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  02x01 - A Moveable Beast
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Last season on Witches of East End...

BOTH: Mom!

Girls, I want you to meet your Aunt Wendy.



The girls don't know what they are.

I decided this life, for once, they'd be normal.

I need to tell you, it's the truth about who we are.

INGRID: Please don't tell me...

BOTH: We're witches.

All of our kind must abide, we never reveal ourselves.

What do you think the girls are going to say when I tell them that you left their brother behind?


It's really you.

Who is this?

He's your father.

Killian? Well, I figured, my big brother's getting married, I should come congratulate him.

I can't wait to call you my wife.

I'm in love with you.

I'm marrying Dash tomorrow.

JOANNA: One man is your soul mate, the other man's your destroyer.

Killian left it.

I can't marry you.

Get out!

(Joanna screams)

PENELOPE: The argenteum has taken its toll.

Dash isn't really your son?

Oh, he is.

I just borrowed

(Screams) his powers when he was a baby.


And Killian's, too.

(screams, grunts)


Did she poison you with argenteum?

Yeah. I might not have long left.


I want to know about Asgard.

What happened there?

There was a war... and we lost.

If you could open the door and go back... would you?

I'd be pretty scared to open that door.

(man screaming)

♪ ♪

(rampant scampering away)


(herbs rustling)


Lumen eorum memoria.

Lumen eorum memoria.

Lumen eorum memoria.

Lumen eorum memoria.



(Joanna moans)

(Victor grunts)

Do you trust me?




(screaming, groaning)


(Joanna screams in agony)


Has it been a week?

I can't keep doing this, it hurts too much.

Until we find a cure for the argenteum poisoning... these treatments are the only thing keeping you alive.

(screams, shrill groaning)





Hang in there.

(groans, grunts, panting)

VICTOR: Hang in there. Hang in there.

You're doing great. We're almost done.




(Joanna screaming)

I hate it when she screams like that.

Wendy says, that's a good sign.

It means, she's fighting for her life.

And we should worry when she stops screaming.


So, what are you doing up?

I just woke up in the front yard and I have no idea how I got there.

Isn't that, like, the third time this week?

I guess, sleepwalking, is my new thing.

Well, at least you're sleeping.


I've barely gotten more than an hour since the wedding.

Oh. Freya, still?

I swear, I didn't think it was possible to screw up my life this bad.

Hey, Killian could come back. You never know.


He hasn't returned my calls.

My texts, my e-mails.

I think, I just need to let it go.

Freya, I'm so sorry.

Well... (panting)

I was right.

What happened?

What do you mean?

I knew something came through the portal.

What-what do you mean?

You saw something?

I may not remember what happened that night... but I know someone came through.

I can sense him, hear him, smell him.

I tracked him to the forest tonight.

I finally saw the son of a bitch.

What did he look like?!

You saw him?!

He's cloaking himself, somehow; he moves really fast, like a blur or a shadow.

I can see his aura.

(closes refrigerator door)

He's dark, evil, predatory, hungry.

He's messing with me like a cat, right before it goes in for the kill.

I guess, you would know.



Oh, good. Another memory potion?


We have to remember what happened, before we reseal the portal.

We need to know who we're dealing with.

There's a reason he doesn't want us to know who he is.

I'm a bit of a headache.

Want to take a look at it for me? Doc?


No, no. You're not really here.

You're a figment of my imagination.

I'm you conscience.

It's frustrating, isn't it?

'Cause you can't recreate what you did to me that night?

It's driving you crazy, literally, look at you.

You're hallucinating.

Of course, the real question isn't, "How did you do it?"


It's, "How can you live with yourself?"

(strikes match)

You murdered... your own... brother.

I didn't murder you!

But I hope you're dead.

You and Freya can rot... for all I care.

You both deserve whatever you get!

Good idea, Freya.

You really should be resting.

I'm fine.

You're not fine, I don't like you pushing yourself.

Since when do you nag me?

You don't have the luxury of being reborn, Joanna.

Neiither do you, anymore.

But I don't have a deadly poison weakening every organ in my body.


Freya did say, this was her strongest one yet, so maybe we should try it first.

It is.


Stop treating me, like I'm made of glass.

Victor and I have my condition well under control.

And I don't need the woman, who died in a trapeze accident lecturing me on safety.

I died in a trapeze accident?

No. I did


Like you would ever get on a trapeze.

I might.

WENDY (laughing): No, you wouldn't.

You wouldn't even get on the swings when we were kids.

Hey, I can be fearless and bold.

JOANNA: And thoughtful and cautious and there's nothing wrong with that.

I love that you're someone we can count on.

Reliable, always here no matter what, you're like an anchor.

Okay. Come on. Let's drink up.





FREYA: Aperi... memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

Aperi memoriae.

(all gasping)

I think that actually worked, I saw something.

So did I.

He was an enshadowed.

Yes, coming out of the portal.


Did you see a face?


Me neither.


Well, that kind of sucked.

FREYA: Hey, we are making progress.

You guys finally remembered something. Come on.

Mike really got burned to a crisp, didn't he? (sighs)

Oh, Mike was a little shit, he deserved it.

JOANNA: So, we just need to figure out... whose shadow it was and why they're here.

Well, whatever they want, it can't be good.

(leaves rustling)


Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

(stretcher thumps)

This is a warning!


(maniacally panting)

This is a warning to us all!

42-year-old male, collapsed at Town Square, Head trauma. BP 140/90.

Exhibiting signs of confusion, responsive to pain, possible schizoaffective episode.

You take any drugs today, sir?

No, the shadow chased me into the woods.

This is a warning to us all!

He's carving the ancient symbol of the king!



KILLIAN (as distantly): Freya...!






(gasping in excitement)

(Killian panting, Freya moans)

Oh, my God. I thought I'd never see you again.

I knew you'd change your mind.

I knew you couldn't marry him.

(moans, panting)

Oh, my God.

You're bleeding.




(gasps, sighs)

Sorry I'm late.


Traffic was crazy.

Great earrings, by the way.

Very daring.

Thank you. I have been feeling more adventurous lately.

In fact, I just did something crazy.

Don't judge me.

I probably will.

The university is looking for someone to curate their newly-donated collection of historic documents relating to witchcraft in southern New England from the 1650s to present day.

So boring, but that is perfect for you.

Exactly, but there's a catch.

They're only interviewing PhDs.


So, I'm not one.

But I called up the Dean of the history department anyway, and I told him I was, and he's coming here to interview me today.

Great. So, what's the problem?

I lied to him.

Please. It's a white lie. I tell them all the time.

It's like, I wasn't actually stuck in traffic today.

I just felt like sleeping in.

And... you are so not pulling off those earrings.

I'm not comfortable with it.

I think I'm just gonna come clean.

I can win this job on merit.

Besides, he'll respect my initiative, right?


Audaces fortuna iuvat.

I don't know what that means.

Fortune favors the bold.


I must have dozed off.

I should go make breakfast.

That's okay. It's...

Joanna, it's the afternoon.

Victor, I told you not to let me sleep all day!

You're sick.

It's okay to take it easy.

It's not okay.

Someone came through that portal.

Wendy saw him in the woods last night, and I should be out protecting us.

Where are you going?

Well, maybe... I can track our visitor in the woods.

Joanna, stop.


Just stop.


You're bleeding.

I'm fine.

No. No, you're not fine.

I know I'm not fine!



(crying): I have never felt so helpless in my entire life, and I hate it so much!

I can't even cast a simple spell anymore, let alone stand on my own two feet.


That's why you have us.


To stand with you.

I don't have you.

Yes, you do.

You have me, Joanna.

As long as you want me, I'm here.

Hey, Frey. What's up?

FREYA: Wendy, I'm freaking out.

WENDY: What's-what's happened?

Killian is dead.


FREYA: You know that music box he gave me?

Well, I just opened it, and I saw him.

He was dead on the ground.

Okay, Honey, listen, it sounds like you had a vision.

You have a gift for premonition, and your powers are only getting stronger.

Right, premonition. So he might still be alive.

Visions are tricky. They're kind of like dreams.

They can either be a metaphor or literal.

Well, how am I supposed to figure that out?!

Don't worry, Honey. I will deal the deck tonight.

Just stay where you are. I'll be back soon.

I had a really good idea for a tea that might help ease your mom's pain.

I just have to grab a book.


Okay. Bye.

Oh, there it is.

Okay. Oops. Sorry, buddy.


I was here first, so, come back next week when I return it.

Actually, I was here first.

You're just trying to grab it out of my hand.

Only 'cause I really need it.

So do I.

Oh, come on. Please?

I'll owe you one.

Mm. Nice try, but, no.

The whole "Look at me, I'm so cute. Now give me everything I want" thing doesn't work with me. I'm immune.

Excuse me for trying to appeal to your sense of chivalry.

You mean trying to manipulate the situation by flirting with me.

Why exactly do you need

The Complete Encyclopedif Native North American Edible and Medicinal Herbs?

Not that it's any of your business, but I'm planting an herb garden.

Oh, please. You are so not the herb garden type.

Just go to the supermarket, and buy yourself some dried oregano, and call it day.

(book thuds to floor)

Oh, sorry. Too bad. I win.


I don't think so.

Wait. Seriously, I need that.

Well, you're in luck. There's another copy right there.

You should really be more observant.

So why'd you take mine?

Because... I wanted to win.

Yeah. It's the same one.


You're not gonna figure this out scientifically.

What's happening to you is not scientific.

You're not gonna find the reason in an MRI!


What you should really be worried about is what they're gonna do to you when they find my body!


You see anything in there?

No, but something tells me than that vision was meant only for you.

I've been trying to induce another one all afternoon.


Trying to force magic just does the opposite, Freya.

Just relax, and clear your mind.

I'm trying! It's not working.

You don't clear your mind by trying.

You clear it by letting go.

Okay, Yodas.


Can you just get the tarot cards now, please?

Tonight when the moon is up.

Why does witchcraft have to have so many rules?

Hey, don't forget. It lets you break a lot of rules, too.


My sentiments exactly.



Okay, that's pretty cool.



I would like to make a toast.

To our little family.



What's wrong?


Oh, it's just my head. It's like...

I... Mom!


(women screaming)

She has a seizure, which is normal for her condition.

I know it looks bad, but she wants you to just keep going about your normal business.

You two staying here and worrying is the last thing your mother wants.

She's gonna be okay.

I promise.



Good luck, Ingrid. Break a leg.

Why are you lying to them?

Joanna asked me to.

She doesn't want them to worry.


But they should be worried, shouldn't they? We all should.

The argenteum is multiplying in her blood, like cancer.

It's infecting her brain.

Even if we continue the treatments, I won't be able to keep her alive much longer.

There's got to be something we can do.

Yeah, but I've been researching her condition.

There's a plant that grows in the Amazon.

It's very rare, but it may be a cure.

It's a long shot, but if I leave tonight, I can be back within three days.

Three days?! Do she even have that long?

Probably not, but we have to try.

Hi. Are you Mr. Foster?

I'm so sorry I kept you waiting.

It's Dr. Foster, actually.

I have a PhD in history, as well as one in literature.

Impressive. I'm Ingrid Beauchamp, and I am so sorry I'm late. I'm usually obsessively punctual.

I had a family emergency.

Really, that's not an excuse.

My mother's been quite ill.

And my dog was euthanized today, but I managed to get here on time.

I am so sorry.

Why don't we just get started?

Okay. Great.

I've been reviewing your résumé.

It says here that you've only completed a master's degree.

Yes. Technically, I haven't quite finished my doctoral dissertation yet, and I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear on the phone.

Actually, I believe your exact words were, "I have a PhD in history."

You're right. I did say that.

And I'm sorry I lied.

I just wanted a fair shot, and I didn't think you'd see me otherwise.

And you'd be right.

But I believe you will come to find that there is no one else in this town, this county, this state who is better qualified for this job than me.

Than I.

And with your consent, I-I would love to share my dissertation with you.

And I would love to read it as soon as it's completed.

Until then, I think our time is up, Ms. Beauchamp.

Thank you, Dr. Foster.

And I'm-I'm sorry about your dog.



INGRID: A week ago,

I got shot. I found out that I am the only person on Earth who can unlock the door to Asgard.

Me. I'm the key.

I'm a badass witch.

So why is everything still so hard?

Honey, you're asking the wrong person.



I got your message.

That guy sounds like a total prick.

Thank you for coming.

You know what you should do?

A spell. To get you the job.

Like we did for Barb to get her pregnant. That totally worked.

I love that idea. Can I help?

We're not doing a spell, Freya.

There's no such thing as spells.

Come on, it'll be fun.

Who cares?

How about 'cause it's wrong?

First of all, it's not wrong, because as you just said, there's no such thing as magic.

Secondly, a very wise woman once told me that witchcraft lets you break the rules.

I believe you're quoting that woman out of context.

Am I?

We just need to find a spell.

Oh, I think we can throw something together.

Many more will die before the right one is found.

This is a warning to us all.


You're one of them. I know what you are.

(quick grunt)

Code blue. Beginning compressions.

Dr. Gardiner, intubate.

He's throwing multiple PVCs.

DOCTOR: 150 milligrams, Amiodarone.

Short runs of Bigeminy. V-tach.

Charge to 200.



Still V-tach.

Losing him. Recharge. Charged.



And now we say the chant we got from Google.

And Ingrid drinks.

Abrogare dampnum.


Yes, one more. Drink up.





(whoops, laughs)

How do you feel?

A little drunk, but better.

That's good. Nice, girl.


Hey, kids.





Let's do this.

I love you.


(cell phone rings)


Yes, this is she.

(whispers): It's Dr. Foster.

Yes, of course.

Absolutely, right away.

Thank you so much, Dr. Foster.


I got the job.

I got the job.

You really are a witch.

Or maybe he just realized I'm totally qualified.

-Shh, I'm Goog... Shh, I'm Googling

♪ I got the job ♪ sex spells.

♪ I got the job ♪

♪ I got the job... ♪




What does it say?

Patience, please.


I see water.

Is he in it?


But he was hurt. Gravely. Looks like his boat was destroyed by a storm.

But he survived.


He's still hurt, but he's on dry land.

Okay... And he's taking money from people.

A lot of money.

What do you mean, like he's stealing?

I don't know. Our path goes cold. Something's blocking us.

The owl?

It's a spirit animal.

In Killian's darkest moment, when he was near death, he was visited by the owl.

It created a barrier of protection around him.

We can't penetrate it. Not with the cards, anyway. But he's alive.

Yes. And he's protected. That's great.



The owl is also a predator, so it could be protecting him in order to destroy him.

It's hard to say.

Freya. You might want to come out here.

It's your sister.



INGRID: I'm fine,

I just can't move my shoulder.

What happened?

Oh, my God.

Hi. Are you okay?

Let me look at it.

Ma'am, please don't touch her.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me.


It's herb boy.

Look, can you please step aside, ma'am?


Would you stop calling me ma'am?

Who do you think you are?

A licensed EMT who was called to the scene to deal with this situation.

Ingrid, what happened?

I fell, but I'm fine.

Oh, see? She's fine.

No, she's not fine. Look, you have a dislocated shoulder.

I'm gonna put it back into place.

The hell you are. No...

Sana... Ma'am...

What... Are you massaging her?

Please stop, immediately.

Okay, I'm... done.

Whoa. This is so strange, but I feel better.

What the hell? Oh, see? Let's get you up.

Quite the misdiagnosis on your part.

No, listen, you need an X ray.

No, she doesn't. She says she's fine.

She's fine.

Okay, fine. Then who's in charge here?

I am.


All right, let's get you home.

No, I want to stay. I'm actually having fun.

You're drunk.

So what? I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I can't just be your anchor, Wendy.

I've changed, and I need to figure out who I am, for me.


EMT: Okay, all right. can you please sign below?


It's nice to see you again.


What was that about?

It's a long story.

Mm. Mm.



God, he's never looked at me like that.

His aura is so dark and angry.

Yeah, I see it, too.


You want to go somewhere else?

You kidding? I love it here.

Thank you.

(phone rings)

This is Dr. Gardiner.

Dr. Gardiner, this is Dr. Carlyle.

I got the MRI scan you asked me to take a look at earlier.

And have you found anything?

No obvious pathology. But there are certain gross structural abnormalities.

I cross-referenced the scan against hospital records for the last 20 years and, believe it or not, I found a match.

Wait, wh... what do you mean, a match?

In 1994, a ten-year-old girl fell off a jungle gym at East End elementary and got a concussion. She came in for an MRI.

It turns out her brain structure was completely unique.

Well, not completely.

It was exactly like the patient I'm looking at now.

You know what, I-I'd like to do a follow-up.

Can you give me her name?

Ingrid Beauchamp. protect you.

What are you doing?

This is for Freya.

She gave it to me... Well, (short laugh) an earlier version of her did.

In Los Angeles.

Long time ago. And I'd like her to have it again.

This... is for Ingrid, because she always loved it.

And this is for you.

Stop it.

We're going upstairs.

It's time for your treatment.

The treatments aren't working anymore.

They make me foggy and tired, and they hurt like hell.

I'm done.

The only reason I've been holding on all week is because of the girls.

Because I knew that if I die, then they can never be reborn.

But I realized something tonight.


All I've ever wanted for my girls was that they get to lead a normal life.

(softly): I know.

This is normal.

I'm not supposed to live forever.

And maybe if I go, my curse goes with me.

And my girls will finally get to grow old, for once.

There is no way in hell I'm gonna let you die.

Whether you let me or not, it's happening.


I'm ready to go.


I'm at peace, Wendy.

I promise.

You have no idea how much you mean to me.

Yes, I do.


Yes, I do.

Can I have Ingrid's ring instead?



I'm gonna get it.



It's cold here.

I'm not used to it.

Where have you been?

The portal was opened over a week ago.

Something happened when I went through.

My memory was erased.

I've been wandering around in a daze.

I only just remembered where I am, who I am.

I'm just lucky that I found you, and you're all still alive.

I saw you in the woods last night.

Well, you saw something.

I mean, we don't know that it was Frederick.

Did anyone or, uh... or anything come through the portal with you?

It's possible.

Yeah, I can't... I can't remember.

There were definitely others who would have.

Well, that must be what it is. Someone else came through.

It would account for all of our memory loss.

We're all under the same spell.

Or one of us is lying.

I'm just lucky I got out of Asgard alive.

It's descended into chaos.

I can't describe it.

I've been trying to escape for hundreds of years.

Just dreaming of the day that I'd see you all again.

I can't believe you're really here.

I don't trust him.

Not one bit. You shouldn't, either.

Last time that we saw him...

Was a long time ago, and he's...

Obviously, he's been through a lot since then.

Or he wants us to think he has so that we let our guard down.

Joanna, I know where you're coming from.

I loved him once, too. I miss him all the time.

But the old Frederick is gone now. But you heard what he said.

He escaped Asgard and our father.

Who, let's not forget, he aligned himself with against us!

He betrayed us once, Joanna. We can never trust him.


No, it's fine.

Do you need anything?

You hungry?

You're sick.



I can help you.

(gasps, panting loudly and deeply)


I feel... How did you do that?

The poison is in me now.


It can't hurt me.

I've spent the last century building up my immunity.

Grandfather tried to kill me with argenteum more than once.

I need to sleep.




Good night.

Good night.

Dash, wait. Can I talk to you?

What do you want, Freya?

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.

I think about you all the time.

I feel awful that I hurt you...

I don't really care, Freya.

Okay, okay, look, I get it.

I don't blame you. I just...

Oh, God, this is the worst, most awful thing I could ever ask you, but I'm worried about Killian.

I think he could be hurt, and I was wondering if you had...

Wow. You have got some nerve.

I'm sorry.

Stay... the hell away from me, or I promise you you'll regret it, Freya.



Did I say that you could have that?

I'm just borrowing it.


So, I've set Frederick up in my room.

I'll take the couch.

No, I'll take it.

You can take my room. It's your house.

It's our house, and I don't mind.

I mean, I don't think I'm gonna sleep anyway.

I feel incredible.

I'm alive. I feel reborn.

You must be convinced by Frederick now.

He healed me.


Joanna, I know that this is gonna be hard for you to hear.

I think you're being emotional right now.

We haven't seen Fredericn a very long time.

We have no idea what's happened to him over the last four centuries.

We don't know who he is.

JOANNA: I know who he is. He's my son.

He just healed me, and you should be overjoyed.

WENDY: We don't know who he is.

JOANNA: I know who he is. He's my son.

We haven't seen Fredericn a very long time.

You should be overjoyed.

We have no idea what's happeneo him over the last four...

He's my son, he just healed me, and you should be overjoyed.

He's my son.




Dash has powers.

What? Does he know?

I don't think so, but he's gonna figure it out.

He just flung a table across the room without using his hands.

All right, so we knew that this might happen.

Penelope stole his gifts when he was a baby.

It makes sense that they were returned once she died.

So, what are we gonna do?

We have to figure out how much he knows, and go from there.

You saw the way he looked at me, Wendy.

He scares me.

And I still have no idea what's happened to Killian.


So sorry to bother you.

No, you're not. Come in.

I just made a killing at the tables again.

It's like, I can read people's minds, see their cards.

I know exactly what they're going to do before they do it.

I feel like I'm stealing.


Well, it's good that you're feeling better.

Thanks to you. You saved my life.

Found me on that beach half-dead, nursed me back to health.

I owe you.

You don't owe me anything.

I was happy to do it.

And now that you're better, you can go back home.

I don't want to go home.

Nothing for me there.

Do you need me to feed you?



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