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  04x18 - Eastern Standard Time
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Episode 418 - Eastern Standard Time

[Dawson's Room - Gretchen and Dawson are playing 'Life', the board game.]

Gretchen: Whatcha thinking?

Dawson: Uh, nothing. Just... Joey. Uh, she and Jen got on a train for New York a couple hours ago.

Gretchen: Don't they have school in the morning?

Dawson: No. No, they don't. It's ditch day.

Gretchen: You know, the night before our ditch day, me, Alice, Carol, Ted, and Bobby were sitting at my house, and we didn't have anything to do. So we got in our car and we just started to drive south. We drove all night, all day, all the way to the Virginia state line, got out of our car, looked around, turned back, and drove home.

Dawson: I've never done anything remotely like that in my entire life with anyone.

Gretchen: Why not? (Dawson grabs her hand and pulls her off the bed and down the stairs.) Wait, what are we doing? What about Life? I was about to retire in style.

Dawson: We're gonna abandon Life for a little while. We're gonna get in the car and drive.

Gretchen: Whoa, Tex. I wasn't making a suggestion, just basking in a nostalgic impulse.

Dawson: Doesn't matter. It's exactly what we need.

Gretchen: Why does this sound like a Bruce Springsteen song?

Dawson: It is, exactly like that. It's epic and--and romantic and crazy and perfect. Plus, I don't think we have a choice 'cause it's not enough just to recognize your fears.

Gretchen: Well, it may be enough for right now.

Dawson: No, it's--I can't wait. Time is running out. I mean, don't you feel it, at least a little bit, the absolute urgency of this moment? (he kisses her) Come on.

[Therapist Office - Jen sits on the couch talking to Frost.]

Frost: You're very quiet today.

Jen: I know. I'm sorry.

Frost: Don't be. Tell me what's on your mind.

Jen: It's not important.

Frost: We'll see.

Jen: You know the song 'Sweet Jane'?

Frost: 'Sweet Jane'… Cowboy Junkies?

Jen: Mmm, it's Lou Reed, actually. Um, the Cowboy Junkies covered it a few years ago, but that's the one. It's stuck in my head. I used to really love that song. Learned it by heart.

[Train Station - Jen and Joey are walking through the station in New York.]

Joey: So, did I perhaps mention my list and schedule of destinations I will be visiting in this city while you are at your boring college meeting?

Jen: Several times.

Joey: Ok, so I figured out precisely when and where we need to split up and get back together for dinner at 8:00 if we gotta make the train at 11:00.

Jen: You are flirting with maniacal, sweetie.

Joey: Well, do you know where the admissions office is at the University of New York?

Jen: Yeah, I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Joey: Well, don't you think we better get heading downtown in order that you have plenty of time to find it in the maze that is Greenwich village? You don't want to be late. This is a very, very fast-paced city.

Jen: I'll try to keep up.

[Capeside High - Pacey sits in a classroom by himself studying when Drue walks in with a cup of coffee.]

Drue: Witter. What the hell are you doing here? It's ditch day.

Pacey: Well, I heard you'd be here, Drue. And far be it for me to miss out on even the smallest morsel of your flamboyant wit.

Drue: Thank you. The administration has kindly informed me that, uh, given my questionable attendance and disciplinary records, that participation in potential ditching would result in failure to graduate. So I told them to stick it.

Pacey: And yet you're still here.

Drue: Funny how that works. Yeah. They called my mother.

Pacey: Look, Drue, I have this quiz right now, and it's really more of a test than a quiz. He just likes to call them quizzes. I also have a lot of studying to do, so-

Drue: So what do you say? After this quiz of yours, whence our attendance is duly noted, you and I blow off afternoon classes and we go get dangerous?

Pacey: Boy, that sounds real tempting, but no.

Drue: Witter. Sometimes... you just got to say what the hell and live a little.

Pacey: Yes, but, you see, I have this test today, and then I have another test tomorrow that's twice as big.

Drue: Ouch. Hate to be you. Does make you wonder, though.

Pacey: Wonder what?

Drue: What it is Joey's doing at this moment as you rot away in academic prison.

[Coffee Shop - Jen and Joey walk in.]

Typo: Jen Lindley?

Jen: I'm so glad you're here.

Typo: Ohh! Ha ha ha! Princess of Soho, love of my life. (they hug)

Jen: Look at you. What did you do to your hair? Joey, this is Typo. Typo, this is Joey.

Joey: (smiling) Typo.

Jen: You happen to be looking at one of the very best people in a city of 12 million, not to mention the future of the expressionist movement.

Typo: She knows that flattery will get her everywhere. So what brings you two ladies to the city?

Jen: Well, uh, Joey's taking care of me. She's my keeper.

Typo: Well, you always needed one of those.

Jen: Hey! She's also just never seen New York.

Typo: Never? What kind of young lady's never been to Manhattan? I can't imagine where you buy your clothes.

Jen: Ok, come on, sit down for a second. I want to know everything about everyone. What's everybody doing? Who's married? Who's pregnant? Anyone die?

Typo: We're all still here. Some we don't see so much anymore. I still try and meet Ben and Monica for lunch at Barney Greengrass on Wednesdays.

Jen: Today. Today's Wednesday.

Typo: I know. Joey, I cannot wait to show you this place--

Joey: Jen, aren't we forgetting about that meeting you have with the admissions guy from the University of New York?

Typo: You're applying to the University?

Jen: Oh, actually, I got in. I just gotta go meet the guy.

Typo: Baby, is it possible that we're gonna get you back?

Jen: I'm contemplating it. What do you think?

Typo: Dumb question.

Joey: Well, I can't believe it. I mean, it's so far away from where we live, Jen. I mean, honestly, I can't believe there is even any debate about whether or not you wanna go back.

Jen: What about that thing that they always say, though, you know, that you can never really go home again?

[Capeside High - Pacey sits in the classroom as other students start to straggle in. A teach walks in before them.]

Teacher: Mr. Witter. My favorite and only senior. Far as I know, all the college acceptance letters have officially been sent. How are your options?

Pacey: They are narrowing by the minute, sir.

Teacher: Well, relax. This quiz is the first quiz of the rest of your life.

[On the Road - Dawson and Gretchen are driving a Jeep when they get a flat tire. Dawson pulls over and they get out of the car to examine the flat.]

Gretchen: Whoops.

Dawson: Well... this happened.

Gretchen: That's it? That's all you have to say? After 6 hours on the road? "This happened"? Aren't you supposed to have a spare?

Dawson: Supposed to, yeah. Have? No. I gave it to some kid who needed a ride home.

Gretchen: Well, I'm excited. I mean, this is exactly the kind of unforeseen complication that makes trips like this an adventure and not just an excursion. (she kisses him)

Dawson: What was that for?

Gretchen: Inspiration. And now I'm gonna go use my body to hitchhike us a ride. But you better hide, 'cause nobody's gonna pick up a babe and her boyfriend.

Dawson: You know what? I'm not so crazy about the hitchhiking idea.

Gretchen: Why not?

Dawson: You ever see the hitcher? Rutger Hauer?

Gretchen: Mm-hmm.

Dawson: Just trust me, we'll regret it.

Gretchen: Ok, well, what, then?

Dawson: Uh... (he sees a sign to the next town, 6 miles) walking distance. (Gretchen groans) Come on, you're up for adventure.

[Capeside High - the bell rings and students begin passing their tests forward. Pacey continues to work, until the teacher finally comes around to collect his test.]

Teacher: Mr. Witter? (Pacey sighs and hands him the test.)

[New York - Jen and Joey walk through the street.]

Joey: Jen, um, what did they say the name of the admissions guy was?

Jen: Uh, Thomas, uh, Stevenson--ton.

Joey: Because you said Steve Thompson the last time I asked, and the time before that you said Thomas Stetson.

Jen: One of those. I--I forget.

Joey: You don't have a meeting at the University of New York, do you? (Jen looks at Joey like she's busted.) What are we doing here?

Jen: I gotta see my dad. I've just been thinking about things lately, why things are the way they are, and, uh, I think I'm just not gonna know until I see him. But you should take in the city. You only got one day and you got so much stuff to see. And I'm, you know, I'm gonna be fine. Most likely. You just got to meet me at 8:00 in front of the Mercer hotel for dinner, ok?

Joey: You were paying attention to my schedule.

Jen: Be careful out there.

Joey: I feel like I'm not gonna see you again.

Jen: You will. (Jen walks off in the opposite direction)

Joey: (she thinks about it, then turns around to catch up with Jen) Yeah, I will.

Jen: What?

Joey: I'm coming with you. I'm your keeper. (they walk off)

[City - Gretchen and Dawson make it into the city, which very much looks deserted.]

Dawson: Is it just me or does this seem eerily like the Twilight Zone?

Gretchen: There anyone here?

Dawson: Uhhh-huh. Hello? Is anybody here?

Irv: Hello there. How goes it?

Gretchen: That must be Irv.

Irv: That's me. Irv of Irv's garage. How can I be of service to you two today?

Dawson: Well, our tire blew out about 6 miles down the road.

Irv: Son, this is your lucky day, ain't it? I've got some tires in stock.

Dawson: Great. We'll take one of those.

Irv: Be my pleasure.

Dawson: And, uh, a ride back to our car.

Irv: Oh, boy. Now there we've got a problem. The only vehicle I got to take you there is my truck here, Eleanor Roosevelt, and unfortunately Mrs. Roosevelt's taken ill. See, she's got a busted carburetor. I'm the only one here to do any work all alone and it'll be most of the day before I get her up and running again.

Dawson: Well, what if I helped you fix the car, you drive us back to our flat. I'd like to learn something about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Irv: That is the most generous thing I've heard all week. Thank you, son. Now, you just step in there. I'm gonna show you the secrets of an automobile. Come on. You see, this here is the air filter.

Gretchen: All right, uh, you guys have fun. There's nothing better than a man who smells like motor oil. I'm gonna find us something to eat.

Dawson: Ok.

Irv: W-what's your name, son?

Dawson: Dawson.

Irv: All right, now, this is the air filter, Dawson, and right down there is the carburetor.

[Jen's Dad's Office - Joey and Jen step out of the elevator and stand outside the doorway to the office.]

Joey: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Jen, Jen! Look... After urgent realization and revelation, you travel all the way to New York city to see this man, to confront him about something in what I'm feeling will be one of the seminal moments of your entire life. I've been there... at least close enough to know that it only happens once, so you'd better take a second to think about what that's gonna be.

Jen: Ok.

[Capeside High Cafeteria - Pacey sits alone trying to put ketchup on his fries. He overhears some students talking.]

Girl: So how about we talk about that quiz?

Boy: Piece of cake. Never even broke a sweat. So you think you aced it?

Girl: Oh, no problem. It was so easy. I didn't even study last night. You think his next one's gonna be as easy?

Boy: Yeah. (Pacey looks across the cafeteria at Drue, who also turns to look at Pacey. Pacey gives him a nod to the side and Drue nods back.]

[Office Bathroom - Jen is washing her hands while Joey leans against the counter. Jen seems to be crying.]

Joey: Jen, what happened to you?

Jen: God, I used to hate Capeside. When I was a little girl, like 12, I-- god, I just hated it. And I know it sounds ludicrous now, but it was because of my Grams. I was totally petrified of her. So whenever my mom would want us to go visit, I'd just... I just completely didn't want to go. Um, and there was-- there was this one time, it was a Friday, and, um, we were supposed to go up there for the weekend, just me and my mom because my dad had all this work to do, and I just complained and--and fought with her in the cab all the way to the station. And we get to the platform, and for some reason, I still don't know why, but she just turned to me and said, "Jen, you don't want to go? Fine. Stay here. Go home and be with your father." And I just remember, um, being shocked that--that I'd won. That instead of going to Capeside I got to go spend a whole weekend with my dad. Heh! I really loved my dad, but-- (a woman walks in. Jen stops and looks at Joey. They grab their things and walk out.)

[Diner - Gretchen walks into a coffee shop/diner and walks up to the counter. An impatient looking waitress moves to take her order.]

Gretchen: Hi there.

Waitress: What do you want?

Gretchen: (she flinches) Uh, let me have a tuna--

Waitress: We're out of tuna.

Gretchen: Ok. Uh, how about the chicken salad--

Waitress: We're out of chicken salad, too.

Gretchen: Egg salad?

Waitress: Nope.

Gretchen: What do you have?

Waitress: Beef.

Gretchen: Roast beef?

Waitress: Sort of.

Gretchen: Ok, uh, I guess I'll take 2 of those, (the waitress walks off and Gretchen calls after her) and can I get a couple of Cokes?

Waitress: (over her shoulder) Pepsi.

Gretchen: Right.

[Office - A secretary walks into Mr. Lindley's office.]

Secretary: Excuse me. There are 2 young women here to see you, and one of them is saying she's your daughter. (he has no reaction, but motions his fingers as if to let them in. Jen and Joey walk in and Mr. Lindley immediately looks happy.)

Mr. Lindley: (attacking Jen with a hug) Angel, I am so glad you're here.

Jen: Hi, dad.

Mr. Lindley: (to Joey) Hello there. You a friend of Jennifer's?

Jen: Yeah, this is Joey Potter from Capeside.

Mr. Lindley: Joey Potter from Capeside, a pleasure.

Joey: Nice to meet you, Mr. Lindley.

Mr. Lindley: Please call me Theo. Tell me what brings you and my daughter to Manhattan.

Joey: Well, I've never, uh, been here, and Jen was... Jen got accepted to the University of New York.

Mr. Lindley: Donna?

Secretary: (walking in) Yes?

Mr. Lindley: My daughter was accepted to the University of New York.

Secretary: Congratulations.

Mr. Lindley: Cancel the rest of my day and make reservations for 3 at the Westside Grille in 30 minutes.

Jen: Dad, you don't have to--

Mr. Lindley: My daughter was accepted to college. Doesn't even matter which one. That's a big event in any father's life, huge even. It's way more important than some lame business meeting. We're gonna celebrate.

[Bar - Drue and Pacey walk in. People are playing pool and drinking.]

Pacey: Mos Eisley. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

Drue: (to the bartender) Hey, mack, did you miss me?

Bartender: You, Gilbert? Always.

Pacey: Gilbert?

Drue: Shut up and take this. (he hands him a fake ID)

Pacey: Uh, look, Gilbert, this is a picture of a short, balding Asian man in his 40s. He's not exactly what you call my doppelganger.

Drue: Are you kidding? That guy could be your twin brother. Besides, they don't even look at the picture in this place. They don't even really care. They just want to see something. (they take a seat at a table)

Waitress: (walking up) Hi. Who's your friend, Gilbert? He got an I.D.? (Pacey hands his ID to her) David Kebo of Rhode Island? What can I get you, Dave?

Drue: Can we get 3 rounds of your finest tequila, (handing her a credit card) and I'd like to start running a tab, please. Thank you. (she walks off) My father's idea of a birthday present. Creative, isn't it?

Pacey: When was your birthday?

Drue: You know why I brought you here, Pacey?

Pacey: Uh, because you didn't want to drink alone.

Drue: Well, yeah, but there's more. The bar that we're sitting in right now, the big Ace Saloon, lies in the shadow of your local community college, which as I understand it, is becoming an increasingly likely alternative for you. Heh! Yes.

Pacey: You know, man, when I was in school today I just couldn't help but feeling that the place is getting a little lonely, you know? I mean, everybody's gone.

Drue: It was ditch day.

Pacey: Well, I know. Look, I don't think I'm ready to have this conversation yet with anybody and especially not with you.

Drue: That's fine. I just thought that you should see this place, you know. But, hey, despite the stigma of failure and loss, we're surrounded by good people, you know, smart people, people of substance. (their drinks come) Let's toast, shall we?

Pacey: Mm-hmm.

Drue: To the future. (they toast and down their shot of tequila)

[On the Road - Irv is driving Dawson and Gretchen back to their car.]

Irv: And my grandpappy had this car, big car. You understand back in those days a car like that was a precious commodity.

Gretchen: Still is.

Irv: Yeah. You're right there, little girl. Now, I'm gonna get yours all fixed up and then you two lovebirds'll be on your way. Where you headed?

Dawson: Uh, hard to say, Irv. It's hard to say.

Irv: Anyhoo, grandpappy and me were heading through Texas--

Gretchen: Irv?

Irv: What's that, dear?

Gretchen: How much is this gonna cost us?

Irv: Cost? You mean money?

Dawson: Gretchen, that's not really a polite question. Irv here is doing us a tremendous favor--

Irv: 60 bucks.

Dawson: Excuse me?

Irv: 60 bucks for the tire, then another 20 bucks for the ride here.

Dawson: Honey, give him the money.

[Side of the Road - Dawson and Gretchen are leaning into the window, as if he's just kicked them out of his car.]

Dawson: Ok, I'm confused. Didn't I just spend all morning helping you fix your truck?

Irv: Yes, you did, Dawson. That was mighty nice of you, and you're gonna make a crackerjack mechanic, boy. Crackerjack.

Dawson: But you're not gonna help us?

Irv: Of course I can't help you when you don't have any money.

Dawson: What about generosity?

Irv: Good luck to you two lovebirds. (he takes off)

Dawson: Well, that happened, too.

[Westside Grille - Jen, Joey and Mr. Lindley are taking their seats at a table.]

Mr. Lindley: (pulling a seat out) I got it. (to the waiter) Hey, Henry, how's it going? Let me get a glenlivit on the rocks, splash of water. I want to get your best Shirley temple for my daughter, and whatever Ms. Josephine potter would enjoy, and I'll tell you what else, Henry, tell him that we're here. He'll know what to make.

Jen: Dad?

Mr. Lindley: Yes, sweetheart?

Jen: (long pause) Eh, uh, nothing, nothing. I forgot.

Joey: Mr. Lindley, she's too modest to say it, but Jen was accepted to 5 out of the 6 colleges that she applied to.

Mr. Lindley: Honey, that's fantastic! That's really excellent. See, when I applied to school, I was only accepted at one, you know. Princeton. But it made the decision-making process a lot easier.

Joey: Well, Jen has a lot of choices.

Mr. Lindley: She also has impeccable judgment. So, what about you, Joey? You know where you're headed?

Joey: Uh, I think I'm headed to Boston.

Mr. Lindley: Oh, jeez! What about New York? This whole city is an education and an inspiration. What do you think about that?

Joey: I don't know. I think it's kind of big.

Mr. Lindley: Big? Yeah, no kidding it's big. It's the biggest city in the country. Even though the island itself doesn't have that much space. But it's amazing, you know, I have lived here for 30 years, and, uh, it still continues to surprise me every day.

Joey: How?

Mr. Lindley: How what?

Joey: How does it surprise you every day?

Mr. Lindley: Good question. A city like New York where everything's moving all the time at this constant driving pace, right? It's like a living organism breathing and changing, and over time your relationship to it becomes like this incredible romance, you know? At first, it's intoxicating, irresistible, and then slowly it becomes comfortable and safe. You have this cellular connection to it, as if you've known each other forever, like your oldest happiness, and sometimes you're on the outs, and sometimes you're making up, and every now and then you catch yourself in this transcendent moment where you think to yourself, "oh, my god, I'm madly in love with you, and I always will be." And I think that's when it surprises me.

Joey: Whoa, that's a good answer.

[Side of the Road - It's night time and Dawson is pacing in front of the car while Gretchen sits on the hood.]

Dawson: I can't think of anything.

Gretchen: Well, that's just too damn bad, isn't it?

Dawson: Please?

Gretchen: (laughing) I'm sorry. I love traveling with you, but I simply cannot give you your sandwich until you figure out a way to fix this situation and get us moving again. It's a perfect opportunity for you to rise to the occasion.

Dawson: You know I'm starving.

Gretchen: Mmm. I can imagine. You haven't had your beef sandwich, and did you know Willowby was famous for their beef sandwiches?

Dawson: Ok, we'll walk back into town, call my parents, have them wire us money.

Gretchen: Ok, first of all, do you have any idea what it means to wire money?

Dawson: I--I've seen the commercials. It's the fastest way to send money.

Gretchen: And second of all, how did your experience of Willowby so radically differ from mine to the point you believe they actually have a 24-hour Western Union?

Dawson: Gugggh!

[The Bar - Pacey and Drue are now playing poker with some other patrons.]

Pacey: Hand over those dollar bills, boys, you're playing with daddy now.

Bartender: How you boys doing?

Drue: Quite well.

Bartender: You having a good time?

Drue: Mighty big fun, mack. Mighty big fun.

Bartender: Dave? (Pacey doesn't answer) Dave!

Pacey: Yeah. Yeah, Dave.

Bartender: You're from Rhode island, right?

Pacey: Yes, I was born and raised in Rhode island.

Bartender: Hey, me, too. What brought you to my establishment?

Pacey: I was in search of, you know, good folks, good fun, and you, sir, have plenty of both.

Bartender: Well, thanks, dave, I appreciate that, really, but, um, that's not really what I meant. What I meant was what highway brought you from Rhode island to my establishment?

Pacey: Uhhh, that-- well, we took the Chesapeake highway down to the Sam Adams turnpike, and then from the Sam Adams turnpike you just--you get onto Clayton road, you take that south--

Drue: You know what? You have to excuse my friend Dave right now. He's a little drunk and--

Bartender: Your $100 bill is spent, Gilbert. And Dave? I don't know any of those names.

Pacey: Well, that's too bad. (he stands up next to the bartender) You calling me a liar? (Pacey and Drue start busting up!)

[Westside Grille - Mr. Lindley walks back to the table with his cell phone, as if he just got off the phone.]

Mr. Lindley: Ladies, I just got some bad news. It's nothing serious, but I have to head back to the office to take care of some stupid business stuff. Um, I'd love to stay, but you know. Go ahead and order anything more you want. Joey, I know that your taste buds have yet to be satisfied. It's all paid for. Henry will take care of you guys. (handing a wad of cash to Jen) I want you to take your friend out and show her an amazing night in New York, ok? Show her some magic. (kisses Jen on the cheek and she flinches but he doesn't notice) Joey, you're never gonna find a better tour guide than my daughter. She knows this town better than anyone. It's great to meet you.

Joey: It was nice meeting--

Mr. Lindley: (rushing away from the table) Jennifer, I love you. You get more beautiful all the time. Uh, I'll see you around. Have a safe trip home. I'll call you.

[Rooftop - Jen and Joey walk out onto a rooftop of a building. You can see practically all of New York from there.]

Jen: (pointing off) So, below us is Wall street. World Trade Center, Tribeca, lower eastside, Soho, Washington Square Park, Flatiron, Union Square, off on the distance that's Midtown, Rockefeller Center, the theater district, Radio City, and, uh, the Empire State Building. God, I do love this town.

Joey: So this is New York city.

Jen: No. This ain't the half of it, and it is so much better up close.

Joey: Yeah, but still, Jen, I mean, thank you. This blows my mind. You blow my mind.

Jen: Aw, thank you. Thanks for coming with me today. I needed you.

Joey: I know. (long pause) Hey, Jen?

Jen: Yeah?

Joey: What happened after your mom left you on the platform at grand central station?

Jen: Um... I--I spent that weekend wandering around the city, just walking by myself.

Joey: Where did you sleep?

Jen: For the first night, I slept in the parking lot of this office building that I always used to pass on my way to school. Um... next night, I fell asleep in the V.I.P. Room of, um, this club called... heh! Purgatory? Ha! And the last night, um... I slept in the dorm room of this guy that I met at a bar.

Joey: And why didn't you go home to be with your father?

Jen: I did. Uh, I have to go.

Joey: I know.

Jen: I'm sorry. Are you gonna be ok?

Joey: Hey, I'm gonna be fine. Are you gonna be ok?

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, maybe for the first time.

Joey: I feel like...

Jen: What?

Joey: I still feel like we're not gonna see you again.

Jen: We'll see.

Joey: Jen, the train leaves at 11:00. Make it. I mean, we need you back there. (Jen smiles and walks off)

[Beach - Dawson and Gretchen sit on a blanket on the beach in front of a little fire.]

Gretchen: I take back every obnoxious thing I've said.

Dawson: Ever?

Gretchen: No, just today.

Dawson: Why?

Gretchen: Because you built a fire. That's a lot more than most guys I've been with could do. Out of driftwood and--and twigs and, you know, only using wet matches. I'm impressed.

Dawson: That's what 3 years of boy scouts will do for you.

Gretchen: It's extremely sexy.

Dawson: How sexy? (they start kissing)

Gretchen: Wait a second. First you gotta tell me what's going on with you.

Dawson: Ok, uh... today is--is a perfect example. It's a perfect example of how our visions for our lives conflict with realities. I still have my distortions and my delusions. I still think that everything should be perfect, and that Joey and i should have slept together for the first time. What I realized is that I gotta let go. You know, I-- it's time. And there's so much ahead of me. I mean, there's college, there's--there's this new baby... and there's you.

Gretchen: So what are you saying?

Dawson: I'm in love with you, and I no longer remember what we're waiting for.

Gretchen: Neither do I. (they continue to kiss)

[Lindley Residence - Jen walks in and finds her dad asleep in an armchair.]

Mr. Lindley: (waking up, groggy) Jennifer?

Jen: I took a cab here.

Mr. Lindley: What?

Jen: And all the way I had these visions of--of coming in and announcing that I wasn't going to Capeside.

Mr. Lindley: What are you talking about?

Jen: You'd smile, and we'd-- we'd go for a walk…

Mr. Lindley: It's really late.

Jen: And I came up the stairs, I unlocked the door, and I put my bag down, and I didn't hear anything, so I thought maybe you weren't there.

Mr. Lindley: I was just resting. I'm awake now.

Jen: And then I he-heard, um, something. I heard a voice, a whimper, very far away. And then I heard it again. And that's when I recognized it. I--I knew that it was Annie.

Mr. Lindley: Who?

Jen: Annie Sawyer. She lived in the apartment downstairs with her parents, and she was probably the age I am right now. She was my favorite person in the whole world.

Mr. Lindley: And she was in our apartment?

Jen: You were having sex with her. But you were careless. You left your bedroom door open, and I could see in from the hallway. I could see through the opening. It was--

Mr. Lindley: Jennifer, you need some help. Have you talked to anyone about this?

Jen: And I backed down the hall, and I went down the stairs, and I slipped out the front door, and I disappeared onto Fifth avenue in a big crowd. It was after that that things started to get really bad, didn't they?

Mr. Lindley: You have imagined in great detail something that never actually happened a very long time ago.

Jen: Dad... who are you?

Mr. Lindley: I'm your father.

Jen: You knew, didn't you? Oh, god, all this time. My life got uglier and messier, and then you sent me away. You--you made me feel ashamed. You-- you punished me for all these things that were beyond my control. You saw me standing in the doorway. Ohh! And you never said anything. I wasn't--

Mr. Lindley: I didn't--

Jen: No. I don't need a confession from you. That's not why I came here. I don't need you to apologize to me for all the pain that you've caused me, and I don't have to forgive you. All I have to do is forgive myself for these things that I can't change. Good-bye, daddy.

[Cop Car - Pacey sits in the back and Drue is vomiting outside next to it. Doug pulls up and gets out of the car.]

Doug: What do you got, man?

Officer: Picked him up for drunk and disorderly. You know the drill.

Pacey: (getting out of the car and approaching Doug) So what are you gonna do, Doug? Arrest me?

Doug: I should. More I'm just curious.

Pacey: About what?

Doug: You're not satisfied with being a moron and failure. You gotta add drunk to your list of credentials?

Pacey: (getting angry and attacking Doug) What? This is it for me! (Doug tries to hold him off, but more like a hug.) This is my whole life right here! This is all I get.

Doug: Pacey--

Pacey: Get off of me!

[Beach - Dawson and Gretchen are making out.]

Gretchen: I want to make love to you so much. So much. And I really believe that that was why we came here, but it's not. I guess just as much as I want you and I love you, we're not gonna do this.

Dawson: Why not?

Gretchen: Because when we go there, it's not gonna be because you have something to prove to yourself. It's gonna be because we love each other, and because we're prepared to show each other what that really means.

[Montage - 'Sweet Jane' plays as the scene flashes through stages of everyone's lives at the end of the night. Pacey and Drue in the back of the squad car. Joey is at the train station, searching the crowd for Jen. Jenb is in the cab, crying. Dawson is asleep on the beach. Gretchen sits up crying. Pacey arrives home and finds his books open. He glances at himself in the mirror. Last call at the train station. Joey continues to wait until she finally sees Jen in the crowd. Jen walks up and they hug. Joey talks her hand as they walk towards the train. Jen is back in her therapist's office.]

Jen: So it was good. I needed to go back, and I did, and now I'm done. I got what I needed.

Frost: You know you're not done, not even close. We just opened this door. We're only just starting to make sense.

Jen: No, I'm finished.

Frost: Jen--

Jen: Tom, I get it. I do, and I appreciate it, and I'm really glad that we could do this, but... I don't have anything else to say. I'll see you around. (she walks out of the office)

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