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  01x07 - Escape From New York
 Posted: 03/20/98 23:48
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Episode 107
Escape from New York
Original Airdate: March 10, 1998

In this episode: Jen is caught off guard when her old boyfriend Billy from New York pays a visit to Capeside to try to rekindle the relationship that abruptly ended when she left the city. Jen ditches school to spend the day with Billy, sending Dawson into a mire of insecurity about their relationship. Clearly conflicted, she tells Billy it's over, but the underlying passion in a good-bye kiss convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile, Pacey presses Joey about her feelings for Dawson. While she continues to deny her attraction, her actions make her true feelings perfectly clear to everyone but Dawson.

(We see the Leery's house and hear Dawson's voice.)

Dawson: Boring. Nah.

(He is laying on his bed flipping through channels. He turns to Wheel of Fortune.)

Dawson: Wouldn't watch it if you paid me.

(He flips through a bunch of other shows)

Dawson: Rerun, homeshopping, Spanish, Japanese, Lebonese?

(Dawson turns the channel to a show that is blurry.)

Dawson: Adult Movie Channel scrambled.

(Dawson tilts his head to watch for a few seconds, then turns to "Meet John Doe.")

Dawson: No. American Movie Classics it is.

(He sees Joey climb into the window.)

Dawson: Hey Jo.

Joey: Hey. Remember that guy who went on the killing spree and was found innocent after claiming sleep deprivation?

(Joey sits down.)

Dawson: Yeah, he went postal. Took out like half of that fast food restaurant.

Joey: Well, I think I need to call his lawyer.

Dawson: (laughing) Let me guess, Bessie and Bodie's new addition's appointed for the night?

Joey: I swear to God, Dawson, my sister gave birth to Rosemary's baby. I mean, I haven't slept for days and my GPA is taking a nosedive and ummm, last week I got caught in a pool of drool in European History.

Dawson: Ewww, that's pretty.

(Dawson gestures to the bed.)

Dawson: Ah, crash here.

Joey: You sure?

Dawson: Yeah. No drooling now!

(Joey gets up and walks over, and sees what Dawson's watching.)

Joey: Dawson, are you still in this old movie classics kick? Don't you think it's time you take a stroll down New Releases lane?

(Joey sits down on the bed.)

Dawson: I've seen everything in the video store twice. Trust me, there's nothing on the tube.

Joey: Dawson, your goober's kind of a snoozer.

(Joey lays down on the bed and gets comfy.)

Dawson: Exactly. See, in the 40's, you could be a well-intentional geek and still end up with the girl. I mean, whatever happened to the standard Gary Cooper types, you know. Likeable but not too self involved, smart without being arrogant. I mean, come on, what happened to that guy?

(Dawson looks over at Joey and sees that she is asleep.)

Dawson: That's what I thought.

(Dawson lays down and continues watching the movie.)

(Gail and Mitch are making breakfast in the kitchen.)

Gail: So, big meeting with the investors this morning?

(Gail pours herself a glass of OJ.)

Mitch: Uh huh. You're interviewing the police commissioner right?

Gail: At ten. You look great.

Mitch: (looking over at her) So do you.

Gail: Thanks

Mitch: You are welcome.

(They run into each other on their way to the breakfast table.)

Gail: Sorry

Mitch: It's okay.

Gail: Dr. Keenan's at three?

Mitch: Right.

Gail: He says we're making progress.

Mitch: Yep, he does.

(Mitch takes a sip of his coffee and sees Dawson come out of his room.)

Mitch: Dawson.

Gail: Ah, Dawson, honey, have some breakfast.

Mitch: Take a load off.

Dawson: Actually I can't. I'm running a little late this morning.

Mitch: How's school going?

Dawson: Fine, great. I gotta go.

(Dawson leaves the kitchen, but stops to listen to his parents.)

Gail: So.. big meeting with the investors today.

Mitch: Same one as two and a half minutes ago.

(Pacey is sitting on a bench that overlooks the creek. He talks to an older man sitting next to him.)

Pacey: You know, this town is the absolute embodiment of dull. Apart from the occasional sex scandal provided by yours truly, nothing happens here.

(Pacey gets up, sees a soda can and starts kicking it.)

Pacey: Ah, man, I swear one day this town is just going to shut down completely due to lack of interest.

(Pacey starts to cross the street when a car flies by. He jumps out of the way just in time so that he didn't get hit.)

Pacey: (shouting) Hey! Watch it, man.

(The car backs up to Pacey.)

Billy: Listen, maybe you can help me out?

Pacey: With what? Driving lessons?

Billy: No, but that's that's really cute. I'm looking for the high school.

Pacey: Capeside High?

Billy: Yeah. You going to help me out or do I have to ask Captain Ahab over there?

(The guy points to the man who is still sitting on the bench.)

Pacey: Yeah, yeah ,yeah. Oh sorry, alright, so you want to take this road about another mile, take a left on Glenn Street, then ah, you know you're probably going to have to write this down, sport.

(The guy points to his head)

Billy: Total recall.

Pacey: (laughing) So you get to that first stop sign after Glenn Street and take a left. The high school is right there, you can't miss it. You know what? I'm headed in that direction right now. So if you want to give me a ride, I'd be happy to navigate you.

Billy: And ride with such a reckless driver? C'mon, does that sound smart to you?

(He drives away leaving Pacey.)

(Joey's house. She is pounding on the bathroom door.)

Joey: Bodie, I need to dry my hair.

(Joey looks at Alexander and then at her dresser.)

Joey: You know, this is 'my' dresser.

Bessie: Well, I'm going to be late for work.

(Bessie looks over at Joey.)

Bessie: You look like hell.

Joey: Yeah, well, the human alarm clock kept me up all night. I overslept and I didn't even have time to cram for my Spanish test.

Bessie: Look, I know things have been crazy around here since Alexander was born but it's the first time for Bodie and I and the learning curve has been a little steep. But I promise, things will settle down around here just as soon as we get through this adjustment period.

Joey: Yeah, when will that be?

Bessie: Two...three years, max.

Joey: (sarcastically) Wonderful.

(Joey leaves for school.)

(Capeside High. Joey and Dawson are sitting on some steps. Dawson is testing Joey for her test.)

Joey: Mi hermano de la micar.

Dawson: Si, si.

Joey: Thanks, Dawson. I really appreciate this.

Dawson: Not a problem. I just wish they would teach some more useful Spanish phrases.

Joey: So, where's girlfriend this morning?

Dawson: Don't know. Haven't seen her. Pay attention. My uncle's bicycle is from Mexico.

Joey: Ahh, La bicicleta es mi tio es de Mexico.

Dawson: That's it. You're brilliant.

Joey: It was just that, you know, you haven't said much lately. Things between you and Jen okay? Everything going smoothly?

Dawson: Great. (pauses) I mean, I admit, it got rough there for a little while but yeah, things are going great.

Joey: Good, that's really good.

The bell rings.)

Dawson: Bueno.

(Joey and Dawson get up and see Jen.)

Joey: Bueno. Alright, bueno.

Jen: (to Dawson) Hey, what's up with you?

Dawson: Hey, how are you?

(Dawson leans over and gives her a kiss.)

Jen: Mmm, good.

Dawson: (grabs her hand) Come on.

Jen: You know, I like your vest.

Dawson: Thank you. (to Joey) Here's your book. Good luck, okay? (to Jen)
I assume we're still on for bowling tonight?

Jen: Absolutely. Can't wait.

Joey: I'll see you, guys.

Dawson: Bye Joey. (to Jen) So, can I walk you to math?

(Jen sees that guy, who turns out to be her ex, Billy, leaning on some lockers.)

Jen: Oh, acutally, oh damn, I forgot. Can I catch up with you later,Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah, I'll see you in class, okay?

Dawson: Okay.

Jen: Okay.

Dawson: Alright.

(Dawson leaves her but watches Jen walk up to Bily.)

Jen: Billy, what the hell are you doing here?

Billy: Is that how you greet the love of your love?

Jen: Look, I'm sorry. Uh, hello, Billy, please leave.

(Billy leans over to kiss her.)

Jen: No!

Billy: Jenny, I drove all night just to see you.

Jen: New York is only four hours from here.

Billy: I got lost?

Jen: Billy, do you have any idea what my grandmother would do if she found out you were here? I mean, the whole reason I was sent to Capeside was to get away from you, Billy. Things have changed, okay? Believe it or not, I've changed. I'm not the same person that you knew in New York.

Billy: Alright. then tell me about it. Look, go for a ride with me and you can fill me in on all the advances. Huh? Come on, two minutes. Is that too much to ask?

Jen: Alright Billy, but I'm keeping time.

(They leave.)

(Cliff taps Dawson on the shoulder from behind.)
Cliff: Dawson?

Dawson:(turns around) Uh, hi.

Cliff: Hey, look, I'm looking for Jen. You don't know where she is this period do you?

Dawson: No, I don't. Sorry.

Cliff: Well, give her a message, will you? Tell her I'm having a barbeque at my house this Saturday and I'd love it if she 'd make it. Hey, what the hell, why don't you come too?

Dawson: Cool, sounds great.

Cliff: And one other thing. I don't know if you can help me with it. Jen doesn't have a boyfriend does she?

Dawson: Yeah she does. Me.

Cliff: Really?

Dawson: Yeah.

Cliff: That's, that's terrific, man.

(Cliff leaves Dawons standing in the hallway.)

(The Leery's house. Gail is looking at some ads while Mitch reads the paper.)

Gail: What about sailing lessons? Fencing? No, no, no, what about scubadiving?

Mitch: Expensive. You need tanks and fins. Those aren't cheap. And some overpaid instructor at forty bucks an hour. Of course, you're the family bread winner, so that's really not my call is it?

Gail: Well, I would love to do it, Mitch. Dr. Keenan wants us to expericence new things that neither of has ever done before.

Mitch: Well, hey, why didn't you say so? We've never tried swinging or spouse swapping. Wouldn't that be more appealing to your recreational taste?

Gail: When are you going to stop punishing me?

Mitch: When I can get the vision of my naked wife playing hide the...when it stops hurting.

(Jen and Billy are walking back to Jen's place.)

Jen: Billy, being here has been good for me. And, so, if I could somehow, without being too rude, ask you to leave.

Billy: Okay, but help me out here, Jen. I'm way too beat to make this ride tonight and I'm a little strapped for hotel money. So, just find me a place to crash for the night and I'm out of here by morning.

(Dawson is walking home from school and sees them.)

Dawson: Is everything okay?

Jen: Dawson, hi. Yeah, everything's fine. It was..

Billy: Hey, how's it going (puts out his hand) Billy Conrad.

(Dawson shakes Billy's hand.)

Jen: Billy's an old friend of mine from New York. Uh, can I talk to you for a second, Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah.

(They walk towards his house.)

Jen: Look, I know this is kind of awkward but would it be okay tonight, if Billy stayed with you at your house?

Dawson: (scocked) Stay with me for the night? Jen, I don't even know him. I just met him. He's a complete stranger to me. I don't know anything about him.

Jen: Okay. What do you want to know?

Dawson: I don't know where to start. First of all, is he really just a friend or is something more than that?

Jen: Dawson, first of all, I've already told you about Billy.

(Dawson looks over at Billy who's pulling at his luggage.)

Jen: I told him everything about us. And that I'm with you now. But he's still my friend and only my friend .

Dawson: Is he the guy? He's the person you got caught doing in your parents' bed.

Jen: Yeah, but it's completely over between Billy and I. and I'd really appreciate it if you could give him a place to crash for the night. Believe me, Dawson, anything Billy ever meant to me, you now mean two times that. Please Dawson, for me?

(Billy walks over and puts his luggage on Dawson's shoulder.)

Billy: Thank you, sir.

Dawson: Yeah, no problem.

(Dawson throws Billy's luggage back to him.)

(Dawson is working on the computer as Billy checks out his room.)

Billy: This must be pretty weird for you, huh?

Dawson: What's that?

Billy: Having me here. Having your girlfriend's ex sharing your bedroom. I mean, that's got to be a real trip, man.

Dawson: It's only until tomorrow.

Billy: Oh yeah, that's what Jenny said. Tomorrow, right? So what are you anyways, some sort of film buff?

Dawson: Something like that.

Billy: Oh, now this is cute.

(Billy holds up the ET doll. Dawson takes it away from him.)

Dawson: That's a collector's item. Look Billy, if you're going to be staying another day, I should know, Jen should know

Billy: Okay, how about this? I'm not leaving tomorrow. In fact, I have no intention of leaving until Jen's thrown you over and come back to me. So, the question is, what do you do about it? Do you have Daddy throw me out? Do you remove me personally from the premises? (he laughs) Have a sense of humor man. Look at you. You're all trumped up over nothing. Yeah, I'll probably split tomorrow. But in the meantime, you and I should take advantage of our newfound closeness here. (throwing himself on the bed) I bet you're dying to get to know what Jen was like in New York. So, shoot. Ask away.

Dawson: Billy, I already know all about you and Jen and her life in New York. There's nothing I'm curious about. No info I'm subtly fishing for, okay? She told me everything.

Billy: She gave you the headlines. Caught in bed, shipped up here to get away from me, etc, etc, and so on. But did she give you the details? Did she fill in the blanks that make a story a story? Because my guess is there's a lot you don't know about, Dawson. My guess is, you don't know the half of it.

(Joey is babysitting Alexander. He is asleep as she reads a magazine. Dawson comes in the front door.)

Dawson: Joey, I really need to talk to you. My life is rapidily turning into some seriously disturbing joke.

Joey: Shhh, you wake him up, your life will be over.

(Dawson and Joey go into another room to talk.)

Joey: So, what's the problem?

Dawson: Okay, you know how yesterday, I said everything between Jen and me were great? Well it's not. It's a mess. Her ex boyfriend from New York is here and he's staying at my house.

Joey: Oh, so that's who that cute guy was in school yesterday?

Dawson: You're not helping.

Joey: Look, what' s the big deal? I mean, I thought you were with Jen. You guys are a couple, right?

Dawson: Yeah, of course.

Joey: So?

Dawson: Well, you know, it's just that Mr. Smooth rides into town and Dawson bowling starts sounding pretty lame.

Joey: Dawson, bowling always sounds lame.

Dawson: Look, umm, Billy's staying at my house which I hate okay, but if I kick him out, I look petty and insecure but if I let him stay, I feel like a patsy.

Joey: Well, hmmm.

Dawson: I'm beginning to think relationship problems run in my family.

Joey: Dawson, I hate to break it to you but your problems really aren't that original. You know, divorce and dysfunction run rapid in this town. So I...

Dawson: Dysfunction I can handle. Divorce I..How much pain and humilation can a relationship endure before it reaches the point of no return?

Joey: Are we talking about the father or the son here? Dawson, relax, don't worry about it. You know, it's all going to blow over and you're going to be on to bigger and better problems before you know it.

Dawson: You think so?

Joey: Really.

Dawson: Just sit tight?

Joey: It's all going to be fine

Dawson: You're right. Thanks. You're the best.

(Dawson leaves, slamming the door which waks up the baby. He rows across the creek back home.)

(Cut to Dawson and Jen. Dawson is walking in front of Jen.)

Jen: You know, I really did want to let you know, Dawson, how much I appreciate your generousity and giving him a place to crash and everything.

Dawson: He's not exactly here to watch the leaves change colors is he, Jen. (looks at Jen) No, I didn't think so. I think he's here to get you back. I don't know whether you think I'm super evolved or just plain oblivious to everything.

Jen: Look, Dawson, I told him it's over with us. I told him everything about us. You know that.

Dawson: I don't think he's getting the message and quite frankly, I don't think you want him to.

(Dawson turns around to face her.)

Jen: Look, Dawson, I don't want to lie to you. Yeah, Billy, still has feelings for me. I mean, we never really got a chance to say good-bye. My parents threw me out of New York so fast, there was never any time for closure.

Dawson: I thought you wanted to make a break from all those guys who sexualized you way too young?

Jen: But Billy wasn't one of them. He was the only guy who ever treated me with respect. He treated me well.

Dawson: So you're going back to him? (waiting for a reaction) You have to think about that?

Jen: It's just not that simple, alright? It's confusing.

Dawson: We're invited to a party at Cliff Elliott's tonight and I want you to come with me. I want things to go back to normal and I want Billy gone.

Jen: Look, I just can't send him away like that.

Dawson: Of course. He's treated you with nothing but respect. But you know what, Jen, last time I checked, so did I. And how do I get repaid? By having the guy who's had you everywhere from Battery Park to your parents' bed dumped on me as my new bunkmate.

Jen: (upset) Dawson, come on, be fair to me, alright? Look this isn't the easiest situation in the world for me either. I mean, imagine if some ex-girl-
friend of yours suddenly showed up to town and just put everything in a worldwind. How would you feel?

Dawson: You know what, Jen? That's impossible, ok? Because I don't have a ex-girl-friend. You're my girlfriend, my first and only. All I'm trying to do is prevent Billy's ex from becoming my ex too.

Jen: My feelings for you haven't changed, Dawson, can't you see that? Try and understand.

Dawson: Unfortunately, I think I do.

(Dawson walks off.)

(Cut to the video storewhere Pacey is at work. He is watching Anaconda when Joey walks in. He turns the movie off.)

Joey: Look, I need to rent the English Patient.

Pacey: May I suggest to you a movie that doesn't completely blow?

Joey: No, because it was on cable last night and it put the baby to sleep. In fact, it's the only thing that's put baby to sleep, because baby never sleeps. And if baby doesn't sleep, I don't sleep. If I don't sleep, I get angry. I get irritable and I can no longer maintain my sunny deposition. So, Pacey, if you even have the slightest bit of human decency, you'd rent this movie to me immediately and bring a 181 minutes of peace into my otherwise wretched life. Please?

(Pacey checks the computer than goes to the back of the store to get the video.)

Pacey: Alright, but in my professional opinion, you don't need a video store. You need a pharmacy.

(Pacey gives Joey the video.)

Joey: Anyways, I hear Jen's ex has been lurking around Capeside. Met this strapping young fellow yet?

Pacey: Oh, he's a real charmer. Just about lost three toes to a pair of his steel-belted radios.

Joey: So, what's the paty line? You think she'll go back to him? And return to her wanton New York ways?

Pacey: You know, I really don't know, but if Jen did ditch Dawson for Billy the Kid, wouldn't that please a certain someone we both know?

Joey: Look you know me, Pacey, I'm not one to stand in the way of true love. But if Jen has a connection to this guy, which seems like she does, you know, what can we do about it?

Pacey: Look, Joey, I've never really taken a particular interest in your life cause frankly your life has never been particularily interesting but there is one thing I need to know. You're really, really enjoying the fact that Jen's ex is in town, aren't you?

Joey: Well, it's intriguing, Pacey, I mean, even you have to admit that.

Pacey: But you know what? This is the wedge you've been waiting for that's going to drive Jen and Dawson apart, right?

Joey: No, Pacey, you're's not like that at all. You don't know what you're talking about.

Pacey: See, the three of us have been friends too long and up until now, I've just kind of stood idly by and watched this all go down. But it's time to lay this on the line, okay? You have some raging hormonal obsession for our friend Dawson and you just can't wait to get your hooks into him butt good, can you? Huh?

Joey: Bite me, Pacey.

Pacey: Busted.

(Joey turns around to leave.)

Pacey: Hey, be kind, rewind.

(Cut to the Leery's. Mitch and gail are returning home.)

Mitch: What is the big deal?

Gail: The instruction was pretty basic. You should never be more than three feet away from your buddy at any time.

Mitch: Oh, that's ironic. Me getting bitched at for floating away from you.

(Dawson is in his room listening to music. He hears his parents fighting and listens.)

Gail: Look, I can't do this by myself, so if you're going to fight this therapy every step of the way, then we're both just wasting our time. If that's the case, then just let me know Mitch.

(Dawson stops listening, closes his door, and goes back to listening to music.)

(Icehouse. Joey is waiting on a woman who doesn't know what to order.)

Joey: Can I take your order?

Woman: Oh, oh, let's see, um, I'll have...

Joey: You know, everything's really good.

Bessie: Joey, table 5!

Woman: I think, I think I'll just have some coffee to start out with.

Joey: Okay, in one second. (goes to another table) Can I take your order?

Man: We've already ordered.

Bessie: This is table 8, Joey, I said table 5.

Joey: Ok, ok.

Woman: Miss, that coffee, please?

Joey: a second...oh, just a second.

(Joey starts to pour some coffee when Pacey walks up.)

Pacey: Hey Jo.

Joey: Oh thank you, Satan, for completing this night of horrors by sending one of your disciples to finish me off.

Pacey: Umm, what are you doing tonight?

(She sets the coffee down in front of a man.)

Man: Excuse me, I didn't order this.

(Pacey follows Joey as she takes the coffee to the woman.)

Pacey: Uhh, forget I said that. Wait...I was just out looking for a date and since I couldn't find one, I thought of you.

Joey: Oh.

Pacey: So, how 'bout it? Wanna go crash a beach party with me? Huh?

Joey: Oh gee whiz, you know, as much as that sounds like so much fun, you know, I am kind of busy.

(Joey goes to clear a table and Pacey continues to follow her.)

Pacey: Come on, Jo, it'll be fun.

Joey: (handing the dishes to Pacey) After I serve the one hundredth million seafood platter, finish picking up the broken glass from the ice maker, scrap the mung out of the viliators, I was thinking maybe of taking my tip money and flying to the Canary Islands and opening an offshore account. What do you think of that? (to the woman at the table) Sorry.

Pacey: You know, when was the last...ok, alright, alright. Damn, Joey, when was the last time you went out and had some fun, alright?

(They put the dishes in a sink.)

Joey: Don't ask.

Pacey: (begging) Just go. Besides, Dawson will be there, okay?

Joey: Big whoop.

Pacey: Alone, Joey.

Bessie: (untying Joey's apron) Go.

Joey: It's swamped.

Bessie: Sarah's coming in to cover.

Joey: Yeah, but you need me. You can't handle this by yourself.

Bessie: Good-bye!

Pacey: (pulling Joey) You. come on, come on. (to Bessie) Slow down, Bessie.

(Dawson is deciding what to wear for the party. Mitch knocks on the door and comes in.)

Mitch: Dawson?

Dawson: Yeah?

Mitch: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

Mitch: How's it going?

Dawson: Umm...complicated and you?

Mitch: Complicated. Squarely in the midst of what Dr. Keenan would refer to as stage 4.

Dawson: Stage 4. Do I dare ask what stage 5 is?

Mitch: Anyway, on to you, where's Billy the Kid?

Dawson: Ummm, best guess, probably hanging out with his ex girlfriend, who happens to be my current girlfriend. Which means among other things,I'll be attending tonight's barbeque solo. While Jen spends the afternoon with my new roommate. What stage would Dr. Keenan put us in?

Mitch: In high school.

Dawson: Let's face it, dad. We're a couple of nice guys, which stopped being a desirable character trait about half a century ago.

Mitch: Dawson, I am the last person who should be giving you or anybody else romance tips, however, it seems that every relationship produces its share of disappointments and insecurities and pains. Anyone who's never been hurt is either very lucky or very lonely. The trick is to get through it.

Dawson: How?

Mitch: Compromise. Tears, scuba lessons at the local Y, Different for everyone.

Dawson: And that works?

Mitch: I have no idea, kid. No idea what so ever.

(Billy and Jen, holding hands, are walking along the shoreline of Capeside.)

Billy: Do you know how much I just want to scoop you up and take you back to New York with me?

Jen: And I would just end up turning around and coming here. This is my home, Billy.

Billy: (drops her hand) So, this is really it. You are leaving me for a guy who has a ET doll on his bed.

Jen: It's a collector's item.

Billy: It's a doll.

Jen: Billy, it's been good to see you again, but I really should go to that party and find...

Billy: Yes.

Jen: ...Dawson, since I owe him about 400 explanations.

Billy: Alright, then before you leave, since who knows when and if we'll ever see each other again, how about for old time sake, you and me, just one last kiss?

Jen: One last kiss and then you'll go?

Billy: (holding three fingers up) Scout's honor.

(They kiss.)

Jen: Good-bye Billy.

(Jen leaves and heads to the party)

(Cliff Elliott's house. Joey is leaning on the balcony. Pacey comes out with a drink.)

Pacey: Alright then, this the best party or what?

Joey: Oh, yeah. Time of my life. I'm ready for the group hug whenever you are.

Pacey: Oh, Melissa Five at one o'clock. Girl of my dreams right there.
(looks at what he's wearing) How do I look?

Joey: (smiling) Like a before picture of a after-geek remover.

Pacey: Easy, doll. Jealousy is not going to get you anywhere.

(Pacey leaves her to follow Melissa and Dawson joins her on the balcony.)

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Great party huh?

Joey: Oh yeah, time of my life.

Dawson: I've had such a rockin' time since I joined the JV football team.

Joey: Oh yeah, and cheerleading has opened up sooo many doors.

(They smile at each other.)

Dawson: What do you say--one quick drink, then we hit the video store?

Joey: Thought you'd never ask.

Dawson: Be right back

Joey: Okay.

(Dawson goes to get some drinks. At the refreshment stand, he sees Jen who goes over to him.)

Jen: Hi

Dawson: Hey, you're here.

Jen: Yeah, I'm here. I'm alone and I'm sorry about everything Dawson. About the way I treated you. I mean, I was foolish. (He kisses her) It was stupid of me to think that...Come on, let's go talk.

(Joey is looking for Dawson when a tall blond guy comes and sits next to her.)

Guy: Drink?

Joey: Ah, no thanks.

Guy: No really, I got an extra soda.

Joey: Ah, no, actually my friend's getting me one. I'm fine, thanks.

Guy: Really? Who's your friend?

Joey: Dawson Leery. You probably don't know him.

Guy: Sure, Dawson (looks out at the beach) Sophomore currently hitting the beach with that cute, blond chick?

(Joey looks over and sees Dawson and Jen walking togeth, holding hands.)

Guy: Drink?

Joey: Sure. Thanks

(Joey takes the cup and drinks it.)

(Jen and Dawson are walking along the beach.)

Jen: You know what, Dawson. I'm sorry. I know I could have handled things better but I, it's like Billy showed up and my judgement flew right out of the window. I mean, I cut class.

Billy: (interrupting them) You're too hard on yourself. I swear she's too hard on yourself. Isn't she too hard on herself?

Dawson: What's he doing here? I thought you told him to go.

Jen: I did. I swear to God, I did.

Billy: Yes, but I simply took the pleasure of reading between the lines.

Dawson: What are you talking about?

Billy: Let's just say, as a student of the good bye kiss, it posessed a little more kiss and a little less good-bye.

Dawson: What? You kissed him?

Jen: It was a good-bye kiss, Dawson. (to Billy) It was a good bye kiss.

Billy: Alright, if that's all it was, then I will take my leave right now. But you tell me, Jenny, tell me all that kiss said was good-bye.

(Pacey comes over to Joey and takes her cup of alcohol.)

Pacey: Not that I care, but you may want to pace yourself with this stuff.

Joey: (leaning aginst him) Pacey, I know I don't say it enough but you're a really terrific friend.

Pacey: (pushing her away) Ah, ok, thanks, yeah.

(The guy comes back with another drink for her.)

Guy: Is this guy bothering you, Chloe?

Pacey: Okay, just a couple of things. First, her name is not Chloe, it's Joey and second, no, I'm not hitting on her. I'm just her friend. (takes the second drink from her) God knows.

Guy: (taking Joey's hand) Well, thanks for the info. We'll catch you later.
(to Joey) Come on, let's take a little walk.

Joey: Alright.

(They walk off.)

(Dawson, Jen and Billy are still having their conversation)

Dawson: Jen, tell me that kiss meant nothing.

Jen: Dawson, you've got to understand. I mean, this is such a confusing situation.

Dawson: Then what? Your world's turned completely upside down that you can't even answer the simple question?

Billy: You know what? She did answer the question. I just think you happen to not like the answer.

Dawson: Dude, why don't you stay out of this, ok? This is between Jen and me. This does not concern you.

Billy: You know what? I think that's where we disagree, Dawson, cause not only does this concern me, it concerns me gravely. So if there ever was a third and expendable wheel in this scenerio, it would be you. See, Jen and I go way back. She was with me long before she ever even entered into your fantasies.

Dawson: You and everyone else.

Jen: You know what, Dawson, I may have made some mistakes but at least I don't live in a fantasy world where everyone...

Dawson: Jen, I'm sorry. I don't want to trade insults here. I just want to know where I stand. One of us has got to go. Who's it going to be? Him or me? Jen, who's the third wheel in this scenerio?

Jen: You know what? I think I am.

(Jen walks off.)

Billy and Dawson: (calling after her) Jen!

Dawson: Are you happy now?

Billy: Actually, not too bad. You?

(Dawson sees Pacey and goes over to him.)

(Joey and the guy are on the beach. The look like they are making out.)

Joey: Are you trying?

Guy: Shh, come on.

Joey: Are we dancing?

Guy: We are doing whatever you want to do, sweetheart.

(Pacey comes and takes the guy's arms off of Joey.)

Pacey: Alright, Jo. Say good-bye to the nice serial rapist man.

Guy: You again a-hole! She doesn't want to leave.

Joey: Come on, please leave, Pacey.

Pacey: (grabs the guy away from Joey) Alright, cowboy. Party's over.

(He tries to hit Pacey but Pacey gets him first.)

Pacey: (rubbing his hand) Oh, ow!!

Dawson: (rushing over) You alright?

Pacey: Uh, yeah. Fine. oh, ow!!

(Dawson goes over to where Joey had fallen on the ground.)

Dawson: Jo?

Joey: Dawson, thank you, You're my hero.

(Pacey looks at Joey funny, surprised at her comment.)

(Dawson and Pacey are helping Joey home.)

Pacey: You know, this probably is not the brightest thing you've ever done.

Joey: Shut up.

Dawson: Dude, we got to be quiet. If Bodie sees her like this, she's dead.

Pacey: Yeah, I know. Listen, you two stay here. I'm going to go ahead.
(to Dawson) You think you can handle lush life by yourself?

(Joey leans against Dawson and he takes her inside.)

Dawson: (to Pacey) Dude, whatever you do, don't wake up the baby. (to Joey)
Okay, okay, alright, we're going to walk.

Joey: Okay.

(Pacey goes into Alexander's room. He accidentally steps on a squeaky toy and Alexander starts to cry.)

Pacey: Uh oh.

Pacey: Hey, heya little man (he rocks the baby) Just bringing drunk Aunt Joey in. Why don't you just go back to sleep?

(Dawson lays Joey down on the couch in the family room)

Dawson: Here you go. Feet up. Look Jo, I know it's been a tough week for you. You always try to handle everything by yourself. Is that why you got drunk tonight? You needed a little break from your life?

Joey: (mumbling) I just, I just lost table 5.

(Pacey is trying to quiet Alexander down)

Pacey: Shh, shh, shh. Come on, little guy. Come on. You want that? (gives him a pacifier) Right in there. Come on, God, there's got be something to quiet this kid down.

(Joey is lying on the couch. Dawson is sitting next to her brushing her hair out of her eyes.)

Dawson: This is probably the wrong time to tell you this but ummm well, maybe it's the perfect time. I realize how incredibly confusing things are between us. I can't even begin to explain our relationship. You probably can't either. But ummm, I just want you to know that umm, if you ever need me, I'll always be here for you. All you ever have to do is ask.

(Joey reaches up to Dawson and kisses him. Dawson just looks at her.)

(Pacey talks to Alexander about the English Patient.))

Pacey: So then, the guy who ends up being the English Patient and the girl, they're stranded in the cave. And she looks up at him. (with a British accent)
She's like oh, please don't leave me. Promise me, you'll come back someday. And he turns around. Hey, hey, listen, listen to this, he turns around and he's like don't worry, darling, I'll come back for you, unless of course, my plane is shot down by Nazis and my face is burned beyond recognization after cutting off William Dafoe's fingers.

(Dawson walks in quietly.)

Dawson: (whispering) Let's go, let's go.

Pacey: Alright. (to Alexander) Sleep tight, little man.

(The Leery's house.)

(Gail is putting away the scubadiving equipment. Mitch comes out to give her a hand.)

Gail: I guess, scuba diving wasn't such a inspiring idea after all.

Mitch: Yeah, well. I, I, I don't think that uh, scuba diving, waterskiing, or bungee jumping is the key to solving our problems.

Gail: I know. i just thought if maybe we tried something new..

Mitch: I'm not sure that it's the new stuff that needs the work. Maybe we've neglected some of the old things. Gail, I love you. And I am willing to do whatever I have to. So, why don't we just start with something really simple. Okay? Something that doesn't require regulators or parachutes or oxygen tanks.

Gail: Okay, like what?

(Mitch goes and turns on a song on the CD player.)

Mitch: (taking Gail's hand) May I?

(They dance until Gail tries to kiss him)

Mitch: One thing at a time, Gail.

(Pacey and Dawson are rowing back across the creek to their houses.)

Dawson: Joey was so out of it tonight. She.. .she babbled on about the Icehouse, kissed me, rolled over and passed out.

Pacey: Wait, wait. She kissed you?

Dawson: Yeah.

Pacey: She kissed you like an aunt on Thanksgiving kiss or she kissed you?

Dawson: No, she, she kissed me. It, it meant nothing. She was completely wasted. Obliviously mistook me for Brad Pitt. Which, Which is understand..

Pacey: Ohh, Dawson, my fine oblivious friend. One of thse days, you're gonna have to take a gigantic fact check, my friend, alright? She didn't mistake you for anybody, okay? This girl is head in the clouds, 100% ass-backwards in love with you, alright?

Dawson: Dude, Pacey. Joey and I have a great time together, and it's great to have someone you know so well that you don't even have to verbalize what you're thinking, most of the time. The other person just gets it, picks up on it, and I, it, it's like that with Joey and me. it's great. And...And I like it but it... it's not love.

Pacey: Allright. Don't you think it's a little strange that in the middle of a disastrous weekend with your girlfriend Jen, you and I are sitting here talking about your "friend" Joey?

Dawson: Love is what I have with Jen. Okay? It's exciting, it's it's new and unknown. It...yeah, sometimes it's outta hand but trust me, there's a difference between friendship and love.

Pacey: Right and you're so sure that you know the difference?

Dawson: You, you don't know what you're talking about.

(Billy is getting ready to leave when Dawson comes into his room.)

Dawson: Leaving so soon?

Billy: Yeah, thought I'd check out the scenery up the coast. My travel agent says the leaves are spectacular this time of year.

Dawson: I assume you haven't tried to steal anything. Other than my girlfriend.

Billy: Hey, relax, alright. You win. I just talked to Jen and apparently she's not as confused as she seems. So, it looks like the nice guy gets the girl after all.

(Billy gets his luggage and leaves, then turns around.)

Billy: Oh, by the way, if traffic's with me, I can make it up here from New York in under three and an half hours. You better treat her good,Dawson.

Dawson: I will.

(Billy leaves. Dawson looks at the window and sees Jen at the pier. He goes out to join her.)

Dawson: (putting his arms around her) You know for someone who views themselves as a tragically nice guy, I spend an awful lot of time apologizing. Jen, I'm sorry about what I said earlier. Insecurity brings out the worst.

(Jen pulls away from him and stands on the other side of the pier.)

Jen: You know how you're always curious about how my life was like in New York? Truth is, it's really no different than it is right now. I mean, geography aside, I am still the same stupid girl who's always found it easier to escape into a relationship than to face life on her own.

Dawson: Jen, that's not true, okay? It's this whole Billy thing. Now that the ghost of boyfriend's past is gone, we can go back.

Jen: To what? Dawson, I'm sixteen, I've, I've never stayed home on a Saturday night. I've never gone stag to a school dance. I mean, I'm pretty, I'm lucky, I'm fortunate and I am still way too unhappy most of the time. I told Billy today that it was over with us.

Dawson: I know. He told me

Jen: And now I have to say the same thing to you.

Dawson: (surprised) What? Jen?

Jen: I know I criticize you for living in a fantasy world, Dawson, but the truth is, I envy you. Everything's so new, so untouched for you. i would gladly trade in all my experiences for just an ounce of your idealism. And I wish I knew some better way to say this but.

Dawson: Yeah, but we can make it work. We can fix this.

Jen: No!

Dawson: I know we can. We can. You know, sleep on this. We'll talk in the morning. We don't need to go over this now.

Jen: Dawson, please. Listen to me. I've got to take a few steps back. I've, I've got to try life on my own for awhile.

Dawson: (upset) You can't just make me fall for you and then bail as soon as. I can't.

Jen: I'll miss you, you know.

(Dawson turns around.)

Dawson: Yeah.

Jen: I'll be sleeping 80 feet away from you and it will feel like a thousand miles. I'll regret my decision constantly. I'll kick myself to no end and when I come crawling back to you, you'll have every right to say 'take a hike, Jen, I'm with somebody else now'.

Dawson: Somebody who appreciates me. Somebody who doesn't blow into town with her dysfunctional past and play mind games with the boy next door. Somebody who is capable of a healthy, committed relationship and unfortunately, somebody nothing like you.

(Dawson walks up the pier, turns around, then continues. Jen watches him go home.)

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