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  02x15 - ...That Is the Question
 Posted: 03/07/99 12:54
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Episode 215
"...And That is the Question"

Dawson: James Van Der Beek
Joey: Katie Holmes
Pacey: Joshua Jackson
Jen: Michelle Williams
Andie: Meredith Monroe

Gail: Mary-Margaret Humes
Mitch: John Wesely Shipp
Grams: Mary Beth Piel
Bessie: Nina Repeta
Abby: Monica Kenna

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: February 17, 1999

*Dawson's room - Pacey is watching "Jerry Maguire"*

Jerry: *on TV* I'm starting a new company. The fish will come with me. You can call me sentimental...

*Dawson walks in*

Dawson: Dawson Leery, personal homework carrier, has arrived. Apparently, just in time for a private screening in his home theater.

Pacey: Dawson, when my suspension is over tomorrow, I'll go back home, but until then, I'm willing to risk you getting sick of me for invading your personal domain because hiding out here and alienating the hell out of torture and death in the hands of my father at home.

Dawson: Well, I'm happy to help. I'm just saying that I will be happy when my room returns to it's original owner...and odor. So...Jerry Maguire again, huh?

Pacey: Yeah, I'm running it on a continuous loop. It speaks to my current situation as a renegade moral crusader. So...what's new in the land of higher education?

Dawson: Well, pretty much the same old plus the ol' sexual identity crisis.

Pacey: How is Jack?

Dawson: Well, he seems okay. He's kind of keeping a low profile.

Pacey: And, uh...Joey?

Dawson: She's fine.

Pacey: Uh...Andie?

Dawson: Um..last I heard she had run off to Bali with a Brazilian soap star named Diego. I hear she's very happy, though, and tan. Would you just call her, you idiot? I can't believe you've let a week go by without even talking to her.

Pacey: Dawson, it's not that easy, okay? Andie thinks I'm responsible for dragging another McPhee scandal through the school quarters and I think she was being short-sided and selfish and insensitive so right now, we're at an impass.

Dawson: No, last week you were at an impass. Right now, you're just in avoidance.

*Pacey sighs and Dawson sits down.*

Dawson: Right now, she's hurting and you care about her, Pacey. Just...apoligize. Swallow your pride and get your girlfriend back.

Pacey: I don't want to apoligize to her, Dawson! I stood up for something that I believed in and I was right! I mean, look at my man Jerry, here. His mission statement. He took a stand.

Dawson: And he lost everything. He had to beg, grovel, and crawl to get it all back. And he was not sleeping on his best friend's floor.

Pacey: I thought you said I could have the bed tonight.

Dawson: I don't think so.

Pacey: Joey gets the bed.

Dawson: *laughs* Don't go there.

*Cut to Jen and Ty kissing in front of the school.*

Ty: I'll see you later.

Jen: Okay.

Ty: Okay, bye!

Jen: Bye!

*Ty walks off and Dawson walks up to Jen.*

Dawson: Love blooms in Capeside.

Jen: *laughs* God, I feel so silly. It's like I have this stupid Junior High crush.

Dawson: It's great. I'm very happy for you. He seems like a really nice guy, too.

Jen: He is. Very cool.

Dawson: Great.

Jen: Actually, um, feel like joining us? I'm planning a little evening excursion tonight.

Dawson: A bible party?

Jen: Not exactly...

*Cut to Joey digging in her locker and Jack's standing behind her.*

Jack: How deep does this thing go?

Joey: I can't find my econ. book.

*She hands a book and a purse to Jack among many other things he's been holding for her as she searches. He kind of hangs the purse off his shoulder.*

Morgan: Oooh! Nice purse, McPhee!

Jack: Oh! Let me know if you want to borrow it sometime, Morgan!

Joey: What a jerk.

Jack: Whatever.

Joey: It would just be nice if the running commentary would come to a stop, that's all.

Jack: And what? Give up my role as Capeside's most talked about non-homosexual?

Joey: You know what I mean. I mean, Jack you're not gay. So what is the joy in talking about something that has already been refuted.

Jack: Ah, well, we're going to have to fight fire with fire here. What do you say we make love on the student green?

*Joey stops, not in the mood for joking around.*

Jack: Wait, wait! Even better! We could end me. We could have a "going into the closet" party and then everybody could come dressed up as their favorite straight person.

Joey: *laughs* Get to class, Straight Boy.

Jack: *gruff voice* Uh, uh, no. That's, uh, Bubba to you.

*He kisses her on the cheek then walks off down the hall. Joey's face drops and Dawson walks up.*

Dawson: I know that look...

Joey: Yeah, okay, well you can still look but you can't ask, okay?

Dawson: Okay. Tonight, um, Jen has convinced me to tag along to this club that Ty likes. You wanna come?

Joey: I can't.

Dawson: Okay.

Joey: I'm sorry, um, thank you for asking. It's just that, um, Jack and I have plans to study.

Dawson: Ohh. Sounds like fun.

Joey: We haven't been focusing too much on fun recently.

Dawson: Well, maybe you should. You know, invite him to come along with us. Or you could, *laughs* I can't believe I'm suggesting this, just plan something for the two of you alone. Maybe even something...romantic.

Joey: *surprised* Dawson Leery. I can't believe you're giving me relationship advice.

Dawson: There are easier things in the world. Anyways, I gotta go.

*He takes off down the hall and Joey has that "What-a-nice-guy-I-kind-of-wish-I-was-still-with-him" look on her face.*

Joey: Dawson!

Dawson: Yeah?

Joey: *chickens out and fakes like she forgot* Nothing...

*Dawson smiles and goes into class as Joey scrunches her eyebrows and goes to her class. Cut to Peterson's Creative Writing class.*

Mr.Peterson: Miss Sullivan...Mr. Weinert...and, of course, Mr. Witter.

Pacey: Here.

Mr.Peterson: What a delight it is to have you return. Tell me, did you think of us while you were on...hiatus?

Pacey: Everyday.

Mr.Peterson: *pointing to papers* What's that?

Pacey: It's all four assignments that I missed while I was gone. I didn't want to run the risk of getting an incomplete on any of them.

Mr.Peterson: I'll be sure to take your diligence into consideration and this is your poetry assignment. I'm sorry you weren't able to get it back sooner!

*Pacey looks at it, he got an 'F'*

Pacey: What exactly was wrong with this?

Mr.Peterson: Well, in my educated, editorial stunk.

Pacey: So, as my teacher, you have no comments or advice on how I might compose a poem more to your liking?

Mr.Peterson: Yes. Write better. From now on, people, your grades will be subjective, whim to my personal taste. Those of you with talent, intelligence, and ability will have no problem and the rest of you should come to terms with your inevitable failure.

*Cut to Dawson and Pacey in the cafeteria. He's looking at his poem.*

Pacey: He's setting it up to fail me.

Dawson: And you can't drop it because it's halfway through the semester.

Pacey: Bingo. Which puts me at about a 7.4 on the "Screwed" Richter.

*Andie walks in across the cafeteria and takes a seat by herself, glancing at Pacey.*

Pacey: Or, make that 7.8. The phase of massive destruction.

Dawson: Go talk to her.

Pacey: She saw me. She could come over her.

Dawson: Pacey. Go.

Pacey: I will. I just want to give it a second.

*Cut to Jack sitting a table. Joey walks up and hands him a piece of paper.*

Jack: What's this?

Joey: A menu.

Jack: I realize that.

Joey: Look, if you don't like anything, just let me know. That's what I'll be cooking tonight.

Jack: For who?

Joey: You and me. We're going to have the dinner to end all dinners. At my house on the dock. And I was thinking...what it leads to from there....only the fates can say.

Jack: That sounds romantic.

Joey: Well, that's the plan, Stan.

Jack: You're something else, Joey. I don't know what I'd do without you supporting me through all this.

Joey: Well, it goes with the territory of kind of dating you.

*She kisses him on the cheek. Cut back to Pacey and Dawson. Pacey is watching Andie. He gets up and walks over.*

Andie: Hi.

Pacey: Hi.

Andie: You haven't called.

Pacey: Last I checked my phone has an incoming line.

Andie: You left me stranded on a pier after telling me that I was weak and insensitive. I really wasn't up for talking to you.

Pacey: And you judged and abandoned me when I needed you the most. I thought I'd wait for your call.

Andie: My call? And I'd call and say what?

Pacey: For starters, "I'm sorry."

Andie: I agree. "I'm sorry," would be nice to hear. Look, was there anything else you wanted because we really don't seem to be making any progress here.

Pacey: Well, Andie, I just saw you sitting over here and I thought I'd come say hello. Any progress beyond that I hadn't really considered.

Andie: Well, consider this. Hello is typically followed by one thing.

*Andie closes her book and packs up.*

Andie: Goodbye.

*She walks out of the cafeteria leaving Pacey behind. In the hallway, she meets up with Jack.*

Jack: What was that about?

Andie: I don't want to talk about it. I'm late to meet Mr. Milo.

Jack: What do you mean?

Andie: Nothing. I didn't want to bother you. It's just that he's been calling for mom lately and I've been covering and finally he just asked me to come in, that's all.

Jack: Andie, that's where I'm going. He asked me to come in, too. I figured it was just more of his good guy, counselor BS.

Andie: I wonder why he wants us both to come in.

*Cut to Mr. Milo's office. A man is tapping his fingers against the desk. Andie and Pacey enter and Andie's eyes light up.*

Andie: Daddy!!

*She runs and gives him a hug.*

Mr.McPhee: Hello, sweetheart.

*Jack just gives him a cold stare. Andie is happy with his return. Cut to Joey packing napkins, candles, etc. into a picnic basket. She's dressed up. The phone rings.*

Joey: Hello?

Jack: (other end) Uh...a romantic evening for two?

Joey: Yes.

Jack: I can't come.

Joey: *concerned* Why?

Jack: It's my dad. He came in from Rhode Island. He wants to take Andie and me to dinner.

Joey: *confused* Well, that's good, right?

Jack: Yeah, hardly. Milo called him. Told him everything that's been going on at school. So I think I'm going to have to take a raincheck.

Joey: *disappointed* Uh, um, hey, well, that's completely understandable.

Jack: I'm sorry, Joey. I hope I haven't ruined your whole evening.

Joey: No. Um, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Um, I'll find something to do.

Jack: Alright. Well, I guess I'll see you then?

Joey: Yeah, okay, yeah...I'll see you later.

Jack: Thanks.

Joey: Yeah, bye.

Jack: Bye.

*Joey hangs up the phone and walks over to her mirror and starts to take her hair down. Then, she seems to remember something and she picks up the phone and dials a number. Cut to the blues club Jen and Ty were at last episode. Dawson and Joey are following Jen and Ty.*

Dawson: Okay, this place couldn't be seedier.

Joey: Dawson, it's not that bad. I mean, it sure beats sitting home feeling dumb.

Dawson: Yeah, but...

*They all sit down at a table, watching the singer.*

Dawson: So, Ty, I take it you come here a lot?

Ty: Yeah, it's practically home.

Waiter: What'll it be, Ty?

Ty: Um, four usuals.

Joey: What's a usual?

Ty: It's, um, a surprise. A rather stiff surprise.

Joey: I, um, I'll have a coke.

Dawson: Me too.

*The singer finishes the song on stage. Everyone claps.*

Singer: Ty, honey, it's your turn.

Ty: Duty calls.

*He walks up onstage and takes a seat at the piano.*

Dawson: What's he--What's he doing?

Jen: I have NO idea.

*He starts playing the piano for the song.*

Dawson: Oookay...

Joey: Where'd he learn how to play like that?

Jen: Church?

Dawson: What is his deal? I mean, doesn't his religion frown on this?

Jen: Yeah, well, he's got issues.

Joey: He's perfect for you!

Jen: Thank you so much!

*Joey laughs*

Dawson: Okay, can we just stop and comment on the irony of the three of us sitting here?

Jen: Oh, you mean the proverbial, proverbial triangle.

Dawson: I mean, here I am, single, sandwiched in between two women who both dumped me. It's pathetic.

Jen: Hey, look at me, I'm dating a bible-bumping hypocrite, okay?

Joey: Hey, my boyfriend may be gay.

*They all laugh*

Jen: Bartender!

Dawson: Three usuals!

Joey: And hurry!

*They laugh again. Cut to Pacey at the library.*

Librarian: These are the code of conduct finals for every public job in the county including teaching guidelines. Not that I care, but why exactly are you doing this?

Pacey: Just trying to make the best of a bad situation. This is going to take forever.

Librarian: No, it's going to take...20 minutes. We're closing.

*Pacey sighs. Cut to Andie, Jack, and their father at a restaurant.*

Andie: So the doctor gave Mom this new prescription. It's (missed word) but her behavior has noticeably improved. Oh, she'll be so happy to see you! Hey, I know! Tomorrow, I can make this fabulous breakfast and we can surprise her. Oh and I made the honor roll!

Mr.McPhee: You always make honor roll.

Andie: Well, I made it again. So...Jack! Why don't you tell Daddy about the Icehouse? Jack's working at this great restaurant downtown, I hear he's doing really well there.

Mr.McPhee: You seem especially quiet tonight.

Jack: Well, there's nothing to say. Everything's alright, I guess.

Mr.McPhee: That's not the case, Jack. If everything were alright with the world, Mr. Milo would not have called me, insisted that I leave work, drive to Capeside and disrupt my life.

Jack: Well, sorry to bother you, Dad.

Mr.McPhee: Are you gay, Jack?

Jack: Would you care?

Mr.McPhee: That's not an answer and yes, I would. I think this family has enough problems. We don't need to add to them.

Jack: And it would be a problem?

Mr.McPhee: You're the only son I have now, Jack. You don't have Tim to hide behind anymore. People notice you now.

Andie: Daddy, I think you've made your point.

Mr.McPhee: Andie, this doesn't concern you. And I will have made my point when your brother makes the appropriate response to the question. If Jack really loves this family and appreciates all that we've done for him he'd realize that we already have enough to deal with in the way of problems that we can't help. And those that we can help, would be best resolved immediately. Did I make myself clear?

Jack: Yes.

*Cut to Dawson and Joey slow dancing to a song.*

Dawson: So, are you having a good time?

Joey: Actually, yeah.

Dawson: Good.

Joey: Thanks.

Dawson: Yeah, me too. I'm sorry your plans didn't work out but...I'm really glad you're here. Jack is missing out.

*They keep dancing.*

Joey: You think he's gay, don't you?

Dawson: I never said that.

*Joey sighs like "Please."*

Dawson: Okay, the thought has crossed my mind once.

*Joey raises her eyebrows.*

Dawson: And commited twice. I don't know, you know better than I do.

Joey: Yeah, I do!

Dawson: And do you know him as well as you know me?

Joey: No, of course not. Not yet. I mean, I can't read his eyes the way I can yours.

Dawson: So, what are my eyes saying right now.

*He looks at her with his "complete-adoration" look.*

Joey: Um, I think what your eyes are saying is how...comfortable it is for us to be here like friends.

Dawson: You're good.

*They keep dancing as we cut to Jen and Ty watching them from the table.*

Ty: You know, I don't get it. They make such a cute couple. Why would Joey want to be with a fruitfly?

Jen: Jack's no fruitfly.

Ty: Oh, come on, Jen. He's playing for the other team.

Jen: You don't know that.

Ty: Hey, if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

Jen: Why does it even matter if a duck?

Ty: Well, it's his choice. If he wants to quack, more power to him.

Jen: See I don't think it's exactly a choice you make.

Ty: Well, see, that's what they want you to believe. That it's not a choice. But, you see, everything in life is a decision. And all ducks choose to quack and Jack's definitely a quacker.

Jen: Are you kidding me or are you serious?

Ty: Oh, I'm serious. Nobody has to quack if they don't want to.

*Cut to Jack laying on his bed tossing a rubber ball against the wall and catching it. Someone knocks at the door.*

Jack: Come in.

*Andie opens it.*

Andie: Hey.

Jack: Hey.

Andie: I'm sorry about tonight. He shouldn't have said those things.

Jack: Well, it's okay. I don't expect any less.

Andie: Jack. He hasn't had it easy.

Jack: Yeah and life here on Windsor's been a bowl of cherries.

Andie: Well, it's not going to get any better unless he comes back.

Jack: Andie, come on!

Andie: Well, it's true! I mean, we can not keep watching over Mom and everything. We are too young for this kind of responsibility.

Jack: Then we'll get used to it cause he's not going to stay. You're a fool if you think he is.

Andie: But if we make him see that we all need to be together then--

Jack: WHY?! Why do we need to?!

Andie: Because he's our father.

Jack: Andie, we lost him when Tim died and then Mom got sick and he bailed. So what makes you think things are going to be any different now?

Andie: How do you expect him to accept you if that's the way you feel about him? If you keep on resisting loving him, how's he supposed to love you back?

Jack: I don't know and frankly, I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, you can spend the rest of your life listing your accomplishments towards him, begging in his lap for a few meager signs of approval that he decides to toss your way but I can't do that.

Andie: I don't think there is anything wrong for wanting my father to be proud of me.

Jack: No, no, there isn't. But did you ever stop to wonder if you're proud of him?

*Cut to Ty and Jen at Jen's house.*

Jen: *handing her a plate* Thank you, Grams.

Grams: I really like that Ty boy, Jennifer.

Ty: That was a great sandwich, Mrs. Ryan.

Grams: Would you like some more milk, Tyson?

Ty: No, no, no thanks. One's my limit. I'm driving.

*Jen is sitting there quietly.*

Ty: Are you upset about something?

Jen: No. No, it's--you know what, yeah. Yeah, actually I am.

Ty: Let me guess. The quacking ducks.

Jen: How can you think that it's wrong?

Ty: Oh, I never said it was wrong, Jen. I just said it was a choice.

Jen: So you think it's okay?

Ty: No. No. I think it's wrong. It's in the Bible. Hey, Mrs. Ryan, what's the chapter that condemns homosexuality as a sin?

Grams: I believe it's the book of Li--

Jen: Grams, stay out of this. Please, okay? I'm not going to let you two gang up on me, here. How can you have such a narrow view of being gay?

Ty: How can your view be so narrowly liberal?

Jen: Ty, you're no Saint, you know that.

Ty: I don't claim to be but one day, I'm going to have to answer to the Big Man and so will Jack. And if he's ready to take responsibility for his actions then he can do whatever he wants. I just think that his kind is damaging to the world at large.

Jen: I can not believe you. For you to just magically suggest that someone can decide whether or not to be gay is insane.

Ty: The facts don't lie, Jen! The gay movement has been nothing but medically and morally damaging to this country.

Jen: What?!

Grams: I've tried to stay out of this, but I can't, Jennifer.

Jen: No, no! I am not going to let you guys moral majority me, here, when you don't even know all the facts!

Grams: What I have to say is not directed at you, Jen, what I have to say is for Tyson. If Jack is gay, he does not need your judgement, young man. The Lord above will judge him, as he will all of us. What he needs from you, from me, from everyone else in this world is love and tolerance. If anything, that boy is feeling scared and alone and he will need the understanding of his fellow man to help him through this. Let's save judgement for someone much more experienced than you.

*Jen smiles and stands up next to Grams, those two ganged up on Ty. Cut to Dawson walking Joey home.*

Joey: You know, you didn't have to walk me home.

Dawson: Well, maybe I wanted to. How you doin'?

Joey: Mm. Okay, I guess.

Dawson: Did the blues club just make you more blue?

Joey: Yeah...

Dawson: Want to talk about it?

Joey: It's stupid...

*She opens her door and Dawson follows her in.*

Dawson: If it's stupid you're talking to the right person, okay? I happen to have a world of experience when it comes to stupidity.

Joey: Can I ask you something straight-forward and honest?

Dawson: Yeah, you know you can.

Joey: I sexual?

Dawson: What?

Joey: The thing is, um, I know that Jack's not gay but he's obviously confused about something and it's always kept him at a distance and I was just wondering if he chose me because...I'm safe.

Dawson: Safe?

Joey: Look at me. I'm Joey Potter, virgin at large. I don't really have any experience with men or relationships or sex.

Dawson: Joey, you are extremely sexual.

Joey: But you didn't see it. I mean, you fell for Jen, sex machine. I was something else to you.

Dawson: Joey, I was just stupid. It took me time to see what was there.

Joey: And what was there?

Dawson: What was there was one amazingly, sexy girl. Joey, your sexuality is in everything you do. Your wit, your intelligence, your anger, your fiestiness. I see it more and more everyday. You're blossoming and it's amazingly sexy.

Joey: Thanks, Dawson.

Dawson: Look, I don't think the question is why did Jack choose you. I think the real question is why did you choose Jack?

*Dawson walks towards the door.*

Dawson: Goodnight.

Joey: Goodnight, Dawson...

*Cut to the principal arriving at school and Pacey's waiting.*

Pacey: Principal Marky(?)!

Principal: Pacey. Judging from your tardiness record, I didn't think you rose before 10.

Pacey: Well, rising requires sleeping and I didn't get a chance to do that last night. This is for you.

*He hands her some papers.*

Principal: What is this?

Pacey: It's a document I prepared. I checked out the state bilaws on professional antics for teachers and turns out, Mr. Peterson's in violation of almost every one.

Principal: What's your point here?

Pacey: *reading* All educators should maintain professional relationships with all students in a manner in which is free of indictiveness, recrimination, and harassment. Want me to keep reading?

Principal: What are you suggesting? That I call Mr. Peterson to my office and give him Saturday detention?

Pacey: No, you don't have to do anything. That folder contains over 20 other testimonies from students that I gathered last night. There's a school board meeting on Tuesday and I sent a copy of that to every person on the board. I want this man publicly reprimanded for his behavior.

Principal: I hope you know what you're doing, Pacey.

Pacey: I'm sorry if I had to go around you Principal Marky. But I was just trying to do the best I could with my given said circumstances.

*He walks off. Cut to the McPhee house. Mr.McPhee comes down the stairs with his suitcases.*

Andie: Daddy, where are you going?

Mr.McPhee: I have to get back. I have three meetings this afternoon. Here's names of some nurse companies for your mother. We'll get help in here for ya.

Andie: Well, can't you stay any longer?

Mr.McPhee: No, I'm sorry. It's not possible.

Andie: But you said we'd discuss it and we haven't yet.

Mr.McPhee: Andie, don't get emotional. I'll be back in a few weeks.

Jack: Don't bother.

Mr.McPhee: Excuse me?

Jack: I said don't bother coming back.

Andie: Jack. Daddy and I are talking right now so please just let us talk.

Mr.McPhee: Would you like to explain your comment?

Jack: You don't want to be here so don't bother coming back. We have everything under control. Save yourself the gas mileage.

Mr.McPhee: I will not suffer that tone from you. You understand me? I work too hard.

Jack: Oh, that's always the excuse, isn't it? You work too hard. Well, I could care less how hard you work. What's the sense in trying to support a family you don't even care about?

Mr.McPhee: Alright, that's it. Goodbye, Andie. I'll call you in a few days.

*He turns for the door but Jack runs for it and slams it shut, blocking his path.*

Jack: No, no, no! You're not going anywhere!

Mr.McPhee: Get out of that doorway!

Jack: No! This is one conversation that you can't run away from! You don't want to talk about Tim's death. Or Mom being sick or even why she's sick. You trust the reality of why your daughter's been on and off prescription drugs for the last two years. That's fine, too. *yelling and crying* But we are going to talk about me!


Jack: No! I will NOT calm down and I will NOT be quiet! You want to resolve this then ask me again.

Mr.McPhee: Ask you what?

Jack: The question! Ask me the question again. Ask me if I'm gay. Ask me.

Mr.McPhee: You are not gay.

Jack: Yes. I am. You know it. I see how you look at me and I know, you know. Think about the way that you treated me and the way that you treated Tim because he was the real son and I was different. And as hard as you've tried to stamp it out and ignore it, I have tried HARDER. I have tried harder than you to be quiet and to forget it and to not bother my family with my problems.*walks over and sits on the stairs, crying* But I can't try anymore because it hurts. I'm sorry, Dad. Andie, I'm sorry. I don't want to be going through this, but I am.

*Andie goes over to the steps and sits with him, comforting him.*

Mr.McPhee: Stop crying, both of you. I said stop crying.

Andie: Leave!

Mr.McPhee: Andie, this is between Jack and me.

Andie: Not anymore it's not! Just leave. Get out of here!

*He leaves and Andie goes to comfort Jack, still crying on the stairs. Cut to Jack walking outside of school. He spots Joey and runs up to her.*

Jack: Joey, hey!

Joey: Hey! You survived dinner.

Jack: Barely. Hey, listen, can we make some plans to see each other tonight?

Joey: Sure. Calling in your raincheck?

Jack: Yeah, I really need it.

Joey: Okay. So I guess until tonight, then?

Jack: Okay.

*They kiss quickly.*

Jack: See ya.

Joey: Bye!

*Cut to Jack and everyone reading a sign on Peterson's door. Pacey walks up.*

Pacey: What's going on?

Jack: No Peterson today. We're supposed to go to study hall up in the library.

Pacey: Mm.

Jack: Um, Pacey! I've been meaning to tell you something for awhile. Thank you.

Pacey: Your welcome, man.

*Pacey keeps walking and looks in the room and sees Peterson sitting at his desk. He goes into the room.*

Pacey: Why isn't class in session?

Mr.Peterson: Oh, you didn't get the latest update? Your favorite teacher's leaving this god-forsaken institution.

Pacey: I don't get it. You haven't even gone before the board yet.

Mr.Peterson: Please. You didn't really think I'd appear before some collection of idiot parents and have them tell me what I've done wrong for the past 30 years. I'd rather eat dirt. I was planning on retiring in 6 months but your action gave me every reason in the world to make an early exit.

Pacey: Mr. Peterson, this may feel a little late in coming but I am sorry.

Mr.Peterson: That stunt was one of the most admirable moments of your life. Don't ruin it with an apoligy.

Pacey: You are unbelievable, man. What is it inside of you that makes you so damn mean?

Mr.Peterson: Mr. Witter, as awful a man as you find me to be, you came here to learn from me.

Pacey: I have learned, sir. I've learned that respect is not commanded through fear. It's earned through compassion.

Mr.Peterson: Then tell me this. Should I respect you? You're responsible for ending my career. Where is the compassion in that?

*He leaves, leaving Pacey alone in the classroom. Cut to Jen on the swing in her yard. Ty walks up.*

Ty: I come in peace. Nursing my wounded ego. Hoping for redemption.

Jen: Ty...this just isn't going to work out. I'm sorry but there's too many differences and I can't seem to get beyond some of your inherent views.

Ty: So we can't disagree? I thought a relationship was about growing together. If you think that my beliefs are wrong, teach me. Show me another way.

Jen: Ty, it's not that easy.

Ty: Well, relationships aren't easy. All I'm saying is I'm open-minded. My narrow-minded ways are open for discussion. What about your liberal views? Are they open? You are a smart, beautiful girl...can't we just see what happens next?

Jen: Well, you certainly have a charm, don't you?

*Cut to Pacey walking out on the student green. He spots Andie, who spots him. Andie closes her book and gets up and walks towards Pacey.*

Andie: I've been looking for you...

Pacey: No, actually, I came to talk to you..

Andie: No, before you say a word, Pacey, I need to say something. I want to apoligize.

Pacey: No, I came to apoligize.

Andie: No, I should be the one. I've been treating you so unfairly.

Pacey: No, but I hurt you with my little crusade, okay? I never thought about how it might effect you. I just got obsessed.

Andie: Wait a minute, why do you get to be the only one who apoligizes?

Pacey: Why are you arguing with me about it?

Andie: Because I failed you.

Pacey: I was self-riteous to the point of alienating everything I cared about.

Andie: But I forced you to live up to these unreasonable expectations.

Pacey: Okay! McPhee, shut up and let me apoligize, okay? This last week without you has been a living hell and I don't ever want to have to go through another moment like that. I'm sorry, McPhee.

Andie: You're forgiven, Pacey.

Pacey: It's your turn now.

Andie: It's just that I molded you into this person that I thought you should be and I did it to my father, too. I thought it was what I needed, you know? I place this unfair burden on people just so they can save me from myself but I realize I don't need a knight in shining armor. I need a partner. Someone I'm proud to love and who's proud to love me back in spite of all my faults and it's you. You're the one, Pacey. I'm sorry.

Pacey: How come your apoligy was so much better than mine? I always lose to you, Andie.

*They kiss.*

Pacey: I take that back. I'm definitely the winner here.

*Cut to Jack walking towards Joey who is lighting candles outside of her house for their "dinner".*

Joey: Heyyy! You're early! I haven't finished lighting the candles and the foods still inside.

*The kiss again (quickly)*

Jack: Wow. Joey, this is magnificent.

Joey: Yeah, I'd be pretty impressed if I were you.

Jack: You shouldn't have done this.

Joey: I wanted to.

Jack: I know, but you shouldn't have.

Joey: This is where I say "Uh, oh" right?

Jack: Look, Joey, I don't really know where to start..

Joey: Just be honest with me. I mean, this time...just be honest. Please.

Jack: This morning I told my father I was gay.

Joey: So you are. You're gay.

Jack: Well, I, I mean, I'm not--

Joey: You're not gay?

Jack: No.

Joey: Part gay?

*Jack laughs*

Joey: No, um, please don't laugh at me. I don't know what you're trying to say, um, you're gay?

*Jack nods sort-of crying. Joey starts nodding.*

Jack: When I wrote that poem, it clicked something inside of me that has been quiet for so long and it made me realize that whatever it is I'm going through is not going to go away. Maybe ever. Joey, I care about you so much. You've been such a good friend to me which is why I can't stand the thought of losing you, but I don't want to hurt you either.

Joey: I, um, I know the rest. Thank you for being honest with me.

*Jack reaches across the table and grabs her hand.*

Jack: Thank you for being you.

*Cut to Andie eating her dinner at her house. Jack walks in. She gets up and they hug. Cut to Dawson laying on his bed watching television. Joey crawls through the window. Dawson looks at her with confusion. She starts crying and walks over and lays her head on his chest and cries. Dawson kisses the top of her head and she continues to cry and then ending credits.*


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