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  02x13 - His Leading Lady
 Posted: 02/21/99 12:41
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Episode 213
"His Leading Lady"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 3, 1999

*Cut to Dawson's room: Joey and Dawson are sitting on his bed watching a movie. It ends.*

Dawson: So. What'd you think?

Joey: That was the director's cut, right? 'Cause it seemed a lot bloodier.

Dawson: No, I meant with you and me. We did it.

Joey: Did what?

Dawson: First official movie night, post-breakup. I'd say it went rather well.

Joey: Yeah...well, congrats. I should probably go.

Dawson: Where are you going...Jo?

Joey: Well, Dawson, we watched a movie...

Dawson: Hold on a second I have some pictures I want you to look at.

Joey: You're really okay with all this.

Dawson: What? You and me?

Joey: Yeah...

Dawson: Yeah. I'm just so happy we're past all that relationship trauma.

Joey: Good. Me too.

Dawson: Great! So...*motions to stack of papers with pictures on them he's holding* the big dilemma, now that you're officially helping me in the movie, is who is going to be cast as Sammy.'re a...distinct, unattainable original.

Joey: Dawson, maybe you should progress beyond the notion that the character, Sammy, is me. I mean, why don't you look at it as finding an actress who can bring their own interpretation into the role.

*Dawson acts like he's not sure about that.*

Joey: I'm kind of....I'm amazed at how together you are about us.

Dawson: Time to learn to let go. Plus, you let me go *Joey's face falls* so I mean, granted, at first, it was really hard for me to accept but I mean, you moved on. You're with Jack. You let go. So, in turn, I let go of you.

Joey: Well, uh, since we're all letting go of each other...I really should go., I'm really tired and you always have a lot to do...

Dawson: I'll see you tomorrow, Joey.


Dawson: Goodnight.

*She hesitates at the doorway and turns around to look back at him. He's glancing over the papers for the role of Sammy. She looks slightly hurt by this.*

*Cut to Joey in her art class. They're drawing a nude girl.*

Teacher: Try and invoke a feeling that you have for the subject. Remember, this is your work so personalize it. If you see the world in triangles...then go with it.

*He walks behind Joey and glances at her sketch.*

Teacher: Excellent work, Joey. You're coming along nicely.

Joey: Thanks.

*Dawson enters the room and walks up to Joey. She looks very surprised when she sees him.*

Dawson: Joey...hey.

*Joey looks around wildly.*

Joey: Dawson, what are you doing here?

Dawson: I had to do some research at the college library but I wanted to give you my revised of the presses.

Joey: Thanks but I'm in class.

*Dawson moves to look at her drawing, then he looks at the model.*

Joey: Dawson...

Dawson: She's n-naked.

Joey: Yeah, okay, peep show's over now get out or you're going to get me in trouble.

Teacher: I'm sorry but this class is closed to wide-eyed visitors, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Dawson: Sorry...

*When he turns to leave he runs into an easel. He finally gets out the door. We cut to a picture of the face of the model, who is DEVON (Rachel Leigh Cook)*

*Cut to Pacey in Andie's room reading a magazine.*

Pacey: Hey it says right here that I can have the butt I always wanted in three weeks.

Andie: Pacey, I've seen your butt you have nothing to worry about.

*Pacey moves towards the full-length mirror and starts looking at his own butt.*

Pacey: You know, it's no wonder we have such an obsession with the posterior. It's impossible to get a good sense of one's own butt, you know?

*Andie comes out of the bathroom attached to her bedroom.*

Andie: Pacey? Are you checking out your own butt in the mirror?

Pacey: Me? No...

*He quickly goes back over to the bed and picks up the magazine again while Andie goes back into the bathroom and takes out her pills and takes them. A few seconds pass and Pacey gets up to see what Andie's doing and by then she's done.*

Pacey: I do agree with you though. This butt *grabs his* belongs in the Hall of Fame, what do you say?

Andie: Mmm. Nice try.

*Andie sits down on her bed while Pacey goes into the bathroom to get a tissue. He spots a medicine bottle in her trash. He picks it up, and it's the zanX medicine she had when Pacey saw her in the drug store. He leaves the bathroom with a confused look on his face. Cut to Dawson in the college library. From behind the shelf behind Dawson, we see Devon.*

Devon: See anything you like?

*Dawson spins around.*

Dawson: Oh my're the--

Devon: Model. My name's Devon.

Dawson: Hi. Um...Dawson. You must think I'm a total perv.

Devon: Actually, I was leaning more towards deviant. My psych profesor would say you were, um, suffering from some sort of latened desire. The need for someone to watch you...watching.

Dawson: Well...sorry to disappoint ya. I was just dropping something off for a friend. It was just an unluck--

Devon: Well, psych's not my major, anyway.

*She walks away but Dawson persists.*

Dawson: How do you do that? Model naked? It's kind of uncomfortable...

Devon: Well, actually I'm a drama major so I look at it as kind of an acting exercise. Plus, it helps and the money doesn't suck.

Dawson: So you're an actress?

Devon: Mm-hm.

Dawson: That's interesting...I'm, uh, directing a movie.

Devon: Oh, I didn't know they had a film school here!

Dawson: They don't. I'm, uh, still in high school.

Devon: And you're trying to make your first film. That's cute. Good luck.

Dawson: It's my second film, actually. My first film won the Junior division in the Boston Film Festival. And they gave me the funds to make my second effort.

Devon: *not that enthused* Impressive.

Dawson: You know what? I'm actually still casting. There's one part I haven't casted's one of the leads. We, um, start filming in 2 days. It's kind of a current situation, but, um, I'd love it if you'd read it.

Devon: And it's funded by the Boston Film Festival?

Dawson: Yeah, look, um, I understand your skepticism but...give it a read. The part of Sammy. My address and phone number are on the front. I'd love to hear what you think.

Devon: Be careful, Dawson. Stronger men have been crushed by what I think.

*She walks off. Dawson stares after her. Cut to Jen's house. Grams walks in with another boy carrying groceries.*

Jen: Ah, Grams! You're a God to me. We're in desperate need of snacks for rehearsal.

Grams: Oh, Jennifer! This is Tyson Hicks. He was kind enough to help me with my groceries.

Ty: Uh, it's Ty, actually. It's great to meet you.

Jen: Nice to meet you, too, Ty.

Ty: So your grandmother tells me that you're working on a movie.

Jen: Yeah...yeah...we're just gearing up to start.

Grams: Jennifer, Tyson has expressed an interest in helping out with the picture. Aren't you a little short-staffed?

Jen: Yeah, yeah, um, do you have any experience working on a film set before?

Ty: Well, um, no, but I've worked on a bunch of theater productions, and I'm pretty good with my hands and a fast learner.

Jen: Yeah, that sounds great. We can use all the help we can get, Ty. Even Grams has been doing craft service so...

Ty: Great. Well, you can use me for anything.

Jen: Excellent.

*Cut to Dawson's room. Pacey and Dawson are moving posters to different locations around his room.*

Dawson: So you found a bottle of prescription what, Pacey? Take a look in my parent's medicine cabinet. It's a veritible pharmacy.

Pacey: Yeah but this is zanX, Dawson. Not exactly your typical Saturday night muscle relaxant. It's for severe anxiety. You've never noticed Andie being any more high-strung lately, have you?

Dawson: Uh, no, actually I've been too busy watching her bounce off the walls. Pacey, if you're worried why don't you ask her about it?

Pacey: Because, man. I don't want to make the situation any worse. She's already under enough stress as it is with her family. The way I figure it, if she wants to open up to me, then she will. But it's also not really in my nature to just sit by while the girl suffers. I mean, I want to help but...

Dawson: She's operating under a lot of stress though, Pacey. The only thing that you can really do is make sure the time spent with you is as stress-free as possible. You know, help her have fun.

Pacey: Yeah...

*Pacey turns to see what Dawson is doing and he's taking the E.T. poster down.*

Pacey: Dawson, what are you doing, man? We just put the E.T. poster up. Why are you taking it down?

Dawson: Yeah, but's not in the shot. Over here, it'll be in the perfect position.

Pacey: You know, I understand that we have budgetary restraints but don't you think telling your life story in your own bedroom is a little perverse? Even for you?

*Dawson gives him a look. Cut to Dawson outside, later in the evening setting up a cardboard TV. Devon walks up.*

Devon: Hey there!

Dawson: Hey! How are ya?

Devon: Good. I read your script.

Dawson: You did. Great...and what did, what did you think?

Devon: I didn't love it.

Dawson: *disappointed* Really?

Devon: I mean, all the angst and the over-analyzing and the hesitancy to act on...anything. I mean, I really had to search my psyche and call back my adolescence.

Dawson: Ah, a few whole years ago.

Devon: Dawson, there is a vast difference between us. Anyway, the script's a little heavy-handed and overly rubose.

Dawson: What your saying is you're not interested.

Devon: What I'm saying, Dawson, is that I managed to muddle through the $20 words and psychospeak and get to the core of the Sammy character.

Dawson: I think what I'm saying is I'm not interested. The more and more I think about're not right for the part. You're too...small.

Devon: So what you're saying is because I had an opinion of your script, you're not going to let me read for the part? Here's the cold, hard truth, Dawson. If you can't take a little constructive criticism. You're never going to make it. Good luck in high school. I'm sorry I wasted my time.

*She starts to walk off*

Dawson: Wait a minute! Wait a minute, Devon! I'm sorry. Maybe you're right. Maybe I overreacted. I mean, you came all the way down here, the least you should get to do is audition, right? We can read Scene 5...I think it starts on page--

Devon: Actually, I was thinking we could do Scene 15, more towards the middle.

Dawson: *kind of taken aback/surprised* Okay...

Devon: K, just, uh, give me a minute...

Dawson: Sure...

*Devon looks over the script and acts like she's really focusing. She then walks over towards Dawson like she's ready.*

Dawson: Okay. *in character* Sammy, if you could only see yourself through my eyes.

Devon: You know, for the longest time, I thought that was what I wanted. For the boy across the creek, my best friend, to see me as beautiful.

*Dawson stares at her studying her acting, obviously pleased.*

Devon: (cont.) But this is just...*brings hands to lips* cosmetic enhancement and hairspray. I'm still the same old Samantha. The girl who resides on the wrong side of the creek. And if you look closely, Wade, you'll see. It's just me. *out of character* Is that kind of what you had in mind?

Dawson: That was kind of...perfect.

*Devon smiles. Cut to the S.S. Icehouse the next day. Jack walks by Joey behind the counter.*

Joey: *to Jack* Hey, um, I've got to get out of here early because I promised Dawson that I'd help him with tomorrow's shoot.

Jack: *smiles* Okay, um, do you think he'll have us working all day?

Joey: Us?

Jack: Yeah, yeah...Jen said that they were understaffed and she asked me to help out and Bess said she'd cover my shift so...

Joey: Oh. *pauses* And how does Dawson feel about this?

*Jack just shrugs and walks off leaving Joey confused. She grabs a tray and heads off to one of the tables where Devon is sitting at.*

Joey: Can I get you something to drink?

*Devon just stares at her, observing her.*

Joey: Um, are you ready to order?

Devon: *mocking her* Are you ready to order?

*Joey is completely weirded out.*

Joey: Is everything okay?

Devon: Yeah, um, I'll have a hamburger, fries, and a Diet Coke.

*As Joey writes down the order, Devon observes how she writes and starts mimicking her movements.*

Joey: Um, okay. I'll be right back with your drink.

*Joey pulls a piece of hair to tuck it behind her ear and Devon does the same. Joey is completely perplexed at this by now. She walks back over to the counter by Jack.*

Joey: Um, Jack, uh, could you go help that girl out there? She's really weirding me out.

*Cut to Devon making some actions with her hand in deep concentration. Jack comes out with her drink.*

Jack: Here you go.

Devon: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

*He starts to walk away but she stops him.*

Devon: Um, excuse me. Do you know that waitress over there?

*She motions to Joey*

Jack: Uh, you could say that.

Devon: Would you mind telling me everything you know about her?

*Jack's face falls, perplexed by Devon's curiosity. Cut to Andie's house in the backyard. Andie is sitting on a porch swing studying when Pacey enters.*

Pacey: Hey McPhee!

Andie: Hey!

Pacey: How's it hangin', girl?

Andie: *sighs* I've been reading this paragraph for the last 20 minutes. I can't concentrate. I have a ton of homework.

Pacey: Um, listen, I've been wrestling with whether or not to confront you about this. Um, I think I'm going to just get it out in the open. Do you want to talk to me about the pill bottle I saw in your bathroom the other day?

Andie: It's my mother's.

Pacey: If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine, Andie, but don't lie to me.

Andie: I started taking it right after Tim died. It helped to even out my mood swings.

Pacey: Why'd you feel like you had to hide it from me?

Andie: I don't know. I guess I was afraid of how you'd react but it doesn't matter now, anyway. You know, my doctor's not going to refill my prescription. She said she wants me to try therapy for my stress but thinking about that makes me just more stressed out so...

Pacey: Well, maybe therapy isn't such a bad idea. It couldn't hurt.

Andie: Look, Pacey. I can take care of myself. Don't look so worried! I'm okay.

Pacey: But if you weren't okay, you would tell me right?

Andie: Yeah!

*Cut to Dawson at rehearsal with Devon, Chris, and Jen.*

Dawson: Okay the scene will open up with a you two on the bed. Sammy you will be on the left and Wade, you will be on the right. Whatever's comfortable. It's really casual. *to Jen* Hey! Um, how are ya? Abby's late again so I want you to read the part of Kim. Enter from the door here.

Jen: Um...yeah...okay...yeah...what page are you guys starting from?

Dawson: 17. K, are you guys ready? And action.

*Everyone is in their roles. Jen (aka Kim) walks in.*

Jen: Hey guys!

Chris (aka Wade): Hey!

Devon (aka Sammy): I thought it was video night.

Chris (aka Wade): Well, it is. Kim doesn't really know anyone in Creekside so I just invited her to join us.

Devon (aka Sammy): Isn't watching movies a little, oh, mundane for someone from the big city?

Jen (aka Kim): Listen...if I'm intruding...

Chris (aka Wade): *gets up and puts arm around Jen* No, no, not at all. The more the merrier.

Dawson: No. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Go backwards. Chris the way you're saying it now it sounds like you're trying to get them into a menage a trois. I mean, you're interested in Kim, but Sammy's just your friend. I mean, she's your best friend but just your friend. I mean, the choices are subtle but they're very specific.

Chris: But Dawson, it's obvious that Sammy's into me. Am I just supposed to ignore that?

Dawson: Yeah. I mean, no, actually. You're not ignoring it. You're just not aware of it yet.

*Chris still seems confused.*

Jen: Um, Dawson! Come here for a second.

*They go over to the side.*

Dawson: *sighs* I know I casted a jock but he's got the inside of a warthog.

Jen: I know, okay, maybe you should let up a little.

*Dawson spots Joey, who's been watching this whole time.*

Dawson: Joey!

*Devon gets up and walks towards her, too.*

Dawson: Joey, come here. There's someone I want you to meet. Devon, this is Joey. Joey, Devon.

Joey: came into the Icehouse yesterday.

Devon: Yeah. Now you know why I was acting so peculiar. I was studying you. It's just, Dawson told me the character was based off you...

Dawson: You recognize Devon from art class?

Joey: Oh, yeah. The clothes threw me at first but you know...

Dawson: Um, I've got to talk to Chris for a bit, but you two can talk, get to know each other and you can study her manners.

*Dawson walks off towards Chris.*

Devon: So anyways, I was going for a new method approach to Sammy and I was wondering if you had any character insights for me. I have a couple dozen questions I want to ask you.

Joey: A few dozen?

Devon: Well, I think that Sammy and Wade are soulmates who will be forever connected by an overpowering, transcendent love...what do you think?

*Joey just stands there staring at her awkwardly, speechless.*

His Leading Lady

*Cut to Devon and Chris, in character doing a scene through the perspective of a camera lens.*

Devon (aka Sammy): Stop!

*Chris stops briefly*

Dawson: (from off-camera) Don't stop! Keep going!

*Chris starts walking again.*

Devon: (aka Sammy): Why are you running away from me?

Chris (aka Wade): Because for the first time in 15 years you are the last person I want to see.

Dawson: Hold on. I've got to move it--
*Dawson crashes into a camera. Jack was pushing him.*

Jack: Sorry! I'm sorry, Dawson!

Dawson: *sighs* Okay, um, *to Devon and Chris* you guys can take five.

Jen: Dawson, we should really try and get the first shot off before we start taking breaks, okay?

*Jen walks away by Ty.*

Jen: Ty, is there a problem?

Ty: Jen, I would like to say that this accident could have been avoided but with you standing nearby, I lose all ability to concentrate on the job at hand.

Jen: Down boy.

*Cut to Jack and Joey.*

Jack: Joey, I want to ask you...this whole thing really bothers you, doesn't it? I mean, life layed out for the whole world to see.

Joey: Please, it's a movie. Why should it bother me?

Jack: 'Cause it's about you. If I was trying to get over somebody, and get on with my life, the last thing that I would do is make a movie about it. Somebody needs to tell Oliver Stone over there that this whole war is over.

Joey: Look, Dawson is clearly over me. I promise.

Jack: Well, where's your evidence because I have proof to the contrary.

Joey: Don't think so much, Jack. I mean, everything is going to be fine. Don't worry about's just *makes faces like it's no big deal.*

Jack: You're right. Just as long as you're over him, nothing else matters. Dawson can do whatever he wants.

*Jack leans in and they kiss and then hug and we see Joey's face which is doubtful of her being over Dawson. Cut to a montage of shots making the film ranging from Jack's earphones being way too loud to Devon mimicking Joey's every move. Joey and Jack kiss another time during it, too. Cut to Jen and Ty inside the school.*

Ty: Hey!

Jen: Hey! Being a good boy?

Ty: Always.

Jen: I'm disappointed. *holding neck* Ah, I've got the worst cramp.

Ty: Here. Let me help ya.

*He starts massaging her neck.*

Jen: Feels like you've got some experience at this.

Ty: And being manipulated into a neck rub, yeah!

Jen: Maybe I can also manipulate you into...coming out with me tonight. I think after this scene I'm really going to need to loosen up.

Ty: I think that could be arranged. One stipulation. You've got to put yourself in my hands.

Jen: Well, they are good hands.

*She smiles and she walks off. Cut to Dawson, Devon, and Chris walking out of school talking about the film.*

Chris: All I'm saying, Dawson, is that I don't think my character would play it hurt.

Devon: And I don't know where my anger is coming from. I'm confused.

Dawson: Okay, I think that's enough for today.

Chris: See I think he should try and play it cool. Save some self-dignity and not throw all his emotions out of swing.

Devon: And I don't think I'd blow a gasket over this.

Dawson: Okay...Chris, not everyone is as cool as you, okay? When Wade finds out his girlfriend kissed another guy, he's...crushed. The last thing he's thinking about is reserving a little self-dignity. And Devon, you're an angry girl. That's part of the essence of who you are. And right now, you're frustrated that Wade can't see that you've moved beyond him.

Chris: Dawson, I can't relate. I've never been there.

Dawson: Okay, um...

*Dawson spots Joey talking to some people across the yard. Through his next dialogue, clips of Joey talking, muted, in slower motion, are shown.*

Dawson: It's agony. Complete, excruciating agony like your heart has been ripped out of your chest and stomped on. You can't breathe. You don't want to eat. You can't function. It's the most intense pain that you'll ever feel and the worst thing is there's no way to relieve it. It's unyielding, merciless torture and you know's yours for life. And Devon, you feel completely misunderstood. You feel like this guy who you've known all your life can't see the hope and potential of what you can become and you're, you're petrified. You're confused. You're afraid to stay with him. You're afraid to stay without him. You feel so alone.

*He stops and he looks back at Joey. Devon notices he's looking. Cut to Joey inside the school laying out sheets of people with photographs attached. Devon walks in.*

Devon: Sammy, I was wondering if I could speak with you for a moment.

Joey: It's...Joey.

Devon: Right! Um, I'm having a problem with this scene. I don't really get where my anger comes from. I, personally, am not angry by nature and I was just wondering if you could show me how you do it.

Joey: Do what?

Devon: Be angry.

Joey: Oh, you see, I'm not actually angry by nature, that would be the fictional part of this autobiographical tale.

Devon: tell me, how do you date one guy when you're in love with another?

Joey: Look. I know what you're trying to do. Don't go there.

Devon: Please. I see you lip-locked with that puppy dog but yet clearly your heart is still with Dawson.What is this guy, Jack? Your safety net?

Joey: Oooh. You're good. But I'm not that easily manipulated.

*Jack walks in and sees them.*

Jack: Is everything okay?

Devon: Tell me, Jack, what's it like being the transition guy?

Joey: Would you stop it?!

Devon: You know it must be really hard to open your heart to a girl who's heart is reserved for someone else...

Joey: Look you annoying little third-rate wannabe, why don't you take your irritating self and pray on someone who doesn't see through your pathetic attempt to masquerade bitchiness as research.

Devon: Thank you.

*She walks off.*

Jack: What was that?

Joey: She's too short to play me.

*Cut to Andie furiously following Devon.*

Andie: What do you mean you don't have it? It was in your hair!

Devon: Well, now it's not.

Andie: Okay, that barrette was a prop, and I'm in charge of all props. I need to get it back.

Devon: Well you better go find it.

Andie: Oh, like I have any idea where to start looking for some tiny little barrette okay?! It could be anywhere. How could you have been so careless for something that wasn't even yours. Don't you realize that people have jobs to do? Or does the whole world just revolve around Devon?

Devon: Get a grip, Prop Girl.

*Pacey comes up and pulls Andie away.*

Pacey: Okay...

Andie: Did you see that?!

Pacey: Yeah...

Andie: Do you believe her?!

Pacey: I'm starting to get a little worried about you, McPhee.

Andie: Well, don't be. I'm fine.

Pacey: No, you're not fine.

Andie: Oh, great! Thanks for the support, Pacey!

Pacey: Hey! Just tell me what to do here. 'Cause I'm starting to feel like I'm getting screwed either way.

Andie: My dad is in I.A. (?), my mom is barely to losing it, I'm holding on by my fingertips, and you're the one getting screwed! Oh, that's right. It's always got to be about Pacey!

Pacey: Don't make me the bad guy, Andie. I'll be your shoulder to cry on, I'll even be your punching bag, but I'm not the bad guy.

Andie: Pacey, I keep adding things to my list instead of substracting. With school, my mother, Jack, you, something's got to give and the way I see it, there's only one thing expendable on that list.

Pacey: C'mon, Andie. You're not in the right place to make that decision now. I're not thinking straight, okay?

Andie: Yes I am. For the first time, I'm seeing everything crystal. It's you, Pacey, you're the one that's got to give. We need to cool it because us, that's the problem.

Pacey: Andie, you don't mean that.

Andie: Yes, I do! And if you really care about me and you really want to help me then you would just back off and leave me alone!

*Andie storms off leaving a saddened Pacey behind. Cut to Dawson shooting a scene with Chris and Devon. Joey's watching angrily in the background.*

Dawson: And...action!

Devon (aka Sammy): At least let me explain.

Chris (aka Wade): What purpose could that possibly serve? You kissed another guy. In my mind, there's absolutely, unequivically nothing left to say! Ever.

Devon (aka Sammy): You don't even want to know why, do you? You don't even listen to me!

Chris (aka Wade): What justifiable reason is there that the girl who spent her entire life pretending that I was the only thing that mattered...threw it all away for a 30 second cheap thrill.

Dawson: And...cut! That was incredible! That was great!

Jen: Alright, great, you guys! Great shot! Let's get movin on and set up the next one before we lose the light, alright?

Dawson: *to Chris and Devon* Wow...

*Joey storms up angrily*

Joey: Dawson!

*Dawson turns around.*

Dawson: Wasn't that scene incredible?

Joey: Yeah! *grabs him by the arm* We need to talk!

*Cut to Joey leading Dawson into a classroom.*

Joey: Dawson, why do you insist on reliving in excruciating detail one of the most painful experiences of our lives? Is this your peversely, self-defeating way of moving on or are you just trying to punish me?

Dawson: *confused* Neither.

Joey: How can you be so okay with this, Dawson? I mean, didn't we mean anything to each other? Isn't anything sacred with you? I mean, I know that you've gotten over us and everything that we went through but has it ever occurred to you that maybe I haven't? I mean, it takes time and I'm happy that you are and I'm glad that you've found it so easy to move on but, you know, this movie is self-indulgent and unfair!

Dawson: Wait a minute, wait a minute! Let's take a little refresher course, Joey! You broke up with me, okay? You have a new boyfriend. You found your art passion. You have a whole new life! And what do I have?

Joey: A self-obsessed movie!

Dawson: Well, forgive me for not letting go of the one thing that I've got left!

Joey: Well, that's not healthy, Dawson!

Dawson: I'm not going to sit here and listen to you bitch at me about what I've done, Joey! You left me! You dumped me! I haven't moved on! Okay? I haven't let go! And that's why I'm clinging for dear life to the one thing that's keeping me going!

*Dawson storms out and slams the door to the classroom. Cut to Grams inside the school wrapping things up. Jen walks in.*

Jen: *talking to an extra* Thanks for a good day. Um, tomorrow call time's 8:30.

*She walks over to Grams*

Jen: Hey! Need some help, Grams?

Grams: You know, Jennifer. I watched you today and you know what I saw?

Jen: Why do I feel a lecture coming on here?

Grams: I saw all these young people working together as a team for a common goal and I was so impressed. Then I realized who was in charge of everyone and I was so proud. I found myself watching a beautiful, accomplished, young woman who just happened to be my granddaughter.

Jen: Well, I hope I had everybody else fooled because I was definitely flying by the seat of my pants.

Grams: *laughs* A woman movie producer. In my day, women didn't have many options. You got married, raised a family, but now, what a wonderful time to be a woman. You can do or be anything you want and without a man by your side.

Jen: Couldn't resist that one, huh?

*Ty walks up.*

Ty: We just wrapped the last shot so I'm ready to go whenever you are.

Jen: Just give me a second, k?

Ty: K.

Jen: *to Grams* Okay, go ahead. I know that you're dying to get it off your chest.

Grams: Have a nice time, dear, you deserve it.

Jen: Thanks, Grams.

*Jen walks away.*

Grams: Just don't stay out too late!

Jen: I know...

*Cut to Dawson walking down the hall by Pacey sitting on his knees leaning against the lockers.*

Dawson: Hey Pacey! Pacey, you look terrible.

Pacey: Well, I should. I mean, I really kind of screwed it up with Andie. Pushed too hard.

Dawson: What happened?

Pacey: Um, well, she told me I'm the element in her life that she can do without.

Dawson: Did she mean it?

Pacey: Yep...she meant it..

Dawson: Then, let her go.

Pacey: What?

Dawson: I think you should let her go. I really do. I mean, don't just pay lip service. Just let her go.

Pacey: Like what you're doing with Joey?

Dawson: Like what I'm trying to do with Joey. I mean, I've been fooling myself, Pacey, but I think I'm going to do it. That's the only way to get someone back to you.

Pacey: You know, Dawson, as text-book healthy as the letting go theory sounds, and, you know, it may work out for ya, it doesn't apply to me. I mean, this isn't just a case of teen romance gone sour. I know what I want. I want Andie. And she's hurting right now and whether she knows it or not...she needs me. I have absolutely no intention of letting her go.

*Pacey turns and walks down the hall. Cut to Jen and Ty walking down a sidewalk.*

Jen: I'm kind of hungry. I was hoping maybe we could grab a bite to eat.

Ty: Well, they'll have stuff to munch on here. It's my friend Lloyd's place. He's having a get together and I told him I'd stop by.

Jen: A party? Why didn't you say so? I'm always up for a good party.

Ty: Cool!

*They go into the house and there's just a few people standing around drinking out of plastic cups.*

Ty: Hey guys!

Lloyd: Hey everybody! Ty's here. We can get started. Hey I brought a friend with me. Jen this is everyone, everything this is Jen.

Jen: Hi...everyone.

*Everyone who's there comes into the living room to join up.*

Lloyd: Okay, last time we stopped on the First Book of the Kings.

*The camera pans the room where everyone is pulling out their bibles. Jen looks surprised/confused/disappointed.*

Lloyd: Why don't we pick it up from Chapter 9: Gods Promise and Warning.

*Ty smiles at Jen as she nervously smiles back.*

Lloyd: If you turn from following me, you or your children, or my commandments and statues that I have set before you...

*Cut to the doorbell rings at the McPhee's. Andie runs down the stairs in her bathrobe.*

Andie: I'm coming!

*She opens the door to find Pacey holding a rose.*

Andie: Go away, Pacey.

*She shuts the door in his face. He starts knocking on the door.*


*Cut to outside. Pacey is disappointed. He spots something, though. He walks around to the side of the house. Cut to Andie in her room. She hears something outside and opens her window and Pacey is climbing the (I forget what they're called) to her window.*

Andie: Are you nuts?! What are you doing?!

Pacey: Is this thing (missed words 'cause Pacey had the rose in his mouth)?

*Pacey slips a little.*

Andie: Oh my God, be careful!

*holds up rose*

Pacey: For the lady.

Andie: I don't believe you. Is this your way of staying away from me?

Pacey: Oh, yeah, about that. I've decided not to. You see you need me, McPhee. I mean, come on, who else is going to put up with you?

Andie: You know it's just one shove and it's a long way down, Pacey.

Pacey: I'd just have to climb right back up.

Andie: Okay, you know what? You're acting like a psycho and the last thing I need in my life, right now, is another crazy person. Go home, Pacey.

*She tries to shut the window but Pacey grabs it.*

Pacey: No. I'm not going to let you push me away, McPhee. You know, I think I forgot to mention that I'm actually a charter member of the Andie McPhee Fan Club and as a matter of policy, our right to ration(?) never waivers. Through the good times or the bad.

Andie: I just...want to feel better, Pacey.

Pacey: I know, Andie, I know and I can help. I know I can. And I'm not going to turn away from you, Andie. After all, you've done for me. And certainly not when you need me the most. We can do this together and I know that I can help you.

Andie: Pacey, how do you know you can help me?

Pacey: Because, Andie, I love you.

Andie: I love you, too.

*They lean in and kiss. Cut to Dawson still at school while everything's wrapping up. Chris and Devon walk up.*

Chris: Hey Dawson, we're, uh, going to grab a bite to eat. Want to join us?

Dawson: Um, nah, actually. I've got some work to do...thank you.

Devon: Sure?

Dawson: Yeah...yeah...

Chris: Okay, see you later, Dawson.

Dawson: Hey! Good work.

Chris: Thanks.

Devon: You know you impressed me today.

Dawson: I did?

Devon: Yeah, you know, it's interesting that you put such effort into making this script almost precisely match reality and yet you change the ending. You know my psyche profesor would say--

Dawson: Let me guess, he would say that I should put away all hopes of the past and focus on the future.

Devon: Very good. Look I just wanted to say that I think you show real potential in being a director.

Dawson: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Devon: Are you sure you don't want to grab a bite to eat or something?

Dawson: I'll definitely take you up on that some other time but right now...I just want to be here.

Devon: Okay. Have a good night.

*She walks off with Chris. Joey walks towards Dawson.*

Joey: Hey...

Dawson: Joey! I assumed you'd probably taken off...

Joey: I, um...

Dawson: About earlier...

Joey: Yeah...Dawson, I'm sorry I came down so hard on you this afternoon. was unfair and it's just been kind of hard...watching my life be reenacted in front of half of Capeside.

Dawson: Joey, if I offended you or hurt you in anyway, I'm sorry. I just thought that if I made this autobiographical, cathartic movie then I could put the past behind me in one fowl swoop, you know? Turns out it doesn't work that way.

Joey: Yeah, if only things could be that simple, right?

Dawson: You know what it is, Joey? I've spent the last few months of my existance trying to figure out how to be without you. I mean, I tried acting like it doesn't hurt, pretending I don't care, I guess I felt like if I acted like I was over you....I guess I would be. And, truth is, most of the time all I want to do is crawl into my room with my best friend, shut the blinds and just pour my heart out to her.

Joey: Dawson, um, I don't think you realize that it has been just as difficult for me. I mean, it's been tearing me apart, too. But I know we'll always be connected. I know that our lives are destined to be intertwined but...

Dawson: We have to move on.

Joey: Yeah...

Dawson: Little bit today...little more tomorrow...

*Jack walks up behind them.*

Jack:, uh, you ready?

Joey: Yeah...uh...

Dawson: Jack! Thanks for helping me out today. I really appreciate it.

Jack: No problem. It was fun, actually.

Dawson: Good.

Jack: Do you want us to hang out for a little bit? Help you clean up this stuff?

Dawson: No, no! You guys go out and have fun. You've given me enough of a good day.

Joey: Are you sure?

Dawson: Yes, absolutely! Go! Get out of here!

Joey: ', goodnight.

Dawson: Goodnight.

*Jack and Joey walk off and Dawson stares after them as the last light outside is shut off and he walks towards the school building. Fade to end credits.*

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