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  02x21 - Ch...Ch...Changes
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Episode 221

Dawson Leery: James Van Der Beek
Joey Potter: Katie Holmes
Pacey Witter: Joshua Jackson
Jen Lindley: Michelle Williams

Andie McPhee: Meredith Monroe
Jack McPhee: Kerr Smith
Joseph McPhee: David Dukes
Mike Potter: Gareth Williams

Written by Dana Baratta
Directed by Lou Antonio

Original Air Date: May 19, 1999

(Cut to Dawson watching "Casablanca" on his television while sitting at his desk by his laptop.)

Dawson: (Thinking) Compare and contrast Humphrey Bogart's character arc in "Casablanca" to one in your own life. Use examples.

(He stares blankly at the laptop.)

Dawson: (cont.) Number one...Mrs. Kennedy. The character starts out as a sadistic film teacher/father's new girlfriend who maliciously conjures up a finals assignment for the sole purpose to slowly torturing her helpless nemesis, played by Dawson Leery, to death. An example of a purely evil character...with absolutely no arc whatsoever.

(He highlights and deletes what he had and gets up and walks towards the bed where we see Joey.)

Dawson: (Speaking) Why is it that we're so ridiculously intent on pleasing the people who dislike us the most?

Joey: I don't know why you're making such a big deal about this, Dawson. I mean, it's your film final. It should be a no-brainer for you.

Dawson: I know.

Joey: Why don't you just...I don't know...interview somebody?

Dawson: On camera! That's it! I'll present my film final on camera! (laughs) I mean, I'm bound to get points for ingenuity if nothing else, right?

Joey: There you go..

(Dawson moves over and sits on the bed, pointing the camera at Joey.)

Dawson: So...Joey? Talk...

Joey: No! Forget it, Dawson.

Dawson: C'mon! You've gone through changes this year. You have a character arc!

Joey: No! You've already immortalized the likeness of my character onscreen, without my signed consent, I might add. Find another sucker..(pauses and smiles) subject.

Dawson: C'mon just a few questions...the camera loves you.

Joey: Okay, Dawson. Being the overly generous, kind, loving, caring girlfriend that I am, I will say something.

(She leans down and looks right into the camera.)

Joey: (smiles) Good luck!

(She gets up off the bed.)

Joey: See ya tomorrow!

(She kisses him on the cheek and heads for the door.)

Dawson: Bye...

*Theme Song*

(Cut to Andie walking into the kitchen of her house. Her father is sitting at the table.)

Andie: Daddy...?

Mr.McPhee: Hello, Andie.

Andie: What are you doing here?

Mr.McPhee: I came to see you.

Andie: (laughs) Funny. See, I seem to remember that, um, you're not welcome here.

Mr.McPhee: Andie, you and I have a lot of things to work out...and we will...but right now I'm here because I'm worried about you. I know about Tim and everything else that's been going on with you.

Andie: Well, you don't need to worry about me because uh...I'm fine. Pacey and Jack were here and, uh...they helped me through my rough week so I don't really need you here.

Mr.McPhee: Andie, this is serious.

Andie: So why are you here?

Jack: (appeared in doorway) I called him.

Andie: (incredulously) How could you do that to me?

Jack: I'm sorry...

Mr.McPhee: Your brother was concerned, as am I. I had no idea your situation was this extreme.

Andie: My "situation"? What is that? Another vague description of events so you can deal with it?

Mr.McPhee: When we get home, we can discuss all this. You should start packing.

Andie: Packing?!

Jack: You didn't say anything about leaving...

Mr.McPhee: It's a decision I've come to.

Andie: (furious) N-n-n-I don't care about your decision! We have finals. We can't leave!

Mr.McPhee: Jack will stay one more week, as for you, I'll call the school and arrange for makeups.

Andie: No! You can't take me away! I'm not going to let you!

Mr.McPhee: You need perpetual supervision right now. Your mother does, too. I've spoken to your current doctor about our options...we'll get through this.

Andie: So we have no choice?

Mr.McPhee: Andie, I'm not asking.

(Andie turns and glares at Jack.)

Jack: I'm sorry. I'm--I didn't know!

(Andie's stormed off. Jack walks off.Cut to Jen walking down the hall with Dawson, carrying his video camera.)

Jen: What in the world am I supposed to say?

Dawson: Just talk about some of the changes you've gone through in the past year...

Jen: Oh, God, what is this? America's Most Hideous Video Moments?

Dawson: Jen, c'mon!

Jen: Let me guess, Candid Camera?

Dawson: No, I'm serious!

Jen: (sarcastically) Oh, well, if you're serious then by all means. Let me reveal my deepest, darkest, most intimant secrets of the past year for your homework assignment.

Dawson: No, this is all--just forget about it.

Jen: (emotionally) No...actually..this is probably a good thing...I should talk about it so...(motions him to start filming)

(Dawson starts filming.)

Jen: (emotionally) I am I supposed to forget when all this drama began to unfold? I, uh...I don't know...all of a sudden I just...I just (looking as if she's about to cry)

Dawson: (into it) You what?

Jen: ...cut it off...

Dawson: Cut what off?

Jen: My hair (smiles and laughs)

(Dawson sighs and shuts his camera.)

Dawson: Jen.

Jen: Oh, I'm serious, Dawson. Making a dramatic hairstyle change like that is a very traumatic event in a young girl's life.

(Jen walks off. Cut to Dawson walking down the halls with Jack.)

Jack: Dawson, any day but today I'd be glad to tell you about my well-publicized life changes but,'s kind of a disaster...

Dawson: No problem...

(Cut to Joey taking a folder from someone.)

Joey: Thank you.

(Dawson comes up with his camera.)

Joey: No.

Dawson: Joey, I'm desperate.

Joey: No.

Dawson: Why not?!

Joey: Stalking paparazzi is not a flattering occupation, Dawson. Give it up.

(She kisses him and walks away. Cut to Dawson walking down the hall with Pacey.)

Dawson: I've been trying to figure out how people grow and change...

Pacey: Well, for only three easy payments of $29.95 you two can go from town prier to fine upstanding citizen in just 6 months...

(He looks into an empty classroom.)

Pacey: In here?

Dawson: Sure!

(They walk in.)

Dawson: So,'d you do it?

Pacey: I didn't do anything, Dawson. You and I both know that left to my own devices, I would be repeating the 10th grade. At best. At worst, I'd probably be living somewhere under a highway right now...

Dawson: Pacey, give me a break. I mean, sure, you had some outside inspiration, but you're the one that grabbed your life by the balls and turn things around.

Pacey: Dawson my only accomplishment this year was to find an inspiration like Andie. Everything else just stemmed from her.

Dawson: Classic hero who changes for the love of a woman.

Pacey: Not exactly, bud. (pauses) Everyday I wake up holding my breath, waiting for someone to expose my fraudulent act. You know? Lock me up for it. Figure out this whole thing was just a big lie...

(Dawson shuts off his camera, concerned.)

Dawson: We can do this later. Are you alright? What's going on with you?

Pacey: (on the verge of tears) Ever since me and Andie, well, I mean, literally collided, she mistook me for someone else. And she gave me somebody to be. And now that she needs my help there's not a damn thing I can do for her...I'm failing her, Dawson. (getting up and walking out) So you're going to have to find yourself another hero...

(He walks out and sees Andie.)

Pacey: Andie?

Andie: (still crying slightly) Oh, Pacey...

Pacey: What happened? You weren't in class this morning.

Andie: Um, yeah, my dad came back into town and...he's going to make us go home. He's taking us back to Providence.

Pacey: What?!

(Andie just nods.)

Pacey: (puts his arm around her) Okay....c'mon...

(They walk down the hall. Cut to Andie and Pacey walking into another empty classroom.)

Andie: God, he wants me to get help, okay? He wants us to be a family again, but he's been absent for over a year, Pacey, and now that I've finally started to make a life for me here he just wants to wrench me away...God, I just....he makes me so angry!

Pacey: (comforting) Okay...Andie, listen, can't he just get you your help here? You already have a therapist in town...

Andie: No, Pacey! He is the most stubborn man in the world. If he even thinks that I should leave, I might as well start packing.

Pacey: Andie, what is it that you want to do?

Andie: What is it that I want to do? Pacey, I want to stay here. Get help here. I want to be with you. I mean, the thought of us not being able to be together is just...

Pacey: So, Andie, we fight him on this, okay? This ain't over yet.

Andie: He wants to leave tomorrow, Pacey.

(Pacey's face drops. He looks at the ground.)

Pacey: Okay. That's fine. (he paces over to the door and back) That's fine. Andie, it's fine! It's fine. Because when he hears what we have to tell him, he's not taking you anywhere.

(Andie's face looks doubtful. Cut to Jack staring out by the docks when Jen walks up.)

Jen: Bite of my Subway for your troubles?

Jack: My dad's back. And believe it or not, I called. Andie is not doing well and I didn't know what else to do.

Jen: You did the right thing.

Jack: But, I didn't. I thought he would stay and help but instead he wants to take us back to Providence.

Jen: You know what, Jack? There's a bright side to this. Maybe Andie's going to get better. Maybe if you and your dad move back in there's a chance for reconciliation.

Jack: (laughing) in the Middle East. So what's your deal anyway? You going to stay at the Leery's forever?

Jen: Oh, ouch. I don't know. The situation's kind of dyer...

Jack: What about your mom and dad?

Jen: They made it pretty clear how they felt about me when they sent me here.

Jack: Well, you're different now. You're not the same girl that they sent away.

Jen: After what happened with Grams, I'll never believe that anything has changed.

Jack: Give em a chance, who knows? Maybe...maybe you're not the only one who's changed?

(Cut to Joey walking and handing a plate to a man sitting at a table in the Icehouse.)

Joey: Here you go.

(Dawson walks in and grabs her.)

Dawson: Hey!

Joey: Hey.

(They kiss.)

Joey: C'mere!

(She pulls him into a joining room from the front of the Icehouse.)

Dawson: Look at this place...

Joey: It's the lounge. Music nightly featuring the East Coast's finest entertainers.

Dawson: Am I going to need a tie to get in here now?

Mr.Potter: You might have some pull with the owner.

(He walks away. Joey smiles.)

Joey: That is not my father. I mean he's turned into this Mr. Saturday-Night-Sitcom, Father of the Year. The man I know was this grumbling, dejected mass of negativity.

Dawson: You mean a relative of yours was grumbling and negative? Nah, not possible.

Joey: I'm happy so sue me!

Dawson: Trust me, I love this new happy-go-lucky Joey Potter.

(They kiss again.)

Joey: I'll be back. I have work to do.

Dawson: Okay..

(She leaves. He slowly approaches Mr. Potter.)

Mr.Potter: Hey Dawson.

Dawson: Hey.

Mr.Potter: (motioning to the man helping him) This is an old friend, Pete.

(Dawson and Pete shake hands.)

Pete: Hi, how you doin?

Dawson: Dawson, nice to meet ya.

Mr.Potter: We were just talking about our days in the Merchant Marines together. Not exactly the good old days...

(Pete walks off.)

Dawson: I...I have a question. Actually, what I need is a subject for one of my final projects. I need somebody in my life who's demonstrated a major character change.

Mr.Potter: If you mean me, I'm flattered, Dawson.

Dawson: So you wouldn't mind if I interviewed you?

Mr.Potter: Not at all.

Dawson: Great. Great!

Mr.Potter: In return though, I've got something for you to do.

Dawson: Okay. Sure.

(Mr.Potter hands Dawson one of those, I forget the name but you set it on top of like structures your building to make sure it's level. Dawson looks at it quizzically. Joey's in the room now and is watching him with a smile on her face.)

Dawson: What does this do?

(Joey looks at her dad and looks at Dawson.)

Dawson: What?

Joey: (laughs) Nothing...

Dawson: What?

(Cut to Jack coming down the stairs, he opens the door, revealing Pacey.)

Jack: Pacey...from the look on your face it looks like you've come bringing bad news.

Pacey: Yeah, so what's the rush, Jack? Why now? Tomorrow morning?!

Jack: My family's flair for historionics. It wouldn't be a McPhee departure if we weren't doing it in the early dawn with, like, a few hours to prepare.

Pacey: Okay, how do we stop this?

Jack: I don't think we can. I mean, my father's decisions, they're final. There's no point in arguing them.

Pacey: I know how that is. Believe me, I do. But now's not the time to give up! There's too much at stake here, Jack!

(Mr.McPhee has entered the room now and been listening.)

Mr.McPhee: Which is precisely why she's leaving now.

Pacey: Mr. McPhee, I'm Pacey Witter.

Mr.McPhee: I know all about you, son, and I appreciate your viements regarding my daughter's situation. As I'm sure you appreciate my own concern.

Pacey: I do. Absolutely. I'm just wondering why you're making her leave this.

Mr.McPhee: Because her doctor's in Providence suggested that we waste no time getting her the proper care.

Pacey: Okay, so why not here?

Mr.McPhee: Because I'm not here.

Pacey: But she has friends here, a whole support system!

Mr.McPhee: Are you suggesting those things are more important than family?

Pacey: No, sir. I'm just saying that Andie's built a family here, one that I'm a part of, and I can help her.

Mr.McPhee: She's my responsibility.

Pacey: Well, with all do respect, sir, you knew of Andie's condition when you left her and Jack here so to take her away now because you suddenly developed some sort of guilty conscience is not fair.

Mr.McPhee: Is not fair to whom? My daughter or to you? Because you're just too selfish to let her go?

Pacey: (looks at Jack) You're absolutely right. I'm not just here on Andie's behalf. But if she left me, I don't know what I'd do. So I guess I'm begging you for both of us, sir, please, let Andie stay.

Mr.McPhee: I'm sorry. My mind's made up.

(Cut to Jen in the Leery kitchen, dialing the phone.)

Jen: Mom...hey...Jennifer...yeah, I figured that she might have called...I'm just, I'm staying next door with the Leery's....they've been really, no, they don't seem to mind at all. Actually, that's what I'm calling, I was wondering if that, well I know it's been awhile since we've talked about this, but I was just...curious as to what the situation is with me coming stay...with you and Dad...

(Cut to Dawson hammering a board. He accidentily hits his finger with the hammer.)

Dawson: Owwwwwww! (looks at what he's done) Oh, God, I suck at this.

(Joey sneaks up behind him and wraps her arms around him.)

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Hey.

(She kisses him.)

Joey: You know, I've decided that...this whole new macho working man thing, definitely a turn-on.

Dawson: Really?

(She kisses him.)

Joey: Mm-hm. I was thinking, however, that maybe you need a makeover. Tight T-shirt, denim, leather jacket, you know, grease the hair back...

Dawson: Sure...I could do that.

(Mr.Potter walks in.)

Mr.Potter: I'm ready.

Dawson: Oh, already? Okay, I'll finish that later and I'll go set things up!

(Dawson runs off and Joey looks at what he did and smiles. Mr.Potter looks at it.)

Mr.Potter: That's not going to work...

Joey: I know...don't say anything...

(Mr.Potter nods and walks off.)

(Cut to Dawson filming Mr.Potter, Joey's in there. She's not looking very happy.)

Mr.Potter: I guess everybody makes mistakes. Some of us are just better at it than others.

Dawson: But you were able to overcome your mistakes.

Mr.Potter: At first, I thought I would die of shame, literally. I lost everything that I loved. And as much as I didn't want to think it, Dawson, deep down, I was a weak man. And, even if I could turn things around, would my daughters ever forgive me? Could they ever forget what I did to their mother? How could--

(Joey gets up and walks out. Dawson stares after her, as does Mr.Potter. Cut to the McPhee house.)

Mr.McPhee: This will be good for your mother, and Andie, and you. Put our family back together.

Jack: What if, um, what if you stayed? Here with us.

Mr.McPhee: I can't leave my business.

Jack: Then start up a new one. Or move it here. Or take day trips, I don't care. If you really loved us, you'd stay.

Mr.McPhee: There's no one here to help Andie.

Jack: No, there's Pacey. I mean, I have never seen two people that have what they have together.

Mr.McPhee: I can only offer what I've offered.

Jack: You haven't offered everything.

Mr.McPhee: Yes, I have.

Jack: You haven't offered her a choice.

Mr.McPhee: A ch--I can't do that! It's best for all of us if we all leave. Jack! Your mother and your sister need serious medical attention. And you're certainly not going to get the help you need here in Capeside.

Jack: (in disbelief) Help? Exactly what kind of help do I need?

Mr.McPhee: If you could talk to someone about your problem...

Jack: Look, just don't even go there.

(He walks out of the room and starts up the steps.)

Mr.McPhee: Look, just hear me out. I understand that you're c-confused with these gay ideas.

Jack: The only problem I have is the fact that you have a problem with me being gay. Look this isn't about me anyway, it's about Andie and what's best for her. God, Dad, let her make the choice. Let her make the decision. You know how damaging it would be to take her away now? Away from Pacey?

Mr.McPhee: I hardly think a teen romance is a solution to a medical problem.

Jack: Her solution will come from the people that love and care for her, I know that's not your specialty, Dad.

(Cut to Andie playing with her stuffed cat while Pacey sits in a chair in her room.)

Pacey: This is ridiculous, Andie. For the two of us to be sitting here, passively waiting for our inevitable doom...

Andie: You could use this time to start studying for your finals..

Pacey: Forget about my finals. Listen, I've got a much better idea. You and I, we have no idea what tomorrow brings but tonight is ours so...

Andie: So what do you want to do?

Pacey: I'd like to get the hell out of here if we could.

Andie: Where are we going?

Pacey: Well, Andie McPhee, I'd like to take you on a date. One where I can come over and pick you up, take you out to dinner, maybe a movie, some moonlight, a little romance. Believe me, this is exactly what you and I need.

Andie:'s just...that there's so much that needs to be done and...I know what? You're right. A night out on the town, just the two of us, is exactly what we need.

Pacey: Now you're talking. We'll deal with tomorrow tomorrow. Tonight...tonight will be magical...

Andie: Okay...

Pacey: Okay.

(He kisses her on the forehead. He leaves. Cut back to Dawson interviewing Mr.Potter.)

Dawson: What drove you to your lowest point?

Mr.Potter: Joey's mom was getting worse...bills were mounting, why else would someone else make the idiotic decision to risk everything for the Almighty Buck. I found myself in what seemed to be at the time an impossible situation so I began trafficking marijuana.

(Joey storms in and blocks the camera from her dad.)

Joey: Dad, didn't you promise Bessie you'd bring her and Alexander dinner?

Mr.Potter: Dawson, can we continue this later?

Dawson: Yeah.

(He leaves. Dawson gets up and walks towards Joey, adjusting a lamp. He looks at her.)

Dawson: What's the matter?

Joey: Look, this whole Dawson Leery, investigative reporter at large's intrusive. Why are you making my father relive such an excruciatingly painful time of his life?

Dawson: That's the heart of it, Jo. I'm trying to get a complete picture of a man who's changed his life so completely, so heroically.

Joey: But don't you understand? I don't want to live in the past. We've worked so hard to close those doors and move on.

Dawson: Jo, I'm sorry.

Joey: If you're so hellbent on making this assignment about something real, then why are you doing it on another person? Why don't you do the obvious? Turn the camera on yourself.

Dawson: I can't.

Joey: Why not?

Dawson: (quietly) Because.

Joey: Why not?

Dawson: Because I'm afraid, okay? I'm afraid that I'm not enough for you and I never will be and if I do this, you'll realize that you've grown way beyond me and...I'm just going to lose you again.

(Cut to Andie getting ready in her room in front of her mirror. Jack walks in.)

Andie: Hey.

Jack: Hey...

Andie: I talked to dad.

Jack: And why are you smiling?

Andie: Because he said if I wanted to stay he'd try and work it out.

Jack: Wow. Then it's great news then, huh?

Andie: I guess.

Jack: Andie, y-you can't actually tell me that you're thinking about leaving?

Andie: I don't know.

Jack: C'mon, I think the decision here's pretty obvious!

Andie: Is it?

Jack: Yeah...

Andie: Listen, most days I feel fine, Jack. I do. But I'm not fine. In fact, I'm getting worse. And I think that whole Tim thing is just an indication of that. And the ironic thing is, the more time I spend here with everybody, and with Pacey, the more I want to get better. You know? 'Cause I don't want to drag him down with my problems.

Jack: I don't think Pacey feels burdened by you. I know I don't.

Andie: But I do. I feel burdened with the knowledge of how hard it must be for you guys to take care of me and that's why I've decided that if I leave, you should stay.

Jack: No way. You're my family. You go, I go.

Andie: But I mean, what about what you want? I mean, you're always so selfless, Jack. Will you promise me that you'll think about yourself this time?

(Jack looks at her. Cut to Jen climbing the steps to Grams with a suitcase in hand. She heads over to the door and takes a few breaths, she stops herself from knocking. She sighs and turns around and heads back to the Leery's.)

Jen: Bye Grams.

(Cut to Dawson using the level thingy.)

Mr.Potter: That's it. You're getting the hang of it. Good work, son.

Dawson: Thank you. Look, Mr.Potter...I-I'm really sorry if I made you dredge up some painful memories today.

Mr.Potter: Don't worry. It's not like something I don't think about every waking moment. But you asked me how I've changed, truth is, I don't know how much I've changed. But I keep trying, everyday, to be a better person for my family. To put someone else's needs before your own because you love them. Means everything.

(Joey slowly walks in. Mr.Potter glances from Dawson to Joey.)

Mr.Potter: I'm going to take a walk.

(He leaves.)

Dawson: I probably shouldn't have layed it all out there like that. I'm a little embarressed.

Joey: Dawson, you have it all wrong. I mean, can't you tell by looking at me? My life is perfect right now. I've got just about everything I've ever dreamt of. I mean, my dad is back, my family is together again, business is good, and most of all, I have you in my life. Add a white picket fence to this scenario and the fairytale would be complete.

Dawson: I just want to make you proud of me.

Joey: I love you...and I believe in you and I am so proud of you and I'm not only proud of you, but I'm proud to be with you.

(They kiss.)

Joey: Hey and you could be a great carpenter one day...who knows?

Dawson: Are you mocking me?

(Cut to Jack walking into the room where his dad is sitting at a desk doing paperwork.)

Jack: I'm staying.

Mr.McPhee: And your sister?

Jack: I don't know her decision. Whatever it is, I'm not going.

Mr.McPhee: You want me to leave you here alone at 17? I don't think so, Jack. I could be selling the house.

Jack: Dad, I don't care about the house. I can't live with you. Not with the way things are.

Mr.McPhee: With your mother's illness, Andie's problems, and even Tim's death....those I can find reasons for. But with you, I feel like I'm to blame.

Jack: But you aren't.

Mr.McPhee: If I'd just been around more.

Jack: It wouldn't have made a difference. I'm gay for the same reasons that Tim wasn't. It just happened that way.

Mr.McPhee: But there are people who change, they go back.

Jack: I'm hardly the encyclopedia of the gay experience but, I'd wager to say that their change is skeptical.

Mr.McPhee: How do you know? Unless you try.

Jack: I don't want to try. Why do you want me to try?

Mr.McPhee: Because I can not understand why anyone would choose that kind of life.

Jack: I didn't choose it. The only thing I chose was to be happy. Look, I can't go back for you because slowly but surely I'd be going to sacrifice my happiness for yours because I want you to be proud of me. But not under your terms. It just, it won't work.

Mr.McPhee: Jack...

(He stands up and Jack turns around. Mr.McPhee tries to say something but he can't. He goes back and sits at the desk. Cut to Andie and Pacey walking at the same place where they first danced and kissed.)

Andie: Do you know where we are?

Pacey: We' the water?

Andie: You don't remember.

Pacey: Of course I remember. This is where we first danced.

Andie: And where we had our first kiss. I remember my knees were shaking like crazy.

Pacey: My heart...boom boom boom boom boom boom.

Andie: I was deliriously happy.

Pacey: I died and went to heaven that day. That was a long...long time ago.

Andie: It seems like yesterday.

Pacey: What was I back then?

Andie: A slacker.

Pacey: That's what you thought, wasn't it? You thought I was a lazy brat.

Andie: You thought I was a spoiled princess.

Pacey: And you didn't let me get away with anything back then...

Andie: Yeah and your favorite pasttime was making me miserable.

Pacey: I hated you...

Andie: I hated you more...

Pacey: Oh, Andie, I really don't think that's possible.

Andie: It's been a wild ride.

Pacey: And it's only just begun.

(Andie nods.)

Pacey: May I have the pleasure of this dance, Miss McPhee?

Andie: Yes, Mr. Witter, you may.

(They start dancing and Andie starts crying.)

Pacey: What's the matter? Why are you crying?

Andie: I'm just so happy to be with you...and, um, I'm sad, too... I love you so much, Pacey....and I can't hide from the truth anymore. I'm not getting any better. Also, because I'm going to leave tomorrow...I have to...

Pacey: I know...

Andie: No goodbyes, okay?

Pacey: No goodbyes...

(They keep dancing, forehead to forehead, Pacey has his eyes closed almost in fear of what's to without Andie...Cut to Joey walking outside of her house in her pajamas, it's morning. Dawson walks up.)

Dawson: Hello. Good morning.

Joey: Dawson? What are you doing here?

Dawson: I've been here all night. Shut your eyes.

Joey: It's 7 in the morning!

Dawson: Shut your eyes!

Joey: I have my pajamas on.

Dawson: You look beautiful. C'mon.

(He leads her down the stairs)

Joey: What are you doing?

Dawson: Walk with me. Keep your eyes shut. Stairs coming up.

Joey: Dawson...

Dawson: I gotcha. There. One...two...three. You're on the ground. Okay? Okay, stop. Stop. Stop. Okay, now open 'em.

(Joey opens her eyes and she's amazed. There's a white picket fence in her yard.)

Joey: A white picket fence...

Dawson: Yep.

Joey: When did you do this?

Dawson: Took me all night. It's a little bit crooked down at the end there know...

(She kisses him.)

Joey: Thank you.

Dawson: I figure it will probably take me the rest of the summer to finish the thing but..

Joey: What? You hangin out in my front yard all summer? I think I could handle that...

Dawson: Maybe it's time I started climbing in your window for a change, huh?

Joey: Change can be good.

(They kiss again. Cut to Jack running through the bus station. He spots Jen and runs up.)

Jack: You didn't think you were going to get away without a send-off, did ya?

Jen: Oh, well, you missed the parade. It just left.

Jack: Well, looks like your parents said yes...

Jen: Not quite. I called my mom and she casually informed me that now was not a good time for me to reenter her life and my dad said he's still getting over my last stay with them. I told them I was different and that I wouldn't a worry this time. They asked if it was just a ploy to get more money every month.

Jack: Jen, I'm sorry..

Jen: I just figure screw it, alright? I don't need them as my destination. If I'm going to leave Capeside then what's holding me back?

Jack: You don't have another place to go?

Jen: Oh, I've got every place to go there's just nobody there.

(Jack pulls her out of line.)

Jack: Look, I often wonder how my mom would act if she was aware of what was happening to me, if she was capable of comprehending it. I don't think she'd have a problem with it because my mom loves me for the best reason reason at all. Because that's the way our parents should love us Jen. Unconditionally. Sadly, most parents don't. But as much as it's worse for them. It is worse to be incapable of loving then to not be loved.

(Jack takes her bags.)

Jen: Wh-no, Jack...

Jack: Well, I...I'm taking you back to my place. It's pretty empty and I could use a roommate...what do ya say?

Jen: Yeah...yeah...

(Jack hugs her and the bus pulls away. Cut to Dawson walking into the Icehouse.)

Dawson: (yelling) Mr.Potter! Here's your tools.

(He sets them on two stools and he hears some talking in the back. He goes and looks through the door. He sees Mr.Potter and Pete. Pete is pulling out a vase and he pulls out the flower decorations and underneath he pulls out a bag of cocaine. Dawson shuts the door behind him and walks back outside where he runs into Joey. She sets her tray down and walks up to him.)

Joey: Hey..

(They kiss.)

Joey: What's wrong?

Dawson: (starts to say something but stops) Nothing...nothing's wrong...

Joey: Okay...

(She hugs him and Dawson's face drops. Cut to Mr.McPhee loading up the car. Andie's hugging Jack.)

Jack: I'll see you soon..

Andie: Mm-hm...

(Mr.McPhee holds out his hand to Jack. Jack shakes it.)

Mr.McPhee: I'm not the best father, I know that. But I do want you to be happy.

Jack: Thank you.

(Pacey comes running from the other side of the house.)

Pacey: Andie! Andie! (to Jack) Hey.

(He puts his arms around Andie.)

Andie: We said no goodbyes.

Pacey: I don't want to say goodbye. I just want to look at ya...I wish I had some eloquent parting words for you but...all I could think of was this. Thank you. Thank you for everything you've given to me. Thank you for forcing me be the man you made me. Just thank you. I am so grateful to you, Andie.

Andie: Oh, I don't want to let you go, Pacey.

Pacey: Just remember your promise, okay? You and me together again, happy, healthy, more in love than ever.

Andie: I'll remember.

Pacey: You'll get better, McPhee. Then you hurry back to me.

Andie: Pacey...kiss me...

(They kiss.)

Andie: My knees are shaking...

Pacey: My heart...boom-boom, boom-boom.

(They hug. Andie slowly breaks free and walks towards the car. The car pulls out and the view is through the back window of Jack and Pacey left behind in the driveway.)

Dawson: (Overvoice) We're taught to believe that in the movies the character goes through an arc and changes, but what if that's not true? By the end of "Casablanca," Bogart's the same lonely, tough guy that he always was.

(Shot of Pacey by a fountain.)

Dawson: (cont.) His decisions didn't change him. Nor did his actions.

(Shot of Jen and Jack sitting on his bed watching TV and eating ice cream.)

Dawson: (cont.) It just showed what was already there. A man who wanted to change, but feared he couldn't.

(Shot of Mr.Potter sitting, looking depressed at the Icehouse bar. Cut to the TV in Dawson's room. Dawson is talking on the video.)

Dawson: (cont.) If Bogart really wanted to change, he wouldn't have sent his love away but held onto her for dear life...because...I think love is change.

(Zoom out on Dawson actually in his room and he looks at Joey, who's asleep.)

Dawson: Or at least I hope so.

(Cut to ending credits.)

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