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  02x03 - The Old Man and the Key
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Previously on Witches of East End...

(Distorted): I saw you kill your brother, and I'm gonna need $50,000 in cash.

It's his spirit animal.

It created a barrier

of protection around him.

We can't penetrate it.

Not with the cards anyway.

He betrayed us once, Joanna.

We can never trust him.


(Chanting in ancient language)


Dash, wait!

I don't really care, Freya.

Okay, I get it.


The hell away from me.

I need to show you something.


This is giving me all kinds of good ideas.

That thing's infecting you.

No wonder your husband left you.

He knows where we are.

He chooses to stay away.

Or is it losing the girls over and over and over again?

Wendy: The portal's about to open.

Joanna and Frederick are coming through.

Victor: Finally.

Wait, we don't know for sure that it's them.

What if it's grandfather?

What if he's coming to kill us?

He said he'd make us pay for our rebellion.

He already banished us from Asgard.

He's not gonna come here just to kill us.

We don't know that.

He vowed revenge.



I knew you'd make it through.

Where's Frederick?

I lost him!

Why did you text me to meet you outside in the garden?

This morning I was watching Frederick sleep.

Okay, that's not creepy.

He has the king's symbol branded on his chest.

I knew it. I told you.

Not so fast. We still don't know what it means.

Branding the king's symbol onto your chest is the ultimate oath of loyalty, Joanna.

It means that he's spiritually bound to our father for eternity.

I mean we don't know the circumstances under which he took the oath.

Well, did you ask him?

No! I don't want him to know that I saw it.

Because you don't trust him, either.

I wouldn't go that far.

But it-it raises questions.

No, it answers them... that's why he spelled my earring.

I'm sorry, what are we talking about now?

I lost an earring, and he found it on the porch yesterday.


And I think he did something to it.

You think or you know?


He knows that I don't trust him, and so he took something that belongs to me, and he messed with it.

Okay, so give it to me.

Maybe I can figure it out.

I'll do an unveiling spell.

I got rid of it.

I didn't want it anywhere near me.

So, the truth is he just could've found your earring.

Joanna, you asked me to come out here to talk about this because you have doubts.

I do.

I feel horrible and guilty for it.

So, yes, you're right.

There've been two people who've been killed in the town and we must make sure that it wasn't Frederick.

But we need to be smart about it.

We can't let him know that we're suspicious.

No, you're right.

But I have an idea of how we can get information without asking him.

I can't believe when I get back you're gonna be gone.

I know.

I lived in this room my entire life.

It's so strange.

I thought I'd be sadder, but I feel good.

I feel ready.

Well, I'm happy for you.

Although I am a little bummed.

I always assumed I'd be the first person to move out of here.

You still can, you know.


I could.

Except I just spent my entire life savings on a last-minute flight to Santo Domingo.


What time do you leave?

Cab's picking me up in ten minutes.

Are you sure you want to do this?

I don't have a choice. I had a vision of Killian's death. That's why I need to find him.

I love you.

Freya, you have no idea what you're getting into.

I just want you to be safe.

Like I'm safe here.

We know Dash has powers.

That scares the shit out of me.

Which is why one of us should talk to him.

We are the only ones who understand what he's going through.

He's probably really scared and confused right now.

And full of rage!

I left him at the Altar!

Mom and Wendy killed his mother!

He doesn't know that part.

He knows he hates us.

We should just leave him alone.

It's not his fault.

Penelope took his powers from him when he was a baby.

And now that she's dead, they're rightfully his again.

What Dash needs is guidance.

Just think about the kind of damage he could do if he knew what he was capable of.

Aren't you worried that he could hurt someone accidentally?

You know that. It's like he's holding a loaded gun.

And he doesn't know how to use it.


What is that?

Is that a door?

It's locked.

It's not a door.

Yes, it is.

It used to be a door, and it connected to the dining room, and I needed more closet space, so I sealed it from the other side.

It's locked.

So, where are the keys?


I'd have to find it.

Why are you being weird?

I'm not being weird.

She's hiding something.

What else is new?

I'm not hiding anything.

Freya, your cab's here.

Oh, God, I can't believe I'm doing this.

One more thing.

(Speaking Latin)

May you be protected on your journey.

And may you find the one you seek.

Thanks, Mom.



Miss me?

You think having one-night stands will make your problems go away?

Leave me alone.

How much has this blackmailer cost you so far?

Why are you wasting your time when you should be dealing with him?

Dash: I hired a guy to look into his I.P. address and his cell number.

I got nothing.

So, you're just gonna give up?

Bro, I can't believe I used to look up to you.

What do you want from me?

Do you know what your problem is?

You spent your whole life trying to be the good son or the good doctor, the good boyfriend, but when you got to be a badass, you don't know how.

Shut up.

Am I wrong?

Yeah. You're wrong.

Then prove it.

That guy's gonna ruin your life.

Find him, and ruin his first.


Who are you talking to?


Dr. Foster?

It's nice to meet you.


Strong, silent type, huh?

Let's see what we can do about that.

(Chanting in ancient language)

(Inhales deeply)

Hi, Dr. Foster.

Sorry to disturb you.

But I need your help.

I need you to tell me who attacked you in the park.


What, honey? You're gonna have to speak up.

This is a warning to us all!

Dr. Foster, keep it down!

His plan is only just beginning.

Whose plan?

You're one of them! I know what you are!

Oh, shit!

I know what you are!

I know what you are!


You're one of them. I know...



What's going on?


You look upset.

No, I'm just...

I'm worried about your father.

I still haven't heard from him.

So, where have you been?

Running. This place is so flat, it's almost too easy.

But I love the air here. Everything smells like food.

Except me, so I'm gonna go shower.

So, your grandfather, he's still in power in Asgard, right?

Yeah, what's left of it anyway.

What do you mean?

Whole cities are gone now.

Leveled, burned to the ground at the first sign of dissent.

Not that there's much dissent anymore.

He's built a cult around himself.

He's worshipped like a God.

His power is unquestioned, all-encompassing.

Well, you don't worship him.


I mean, you did once.

I wouldn't say worshipped.

But he is my grandfather.

He was the only family I had left in Asgard.

And I did love him.

Before he became corrupt.

But you remained loyal to him long after he became corrupt.

You could've joined us in the rebellion.

You didn't.

Because he fed me lies about all of you, and I believed him.

I didn't know what I was doing.

By the time I realized how wrong I'd been about everything, it was too late.

I thought you understood.

I do, I do.

I-I would like to understand better.

I'd like to know what it is you've been through.

I just want to forget, start over, leave the past behind.

I need to shower 'cause I'm meeting some people later at the Bent Elbow for drinks.

I know this sounds strange, but for the first time in a long time I feel comfortable, like I'm at home.

I love you, Frederick.


I have the portal key.


How did you get that?

One of the king's guards helped me steal it.

Wendy: We have to use it now.

We're not sealing the portal until Frederick comes through.

We may already be too late. You stole the key.

He's gonna come after it.

Joanna, if we use the key to seal the portal now, the king won't be able to come through.

Every second we wait, it's another chance for him to kill us.

Frederick is a warrior.

He will survive.

Joanna, seal the portal. Do it now.

I cannot believe you're saying this. He's our son.

No one wants to leave Frederick behind.

And these are our daughters!

None of us want to leave Frederick, Joanna, but we're running out of time.

I knew you'd come back!

What happened?

I had to fight my way out. I killed three guards and managed to knock grandfather unconscious.

You fought him and you won.

He'll be after us all soon enough. Give me the key.

I'll seal the portal.

I thought I'd lost you.

Quick! Lock the portal!


What are you doing?!


What have you done?

Victor: He'll find us now.

How dare you betray us this way.

Killian: There he is.

That's your guy.

That boat is located in exactly the right position for him to have taken those pictures of you killing me.

That's your blackmailer right there.

Kyle Hutton.

He looks like a smug little prick, too.

So what are you gonna do about it?

You have powers now.

Use 'em.

Get rid of this guy.

Just like you got rid of me.

Finally some good news.


I just spoke with Victor. He's at the airport, he's catching a plane and he's on his way home.

He's thrilled about Frederick.

Joanna, thrilled about what?

I don't think there's any question who's responsible for those deaths.

I still have questions.

But I think we should look into... what he's been doing when he's not home.

Way ahead of you, Sis.

What's that?

It's a little something I used to sell in my shop in New Orleans.

I rubbed a little on the back of his shirt.

It's gonna show us where he's going, where he's been.

It's rudimentary, not long-lasting, but...

It works.

He told me he went to the Bent Elbow to meet with some new friends.

Well, let's see if he was telling the truth.

(Speaking Latin)

Where'd he go?

It's working. It's showing us where he's been.

Yeah, that can't be good.


Hi. Sorry.

I think I have the wrong room.

Killian: Eva, who is it?

What are you doing here?

Uh, I was just... coming to find you.

Hi. I'm Eva.


You gonna...

Introduce me?

Yeah, this is Freya.

Freya, this is Eva.

My wife.

So what happened to you when you have to left East End?

I'm not sure exactly. I remember being on the dock, getting ready to leave, but, uh, after that...

It just gets foggy.

All I can guess is I took off and my boat ended up in some kind of squall. I must've lost consciousness

'cause the next thing I know I'm washed up on the beach half-dead.

Eva found me.

Nursed me back to health.

She didn't leave my side for a week.

It's not exactly a chore.

It's so lucky that she found you.

What I don't understand is how did you find me?

I called you a few times and...

When I didn't hear back, I was worried, so...

I hired a private detective.

You did?


Wow. You must really care about him.

Well, I am her brother-in-law.

Actually, um, Dash and I didn't go through with it.

We broke up.

It's complicated.


(Shuddering exhale)

I'm really sorry.


Not actually why I'm here.

I have some bad news, unfortunately.

Killian, your mother passed away.

Oh, my God.

What happened?

There's a lot of details I don't know, but...

I thought maybe you would want to... come back and be with your brother and-and deal with all this at home.

I can have us packed in an hour. I'll call the airlines and get the first flight out.

I'm so sorry, Killian.

About everything.

Joanna: Do you remember, when Frederick was a little boy, he was scared of thunder?


Every time there was a storm, I'd build this little fort out of blankets and I'd hide in there with him, singing songs until it passed.

Yeah, I remember.

I think the trail's gone cold. I don't see him.

All right, let's hit the refresh button.

(Speaking Latin)

There he is.

This is serious, Joanna.

He's heading to where the others were attacked.


Sorry, Freya.

It wasn't my choice.

We trusted you.

You broke my heart.


We need to go now. While there's still time.

The king will be through that door any second.

Joanna, leave him.

He sided with your father.

There's no saving him.

Look at me.

Frederick, look at me.

Your grandfather is lying because that snake key has poisoned his mind.

The only thing of interest to him now is power. You can't save him.

It's too late.

Joanna, we need to go and we need to go now!

He's using you to get at us.

Your favor won't last.

This isn't who you are.

I know it isn't.

None of us can go back. This is our home now.

Come with us. Please.

You can't hide from him.

He'll find you.

All of you.




Man: Hello?

Kyle Hutton, this is Dash Gardiner.

I left something for you in your car.

If you ever contact me again, I'll do worse.

Do you hear that?

Joanna: That's-that's him. That's actually him.

(Whispers): What's he doing?

Sounds like old norse.


He's gone.

Well, how did he disappear so fast?

Looks like he's learning some new tricks.

Where's Killian?

I left him upstairs to finish packing.

I wanted to talk to you in private.

I just wanted to thank you for coming all the way here just to deliver that news in person.


He's very lucky to have a friend like you, and I just hope that... you're not upset that you came here and found him married to me.


Upset? No.

Of course not. Why would I...

Why would I be upset?

I just sense that...

The two of you have... a history.

Oh, no. No, no, no, n...

No, I-it's complicated, but, um, Killian and I were never really anything.

It's fine.

I'm fine. It's...

Totally fine. Everything's fine.


I hope we can be friends.

Killian really does think the world of you.

And so do I.


Ingrid: Thank you so much for agreeing to see me. I really hope I'm not intruding.

It's just, the last time we were together, we were interrupted.

Right. The attack on your boss.

He died at the hospital yesterday.

I know. Everyone in town knows.

People are saying it's a serial killer.

Yeah, it's, uh, it's awful.

I have a theory about the attacks.

Look, Ingrid, it's getting late...

I think they're being carried out by someone like us.

What do you mean, "someone like us"?

Remember when you asked me about the MRI?


Well, I-I didn't exactly tell you the truth.

Sorry, one second.




Is everything okay?

Uh, yeah.

Can you just wait here for a minute?

I'll be right back.

You owe me, Gardiner.

I really loved that ride you torched.

I'm calling the cops.

Do that, and those jpegs go viral. You don't scare me.

Okay, I know who you are...

Your father's William Hutton.

He donated a wing to the hospital.

Your family has plenty of money.

My father has plenty of money.

I have to make my own way.

So this is your idea of making your own way?

You owe me $100,000.

That's not including the car. You pay me by Friday, or everyone in East End will know what you did to your brother.

And what if I decide to do the same to you?

You won't.






Dash, stop.

Dash, stop!

Oh, my God.

He's dead.

I don't know what happened. I couldn't stop.

Dash, who is this? Why is he here?

I don't know. He broke into my house, I thought he was gonna shoot you.

I know.

I lost it, I...

I lost it. I...

I killed him.


You were trying to protect me.

But you went too far because you don't know how to control your powers.

Powers... what are you talking about?

I am talking about the bolts of electricity that were just coming out of your fists.

No, no.

I-I just saw it. I was here.

No, you didn't. No, you're full of it.

You said you had a patient whose MRI matched mine.

I know that patient was you.

No, you don't.

You're not a regular person, Dash.

And neither am I.

We're witches.


I'm-I'm a witch?

Technically, a warlock.

I'm a warlock.

I'm a warlock. Well, that just...

That sounds crazy,.

We can call it something else if you want. It still means the same thing.

Think about it. How else are you gonna explain all this that's happening to you?

I don't know, I just thought I was losing my mind.

You're not.

You're just figuring out who you really are.

You were born this way.

But your powers... they were only just switched on very recently.

They were dormant before that.

I can teach you to control this if you'll let me.


Okay. Okay.

What are we gonna do about this?

I don't know.


We need to talk.

Why are you looking at me like that?

We saw you in the forest.

That was you? You followed me? How many people have you killed since you've come through the portal?

None. Nobody. What are you talking about?

You've carved the king's symbol into their chests.

No, I didn't. I-I didn't kill anybody.

Your mother saw your brand, Frederick.

We know you took the oath. So you think that means I killed those people?


We didn't forget what you did at the portal.

You're the reason we're cursed.

Mom, you have to believe me.

I would never hurt anyone. I healed you. Stop lying.

I'm not lying.

All right, stop it, both of you.

What were you doing in the woods?

A blood spell.

A cleansing spell.

To hide the king's brand.

I was getting rid of it.

'Cause it proves that you're still in league with your grandfather.

No, no, I hate him.

Okay? He forced me to take that oath with a knife to my throat and as soon as I was done, he threw me in jail.

I didn't see the sun for 100 years, he reveled in my pain, and every time I look in the mirror I have to see his symbol, and it kills me.


All I want to do is forget. Look.

It's still there.

I knew you saw it this morning.

I saw your face when you walked away and I felt so awful, all I wanted to do was erase it, but there is...

There is no spell that will ever get rid of it.

Grandfather made sure of that.

All right, Frederick.

Frederick, I'm so sorry.

Look, I just want to move on.

Oh, come on, you can't be s... you can't be buying this.

Wendy, stop it.

No, I can't. You carved the symbol of the king into your victims' chests.

Explain that away.

Grandfather has armies of hunters that are loyal to him to the death.

Of course he'd send one after me.

(Mocking laughter)

And now you're all in danger and it's my fault.

It's okay, we can handle this together.




Just go, please.

(Scoffs, laughs)

I don't blame her for not believing me.


I do believe you, Frederick.

I don't know why.

I don't know how I can ever have your trust ever again. What I did all those years ago... It was unforgivable and it still haunts me.

All right, there's something that I need to tell you about that night.

Come with us, please.

You can't hide from him.

He'll find you.


How very, very nice to have the family together again.

What are you waiting for, Father?

Just kill us and get it over with.

Death is too... forgiving a punishment.

I want to do something far worse.

I really want you all to live a long, long time in misery.

In fear.

In pain.

I want you to suffer as you have made me... suffer.

For what you did.

What you did to me.

(Shouting in foreign language)

What have you done to us?

Let us go. I can't bear to stay one more moment in this wretched place.



No! Don't go with him!

Don't go with him!

You don't know what you're doing!

Don't go with him!


(Speaking foreign language)


It was my fault, all of it.

I just... I didn't have the strength to save you, and I let go of your hand.

No. No, mom.

Mom, it's not your fault.

You didn't let go. I did.

I wanted to go back with him.

Okay, I wanted to.

It was my choice.

Not a day goes by that I don't regret that decision, but it was my decision to make.

I'm so sorry for all the things you've been through alone.

I know.

I know.

I know.

I love you, Mom.

I love you.

I love you, too.

And your father will be home soon, so...

We'll be a family again.

(Groans softly)

Ingrid: As long as the doll stays underwater, no one will ever find the body.

You think this is really gonna work?

Yes, I do.

It should.

Thank you.

I know you didn't have to help me.

Yes, I did.

And... thank you... for telling me the truth.


What are you doing here?

Eva went to sleep, but I couldn't.

I need to see you.

I want to thank you again for traveling so far to find me.

Of course. I'm just glad you're okay.

I don't know if I'd say I'm okay.

You know, Mom... it's so...

I know. I'm...

I'm so sorry.

Anyway, not a lot people would have gone to the trouble you did, so...

Thank you.

You're welcome.

And I...

I... wanted to apologize...

For what I did before the wedding...

Showing up at your door, asking you to run away with me.

It was just a messed up thing to do, and I don't even know why I did it.

I just think maybe...

It was never about you.

I was so screwed up, so lost, and I'm not now.

Leaving East End and meeting Eva was... the best thing that ever happened to me.

You know, she understands me.

We're connected in ways...

I can't-can't explain.

Just finally feel like I'm with the right person now, you know?

Good. I'm... I'm glad.

I... I really want you to be happy.

And I want the same for you. Freya, I hope you didn't walk away from Dash because of me or any of those things I said.

I'd hate to be responsible.


No. I, um...

I was lost, too.

I think it took the reality of my wedding day to make me realize that...

Dash and I were never meant to be.

It had nothing to do with you.


Oh, good.

I should really get going.

All right.

Good night.

What are you doing in here?

This is where I always used to come when I needed to talk to you.

I got your text.



I've had a shitty day.

I'm sorry, Freya.

I thought my wedding day would be the worst day of my life, but I think this topped it.

I really thought he was my soul mate.

Maybe he is. You never know.

(Laughing): He's married.

And he's happy.

I saw his aura when he looked at her.

He's... he's in love with her.

Oh, Freya.

I'm sorry.

I wanted to ask him about his powers, but I...

I couldn't...

It's okay.

Am I a bad person?

Of course not.

Maybe this is all some sort of...

I don't know... cosmic payback for what I did to Dash?

Freya, you had to follow your heart.

If you weren't in love with Dash, you couldn't marry him.

I'm not saying I wanted to get married, but...

I've been wrong about so many things.

I thought Killian was my soul mate, and he's in love with somebody else.

Maybe I'm wrong about Dash.

He was always such a great person.

I think you're right.

I think you should talk to him.

I think you should help him with his powers before he hurts someone, you know.


You know, I'll think about it.


(Note plays on piano)

(Piano plays slowly)

Why don't you get out of here?

That's a hell of a greeting for the brother you haven't seen in a month.

It's really you.

Who else would it be?

Victor, please call me back.

Your plane landed hours ago.

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