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  04x23 - Coda
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Episode 423 - Coda

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson and Joey are sitting on his bed watching the first movie he made with her "The Sea Creature form the Deep".]

Dawson: You know, this sucks a lot more than I remembered it.

Joey: Dawson, need I remind you that sea creature from the deep won the jurors prize in the junior division at the Boston film festival, for which you were rewarded the princely sum of $2,500.

Dawson: Yeah, right. Which I then proceeded to waste on my next endeavor, which was entitled-- what was it called again? Ah, that's right. Self-indulgent piece of crap.

Joey: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Dawson: Seriously, though, Jo. How did we get here? I mean, it... it feels like one second we're sitting here watching E.T., Wondering what 10th grade is gonna be like, and the next... we're leaving for college.

Joey: Well, some of us are going sooner than others. I mean, I have the entire summer to process my crippling anxiety, but, uh, you on the other hand--

Dawson: Day after tomorrow. My college career begins the day after tomorrow. You know, I'm starting to think this whole summer program was not such a good idea.

Joey: Dawson, you have to focus on the good. I mean, you got in, and not only do they want you, but they want you early. That's huge. You might want to consider packing, however.

Dawson: When you're in the kind of denial I'm in right now, there's just no room for packing.

Joey: Ok.

[They see the scene where the creature pulls Joey off the dock into the water.]

Dawson: Have you heard from him?

Joey: No. The sea creature from the deep remains incommunicado.

Dawson: I'm sorry. I'm sure once he's ready, he'll call or write-- or something.

Joey: I don't know. Do you ever feel utterly incapable of sustaining a relationship?

Dawson: I think I'm in touch with that emotion.

Joey: I guess it's another in a seemingly endless string of life lessons. Never get involved with a monster from beneath the sea, no matter how charming. It's...just not gonna work.

Dawson: I have to say that despite our mutual misery, I've had a pretty decent time hanging out with you lately.

Joey: Me, too.

Dawson: I wish it didn't have to end.

Joey: Well, everything comes to an end, Dawson.

Dawson: Thank you, Sylvia Plath. I just wish it didn't, is all. Let's, uh...

[He hit a button on the remote]

[Opening credits]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Ruins. Joey, Dawson, Jack and Jen are all lying down on the steps, and just relaxing and enjoying their time together.]

Joey: I got the German flu.

Dawson: The German flu?

Joey: My aunt brought it over.

Dawson: Really?

Joey: In the meantime, the movie's kind of... you know, black and white...

Jen: Shouldn't we all be looking for, like, summer jobs or something?

Joey: Uh, some of us already have those.

Dawson: Yeah. Is it just me, or does that yacht club uniform keep getting sexier and sexier?

Joey: Bite me.

Dawson: Ha ha ha. You guys know there's always work down at Leery's Fresh Fish.

All: We know.

Jack: Look. I got one. Yeah, I got one. You ready?

Dawson: Ok.

Jack: Would you rather work 2 straight shifts at the fresh fish house, completely naked, or have sex once with Principal Peskin?

[Jen and Joey groan]

Jen: You got a better one, let me know.

Joey: Ok, I got one. Sex with Peskin, or having to spend your entire freshmen year living with a roommate who smells really, really bad.

Jen: Like, uh, like earth-hippie sworn-off-deodorant bad?

Joey: No, like French-foreign-exchange student bad.

Jack: Is he cute?

Jen: Jack.

Jack: Kidding. I'm kidding.

Dawson: I got it. I got it. Ha ha. I've got a "would you rather" so brilliant in its perversity—

Joey: Oh, this better be good.

Jen: Yeah. You know what? I wouldn't preface your supposed brainstorms with the word "brilliant." I mean, it's just setting you up for failure.

Jack: Will you two harridans let the man speak, please?

Dawson: Thank you. Ok. Would you rather have sex with Peskin or watch Peskin have sex with grams?

Jen: Ok, ok, ok, ok. First of all, grams would never have sex with Peskin. And second of all, you win. That's disgusting.

Dawson: Mission accomplished. I now leave town the reigning "would you rather" gross-out champion. You guys know what time it is?

Jack: Yeah. It's, uh... it's almost 6:00.

Dawson: Shoot. Supposed to meet my dad like half an hour ago.

Jen: Wait. Are you still on for the movies tonight?

Dawson: Uh, yeah. Meet at my house at 7:00.

Joey: Bye.

Jen: Bye.

Jack: See ya.

Dawson: See ya later.

[Scene: The Computer Store. Mitch and Dawson are looking at the laptop computers on display.]

Mitch: This baby does it all, Dawson. 850 megahertz, P3 processor, 128 megabytes of ram, 32-gig hard drive, DVD, 56k modem. What more could you want?

Dawson: I don't know. A Mac, maybe?

Mitch: What?

Dawson: It's become obvious to me that in life you're either a Mac person or a pc person, and the choice defines you. Let me put it to you this way: Beatles or Elvis?

Mitch: Beatles.

Dawson: See? Exactly. This is no different.

Mitch: Dawson, I've done all the research. The T21 is by far the best buy, and that's what we're getting.

Dawson: Yeah, well, in that case, I'd just prefer you didn't get me a laptop.

Mitch: You need a laptop for school, Dawson. I am getting you a laptop.

Dawson: Ok, dad, I appreciate you wanting to do this for me, but it's not fair if you only want to do it on your own terms.

Mitch: Not fair. A father wants to spend thousands of dollars on his son, and somehow it's not fair.

Dawson: Why would you want to spend thousands of dollars on something I don't even want?

Mitch: Because it's something you need. Look, it's practical. It's functional. It'll last you for years.

Dawson: And it's not what I want.

[Salesman walks up]

Salesman: Can I help you?

Mitch: Yes, we'll take the T21.

Salesman: Ah, excellent choice. I'll bring that right out.

[Scene: Grams' house. Jen and Jack walk in and Jack opens the Refrigerator to see that it is empty.]

Jack: Whoa.

Jen: [Sighs] We shouldn't have left her alone for an hour. That woman is an unstoppable cleaning machine.

Grams: Ooh, good. You're back. I'm just about to head out myself. One last potluck at the ladies auxiliary.

[Jack notices a pot on the stove and samples what is in it when Grams stops him.]

Grams: Ah, ah, ah.

Jack: Sorry.

Grams: I assume you two have eaten your usual quota of junk food.

Jen: Obviously. You've done quite a number on that fridge.

Grams: There's no point in leaving things for the last minute.

Jen: Yeah, but the movers don't come till tomorrow.

Grams: 8 A.M., Bright and early, which means someone has her work cut out for her with that room of hers. Especially if she still plans to go to the movies tonight with Dawson.

Jen: Oh, I get it. Ok, this cheerful disposition is just a passive-aggressive attempt to get me to stay home tonight, isn't it? Which, by the way, I gladly will.

Grams: Oh, don't be silly, dear. It's Dawson's last night. You go out. Have fun.

Jen: I know, but... I mean it is our last night in this house. Maybe we should do something... special, like commemorate the occasion.

Grams: Our last night in this rickety old house with no pictures on the wall, no food in the fridge? Honestly, Jennifer, there's no point in being sentimental about these things. All right. I'll tell you what. You'll come home tonight, we'll have tea.

Jen: You packed the kettle.

Grams: Don't forget to wear a sweater. It's supposed to be chilly tonight.

[Scene: Outside the Leery House. Dawson and Mitch get out of the car after returning for the store, and Mitch is carrying the box carrying the laptop.]

Mitch: Ahh. Let's get this baby set up.

[Dawson sees his mother and Joey out in the yard talking.]

Dawson: Later, dad. [He walks up to Joey] Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Are you a sight for sore eyes. You ready to go?

Joey: Yes.

Mitch: Well, where you going?

Dawson: I'm going to the movies with Jack and Jen. I'll be back later.

Mitch: Dawson, it's your last night at home.

Dawson: And?

Mitch: I thought we'd spend it together as a family.

Dawson: And I thought I would spend some time with my friends.

Mitch: Listen, I don't want to embarrass anybody here. I'm sorry, Joey, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd stay for dinner.

Gale: Mitch.

Dawson: Dad, I'll be home later.

Mitch: Well, let me understand this. You would rather go to the movies than spend what little time you have left with myself, your mother, and your little baby sister?

Dawson: That's not what I said, dad. What is so criminal about wanting to hang out with my friends?

Mitch: You've been hanging out with your friends all month.

Dawson: What is going on with you?

Mitch: Nothing. I'm just trying to figure out when my son became so insensitive.

Dawson: Probably about the same time you became so overbearing.

Mitch: [Laughing] You'll stay for dinner, then.

Dawson: No.

Mitch: No?

Dawson: No, dad. Look, I'm stressed out enough about moving 3,000 miles away without having to worry about how I'm letting you down, ok? I'm gonna go to the movies, I'll be back later, and I'm not gonna feel guilty about wanting to spend some portion of my last night here with the few people who mean the world to me. Is that ok?

Mitch: Do what you want.

[Mitch goes inside and Dawson turns to his mother.]

Dawson: Mom?

Gale: Honey, go. Have a good time.

Joey: Dawson, we don't have to go.

Dawson: No, let's get out of here. Come on.

[Scene: The Dean's Boat. Pacey is working on the deck when one of the crew walks up to him.]

Guy: [Jamaican accent] Yo, Witter. You got a problem with paradise, man?

Pacey: Not so much, no.

Guy: Then take a break. You're makin' me tired.

Pacey: Hey, what do you think the chances are I could find a phone here in paradise, 'cause I got a call I need to make.

[The guy hands Pacey a cell phone.]

Guy: Here, boy. You try that, bro.

Pacey: Ah, thanks.

Guy: Then when you're done, you meet me down at the bar. We'll have some drinks.

Pacey: All right, then.

[He makes a call but the phone just rings on the other end.]

Pacey: [Sighs]

[Scene: Along the waterfront. Jack and Dawson are walking down the boardwalk talking to each other.]

Jack: Ah... [Sighs] Can't believe you're leaving tomorrow, man.

Dawson: Tell me about it.

Jack: L.A. Is a galaxy far, far away.

Dawson: Yet only 5 hours away by plane.

Jack: Nervous?

Dawson: Yeah, nervous. I'm excited, I'M...I'm exhilarated, I'm depressed. That pretty much sums it up.

Jack: Are you sure you don't want to stick around? You could be painting Mrs. Hammacott's house this summer.

Dawson: Ha ha. Oh, god. Do it with Joey. I'm sure she'll jump at the chance to free herself from the clutches of Cruella DeValentine.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, she's really gonna miss you, Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah, she's got plenty on her mind. Infiltrating the ivy leagues... the whole devastating break-up thing.

Jack: Come on, man. I know, that's all true, but you and Joey saying good-bye, that's a fairly colossal event.

Dawson: Why is everybody so determined to shake me out my cozy little cocoon of denial?

Jack: Because if you don't at least acknowledge the hugeness of this moment, you are gonna wake up in some cold sweat in some USC dorm room one night, and you're just gonna have one more thing to add to your list of lifelong regrets.

Dawson: Could you do me a favor?

Jack: Yeah, anything.

Dawson: Don't sit next to me at the movies tonight, man. You're bummin' me out.

Jack: Come on, man. You can't tell me you haven't at least thought about it.

Dawson: What?

Jack: What? The opportunity to spend the entire summer with her.

Dawson: Of course I've thought about it. I've thought about it so much it makes me mad because I don't understand why I can't stop thinking about it. [Sighs] I fell in love with somebody else this year. Do you have any idea how significant that is for me? I mean... so why can't I stop thinking about her?

[Scene: Outside the theater. Jen and Joey are walking towards the ticket counter talking to one another.]

Jen: You gonna miss him?

Joey: Aren't you?

Jen: Yeah, but that's different.

Joey: How's it different?

Jen: 'Cause I had all last summer to get sick of Dawson and his quirks, his foibles. All those annoying little things that he does that make you just want to throw him into the creek.

Joey: He is rather annoying, isn't he?

Jen: Oh, god, yeah.

Joey: I mean, the way he makes you sit through all of the credits at the end of a movie.

Jen: Ha! Out of respect for the filmmaker, of course.

Joey: And the incessant picture-taking and crushing self-analysis.

Jen: Not to mention that thing he does where he puts you up on a pedestal and makes you the center of his universe. God. ….If you asked him to stay, he would.

Joey: What? Give up the movie-making chance of a lifetime just so he can bum around Capeside for another summer?

Jen: Ha ha ha. I don't think he'd see it as such a bad trade-off.

Joey: What makes you think that I want him to stay?

Jen: You really want to know?

Joey: Yeah.

Jen: It's this little voice inside my head that says "I like your hair color. What number is that?"

Joey: You still hate me, don't you?

Jen: No, I don't hate you.

Joey: I mean, I don't get it, Jen. I mean, how am I supposed to feel about this? Am I supposed to feel good knowing that I have the power to change somebody's life?

Jen: I don't know. I mean, I think that we all have the power to change each other's lives. The questions is... are you going to use it?

[Jen turns to the ticket counter.]

Jen: Hi. 4, please.

[Jack and Dawson come walking up]

Dawson: What were you girls talking about?

Jen: Oh, you know...

Joey: Um...

Jen: Hair, makeup, world peace. Usual girl stuff.

[Jen hands out the tickets to everyone.]

Jen: There you go.

Dawson: Thank you.

Jack: Thanks.

Jen: Here you go. All right.

[They all go into the theater. American Graffiti is playing.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside the Theater. They all walk out of the theater, and stop and stand around uncomfortably.]

Dawson: [Sighs] So, who's hungry?

Jen: Well, I should go home and check on grams. I feel kind of guilty about leaving her. But if, you know, if you guys want to go eat, actually food— food is good.

Jack: I could eat.

Dawson: Actually, you know what? I haven't packed yet. I still have to do that tonight. Unless we just want to—

Jen: Yeah. I mean, why don't you guys go ahead. I'm sure you've got a lot to talk about. And Jack and I will just walk.

Jack: I could walk.

Joey: Oh. Yeah, whatever. It's not like my evening will be incomplete without greasy diner food, so...

Jack: Ok. So what did we just decide?

Joey: Uh, um... I guess we decided to go home.

Dawson: Great. Home. Uh, who's first?

Jen: Well, I live next door.

Jack: Uh, my car's at her house.

Joey: [Clears throat] Guess I'm first.

[Scene: The Leery Living room. Gale and Mitch are going through some pictures of Lilly.]

Gale: Ok, which one do you like better? Lily looking adorable in her bassinet with her pink bow, or lily looking adorable in her bassinet with her yellow bow? Oh, and then of course we have this one of her looking adorable with Dawson.

Mitch: Hmm. They got the same Leery eyes, don't they?

Gale: Mm-hmm. Self-aware with hidden depth.

Mitch: Same Leery cheekbones.

Gale: Camera loves them.

Mitch: Same heartthrob smile. Which is probably hiding a stubborn streak 10 miles long. What do you say the odds are, 18 years from now, Lily might actually have the good sense to listen to her father before she heads off to college? She might want to spend some time with her family before facing the great unknown. Mm. It's a big step, going away. And it isn't always easy.

ale: And neither is getting left behind. And not being needed anymore.

Mitch: Excuse me?

Gale: That big stand you took earlier?

Mitch: That desperate plea for family togetherness?

Gale: Obviously the last gasp of a dying dictatorship.

Mitch: Oh, funny word, dictatorship. You're blaming me.

Gale: No. I'm not blaming anybody.

Mitch: Yes, you are. You're blaming me.

Gale: No. I just think that certain people, when they're feeling insecure about the future, would rather pick a fight and stomp around in the front yard than face the fact that they are feeling insecure about the future. Oh, did I happen to mention that those people are usually men?

Mitch: Why would I be feeling insecure about the future? I'm not the one whose life is about to change.

Gale: I think we may have just discovered where our son gets his talent for denial.

[Scene: The Potter B&B. Dawson pulls the jeep up to the B&B, and everyone just sits quiet and looking at one another uncomfortably.]

Jack: Well, uh, later, Joey.

Jen: Hey, call me tomorrow, ok?

Joey: Ok. So I guess this is it, right?

Dawson: Uh, yeah. Let me walk you to the...

Joey: Great.

[Joey and Dawson walk up to the porch.]

Joey: Well, I had a really nice time tonight.

Dawson: Yeah. Me, too.

Joey: It's comforting, you know?

Dawson: What's that?

Joey: Well, seeing a movie that you've seen before.

Dawson: Yeah. You don't have to waste any creative energy trying to figure out how it's gonna end.

Joey: It's gonna be weird, isn't it?

Dawson: What?

Joey: Next year. I mean, me in Boston. You in Los Angeles.

Dawson: Yeah.

Joey: Well, you're gonna having celebrity sightings left and right, you know.

Dawson: Ha ha ha. I don't think L.A. Really works that way.

Joey: Sure it does. One day, you're gonna turn around in line in some overpriced organic food store, or you'll be in a movie line at some mall, because there are tons of malls in L.A., And you will see him, Dawson.

Dawson: Who?

Joey: Spielberg.

Dawson: I'm actually in more of a Soderbergh phase right now.

Joey: Regardless. What would you say to him if you saw him?

Dawson: Spielberg?

Joey: Yeah.

Dawson: I'd--I...I don't know.

Joey: Dawson, come on. I mean, this is the guy who shaped your entire world view, who eased all of your childhood traumas, and who made growing up just a bit more bearable.

Dawson: Um... in that case, I guess I'd just have to... say thank you.

Joey: Doesn't quite seem like enough, does it?

Dawson: No, it doesn't.

Joey: So I guess see you at Thanksgiving.

Dawson: Actually, uh, my parents had talked about bringing Lily out to L.A. So... oh. Um...

Joey: Well, then Christmas.

Dawson: Yeah, Christmas. Definitely. Definitely. Yeah.

[The uncomfortable situation gets worse when neither knows what to do]

Joey: Well, good luck.

Dawson: Hey, you, too.

Joey: See you, Dawson.

[They look uncomfortable about what to do next, and then Joey turns and goes inside.]

Dawson: [Sighs]

[Dawson turns to go back up to the door, but the porch light turns off and he turns and walks back down the porch.]

Dawson: [Mumbling] See you, Joey.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Leery Jeep. Dawson pulls up to his and Jen's Place and they all get out of the jeep.]

Jack: We can't afford to well, should we give it to him now?

Jen: Now's good.

Jack: All right.

Dawson: What?

[Jack reached into his car and pulls out a cell phone and hands it to Dawson.]

Jack: Ha ha ha.

Dawson: You didn't?

Jen: Well, we figured that you should have one in L.A.

Jack: It was either that or a BMW.

Dawson: You guys, this-- you didn't have to do this. This is too much.

Jack: Don't get too excited. We can only afford, like, what, 5 minutes of air time?

Dawson: This is great. Thank you.

Jack: Sure.

Jen: Ok, you guys. Get it over with. Hug.

All: Ha ha ha.

Dawson: Come here.

Jack: All right, man. Heh. Have fun in L.A., All right? Stay cool.

Dawson: I'll do my best.

Jack: Shouldn't be too difficult.

Dawson: Heh. Why? 'Cause I was never really cool to begin with?

Jack: You said it, not me.

Dawson: Ha ha ha.

Jack: All right. I'll see you guys.

[Jack turns and hops into his car]

Jen: See ya.

Dawson: Bye.

[Jack drives off.]

Jen: Well, I guess geography is destiny, huh? Here you are, stuck with me at the end of your very last night in Capeside.

Dawson: I wouldn't say "stuck" at all. I think... I think this whole next-door neighbor thing worked out for the best.

Jen: Yeah? How so?

Dawson: Joey and Pacey and I grew up in mortal terror of this house, especially around Halloween. Every time grams came out to sweep her porch, I think we half-expected her to hop on her broomstick and fly away.

Jen: Ha ha. Sounds like her.

Dawson: Ha ha. Pacey once offered Joey I think a whole dollar just to run up and touch the front door.

Jen: Ha ha. Did she do it?

Dawson: No, are you kidding? She's still afraid of your grandmother.

Jen: I guess that makes me the Boo Radley of this scenario, huh?

Dawson: Exactly. Except beautiful and with breasts.

Jen: Wit. We like that around here.

Dawson: [Sighs]

Jen: [Sighs] Come here. [They hug] Mm. Ok. Go. Get the hell out of here. Walk across that lawn, have a great life, and don't ever call me again.

Dawson: What? So I can confirm your worst fears about men?

Jen: Yes, exactly. Oh, wait, I forgot. We never slept together.

Dawson: You got 5 minutes?

Jen: For you? Always.

[Door opens]

Gram: I'm sorry. I--I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jen: Uh... uh, Grams, it's fine. It--it-- I think we're all done here?

Dawson: Doomed to be friends forever.

[They hug again]

Jen: Mm. Sucks, doesn't it?

[Dawson turns and walks back to his house, while Jen watches him go.]

[Scene: Dawson's Kitchen. Dawson walks in to see a new Apply Mac Titanium Laptop sitting open on the table. He walks over to it and Mitch walks into the kitchen.]

Mitch: Not the most practical choice, mind you, but I gotta admit, it sure as hell looks cool.

Dawson: Cooler than the T21?

Mitch: Hardly. But, hey, to each his own. You know, it's funny. I knew I'd be sad to see you go. What I didn't expect was this feeling of not wanting you to go. Son or not, Dawson... you are one of my favorite people.

[Dawson hugs him]

Mitch: Ok. All right. Ahem.

[Dawson breaks the hug and sits down at the table, and Mitch does too.]

Mitch: Let me see. Have I covered everything? Um... you know not to have sex without a condom, right?

Dawson: Aw, dad, please. I was the only kid in kindergarten who knew what Trojans were.

Mitch: Right. Um...drugs.

Dawson: I can't swear to you that I'll never try some variety of narcotic, but I can promise you I'll never get so strung out I steal your TV.

Mitch: Can you promise me... you won't join a frat.

Dawson: That I can promise.

Mitch: Ok. So tell me what it was like... saying good-bye to Joey.

Dawson: [Sighs] It was, um... it was like most other things in life you have too many expectations of. You know? Totally, completely under whelming.

Mitch: Well, I will tell you this... and it is the last piece of fatherly advice I dispense before you leave the nest. It ain't over... till it's over.

Dawson: That's it? That's your advice, a trite, hackneyed cliché?

Mitch: It was all I could think of.

Dawson: Major demerits, dad.

[Scene: Gram's House. Jen and Grams are sitting at the table pouring themselves a cup of tea.]

Jen: [Sighs] You know, when I first got here, I thought that I was being punished. That--that my mom sent me away 'cause she just didn't love me enough or something.

Grams: Jennifer.

Jen: But I don't think so now. I mean, I think that she really loved it here. This house, the creek, I... I mean, she was always looking for an excuse to bring me here--Christmas or vacation, anything.

Grams: Hmm. Those were good times... but sad for her.

Jen: Why's that?

Grams: Some people spend their entire lives chasing the happiness they had in high school... their teenage years. Thank goodness that won't happen to you.

Jen: Why do you say that?

Grams: You children, the way carry on, always so dour and depressed about everything. Things can only get better from here.

[Knock on door]

Grams: Heavens, who could that be at this hour?

[Jack comes into the house.]

Jack: I know. I got halfway home and then I decided I didn't like the thought of you two all alone in this house on your last night.

Jen: [Laughs] Another sentimentalist.

Grams: Now, as long as you're here...

[Grams pulls a cookie jar out of a box on the counter and hands it to Jack.]

Jack: Yes. I thought you packed everything.

Grams: Oh, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Jen:'re really not sad to be leaving?

Grams: Not sad. Actually, it's rather exhilarating, leaving all this behind. You know, we three are about to embark on a great adventure.

Jen: Did you and gramps always live here?

Grams: No. When your grandfather and I were married he was still in law school, so we lived with his parents for a while. I would not recommend that. Then we moved downtown above his law office.

Jen: Oh, I didn't know that.

Grams: Huh. That apartment. In the summer it was so hot. Summer nights, we'd take a blanket up on the roof.

Jack: Under the stars.

Grams: Mm. Stars and the lights from the summer houses. Saturday nights, the owners would string Japanese lanterns along the docks and have these very fancy dinner dances on the lawn. Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra drifting across the water.

Jen: Ohh, that sounds magical.

Grams: Oh, it was. So your grandfather and I decided the best way for us to be happy would be to buy one of those summer houses and live in it all year-round.

Jen: And it worked, right? You guys were happy here.

Grams: We certainly were... but we were always cold in the winter.

[Scene: Dawson's house. The phone rings and Dawson picks it up.]

Dawson: Hello.

Pacey: Dawson, is that you?

Dawson: Pacey?

Pacey: Yeah, man. I hope it's not too late.

Dawson: N-no, it's fine. It's-- uh, where are you?

Pacey: Heh heh, I'm in paradise, man, paradise.

Dawson: Heh heh.

Pacey: Hey, you laugh, but it's true.

Dawson: So, uh, how's everything goin'?

Pacey: Heh heh, I tell you, it has been the hardest work I have ever done in my entire life, but, well, it's probably a good thing. It keeps my mind off of stuff.

Dawson: Hmm.

Pacey: So how is she?

Dawson: She's, um... you know, she's doing the same thing you are, Pace. She's keepin' busy. [Sighs] She doesn't say much, but, um... you know, I get the feeling that she thinks about you every 10 seconds or so. I know she'd appreciate a call.

Pacey: Uh, you know, I just don't think that's a place I'm ready to go quite yet, Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah, I totally understand. I could say something to her if you want.

Pacey: No. No, you know what? I think I'd prefer if you didn't, and that's-- that's not why I called, actually. Uh... I just--I realized that you're the only person in Capeside that I actually regret not saying good-bye to, because, you know, for a long time there, Dawson, being your best friend was all I really cared about in my life. I just wanted you to hear from me that despite everything that's happened between us and the miles that may be between us right now, you know, I still think about the way things were.

Dawson: Back when we were just a couple dorks wondering if and when a girl would ever look our way?

Pacey: Heh heh, well, speak for yourself, huh?

Dawson: [Laughs] Yeah, pace, I'm--I'm really glad you called, because the worst thing about not saying good-bye was I didn't get a chance to tell you something I wanted so badly to tell you.

Pacey: What's that?

Dawson: I'm proud of you, Pacey.

Pacey: Thanks, Dawson.

Dawson: Good luck out there.

Pacey: Yeah. You, too.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Dawson's Bedroom. Dawson it trying to pack, but you can see his mind isn't in it. He stares at the empty suitcase then walks over to the drawer to get some clothes.]

Dawson: [Sighs]

[He stops packing and goes outside and walks down to the dock, to get in his boat, but before he gets there Joey comes walking up to him from the dock.]

Joey: Hey.

Dawson: Heh. Hey. What are you doing here?

Joey: Well... I thought if I don't help you pack, Dawson, uh, you're gonna end up in L.A. With just those clothes on your back, and chances are that after a while they're gonna start to smell a little, and that's no way to make a good first impression.

Dawson: My hygiene thanks you for your concern.

Joey: Sure. So where are you headed off to?

Dawson: The Potter B&B.

Joey: What was your excuse gonna be?

Dawson: I was gonna work the whole "I haven't said good-bye to Bessie or Bodie yet" angle.

Joey: Ah. Not bad.

Dawson: Heh, come on.

[Up in Dawson's room. Joey and Dawson are lying on the bed watching ET, and as it finishes Joey wipes the tears from her eyes.]

Dawson: I caught that.

Joey: Sue me. It's still my favorite movie. This won the Oscar, right?

Dawson: God, how many times do I have to tell you? It was Gandhi.

Joey: Right.

Dawson: [Sighs] I need your help here.

[He throws a suitcase onto the bed]

Joey: [Sighs] I've said it before, and I'll say it again. You're worse than a girl, Dawson leery.

Dawson: That's good. Emasculate me. It's only the last time you're ever gonna see me. Well, for Christmas, I suppose.

Joey: Which is 6 months away, half a lifetime. You know by then you'll be married to the first bimbo who slips you her head shot.

Dawson: And you'll be shacked up with the first guy who offers you a hit off his beer bong.

Joey: Right. I wish we could just fast forward 4 years, and see how it all ends up.

Dawson: I don't have to, really. I mean... 4 years at Worthington, you'll be a pedigreed professional.

Joey: And you?

Dawson: I'll be working the graveyard shift over at Kinko's. Stop by and say hi.

Joey: Mm-hmm. [Sighs] Dawson...

Dawson: yeah.

Joey: I know we always joke about this, but... I feel like I'm never gonna see you again.

Dawson: That's crazy talk, Jo.

Joey: I know. I-- I know I'll see you again, and it probably won't be too long from now, you know, holidays, most likely, but... you'll be different.

Dawson: I will?

Joey: Well, you'll have a tan. And you'll have a girlfriend.

Dawson: I will?

Joey: She'll be incredibly pretty.

Dawson: Really?

Joey: You'll show me a picture, I'll immediately hate her, and the worse part is, deep down, I'll know she's as great as you say she is like her.

Dawson: You sound pretty sure about all this.

Joey: Well, you can't keep it a secret forever, Dawson.

Dawson: What's that?

Joey: How incredible you are. [They look at one another before Joey sits up on the bed] Ok, film student... all-time favorite movie.

Dawson: You want to play that game?

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Dawson: Jaws. You, all-time favorite song.

Joey: Daydream believer. Most embarrassing moment.

Dawson: Uh... that would have to be when the whole school watched me make out with Eve.

Joey: What are you talking about? That did wonders for your street cred.

Dawson: Ok. You, same question.

Joey: Hmm. That's easy. Right here in this room when I offered to have sex with you, and you turned me down cold.

Dawson: Y-y-y-yeah. Hey, could we introduce the "hugest all-time regret" category, because that would pretty much be mine.

Joey: Mine would be... lying to you about sleeping with Pacey.

Dawson: [Laughs]

Joey: That's not funny.

Dawson: Not, it's that-- I just-- I'm the only one who has not had sex. I--I didn't plan on graduating a virgin. What--what happened?

Joey: Best laid plans...

Dawson: This mythical college girlfriend I'm gonna have, will she have sex with me?

Joey:, sorry. She's a prude.

Dawson: Damn. I had such high hopes the last American virgin would fare better as an undergrad. All-time most life altering moment.

Joey: Ever?

Dawson: Ever.

Joey: Well... there are a lot of winners there. [Sighs] But, you know, there was this one moment, um... a couple years ago... in this room. I was standing over there by the window, and, uh... and you kissed me. It changed everything. It's a pretty powerful thing when you get your biggest wish in one moment. [Long pause while they just think about everything] Oh, better not forget that one.

[Joey points to the “Turn away my Sweet” poster on the wall.]

Dawson: Gee, I almost forgot.

[Dawson gets up and walks over to take the poster down.]

Joey: Dawson... I want you to stay.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Joey: I said, I want you to stay. And there, I said it.

Dawson: You don't think you could have maybe said something before I packed?

Joey: No, I said it, and now I want you to forget it.

Dawson: Forget it? Jo, how do I forget that?

Joey: Well, it's just something that I've been thinking about, and I wanted you to know that I was thinking about it. You know, I was just gonna... keep my mouth shut and let you go... but...[Sighs]... It's not me. That's some merchant ivory movie, you know, where people suffer in silence, and you're supposed to be so impressed by their restraint. Well... you know... sorry, but screw that. My best friend in the whole world is leaving tomorrow, and a big part of me wants him to stay... so I hope you don't hate me.

Dawson: I could never hate you, Joey... and not for lack of trying, either.

Joey: These past couple of years, it's been one big soap opera. I wouldn't take it back. I wouldn't... take any of it back, but... I'm glad that it's over. 'Cause I like the way things are now. My life being the cruel joke that it is, now that things are so nice... you're leaving.

Dawson: Jo... if I thought for one second it was the right thing to do, I would stay, but it's time to go. It's time for me to get out of this room, and it's time for you to discover who you are without us. This chapter's over, Jo. I can feel it.

Joey: [With tears running down her cheeks] Do you believe in magic? I never used to. I mean, how could I? 13, your mom dies. You hope against hope for--for magic, something to make it all better. It never comes, and, you know, you look to your father who's unable to overcome all of his tragic flaws. Well, no abracadabra there. And then there's Pacey. Well... any magic that was there, that ran out, didn't it? But, uh, then there's you. There's proof that someone out there is thinking of me... my friend who was with me always. It's pure magic. I guess this is pretty much just a long-winded way of saying that, um... I'm gonna miss you, Dawson.

Dawson: I'm gonna miss you, too, Joey.

Joey: Well, I guess it's getting late, and you need to rest, so... it kind of makes me wish that the ladder was still out there... make a classy exit, you know? Disappear out the window into the night.

Dawson: Yeah. Far more cinematic.

[She puts on her coat]

Dawson: Wow. I guess this is, uh... this is really it, huh?

Joey: See you, Dawson.

Dawson: I'll see you, Joey.

[The hug each other, then back up a little, but don't let go of one another]

Joey: So what was yours, by the way?

Dawson: What was my what?

Joey: Your all-time most life altering moment?

Dawson: For all I know, it could be this one right now... saying good-bye to you.

[A long pause as they look into each other's tearful eyes. Then they begin kissing, and the camera pulls to the outside of the room and we see the silhouette of them kissing each other in the window of Dawson's bedroom.]

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