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  02x20 - Reunited
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Episode 220, "Reunited"

James Van Der Beek: Dawson Leery
Kaite Holmes: Joey Potter
Joshua Jackson: Pacey Witter
Michelle Williams: Jen Lindley
Meredith Monroe: Andie McPhee
Kerr Smith: Jack McPhee

Evelyn "Grams" Ryan: Mary Beth Peil
Gareth Williams: Mike Potter
Gail Leery: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch Leery: John Wesely Shipp
Nicole Kennedy: Madchen Amick

Written by Greg Berlanti
Directed by Melanie Mayron

Original Air Date: May 12, 1999

(Dawson's room - everyone is there watching a movie, eating popcorn. It's Andie, Pacey, Dawson, Joey, Jack, and Jen)

Dawson: (shuts off the movie) Okay...movement break! (He gets up and grabs his bottle of water and looks around the room and starts laughing) Is anyone else struck by the humor of this moment that we're all in the same room at the same time.

Jack: (eating popcorn) Yeah, I think it's bizarre...I mean, the way we all started the school year and how we all managed to come out as friends...

Andie: Yeah, like St. Elmo's!

Joey: St. Elmo's from hell.

Dawson: Thought would be a negative spin.

Joey: I just think it's important in times of model and reflection to incorporate a little honesty..

(Jen sits up.)

Jen: You know what? I happen to agree with Joey. I mean, sure, we've all grown to tolerate each other but we're still a long way off from 90210-land of best friends forever.

Pacey: I don't know...I kind of think that Andie's got a point. I mean, there has been a lot of hanging out lately.

Jack: Yeah, like when?

Pacey: (mouthful of popcorn) Like right now, for instance. Have we even stopped to consider why we've all come here together tonight if not our need to go habitate in, dare I say it, a click.

(Jen makes a face of disgust.)

Joey: Scary...

Andie: Yeah, Pacey, when you say it like that...

Dawson: Wait a minute, though, I mean no offense to anybody here, but I called up Pacey to invite him over to watch a couple of movies..that hardly qualifies as group hanging out.

Pacey: Yeah, but I invited Andie...

Andie: And I invited Jack.

Joey: And I better not need an invitation!

(Dawson and Joey kiss.)

Jen: And I live here now.

Pacey: Let's face it, guys, we are this far away from the Peach Pit.

(Everyone turns and stares at him.)

Joey: Kill him.

Andie: ATTACK!

(They all grab pillows and start hitting each other. There's feathers flying everywhere and everyone's laughing. Dawson's Creek theme.)

(Cut to outside of Capeside High. Andie and Jack walk up to Pacey, Andie's hair is brown.)

Andie: Hey.

Pacey: Hey. (looks again) Wow.

Andie: He said with zero enthusiasm...

(Andie walks off.)

Pacey: You got a new 'do...

(Jack is giving him the 'cut it out' gestures.)

Andie: You don't like it.

Pacey: I didn't say that.

Jack: He didn't say that!

Andie: New hairstyles are judged by immediate response. Yours was lackless.

Pacey: No--I--Well, I think you look fantastic, sweetheart.You just don't look

Andie: Keep digging your personal charm on.

Pacey: You know what? I love it! Jack--

Jack: He loves it! He clearly loves it!

Pacey: You're beautiful! You've never--

Andie: Liars..both of you.

Pacey: You--anyway, about tonight, I was thinking movie, dinner, romantic stroll down by the docks...

Andie: Think again. I've got to study for finals...not to mention...take care of Mom.

Pacey: It's Friday night. You have plenty of time to hit the books over the weekend. What do you say we take tonight off?

Andie: You know, you should, YOU should take the the night off, I would love it, but I'm going to study thanks.

Pacey: (to Jack) Do I deserve this?

Andie: (looking at a textbook) Oh, geez! How could I do this?!

Pacey: What?

Andie: DAMNIT!

Pacey: What's the matter?

Andie: I brought the wrong book for Pre-Calc., Mrs. Sanders is going to kill me.

Pacey: Maybe it's in your locker.

Andie: Yeah, well, it better be, I'll see you later.

(She storms off and Pacey turns to Jack.)

Pacey: Okay? So..

Jack: It's the hair, okay? She's extra sensitive...she did it herself!

(Jack walks off.)

Pacey: Well, ain't love grand.

(Cut to Andie digging through her locker and then she angrily hits it. She looks around and sees a guy, he's tall, dark haired (her brother Tim). She smiles at him and almost starts crying. She looks back into her locker and gets out the right book. She smiles at the guy again. Cut to Dawson reading a board when Joey comes up behind him and kisses him on the cheek.)

Joey: So, what's the plan for tonight?

Dawson: Uh, I dunno, maybe rent a movie...

Joey: Dawson, do you know what we've done for the past four Friday nights? Here's a hint: Be kind, rewind.

Dawson: Okay, so maybe we won't rent a movie. We'll watch a movie instead!

Joey: (Sarcastically) Har har.

Dawson: It's not like I prefer the situation. I mean, I do try to make our evenings as spontaneous as possible.

Joey: (smiles) No offense to you, Dawson, but I think because we've been friends for so long and no each other so well...our chemistry, the only thing it doesn't produce is spontaneity.

Dawson: Ah, well, that's me. Captain A-Hum-Drum.

Joey: I said us.

Dawson: You meant me.

Joey: I have to admit that I am a little surprised that you're okay with this considering it is our one month anniversary for whatever we are...or were...(smiles) or are.

Dawson: Joey, we are boring, trite people. We are absolutely incapable of sponteneity. We do things like plan and organize and make reservations weeks in advance at top-notch restaurants for one-month anniversaries to celebrate whatever it is we are...or were...(smiles) or are.

Joey: (smiling and hugs him) You didn't!

Dawson: It was going to be a surprise until you got all persnickety on me.

Joey: I didn't get persnickety!

Dawson: Yeah, it's okay, though! You're a very cute persnickety.

Joey: I did not get persnickety.

(Dawson smiles and laughs.)

Joey: Okay, that was persnickety.

(They laugh. Cut to Jen sitting out on the Leery porch staring at Grams' house. Gail walks up.)

Gail: You could call her...

Jen: Who?

Gail: Who do you think?

Jen: I just don't think I'd have a whole lot to say to her. And at this point I don't think she'd have a whole lot to say to me either.

Gail: Aw, don't say that.

Jen: I want to talk to her but...where would it lead? Maybe I'd move back in, a few weeks of considerable reconciliation, and then the inevitable ideology clash. I just accept that there are certain people who aren't meant to fit in your life. No matter how much you want them to be.

Gail: I'm infinitely familiar with that predicament.

Jen: Oh! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you and--

Gail: No, it's okay, honey. What do you say we just have a night of good food, good music, good conversation, and just put the past on the back burner for awhile.

Jen: I'd have to say that's the best offer I've gotten in awhile!

(Cut to Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy walking down the street.)

Mitch: "Entre Nous," I wonder what that means in French.

Mrs.Kennedy: Oh, it means, "just between us".

Mitch: Like a secret.

Mrs.Kennedy: Or a kiss.

(They kiss.)

Mitch: Well, that was slightly unexpected.

Mrs.Kennedy: It was?

Mitch: Yeah.

Mrs.Kennedy: Well, we've been spending a lot of time together at school, we've went out on a few dates, it's clear that we enjoy each other's company. It's only natural that things progress.

Mitch: You're right, you're right. It's just I'm kind of like teenager about all this in need of a lot of practice.

Mrs.Kennedy: Well, the key is not to think about it. Think about how beautiful the evening is, how quaint the restaurant is that we're about to enter, even how romantic a streetlight can be--

(Mitch kisses her again.)

Mitch: After you my (french word that I missed)

Mrs.Kennedy: Ah, merci.

(Cut to Dawson and Joey walking hand-in-hand to the restaurant.)

Joey: Entre Nous? That's where we're going?

Dawson: Yep!

Joey: Dawson, that's too expensive.

Dawson: Well, the stock market was high, I had a little extra to throw in...

Joey: Dawson, seriously. It doesn't matter where we eat...

Dawson: Joey, we have been together for one month...I want to take you to a meal in an establishment where (completely missed phrase)...

(Joey looks at him like 'What?')

Dawson: Okay, I do admit that that was a prepared statement.

Joey: Yeah, I figured.

Dawson: (laughs) C'mere.

(They kiss. Cut to inside Entre Nous where the band is playing and people are dancing. Cut to Dawson arguing with the maitre'd.)

Dawson: I made reservations two weeks ago!

M: I'm sorry. I didn't realize there were two Leery parties.

Dawson: Two Leery parties?

M: Well, yes. (motions towards Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy sitting at a booth.)

(Mitch looks up and is surprised.)

Mitch: Dawson?

Dawson: Dad. Great.

(Cut to Andie at the therapist.)

Therapist: It's possible that you're experiencing symptoms called complicated grief. Your medical history makes you sort of susceptible to this kind of anxiety on the loss of a loved one.

Andie: This doesn't have anything to do with my brother.

Therapist: I'm talking about Abby Morgan. Her death seems to have upset you a great deal which ultimately may have triggered unresolved issues with your brother's passing. It's critical that we stay on top of this. Have you seen Abby any other times besides the incident you spoke of a month ago?

Andie: No, no...just that one time. In fact, now that I think about it...I may not have seen her at all.

Therapist: It's okay if you did, Andie.

Andie: No, no, I don't think I did...

Therapist: (writing something down) This is my home number. I want you to call me if you feel your anxiety getting worse. Also, I want you in here early next week and we can decide then if you're in need of any medication.

Andie: Medication? Uh, but you said that I wouldn't have to go back on?

Therapist: It's different now. What's going on inside you, Andie, may not be healing itself properly. The sooner we confront this, the better.

(Cut to Andie walking to her car. She gets in and looks over and it's her hallucination of Tim.)

Tim: I like your hair.

Andie: Thanks.

Tim: Did you tell her about me?

Andie: (shakes her head no) I couldn't...

Tim: That's good. What we have is a secret.

Andie: Not for long. They're going to find out about you and then we're going to have to leave each other...

Tim: I'm not going anywhere.

Andie: Promise me? Because I can't lose you, I don't have this with anyone else. Nobody listens like you do.

Tim: I know...

Andie: I'm so scared...

(She sits there and then starts hitting her hands on the steering wheel.)


(She leans on "Tim" and they sit there in the car. Cut to Jen carrying in wood for the fire in the Leery house.)

Jen: Hey Gail, can I ask you a question that kind of breaks our back burner rule?

Gail: Sure.

Jen: What kind of hope to you have of the hope of you and Mr. Leery getting back together?

Gail: Well, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about it everyday.

Jen: I mean, have you--did you try to get him back?

Gail: I've made a few attempts here and there. But it's pointless, Jen. You can't connive or intice love. By definition it has to find it's way to you.

Jen: Dawson said that you got a job offer in Philadelphia...are you going to take that?

Gail: I don't know. I'm waiting for that sign.

Jen: Sign?

Gail: You know, one of those small moments in life that provide some clarity. A little occurance that provides you with where you need to go, who you need to be with, or not be with...

Jen: Smoke!

Gail: I think that sign's a little extreme.

Jen: No, I mean, I smell smoke!

Gail: Oh my God! The potroast!

Jen: Oh!

(They run for the kitchen. Cut to Dawson, Mrs. Kennedy, Mitch, and Joey squeezed around a small table at Entre Nous.)

Mitch: I guess we were lucky that they could squeeze us all in together...

(A waiter bumps Dawson's chair and he is not looking too happy.)

Dawson: I'll say. (sarcastically) Lucky.

Mitch: Dawson. Nicole and I were just discussing your summer plans.

Mrs.Kennedy: Yes, your father mentioned the possibility of you interning in Hollywood. I'm sure I could set you up with a summer job at an agency or a production company.

Dawson: Isn't that the city that you said, and I quote, "eat me for breakfast"?

Mrs.Kennedy: Look, I'm sorry if I was hasty in my analysis.

Dawson: Apology not accepted.

: Dawson! You don't mean that.

Dawson: Yes, I do. I spent months working on that film which you gave two seconds of thought to before annihilating. After which, you proceeded to steer me away from the business as much as possible, but now, since you're dating my father, all of a sudden I'm worthy of an internship.

Mrs.Kennedy: You asked me to be truthful, Dawson. Now I may not be a fan of your work, but I am a fan of your enthusiasm. There are plenty of opportunities in the film business, not just creatively speaking.

Dawson: Ah, so I'm not creative enough.

Mrs.Kennedy: You're misunderstanding me.

Dawson: I don't think I am.

Waiter: Alright, are you guys ready to order?

Mitch: (forces a smile) Uh, yeah.

Joey: (to Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy) You guys go ahead. Dawson and I will be right back.

(They get up and walk to the bar.)

Joey: So this is your idea of a romantic evening?

Dawson: Joey, that woman trashed my movie, came this close to crushing all of my career hopes and now she's stealing my dream, what am I supposed to do? Talk about the weather?

Joey: Dawson, I know. I realize this. But by letting her get the best of you, you're putting a petty little battle before us and our night. I mean, it's upsetting.

Dawson: I'm sorry. Hey, for the sake of our evening, I will rise above.

(They kiss.)

Dawson: Okay?

(Joey turns to see Jen and Gail entering into Entre Nous.)

Joey: Oh, no...

Dawson: Is this a French restaurant or a French (missed word)?

(Cut to Pacey and Andie laying on Andie's bed watching television. Andie's a little fidgety.)

Andie: I'm going to go get something to drink.

(She gets up and leaves and Pacey stares after her. Cut to Andie in the kitchen, she grabs a glass out of the cupboard and turns to find Tim.)

Andie: (angrily) You're late. I thought you'd come earlier.

Tim: Are you okay?

Andie: Look, we can't talk right now, okay? Pacey's upstairs and I don't want him to find out about--

Tim: I don't care about him, Andie. I care about you. And I hate seeing you like this.

Andie: Look, you know what? It's just too hard having you both here at the same time, okay?!

(Cut back up to Andie's room, Pacey moves to turn the other way on the bed and he moves the pillows and under Andie's he finds a photo album. He flips through a few pages then gets up and heads downstairs. On the way down he hears Andie talking to herself.)

Andie: It's not like that, Brown. I can't just tell him. It's not that easy. There are too many repercussions that I'm not ready to deal with. Besides, why do I have to tell him in the first place? Would you understand if you were him?

(Cut to Andie's perspective where Tim's there.)

Tim: I guess I wouldn't.

Andie: Then there's nothing I can do.

Tim: Something...(long pause) You can choose.

Andie: I won't do that, Brown.

(Pacey leaps out from around the corner to see who she's talking to and he finds nobody and he stares at Andie confused. Cut to Jen drinking a Coke at the bar. Joey walks up to her.)

Joey: Jen!

Jen: J-Joey?

Joey: What are you doing here?

Jen: I'm here with Gail.

Joey: Yeah, we saw.

Jen: We?

Joey: I'm here with Dawson and his father and....Mrs. Kennedy.

Jen: Oh.

Joey: Yeah...

Jen: Not good...

(Joey nods. Jen looks at Mitch sitting at the table by himself.)

Jen: Or maybe not so bad.

(Joey looks at her confused. Cut to Dawson sitting down by Mitch.)

Dawson: Where'd Nicole go?

Mitch: To the bathroom.

Dawson: Um, I don't know if you watched the entrance just now but um--

Mitch: Your mother. I saw her.

Dawson: And you're not stressing out about this?

Mitch: What's there to stress about? She's seen me with Nicole before.

Dawson: Dad, whether you choose to ignore it or not, Mom is moments away from choosing whether to leave Capeside indefinitely.

Mitch: Well her decision to leave or not has nothing to do with me.

Dawson: It has everything to do with you. She's not just leaving for a great opportunity, she's running away from you. From your relationship, your unfinished business.

Mitch: Unfinished business is only a matter of paperwork and signatures now.

Dawson: I don't believe that, and I know you don't either. Dad I'm telling you, if there is even the smallest part of you that wants to work things out with her, don't let her leave. For your sake and for mine.

(Cut to the bathroom. Gail and Mrs. Kennedy come out of a stall the same time. They see each other, of course and Gail has a pissed off look on her face.)

Mrs.Kennedy: Hello, Gail.

Gail: I was actually kind of planning on ignoring you.

Mrs.Kennedy: I'm sure you were.

Gail: You wouldn't by any chance happen to be here with--

Mrs.Kennedy: Yes, I am.

Gail: Well, that just sucks, doesn't it?

Mrs.Kennedy: I'm sorry?

Gail: Well, I just got here. Maybe I should call it a night.

Mrs.Kennedy: Maybe. It would only be fair to Mitch.

Gail: On second thought, I think I'll let Mitch decide what's fair for Mitch. (smiles) Enjoy your meal.

(She leaves. Cut to Andie and Pacey in the kitchen.)

Andie: You were listening to me!

Pacey: You're damn right I was listening to you! What's going on here?

Andie: I don't know what you're talking about.

Pacey: Don't pull that with me. Who were you on the phone with?

Andie: I wasn't on the phone.

Pacey: Were you talking to another guy?

Andie: I don't want to talk about this. Will you just please leave?

Pacey: Tell me! Are you seeing somebody else?!

Andie: NO!


Andie: It's none of your business, now will you please just leave me alone!

Pacey: No, I'm not leaving!

Andie: I mean it this time Pacey!

Pacey: Andie, ever since Abby died, your moods have been completely unpredictable. (he turns her around) Look at me! Okay? I mean, one minute you're all over me and the next, you don't even want to see me! (slower) So if it doesn't have anything to do with someone else...I can't....I can't help but think...

Andie: What? Say it.

Pacey: I'm just wondering if it's maybe some kind of mental situation...

Andie: (pissed off) You had to go there.

Pacey: Well it's a logical place to go, Andie...

Andie: If you don't like having a wacko for a girlfriend then why don't you do us both a favor and just break up with me!

Pacey: I just want to help you, Andie.

Andie: No, you don't want to help me, Pacey. You want explanations for things I can't give you explanations for.

Pacey: Okay...(walks over and picks up the photo album) will you explain these?

Andie: It's a photo album.

Pacey: No, it's pictures of you and your family that I've never seen before! Alright, you had them out and were going through them, why?

Andie: It's none of your business.

Pacey: Andie, you changed your hair back to how it was in these photos of you and your brothers!

Andie: And?

Pacey: And coming on the heels of a month in which you have been acting anything but normal, I just find it a little odd that all of a sudden you would revert back to a hairstyle you had three years ago!

Andie: So that is what this is all about? You're freaking out because I went back to an old hairstyle. Which one of us has the problem here?

Pacey: Just tell me that your hair has nothing to do with these pictures...

Andie: Give me back the book.

Pacey: Why are you acting like this?

Andie: I said, give me back the book!

(She rips it out of his hands and turns around and accidentily smashes a lamp and some stuff on a table. She and Pacey just kind of stand there for a minute.)

Andie: Uh, you know what? You can stay here if you want but I'm really tired and I'm going to bed.

(She runs upstairs as Pacey kneels down by the mess and flips open the photo album. He picks up a picture of Andie with brown hair, Jack, and Tim, looking identical to the guy Andie keeps seeing.)

(Cut to a waiter pouring Gail some wine.)

Gail: Thank you for squeezing us in at the last minute.

Waiter: A pleasure. (motioning to the wine) Compliments of the house. You're officially Entre Nous favorite anchorwoman.

Gail: Thank you.

(He walks off. Gail looks at the dance floor.)

Gail: Look at all those happy people. I never thought romance could be so disgusting.

Jen: (laughs) Nice try, Gail, but once a romantic, always a romantic.

Gail: Oh, you think so?

Jen: Oh, I know so. And I would bet that if that band was to strike of a song that struck a chord in you, your eyes would well up in a matter of seconds.

Gail: Well, I guess there's certain songs with extra meaning.

Jen: Did you and Mitch have a song? Just out of curiosity.

(The waiters sets down their salads.)

Gail: (to the waiter) Thank you.

(Cut to Mitch's table. A waiter walks up.)

Waiter: Sorry to interrupt. But this wine is sent from another table who wishes to remain nameless.

Mrs.Kennedy: I just feel that the quality in film these days....the story is lacking...

(Mitch looks over at Gail across the room and smiles.)

Mrs.Kennedy: (cont.) Dawson, promise me when you're a Hollywood big-wig you won't spend your time "trying" to make big money pictures.

(Dawson fakes a smile.)

Joey: You don't really mean that, Mrs. Kennedy.

Mrs.Kennedy: Excuse me?

Joey: Well, since you've already made it perfectly clear that Dawson won't have anything to do with film, it's a little persnickety of you to imply that he may somebody be a Hollywood big-wig, isn't it?

Mrs.Kennedy: (forces a laugh) Persnickety...

(Joey stares at her and shrugs. Cut to Pacey sweeping up the mess and Jack's there.)

Jack: What happened?

Pacey: It's your sister, man. We got into a fight and this is what happened...

Jack: Man...

Pacey: Jack, something is wrong, I mean really, really wrong...

Jack: Last night I caught her talking to herself. I mean, she said she wasn't but I heard her.

Pacey: So did I! I mean, tonight, I heard her in the kitchen and I thought she was talking to somebody on the phone...

Jack: Talking to who?

Pacey: I don't know. I didn't hear the whole sounded like she was talking to somebody named Brown...

(Jack's face falls.)

Pacey: You know who that is.

(Andie's been listening. She's been slipping down the stairs without Jack and Pacey noticing.)

Andie: It's my name for Tim...When I was little I couldn't pronounce I called him by my favorite color, brown. You think I'm crazy but I'm not!

Jack: Andie, nobody said that!

Andie: I know what you're thinking but I'm not crazy. I'm not like Mom. I see Tim and he is here.

Pacey: We know, Andie.

(Andie starts crying and runs down the stairs around the corner and into a room where she shuts and locks the door.)

Pacey: Andie! Andie!! C'mon Andie, open this door. Andie! Open this door!

(Cut back to Mitch's table at Entre Nous.)

Mrs. Kennedy: I want it to have the commercialality of a When Harry Met Sally but the drier more ironic tone of Nichols and Meg.

Joey: Mrs. Kennedy, just out of curiosity, what do you think was the most lacking thing about Dawson's film?

Mrs.Kennedy: Do we have to go through this again?

Dawson: No, we don't.

Joey: I think we should...

Mitch: Joey.

Joey: I'm sorry, Mr. Leery, but there's obviously a serious undercurrent of tension between Dawson and Mrs. Kennedy...and it seems to me that the only way that they can have peace is if they confront the issue that Mrs. Kennedy finds your son to be completely and totally without a talent or ability or any way, shape, or form.

Mrs.Kennedy: No, no, I didn't say that.

Joey: Then what was it you did say?

Dawson: Yeah, what exactly did you say?

Mrs.Kennedy: Look, I believe that the key to success is not only having a dream but having the right dream. Many people aspire to be writers and directors but very few actually have the potential..

Dawson: Who are you to be judging anybody's potential? You spent a couple years in Hollywood before disappearing into some small East Coast town to teach high school. Whatever success you had in Hollywood couldn't be much.

Mrs.Kennedy: Well then it shouldn't matter what I think of your ability, should it?

Mitch: Well, he's a kid with a dream, Nicole. Isn't it your job as a teacher to encourage him to follow it?

Mrs.Kennedy: That's a really cozy fantasy, Mitch. But life has a meaner bite than that.

Joey: You know, there's a name for individuals who focus on life's meaner bites. It's called bitter.

Mrs.Kennedy: Well, on that note, if you'll excuse me.

(She gets up. Dawson leans over to Joey.)

Dawson: Joey, can I talk to you for a second?

Joey: (to Mitch) Excuse me.

(They leave and a waiter comes up.)

Waiter: Is everything alright?

(Mitch laughs. Dawson and Joey move back over by the bar.)

Dawson: What's going on?

Joey: What are you talking about?

Dawson: You know exactly what I'm talking about. Not ten minutes after you warn me to start practicing a little bit of decorum, you start pushing every button at that table.

Joey: You'll find out momentarily.

Dawson: I can't--

(Jen walks up.)

Jen: Alright, kids. Operation Reunited has begun.

Dawson: What is going on?

Joey: Don't worry.

Jen: You'll find out.

(The maitre'd walks up.)

M: Ladies, I see you received the wine you asked for...

Joey: Yes. Thank you.

Dawson: Alright, he knows. The maitre'd knows and I don't know.

Joey: Just wait.

(Cut to Mitch going to take a seat by Gail.)

Mitch: Familiar song.

Gail: Not familiar enough, Mitch.

Mitch: Well, one dance never killed anybody...

(Gail smiles and they get up and move to the dance floor and start dancing. Cut to Dawson, Jen, and Joey.)

Joey: Maybe there's more romance there then we thought.

Jen: Or maybe we're just really good.

(Cut back to them on the dance floor.)

Mitch: Thanks for the wine.

Gail: (confused) The wine?

Mitch: Yeah, it was mature of you. I appreciated the gesture.

(Gail's confused and she looks over by the bar where Dawson, Joey, and Jen are looking but try to act like they're not when she looks.)

Gail: Oh! Well, you know moi!

Mitch: So what's up with Philadelphia? Are you still deciding?

Gail: Considering tonight's seating arrangements that doesn't seem to be a concern of yours anymore.

Mitch: Point taken. But as Dawson's father, I make a point to make a quiet plea on his behalf. Like his father, he's not well at expressing himself and I don't know how well he's going to get along with you gone...

Gail: Well, at first, maybe...but eventually he'll be fine.

Mitch: Still...if I know Dawson...he's not going to let on how much he's missing you...

Gail: He could ask me to stay.

Mitch: But see that wouldn't be fair would it? You deserve the opportunity too much...

Gail: Well, I'll miss him too...

(They look as if they're about to kiss but the song ends.)

Gail: (quietly) The song's over.

(Mitch nods and they quietly go back to their respective tables. Cut to Pacey and Jack banging on the door.)

Jack: Come on! Maybe we can jimmy it, I'll go get a knife.

Pacey: Andie, come on! Open this door please!

(Cut to inside the door, where Andie is. She sees Tim in the mirror.)

Tim: Andie, stop crying.

Andie: Go away!

(Cut back outside the door.)

Pacey: I'm not going anywhere, Andie.

(Back inside)

Andie: Not you! Tim!

(Back outside)

Pacey: (panicky) Is Tim in there with you? JACK!

(Back inside)

Andie: I said just go! You're not real!

(She throws something into the mirror. Back outside.)

Pacey: Andie? What was that? Are you alright?

(Inside, Andie's crying. Outside.)


(Back inside, Andie's leaned up against the door, crying.)

Tim: They don't believe you, Andie. They think you're crazy, but you're not!

Andie: Yes, I am. I am crazy.

(Back to outside the door.)

Pacey: Andie, I don't think you're crazy and Jack doesn't think you're crazy either, okay?

(Back inside.)

Andie: Yes, you do.

(Back outside)

Pacey: No, we don't. I believe you, Andie. I believe that you're seeing Tim right now and that you're talking to him, but you know what? It's not fair that Tim can see me but I can't see him. So I need you to tell me what he's saying.

(Back inside)

Tim: I'll take care of you.

Pacey: (from outside) Okay?

Tim: You can't trust anyone else. They don't understand.

Andie: He says you don't understand.

(Back outside.)

Pacey: Tell Tim that he's wrong. I may not understand everything that's going on with you right now, Andie, but I understand you. Tell Tim that.

(Cut to back inside the door.)

Tim: You have to choose Andie. Let me take care of you. I'll make you better.

Andie: I can't...I can't choose.

(Cut to back outside. Jack has his head in his hands worried.)

Pacey: No, Andie, Tim's right. You do. You do have to choose.

Andie: No, I don't want to, I can't.

Pacey: (sincerely and emotionally) You have to, Andie. You have to choose, and I'm begging you from the bottom of your heart, to please choose me.

(There's no movement on either side.)

Pacey: (scared) Open this door, come out, and choose me. (Very emotionally) You are so special. You give so much to everybody around you, and you know what, Andie? I need you more than Tim does and so does Jack.

Andie: That's not true.

Pacey: My life began when I met you Andie, and you never gave up on me so I'm not going to give up on you. So please, Andie, (almost in tears) for the love of God, come out here and choose me. Please...

(Cut to Andie inside the door. She's looking at Tim and starting to cry a little harder. She's slowly raising her hand for the door handle. She pulls herself up and Jack and Pacey back away from the door. She opens it a little and Pacey moves closer and grabs her in a hug, she's still crying.)

Pacey: C'mere, c'mere.You're alright. It's okay. You're okay.

(Cut to Pacey and Jack walking down from upstairs.)

Jack: She's down for the count.

Pacey: So what do we do now?

Jack: Well, for starters, call my dad.

Pacey: Jack, think about what you're saying...

Jack: Well, no one's less happy about the idea than I am but he needs to know...

Pacey: Your father wasn't there for your mother, what makes you think he's going to be there for Andie?

Jack: Andie needs help. More than you or I or any one person can give her, my father can afford that kind of help!

Pacey: Maybe she just needs time to heal. I mean, time could heal her.

Jack: No, not with this...

Pacey: You don't know that, Jack.

Jack: Yes I do! This is what happened with my mother. You know, at first it was just like this. A few minor episodes here and there and by the time anybody wanted to deal with it, she was too far gone. The doctors they...they gave us this clinical explanation. They said that she had repressed her grief to the point where she couldn't experience it with anyone. Her conscience had to create someone to experience it with. I remember feeling so small and helpless when I heard that. And I wanted so badly to believe that there was something I could do.

Pacey: Go call your dad.

(Cut to Jen and Gail walking down the street.)

Gail: Thank you, Jennifer.

Jen: For?

Gail: My sign. I got it tonight. Althought the shenanigans were a little (missed word) for my taste.

Jen: Hey! I had short notice. So does that mean that you're going to stay in Capeside?

Gail: I never thought that I would. Every part of me wanted to flee this town and rebuild but when I was holding him on the dance floor in my arms I realized that I could move 10,000 miles away and never let Mitch go...

(Jen smiles.)

Gail: He felt it, too. I'm as sure of that as I am of anything.

(All of a sudden she spots Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy further down the docks. Gail runs off and Jen looks at Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy quizzically. Jen chases after Gail. Close up of Mitch and Mrs. Kennedy about to kiss and then the camera scans across the water to Dawson and Joey in a boat. Joey has her back leaning against Dawson's chest sitting between his legs.)

Joey: If I don't eat another French meal for as long as I live, it won't be too soon.

Dawson: But I thought it was a pretty successful evening!

Joey: (sarcastically) Yeah...

Dawson: (quietly) So far.

(Joey leans her head up and they start kissing. Dawson slides the shoulder of her cardigan down. Joey pulls away smiling.)

Joey: Okay, confession time.

Dawson: Yeah...

Joey: By any chance did you think that by planning this romantic dinner we would end up, uh....closing the deal?

Dawson: Joey Potter! You vulgar little thing!

(Joey smiles and drops her mouth open.)

Dawson: I prefer the term consumating their ultimate desires.

Joey: Oh...okay. (She laughs and sets her face on her hand.)

Dawson: (disappointedly) I didn't know the notion was that proposterous...

(Joey looks up and kisses him and smiles.)

Joey: It's not. I thought about it, too...

Dawson: (whispers) But the night is still young...

Joey: (whispers back) So are we...

Dawson: Okay. But you said you thought about it...

Joey: Yes, thought, Dawson.

Dawson: You actually considered-thought about it or just ordinarily thought about it?

Joey: (smiling) What difference does it make!

Dawson: I'm a teenage guy! It makes all the difference in the world.

(They kiss again.)

Joey: I considered and thought about it.

Dawson: Well, that's good. Considered's very good.

(They kiss again.)

Joey: Okay, let's go, Turbo...

Dawson: Okay.

(Joey moves and Dawson gets up to go to the other side.)

Joey: Be careful..

(He sits down and starts rowing.)

Dawson: So when you say you've considered mean thought about it considered it or just considered it considered it.

Joey: Would you just shut up and row!

Dawson: I love it when you're forceful!

(Joey rolls her eyes and smiles.)

(Cut to Andie's bedroom. She's asleep and she turns in her bed to the other side where Pacey's sitting. She opens her eyes.)

Pacey: Hey there.

Andie: I'm so sorry, Pacey.

Pacey: You're supposed to still be asleep.

Andie: (scared) What's going to happen to me?

Pacey: Well, you'll go see some more doctors, get the right medications, and you'll be fine, Andie.

Andie: But what if I'm not?

Pacey: I'm sorry, pal, that's just not in the cards.

(He wipes away a tear on her face.)

Andie: I'm so scared, Pacey..

Pacey: I know you are, Andie, and I am, too, okay?

Andie: I don't want to lose you.

Pacey: You're not going to lose me. Not not and not ever.

Andie: I love you, so much.

Pacey: I love you, too.

(Andie lays her head on his shoulder. Cut to ending credits.)

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