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  02x22 - Parental Discretion Advised
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James Van Der Beek: Dawson Leery
Kaite Holmes: Joey Potter
Joshua Jackson: Pacey Witter
Michelle Williams: Jen Lindley
Meredith Monroe: Andie McPhee
Kerr Smith: Jack McPhee

Mary Beth Peil: Evelyn "Grams" Ryan
Gareth Williams: Mike Potter
Mary-Margaret Humes: Gail Leery
John Wesely Shipp: Mitch Leery
John Finn: Chief Witter

Written by Greg Berlanti
Directed by Greg Prange

Original Air Date: May 26, 1999

(Cut to Dawson's room, onscreen a black-and-white film is playing. Dawson shuts it off.)

Joey: Hey there, abrupt?

Dawson: I've had enough unrequited love for one evening, okay? It''s too torturous.

Joey: I wonder what sick part of me thrives on movies with these kinds of love stories.

Dawson: The ones that end unhappily?

Joey: No. The kinds that never really end. I mean, think about it. To continue loving somebody even though there's no chance of that love ever thriving...that's romance.

Dawson: That is tragedy.

Joey: Not all love stories have a built in happy ending, Dawson.

Dawson: But why revel in the ones that don't?

Joey: I'm sorry...sad stories are just more powerful...I prefer them.

Dawson: Well, then do you think that....

(Dawson thinks. Joey looks at him.)

Joey: Speak.

Dawson: Do you think that that kind of a preference has an affect on your own love story?

Joey: It absolutely does.

Dawson: And that doesn't worry you?

Joey: No. Because the effect is positive. It's movies like these that remind me of how unmovable and powerful love can be.

Dawson: But they don't end happily. I mean, Daniel Day Lewis never gets Michelle Pfeiffer.

Joey: It's not their fault! It's just the circumstances.

Dawson: But what good is their love if it's not strong enough to overcome those circumstances?

Joey: Because in spite of the circumstances...they never stop loving.

Dawson: So tell me, Joey Potter...

Joey: Hm?

Dawson: (sincerely) Will you always love me? No matter what the circumstances?

(Joey smiles and kisses him.)

Joey: It doesn't matter. We get the happy ending.

(Cue opening credits.)

*Theme Song*

(Cut to Dawson in the kitchen with his mother.)

Dawson: I need some father/son advice. What do you do when you know something really bad about someone close to someone you really care about? Do you tell the someone you care about or do you just try and forget that you know the bad thing?

Gail: How bad is bad?

Dawson: Let's say beyond bad, bad.

Gail: Well, then you have to choices. You can either tell the someone you care about what the someone they care about has done or you can go straight to the person who's done the bad thing and confront them directly in hopes that they'll do the right thing.

Dawson: Wow. Dad's got nothin' on you.

Gail: And, um, speaking about your dad...honey, I've decided to take the job in Philly. I'm going to fly down there tomorrow, officially accept, sign a contract and affirm all my plans to relocate.

Dawson: Is this what you want?

Gail: Well the someone that I really care about has done nothing to even remotely suggest that he cares about me.

(Cut to Joey coming out of her house. Dawson's standing there.)

Joey: Hey..I just need a minute...good morning.

(She kisses Dawson.)

Dawson: Morning.

Joey: Hey, do you have your review for Geometry? I can't find mine.

Dawson: I was counting on you.

Joey: Two minutes.

(She goes back into the house.)

Mr.Potter: How's it going, Dawson?

Dawson: Good.

Mr.Potter: Ready for exams?

Dawson: I hope so. How about you?

Mr.Potter: Doing good. Doing real good.

Dawson: And legal?

(Mr.Potter just stops for a minute, in shock. Joey comes back out.)

Joey: Okay, ready. I hate exams.

Mr.Potter: You know what, you guys? Since the Icehouse is closed for the last stages of renovation you can use it as a study haven if you want to. There's plenty of old menu items to eat up, you can invite your friends.

Joey: Sounds cool. Dawson?

Dawson: Sounds good.

Joey: (to her dad) Thank you. I'll see ya.

(She kisses him on the cheek.)

Mr.Potter: Bye.

Dawson: See ya Mr.Potter.

Mr.Potter: See ya, Dawson.

(Mr.Potter stares off after them with a worried expression on his face. Cut to Jen and Jack walking towards school with coffee cups.)

Jen: Well if this doesn't help me survive the morning, I don't know what will.

Jack: You're going to need a lot more than coffee to stay awake from that all-nighter you pulled in the den last night. I haven't even seen study geek Andie put that much effort into a paper.

Jen: Well, I had a lot to say.

Jack: Yeah, what's the paper about?

Jen: Teen suicide.

Jack: You had a lot to say about teen suicide? Should I plan the intervention?

Jen: Well, not just yet. I'm not on the window edge right now.

Jack: Right now? This conversation just took a decidedly gruesome turn.

Jen: Nah, it's just realistic.

Jack: Realistic to who?

Jen: To most teenagers. The materials that I read said that a high percentage have considered suicide at least once. Haven't you?

Jack: Well, yeah, maybe once but dealing with everything hasn't really crossed my mind. It doesn't really scare me as much as it used to. What's your answer?

Grams: Jennifer!

(Jen turns to find Grams standing there with a bag.)

Jen: Hi Grams.

Grams: How are you?

Jen: Late for class.

Grams: Jennifer, wait! I've thought about how we ended things and I've given a great deal of spite of our differences...I want you to come home.

Jen: I have a home now.

Grams: Jennifer, I know you want your independence but this situation isn't right.

Jen: Jack is used to taking care of himself and I am determined to learn how. Together, we'll be fine.

Grams: Jack has no alternative, you do.

Jen: You've come here to welcome me home but you haven't even addressed why I left. And to be quite honest, I don't want to get into it right now with you.

(Cut to Pacey pulling up in his dad's patrol car. His dad is driving. Something comes over the radio about Pier Avenue.)

Pacey: That's the Icehouse. Are you guys staking it out?

Mr.Witter: That's none of your concern.

Pacey: Pops if this means you're going to start harassing Joey's dad...

Mr.Witter: I'm not harassing anybody. I wear a badge. I do a job.

Pacey: He's finally putting his family's life back together, the guy deserves a break.

Mr.Witter: I'll be the judge of that. In the meantime, you've got a final to get to. Now don't screw it up.

Pacey: Is there any possibility that your advice will ever take on a positive tone?

Mr.Witter: I'm positive you better not screw up.

Pacey: Gee, Dad, you know it's really great that we can have these talks every morning.

(Pacey tries to get out but Mr.Witter grabs his arm.)

Mr.Witter: Since your little girlfriend left your attitude has gone from bad to worse and I don't approve of it. A girl is not worth messing your life up over, you hear me?

Pacey: May I go now, sir?

(Pacey gets out and slams the car door shut and Mr.Witter drives off. Dawson walks up.)

Dawson: Did he try and run you over with the car this morning?

Pacey: May as well have, the bastard.

Dawson: Screw him. Have you heard from Andie yet?

Pacey: No, no I haven't. She'll call.

(Cut to a classroom where Mr.Milo is passing out a final.)

Mr.Milo: Your favorite guidance counselor will be proctering the exam today. If you have any questions please raise your hand, and I will come to you.

(Pacey flips open his book and scans the questions. He shuts it and sighs and lays his head on his desk, staring off into space. Mr.Milo looks at him, concerned. Cut to Dawson walking into the back room of the Icehouse where Mr.Potter is sweeping.)

Mr.Potter: Dawson...I suppose you want to know what the hell I think I'm doing.

Dawson: No. Not really. I came here to tell you whatever it is, I just don't believe it. I don't believe that a man who claims to love his children with all his heart and all his soul would traffic cocaine through the family business.

Mr.Potter: Dawson...

Dawson: I do believe that anyone engaged in such a blatant, criminal activity would put the well being of his own family ahead of his own selfishness and remove himself from the situation.

Mr.Potter: And what if that man found himself stuck, could you believe that?

Dawson: Well, if that were true, then a smart man would do absolutely everything in his power for the sake of the people who love him to unstick himself....and he'd do it fast.

(Dawson storms out. Cut to Mitch and Gail sitting on the Leery porch.)

Gail: So Dawson will stay here with you, I think it's a mistake to uproot him now with school and everything.

Mitch: Great..

Gail: I was hoping you'd move back into the house and in the summer maybe he could come down to Philadelphia and intern at the station.

Mitch: If he wants to.

Gail: Yes, if he wants to. Mitchell, I know he's happy here.

Mitch: But you're obviously not.

Gail: I didn't necessarily say that. But I have a job opportunity I want to take, you know I've outgrown my job here.

Mitch: So what you're saying is that your decision is based on what's best for you and not for our son.

Gail: What I'm saying is my decision is what's best for me is what's ultimately best for our son and he, believe it or not, understands this. Which is more than I can hope for from you.

Mitch: Is there anything else you'd like to tell me?

Gail: Just that I'm leaving tomorrow.

(Mitch's face drops. Cut to Pacey, Dawson, Joey, Jack, and Jen sitting at a table in the Icehouse.)

Mr.Witter: Pacey, what are you doing here?

Pacey: We're signing a peace treaty....studying, Pop, studying...

Mr.Witter: Joey, is your father around?

Mr.Potter: Hello, John. Restaurant's closed.

Mr.Witter: Hello Mike, can I speak to you for a second?

Mr.Potter: Sure. Come on back.

(Mr.Witter walks back there and as soon as he's out of earshot, Joey leans towards Pacey.)

Joey: What's going on?

Pacey: Hey, don't look at me. My father's crusades are his own deal.

(Cut back to the back room.)

Mr.Witter: Hey Mike, how've you been?

Mr.Potter: Good, you?

Mr.Witter: Good. (pulls out a picture of Pete) Have you seen this guy around?

Mr.Potter: Pete Lewis, he's an old friend.

Mr.Witter: With an alleged history of narcotics, Mike.

Mr.Potter: Well, I wouldn't know. We have a strictly social relationship. He stopped by for a visit to catch up...

(Joey gets up and walks back in the room.)

Joey: Find everything you need Mr. Witter?

Mr.Witter: Yes, thank you.

Joey: Need anymore help back here, Dad?

(Mr.Potter looks at Mr. Witter.)

Mr.Witter: No, we're done. This place is looking great, Mike.

Mr.Potter: Thanks. Come back next week when it's done. I'll get ya a free dinner.

Mr.Witter: Thanks. I'll do that.

(He leaves.)

Joey: What's going on?

Mr.Potter: He's just giving me an official welcome. That's all, Jo.

Joey: They're never going to leave us alone, are they?

Mr.Potter: Not for awhile.

Joey: Well, I guess we'll just have to ignore them.

(Mr.Potter smiles and walks off. Dawson walks in.)

Dawson: Are you okay?

Joey: Why is Pacey's dad doing this?

Dawson: Because it's his job.

Joey: No, it's his job to serve and protect Capeside from criminals, not my dad. He doesn't belong in that category anymore.

(Dawson's face kind of falls.)

Dawson: I know you're mad...

Joey: You should be mad, too! You're part of his family now.

Dawson: Well, when you say it like that I'm furious.

(Joey kisses him. Cut to Mr.Potter opening some canvas bags filled with cocaine. He takes them into his office. He shuts his blinds. Cut to Jen walking towards the coffee machine followed by Jack.)

Jack: You know, it sounds like she wants to reconcile your differences.

Jen: To the untrained ear, maybe, but to me it's just the same old grumple (?) speaking. I'm not the same old girl she wants around.

Jack: She did ask you back.

Jen: I don't want to go back.

Jack: Well, no one's saying that you have to but she is right. Your situation isn't mine.

(Jen glares at him.)

Jack: What? You don't think I've been under the same kind of scrutiny? More of the rough hours, Jen.

Jen: I thought that we had developed a closeness.

Jack: We have.

Jen: So then why do you want me to go?

Jack: I never said I wanted you to go.

Jen: Bringing up my grandmother, talking about me moving back, it's obvious where that leads.

Jack: Is this what you did to her? You turned her words all around until you're convinced that she wanted you to go?

Jen: You have no idea what you're talking about.

Jack: I think I do! You talk like moving in with me is going to be some great salvation. Well, let me tell you something, it isn't. Because my dad's going to have to sell the house soon and we're both going to be homeless.

Jen: Well, then, I will put myself out of my misery.

Jack: Don't say that.

Jen: Don't worry, Jack. Statistics are on my side, but I'll be gone by tonight.

(She walks out of the room, Jack sighs. Cut to a pipe bomb thrown through an Icehouse window and a fire immediately starts and is spreading quickly. Cut to Mr. Witter and Pacey walking towards his patrol car.)

Mr.Witter: You stay outta this, Pacey! You and I have a whole nother problem to deal with.

Pacey: Of course I do.

Mr.Witter: Today you got a phone call at the house.

Pacey: Andie?

Mr.Witter: Mr. Milo! He's worried about you. He told me that you've blown two of your finals.

Pacey: I've got it under control, okay?

Mr.Witter: Pacey, he said you didn't write word one on either exam. That's prudent! What were you thinking?

Pacey: I was thinking that it doesn't really matter, okay?!

Mr.Witter: The hell it doesn't! You get your things, you're coming home.

Pacey: No.

Mr.Witter: I don't want you hanging out here, Pacey. Mr. Potter's a known felon, it doesn't make me look good.

Pacey: Is that what this is about?!

Mr.Witter: Get your stuff!

Pacey: I said no!


(He grabs Pacey's arms.)

Pacey: Get your hands off me!

(Pacey's dad punches him.)

Mr. Witter: I'll be in the car.

(Cut to Mr.Potter opening his blind and seeing the fire. He grabs his drugs and rushes to the toilet and starts hurredly opening them and pouring them in to flush them down the stool. Cut to the group at the table.)

Dawson: Does anybody smell that?

Jack: Smoke..

Jen: Where's it coming from?

(Joey looks behind her through the door.)

Joey: There's a fire!

(She gets up and runs towards the smoke)

Dawson: Joey!

Joey: Dad!

(Cut to Pacey and his dad by the patrol car.)

Pacey: Dad! DAD!

(Pacey points towards the fire. Mr.Witter gets on the radio as Pacey runs in. Cut to everybody opening the door towards the room.)

Dawson: Careful! Careful!

(They go in.)

Joey: Dad! Dad! DAD? DAD!

Mr.Potter: Joey! JOEY, GET OUTTA HERE! Get her outta here!

Joey: Dad! Noo! Dad!

(Pacey drags her out. Dawson grabs a fire extinguisher. Jen stares at the flames.)

Jack: Jen, come on!

(Dawson starts using the fire extinguisher.)

Dawson: (to Mr.Potter) I CAN'T GET IN THERE! STAY BACK!

(Dawson breaks the window glass. Mr.Witter and Dawson get Mr.Potter out. Cut to Joey, Pacey, Jen, and Jack waiting outside of the Icehouse staring into it watching. Mr.Potter and Dawson run out with Mr.Witter leading the way. Sirens are heard in the distance. Joey runs up and hugs her dad. Dawson stares coldly at Mr.Potter and coughs from the smoke. Cut to Mr.Potter watching the Icehouse being put out by firemen.)

Dawson: Is this your idea of taking care of things?

Mr.Potter: It's not that simple, Dawson.

Dawson: You need to go to the police and tell them everything that you know.

Mr.Potter: I can't. It's too dangerous.

Dawson: THIS is too dangerous.

(Joey walks up and leans her shoulder on her dad.)

Joey: I'm all checked out. They asked for the hero next (to Dawson). That'd be you.

Dawson: I'm not a hero, Joey.

Mr.Potter: Don't be modest, Dawson. You saved my life. You're a hero.

Dawson: Some situations are too tragic to have a hero. This is one of them.

(He kisses Joey on the cheek and walks off. His parents run up to him.)

Mitch: Dawson!

(Cut back to Joey, looking confused up at her father.)

(Cut to Mr.Witter and Pacey talking inside.)

Mr.Witter: That bastard was lying to me. He's in it up to his neck and he knows it.

Pacey: Come on, you don't even know if this has anything to do with him.

Mr.Witter: A random arson incident in the middle of Capeside? Let's consider the chances of that, Pacey. If God hadn't blessed ya with my good looks, I wouldn't know who's son you were. Why don't you drive yourself home before you make another embarressing comment?

Pacey: I think I'll walk.

Mr.Witter: As if I care.

Pacey: Nobody assumed you did, Pop.

Mr.Witter: You'll have to excuse my son, boys. His girlfriend moves away and all of a sudden it's his time of the month.

Pacey: Screw you, okay?

(Mr.Witter grabs his arm and Pacey quickly removes it.)

Pacey: Get your hands off me! You don't touch me again! Ever!

Mr.Witter: Finally, my boy gets a pair (?) and all it took was getting his heart broken by some girl with a few screws loose.

(Pacey punches him.)

Pacey: Andie did more for my life in 6 months than you did in 16 years, you rotten son of a bitch. So if you want to make fun of me, if you want to bust on me, that's fine. But if you so much as make one more even slightly disparaging comment about the woman I love, you're going to policing this town from a hospital bed, you hear me? And one more thing, even if Mr.Potter was involved in all this, he's still 10 times the father you ever were.

(Cut to Bessie and Mr.Potter sitting at the Potter's kitchen table, talking. Joey walks in.)

Bessie: There's no reason that if we get an inspector out there tomorrow that we can't file a claim. It's start the procedure--

Joey: What's going on?

Mr.Potter: Your sister and I are going over the insurance papers.

Joey: No, I mean, with the police. Why is the Icehouse taped off?

Mr.Potter: The fire was arson related, it's typical investigative procedure.

Joey: So there's nothing else going on?

Bessie: Joey, what are you saying?

Joey: I'm asking Dad if he knows why the police are so interested in the fire or why there was a fire in the first place.

Mr.Potter: As God is my witness, I have no idea.

Joey: You're positive?

Bessie: Josephine Potter, you stop it right now.

Joey: No. I want him to swear.

Mr.Potter: I just swore to you, Joey.

Joey: I know, but I need you to swear again. I need to know that you're telling me the truth. Do you know who started that fire?

Mr.Potter: No.

Joey: Okay.

(She sighs, much more relaxed and they hug. Cut to Dawson sitting with his parents at the kitchen table.)

Mitch: There's no question. You have to go to the police.

Gail: Honey, whoever these men are that Joey's dad is dealing with, if they are capable of burning down a building then they are capable of much worse.

Dawson: I realize that but how can I do this to Joey? I mean, she finally gets her family back and I'm going to be the one that's going to take it away from her?

Mitch: Joey's father is responsible here, not you.

Dawson: But what if...what if I just gave him some time? Maybe he could change things.

Mitch: The man just got out of prison less than a month ago and he's already committed the same crime that landed him there in the first place.

Dawson: I just wish that I never saw what I saw.

Gail: There's a reason that you did, honey. Joey's in danger and she needs your strength. Even if that strength doesn't come in the way that she wants.

Mitch: You have to go to the police. There's really nothing else left that you can do.

Dawson: There is one thing.

(He gets up. Cut to Jack and Jen in Jack's house.)

Jack: You didn't make a move tonight. You stood there and you watched that fire. Why?

Jen: I was in shock, alright?

Jack: No, I don't believe you.

Jen: I don't remember, Jack.

Jack: I want the truth, Jen. All your little comments, how much do you mean them?

Jen: I'm not the kind of person that would take their own life, if that's what you're thinking, Jack. But...but when I was standing there, looking at that fire, I couldn't help but thinking maybe...maybe this is Fate's way of providing me with an out. Jack, I don't want to die but I didn't care enough to run.

Jack: I understand what you're going through. I know how numbing the pain of hating yourself is. You know, it makes you just want to push everybody away especially the people who care about you the most. But you can't. Not if you plan on ever being happy.

(They hug. Cut to Joey sitting by herself on some lawn chairs by the creek. Dawson walks up.)

Dawson: Hey...

Joey: Hey. You called.

Dawson: Yeah. Ahh (sighs) What I have to tell you you're not going to I'm just going to say it really quickly. Joey, your father's dealing drugs again.

Joey: (defensively & angrily) You don't know that.

Dawson: Yes, I do. I caught him. And that's not all. This fire tonight was not all, but partially his repsonsibility. I talked to him about it, I talked to my parents about it, I didn't want to talk to you about it because I didn't want you to know it's gone too far.

Joey: (shaking her head defensively) He told me he had nothing to do with the fire. He swore to me.

Dawson: He's lying to you.

Joey: Well, I believe him.

Dawson: I know you want to believe him.

Joey: No, I do.

Dawson: Joey, why would I lie about this?

Joey: Why are you doing this?

Dawson: Because you need to know the truth. Alright, this is a very dangerous situation right now. If your father could help apprehend the people who are responsible for this, if we went to the police and maybe you can work something out for your dad.

Joey: You want me to turn my own father in? What kind of a person do you think I am? Why are you doing this?

Dawson: Joey, this isn't my fault!

Joey: Yes, it is!

Dawson: There's no other option!

Joey: You just couldn't keep well enough alone?! You had to get involved?!

Dawson: Joey, I love you! I'm not going to let you risk your life to protect somebody who isn't protecting you.

Joey: Dawson, this is my father. I am begging you, just stay out of it.

Dawson: I can't.

Joey: Yes, you can. I mean, not just for me or my family's sake but for us. I'm telling you, Dawson. We won't survive this.

Dawson: That's a risk that I'm willing to take. Because I care about you more than I care about myself. And somebody has to do the right thing. If you can't, then I will.

(Joey slowly sits back down in her lawn chair. Cut to Joey, Dawson, and Dawson's parents in Mr.Witter's office.)

Mr.Witter: If I have to wait until I have enough proof to arrest your father, then he's going away for life.

Joey: You don't even have proof? Then why should I go along with this?

Mr.Witter: Joey, the men who tipped me off to your father's dealing are his competitors. They're also responsible for that fire last night. If your father doesn't help me get them, they're going to keep helping me until I get him.

Joey: You guys have no idea what you're asking me to do.

Mr.Witter: He's putting your entire family in danger.

Joey: Yeah, well, it's my family, Mr.Witter. And what benefits my family is being together and trusting each other.

Mr.Witter: Don't you think your father's betrayed that trust?

Joey: Well, right now I think I trust him a lot more than I trust any of you.

Dawson: You know what? Could we just have a couple of minutes alone?

(Mr.Witter nods and him and Dawson's parents get up and leave.)

Dawson: He wants to help, Joey. He cares. We all do.

Joey: (coldly) I appreciate the concern, Dawson. What I don't appreciate is having the solution forced down my throat.

Dawson: I tried to talk to your father--

Joey: That's just it, Dawson. You tried. But he's not your father, Dawson. It doesn't matter if he goes off to prison for the rest of your life, does it?

Dawson: That's why I came to you.

Joey: Yeah, with the decision already made!

Dawson: Joey, I wish there was another option but there isn't! You have to understand that!

Joey: I understand, Dawson, that in that black and white world in which you live, you didn't see any choices, but that's not my world. I see things in gray and that's what makes us different and that's what made me fall in love with you and that's what is tearing us apart.

(She leaves the room. Dawson sighs and runs his hands through his hair. Cut to Mitch and Gail sitting outside of their house on a picnic table.)

Mitch: We did well with our son.

Gail: Our one success.

Mitch: We've had more success than that, Gail. For the past 24 hours, they have reminded me so much of how I love to be a part of this family. Dawson was able to count on us when he needed to and I felt like a father again. And if you can believe it, a husband.

Gail: Oh, Mitch.

(Mitch kneels before her.)

Mitch: Stay here with me. With us. Please.

Gail: You see, ever since you left I have prayed for the day that you'd come back and when that didn't happen, I started seeing Philly for what it was. And oddly enough, it felt more right than anything had in a long time.

Mitch: But we can be right again, too, Gail. I want my whole life back. I want us.

Gail: No, you want what we had. We'll never have that again, Mitch. So I'm going to do something that's right for both of us, I'm going to take the unplanned route for a little while in hopes that whatever we lost, we'll be able to stumble upon again.

Mitch: Did Dawson understand?

Gail: He understands how much I love him. That's enough, I think.

(Cut to Jen climbing the steps to Grams. She opens the door and Grams sees her.)

Jen: I have three conditions.

Grams: What are they?

Jen: One - that we address the reality of why this didn't work out before. I know I made some mistakes. But even on my best behavior I never felt that I was comfortable living here with you. I never felt I was good enough.

Grams: Oh, Jennifer.

Jen: Two - I need you to acknowledge that I've been through a lot in my life. More than most girls my age, and what I need is your support, not your judgement. Especially not His judgement.

Grams: Okay..I think I can manage that.

Jen: What you need to understand, Grams, I don't need a legal guardian to be able to survive and I can handle a lot more than you think. But what I to live here with you. I want a family. I want us to take care of each other and I don't want to be alone anymore.

Grams: Neither do I.

(They hug.)

Grams: Was there a third?

Jen: Yes. There's somebody else who doesn't want to be alone anymore either.

(She motions towards Jack. Grams looks and sighs.)

Grams: Well, I've been meaning to clear out your grandfather's room for awhile.

(Jen and Grams hug again. Cut to Pacey leaning against the railing by the water. Mr.Witter walks up.)

Pacey: What are you doing here?

Mr.Witter: Well, for starters, you punched me.

Pacey: If you came looking for an apoligy, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Mr.Witter: No, I don't want one. I deserved it.

(Pacey looks at him, confused.)

Mr.Witter: Good for you for doing it. You got another phone call today. It was Andie. We talked for a long time...she's uh...kinda chatty, that one.

Pacey: (smiles) Yeah, she is.

Mr.Witter: She sounded sweet as hell, Pacey. So I'm sorry what I said yesterday, I really don't know anything about her.

Pacey: Apoligy accepted.

(He starts to walk away.)

Mr.Witter: No, I'm not done. As little as I know about her, I know even less about you, my own son. I realized that as Andie was trying to fill me in on what you two had been through...

(Pacey looks like he's on the verge of tears.)

Mr.Witter: (cont.) I didn't know about any of that. She said you were her hero...that was nice to hear. Anyways, I called your school and explained things to them. They said they're going to let you make up the finals next week, when you feel up to it.

Pacey: Thank you.

Mr.Witter: It's the least I could do. (pauses) I'm sorry I'm not the kind of father that you felt you could share your story with...

(A single tear runs down Pacey's face as he fights off as many tears as he can.)

Mr.Witter: And just one other thing...Andie wanted me to give you something...

(Mr.Witter hugs Pacey. They pull away and Pacey starts crying and throws his arms around his dad again.)

Pacey: Oh, God....I miss her so much....I miss her so much it's killing me, Pops...

Mr.Witter: I know you do, son, I know.

(Cut to Mr.Potter in the Potter living room looking at a picture of Joey with her mother. Joey walks in stiffly and slowly, very nervous looking.)

Joey: Dad.

Mr.Potter: Joey. Where'd you run off to this morning? I cooked you breakfast.

Joey: What's with the police?

Mr.Potter: Oh...

Joey: Are you dealing drugs again?

Mr.Potter: (starts crying and slowly nods.) Yes.

Joey: (starts to cry) Why?

Mr.Potter: Joey, I wish I had an answer for ya. I wanted to provide for my family. Not just survive, but provide. I thought that if I just made a little extra money, get ahead, maybe there'd be a chance for us...

Joey: Yeah but you served your time! You were supposed to start a new life!

Mr.Potter: I wanted to, Joey. But what you don't understand is the burden I felt.

Joey: We were a burden?

Mr.Potter: No! You girls are my gift. The burden was self-afflicted. Ever since I moved back in here with you, I have been the knowledge that I have failed you.

Joey: Then why didn't you tell me about this? We could have found a way. We could have done something!

Mr.Potter: I was just too weak, Joey!

(He reaches out to touch her and she pulls away quickly.)

Mr.Potter: I have been up night after night after night wondering what compelled me to take that road both times...and I don't have an answer for it.

Joey: But I trusted you! And you lied and you ruined everything Bessie and I have worked so hard for. I mean, we could have died in that fire and it would have been your fault!

Mr.Potter: I know, I know, I know and I hate myself so much for it that I wish I had died in that fire! I just...I don't know what to do...I don't know how to fix this...all I know is that I am so, so sorry.

Joey: (gets a grip on herself, her tears stop somewhat) I'm sorry, too. I took care of it for you.

(She lifts up the bottom of her shirt revealing that she has been wearing a wire. She looks at her dad with tears in her eyes.)

Joey: (whispers) I'm so sorry.

Mr.Potter: Don't be.

(Cut to Mr.Potter and Joey walking out of their house. He turns back around and looks at Joey. He walks towards the patrol cars past Bessie. He looks at Bessie and she looks away, crying. He gets in the patrol car. Bessie walks towards the house and up the stairs and looks at Joey and keeps walking. Joey looks over to find Dawson standing there. She slowly walks towards him.)

Dawson: How are you feeling?

Joey: (deadly cold) Like hell.

Dawson: Is there anything I can do?

Joey: (cold again) No thank you.

Dawson: You did the right thing, Joey.

Joey: No, Dawson. You did the right thing. What I did...the word right doesn't even come close to.

Dawson: We both did what we had to do.

Joey: (glares at him) What I have to say, you're not going to like, so I'll say it quickly. I hope one day that I'll be able to forgive my father for all of this, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself, but I know that I will never forgive you. See, Dawson, there are certain circumstances that love can not overcome and from now on...I don't want to know you.

(She turns and goes into her house. Dawson stands there, shocked and heartbroken and he forces out a whisper.)

Dawson: See ya, Joey.

(Cue ending credits.)

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