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  04x22 - The Graduate
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Episode 422 - The Graduate

[Capeside High - Graduation Rehearsal. The senior class sit and listen to Principal Peskin at the podium.]

Peskin: Welcome to this rehearsal of Capeside high's cap and gown ceremony for the graduating class of 2001. The actual ceremony will take place this Saturday at high noon. Before the distribution of your hard-earned diplomas, the winner of the Capeside Pinnacle award, miss Josephine Potter, will deliver a speech which, uh, I am sure will both razzle and dazzle us for many years to come. Miss Potter, it's go time. (Joey moves to the stage)

Joey: (standing behind the podium) Uh... my speech isn't quite ready yet. Uh... so, I guess I don't really have anything to say right now. Um... thank you. (people begin to clap)

Dawson: (clapping) All right! Yes!

Joey: (joining her friends) No one says a word.

Peskin: All right, a quick reminder for those of you who may be susceptible to dark pagan desires. (Dawson looks behind him at Drue, who turns and looks behind himself.) If you are considering pulling a graduation night prank, think again, I can assure that security will be... tighter than Ricky Martin's pants. (no one laughs) What? All right, some housekeeping details. Uh, the blue parking permits will not be valid at all on Saturday...

(Pacey rushes up to join his friends, but Mitch catches him before he can reach them.)

Mitch: Hey, Pace.

Pacey: Look, Mr. Leary, I'm really sorry that I'm late, but I'm stuck with this American history teacher that seems to think the final bell, that's her queue to vomit up a 10 minute dissertation on who won the cold war, which, by the way, was us. So, go U.S.A.

Mitch: It's not about your being late, Pacey. I wish it was.

Pacey: That sounds vaguely ominous. What is this about?

Mitch: It's about your grades.

Pacey: And what about my grades?

Mitch: Well, you're-- well, you're right on the bubble of being able to graduate.

Pacey: Don't tell me that, man. I have sacrificed my entire senior year for this, ok? I pulled double class loads, I have done everything that you people asked me to do.

Mitch: I know you've worked hard. I do. And it's not over yet. Ok, now, how well you do on your final exam will determine if you can graduate. Mr. Peskin insists that, uh, you spend your time studying rather than attend the rehearsal.

Pacey: What, so you're kicking me out? Ok, please don't do this to me here, Mr. Leary. I'm really under a microscope right now. Please.

Mitch: I'm sorry, Pacey. Believe me, it's not my decision. You--you should go home now.

Pacey: Fine.

[Capeside - Pacey is walking home when he runs into Dougie. He's leaning against his police cruiser as Pacey approaches.]

Pacey: Can I help you with something in particular, Dougie, or does this just fall under the category of general harassment?

Dougie: A minute ago, I drove right by you. Now, either you were purposely ignoring me, or you just didn't see me.

Pacey: No, I was just invoking the hard-earned lessons of my youth. "Avoid eye contact with any and all authority figures at all costs." Even the effeminate ones.

Dougie: Please, god, may that never get old. So, Pace, how you doing? Everything ok?

Pacey: Oh, yeah, I've never been better, Dougie.

Dougie: How's school?

Pacey: Well, apparently, right now, my grades are on the bubble. So the powers that be at our beloved Capeside high, they don't know if I'm gonna be able to graduate or not.

Dougie: I'm really sorry to hear that, Pace.

Pacey: So, there you have it. Now, why don't you run along home and tell the folks that little brother is living down to expectations. And cancel that huge graduation party I'm sure they were gonna throw in my honor.

Dougie: Listen, Pacey, when are you gonna know for sure, huh?

Pacey: If I graduate?

Dougie: Yeah.

Pacey: I have one more final to take. But it's a big one. It's Mr. Kasdan's lit course, which is not exactly my best subject.

Dougie: Listen, uh... I could help you study.

Pacey: Well, boy, I appreciate that, but I'd really rather you do something beneficial to all mankind with your time, like, I don't know, solve a murder.

Dougie: Wait a second, Pacey. I'm serious here.

Pacey: You're serious? I'm serious. Everybody is serious. But you know what I don't understand? Why they won't just let me graduate, because it seems to me, the sooner I get out of that place, the better off everyone involved will be.

[Capeside High - Dawson and Joey are walking down the hall.]

Joey: Dawson, this speech is driving me nuts. I--I must have some sort of a block or something.

Dawson: I'll go you one better. I bet you that block has a name. Pacey.

Joey: Yeah, so, he has been known to occupy my thoughts on occasion.

Dawson: And seeing him forced to leave his own graduation rehearsal, that was painful.

Joey: I just wanted to go up to him and say something. What stopped me was knowing that he would resent me for it.

Dawson: Yeah, I went up to him the other day in study hall and asked if he needed some sort of help. He made it very clear he didn't want any.

Joey: I mean, you'd think after everything we've been through, Pacey and I could still be friends. Is that asking too much?

Dawson: Well...

Joey: It is asking too much. So, what do I do? I mean, he needs help.

Dawson: Look, the two of you were both in that relationship, and you obviously still have feelings. That said, it can't hurt to let him know that you care. Who knows? It might even help you write your speech. Come on.

[Tobey's House - Jack and Tobey are washing Andie's Saab.]

Jack: What's the matter? It's like you're detailing my spokes in a galaxy far, far away.

Tobey: Can we talk about something?

Jack: Yeah.

Tobey: Talking about this may not be the wisest way to go, but nobody's ever accused me of being wise.

Jack: I'll vouch for that. What do you want to talk about?

Tobey: About us. What we are to each other. At least, what I think we are.

Jack: [Sighs] Toby, I've always been honest with you about where we stand.

Tobey: Well, we are dating. And if the usual terminology applies, that would make me your... boyfriend. (Jack gives him a look) You can't say it, yet, can you? In fact, you go out of your way not to say it.

Jack: I don't think that's true.

Tobey: Look, if you can't say it, how's that supposed to make me feel?

Jack: Ok, ok. I'll-- I'll say it.

Tobey: When?

Jack: When it's appropriate.

Tobey: Ok. What's your definition of appropriate? When there's nobody else around? At small, intimate gatherings? Under oath?

Jack: Just let me surprise you. Listen, you gonna be able to get off work early tomorrow or not?

Tobey: Yeah.

Jack: What?

Tobey: What if she doesn't like me?

Jack: Oh, please.

Tobey: Could happen.

Jack: (referring to the hose) Don't make me use this.

Tobey: (holding up his soapy sponge) Don't even think about it. (Jack sprays him with water. Tobey grabs the bucket of water and dumps it on Jack. They begin wrestling around.)

[Jen's House - Jen is asleep in bed when someone knocks on the window.]

Drue: Lindley... it's me Drue.

Jen: (opening her window) What the hell are you doing here?

Drue: Let me in. I can explain.

Jen: Oh, not so fast, tex. I don't really see the wisdom of letting you in.

Drue: What do you want me to do, serenade you first?

Jen: Yes, that would be lovely.

Drue: Lindley...

Jen: Why don't you crawl back down there and go find yourself a proper backing band, maybe with a string section and a bass player. God, I love bass players.

Drue: Jen, I'm freezing my ass off.

Jen: You think I don't know that? Ok, come on.

Drue: Thank you. [Groans] Oh, god.

Jen: [Laughs] Oh, god. what do I owe the pleasure of this little visit?

Drue: Well, mother and I, we got into one of our debates tonight. (Jen wraps a blanket around him) Thanks. Which turned into one of our more memorable shouting matches.

Jen: Oh, yeah? About what?

Drue: [Sniffs] Well... the same miserable bastard we always fight about, my beloved father.

Jen: Mmm.

Drue: He, uh... said he wasn't going to my graduation.

Jen: Been there. I'm sorry.

Drue: And mom surprisingly decided to blame me, claiming that dad was fed up with my history of inexcusable behavior. And then I, in turn, blamed her for her history of being a cold-hearted bitch.

Jen: And now you need a place to crash.

Drue: I would be ever-so-grateful.

Jen: I never thought this day would come. Drue Valentine, actually in need of a little human compassion. All right. You get one night. (Drue smiles and begins to lay on the bed.) On the floor.

Drue: Oh, on the floor. Yes.

[Capeside High - English class. Mr. Kasdan walks in, followed by Pacey who rushes to his seat.]

Kasdan: I need your back packs, your books, and your cheat sheets on the floor. (passed out tests) As promised, this final will cover material from all previous tests. You will have no more than 45 minutes to complete this exam.

Pacey: [Pencil snaps] Oh! Uh, Mr. Kasdan.

Kasdan: Mr. Witter, how may I serve?

Pacey: Well, do you think that I could trouble you for a working pencil, seeing as mine currently is not?

Kasdan: I see. Still as unprepared as the day you started this class. Eh, Mr. Witter? It's nice to know, though, that in this ever-changing world, I can still count on your remarkable consistency.

Pacey: [Chuckles] Boy, I sure deserved that one. Good joke, Mr. Kasdan. Stupid old me.

Kasdan: Pacey, it was just--

Pacey: No, no, no, no. I was agreeing with you. I mean, I got it, right? It was about me being stupid? How I'm some lame, know-nothing student who's just slowing down everyone around me? You know what really kills me about you people? I show up to class with a broken pencil, ok? Now, you assume that that means that I don't care, when the reality of the matter is, I've been busting my ass in your class for the last 5 months, just to keep my head above water, so that I could graduate from this place! So, if you ask me, you're the one who doesn't care. None of the teachers here care! I mean, for the honor students, you're willing to bend over backwards, but for me, a student who could actually use that help, you can't wait to get rid of me!

Kasdan: All right, that's enough! Look, I have tolerated this outburst of yours because I know you need to pass this test, but you are this close to throwing away an opportunity, young man!

Pacey: You know, maybe you are right. I must be an idiot, because I cannot for the life of me figure out why I try so damn hard for you. I mean, I don't know why I bother at all. (Pacey grabs his stuff and walks out.)

[Pacey's Place - Pacey is sitting on the porch working on something. Joey walks up.]

Joey: Hey.

Pacey: Hey.

Joey: Got a minute?

Pacey: Yeah, sure.

Joey: Pacey, I heard about what happened in Mr. Kasdan's class today--

Pacey: You know what? I'd prefer to keep that topic off the discussion list.

Joey: Well, could you at least tell me what you're gonna do?

Pacey: I'll tell you what I'm not going to do, namely, graduate.

Joey: Look, Pace, I'm sure there's probably time to-- to talk to somebody. I mean, you could-- you could go to Mitch, you could go to Peskin, I mean, there's got to be something we could do.

Pacey: I'm sorry, "we"? I didn't realize that we were involved in a team sport here, Joey. I don't think there is a "we" anymore.

Joey: Look... look, Pace, I know it's over. I just want to be your friend. I want to help you.

Pacey: You want to know what the truth is, Jo? I still love you, and I probably will love you for a very long time. But I can't just be your buddy. 'Cause, as much as I enjoy the concept of being just friends, in reality, it's a bizarre form of torture, and I'm just not willing to participate in it. So, right now, what I want to do is just move on and get over you, and the only way for me to do that is to not be around you anymore.

Joey: And you can't see any time in the future when you and I could be friends?

Pacey: I don't want to think about the future.

Joey: I guess I should go.

Pacey: Look, Jo, I know that-- I know coming over here couldn't have been easy for you.

Joey: Nothing seems easy anymore.

[The B&B - Joey sits at the dining room table working on her speech. Bessie walks up.]

Bessie: How's my little speech writer? You making any progress?

Joey: Does it look like I'm making any progress?

Bessie: No, not really.

Joey: I just went over to Pacey's to try to talk to him, and, uh... it didn't go well.

Bessie: Oh, that explains a lot.

Joey: He's so messed up, and he won't let anybody help him.

Bessie: Not even you?

Joey: Especially me. That and... having to write a speech from hell.

Bessie: Actually, that's why I came in here. Because I've got something for you.

Joey: What is it?

Bessie: It's a letter from mom to you. Uh, she wrote it a few days before she passed away, and asked me to hold on to it, and give it to you when you graduated from high school.

Joey: My god.

Bessie: Maybe this will inspire you. You gonna open it?

Joey: Uh...yeah, of course. I just... I don't really feel up to it right now.

Bessie: I know. Take all the time you need, and I'll leave you alone.

[Airport - Jack and Tobey are rushing towards the entrance.]

Tobey: Hey, what's with the 50 yard dash, man? We're right on time, early, even.

Jack: Yeah, but you don't understand. I know her. She probably booked this flight 3 months in advance, so she could get a seat by the exit and be the first one off the plane.

Tobey: And you would know this for sure because...?

Jack: Because she's always the first one off the plane. (rushing towards the gate) There she is, there she is. Andie!

Andie: (rushing towards Jack) Jack! Hey, Jack! Oh!

Jack: It's good to see you. How was the flight?

Andie: Oh, turbulent, cramped and stuffy, but I am willing to overlook that, assuming we get to attend at least one kick-ass graduation party.

Jack: Oh, yeah. My people are on it.

Andie: (Tobey walks up) Oh, I'm sorry. I don't believe we've met.

Jack: Yeah, uh, Andie, Tobey. Tobey, Andie.

Andie: Nice to meet you.

Tobey: You, too. He's told me volumes about you.

Andie: Oh. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but how do you know jack?

Jack: Uh, well, uh, Tobey's, um... Tobey's my boyfriend.

Andie: (Tobey smiles wide and Andie hugs him) Oh--oh, my god. This is great! Oh! I can't believe you didn't e-mail me, you big sneak.

Jack: I'm sorry, it's just kind of recent.

[Grams House - Jen comes home to find Drue sitting at the kitchen table with Grams having coffee.]

Jen: Sweet Jesus. Grams, can I just, uh, talk to you for one second? (Grams follows her outside) Ok, what's going on? 'Cause I said that he could spend one night because I felt sorry for him. Why is he still here?

Grams: Well, after you left for school this morning, Drue and I had a nice chat. He explained everything. Awful situation, a father abandoning his family. Anyway, I-- I told him he was more than welcome to spend another night. For a price. I'm not just a naive old softie, dear. I recognize Drue for the duplicitous, smooth-talking butt-kisser he is. And now that you and I have sold this house, we're going to need some poor fool to pack up and box 30 years of junk I've accumulated in the dark of my attic.

Jen: I'm so glad you're on my team.

Grams: Mm-hmm. (they go back inside. Jen goes into the kitchen and Grams leaves the room)

Drue: (digging in the refrigerator) You're a lucky girl, Jen. A fellow could get used to these accommodations.

Jen: [Laughs] Ok, you are creeping me out.

Drue: So, what's on your, uh, social calendar for tonight? You going to that big senior soiree thing?

Jen: Anybody who's anybody's gonna be there. Why, you want a ride over?

Drue: Yeah, I do. Though, I was wondering if I could interest you in a little, uh... recreational detour first.

Jen: Oh, no.

[Dawson's House - Joey knocks on his bedroom door.]

Joey: Hey... Dawson, I need your help with something.

Dawson: Yeah, sure. What's going on? Is that your speech?

Joey: No,'s actually a letter written to me from my mom. She wrote it before she died, and Bessie's been saving it ever since.

Dawson: Wow.

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: Uh... have you opened it yet?

Joey: I tried, and, uh... every time I go to open it... I remember what she was like at the end. You know, so... still and, um... so much pain and suffering. I just kind of freeze up. But that being said, um... I still have to know, so... I was wondering if you would read it for me.

Dawson: I'd be honored.

Joey: Thank you. (opens the letter and begins to read it) "My darling Joey, I know if you're reading these words it means you've graduated from high school. Congratulations, sweetheart. You didn't have a lot, growing up. You even have been shortchanged one mother. Still, I want you to be proud of your family. If our strife has caused you pain, remember, it also makes you strong. Bessie is strong, and I'm sure she's taking good care of you. Of all the things my illness has robbed me of, I count the greatest of them watching you grow up. You're barely 13 now, still a young girl. And so, I'm left to imagine the woman you've become. Strikingly beautiful, I'm sure, and equally unaware of it. Quick-witted and strong-willed. Possessing the deep, soulful eyes of an artist, and a shy smile that regularly betrays the tough facade you do your best to keep up. If any of this sounds remarkably on the nose, it's because it's the girl you always were, Joey. And it's the woman you'll always be. Whatever you decide to do with your life, I know your future will be luminous. Wherever you decide to go when you leave, remember your days in Capeside fondly, and keep close those who shared your childhood. They will always love you in a way no one else can. And they will always be with you. Just as I love you and will always be with you. Love, mom."

[Graduation Party - Joey walks up to Dawson.]

Dawson: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: How you doing?

Joey: Um...better. Thanks.

Dawson: You still haven't written it yet, have you?

Joey: How did you know?

Dawson: I'm no stranger to the fine art of procrastination.

Joey: Well, I thought it would be good to get out of the house.

Dawson: Well, good. If you're gonna avoid work, avoid it in style.

Jack: Hey, guys. Got somebody who's dying to say hello.

Andie: Hey, Dawson! Oh! Joey! (she rushes over for hugs)

Joey: You look great!

Andie: Oh, thank you. So do you.

Dawson: Wow, Italy must agree with you in a big way. Did you have a good time?

Jack: Oh, don't even get her started.

Andie: No. Oh, my god. You guys, it is heaven. You have to go, all of you, right now.

Joey: I think that's code for "she had a good time."

Andie: I don't even know where to start. The architecture, the men, the food. Did I mention the men?

[Pacey's Place - Mr. Kasdan knocks on the door. Pacey answers.]

Pacey: Mr. Kasdan.

Kasdan: Pacey. May I?

Pacey: Sure. Come on in. Well, if you and I have anything to say to each other, I can't imagine what it could possibly be.

Kasdan: Fair enough. I'll get right to the point. Did you study for that final you so dramatically walked out on?

Pacey: I can categorically say that I studied my ass off, sir.

Kasdan: Care to prove it?

Pacey: You did hear everything that I had to say in class today, didn't you?

Kasdan: Oh, I did. You're not an idiot or a punch line. You are why I teach. Those honor students that turn your stomach... they don't need me. They're gonna forget me as soon as they walk out the door. But you...

Pacey: I have a funny feeling I'm gonna be telling this story for years to come.

Kasdan: And if that should turn out to be the case, please describe me as a strapping, handsome man, possessed of an immense charity and a great, great goodwill.

Pacey: I can do that.

Kasdan: (handing him a test) Mr. Witter, you have 45 minutes.

[Capeside High - Drue and Jen sneak around in the dark.]

Drue: You all right?

Jen: Yeah.

Drue: All right. I think the timing for the sprinkler system's over here.

Jen: Drue, I've got a bad feeling about this.

Drue: Right. And "it's quiet out. Maybe a little too quiet." Whoooo. Shall I add that to the list of b-movie clich├ęs you've been spouting? All right, this it. That timer controls the sprinkler settings. All we have to do is re-set the timer so the sprinklers come on during graduation, soaking the crowd, and therefore transforming a rather ho-hum ceremony into a glorious liquid wonderland.

Jen: You aim high.

Drue: As do you, my accomplice in crime. (A security guard and Peskin walk up with flash lights.)

Peskin: Mr. Valentine. Miss Lindley. I would be delighted if you'd come with me.

[Party - Andie and Dawson are taking a seat at a table.]

Andie: Wow! This is so cool. Everyone is here. Oh, perfect. Ok. Thank you. So, well, I just want to say... you know, I heard about you and Gretchen, and I'm really sorry.

Dawson: You know what? It's ok. Uh, I mean, you know. The breakup hurt, and I'm sad that it's over, but I don't feel like I have this cloud hanging over my head that won't go away.

Andie: Wow! Someone's changed. No endless replays of what went wrong, no dark period of pain and regret?

Dawson: That was pretty much my weekend.

Andie: Ah! [Laughs]

Dawson: But, uh, you know, I got it out of my system, and, uh, you know, when I look back on it, I don't look back on it with an ounce of regret. You know? Joey was my first love, but Gretchen was my first mature relationship, and she made me realize that I am capable of loving somebody.

Andie: I wish I were a memory like that to someone, you know, to someone who thinks back on me with a smile, even though we've long since gone our separate ways.

Dawson: I'm pretty sure you are.

[Party - Pacey wanders around when Andie sees him.]

Andie: Pacey!

Pacey: (picks her up and spins her around) Hey, hi!

Andie: Ohh!

Pacey: How are you, Andie?

Andie: Ohh, great now. Mmm. (still hugging)

[Peskin's House - Jen and Drue walk into the house with him.]

Peskin: This has been a long time coming for you two. You've managed to, uh... compile quite a dirty laundry list during your brief scholastic careers, everything from dabbling in ecstasy to public intoxication, rigging yearbook photos, to my personal favorite-- dumping my sailboat in the school pool. I guess we can color your parents proud, huh?

Drue: What if I swear to you I didn't do the boat?

Peskin: Should we add pathological liar to your list of dubious achievements, Mr. Valentine?

Jen: So, what, we're hostages?

Peskin: Ha! No, young lady. You're my audience. If my audience were to leave early, the performer would be deeply offended. (he leaves the room)

Jen: [Whispering] Dude, he's gonna keep us here all night.

Drue: We're gonna miss the party.

Peskin: (returning with a cello) The party's right here, Mr. Valentine. Do you like cello music? I must confess, it's been a lifelong passion of mine. The chilling lows, the vibrant highs. Still, I haven't had a lesson in... Mmm, 10 or 11 years. [Playing badly]

[Party - Andie and Pacey walk together.]

Andie: Um, you know, Jack's been writing me and, uh, well, he told me about you and Joey. And I just want to say I'm sorry, you know. I know how much she means to you.

Pacey: You know what? I'm going to be all right.

Andie: I know. It's just... you know, I don't want to see you sad, so if there's anything I can do for you...

Pacey: Actually there is something that you can do for me.

Andie: Name it.

Pacey: Why don't you tell me what it's like out there? You know, when you're out on your own.

Andie: Ooh, well, it's scary at first, you know. I didn't know anyone, but--ha ha-- it took no time for them to get to know me. And before I knew it, I had all these friends and, I don't know, I wasn't lonely. I just--I realized that the longer I was away from here, leaving capeside wasn't an end. It was a beginning. So...

Pacey: Ok, I gotta tell you something. I got an offer, a job offer, to crew on a boat this summer, but it means getting on a plane to Miami, 'cause that's where the boat leaves for the Caribbean.

Andie: And is this something you want to do?

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah, it's something I really want to do. I am so glad you're here right now. Uh, ok... I did it. Ha ha! I did it. I passed my final exam. I'm a high school graduate.

Andie: Aah! Oh, my god! I knew it! I knew it. I knew you could!

Pacey: Well, that's puts you one up on me.

Andie: Ok, so why haven't you told everybody else? I mean, they're dying to know.

Pacey: I don't need to tell them. I don't need to compare myself to them anymore. I did this thing for myself. I just want to feel good about it. All I want to do now is get up on that stage and feel the sun against my face and just... know for the first time in my life that I can overcome anything.

Andie: So, uh, why'd you tell me?

Pacey: You were the first person in my life who ever told me that I could be more than I was and believed it. So I guess that's thank you.

Andie: You're welcome.

Pacey: It's so good to see you again, Andie. (they hug again)

Andie: Mmm! You, too! Oh, god! So the Caribbean!

Pacey: Yeah, well, you'll be in Florence. I don't think...

[Party - Pacey is walking alone when he finally runs into Joey.]

Joey: Glad that you made it.

Pacey: Yeah. This was a nice party. I was thinking about tomorrow.

Joey: What about this tomorrowland? Does it look even remotely bright?

Pacey: It certainly didn't when it held the prospect of never seeing you again.

Joey: How is that any different from the here and now?

Pacey: I think I--I should probably go off and live my own life for a little while. That certainly doesn't mean that this is how I want it to end between us. So hypothetically speaking... if I were lucky enough one day to find myself owning a sailboat again, and I were to ask the woman that I love to go sailing with me... would she?

Joey: You wouldn't have to ask, Pace. I'll see you.

Pacey: I'll see you, Joey.

[Capeside High - Pacey sits in the graduation seats by himself, with his head tilted up to the sky. He has a smile on his face. He gets up to leave.]

[B&B - Joey and Bessie rush out of the house to the car. Joey is in her cap and gown.]

Joey: We're supposed to take pictures before the ceremony, and they said no later than 10:00.

Bessie: You've still got time!

Joey: Bessie, I don't want to be late.

Bessie: You won't be late. Just hold on. Hold on. Ha ha! (she puts lipstick on Joey, just like in the pilot episode) So did you ever get around to reading mom's letter?

Joey: Yeah.

Bessie: I don't want to be nosey or anything, but--

Joey: If I told you now, we'd both start crying, but to summarize, she was right.

Bessie: What's that?

Joey: You did a great job taking care of me.

Bessie: Oh, Joey, you're sweet, but really, it's not fair. You deserved a mom.

Joey: Bessie, I got two.

Bessie: And you said you didn't want us to start crying. (they hug)

Joey: I love you.

Bessie: I love you.

[Dawson's House - Dawson is in his cap and gown.]

Mitch: Well, look there, Lily. That'll be you one day soon.

Gale: What, the happy graduate or the proud mother?

Mitch: Well, why not both?

Dawson: Although preferably not at the same time. (Mitch hands him a gift) What's this?

Gale: Oh, just a little something from a couple of proud parents.

Dawson: You didn't--I... (opens it to find a watch) Wow! Thank you.

Mitch: You like it?

Dawson: Are you kidding? I love it.

Gale: Well, there's an inscription on the back.

Dawson: (reading) "If you will it, it is no dream."

Mitch: When I brag to people and I tell them that my son wants to go off to Hollywood to be a filmmaker, they warn me. They say you'll be eaten alive. You know what I say to them? I say, "you don't know my son."

Dawson: I just want to thank you guys for always believing in me. That, uh... it meant a lot. I... I love you guys. (they group hug)

[Pacey's Place - Pacey is packing when Doug walks in.]

Pacey: Deputy Doug Witter. To what do I owe this unprompted intrusion?

Dougie: Oh, I just thought I'd stop by and offer my congratulations and, uh...

Pacey: What, wish me good luck?

Dougie: Or something like that, yeah. So, tell me, uh... you need some money? You know, not that I'd give you any, but, um...

Pacey: No. I'll actually be fine, just so long as I can store all of my stuff at your place this summer, I'll be a happy camper.

Dougie: So another exciting summer ahead for my little brother. I'm glad. You really deserve it.

Pacey: Well, Dougie, you came halfway close to sounding like you actually meant that.

Dougie: Because I did.

Pacey: You know, I got to tell you, it would be an absolute shame for me to let another day like today pass without ever telling you how much I've always looked up to you as my big brother. Or mentioned the fact that I do actually think that one day you will... make a girl very happy.

Dougie: Mean to tell me that you've, uh, actually accepted my heterosexuality?

Pacey: No, no, I said happy, Doug, not sexually happy.

[Capeside High - Jack and Andie walk onto campus in their cap and gowns.]

Andie: Here, wait a minute. You got your tassel on the wrong side.

Jack: It doesn't matter.

Andie: Yeah, it does matter!

Jack: After the ceremony, I'm just going to throw the cap up in the air anyway.

Andie: We're not supposed to throw the caps, remember? "The pointy ends might hurt somebody."

Jack: Oh, yeah, that's right. Bet you I can throw my cap farther than you.

Andie: Jack, there's something I haven't told anybody yet.

Jack: Why, what's wrong?

Andie: Nothing. Actually for the first time in a long while, I can honestly say that there is nothing wrong.

Jack: Which is why you're going to stay in Italy.

Andie: I deferred Harvard by a year. It's--it's just that right now I can't imagine being happier anywhere else.

Jack: Hey, Andie, I get it.

Andie: You do?

Jack: Yeah.

Andie: Really?

Jack: Yeah.

Andie: You don't care? You're not upset? You're not going to try to convince me to stay and you don't think I'm being idiotic?

Jack: Well, idiotic, yes, but it's the smartest idiotic thing you've ever done. Just promise me I can visit.

Andie: Only if you bring that man of yours.

Jack: Love you to death, little sis.

Andie: Love you more, little brother.

Jack: Ha ha! Ohh!

[Capeside High - Grams walks with Jen into the graduation area.]

Grams: You look relaxed and radiant.

Jen: That's what 3 hours of cello music will do to you.

Grams: Hmm!

Jen: By the way, if I haven't said it enough already, thank you for understanding.

Grams: Well, I'm only too well aware of that man's taste in music. I think you've been punished enough already. Besides, you'd have to do a lot worse to undo how very proud I am of you today.

Jen: The pleasure's all mine.

[Capeside High Graduation - Joey and Dawson move through the seats.]

Joey: Your parents are so cute. They look like total emotional train wrecks.

Dawson: Yeah, they are. (noticing Joey's sad look) You know, on occasions like this, it's nice that we can dress up in polyester choir robes and stupid hats, sit in the sun for a couple of hours to mark the occasion. What fashion Einstein came up with this whole outfit? I mean, is this a hat you really want to be wearing the day you know people are going to be taking pictures? (Joey smiles and laughs) Is that a smile? Did I get you to forget about your speech at least for a second?

Joey: Yes, you did.

Dawson: Ok.

Joey: Tell me more.

Dawson: I'm not on my a-list material. Sadly enough, that was my a-list material. It's time for you to go sit up on stage with the rest of the smart kids. You'll be great.

Joey: See you soon. (she moves towards the stage)

[Graduation - Peskin is at the podium and the ceremony is underway.]

Peskin: I'd like to introduce to you the winner of this year's pinnacle award, senior salutatorian Ms. Josephine potter!

Joey: Principal Peskin, our families, my fellow graduates, I stand here before you aware of the similarities that we share. I know that you're feeling, outside of my incredible stage fright, the same things that I'm feeling-- pride and accomplishment, closure and regret, and a hopeful outlook on the future. But I don't think you need me to elaborate on those feelings. Instead I--I wanted to share something personal and tell you that... that people in my life who are gone now, people I miss very much and people who I am haunted by in different ways, but whether we're separated by death or merely distance, I know that they're still with me because I keep them in my heart. The truth is, in time, that's all that we're going to be to each other anyway, this population of memories, some wonderful and endearing, some less so. But taken together, those memories help make us who we are and who we will be. So whether you're here with each other now or you're merely in each other's thoughts, remember each other on that road ahead. And I hope that no matter where your travels lead you in this life... you'll always take Capeside with you. Congratulations.

(The students begin to cheer as the sprinklers come on. Jen turns to Drue and gives him the thumbs up. Everyone runs around in the rain. Dawson throws his cap up and starts everyone doing so.)

[Airport - Pacey is getting out of a cab and moves towards the airport. He has a smile on his face. As he gives his ticket to the flight attendant, we hear a voice over of Principal Peskin.]

Peskin: Amanda Walters. Cassandra Whitman. Pacey Witter. (Pacey boards the plain. Closing credits.)

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