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  05x02 - The Lost Weekend
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Episode 502 - The Lost Weekend

[Joey and Audrey's dorm room. Dawson is on the his cell phone while Joey is going through a book on her desk]

Dawson: Flight's still on time.

Joey: Shoot.

Dawson: What?

Joey: Today is the last day I can drop that writing class.

Dawson: I thought you liked that class.

Joey: I do. I mean, I like it as much as I can like anything I'm getting a C in. Crud.

Dawson: Well, do what you have to do. I can entertain myself for an hour.

Joey: Are you sure?

Dawson: Yeah, Sure, I'm sure.

[Dawson begins making another call]

Joey: Who are you calling now?

Dawson: Myself…You have one new message. It's from you, from Friday.

Joey: You didn't get my message?

Dawson: No. You sound a little drunk.

Joey: Dawson, that is because I am drunk. Now give me the phone.

Dawson: No way.

Joey: Drunk people should have the right to neutralize their own messages.

Dawson: No way. Okay, some guy hit on you. A nice guy.

Joey: Yeah, so nice that he proceeded sleep with Audrey. Come on. Just give me…

Dawson: Stop, just let me listen. [Joey tries to get the phone from him but he won't let her.] Apparently I've got great timing.

Joey: Dawson…I was drunk. I don't even remember half of what I said.

Dawson: Well, the gist of it was goodbye. Which is something that I really wish I knew before I got on a plane and flew 3000 miles to come see you. Were you planning on telling me about this?

Joey: Why would I bring it up if you didn't. It wasn't exactly one of my finest moments. No. I was mad.

Dawson: About what?

Joey: I don't know. Mad that you weren't coming to visit me. Mad that that we haven't resolved anything.

Dawson: I thought that everything was resolved. Until I got that message, I thought we said everything that we had to say three months ago in my room.

Joey: Great! I guess we don't have anything to say.

Dawson: Joey.

[Audrey walks into the room wearing only a towel and coming here wet hair out.]

Audrey: Hey kids. Uh oh, what's the problem?

Joey: Uh, well, this is Dawson's last day, and I wanted to show him around campus, but I'm not going to have time because I am going to have to go drop out of writing class.

Audrey: Hmm, well that's a heart stopper. You know, they do have those campus tours. They are a little on the lame side, but not completely intolerable.

Joey: Sounds like a plan.

Dawson: Yeah. Perfect.

Joey: Great Problem solved.

Audrey: Bye. [Joey walks past them and leaves] She a handful, that girl, isn't she?

[Opening Credits]

[Boston sidewalk. Jen and Jack are walking down the street talking to each other while looking around for something.]

Jen: He's not going to call.

Jack: He's calling.

Jen: He doesn't even have my phone number.

Jack: He will get your number.

Jen: How?

Jack: Some How. Why do you think we have had all these advances in information technology? They are all about helping people track down other people other people they are sexually attracted to. Jen, just trust me. Alright? The guy will find you, and when he does, just throw yourself at him immediately because you obviously want to.

Jen: Whether I want to or not, nice girls just don't hurl themselves at boys, Jack. Society at large deems that sluty and self destructive.

Jack: That's right. I forgot. You're a slut. Only, you haven't actually had sex with anybody the entire time I have known you. And if you look at the cold hard facts, I have kissed more guys than you have this past year.

Jen: Well…That's not true.

Jack: I've kissed one. How many have you kissed?

Jen: One.

Jack: How many straight guys?

Jen: None.

[Jack Shrugs his arms as to say he has proven his point]

Jen: This is the saddest conversation ever.

Jack: All I'm saying is that we are in college now. No one is watching and no one is keeping track.

[He stops]

Jen: What?

Jack: I think we're lost.

[Grabs a map out of his pocket.]

Jen: What are you doing?

Jack: That's fairly obvious.

Jen: Would you mind being subtle? I'd rather not look like freshmen dorks, who don't know where they are going

Jack: Just give me something we are near. Alright?

Jen: Uh, well the radio station. [She looks in the window of the radio station and sees Charlie] Oh, my god. Jack, Jack. Put the map, down with the map, or else he is going to think we have been trying to find him.

Jack: Oh, you are trying to find him. You spent all weekend circling every Charles in the campus directory.

Jen: Yeah, but he doesn't need to know that. [He turns and sees them and looks over at her.] Oh heh..Hi. He's smiling. He's waving.

[Charlie begins waving them to come in.]

Jack: Yeah, he's waving. Se I told you he likes you. [Charlie writes a sign and begins to put it against the window] How much more of a sign do you need?

[The sign reads Get in here, but he is holding it upside down.]

Jen: It's upside down.

Jack: You are going in anyways.

[A stairway in the school. Prof. Wilder and Joey are walking down the stairs talking about her dropping class.]

Wilder: Can't you drop some other class? Something useless, like basket weaving? Or women's studies?

Joey: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

Wilder: God, I got to say I didn't see this one coming. I can usually tell the ones that drop, they have got this sort of guilty look about them. Not that this happens a lot to me, mind you. People don't usually drop my class. People have been known to kill other people simply to audit my class.

Joey: I know.

Wilder: You should consider yourself lucky to be in it. I don't usually take Freshmen. Freshmen usually tend to freak out when they see how much work is involved. That's not what's happening to you, Ms. Potter, is it? You're not freaking out, are you?

Joey: No. not exactly.

Wilder: You didn't finish rewriting that story did you? About the boy and the kiss.

Joey: I tried. Believe me, I tried…things are really complicated at the moment

Wilder: Oh, I see. More complicated than they were on Friday?

Joey: Yes.

Wilder: And complicated I bad?

Joey: Yes

Wilder: Something's have changed since Friday.

Joey: Yes.

Wilder: You've changed since Friday?

Joey: Yes, no. Nothing's changed.

Wilder: Yet, everything is more complicated, and you need to drop my class.

Joey: Look, I took too many classes. Ok, I didn't know what I wanted to study, and your class sounded like fun.

Wilder: Oh, it is fun. 9.4 on the in last years course guide.

Joey: All right, believe me it was a stupid thing to do, ok. You warned me about the work involved. A lot of people did, and I guess I thought I could handle it.

Wilder: And what makes you think you can't?

Joey: ‘Cause I am obviously freaking out.

Wilder: Good point. You know, no matter how many times this happens, and I lied it happens a lot. It still feels like getting dumped by your first girlfriend. [He grabs her form and signs it.] Have a nice life Ms. Potter.

[The campus grounds. Audrey and Dawson are walking along talking about things.]

Audrey: So, Dawson. You are not to happy to be stuck with me right now are you?

Dawson: No, not at all. You know, it's probably best that Joey and I are apart right now. If we spent the whole afternoon together right now we would probably say something that we would regret.

Audrey: Like?

Dawson: Like, why am I letting this girl ruin my life.

Audrey: Ohhh.

Dawson: I'm sorry, I should not be discussing with you.

Audrey: No, hey, you don't have to apologize to me. I live with the girl.

Dawson: Do you ever find yourself wondering why someone so smart can be so stupid?

Audrey: Every day. Ok, this is it.

Dawson: What is it?

Audrey: This is. This is where the campus tour starts.

Dawson: Nobody here.

Audrey: Yeah, I know. It happens a lot. To tell you the truth, the campus tour isn't all that interesting. Still the show must go on, even if it is for only one person. So, lets go.

Dawson: Where?

Audrey: The campus tour.

Dawson: But there is nobody here.

Audrey: Oh, but see there. You're here, and I'm here []

Dawson: You're the tour guide.

Audrey: Bingo. You can thank me later for rocking your world.

[The radio station. Jen makes her way into join him, as he is on the air.]

Charlie: Well it's Charlie time here, and we're playing all sorts of bold sad bastard, as we do every Monday morning. Here on WBCW anything weepy, anything mopey, anything that is remotely bold, like we just had the request for the smith's classic, Girlfriend in a coma. So we are just about to get that one on right now.

Jen: Yeah, um, I'm sorry. We're not going to play that.

Charlie: [whispers] That's on.

Jen: Oh, I know. I turned it on.

Charlie: My new producer, ladies and gentlemen. Jen….Jen now would come the part, where it is painfully obvious, that I don't know her last name.

Jen: Lindley. Jen Lindley. appalling isn't it folks, so like the talent to forget the names of the little people behind the scenes.

Charlie: Right, sorry about that. So, you were about to tell us about a problem with Girlfriend in a coma.

Jen: Yeah, we're not going to play it. You see, the problem with college radio stations is too many requests for misunderstood, ambisexually geniuses.

Charlie: That's tough.

Jen: People want to be led. So Charlie, Mr. DJ. Guy, what is it with you and this radio thing? You like to talking to people who can't talk back?

Charlie: No. I guess I just like music.

Jen: Well, why all this mope rock? Why not Rap? Or Punk? Or the Ramones?

Charlie: Well, Jen. I guess that I have learned in my vast experience, that people tend to feel low energy on Monday mornings.

Jen: And why is that exactly?

Charlie: Because…generally they have gone out on the weekend and done something that regret.

Jen: Or not done something they regret. It is possible, you will agree with me here, that you feel more regretful for the things that you haven't done, than the thing you have. Like say, forgetting to get the phone number of someone the first time you meet them.

Charlie: Well Jen you are right, that would be a tragedy, unless the girl , excuse me woman involved, had blown you of majorly, and apparently had a boyfriend. Tall, good looking, dark haired…

Jen: Oh, I see, so what you are running here is a radio program for mopey straight guys who are easily threatened by obviously gay men in Ambercrombie Sweaters. Frankly, I don't see how the University can condone this blatantly niche marketing. I'm afraid things are going to have to change here. And quick.

Charlie: All right, we are going to play that Smith's classic, and then a little sedated. We will be back.

[The deans boat that Pacey is living on. Pacey walks out holding a Polaroid picture and Melanie comes out trying to get it from him.]

Pacey: And I am definitely keeping this one.

Melanie: Oh, Pacey. No.

Pacey: What? Am I not allowed to keep a souvenir of my travels?

Melanie: Not, this one.

Pacey: You know I love the French. They come down to the Caribbean's, the colonize the islands, they destroy the indigenous cultures, and what do they replace them with? Topless beaches. the British would have never ever thought of that. And I'm keeping this one. [steals back the picture, and kisses her.]

Melanie: Fine, you win. Just don't leave it anywhere my uncle can see it.

Pacey: Don't worry about it. You see, this is no longer his boat, it is mine.

Melanie: Oh, right. I forgot.[She kisses him] Oh, I've got to go.

Pacey: No.

Melanie: Are you going to meet me later at the…

Pacey: Yes. I will, but only under protest.

Melanie: Oh, so I want to have another meal with you besides breakfast. And wear the new shirt I bought you.

Pacey: Yes mam.

[They kiss goodbye, and she walks down the docs as Dougie is walking up them towards the boat]

Doug: So…that must be the famous Melanie.

Pacey: Yes indeed. Melanie Shay Tompson. Let me ask you this, Dougie. Why is it, that Rich people always have three names?

Dougie: Oh, I don't know. I guess the more people you are named after, the more wills you could potentially appear in. What the hell are you planning on doing with your life, Pace?

Pacey: Dougie, come on. Does this conversation ever get more interesting for you? Cause it doesn't ever ver any more interesting for me.

Dougie: Well, it's been, what, three or four weeks, since you got back from the Caribbean.

Pacey: It's been three and a half weeks. Why is the tan starting to fade?

Dougie: Are you planning on staying in Boston?

Pacey: Just until the next gigantic yacht needs another deck hand.

Dougie: So, this whole waiting on the rich thing, is going to be a permanent part of your life? IS that it?

Pacey: No, Dougie, noting is permanent.

Dougie: Good. Then here I've got something for you.

[He takes out a business card and hands it to Pacey.]

Pacey: What's this?

Dougie: A guy I know in Boston. A chef.

Pacey: Doug, I told you. I'm not getting a job in some stupid restaurant, or folding shirts or selling shoes. I am on to something bigger and better here, and it is only a matter of time before I get back out there.

Dougie: Oh, yes, the sea. I forgot. And here I am with out my Old Spice. Look just go see this guy, Pacey? Ok, And do it today. I told him that you were going to come by, and see him. So, please just this once, will do me this favor. Please?

Pacey: Ok, ok, look, if I go see this guy, will you get off my case?

Dougie: Nothing would make me happier, little brother.

[Commercial break]

[The school admin office. There is a huge line that wraps down all the flights of stairs and out the building. Joey stops, to ask a boy in line what this it.]

Joey: Is this the line to drop classes?

Boy: Yes, this is it.

[The campus grounds next to a lake. Audrey and Dawson are walking along talking together.]

Audrey: So, Dawson.

Dawson: Yes?

Audrey: Answer the question that is on everyone's mind. Is USC all it's cracked up to be?

Dawson: That's the question on everybody's mind? What kind of circles are you traveling in?

Audrey: Oh, the Jen, Jack, Joey ones.

Dawson: Ahhh.

Audrey: You know, you can tell me the truth. I mean, I am from LA, and I hate it, so I can't imagine what Strangers must think.

Dawson: It's's not entirely awful.

Audrey: Well, That's high praise. You know something, I bet you know someone from my high school.

Dawson: Who?

Audrey: Kirsten Smith.

Dawson: Oh my god, you know that girl.

Audrey: Yes. Is she still working on her short film about accosting minor celebrities in public washrooms?

Dawson: Oh, that's not a short film any more. She's trying to expand it into a feature, and she changed her name to Kiwi. No last name. Just Kiwi.

Audrey: Oh my god.

Dawson: I knew film school would be full of posers, I just didn't know it would be this bad.

Audrey: But, I mean you like it. Like, in general.

Dawson: Yeah…Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Audrey: I don't know, call me crazy, but generally, people who love college, don't fly all the way across the country to see their old high school friends. In October.

Dawson: Everyone gets homesick.

Audrey: Yeah, except this is not your home.

Dawson: All my friends are here.

Audrey: You mean Joey?

Dawson: And Jack and Jen. I mean, to be honest, I sometimes this it's a curse to have these great friends from high school. I mean, if all you had back at home was four years of unabated misery, You would have no body to miss. Everybody you meet would be a pleasant surprise, compared to

Audrey: This totally haneous let down compared to the people you already know. I'm worried about you, Dawson.

Dawson: Thank you, I'm glad somebody is.

[The Restaurant. Danny the chef is talking with the waitresses when Pacey comes in.]

Danny: To repeat, the specials today are, steamed cockles, rabbit ravioli in a butter sage sauce..

Girl: Good, I love bunny. Can we go now?

Danny: Scatter. And push the fish.

Girl: On Monday? Do you want us to kill people?

[The waitresses leave.]

Danny: She's kidding. The fish is fine. You eat rabbit?

Pacey: I like anything that's free.

Danny: Here.

Pacey: Thanks. That's not bad.

Danny: Don't kid yourself, it's spectacular.

Pacey: Well, I have never exactly eaten thumper before, so I have nothing to judge it against.

Danny: That's a good point. You the new dish washer?

Pacey: [Giggles] No. I am looking for this guy, Danny Brecker.

Danny: Brecker, yeah that's me.

Pacey: You're the chef?

Danny: I prefer cook, but whatever. This is my kitchen, you found me, go for it before we get slammed in here.

Pacey: Well, I'm just here as kind of a favor to my big brother.

Danny: You're Dougie's brother?

Pacey: Yeah, Pacey.

Danny: Then you are the new dishwasher.

Pacey: No, I'm a deckhand. I spent the entire summer sailing around the Caribbean on a 48 foot yacht.

Danny: Then you have never worked around a kitchen before?

Pacey: No.

Danny: Then you are a dish washer.

Pacey: No, you are not hearing me. I'm just here as a favor to my big brother. In fact, if you could give him a call and tell him I dropped by, I would really appreciate it. And maybe tell him that you gave the job to somebody else.

Danny: Yeah, yeah, he told me that you would try that. HE also said that you just graduated High School, and no interest in going to college.

Pacey: Right, because college is the answer to everybody's problems. I appreciate the fact that you are offering me a job here, but I told you I already have a job.

Danny: Hey, hey hay. What ever you say Popeye. I'm sure out there in the middle of the ocean you are completely the bomb.

Pacey: I am actually.

Danny: Well, right here, right now in the kitchen I need a dishwasher, and if you don't want to be that guy, then I suggest you leave, because I look at you and you don't look like a guy needs this job.

Pacey: You're right, I don't.

Danny: Well then, I don't think I need to be looking at you anymore.

Pacey: Fine.

[Charlie's bedroom. Jen is sitting on the floor looking at some of Charlie's books, as Charlie is looking around for a CD.]

Jen: Why do you have a vindication of the rights of women, Sexual politics by Kate Mill, And the autobiography of Alice Eutoclis by Gertrude Stein? I mean, it's kind of overkill, don't you think. I would have bought it if you just had one.

Charlie: I happen to be taking feminist lit class, thank you very much.

Jen: Oh, so you can meet women.

Charlie: You know, not all things are conspiracies, some things just are.

Jen: Like me being up here in your room.

Charlie: You invited yourself here.

Jen: Only to settle a bet, that we had going at the radio station.

Charlie: I'm telling you, I'm right about this.

Jen: What ever. I'll believe it when I hear it. If you even own this record.

Charlie: If?

Jen: Yes, If. I just have a hard time believing that same person who has Licensed to Ill, also has Volume 2 of the essential Dolly Parton collection.

Charlie: Give me that.

Jen: And why is it so important to you that I listen to this song?

Charlie: Because, once you here Dolly Parton's original 1974 recording of I'll always love you, the song made popular and sucky on the Bodyguard soundtrack. You will truly and possibly for the first time in your entire life, what it means not to suck. And at that point your entire universe will turn upside down. Everything that used to seem normal to you, will suddenly seem right.

Jen: And that is a good thing?

Charlie: Of course it is a good thing. What is music for, if it is not to subvert all you expectations and blow your mind every once in a while.

Jen: Well, I thought that was what people were for.

Charlie: What?

Jen: Nothing, I, I just can't believe you like country music.

Charlie: Well, I like all kinds of music, unlike you who's obviously very cynical and very closed minded. It's probably one of those upper middle class, heavy television, freaky batgirls that drive around town in their father's old Volvo.

Jen: I came here from a small town, I like to knit, and I live with my grandmother.

Charlie: Works for me.

[In the line to drop the class. Joey calls Dawson on her cell phone.]

Joey: Hi it's me.

Dawson: Hey, we were just talking about you.

Joey: We?

Dawson: Yeah, Audrey and me.

Joey: I thought you were taking that tour.

Dawson: I am in a way.

Joey: Well, look, this whole class dropping thing is taking a little longer than anticipated. The line is out of control.

[Dawson turns to Audrey, as they are walking.]

Dawson: She says the line is out of control.

Audrey: Yeah that's a bummer, here let me talk to her. Joey, hi this is Audrey, we are going to hang up now.

[Audrey sees Joey and they go and walk up to her as Joey is trying to yell over the phone even though Audrey has hung up.]

Joey: Audrey? Audrey?

Audrey: Hi.

Dawson: Hi.

Joey: Hi. What did I miss?

Dawson: Well, I went to go take the tour, turns out that Audrey is the tour guide.

Joey: Audrey is the Tour Guide?

Audrey: Yeah the pay sucks, but it allows me to combine two of my passions. Performing in front of a small audience, and getting strangers to fall in love with me.

Joey: Audrey, do you think you could…

Audrey: Hold you place for you? Sure.

Joey: Thanks.

[Audrey takes her place in line and Joey and Dawson go off on the side.]

Joey: You spent the entire morning with her?

Dawson: Yeah, I like her. She's a trip. She's easy to talk to.

Joey: Dawson she's just flirting with you. She flirts with everybody. Animal, vegetable, mineral…

Dawson: Yeah, I know. I think it's great. [He looks over to Audrey, who smiles and waves back.]

Joey: You know, I'm sorry this is taking so long, maybe you should go hang out with Jen and Jack.

Dawson: Maybe we should finish the conversation we started this morning.

Joey: WE had a great weekend, why should we spoil it with…

Dawson: What?

Joey: With a lot of talk that ultimately means nothing.

Dawson: So the future of out relationship means nothing to you.

Joey: The Future? Dawson, you are getting on a plane in a couple of hours. All I said in my message is exactly what you said back in June. You know, we have to move on, we have to go our separate ways.

Dawson: Are you a hundred percent prepared to do that?

Joey: No, I should just go.

Dawson: Yeah, you should.

[The go back over to Audrey]

Audrey: Hi.

[Commercial break]

[The admin office. The clerk calls for Joey to come up, and Joey hands her the drop form.]

Clerk: Next

Joey: I need to drop this class.

Clerk: Sorry sweetie, but last time I heard Oscar Wilde didn't teach here at Worthington he died in 1900.

Joey: Uh, no. No it's not Wilde, it's Wilder. As in David Wilder.

Clerk: I'm sure that is what it is supposed to say, but if you actually want to drop this class, you are going to have to take this back and get it signed by somebody who is actually alive. Next!

[A fancy restaurant. Pacey and Melanie are finishing up their meal.]

Pacey: Ok, I just want it noted for the record this was not my idea of fun.

Melanie: Fine, you can torture me with grilled cheese tomorrow. What do you suddenly have against nice restaurants?

Pacey: Nothing Per Se. I just hate places like this.

Melanie: And what else would you rather be doing?

Pacey: [He gives here a huge smile.]

Melanie: We don't have time. I have chores this afternoon. I do have a life, beside frolicking with you.

Pacey: Yeah, I know, but you don't enjoy it.

Melanie: How do you know?

Pacey: Because nobody enjoys law school. That is just something you do to make you parents happier.

Melanie: That is so not true.

Pacey: Really? So you parents are not happy?

Melanie: No, they are ecstatic. Why else would they let me go cruising around the Caribbean all summer on my uncle's boat.

Pacey: Very good point. Well, now that I think about it, maybe Mommy and Daddy are not such bad folks after all.

Melanie: Now your mood is improving.

Pacey: Which is why you and I should get out of here immediately.

[Melanie grabs the check that the waiter lies on the table.]

Pacey: What are you doing?

Melanie: I'm paying the check.

Pacey: Why?

Melanie: Because you don't have a job.

Pacey: You don't have a job either.

Melanie: No, but I have a credit card and an allowance and a trust fund. [] What? You'd rather pretend I don't?

Pacey: Ok, give this to me.

Melanie: No. When your ship comes in, you can take me out for gumbo or something. But until then, get with the times. This is what debutants do for their cute slacker boyfriends.

[Charlie's room. Jen wakes up next to Charlie after they have had sex, and begins to freak out.]

Jen: Oh god. No. Oh go. No.

Charlie: What? What did I miss? Hey what did I miss?

Jen: What time is it?

Charlie: Um, Five something.

Jen: Oh, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot. Hey, why, why did you let me fall asleep?

Charlie: I wasn't aware we were keeping some sort of vigil.

Jen: I can't believe I did this.

Charlie: Did what?

Jen: Did this. After everything that Jack and I talked about.

Charlie: Who's Jack?

Jen: He's my Gay best friend. Have you not been listening to me this entire time? Oh god, my shoes. I need my shoes.

Charlie: ok, your shoes are down in the basement, and I'm not even up yet.

Jen: Look, I'm late. I'm very late. I have to go to dinner with. I have a very upset grandmother. I have friends coming over. I need a shoe.

Charlie: Your grandmother?

Jen: Yes, my grandmother. I live with my grandmother.

Charlie: I thought you were kidding about that.

Jen: No. I'm…Can I borrow your shoes.

[She grabs his shoes and puts them on and almost trips trying to walk in them.]

Charlie: Hey, hold on, hold on, hold on. Stop. Look, stop, please don't do this.

Jen: What? Do what?

Charlie: Pretend what just happened, didn't happen.

Jen: What happened? I don't know what happened.

Charlie: Something did happen. I met you. I liked you. You liked me. We had sex. So if you could just take a second, stop, and appreciate that fact. Because that is frickin' amazing day for me. Alright and if it all the same to you, I don't want to have to go out next Friday and start the process all over again with a girl I don't like half as much as I like you.

Jen: Ok.

Charlie: Ok, what?

Jen: Ok, you can call me.

Charlie: Why should I call you, you are right here.

[HE kisses her and then they go back into the room and close the door.]

[Prof. Wilder's classroom. Wilder is finishing up with the class as everyone is leaving.]

Wilder: Little light for a grade. [He smiles and hands the paper back to the student as he leave]

[Joey walks in to confront him.]

Joey: That wasn't funny.

Wilder: That was a little funny.

Joey: You had not right to do that to me. I wasted my entire morning on that line.

Wilder: I'm sure you did.

Joey: And most of the afternoon. You know, if you didn't want to sign my form, you should have just said so in the first place.

Wilder: And miss out on all the fun we're having right now? Ok, not having any fun. Look, the truth is, when I encounter the rare High School graduate who knows the difference between, its possessive no apostrophe, and it's contraction with the apostrophe. My blood tends to race a bit, so yes I sent you on a wild goose chase. But you will forgive me for not wanting to part so easily with a student that I found promising.

Joey: That's no excuse for what you did to me. You can't compliment your way out of this.

Wilder: You fluster really easily, don't you Ms. Potter. You have this almost amazing inability to role with the punches.

Joey: Is my personality being graded here?

Wilder: No. It's just generally college requires a lot more juggling than high school. It is a lot less structured environment. And you know, lets not dance around the issue any more. You are getting a, uh, C? In my class, correct?

Joey: Correct.

Wilder: Something tells me that you wouldn't be going through all this trouble to drop my class if you were getting something other than a C. Is that correct?

Joey: No, probably not.

Wilder: So, I see, You are one of those people that do things that she can do well.

Joey: No, actually I do a lot of things, that I don't do well.

Wilder: Name one.

Joey: This. I don't do this very well, because dropping this class is taking up my entire day. And that boy, the one that wasn't supposed to come visit me. Well, he did, and now he is out there debating the future of our relationship, which incidentally I had already determined had not future with my roommate the professional Man Magnet. While I seem to be stuck in this endless loop with you, so you know what? If you don't want to let me drop the class, fine, but I think I at least deserve a straight answer.

Wilder: Here [He hands her a pad of paper.]

Joey: What is this?

Wilder: Write it down, because what you just said made absolutely no sense, but if you can make sense of it on that page, then I will let you go chase this boy of yours.

Joey: You realize that this is completely unfair.

Wilder: I realize this, yes.

[Joey sits down and begins writing.]

[The top of a school bell tower. Dawson and Audrey are looking over the edge at the entire campus.]

Dawson: So is this really where people go to kill themselves?

Audrey: Yep, usually right before the LSATs. Or, you know, sometimes people just come up here to make out. You want to?

Dawson: Ha, ha, ha. Yeah!

Audrey: No.

Dawson: Oh, why not?

Audrey: Because, even though she would probably deny it with every last breath in her body. Joey is my friend, at least she is going to be. And I don't think she would like it too much.

Dawson: I wish I could be just half as sure about that as you are.

Audrey: God, I love this place. I mean, look at this. This is what college is supposed to look like. LA couldn't look like this in a million years. Oh, yeah, I forget, you like it there.

Dawson: Yes, I do.

Audrey: Well, and things are going very well for you. I mean, you've got that internship with the film company, and you got to meet Todd.

Dawson: Yeah I did.

Audrey: Oh, so that's not too bad for a first day. You know. And you will probably be going back.

Dawson: Yeah, I'm going back. What am I going to do? Drop of USC and move to Boston. I mean that would be like scaling the heights of a mountain, and jumping off this bell tower.

Audrey: I meant the job. You're going back to the job, right?

Dawson: Oh, right the job. Actually, I must have forgotten to mention...I actually, got fired, from the job.

Audrey: So, that is one less thing tying you to LA.

Dawson: Yeah, One less thing.

[He looks around, not knowing what to do.]

[Commercial Break]

[Prof. Wilder's classroom. Wilder is reading Joey's paper she just wrote.]

Wilder: Not bad Ms. Potter. I think we might have just discovered major failing in life and art.

Joey: What's that?

Wilder: Over thinking things. Because when it comes right down to it, you obviously know how to separate what matters and what doesn't.

[He grabs her form and signs it again.]

Joey: You probably think I'm whimping out or something

Wider: I wouldn't' say that.

Joey: It's just, I know my limits, you know. And I don't want to mess up this new life I'm trying to start for myself, by trying to do everything at once. I wake up every day, I'm in this bizarre new environment. I'm totally and completely alone for the first time in my life. So, maybe I am a little afraid of getting a C, but if I am, it's because a lot of people have made a lot of sacrifices so that I could get to this place. My sister, my friends, my mother, even my dad in his screwed up non law-abiding way. So…

Wilder: You know, it sounds like you might have had a lot of interesting stories to tell.

[He puts the paper down on the table and leaves. Joey picks it up and there is a A minus on it. Scene cuts to outside where Joey is looking at the drop form and then drops it in the trash as she walks by.]

[The restaurant. Pacey comes in as Danny is preparing some food.]

Danny: Back for the dinner tasting?

Pacey: If I am, it's not because the food is so great, believe me.

Danny: Gee, I think I will wait until the food and wine critics stop raving about it.

Pacey: How do you sleep at night charging people $25 a head for this stuff? I mean, what is this? It's just a pork chop that you are drizzling just a little bit of sauce on, then you add one of these little French fried potatoes to the mashed potatoes, right?

Danny: IT'S a BoFrett potato.

Pacey: Whatever. All I know is that Leon, the chef on the boat I was working on this summer. The only thing that he would do to the food that he was serving to us that he would do to the food he was serving the bosses, was make the stack the food up a little higher and add one of those things.

Danny: Interesting. Most chefs don't serve the good stuff to the little people. Cuts into their profit margin.

Pacey: Little people, I line that. You see, Leon was good people. HE was probably just one step ahead of the authorities, but what can you do?

Danny: Yeah, you will find that a lot in the food industry. How do you think I know your brother? My wife's parents have a place in Capeside. When I'm not cooking I tend to get drunk a lot and howl at the moon. That surprise you?

Pacey: Yeah, I can't imagine any woman would marry you, what was she thinking?

Danny: You have a better sense of humor than your brother has, not that I can use that around here, unless you have seen the error of your ways.

Pacey: Actually I have seen the error of your ways. You see You don't want me washing your dishes.

Danny: I don't?

Pacey: No I am Much to valuable a commodity for that.

Danny: I thought that we established that your skills didn't transfer to dry land.

Pacey: But you see, that was before you knew I caught, cleaned and cook, just about every fish in the western hemisphere, ok. And if I can do that, I am pretty sure I can master Dicing tomatoes, and chopping up parsley.

Danny: Show up on time everyday, and work clean, and you can have pretty much any job around here including mine.

Pacey: Oh, cool, because from what I can tell, you pretty much don't do anything around here any ways.

[Pacey is leaving the restaurant and runs into one of the waitresses smoking outside.]

Pacey: Hey, take you time.

Waitress: Oh, hey. New guy?

Pacey: Yeah.

Waitress: Don't look so shocked. Everyone that works in the restaurant smokes. And if they don't they start when they find out the ones that do, get ten times the number of breaks. You?

Pacey: Un, no thanks. Those things will kill you know.

Waitress: I do. Doesn't matter anyways. I'm going to quit soon. The job, not the cigarettes.

Pacey: It's that bad, huh?

Waitress: This place? Awful, but you know, the people are nice, and I don't mean the customers.

Pacey: Yeah, Danny seems pretty nice.

Waitress: Thinks he's a rock star. They all do. Everyone that works in the kitchen. Chicks like them in a big way. It's probably why you showed up here in the first place.

Pacey: Actually it turns out that I am a one woman man. Provided she is the right kind.

Waitress: And what kind is that?

Pacey: For starters, it's the kind that don't smoke.

Waitress: Ouch. You really know how to hurt a girl.

Pacey: A month ago I was watching this sunset from the deck of a gigantic yacht in the middle of the Caribbean. And today, I..

Waitress: Stuck working here.

Pacey: Yeah.

Waitress: Yeah, well, here's not so bad really, because when it comes down to it. What matter isn't where you are, but who you are there with. Here. [] Hold these for me, and tomorrow, when I ask for them back, say no. Oh, and you might want to rethink the shirt.

[The Dorms. Joey runs into Audrey as she is coming into the building.]

Joey: Hey where's…

Audrey: Dawson?

Joey: Yeah.

Audrey: He's gone.

Joey: Gone? What do you mean, Gone?

Audrey: I mean, he's gone. He left. He said that, he's tired of you yanking his chain, or you know, not yanking it as the case may be. And that, uh, he was an idiot for wasting all this time coming to visit you when there are a zillion of perfectly nice girls at USC who would kill to go out with him.

[Joey finally figures out that she is pulling her leg.]

Joey: You on drugs?

Audrey: Hey. I spent the whole day, trying to defend you. I said, it was a woman's right to be mysterious and difficult. You know, the good ones always are. Apparently, you and I have that in common, but yeah, he wouldn't listen. HE said that he was going Cali, and he was never coming back you know. No matter how many pathetic drunken messages you accidentally leave on his answering machine.

Joey: Ok, so where is he?

Audrey: Where else? He's at the airport. Go!

[Joey runs out of the dorm.]

[The airport, seating area. Dawson and Joey are sitting and talking to each other before his flight.]

Clerk in BG: Thank you, sir, You are all set.

Man: Thank You.

Joey: So, did you get to say goodbye to Jen and Jack?

Dawson: Uh, yeah, jack at least. Uh, Jen wasn't there when I stopped by. Man, must be nice.

Joey: What is?

Dawson: Having them around all the time.

Joey: Yeah, it is. Even though it is someone else's house, and somebody else's grandmother, it's…still like having a safety net I guess. Or…I don't know a…

Dawson: A family.

Joey: Yeah, Like a family. Puts everything in perspective. It helps you separate what matters from what doesn't.

Clerk: This is your final call. Boarding all rows at gate C-3.

[He stands up, and then turns back to Joey.]

Dawson: And what does matter?

Joey: You. That's why I got upset this morning, Dawson. I had spent the entire weekend thinking that you had heard everything I had to say on that message and that you came anyway. That you understood me.

Dawson: Joey, as long that I live, I will never understand you. I mean, I had this fantastic weekend. Hanging out with you. Hanging out with my friends. Questions whether or not, I even wanted to go back to LA, and then I wake up this morning to find out that the girl that was so upset that I couldn't come, could actually kiss me off in the waning hours of Friday night.

Clerk: Once again folks, this is the final call for gate C-3.

[He turns to the gate, and then back to Joey.]

Joey: Dawson, I never said it was going to be easy.

Dawson: Then tell me one thing that you do know.

Joey: I know that I wanted you there. At the end of the day, when I got back to my room, I wanted you there.

Dawson: Why?

Joey: I don't know why. I don't know what I meant. I just know that I wanted you there.

Dawson: Joey, I am here. I've been here for two days, and only now are we finding a way to talk about stuff that really matters. Like why you left that message. All right? And you know, maybe that is the ending we are supposed to have. Maybe every other attraction that we feel each other is just, fear of moving on, fear of growing up.

Joey: Is that what you really think?

Dawson: I don't know, but I do know that if I get on this plane, I am never going to find out. All right, because, we're gonna, we're gonna move on, we're going to grow up, and four years from now we are going to wake up, and we are going to be complete strangers to each other. The only thing that I know for sure, it that I don't want that to happen. Do you?

[The clerk comes up to Dawson and taps him on the shoulder.]

Clerk: Sir. Are you getting on the plane sir?

[Dawson looks at her and then back to Joey.]

Dawson: Do you want that to happen?

Joey: No. Of course not.

[Dawson drops his bag, and they sit back down on the chairs, and continue to talk as the camera pulls away.]

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