come through the portal with you?

(Distorted over phone): I saw you kill your brother.

I'm gonna need $50,000 in cash.

I'm calling the cops. Do that, and those jpegs go viral.



Dash, stop!

As long as the doll stays underwater, no one will ever find the body.

It's really you.

Who else would it be?

Joanna: Victor, where the hell are you?

Ooh, picnic blanket, cooler...

Is this your, uh, go-to first romantic date?


Do you have a problem with romance?

No. I'm just not a winend-cheese kind of gal.

Which is why I brought beer...

And brats.

Oh. Okay, you have my attention.

Well, I had it the day we met.

(Mock gasp)


Wendy: You know, there's a fine line between confident and cocky.

So... besides giving me crap, what else do you do?

Mm, a little of this, a little of that.

I still haven't quite found my niche.

(Rat squeaking)

Rat! Rat!

Oh! Son of a bitch!

Hold still.


(Rat squeaking)


You okay?



Man: Victor, my royal prisoner.

It's been a while.

So, what do you call the missus?

Just Joanna? Or Honey?

Sweetie? Sugar?

I'm gonna go with, "Darling...

I'm leaving you for a stripper."


Like you could land a stripper.

"Missed flight.

(Rat squeaking)

Be in late tomorrow."

Well, what happened?

I found Wendy.

Did she know it was you?

I don't think so.

She had her mind on man meat, yet still managed to be a pain in my ass.

(Exhales): Thank you.




Hi. What are you doing here?

Just, uh, you know, I wanted to check in on you, see how you were holding up.

Okay. I think. How are you?

Actually, I'm better than I thought I'd be.

(Whispers): Dash, you killed a man.

And I helped cover it up.

I know, and I'm just sorry that you ended up in the middle of it.

The thing is...

You didn't know what was happening to you.

I mean, maybe you...

Sensed it or you felt it, but you didn't really know, and I did.


Ingrid, if you're saying this was somehow your fault...

Maybe if I had told you sooner, none of this would have happened.


I... am just grateful that you showed up when you did.

If there is ever anything you need, I'm here for you.

(Birds chirping)

(Wendy groans)

I wasn't expecting to see you this morning.

(Exhales): Oh! Is that your subtle way of implying that I always put out on a first date?

I wasn't trying for subtle... I take it it didn't go well.


Actually, it started out pretty great.

And then...

A rat crashed our picnic.

Totally killed the mood.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Eh, just another example of the Beauchamp women's notoriously crappy luck with men.

Hey! We don't all have crappy luck.

I'm happy with Victor.

Yeah. After you fought nonstop for three centuries and were estranged for two.

No, but I mean lately.

I mean... it's been good.


Been really good.


How was the "welcome home" sex?

He texted me this morning.

He's gonna come later today.

Oh, good.

Well, Tommy wants a do-over date later today.

I just don't know if I'm up for it.

Nah, you're right, I'd go back to emotionless one-night stands.

After all, you have an eternity to find a soul mate.

Reverse psychology? Really?


(Birds chirping)

So, uh...

Eva... how'd you guys meet?

Picked me up on the beach.


Boat was wrecked, my head was smashed up.

Do you have any idea what happened?

The last thing I remember, I was loading up my boat.

After I set out, there must have been a storm.

I guess I hit my head hard enough to be knocked out a few days.

Next thing I know...

You woke up in Santo Domingo.

I'm just glad you're okay.


Oh, that must be him.


Mr. Shane.

Thanks for coming on such short notice.


I don't think you've met my brother Killian.

Shane: Your mother spoke very highly of you, Killian.

That's surprising to hear.

Actually, I'm just being polite...

She rarely spoke of either of you.

Anyway, she wanted me to give you this.

The will is inside here?

To be honest, I don't know what's inside.

She left me strict instructions to deliver it upon her death, but only when the two of you were together.

What are we supposed to do?

Just a shot in the dark here, but I'd say... open it.

Thanks, Mr. Shane.

My pleasure.

I'll send you a bill.

Of course.


(Sighs): Okay.

Ready to see our inheritance?

What the hell is that?

Looks like...

Some sort of ancient lockbox.

It's a puzzle.

We're supposed to solve it.

Okay, let me try.

I think...

We need to talk.


Are you familiar with the ancient Chinese art of Lingchi?

Some call it "slow slicing" or "death by a thousand cuts."

Is is is... a master.

Eventually you will submit.

We've been tracking portals all over the world.

We know the one in East End was open.

Man: Clearly, the tales of you royals destroying the key was to keep the lowly likes of us away.


Will tell us...

Where the key is.

Go to hell.

We're already here.

Now we want to go home.

If he doesn't talk soon, we could try to break Wendy.

Anybody but Joanna.

(Electronic tones sound)

That bitch scares me.

Oh. Speak of the devil.

"Let me know as soon as you land.

Frederick is so excited to see you."

Isis: He must have come through the portal.

This is good news for us.

Bad news for you.

(Low grunting)

(Blade slicing)


No! No...!

(Birds chirping)

"Sequere vestigia"?

What's it mean?

It's Latin... it means "Follow the trail."

What trail?

No idea.

This is all pretty crazy.

We're warlocks.

I still can't wrap my mind around it.

If it wasn't for Eva...

What do you mean?

She's a witch.

I think that's why we found each other.

Well, uh...

Get ready for this.

Guess who else is one of us?


Did Freya ever tell you?

Are you kidding? I had no idea.

She's a lying bitch.

Ingrid's cool, though.

She's been helping me with all this.

Says our powers must have been dormant our whole lives, and mom's death activated them somehow.

So Freya knows that...

I don't know and I don't care.

I can't believe she didn't say anything.

(Birds chirping)

(Mock gasp)

(Deep breath)

(Clears throat)

Whatever you do, don't choke.

Tommy: Oh!

Look, you don't have to take your turn.

I completely understand, okay?


This game isn't for everybody. It's not easy.

(Laughs): I'm sorry, what were you saying?

I was saying... damn!



Whatever you do...

Don't choke.


Holy crap, that one...

Friggin' curved.


Okay, okay, I'll tell you what, you do one more like that, and I'll buy you another beer.


(Dart falls to ground)

What, you weren't gonna buy me one anyway?

Well, I mean, you kind of have to earn it.




Oh, mother F'er.


Sana. Sana.

What? That was just a Nick, stop being a baby.

That's a nice apology.

You know, we're not having the best of luck on our dates.

This is definitely worse than usual.

Uh, sorry... what does that mean?

Nothing. Never mind. Uh, maybe we should just quit while we're ahead.

No way. This is the best time I've had in a while.

I'll take a chance if you will.


Good-bye, Freya.

As requested.


Although I must say I prefer mead. Alcohol from potatoes just seems so... beneath you?

Freddie. It's been a while.


Wow. It's been, uh...

A long freakin' time.

You look great.

Save some for me.


Easy, Darling, let him breathe.

Let him breathe.

I take it you three have met?

You don't remember us, Freya?

So you're a new Freya.

(Soft gasp)

I guess those curse rumors are true.


We all used to be friends, back in the old country.

We were quite the wild group.

Got in a lot of trouble together.

You didn't get into trouble, Freya.

At least nothing you couldn't get out of.

You were a good girl.

We were a wild bunch.

Well, that sounds intriguing.

Aren't you busy working?

I was, but now I want to hear the details.


Don't worry, Freddie.

We'll only tell the stories about you.

"Follow the trail."

Think it means the trail out by the woods?

Maybe it's-it's like a metaphor.

For what?

(Snaps fingers)

Not bad.

God, think about what we could have done with that as kids.

We probably would have killed each other.

And mom would have blamed me.

Her golden Dash could do no wrong.

Hey, you know what?

Maybe this isn't a metaphor. Maybe it's a spell.

The cryptex didn't open until we were both touching it, so maybe if we said the spell together...

Both: Sequere vestigia.

We need to pry this up.

All right, okay.

Just a little more.

Yup. Yeah.


See anything?


Yeah, hold on.

What is it?

I think it's our family's grimoire.

What's a grimoire?

A spell book.

We should try one.


And then Freddie did us a solid.

He stole the sacred scroll.


To piss off the temple elders.

I wanted to hand the scrolls over to the people so they'd know the assholes in power bent the laws to fit their depraved morality.

Oh, yeah, you have always been about morality.

That sounds dangerous.

He's quite the daredevil, your brother.


I'm sure you're aware.

Oh, really?

When I was young and stupid, maybe.

Not anymore.

We were all a bit rowdy.

But then Isis and I took it too far and we got banished from Asgard.

Why, what did you do?

We pissed off your grandfather.

Consider yourselves lucky. At least you didn't have to stay and face his wrath.

It hasn't exactly been a cakewalk on this side of the portal.

Hey. That's why you have your brother to see you through.

Oh. Whoa, wait, you guys are...


Like you.

Oh... no, not like us.

Yeah, okay, um, can you excuse us?


Twincest? Seriously?

They're zurka. Shape-shifting bottom-feeders.

Their clan is despised in Asgard, with good reason.

But they were your friends.

"Friends" is a strong word.

I was acting out, they were happy to go along and take advantage.

They are a walking freak fest.

We need to get rid of them.

I'll do it, okay? Trust me, I can handle these two.


Where's your sister?

Can't keep her on a leash. I've tried.

Looks like it's just down to us.

What do you want?

We took the fall for you.

You owe us for...

I don't owe you anything. Now, I suggest you leave before I get angry and do something you'll regret.

And I suggest you reconsider that statement.

Victor: Aah! Hmm?


My father.

(Fast scratching)


You were always so pretty.

We should have some fun.

Won't your brother get jealous?

It's okay.

He can play, too.

Thanks, but I'm really, really, really not interested.




According to the book, the spell should make us indelebilis.

What's that mean?

This isn't exactly med school Latin, but from what I can make out, it should protect us from harm.

Physically, mentally and emotionally.

So nothing would be able to hurt us.


Worth a shot.

(Snaps fingers)

All right.

Eva told me a little about blood magic.

It's no joke.

Oh, it's just a drop.

All right.

Say it with me.

Both: Aeternum indelibilis.

Aeternum indelibilis.

You think it worked?

I can tell you with total certainty that I have absolutely no idea.


Hey, look... if I hold it up to my ear, I can hear the ocean...


Where I dropped it, and it's broken forever.

Yeah. I'm sorry about that.

That was kind of my fault for knocking into you, but we don't need a phone. Because I can change a tire all by myself.



Okay, that's kind of sexy.

That's what I'm going for.

In a... in a way.

I don't think they see us.

Tommy: What?

Regere et conservare.

(Tires screech)


Damn, that was close. You okay?



I think the universe is trying to tell us something.

What? No, no, no. No way. Nothing happened.

We're fine.

Hey, so what's with the...

What's with the Latin?

I heard it before when you were pulling the dart out of my back.

Oh, it's just... it's a calming mantra.

A calming...

Well, maybe I should try one.

Last time I came this close to getting killed, I actually ended up dead.


Okay, I have questions.

I was a medic.

I did a tour in Fallujah.

You did?


We were on call to pick up some injured marines.

And then, bam.

It was like a thousand gunshots all at once.

I stopped breathing.


Vince, this other medic, he pulled himself over and he started giving me CPR.

And when that didn't work, he slammed a needle full of adrenaline into my heart.

I sat straight up.

He must get a great Christmas gift every year.

He had internal bleeding.

He died in my arms.

I'm sorry.

Why I'm here and he's not...

I'll never know.

But what I do know is that existing just isn't enough for me anymore.

Did you know your Daddy was a screamer?

You want to do this here?

Tempore congelata.

I never get tired of that spell.

Mortals are so pliable.

They are.

I'm not.

This isn't a negotiation, Frederick.

You'll give me the key so that we can go home.

It's not the home you remember.

It's got to be better than this hellhole full of meat puppets.

I don't have the key. Okay?

And-and even if I did, I can't open that door again.

It's not safe. There's no telling what'll come through.

I don't give a crap.

You'll do it, or we'll kill your father.

From the looks of that video, I'm already too late.

But you're not too late for Freya.

We have her, too.

You have two hours to give me the portal key, or your twin dies.

(Whoosh, glass breaking)

(Crowd chatter)

I don't feel any different yet. How about you?

I feel okay, I guess.

I have an idea.

Let's see if we're really protected.

Put your arm in the flame.

You put your arm in the flame. This whole thing was your idea.

All right.



Try it.

Aah! Damn it!

You okay?


(Guttural groaning)


(Crickets chirping)

(Phone ringing)

Dash? Hey, what's up?


I screw up the spelnd Killian is in trouble.

Okay, try and calm down.

Don't do anything until I get there.

I'm on my way.

Yeah. Bye.

She'll be here soon.

She'll-she'll know what to do.

She'd better hurry the hell up.

(Whispering): Aperi.

What are you doing?

Some witches from the Zurka clan have Freya and Dad.

They want the portal reopened.

That's what drew them here.

Why the hell didn't you tell me?

Because it's my fault.

They think I owe them, now they threaten my family.

I need to fix it.

No. I'll deal with it. You tell me.

I know how to track a Zurka. They're most likely underground.

I do have a plan. I'm meeting one of them at the library.

Just stay here. You've done enough.

If ivar doesn't think I'm bringing him the key to Asgard, they'll kill Freya and Dad.

They'll try and kill them either way.

At least if you're here, I know you're safe.

Wendy, answer, damn it.

(Door closes)

(Insects trilling)

I'm here for you.

I'm here to feed you.










Smell delicious.


Libera... liberationem.



Liberationem. Liberationem.


You're adorable.

You're sick.

I know.

That's why I got along so well with your brother.

Freddie... Well, he's the sickest one out of all of us.

I once saw him cut out a man's eyeballs just for looking at his girl.



Sanden markere tid!




Mom. Thank God.

Freya, don't move!


If you stand up, the spell will kill us all.

Oh, my God.


Oh, Dash.



Come on.

This is useless.

Come on.

You're a doctor.

Isn't there anything you can do?

They didn't teach us this in med school.

Then take me to the hospital.


Wait for me. Wait for me.

Okay. Go easy. Go easy.

Come on. Come on, let's go to the hospital.


(Cracking sound, groaning)

Put your legs up.

I think... you broke... a rib.

What the hell is going on?

Hey. Are you okay?


Sana et mederi.

Sana et mederi.

I can breathe.

Oh, good.

Thank you.

Okay, did you... did you reverse the spell?

No, I can heal an injury, but I can't undo a spell I didn't cast.

What were you thinking, Dash?

I was trying to protect us so nobody could hurt us.

Here. Look.

Sometimes the simpler a spell sounds, the more complicated it really is.



Oh, no.


The spell doesn't protect you or make you indestructible.

It takes the vitality of one organism, and it transfers it to another.

Then I'm dying.

Yeah. Pretty much.

So, can you fix it?

No, but I can walk you both through how to reverse it.


I brought what you want.

No, you brought what you owe us.

Where exactly is the portal?

Wall to your right.

And where's the key?

It's a spell.

Good luck.

No. You do the spell.


I'll be satisfied when I'm back in Asgard.

Let's go.

Freya's time is running out.

You're leaving without Isis?

Oh, she'll be here.

You just focus on opening the portal.

Venenum serpentis.

(Loud hissing)

See you still got that thing about snakes, Ivar.

Venenum serpentis.

(Hissing continues)

Venenum serpentis.







How's that venom feel coursing through your veins?

I just wanted to go home.


You're worse than we are.

You're lower than a rat.

You always were.

You never should have come here and threatened my family.

You know what I'm capable of.

Yeah, you just killed half your family.


But I killed you, too.

(Bones snap)

(Glasses clink)

You're trying to get me drunk?

(Laughs): No!

I'm trying to get me drunk, and I'm hoping you're gonna come along for the ride.

Right on.


More Latin?

It means "good luck."

I figured we could use a little.


I got lucky the day I met you at the library.

Wow, that is seriously sappy.


Oh, just shut up.

(Mock gasp)

We're having a moment.

Are we?

Come here.

You taste like peanuts.

Oh, yeah, I was starving. I grabbed a handful.

It was either that or garlic olives.

I figured that I would do you a favor.

What's wrong?

(Hoarsely): Highly allergic.

Oh, shit!


Oh, my God!


I don't know what I'm doing.


Oh, God, please don't die!


Ingrid: Whatever you do, don't let go.

(Whispers): Okay.

Now, slowly repeat...

Retexe indelebilis.

Retexe indelebilis.

Retexe indelebilis.

Retexe indeleb...



Killian. Killian.


Killian, hey.


(Chuckles): Killian.




Joanna: The hourglass is spelled.

All of this is rigged to explode as soon as you stand up or the sand runs out.

Why can't you stop it?

Freya, I've tried six different spells to try and reverse the flow... It's just moving faster.

Only Isis can stop it.

If you wait for the sand to run out, we are all gonna die.

You need to take Dad and you need to get out of here while you can.

I'm not leaving without you.

Freya: I will be reborn.

Dad won't. Just take him and leave!

I'm not giving up.


Just let me think!

There's nothing to think about!

Dad, please, tell her to leave.

Joanna, listen to me. Loca curis.

No! Absolutely not!

Wait, what is that?

It's a spell. You and I would switch places instantly.

And then you'll be killed!

Yeah, I'm not gonna make it anyway.

You will! I could cure you!

I just have to get us out of here!

It's too late for that.

Freya's never lived this long.

Please... let me do this.

(Overlapping chatter)

We're all gonna die.

You can't cure...

There's nothing to think about!

Do it now!

(Joanna panting)

Loca curis!


(Gasps, pants)


(Low grunting)

I love you.

I love you.

(Whispers): Now, go.


(Sobs): No.

You need to go.

I don't want to leave you.

I know.

But you have to.

I love you, Victor.

I love you.

(Panting): Just go.

The sand is almost gone.



(Loud explosion)

(Debris clattering)



I guess we should...

Heed the universe's warning and just not do this again.


You're not gonna get rid of me that easy.

Tommy, I almost killed you tonight.

We have to listen to the signs.

The signs are there for a reason.

Okay, I agree, but just...

Not for the reasons you think. Look, nights like these remind us of what's important...

Being around someone who makes you feel alive.

Nothing else matters.

So bring it on, Universe.

I'll go brush.

I'll call you tomorrow.


(Insects chirping)

I think we should give this a rest for a while.


That might be the first time in our adult lives we actually agree on something.

You almost killed me tonight.

I know. I'm sorry.

That's all right.

I know you'd never do something like that on purpose.

Thanks for holding on.

I was about to lose my grip.

Of course. You're the only brother I got.

Besides, knowing you, you'd probably come back and haunt my ass.

It's not like you don't deserve it.

Ah, the truth is I only saved you so I wouldn't have to figure all this out on my own.

Totally selfish, as usual.

What can I say? I'm a dick.




I'm gonna talk to Eva.

Tell her I want to stay in East End.

(Laughs quietly)

Maybe this was Mom's plan all along.

The grimoire was just a tool to bring us back together.

Well, together's one thing... whether or not we keep getting along, that's the real test.

That's a good point.

Hey, sorry to interrupt.

I just wanted to let you know I'm taking off.


Thank you so much for everything.


Oh, uh, sorry.

Ingrid, you're bleeding.

You mind if I take a look?

I'll give you some privacy.

I was just heading out anyway.

Bye, Killian.

Uh, let's, uh, let's see it.

Oh, wow.

What happened?

I don't...

I don't know.

I'm losing pieces of time.

I need your help.

Whatever you need...

I'm here.

Thank God you're okay.

Where's Freya?

She doesn't... she doesn't want to see you.

She's gone to the bar.

And Dad?

He's dead.


You should have told me as soon as you knew that they'd taken them.

Things might have been different if...

I'm sorry.

It was my mess...

And I felt I had to clean it up.

I can't talk to you right now.



I just need you to go.

I need to talk to you.

My father died.


(Crickets chirping)

Man: Got you the marble cake, Sweetie.

Daddy'll be home in ten.

(Phone drops to ground)

Careful, man.


(Man screaming)

(Man continues screaming)

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