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  01x09 - A Parching Imbued
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Previously on Witches of East End...

What have you told them about their father?

Don't they have a right to know that he's alive?

We are never, ever going to tell anyone.

What happened between you and Killian?

We kissed.

One man is your soul mate, the other man is your destroyer.


MIKE: I'm actually looking for something more about the occult...

Witchcraft, curses, spirits.

It appears to be made of some sort of osseous tissue.

There's an entire wall of Ramus Mortium in the catacombs of Fair Haven.

Who the hell are you?

Thank you, Freya...

FREYA: My powers are gone.


JOANNA: With body, spirit, and soul, this child again becomes whole.







(sighs) It didn't work.

Maybe this isn't a spell we can break.

Freya, your powers aren't just blocked.

They're gone, Freya.

What, forever?

And you think the shifter is the one who took them?

The tarot said the shifter wasn't powerful enough to come at us directly.

But if the shifter has taken Freya's powers, everything has changed.

They're getting stronger.

How strong?

As strong as we are.

If not more.

(thunder cracks)

Please tell me you did that for dramatic effect.

Things are getting serious.

(thunder cracks)

Don't worry, ladies, it's almost over.

Season 1, Episode 9

"A Parching Imbued"

FREYA: What's happening?

JOANNA: Oh, we found a spell.

To get my powers back?

No, but it'll help us work out who the shifter is.


Every time a witch casts a spell, it leaves a kind of signature, like a magic fingerprint.

Oh, what does that mean?

Just think of it as DNA evidence.

Exactly, so the shifter's fingerprint may still be traceable in your blood, so we're gonna try and draw it out.

Give me your hand.


(inhales sharply)


This may hurt a little.

Ow! Oh, my G... a little?

(gasps) Ow, oh, my God.

All right, that's enough.


Oh, my God.


God, I really miss being able to do things like that.

Aw, I know, honey.

Okay, one more time, take us through the day you lost them.

And don't leave anything out.

Okay, so I was at work, I had flowers delivered to me, and I started to feel strange, really sick, and then I went back to Fair Haven with Penelope, and I passed out, and then Dash showed up and saved me.

I know you think it's the flowers, but maybe it's something else...

Penelope, Dash.

What? Come on.

No, I told you, I tested Dash a long time ago.

He's mortal, it is not him, and the same with Penelope.

They're fine.

I'm sorry, you tested Dash? Why?

You guys got engaged so quickly and you kept talking about this mystical love.

I had to be sure he was who he said he was.

He's my soul mate. We are destined. Come on, you read my tarot.

The tarot said he might be, but he could also be the trickster, your destroyer.

Okay, Dash did not do this. It is not possible.

I agree.

Okay, I have to go to work.

When did you test Penelope?

I didn't.


But she's coming for the rehearsal dinner tonight.

We can test her then to be sure and all of the other guests.


I'm sorry that you won't be coming to the wedding or the rehearsal dinner.

I think it's best.

I couldn't agree more.

Dash just needs some time.

That doesn't matter. I'm past that. I was getting antsy here anyway.

Going to Costa Rica for the winter.

You know I can't spend too long in one place.

Can't we please discuss this after the wedding?

Made up my mind, Mom. I'm going tomorrow afternoon.

I promise to write this time.


You know there is one more spell...


You didn't know what I was going to say.

You were going to say that I should call Victor to see if he'll get Freya's powers back.

No, I wasn't...

But you should.

There's no way...

The spell could work, Jo.

And it could not. There's no guarantee.

Victor is a doctor, I'm sure he knows how to do it safely.

I'm sorry, it's just not worth taking the risk.

It's a little monochromatic.

What does it mean?

This is the first time I've ever done this spell, but according to the Grimoire, the fingerprint slowly rises to the surface, and hopefully we'll know who our enemy is.

FREYA: Here you go.

Is that it?



You look unbelievable.


It's perfect. You look perfect.

Everything is perfect.

Everything is not perfect.

There's a shape-shifter moving in on us and I've lost my powers.

Mom and Wendy will handle the shifter, and I know this may sound, um...

Have you ever thought that losing your powers is actually for the best?

Um, no.

Ever since you found out who you are, you've been tortured because you couldn't tell Dash.

You hated lying to him, right?

Of course, but...

Now you don't have to lie anymore.

You are who you are.


I feel wrong, empty, like I'm missing a piece of myself.

KILLIAN: Hey, it's getting pretty...

(chuckles) Wow.

I will meet you back out there.

I guess you didn't get the memo about Casual Friday.

I was just trying it on.

I'm getting married tomorrow. We moved up the wedding.

Yeah, I know, I heard.

I know I probably should have said something to you.

I've just been really busy and planning and getting everything together at the last minute with the food, the flowers, the honeymoon...

We're going to Paris, which should be really fun. I'm rambling, aren't I?

Yep, I am.

Ah, just a little.


Anyway, we just didn't want to wait anymore.

I guess when you know, you know.

Well, congratulations. I think it's all gonna be great.

Thank you, Killian.

Okay, I will see you out there.

Oh, but I'd get changed first if I were you.


Amy, it's Dash.

Listen, I'm down in the catacombs again, and those branches are gone, but there's a strange liquid metal here now.

You want to meet me here around, say, 3:00 so you can take a look at this and give me your expert opinion?

All right, thanks.

MIKE: I've been looking for you.

I'm a little busy right now.

There's no one even here.

Just give me a minute. I promise you'll like it.


So I showed you the map already, but there's more, a lot more.

My father had tons of these diaries.

He filled one up every month.


So much history. You've found my weak spot.

They get somewhat more cryptic as it goes on.

He started losing it towards the end.

That's the one he was keeping right before he died.

Check out the last few pages.

"A parching imbued"?

What does that mean?

I think it's a code. I feel like it's connected to Asgard somehow, but I need your help to figure it out, Ingrid.

Let's make history. We can do this together.

Why me?

Because you're a witch.

I'm not a witch.

I saw you at the charity event right here. That guy started getting rough with you.

You said some words in Latin. His fingers just broke.

That is your evidence? You have a very vivid imagination.

If I'm wrong, then why are you running away?

I have work to do!

Hey. Come here.


Okay, check this out.

Right here.

This is where we start our new life tomorrow.

It just feels so surreal that it's actually happening.

Does feel like forever ago when I asked you to marry me.

Can I make a confession?

I never wanted to get married.


I just always thought marriage was too... conventional and boring and normal.

The end of any adventure in life.

Should I be getting worried?

(laughs) Until I met you.

And I realized that marriage is more than a picket fence and a minivan.

It's about sharing your life with someone you love.

You know, as someone who's been all over the world, I... I can honestly say, this, this right here... this is the adventure I'm most looking forward to.

Me, too.

WENDY: Well, well, well, if it isn't Victor.


In the flesh.

Wow. I haven't seen you in...

A long time. Let's not put a number on it.

So what are you doing here, Wendy?

I thought all the Beauchamps officially hated me.

We do officially hate you, but we also need your help.

Well, Freya needs your help. You do remember who Freya is, right?

Wait. Does Joanna know you're here?

We discussed it.

So, what's the problem?

Freya's lost her powers.

Well, to be more precise, somebody's taken them, and we've tried everything we can think of except one thing.

No. No. No. Absolutely not.

Let me finish.

Look, I haven't practiced medicine or done that kind of thing in a long time.

I'm a professor now. I'm more into history, academics.

But I'm sure you can remember how to do it.


You do know what you're asking, right?

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.

Plus, there is way more to the story. Just give me five minutes.





Reformabit verum.

AMY: Dash, hey. I, uh... I got here a little early...

I'll just see you when you get here.

PENELOPE: Veniat ad me metalli.

Veniat ad me metalli.

Mrs. Gardiner?

Amy. What are you doing here?

I'm supposed to be meeting Dash.

I really don't think you should touch that.

Why? Do you think it's dangerous?

It might be. We don't know what it is.

Dash and I have been investigating, but...

Actually, it's a poison, and it's seeping through the wall from another world.

That's certainly a theory. Um...

It's a fact, dear.

Good thing, it's lethal to mortals.




(water dripping)


(water dripping)

(floorboard creaking, Freya gasps)

Mom. Oh, my God, you scared me. What are you doing here?

I'm not your mother.





Oh, God, please. Don't.

(yelling): Help! No!

(whispers): Shut... up.




So pretty.

(gasping) Oh, my God.

Give your mother a message from me.


Per mortem argenteum.

(shrieks, panting)


(phone ringing)


Mom. The shifter was just here at the bar.

Are you okay?

FREYA: Yeah, I'm all right.

She just left, though. I can see her. She's headed down Fourth Street.

Stay at the Bent Elbow.

(tires squeak)


So, what do you think? Can you do it?

Yes, but it's dangerous, and we need Joanna to pull it off.

Ooh. Um, can we do it without her?

I mean, it would be so much easier. Can I do it for her?

No, it has to be Joann...




You told me she knew I was coming.

No, I didn't. I said that we discussed it.

And the discussion ended with her telling me not to find you.

When is she getting back?

I don't know.

But it might be a good idea for you to wait in my room.

I might need to break it to her gently. No, wait! Oh.

This is not a good idea at all.

You can't leave.

You made me a promise. We had a deal.

Now go to my room!


(sighs heavily)


Mike. We're closed. You need to leave.

"A parching imbued."

I know what it means.

I don't care.

It's an anagram.

It's time for you to leave.

It means "Ingrid Beauchamp."

I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't want to know.

If you rearrange the letters of "A Parching Imbued," it spells your name... Ingrid Beauchamp.

I told you. We are closed. You need to leave right now.

Question is, why would my father have an anagram of your name in his diary?

Okay, I'm gonna call the police.

No, you're not.

What did you say happened to the last guy who cornered me in the library... something about broken fingers?

Exactly, 'cause you broke it with a spell, because you are a witch.

Okay. Now you're harassing me. I'm calling the police.

If you just admit the truth, we can move on.

I am not a witch!

I know you're sworn to secrecy.

My father studied your culture for years. I know about the code.

There is no code! I don't know what you're talking about.



I'll prove it.

Oh, my God!

(groans, pants)


I just felt completely defenseless. It was awful.

And then she told me to give you a message.

Per mortem argenteum?

What? What does that mean?

It means we need to get your powers back.

But you and Wendy both said there was no way.

Mm, there's still one possibility.


INGRID: This is insane! Why are you doing this?!

You need to heal me right now, or I'm gonna bleed to death.

I know you can do it... every witch has healing power.

I'm not healing you. I don't care if you die.

I don't think you want to explain this to the police.

You can explain it! I'll just call 911!

I'll be dead before the paramedics get here.

(panting): Just... heal me.

You are insane, do you know that?

I'm determined.

I came here to find the way to Asgard, to finish my father's life work.

But I can't do it without you.

I need you, Ingrid.

Please, don't let me die here.


I've never even healed anyone before. I'm not sure if this will work.

We're making some progress, at least...

You're admitting something.

I admit nothing.



(whispering): Haec vulnera sanaret lunaticus est scriptor.

Sana, sana, sana. Sana, sana, sana.

Sana, sana, sana.

Sana, sana, sana.


That... was incredible.

Go to hell.



Freya got attacked by the shifter.

What?! Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay now.

She sent me a message: Per mortem argenteum.


Okay, what does this mean? It can't be good.

The only word I understand there means "death."

I think we need to call Victor.

WENDY: Yeah. I totally agree.


What the hell?

Just think of all the time we just saved.

Who is Victor?

(softly): Wow.

It's really you.

Mom, who is this?

He's your father.

(footsteps approaching)

Hey. I'm sorry.

I'm sure that really felt like an ambush.

I swear I did not know that he was here.

That's my father in there.

My father... who I've never met, who left before I was born... is here.

He's in my kitchen.

I didn't want you to meet him like this.



Can I talk to you?

Nah, she's fine.

No, Mom, it's okay. Just give us a second, okay?


She's protective.

She always was.

Look, I know what you're thinking.

I don't think you do. You don't even know me.

I have no idea... How I'm feeling right now.

My whole life I've wondered who you were, where you were, and now you just show up, in my house, the day before my wedding.

(sighs): Timing was never my thing.


Look, but I'm here now, Freya, and I...

I'd like to help you.

If you'll let me.

You need to know this spell can be very painful.

Your body will feel like it's being twisted from within.

And what is it, exactly?

It's like a transfusion.

It requires both parents to give you their blood.

But any medical spell that mixes blood is dangerous.

VICTOR: And this one is even more risky, because of how strong it needs to be in order for it to work.

And there's no other way to do it?

I really hoped there was, but Victor and I have looked at every other possibility and this is the only one that remains.

I've seen this spell work. So it is possible.

JOANNA: But possible and dangerous, so if you are having second thoughts...

No. I'm doing it.


VICTOR: Lacera.

(soft groan)



(Freya grunts)

No, she's fine, Joanna.

Just don't let go until I tell you, okay?

FREYA (groaning): Oh... oh, God...

JOANNA: Freya...

This is just part of the process. It's okay.

FREYA (gasping): Oh, God, make it stop!

Victor, something's wrong; I can feel it.

No. We're almost there. She's fine. It's okay, I've seen this before.

Our blood is overpowering her own. It's okay.


Something not right!

She's slipping away!

Oh, God!

Please make it stop!

Just wait.

Just wait...

Let go, Victor!

(Freya gasping)

VICTOR: Damn it, Joanna! Just... (sighs)

What happened? Did it work?

Freya, I am so sorry. I just, I couldn't... I couldn't risk it.

It was too dangerous, and I would rather have you alive with no powers than...

Freya, please wait.


(low groan)



Ugh. Rough day.

You have no idea.

I think I'm gonna win.

I bet you don't.

I had the most intense situation at the library today with this guy, Mike...

I met our father today.


I met him.

He's real.

He's a history professor at Columbia.

He looks like you.


Well, good for him.

What does that mean?

It means I have no interest in meeting him.

Ever. He left us, Freya, and never came back.

But aren't you just a little bit curious?

Haven't you always wondered what he was like?


A long time ago.

I used to fantasize about coming home from school one day, and he would be sitting on the front porch with books and presents and toys, and... he would hug me and we would eat ice cream together and stay up late watching movies.

But then I outgrew all of that. All of it.

He didn't want to know us, Freya. I don't want to know him.

Well, I'd like to get to know him.

Okay. Well, that's-that's your decision.

Okay, let's not talk about this.

Yeah. Good reveal.

Tell me about what happened with Mike.

No, it's not... it's not that important.

MAN: Hey, Freya, between you going on your honeymoon and Killand taking off, I'm gonna need some help around here.

So if you know anybody...

Wait, I'm sorry...

What do you mean, Killian's taking off?

He didn't tell you?


Killian's leaving tomorrow. Sailing to Costa Rica.

So... I hope you'll be back soon.


Maybe it's for the best. I mean, you and Dash, you get a clean start.



We have a rehearsal dinner to get to.

(sighs): Okay.

♪ (crickets chirping)

(laughs): Thank you.

Drink up.

Oh. Oh, thank you.

Here you go, guys.


Something's beginning to form on the canvas.

Oh. I can't quite make it out yet, but it looks like it's coming soon.

Are we all ready here?

Yep. Everyone has a glass.

All right, now that everybody's got champagne, let's have a toast.

PENELOPE: Oh, of course. I'd love to.

Why am I not surprised?

Oh, relax... it's just a few words.

(sighs): Ah...


It's taken a series of fortunate events to bring us all here today.

When I first discovered East End and Fair Haven, I knew this was the place that I'd always been searching for.

And then when Dash met Freya, I thought, "Could I really be so lucky?"

Because I knew I wasn't just getting Freya, I was getting

all the Beauchamps.

What a gift.

So raise a glass...

To a wedding no one will ever forget.




That's great. Yeah. I'm just gonna refill them.

JOANNA: Well, everybody relax and enjoy yourselves.

Dinner'll be ready soon.

(low, indistinct chatter)



Well, saliva isn't as good as blood, but it's working.


Everybody's coming back mortal, even Penelope.

I'll keep checking.

Well, that's a relief.

Wendy, the oven isn't on!

You're a witch.

Oh. Calor.

Have you checked the painting?

Why don't I check the painting?

Yeah. (doorbell rings)


What are you doing here?

I asked him to come back.

What were you thinking, Freya?

I was thinking I wanted to spend time with my father.

Victor, I think you should leave.

I just don't think that Freya's rehearsal dinner is the right time to reconnect.

Hello? Like you said, it's my rehearsal dinner.

If I want him to stay, he can stay.

In my defense, Joanna, I was brought here today. I didn't just show up.

But now that I'm here, I should at least be able to speak to them.

They're my children, too.

Not if they don't want to speak to you. l, I would like to speak to him.


Where have you been? And I don't just mean in this life.

I've seen tons of pictures from the past... you're not in any of them.

Ingrid, I can explain.

I'm sorry.

I don't want to hear your explanations.

Hey, guys. It's getting kind of weird back there with just me and the Gardiners.

Oh, hey. You're back.

I have to get dinner on the table.

I know it wasn't your idea to come here.

I'm sorry for the way Mom and Ingrid are being.


It's okay, Freya.

They have their reasons.

If I were them, I wouldn't talk to me either.

Hey. Can I... show you something?

I know I've been gone but I... I do keep up.

As best I can.

I don't understand.

You left us.

Uh... but I didn't leave because I didn't love you.

JOANNA: Freya, sweetie, you're missing your dinner.

And I'd like to... talk to your father alone.

Look, Joanna, I don't...

No, just listen.

Freya does not need to get close to you only to be abandoned again.

I did not abandon anyone.

Is that what you told them?

Well, what should I have told them?

I can't do this now.


(crickets chirping)



You okay?

Yeah. Sorry. It's just a little overwhelming in there.

I can imagine.

I just needed to get outside.

Why don't we go somewhere?

What do you mean?

Come on. Let's go. Just... you and me.

Let's start our adventure together.

(chuckles) Okay.


Is everything okay?

No. Not really.

Not at all.

(clicks tongue, sighs)

I know your dad being here...

I'm not in the mood for this man's excuses.

You know?

He missed his chance.


Can I speak to Ingrid alone, please?



Yeah. That one doesn't forgive so easy. Take it from me.


I always feel better when I'm by the ocean.

It's so big. It makes my problems feel small.

Well, now they're our problems.


What if it's something you can't fix?

No such thing.

I'm a doctor.

(chuckles) I'm serious.

I mean, look at my parents.

They loved each other. I know they did.

But... it's not always enough. It can still fall apart.

No matter how much you love someone, they can still walk away.

I won't walk away from you. Ever.

I bet my parents told each other the same thing.

Just because it didn't work for them doesn't mean that it won't for us.

It's... a choice you have to make, that you're not going anywhere.

Even when it gets hard. Especially when it gets hard.

I promise you I will make that choice every day.

It's you and me against the world.



(groans) We should probably get you home soon.

Yeah. Probably should.

I got to say I missed your-your parties.

And your cooking. And, uh...

And you.

Joanna, for what it's worth, you know, you've done a...

Pretty great job on your own.

With everything.

I can't imagine how hard it must've been on you.

So thank you.

Thank you for taking such good care of our girls.

You're welcome. Thank you for saying that, Victor.

You probably don't believe me, but I-I still think about you.

Every day.

And yet you've always known where I am. Where all of us are.

You know I never stopped loving you. That wasn't what drove us apart.

I've tried for centuries to forget you.

It doesn't work.

When I see you, I still...


(crickets chirping)


Mike, how did you find me here?

I'm an explorer, remember?

I explored a phone book.

You can't just show up at my house. Why are you here?

There's something I need to talk to you about.

I know where the door to Asgard is. And I know how to get through.

There's no way through.

There was only one key, and it was destroyed.

The serpens clavem?

Yeah, I know some things, too, Ingrid.

There's a second key. This is what I've been trying to tell you.

Where is it?

Not where. It's who.

It's you, Ingrid.

"A parching imbued" is the other key.

You're the other key. And you're gonna help me open it.

Is that what I think it is?

The only tunnels in this town are the catacombs under Fair Haven.

I don't know what else it could be.

Well, I thought it was supposed to show us who the shifter is.

It was.

I don't know what this means.

Well, we need to figure it out.

Freya's getting married there tomorrow.

I'm finally going to kill her, Father.

And then I'm coming home.



What are you doing here?

I couldn't leave without saying good-bye.


I'm in love with you.


Come with me. We can leave tonight.

Wait. Y-You need to stop.

We belong together. You know we do.

This is crazy. I am marrying Dash tomorrow.

You can't marry Dash. You'll just become another one of his possessions.

It wouldn't be like that with us.

There is no "us," Killian.

You dreamt about me before you met me.

I dreamt about you, too.

I didn't even think you existed until I met you at that engagement party.

My whole life, I thought I was running away from everyone, everything.

But now I know I was...

Just running toward you.

I love you. I loved you even before I met you.

You marry him, it'll destroy you.

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