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  02x17 - Psychic Friends
 Posted: 03/28/99 02:47
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Episode 217
"Psychic Friends"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: March 10, 1999

*Dawson's room. On the television, Devon (Rachel Leigh Cook) playing Sammy rows her boat down the creek. Cut to Joey laying on her stomach on Dawson's bed with tears in her eyes. The movie ends.*

Dawson: Well...

Joey: Well, (sighs deeply), I don't think I can find the words.

Dawson: I mean, keep in mind that it's a rough cut and everything. Just tell me. Be honest.

Joey: In my entire life I have never been this unequivically moved by words and moving images onscreen. I mean this is the type of movie going experience that not only enlightens and inspires but it could change the way people look at their lives, their world, their universe!

Dawson: God, Joey, you have no idea how much that means, especially coming from you.

Joey: No, there's no doubt about it. Jack McPhee will be one of the great filmmakers of our generation. I mean, think about it, Dawson. We knew him when!

*Joey gets up off the bed*

Dawson: (confused) Wait a minute, Joey, I directed this movie.

Joey: Spielberg, Corsazi, Seleni, Burdenen, McPhee!

Dawson: Joey, what are you talking about? You were there! I directed it! Look! (takes film out of the VCR) Creek Daze, a film by (confused) Jack McPhee?!

*Jack enters through the window*

Joey: (to Jack) Honey, there's only one word to describe you. Brilliant.

*Jack laughs.*

Joey: No, genius!

Jack: Honey, you will not believe what happened. I ran into Steven Spielberg in the cafeteria. He offered me a job! I'm going to Hollywood!

*Joey and Jack start kissing and Dawson stands there looking at them completely confused. They stop. Jack gets down on one knee.*

Jack: Will you marry me?

*Dawson looks at Joey amazed at this.*

Joey: Yes!

*Jack gets up.*

Dawson: Wh-wh?! You're gay!

Jack: I guess not!

*Jack and Joey start kissing again.*

Jack: Let's go! We'll, uh, send you a postcard from Tinseltown.

Dawson: Joey! What about us?

*She follows Jack out the window.*

Joey: It's showbiz, Dawson!

Dawson: Joey! Joey!!

Joey: Get over it, Dawson. You're not my type. You never were.

*Joey and Jack are gone and Dawson's face turns to a look of horror.*

Dawson: Noooooooooooooo!

*Cut to Dawson sitting up in his bed at nighttime. It was only a dream.*

*Cut to film class with the new teacher. Dawson and Jen are in the class.*

Miss Kennedy: Great filmmakers have always asked questions, taken risks. They're not afraid to make the audience think, feel, even if it makes them squirm in their seats a little. The truth has that effect on us. does this movie make you feel? Jen?

Jen: I think that the Capra is a little too sacran, you know? I think his characters are too unrealistic like "Gee, whiz, isn't life great?"

Dawson: I think that's a misconception though. I think Capra's films are actually pretty dark. I mean, when you meet John Doe, the Gary Cooper character's a participant in the plight of the common man.

Miss Kennedy: Good, Dawson, what else does his character represent?

Dawson: Optimism. I mean, the hero wasn't innocent which leads you to believe that the future has hope so the antagonist is cynicism.

Miss Kennedy: I agree. Good films are complex and ambiguous. They're full of darkness as well as light. I think this film is about how things should be.

Dawson: Or should be.

*The bell rings. Cut to Dawson and Jen walking out of the class and down the halls.*

Dawson: I was sad to see Mr. Gold leave but Miss Kennedy is like...

Jen: Every 16-year-old male's wet dream.

Dawson: No...

Jen: (doubtful) Mm-hm.

Dawson: It's more like hero-worship with her. I mean, she's the real deal. The reason she's here is she's taking a sabbatical to write a major screenplay for TriStar.

Jen: Great. Now you've got somebody around who's opinion actually carries some weight, huh?

Dawson: Yeah...

Jen: So you showed her Creek Daze yet?

Dawson: No.

Jen: Dawson...

Dawson: I'm afraid she'll think it's amateur hour!

*Mitch, substituting at the school, walks up behind them.*

Jen: Show it to her. It's ready.

Mitch: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

*Jen walks off.*

Mitch: Hi Dawson.

Dawson: Mr. Leery.

Mitch: (hurt) Come on, you can call me Dad.

*Dawson motions him to follow him into an empty classroom.*

Dawson: It's awkward enough to have you as my English teacher but if people hear me call you Dad, I'm going to get beat up after school.

*Mitch laughs*

Mitch: Come on, it's not that bad.

Dawson: It's great that you have a job you enjoy, but when we're in school, just pretend like you don't know me.

*Dawson yawns.*

Mitch: Not sleeping?

Dawson: No. I'm having nightmares. It's like I'm stuck alone in a dark theater watching my life go by on the screen and all the coming attractions are box-office bombs.

Mitch: What happened to my son? The eternal optimist?

Dawson: People move on. The only person you can really count on is yourself. It's--I've spent the last few weeks trying to change things that I have absolutely no control over. One thing I know for certain is that I want to be a filmmaker and that's all that matters to me. So no matter what I have to make that happen.

*Dawson exits the room back into the hall. Cut to Joey sitting at a table drinking a Diet Coke in the lunch room, checking out guys in the lunch room.*

Joey: Loser....Pervert...Serial Killer...Airhead...okay, Jack, it's your turn to rate the guys in the lunch line.

Jack: Look, Joey, I appreciate your attempt to bond with me and my new identity, but I'm not going to check out guys with you.

Joey: Why not? There's nothing sexual about it. It's a superficial, idiotic, ridiculous, fun way to spend the lunch hour.

Jack: Are you okay?

Joey: I'm bored with this school, with work, with this town. Also, with myself. I mean, this is the most amusement I've had in weeks.

*Jack laughs. Joey looks back over to the lunch line.*

Joey: Conceited...Too Pretty...ooohhh, definitely a Frank-enstein...ooooh, Leo, as in DiCaprio.

Jack: (laughs) How completely bizarre is this? The other week we were dating and now...

Joey: I know. It's a little strange. Does it bother you?

Jack: Actually, um, no. You?

Joey: (truthfully) No, it doesn't bother me.

*Cut to Pacey and Andie walking down the docks.*

Andie: Why not?!

Pacey: Because last year a bunch of punk kids threw water balloons at me and then a bunch of jocks knocked the booth over. And being coerced with the threat of death to run the safety booth for the Capeside Police Department is not exactly by idea of a rockin' good time.

Andie: I looked up to our safety mascot when I was a kid.

Pacey: And you wonder why they called you Andie McGeek on the playground?

Andie: Okay, you were not supposed to repeat that.

Pacey: (laughs) Listen, a stuffed animal named Skippy, the safety dog, is not going to dissert kids from doing drugs.

Andie: No, Captain Skippy sends out a positive message. It's completely worthwhile.

Pacey: This is a democracy. If a two-year-old child doesn't want to sit in a safety seat, he shouldn't have to!

Andie: Pacey.

Pacey: Okay, that was a bad example but you know what I mean.

Andie: Look, there's supposed to be a fortune teller at the fair and I really want to know my fortune.

Pacey: Andie, what is it with you and all this mumbo-jumbo, crystal crap? It's a scam, alright?

Andie: Okay. If you do the Captain Skippy booth, then we can (she whispers something in Pacey's ear.)

*Pacey smiles.*

Pacey: (in a gruffy voice) Hello boys and girls, this is your old friend, Captain Skippy, here.

*Cut to the Winter Fair. Jack is messing with the pictures on the art exhibit him and Joey were putting up.*

Jack: So, tell me, Miss Potter, are these a still life collection from your earlier works?

*Joey's in a daze*

Jack: Hm? Joey?

*She snaps out of it.*

Jack: (laughs) Where were you?

Joey: None of your business.

Jack: Ah, I see, lost in X-rated thought?

Joey: No...

Jack: Come on, tell me.

Joey: Okay, but promise you won't laugh?

*Jack crosses his chest like he promises.*

Joey: I was thinking about kisses.

*Jack starts laughing.*

Joey: Forget it!

Jack: No, no, I'm sorry. It just sounds funny coming from a girl who decided to throw away relationships in pursuit of her true self.

Joey: I know. I mean, sometimes I'm sorry I ever said that. I mean, I'm being honest with you here to the point of utter humiliation, I miss the kissing part. And I'd like to think that I'll get kissed again before the millenium comes and goes.

Jack: It'll happen.

Dawson: What'll happen?

*Dawson has walked up.*

Joey: Nothing.

Dawson: Okay...well, I guess I'll see you guys later...

Jack: No, why don't you stick around and help us set up?

Joey: Yeah, stay!

Dawson: Nah, I'm helping Miss Kennedy with the sound and film exhibit so...

*Dawson walks off.*

Jack: So...Frank? Leo?

Joey: Dawson's definitely a Leo..

Jack: Dawson seems a little moody lately.

Joey: I know. I can always tell when there's something wrong with him but it doesn't seem like he wants my help right now. I can't get our friendship back on track and I miss him, you know?

Jack: Give it time. I'm sure he'll want you back in his life, trust me. In the meantime, why don't we find out when that elusive next kiss is going to find it's way to your lips.

Joey: What?

*Jack points to a tent with a sign outside that reads "Madame Zenovich". It's the fortune teller. Cut to Pacey with Skippy the safety dog puppet on his hands talking to Andie.*

Pacey: (in a gruff voice) And remember, kids, if you have sex, protect yourself. Do it where you can't get caught, you know?

Andie: Uh huh, mm-kay, come on, why don't you come get your fortune told?

Pacey: Because I don't want to go in there, have that lady take one look at me, and predict Armageddon, death, and destruction on a global level. The end of the world as we know it.

Andie: I thought you didn't believe in them.

Pacey: I don't. I just think the power of suggestion is a very dangerous thing.

Andie: But don't you think if you knew what was coming up, if you knew what to expect, then you could at least be prepared for it?

Pacey: I think that you should save your money, Blondie. The all-powerful Paceydini will predict your future. I see a tall, dark, handsome man who is occasionally brilliant and often self-effacing coming into your life and sweeping you off your feet.

Andie: Well, good. Then I have something to look forward to.

Pacey: Funny. Very funny. Have I told you how funny you are?

*Cut to Madame Zenovich and Joey and Jack in a dark tent.*

Madame: Five dollars.

*She blows smoke in Jack's face and he coughs slightly and Joey looks uncomfortable as she gets her money and hands it to the fortune teller.*

Madame: I see a 'C'. Do you know a Carrie?

*Joey shakes her head no*

Madame: Claire? Connie? Cory? Casey? Caroline?

Joey: I know a Carol, but I haven't seen her since kindergarden.

Madame: She's telling me that she borrowed something of yours. Does that mean anything to you?

Joey: I don't know, she might have borrowed a pencil or something...

Madame: Yes, she has your pencil.

*Joey looks disappointed. Just then, a gentle breeze comes through the tent and the wind chimes make noise.*

Madame: Mmm...there has been much pain in your past. Too much loss for one so young. You've put up walls to protect you from harm but by doing so, you cut yourself off from new opportunities, new adventures. You must say yes to every opportunity that comes your way.

Joey: So what about my future?

Madame: What do you want to know?

Joey: What's going to happen?

Madame: You'll come to a fork in the road. You'll have to choose which path to take.

Joey: Well, how will I know which to choose?

Madame: You will be safe if you follow your heart.

Joey: Anything else?

Madame: A tall, dark man will come into your life.

Joey: (happy) When?

Madame: Soon.

*Cut to Dawson walking with Miss Kennedy*

Miss Kennedy: So when do I get to see this cinematic masterpiece of yours?

Dawson: How did you know I made a movie?

Miss Kennedy: Your father brags about you in the faculty room.

Dawson: Oh, God...

Miss Kennedy: Your father says that you're going to be one of the next great filmmakers of our time.

Dawson: Mitch tends to exaggerate.

Miss Kennedy: Really? You mean because he's already rented a tux for the Oscars?

Dawson: Oh, shoot me now, please.

Miss Kennedy: Well, if you're not going to show it to me, at least tell me what it's about.

Dawson: It's a romance.

Miss Kennedy: Really? Something else we have in common. I'm writing a romantic comedy for Columbia.

Dawson: I know..I heard. I know I'm going to sound like a naive film geek for saying this, but you being here has really given me a lot of hope. I mean, you grew up in a small town like this. It's just being a filmmaker has always been like this impossible dream that--it's just the fact that you're here, that really kind of inspired me. I don't know. I just wanted to say that.

Miss Kennedy: Do I make you nervous?

Dawson: No. Nah. It's just--I don't know, I guess I'm a little intimidated by you.

Miss Kennedy: Sometimes people mistake my ambition for arrogance. It's just that when I first started out, I had to do it on my own. I guess it just kind of toughens the exterior.

Dawson: Yeah...

Miss Kennedy: I should have guessed your film was a love story.

Dawson: Really? Why'd you think that?

Miss Kennedy: You have quite the romantic spirit, Dawson Leery.

*Cut to Jack and Joey walking back towards the art exhibit.*

Joey: Five bucks to tell me a tall, dark stranger was going to come into my life.

Jack: And hopefully he's a Leo, not a Frank, right?

Joey: I can't believe I spent five of my hard, and I mean hard earned, cash to hear that--

*Joey is stopped when a tall, dark man who's been looking at her paintings interrupts.*

Colin: Excuse me? Are these yours?

*Jack looks at Joey and Joey tries to talk, but just nods.*

Colin: These are quite good. Hi. I'm Colin Manchester.

Joey: Hi.

Colin: (looks at Jack and back at Joey) Well, good work.

*Colin walks off. Jack hits Joey playfully on the arm.*

Jack: Let me get this straight. Your destiny walks up to you, introduces himself, and you send him packing? You can really turn on the Ice Queen comments when you want to.

Joey: What? Jack, I'm not looking for a boyfriend, anyway. I'm looking for myself, my future.

Jack: Well, maybe he's a sign. A sign to get that pre-millenium, no strings, no commitment kiss? Come on, the guy has experience. I mean, take a chance. Have an adventure.

Joey: That's what the fortune teller said to do. To say yes to every opportunity that crosses my path.

Jack: And throw conscious to the wind. Come on. Go talk to him.

*Cut to Jen helping Grams set up a booth with quilts and other decorations.*

Grams: I appreciate your help, Jen. I know that you must have better things to do.

Jen: (laughs) The funny thing is, Grams, that I don't.

Grams: Are you sure you can't work things out with that nice, young man Ty?

Jen: Nope. Sorry. Looks like we're both destined to see the future as single women, Grams.

Grams: Ohh...

*Jen is folding a quilt and she looks over at a booth and the old guy at it is looking at Grams.*

Jen: Grams, Grams, don't look now, but that guy over there at that booth is totally checking you out.

Grams: Oh, don't be silly. Someone checking me out, the very idea!

Jen: No, I swear to God, he's coming over here right now!

*The old guy, Whit Hupley, walks up.*

Whit: Evelyn Ryan! Whit Hupley.

Grams: Lord in Heavens, I thought you were dead.

Jen: (under her breath) Great pick-up line..

Whit: Look at you. It must be...30 years.

Grams: Has it been that long?

Whit: Look, why don't we have dinner together tonight and catch up on old times.

Grams: Oh, no! Really. I-I-I-couldn't, but thank you, really, Whit.

Whit: Well, if you change your mind, you know where I'm at.

*He walks away.*

Grams: What?

Jen: He's very sexy. Grams! I saw the look in his eyes. He was having impure thoughts about you.

Grams: Oh, stop it! Stop that talk right now.

*Cut to Joey looking at photographs on an exhibit. She turns the corner where Colin is.*

Joey: You know your work is really quite remarkable.

Colin: Thank you.

Joey: Joey. Joey Potter.

Colin: Can I buy you a cup of hot chocolate Joey Potter?

Joey: That would be lovely. Thank you.

Colin: Cool. Let's go.

*He walks ahead of her and she turns around and smiles and Jack and he smiles back and she follows him. Cut to Dawson and Miss Kennedy in a room. Dawson's looking at the rolls of film.*

Dawson: This is incredible. You've got Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harry Leningdon, where'd you get these?

Miss Kennedy: I had them sent down from the Boston archives. You really are a true film buff, aren't you?

Dawson: Oh, obsessed, actually. No one's ever understood my tunnel vision. It used to bother me but now, I don't care. Nothing really else matters.

Miss Kennedy: Yeah, I can relate, I'm pretty obsessive about my writing. I think it shows in my work, as I'm sure it does yours.

Dawson: Um, speaking of my work, I was wondering if you would...

Miss Kennedy: Watch your film. I thought you'd never ask.

*Cut to Joey walking with Colin.*

Joey: My mother was an artist and one of my first memories of my life was her all covered in paint with this serene look on her face. But I just recently began taking lessons.

Colin: Wanna sit?

Joey: Sure.

*They sit down on a bench.*

Colin: Look, please don't take this the wrong way, but are you even aware of how unbelievably beautiful you are?

Joey: You know you're an incredibly photographer, when did you start taking pictures?

Colin: I don't know. I can't remember. I've always been fascinated with faces. How differently they appear in certain light and I made a discovery that there are a few faces that can exute a million different emotions at once. That you can stare at for hours like a work of art.

Joey: So you're a freshman at the Art Institute?

Colin: Joey, you have the most unbelievably sentuous lips. Kind of like Carol Lindbargh's.

*Joey laughs.*

Colin: Look, this may be way out of line, but do you think there's any way I could--do you think it would be possible that I could--

Joey: Yes?

Colin: Photograph you?

Joey: (disappointed) Sure.

*Cut to Jen looking at a clothespin with a bow on it.*

Jen: What is this?

Grams: It's a decorative clothespin to put on open potato chip bags.

Jen: Of course it is. Grams, he's coming over again and if he asks you to dinner, say yes.

*Whit's back carrying a rose.*

Whit: I won't take no for an answer. You wouldn't make an old man eat alone.

Grams: Actually, I would. Alright, alright, dinner.

Whit: Great. Yeah, I'll meet you here at 8 o'clock.

*He turns around to leave but turns back and hands Grams the rose. He walks off. Grams turns around and her face falls.*

Jen: Grams? What? What's the matter?

*Grams shakes her head no.*

Jen: If it makes you feel guilty about Gramps, then it shouldn't. I know he'd want you to go on with your life.

Grams: No, it's--

Jen: What? What is it?

Grams: That part of my life is over. There are certain things that you have to say goodbye to. I mean, look at me. I graduated from high school with Whit Hupley, and I look old enough to be his mother.

Jen: You know, I think it's time to introduce you to some wonderful women that I know.

Grams: Who?

Jen: Miss Clairol and Este Lauder.

*Cut to Pacey in a police outfit in a huge doghouse with the Skippy puppet on his hand and his other hand over his mouth to cover up him talking for Skippy.*

Pacey: (gruff voice) Remember, kids, Captain Skippy says never talk to strangers, always wear your safety belt, and memorize your address and phone number.

Kid: Captain Skippy, you're a great big, smelly jerk!

Pacey: (gruff voice) I know you are but what am I.

Kid: (mocking) I know you are but what am I.

Pacey: I know you are but what am I. (gruff voice) And now, Skippy takes big nap. Bye-bye.

*Cut to Andie at the fortune teller. She's holding her hand to examine her palm.*

Andie: So what do you see?

*Madame Zenovich looks up with fear and wind blows the candle out. Cut to Pacey walking towards Andie coming out of Madame Zenovich's.*

Pacey: (gruff voice) Hey, Andie, you won't believe it. (He notices she's upset) Hey. What happened? What's wrong?

Andie: Nothing, um, I'm fine. I'm just going to go for a walk.

*She walks off and Pacey stares after her. Cut to Joey going to sit down by Jack at a picnic table.*

Jack: Hey, what happened?

Joey: He wants to take my picture for his photo collection. He's a freshman at the Art Institute.

Jack: Where?

Joey: Community Arts Building. I guess there's some costumes and stuff backstage.

Jack: What do you know about this guy?

Joey: Nothing. And I don't want to know about him. I don't want to know if he has a girlfriend or a foot fetish or a wrap sheet. And he doesn't know anything about Joey Potter, waitress extraordinare. He's an artist. He's different. He's life-experienced. Maybe I'll learn something from him.

Jack: What? The art of french kissing?

Joey: It's not about that, Jack! It's about expanding my horizons. I'm having an adventure. I'm having fun.

Jack: And I'm going with you.

Joey: Jack!

Jack: No, there's no arguments! This guy could be a tall, dark psychopath.

*Cut to Dawson and Miss Kennedy watching Dawson's movie.*

Devon (aKa Sammy): I'm not in love with him. He's my best friend. You. You are some baracuda who needs someone to keep her bed warm.

Abby (aKa Kim): You don't even know the first thing about me! And before you make me into the role of the wicked temptress who's trying to seduce your non-boyfriend at least get your facts straight! I told you I am a virgin!

Devon (aKa Sammy): Oh, please, we Creeksiders may be provincial but we're not stupid.

*Cut to Jen's house. She's coloring Grams' hair.*

Jen: Now, Grams, this is the 90s and women today have to protect themselves. You do have contraceptives, don't you?

Grams: (starts to get up from the sink) That's it. I'm not going.

Jen: Oh, I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Get back here. I predict that this will be an evening filled with old-fashioned romance. Anyways, Whit seems like a really cool guy. I'm sure he has Trojans in his wallet.

*Grams mouth drops open. Cut to Joey looking at outfits at the Community Arts place.*

Joey: So...what should I wear?

Colin: You can wear anything you want. Just think of this as a chance for you to try on a different side of your personality. You know how do you want to see yourself?

Jack: This one. Right here. This is it.

*He's pointing to a black feathery number. Cut to Joey standing looking unhappy while the camera flashes.*

Joey: I feel like a drag queen.

Jack: You look great.

Colin: Alright, loosen up now, Joey. Now give me a little bit of attitude. Attitude.

*Joey is moving her black feather boa around and making different faces.*

Jack: Yes!

Colin: Yes! Excellent! Alright, you're a Madonna, strutting herself on stage.

*Joey flings the boa over her shoulder and smiles.*

Colin: Good! Keep that up! Alright, Marilyn Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" to JFK.

*Joey turns around and looks over her shoulder and smiles.*

Colin: Excellent! Yes!

Jack: You're the ghost of Catherine and you're waiting for Heathcliff at the end of Wuthering Heights!

Colin: Good one.

Jack: Thanks.

Colin: God, she's beautiful. Are you two just friends?

Jack: Yeah, just friends.

Colin: Good. Excellent, Joey. Give me one more of those.

*Cut to Joey in a new outfit: a leopard coat over a black outfit, posing in numerous ways.*

Colin: That's it! That's it, Joey!

*She's sitting on the edge of a chair.*

Colin: Now, come down.

*She slides down to where she's sitting sideways in the chair. Cut to Joey in a new outfit. It's suspenders with a shirt under them and a hat on. The first picture she has a rose between her teeth. One picture she takes one of the suspenders off.*

Colin: That's it, Joey! That's it. You are fabulous! I can not wait to get these developed!

*They hug*

Joey: Thank you.

*As they were hugging Joey signaled Jack to leave. They stop.*

Colin: You are one diva.

*They stand there for a minute, Joey's obviously wanting a kiss, but Colin walks away. Cut to Jen going through Gram's clothes.*

Jen: No, nope, no, no, no, definitely not, nope.

*Cut to a timelapse and Jen is finishing up the makeup on Grams.*

Jen: Grams, dating is just like riding a buck. All you have to do is get back on. (she turns her towards the mirror) Believe me, when he takes one look at you, he won't want to do much talking.

*Cut to Pacey at the Winter Fair. He walks up to a table where Madame Zenovich is.*

Madame: You should come to see me, young man, and get your fortune told for only five dollar.

Pacey: Just curious, when somebody comes to get their fortune told, why can't you just say something nice? Something reassuring? Because I gurantee you that's what they want to hear.

Madame: Then that would not be the truth. If one asks for the truth, they must hear the answer.

Pacey: Well, I'm not asking.

Madame: I think I will tell you anyway. I see a young man that wears a mask that is not his own. To the world he is strong and confident, but beneath the mask is a little boy. Afraid of the world, afraid of everything. He knows that everything he has is lying on a deck of cards. Even the tiniest gust of wind could knock it all down.

*Pacey gets up and walks away. Cut to Joey leaving and she's walking by Colin.*

Colin: There's something I wanted to--Nah, forget it. It was nothing.

Joey: What?

Colin: There's something I wanted to--

Joey: Yes?

Colin: Is your friend Jack dating anyone?

*Cut to Joey back at the art exhibit with Jack.*

Jack: So, what happened?

Joey: Well, he probably would have thrown me on the ground and made passionate love to me if--

Jack: If?

Joey: He wasn't gay.

Jack: What?

Joey: He compared me to Madonna and Marilyn Monroe, talk about your red flags.

Jack: What?

Joey: He's gay. As in three-dollar bill.

Jack: You're kidding me.

Joey: No. And really need to develop some gaydar.

Jack: Yeah...and I hear they're giving a training class on that down at the community center!

Joey: I'm sorry. I'm new at this.

Jack: You? What about me? People look at me like I'm about to start tap-dancing to Bette Midler albums.

Joey: Well, this should cheer you up. It turns out a tall, dark stranger's coming into your life.

Jack: What?

Joey: He wanted to meet you after the fair so I told him you'd meet him at the fire at 11.

Jack: You what?! Why?!

Joey: Because he's nice, he's smart, he's attractive. What's your problem? Go out with him!

Jack: Look, just because there's a second homosexual in Capeside, it doesn't mean that I'm obligated to go out with him, Joey!

*Cut to the movie finishing while Miss Kennedy and Dawson were watching it.*

Dawson: So, what'd you think?

Miss Kennedy: It's fine.

Dawson: Fine?

*Miss Kennedy nods.*

Dawson: Come on, your opinion is really important to me. I really want to learn so..

Miss Kennedy: You want my honest opinion?

Dawson: Yeah, don't hold back.

Miss Kennedy: Are you sure you want the truth?

Dawson: (hesitant) Yeah...

Miss Kennedy: Okay, then I'm not going to sugarcoat it, Dawson. I think your film is completely uninspired. I mean the production line is flat, the storyline is non-existent, even your dialogue is not believable.

Dawson: It needs more work, I know that.

Miss Kennedy: It lacks emotion of any kind and sends no message to the audience.

Dawson: If I cut the B storyline?

Miss Kennedy: It won't help. It's a proposterous soap opera about a bunch of teenagers who talk too much. I mean, we've seen it before. All that self-aware, self-referential, hyperboles, filled with cliches that are disguised as send-ups. It actually borders on plagerism.

Dawson: This is only my second film though. I'm still learning.

Miss Kennedy: Look, Hollywood's tough. They don't hand out rejection with a box of chocolates. It's real, it's harsh, and it hurts. You're sweet, Dawson, and you're just the type of person Hollywood eats for breakfast. And it would break my heart to see that happen to you.

Dawson: Thank you for your honesty.

Miss Kennedy: I'm sorry Dawson.

*Cut to Jack sitting down by Joey and handing her a cup of hot chocolate.*

Joey: Thanks.

Jack: I'm sorry, Joey. I overreacted. I know that I should be moving forward with this whole sexual identity but the truth is I'm just not ready. Not yet.

Joey: Well, we've got a whole lifetime of adventures ahead of us, right? Plenty of time for romance.

*Jack kisses her on the forehead.*

Jack: Plenty of time to be kissed. Come here.

*They snuggle up together. Cut to Dawson walking sadly at the fair. He spots Miss Kennedy getting into a car with his dad. They drive off. Dawson spots Joey selling one of her pieces of art to a guy and his daughter. Dawson smiles. Then Jack runs up to Joey and they hug about it. Dawson's face falls and he walks on. Cut to Pacey sitting next to Andie by the fire.*

Pacey: Alright, Andie, tell me what happened.

Andie: I just wanted to know that things would get better but they're not. She said the troubles of my past are only a preview of what's to come. I need to know that the worst is behind me, Pacey, because I don't know if I can take anymore unhappiness.

Pacey: Andie? How can you take the word of a five dollar carnie seriously. Your future is going to be so bright and so magnificent that it's going to be off the scale. There's no measure for how wonderful your life is going to turn out.

Andie: I wish that I could believe that.

Pacey: You don't have to. I'll believe it for you.

*Pacey kisses her hand and they sit by the fire. Cut to Joey walking towards Colin by the fire.*

Joey: Hey. Colin? I'm sorry but Jack isn't coming and I really didn't have any right to accept for him.

Colin: Ah, it's alright.

Joey: Are you okay?

Colin: What? This? Yeah.

Joey: Are you sure?

Colin: Actually, I'm on the proverbial rebound. I just broke up with someone and, um, we were friends a long time before that but now I don't have the relationship or the friend. I guess I was just trying to fill a void.

Joey: Can I ask you something?

Colin: Yeah.

Joey: Why did the two of you break up?

Colin: You know, at the time, I could think of about a million reasons, but now I can't think of any. Does that make any sense?

Joey: Yeah, uh, more than you could imagine.

Colin: You know, sometimes I wish I wasn't in such a big hurry to move forward, there just comes a point when it's impossible to go back.

*He kisses her on the cheek.*

Colin: Goodnight!

*Cut to Jen walking around. She spots Grams.*

Jen: Grams? Grams? What's the matter, Grams? Where's Whit?

Grams: Oh, his wife wasn't feeling well so he had to cancel.

Jen: His wife?

Grams: Mm-hm.

Jen: I'm so sorry. I should never have pushed you into going out with him.I had no idea. Are you okay?

Grams: I'm fine.

Jen: I feel like crap.

Grams: Well, you shouldn't. You did something wonderful for me today. Ever since your grandfather died, I assumed I'd done all the living I was meant to do but now I realize I can't live in the past. I need to open up to new people, new friends.

Jen: Do you ever--Do you ever get afraid of facing the future alone?

Grams: Oh, sometimes.

Jen: Me too.

*Cut to Dawson walking to Madame Zanovich as she's closing.*

Dawson: Five dollars, right?

Madame: I'm closed.

Dawson: You're closed. Of course you are. I'm sorry. I already practically know what my future is anyways. Dawson Leery is destined to live a life of misery and die loveless, friendless, and in complete obscurity.

Madame: Dare not the spirits for they are powerful and unforgiving. (She sits down next to him and pulls out her deck of cards and takes one). Ah, the Lovers. Very interesting. A soulmate walks into your path, one you have none for many a lifetime before this one. She knows you well. She sees into your soul. She feels your pain.

Dawson: She blew me off.

Madame: No. She's here. She's around you.

Dawson: Then why do I keep losing her?

Madame: That which is lost can not be found again.

*Dawson looks up at the sky and then reaches for his wallet.*

Dawson: Thanks.

*He turns to pay her but she's gone. Cut to Dawson standing in his room staring at the model of Capeside. He gets up and he makes half of it fly across the room and hit the wall. Cut to Joey staring up at Dawson's house through his window, but she doesn't see Dawson. Cut to Dawson, trying to call Joey, nobody's home. Cut to Joey turning away from Dawson's and rowing back towards her house. Cut back to Dawson sitting by his window and clutching his knees. Cut to Joey walking towards her house. There's a man standing at her door.*

Joey: Who's there?

*The man turns around and it's Mr. Potter.*

Joey: Daddy?


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