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  01x02 - Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P.
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Previously on Witches of East End...

Freya: I shouldn't be here.

Killian? I figured my big brother's
getting married... I should come congratulate him.

Joanna: The girls don't know what they are.

I hope you choke.


I made her choke, with my mind.

There's something I need to tell you. It's the truth about who we are.

Please don't tell me we're witches.

We're witches.

Wendy: You have an enemy, a shifter. Somebody doing evil in your name.

And they're not going to stop until you and your girls are dead.

I can help you get revenge on the witch who did this to you.

Doug: You stuck me in the desert for 80 years!


Stop that!

You have to save Freya. He wants to kill her in the picture because he knows if he does...

She can't be reborn.

Maura: I know who killed my husband.

Adam: Joanna Beauchamp, you are under arrest for the murder of Bill Thatcher.

You have to save your sister.

I wish I could help you.

Joanna: The breakfront has a false back. You'll find everything you need inside.

1x02 - Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P.

[quietly]: Oh, my God.

[glass tinkling]




There's got to be some kind of trick. Um...


You're an idiot, Ingrid.

It's not gonna magically open just 'cause you say, "Open."

Oh, my God.



Oh, my God.



And it's real.

Okay, spell... to save Freya. I need a spell... to save Freya.

To save Freya.

Freya: You need to help me!

Hey, help me. Please! Someone's trying to kill me!

Doug: Freya!


Where the hell am I?!


Adam: Let's talk about the night Bill Thatcher was killed. Hmm?

Now, I got to talk to Maura Thatcher tonight.

And she, uh...

Well, she was calm, you know, lucid, and very convincing. And she claims that she and her husband were walking their dog in a park near Fair Haven when they came across you... drawing this symbol... in the ground.

You recognize that symbol?

Can you tell me what it means?

No. Never seen it before.

She says that you were preoccupied, agitated, angry, and that when they tried to engage you, you attacked them.

She says that you killed her husband in cold blood right before her eyes.

And her description of the attack matches his injuries to a "T."

Can I have a cigarette?

Do-do you smoke?

Only when I'm accused of murder.

Resucitet incantatores.

Resurrection spell.


Get ready, Aunt Wendy. I'm bringing you back.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

[phone beeps]

I don't understand why you're doing this.

I don't know you.

You really don't remember, do you?

You have no idea what's happening. My God, you must be scared.

M-m-mysticum pictura devorare nos...

Mysticum pictura devorare nos.

Freya: Mysticum pictura devorare nos.

Spiritus mundi mortuos suscitat.

Ingrid: Spiritus mundi mortuos suscitat. Fumus revelat veritatem.

Fumus revelat veritatem.

Mysticum picturadevorare nos.

Joanna: Fumus revelat veritatem.

Spiritus mundi mortuos suscitat.

Fumus revelat veritatem.


Joanna: Fumus revelat...


...mortuos suscitat.


Spiritus mundi mortuos suscitat.

[cat mews, Ingrid gasps]

Hey! That's not gonna work.

You trapped me in a painting once already.

Don't you think if I could have chanted my way out, I would have?

I didn't trap you in a painting!

Yes, you did!

You kept me on the wall like a trophy! And I was in love with you.

I didn't want to hit you. I just wanted to make you listen.

I wanted to marry you.


But you turned out to be just a vindictive little witch!

Just like all the rest.

Please don't stab me.

Stab you?

No, I'm not going to stab you, beautiful.

This knife is the only way out of here.


Oh, she's alive.

Who's alive?

Maura Thatcher. I'm glad she's alive.

I'd like to call my lawyer now.



[sighs] Oh.




[female groaning]



You resurrected me?! What were you thinking, Ingrid?

I'm sorry. I thought you would be happy.

I was coming back to life anyway. It just takes a few hours.

But you were dead.

Like, dead.

It doesn't work like that for me.

I don't have time to explain. Where's your mother?

Did she get to Freya in time?

No. She got arrested for murder.

They came and took her away.

What?! Freya's still in there?

Oh, my God, we are so monumentally screwed!

I-I don't understand what's happening.

There are consequences, Ingrid.

You can't just bring someone back from the dead

without consequences.

I am so pissed off at your mom right now for not teaching you girls how to handle your gifts.

This is all her fault.

What do you mean, consequences?

There's a price. A spell like that always carries a price.

What kind of price?

If you resurrect someone you love, then someone you love has to die.


Not if we can get to her in time.

Come on, let's go.

What are you doing?

I want you to burn. Just like I did in that desert.

I want you to suffocate.

I want you to feel every ounce of pain that you made me feel, and then... I want you to die.

[Freya gasps]


Don't you have any powers at all?


I'm disappointed in you.


The old Freya would have put up much more of a fight.


[panting and groaning]

I really did love you once.

My little rebel. My little... [groans]

My wild child.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.



Go to hell!

I've already been.

Now it's your turn.

[Freya whimpers]


Good-bye, Freya.


Oh, my God.

[Freya whimpers]

Oh, my God.

[Freya screams]

Hey, you see Freya leave?

Can't find her.


Dash: Killian? What are you doing here?

Drinking, oddly enough.

Mom worries about you. You stopped e-mailing.

You don't even bother sending postcards anymore.

You shouldn't punish her

'cause you're mad at me.

I'm not mad at you.

What, you've been mad at me since birth. You still haven't figured out, it's not my fault you're a screw-up.

You want to tell me what you're doing here?

I haven't seen you in five years. What do you want, Killian?

I don't want anything from you.

You always want something from me, only usually you just end up taking it without asking.

Want to go again?

It's good to see you, Dash.

Hey, uh, excuse me. You seen Freya?

No, I haven't seen her.

I... Okay. Okay.


Ingrid: I don't even understand what's going on.

An old boyfriend of Freya's wants to kill her?


Is it Josh Meyer from high school?

No, honey, this is a boyfriend from a long time ago.

From another life.

What do you mean?

Okay, you and Freya have lived and died.

At least a dozen times. It's part of your curse.

We're cursed?

Every woman in this family.

We're all cursed.


Okay, I'm gonna leave it up to your mother to explain that to you. But the point is you've lived before but you don't remember a thing, neither does Freya.

So this guy, Freya's old boyfriend, why is he even doing this?

Okay, that's probably another thing you should know.

All the women in this family, we have really bad luck with men.

And that's... part of the curse?

No, we're just really stupid that way.


Joanna. Ah!



It is so nice to be back in East End. I do love the salt air.

You got here fast. Even for you.

They make better cars now.

That's true.

How long has it been?

Oh, I'd say at least 50 years.

God, you look exactly the same.

Immortality'll do that. You, on the other hand, I mean, you, God, you look better than ever.

Maybe not much longer. Apparently someone's trying to kill me.

Is that even possible?

It's difficult, but it's not impossible. And someone's pretty intent on trying.

I can't stop a vicious psychopath from trying to kill you.

But I can sure as hell try to get you out of here.

The sooner the better. My girls are in danger.



Oh, my God!




[footsteps approaching]

Well, we got one problem solved at least.

Just spoke to the judge.

Guess who's about to become a free woman.

Thanks to me.

How did you pull that off?

Just because I lack the power to cast spells, doesn't mean I don't have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I may not be gifted with magic, but I know people who are.

They see things. Dig up dirt.

You called in a favor with one of your shady clients?

Might I remind you that you are one of my shady clients, my dear.

I just got you bail on a murder charge.

You should be hugging me right now.

I'm innocent.

I don't need shady dealings to get me out of this.

Just a good lawyer.

Well, you're also gonna need a lot of money because bail is set at a million bucks.


[smoke detector beeping]


It's you.


Guess you're feeling better.

Bartender: Fire's out, people.

What are you doing here?

Next round's on the house.

What the hell happened to you? [people cheering]

I-I couldn't find you.

And then all of a sudden I smelled smoke.

And there you were passed out in the bathroom in the middle of this insane fire.

I don't know what happened. I was playing darts with Killian.

And then I had to go to the bathroom.

That's the last thing I remember.

You were playing darts with Killian?

Yeah, I just... I'm not sure.

I must have passed out or something.

Although I had the weirdest dream.

I was at a speakeasy. And this guy was trying to kill me.

Hey, well, look, I'm, uh... I'm just glad you're okay.

Ah, I must look terrible right now.

No. You look adorable.

Like a little 19th century chimney sweep.

Don't make fun of me.

I'm not, I mean it.

You walked through fire for me.

Well, yeah, of course.

Oh, what the hell happened in here?

Uh-oh, I feel weird.

What do you mean?

That resurrection spell that you did on me? It's making me feel woozy.

There's a 50% chance I may turn into cat against my will, in which case I may be stuck like that for a while.

So please tell me you remember the chant I taught you.

You may have to do this alone.

Oh, God, please don't even say that!



You've got to be kidding me.

Well, maybe we're too late. What do we do?


Oh, that's very helpful.

Mysticum flamma aperire pictura.

Mysticum flamma aperire pictura.

Mysticum flamma aperire pictura. Come on, Freya, come back.

Mysticum flamma aperire pictura.

Ingrid? What are you doing?

How the hell did you get out of the picture?

How did you know about my dream?

It wasn't a dream.

We have to go. Mom's in trouble.


Come on.

Is that Aunt Wendy's cat?


What is going on?

[indistinct chatter]

[man screams]

Here. Call Ingrid at that number. Read that to her.

What does it mean?

She'll figure it out.


You're speaking in code now? Are you afraid I'm gonna find out where your money is, I'm gonna steal it?

We do have a history, Harrison. A long, twisted one.

If you don't trust me, then why did you hire me?

You're the only lawyer who knows the truth about me.

You're the only one who'd believe I'm innocent.

We're witches?

We're witches.

But you don't even believe in that stuff.

Let's just say it's been a night of extreme cognitive dissonance.

And Mom knew?

She's just been lying to us our whole lives?

Pretty much. Also, you and I have lived and died a bunch of timeut we don't remember, 'cause there's a curse on our heads.


And that is not Aunt Wendy's cat.

That is Aunt Wendy.

Oh, this isn't happening.

Also, Mom got arrested for murder.


Holy crap...

Ooh, hey, girls.

Um, do you have my clothes? 'Cause it is colder than a witch's teat back here.


Wait, uh...

[phone beeps] Why was Mom arrested for murder?

Oh, no, relax, it was the shifter.

The what?

The shape shifter.

Guys, I got a voice mail. It's Mom's lawyer.

Listen, people like this, we all have different gifts.

Okay, some of us can shift into animal form like me.

And others can make ourselves look like other people.

Can I do that?


Can I fly?

No, listen.

This shifter that's after your mom, he or she has put himself in your mother's form, killed Bill Thatcher, leaving Maura as a witness.

Then the bitch came to your house earlier tonight and stabbed me to death.

But you're alive.

Yeah, that's kind of my fault.

I did something stu...

No, I have nine lives. It's a cat thing.

Oh, okay. So what did the lawyer say?

He said we need to come up with a hundred grand for Mom's bail, but don't worry the money is with Aunt Marilyn.

Aunt Marilyn? That's impossible. She's dead.

We used to visit her at the cemetery when we were kids.

I know, I don't know what that means.

[laughs] It means that your mother is a crafty little witch.

And we're gonna need some shovels.


Can't believe this thing is still kicking.



God, I used to love this boat so much.


Hey, remember when we were kids? Dad used to let us sleep out on the deck in the summer? We called it camping. [laughs]

What do you want, Dash?

Look, you're still my brother. Despite what you did.

I wanted to give you this. Use it, get back on your feet.

No, thanks. I'm good.

Just take the check, Killian.

You're gonna need it for when you leave town.

The sooner, the better.

I just got here. Kind of like it.

Think I'll stay a while.

You know, there was a time, I would have laid down my life for you.

Now, when I see you, it's all I can do not to rip you apart with my bare hands.

I know the feeling.

Be careful, Killian.

Hi, honey.

[chuckling] Yes, I'm on my way.

I'll be home soon. I love you, too.

Don't scream.

I don't have any money.

I don't want your money.


But I will take your car.

Freya escaped and she knows what she is now.


But don't worry. I'm still gonna kill her.


I have to say, this is really strangely invigorating.

I missed doing stuff like this with you girls.

I don't get it. We're witches.

Can't we just snap our fingers, make a bunch of money appear?

No, n-no, we don't do it that way. You can't just conjure up a TV or a car or a million dollars out of thin air.

It has to come from somewhere. You'd be stealing.

But you're saying it's possible?

Why are you always such a little criminal?

It's not like you weren't thinking the same thing.

I actually wasn't.

I can't believe Aunt Marilyn isn't real.

You know, you got to give it to your mom.

She created a dead person so that she could bury her money in plain sight, bring you here as little girls so that you would remember it if you ever needed it someday. That is fairly ingenious.

That is textbook Joanna.

Actually none of this is textbook.

Oh, yes...

Seriously, a little help?


So, what was I like before, in my other lives?

Was I different?

No, you were pretty much the same... wild, headstrong, fun, rebellious, pigheaded, always in love, and very dramatic.


I am not dramatic.

Please, you're Oscar-worthy.

What was Ingrid like?

Timid, bookish, boringly rational?

Rationality is not boring.

You'd be surprised how different Ingrid was.

I mean, you've always been smart... annoyingly smart... but you weren't always so scared.

I mean, I don't know if that's the way you've been raised this time.

You're so much more powerful than you know.

I don't feel powerful. I just feel strange.

Everything I thought I knew is over.

So far, I got to say, I preferred being a shy librarian.

Freya: Well, I alwaynew deep down, and Mom made me think I was crazy.

Ah. She was doing that to protect you.

That doesn't make it right.

Ingrid: I'm glad she didn't tell me. I wish I didn't know now.

Wendy: Ingrid, honey, being what we are means a lot of things, not all bad and scary.

Some of it's pretty great and exciting. You'll see... it's a gift.

It's a curse. We are literally cursed.

[bang] Oh, guys. Look. [gasps]



Guys, what if we're wrong? What if there's a body inside?

Well, there's only one way to find out.


[all grunting]


[all gasp]

Holy shit.

[laughs and claps]

Aunt Marilyn.



This is...!


Thank you, Aunt Marilyn!

[cheering continues]


Hey. You feeling better?

Oh, that shower was just what I needed. Oh, thank you.

Thank all of you for everything you did tonight.

I-I know it's been difficult.

And, Freya, I am so sorry that you got dragged into this.

I wanted to deal with the shifter on my own.

I never wanted to put any of you in danger.

Ingrid: So, why is this shifter coming after you anyway?

You're an art teacher. You don't even kill spiders.

Ingrid, your mom is a badass.

She has powers you can't even begin to comprehend.

She's been alive a very long time and she has a lot of enemies.

I wouldn't say a lot.

So, there are a lot of other people out there like us?

No... well, just enough to cause trouble.

Uh, th-the important thing is that, now that you know what you are, you must keep it to yourselves.

You tell no one.

Not even Dash, Freya. Freya?

This is a rule that all of our kind must abide.

We never reveal ourselves.

The first rule of witch club: don't talk about witch club.

Freya, do you understand?

Sure. You want me to lie to everyone like you lied to me my entire life.

Joanna: I was only trying to protect you.

By telling me I was crazy because I sensed the truth?

How very protective of you!

I'm sorry. I, I understand why you're angry.

You're sorry? Is that supposed to mean something to me?

You're sorry I found out, you're not sorry you lied.

I had my reasons, Freya!

You can't possibly understand the price we've had to pay for what we are, the suffering we've had to endure.

I made a choice because you deserve better.

You deserve a normal life.

Normal? Are you kidding me?

You sent me to therapy.

You made me think there was something wrong with me because I sensed the truth.

I can never forgive you for that!


She'll get over it... eventually.

You believe that, you don't know my daughter very well.

Freya: Hey.


What are you doing here?

I don't know.

What about Dash?

I love Dash.

You came here to tell me you're in love with my brother?

'Cause you could have just texted me that.

No, I just... I know if I go see Dash, he's going to make it all better. That's what he does, but I don't want someone to fix it right now.

Right now I just want to wallow and be mad and feel messed up... and I get the feeling you're pretty good at that. [both chuckle]

I don't think that's actually a compliment.

I meant it in a very complimentary way.

So, what's the problem?

Oh, family drama.

I think I'm familiar with that.



Well, how do you handle it?

Me? I have a pretty effective technique.

I get really, really mad and then I run as far away as possible, as fast as I can.

That's kind of my thing.


Sounds very healthy.

Ah, it doesn't actually work.

There's only so far you can run until it all catches up with you.

You know, you're a lot smarter than you look.

[both laugh]

Again, not a compliment.

I just mean you're, you're different than you seem at first.

Good different or bad different?

I don't know yet.

I don't think you should be here.

I definitely shouldn't be here.

So, what happened to you tonight?

Can we just be a couple of screwed up messes hanging out on your boat, looking up at the sky, and not talking?


Yeah, I think I can do that.


So you really think you and I can just be friends, ignore how we really feebout each other? - Shh.

I said no talking.


You need to go to bed.


I can't. I'm too freaked out.

Because of that spell I did on you, someone I love is going to die, and I keep thinking about all the people I love.

And you know what's strange?

There are a lot more of them than I thought.

I don't knof that's good news or bad.

Ingrid, it may not happen right away. It could take a month, a year even.

So it'll just be like a giant sword hanging over my head until it falls?

Ingrid, that's life for everyone.

We have a giant sword hanging over our head.

We just like to pretend that we don't.

Okay, but can't we undo this somehow?

No. Balance has to be restored.

It's a universal law.

So, how come you don't want me to tell Mom?

It wouldn't change anything, and she has a lot on her mind right now.

Plus, we haven't been on speaking terms for over a hundred years, and I don't want to risk her being mad at me again.

It wasn't your fault, it was mine.

It wasn't anyone's fault.

You're gonna get better at this, I promise.

Remember, I have known you for over several centuries, and you're probably the most gifted one of us all.

But I don't want to be.

My life before... maybe it wasn't the most exciting, but it was comfortable and safe, and I liked it.

I wish I didn't know any of this... I hate it.

I just want things to go back to the way they were.

Oh, come here, sweetie pie. Oh.


Joanna: What's going on?

It's just a lot for her to take in all at once.

I'm fine.

Oh, sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

I never meant for any of this to hurt you.

I know, it's just... it's strange.

I mean, everything is different now.

Everything looks different to me, even that painting over there.

Joanna: Oh, that's because it is. Doug isn't in it anymore.

[all laugh]

You know the photo in the bar, the one that Freya was in.

Do we know what happened to it?

No, I don't know, it got a little burnt.

So we don't actually know what happened to him.

Wait, you don't think...?


He escaped once. Why would we take the risk?

You're right, let's go to the bar.

[phone rings]

[sighs] I should go.

I would hug you, but...

Eh, I'd probably like it too much.


Hey, you.



Freya, please call me back. It's vitally important.

[bell rings] Bartender: It's last call, people, one more round.


[water dripping]

[muffled scream]

Aquae facient solida.

Aquae facient solida.


[Doug and Joanna grunting]




Freya, Freya, Freya!

Freya, Freya, Freya.





Mysticum pictura absorbueriteum.

[Doug screams]


Here... you want to do the honors?

Maybe we should keep it on the wall.

Hates when we do thate did that once.

Didn't work out so well. We need to put this where no one will find it.

Maybe we should just burn it.

No, he would die. We don't do that.


Wendy: It's not that bad of a painting to be stuck in anyway.

It's way better than the last one.

I, for one, don't mind if he suffers a little.

Joanna: The important thing is, he'll be safe here and we'll be safe.

Do you realize you were almost burned alive and drowned all in one night?

Yep, so far being a witch kind of sucks.

It'll get better, I promise.

Well, it'd better not get any worse.

I'm still mad at you.

I know.

And I am getting really freaking tired of digging.


Hello, ladies.


[chuckles] Dare I even ask?

It's a long, crazy story.

Well, look, I, uh, I heard about what happened... your mom and the charges.

Yeah, it's pretty nuts.

We're not that worried, though. I mean, she's innocent.

Of course. Look, if there's anything I can do, all right, I'll get her the best lawyer I can find.

It's okay, we got it covered.



You coming?


Oh, my bed. It's so wonderful.

Babe, seriously, what the hell is going on?


I had a really, really weird night.

Freya... you know you can tell me anything.

Would you love me even if you found out I was a total mess?


Yeah, but I love you because you're a mess.

I mean, you are crazy and hilarious and dramatic and sweet and... and you think you're psychic and yet you're always losing your keys and forgetting where you parked your car, and it's okay.

It's okay, I love it.

I'm in... forever, no matter what.

Oh, babe, you're all banged up.

It's nothing.

No, let me take care of that. I'll get you some ice.

You don't run away from problems, do you?

You run toward them..nd fix them.

Of course. That's what you do for the people you love.




Why do you keep dealing those? It's not going to change.

There's got to be a way.

The girls have never lived this long before.

I don't think I can take losing them again.

We won't. We'll find the shifter and we'll keep the girls alive as long as we can.

Does that mean you're staying?

[scoffs, clicks tongue]

Have you ever seen me run away from a fight?



[wood crackling]

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