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  04x19 - Late
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Episode 419 - Late

[Scene: The Leery Living room. Dawson and Gretchen are sitting on the couch, while Mitch is standing by the stairs calling up to Gale.]

Mitch: I can't believe your mother is still getting dressed. What is she doin' up there?

Dawson: Well, there's a whole lot more of her to dress these days.

Gretchen: So not what to say to a woman who's 2 weeks overdue.

Mitch: She's right, Dawson. You say, "darling, I've never seen a woman with a 65" waist look so hot."

Gretchen: You guys are terrible.

Mitch: What would be terrible is missing our reservation. This may be our last date before the baby comes, and if we don't hurry—

[Gale comes down holding her very pregnant belly.]

Gale: Mitch, we have to go. Now.

Mitch: You're telling me? We're late already.

Gale: No. Forget about dinner.

Dawson: Now?

Gale: Now.

Mitch: Now?

Gale: Uh-huh. If we don't get moving, yeah, right here on the stairs.

Mitch: Ok. How long are your contractions?

Gale: Long enough to hurt. Aah! Aah!

Mitch: Here.

Gale: Aah!

Mitch: I got the bag.

Gale: Did you pack my bathrobe?

Mitch: Flannel.

Gale: Heavy socks?

Mitch: Wool.

Gale: Lip balm?

Mitch: Damn! I knew I forgot something.

Dawson: What, are you guys going skiing?

Gale: I'm gonna pant for a few hours. Aah!

[Gretchen and Dawson help Gale out to the door while Mitch grabs the suitcase in the hall. Gretchen reaches into her pocket and pulls out some lip balm.]

Gretchen: Here.

Mitch: Ah, thanks. We should call the doctor.

Gale: From the car.

Mitch: We'll call you, too, son.

Gale: Did you remember the birthing music?

Mitch: I got Enya, John Tesh, Kenny G.

Gale: I'm having a baby, not going into a coma.

Mitch: I'll sing for you honey. We'll call you from the hospital.

[Mitch and Gale leave while Dawson and Gretchen watch them go.]

Dawson: Well, I guess that pretty much does it for our evening.

Gretchen: Pretty much.

Dawson: Yeah.

Both: Ha ha ha! Ha!

[Excitedly hold each other]

[Opening Credits]

[Scene: The Hospital. Mitch and Gale are talking to the doctor when Dawson enters the room.]

Gale: It's not happening?

Doctor: They're called Braxton hicks contractions. False labor.

Gale: Trust me. There is nothing false about these contractions.

Doctor: You're right, but they're not enough to bring on dilation. You're still at 1 centimeter, gale.

Gale: Are you sure you're using the right ruler?

[Dawson enters]

Dawson: So, I take it there's no baby yet?

Gale: Mm-mmm.

Doctor: The baby may decide not to make an appearance for days.

Dawson: Really?

Doctor: Normally, I'd have no cause for concern.

Mitch: But you do.

Doctor: Because of gale's age, there's a significantly increased risk of complications.

Dawson: What kind of complications?

Doctor: Now, I don't want anyone to worry.

Mitch: Then tell us what you're talking about.

Doctor: If stage 2 labor doesn't begin in a few days, I'm going to induce, and if any issues arise, we've got a great facility here to do an immediate "C."

Gale: Oh, my god. Do you really think that it's gonna be necessary?

Doctor: Just relax. Honestly, that's the best thing you can do right now.

Mitch: Isn't there anything you can do to help the baby along?

Doctor: Some of my patients try talking to their babies. What's your baby's name?

Dawson: That's a very good question.

Mitch: We haven't quite found the right one yet.

Doctor: I'm gonna write you a prescription, gale, and then I'm gonna go back to dinner with my husband. You do the same.

[The doctor hands her the prescription and then leaves.]

Gale: "Name your baby."

[Scene: The School Library. Tobey is helping Will with his reading.]

Will: This assignment is all kinds of stupid. The story doesn't even have a hero.

Tobey: Most good stories have a hero of some sort.

Will: But everybody in here has all these problems.

[Jack comes running into the library taking his coat off in a hurry.]

Jack: Actually, will, the most interesting heroes usually have a problem they can't overcome, despite themselves.

Tobey: Like pathological tardiness.

Jack: But many heroes do eventually overcome their flaws.

Tobey: Yeah. I'll believe it when I see it.

Jack: They just have to learn how to avoid Friday night traffic on Water Street.

Tobey: Oh, they didn't learn that last week?

Jack: They got stuck on Front Street last week.

Will: If you two don't mind, I'm tryin' to pass the fourth grade here.

Tobey: Ha ha ha ha! Ok.

[Tobey sits down with Will and Jack goes to help another child.]

[Scene: Outside the Potter B&B. Joey is talking on the Cordless phone.]

Joey: Hey, guess who? I was just callin' to see if you were back yet, but alas, no beau. So when you get this, give me a call. Ok. Bye.

[Bessie sees her and goes outside.]

Bessie: Ok. It's official. You've become the neurotic girlfriend.

Joey: It's just--it's weird.

Bessie: There's nothing weird about it. He's away on a fishing trip with his brother.

[They go back into the B&B.]

Bessie: I found the most adorable onesie downtown. I just had to get it for gale. Help me wrap it.

[Joey looks at it and it makes her nervous.]

Joey: I'm goin' to Pacey's.

[Joey storms out.]

Bessie: Joey.

[Scene: Gretchen's House. Gretchen is trying to get the table ready for dinner while Dawson is sitting at it..]

Gretchen: What's a naming shower?

Dawson: You know, instead of booties, everybody brings names.

Gretchen: You people love to invent rituals.

Dawson: Heh heh! It's tomorrow afternoon. Can you make it?

Gretchen: Tomorrow? Absolutely. The day after, I'm on the noon train to Boston.

Dawson: What's in Boston?

Gretchen: Well, if my interview for Cambridge magazine goes well, me.

Dawson: Cambridge magazine?

Gretchen: Yeah. They just called right before you came over. I applied for this interview as an assistant lifestyles editor, and they loved my application. They're actually thinking of paying me to go to concerts and museums and restaurants. Is that amazing or what?

Dawson: Wow.

Gretchen: Speak your subtext, boy.

Dawson: I didn't know that you were applying for a job.

Gretchen: Well, I recently made the decision. I was hoping that you would be psyched for me.

Dawson: I am psyched for you. It's an incredible job. I think you'll be great at it.

Gretchen: But suddenly, this tacit little issue that's been floating in the back of both of our minds has become very real. We're gonna have to talk about it eventually—

Dawson: "It" referring to the potential continent between us.

Gretchen: Ok. How do you feel about long distance relationships?

Dawson: Historically, they don't have the best track record, but—

Gretchen: But we could be that one couple.

Dawson: Absolutely.

Gretchen: One of us could also join the other.

Dawson: How could I ask you to come to California?

Gretchen: How could I ask you to come to Boston?

Dawson: What's going on here? We're-- last week, we're declaring our love for each other. Now it sounds like we're breaking up.

Gretchen: Well, I just think we're dealing with reality.

Dawson: Which is what?

Gretchen: Right now it's dinner by candlelight with the man I love.

[She sits down to eat, but Dawson has a disturbed look on his face.]

[Scene: The school library. Tobey and Jack are cleaning up at the end of the day, while Will is sitting on a table waiting for his mother to come and pick him up.]

Tobey: You're pretty good at this teaching thing, Mr. Mcphee.

Jack: Well, I have to say, I kind of enjoy it.

Tobey: Now if we can just get you to show up on time.

Jack: Point taken, pal, which is why you're leaving early.

Tobey: Oh, come on. That's not necessary.

Jack: Yeah, it is. I've had enough of your grief for one day, so I'll stay with will and make sure his mom picks him up. I'll pay my penance.

Tobey: You sure?

Jack: Go.

Tobey: You sure you know how to lock up after—

Jack: Why are you still here?

Tobey: Ok. Good night, Jack. See you tomorrow.

Jack: All right. Later, Tobey.

[Tobey Leaves.]

Jack: Will, give me a hand here with those, please.

[Scene: Outside at the bus stop. Tobey walks up to the Bus stop, and another man is already sitting there waiting for the bus.]

Tobey: Ooh. Whoo! Cold night. [The guy turns and looks at him] Buses run late.

[The guy stands up, and another comes up behind them, and then fade to black.]

[Scene: Gretchen's House. Joey pulls up to the house and gets out of the truck and goes to the porch. It is late at night, but Gretchen is sitting outside all alone.]

Joey: I'm really sorry to come by so late.

Gretchen: It's cool. Dawson just left.

Joey: Look, I really need to talk to Pacey. Do you have any idea when he's gonna be back from his fishing trip?

Gretchen: No, I don't, but I'm sure he'll call you as soon as he gets back.

Joey: There's something wrong, isn't there? I mean, this isn't like Pacey. Gretchen, what's going on?

[Gretchen stands up and stares off into the horizon.]

Gretchen: You know, I told him I wouldn't do this anymore, and I won't.

Joey: What?

Gretchen: Lying. It's the worst thing for everyone.

Joey: Pacey isn't on a fishing trip, is he?

Gretchen: Pacey got arrested for public drunkenness while you were in New York. Doug got the charges dropped, and then he took him camping to try to talk some sense into him.

Joey: Oh, my god.

Gretchen: This is an intense time. We're all planning our futures, trying to figure out what we're gonna do with the rest of our lives, but if we can't put all that aside and try to do everything possible to make Pacey's life easier right now, he might not have much of one. He's in a lot of pain, so you have to promise me that you won't do anything to put any additional pressure on him right now, ok? I mean, can you do that?

Joey: Do you or do you not know how I can get in touch with him?

Gretchen: Did you just hear what I said?

Joey: No. I can't promise you that, Gretchen.

Gretchen: How could you possibly be that selfish?

Joey: I'm late.

[She realizes what Joey is talking about]

Gretchen: Joey, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Joey: It's ok. I'm fine, thank you.

Gretchen: Did you confirm that you're pregnant?

Joey: No. I really just need to talk to my boyfriend, so if there's any way that you can get in touch with him—

Gretchen: As soon as they get back here or if they call in, I promise to make sure that Pacey gets in touch with you.

Joey: Thank you.

Gretchen: Joey, I know that things seem confusing and frightening, but you have to find the courage to take the test, and that way, you can consider your options. [Joey turns to leave] Joey!

Joey: I'm fine. I can handle this.

Gretchen: Look, if you change your mind, you can always come back here... any time. ...

[Joey gets into her truck and leaves.]

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: Outside the Leery house. Gale comes out carry a tray of food, when Jen and Grams come walking up carrying gifts.]

Gale: Oh, you guys, I thought I made you promise--no gifts.

Grams: Asking ladies not to bring gifts to a shower is like asking the sun not to shine, birds not to sing.

Jen: Good lord. Give this woman a ball of yarn and some knitting needles, you'll be amazed what she can come up with.

[A bell rings in the house.]

Gale: Oh, excuse me. My kitchen's calling.

[She hands them the tray, and turns to go into the house as Dawson comes out.]

Gale: Oh, hi, honey.

Jen: Dawson, why isn't your mom, like, on the couch with her feet up?

Dawson: Oh, she's not interested. She's cooking, she's cleaning, she's relentless.

Grams: Nesting instinct.

Dawson: Do you want some laundry done? You could make her day. Come on.

[Gretchen comes walking up to them and Jen and Grams walk over to the benches.]

Gretchen: Hey.

Dawson: Hey. I went to the bookstore this morning and looked at some magazines-- once certain city magazine in particular. It's a great read.

Gretchen: I spent the whole morning trying to pack, you know, and I have to admit, I'm a little nervous. I mean, the only real job interview I ever had was with your mother.

[Gale comes out with another tray.]

Dawson: Mom, I got it.

Gale: Oh, thanks, honey. Ah! Hi, Gretch.

Gretchen: Hi.

[Joey and Bessie come up to join them. ]

Joey: Hey.

Gale: Hi, Joey.

Gretchen: How you doin'?

Joey: Fine.

Gretchen: Look, Joey, if you need anything at all, I'm here.

Bessie: Would you please tell my sister to get a life of her own? Your brother goes fishing, and, I swear, she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Gale: Oh, Joey! Hi.

Joey: Hi.

Gale: Oh, I haven't seen you in so long. How are you?

Joey: Never better.

[They all come out to the bench area in the back yard, where everyone is gathering. Mitch and Dawson are there with all the women for the shower.]

Mitch: Oh! Ok! Everybody, let's get started.

Gretchen: Are you staying?

Mitch: I...

Grams: tradition is very clear on this matter. No men at showers.

Gale: Well, in case you haven't noticed, we're kind of a non-traditional household.

Dawson: That's ok. Dad and I will leave and let you women do whatever it is you do at these things.

Mitch: Come on, Dawson. Let's get out of here before the vagina monologues start.

All: Oh!

[Scene: The Library. Jack walks into the library and all the kids are playing around making lots of noise and not studying. Jack looks around but doesn't see Tobey.]

Jack: Will, where's Tobey? [Will Shrugs his shoulders] You haven't seen him, heard from him, anything? I don't believe it. Frank, get off that!

[Scene: The Shower. Grams is holding a needle hanging at the end of a string over Gale's Belly.]

Gretchen: It's moving. It's actually moving. How did you actually find this?

Gale: Where did you learn this?

Grams: Generations of women have done this. It was the ultrasound of the middle ages.

Gale: So what is it? A boy or a girl?

Grams: It's just what you want.


Bessie: I'd like to go first. These are from Bodie and me.

[Bessie hands Gale a card with a name on it.]

Gale: Sophie.

Gretchen: That's an adorable name.

Bessie: It means "wise." That's what we were gonna name Alexander if he was a girl.

Gale: Hmm. Sophie Leery.

Bessie: If you have a boy...

[She hands Gale another card.]

Gale: Satchel?

Bessie: He played baseball. Bodie swore Mitch would love it.

[Ladies laugh]

[Scene: Dawson's old Tree fort. Mitch and Dawson are sitting in it together.]

Mitch: Here we go.

[He hands Dawson a cigar.]

Dawson: [Laughs]

Mitch: What?

Dawson: [Laughs] Sorry. I don't picture you as a stogie-smoking kind of dad.

Mitch: Well, evidently, it's what you're supposed to do at a time like this.

Dawson: According to who, Larry Flynt?

Mitch: According to Mr. Kasdan. It was his gift. I told him I'd do this with you. I did not, however, promise him that we would actually light these deadly things.

[Ladies laugh]

Dawson: So, you think any of the names they're kickin' around down there'll stick?

Mitch: I wonder if our inability to decide on a name means that we aren't really dealing with what's about to happen in our lives.

Dawson: Yeah, but the good news is, you guys have had a baby before, so you know what to expect, right?

Mitch: Want to know the truth? Having a newborn in your life is pure, unadulterated hell.

Dawson: It can't be that bad.

Mitch: Oh, but it is, unless you have a breast. A man doesn't really love a baby the way a woman does-- not at first. A man loves the idea of a baby.

Dawson: That changes, right?

Mitch: One night, you're standing in a dark room, exhausted, reaching for diapers and answers on a shelf you can't see, and this little person calls out to you. "Daddy." That's when you get it. You feel your heart expand in a way you never knew was possible, and you love this little person so much... that you actually ache. I can't explain it any better.

Dawson: I think the reason you guys are waiting is because you don't want to just slap a name on this idea. I think you want to get a sense of who this new member of our family is, and I think when you meet him, you'll know.

Mitch: You're a pretty smart kid, Dawson.

Dawson: Ha ha ha!

[Scene: The Shower. The women are still trying to figure out a name.]

Jen: If I were to have a girl, I think I'd name her Emma. And for a boy, maybe Jackson? Jackson Pollock. Made a beautiful mess.

[Ladies laugh]

Gretchen: My favorite boys' name--Kurt.

Gale: Strong name.

Gretchen: For Kurt Donald Cobain.

[Ladies laugh]

Gretchen: And my favorite girls' name-- Isabella, after a story that my grandmother used to tell me when I was a little girl.

Grams: There are many flowers in the garden, but the most beautiful will always be rose.

Gale: Rose Leery.

Grams: And for a boy, Thomas, for someone I knew a long time ago.

[She looks over to Jen show smiles back at her.]

[Scene: The Tree Fort. Dawson and Mitch are still sitting there talking.]

Dawson: Gretchen's probably gonna take a job in Boston.

Mitch: You think it's a reaction to you getting into USC? A way of protecting herself?

Dawson: I don't know. I mean, I never expected her to follow me to California, and it's a great opportunity. I'm really happy for her, but—

Mitch: Well, just remember, a couple years ago, your mother and I got a divorce. Now we're more in love than ever.

Dawson: So you're saying maybe even if we break up, we're still destined to be together?

Mitch: I'm saying you have to follow your own path, because with everything else in this life, you just never know. Look at you and Joey.

Dawson: Heh.

[Scene: The shower. Joey stands up and walks over to Gale holding a small box.]

Joey: Well, I was up all night last night, and I couldn't think of a name, but I brought you this instead. I think it embodies everything that a name should. It used to belong to Dawson, and, at some point, I'm sure his little brother or sister will like to wear it. It's getting harder to tell what's right anymore, so I hope you like it.

[Gale opens the box to see the necklace that Dawson gave to her.]

Gale: Well, of course it's ok, honey. Thank you. I'm sure Dawson will be as touched as I am. And thank all of you. You have given me so much to think about during this labor instead of my contractions.

Jen: Well, you can be thankful that you're not gonna be delivering the baby in the middle of a hurricane.

Grams: Let's hope not.

Bessie: As bad as that was, it wasn't near as difficult as what I saw my mother go through.

Gale: Lillian was an amazing woman. I loved her so much.

Bessie: 34 hours after her water broke, the baby still hadn't appeared.

Jen: So, what made you finally decide to come out and make your grand entrance?

Bessie: My mother started calling out her name-- "Josephine! Josephine! Everyone's waiting to meet you," and there she was. This mass of wet, chocolate hair, these curious, saucer eyes, and a pout we all know way too well.

[Joey is disturbed and turns, leaves the group and heads to the house, and Bessie gets up and follows after her.]

Joey: Excuse me.

[Scene: Tobey's House. Jack walks up to the door and begins knocking on it. Tobey comes to the door but doesn't open it.]

Tobey: Go away.

Jack: You all right?

Tobey: I've got the flu.

Jack: You don't sound sick.

Tobey: [Coughs] It's bad. I'm highly contagious. Go away.

Jack: I just had the flu.

Tobey: This is a different strain--strain "D." You haven't had this. [Coughs]

Jack: Come on, Tobey. Open up. Come on, man.

[Tobey opens the door, and he has a black eye, and several cuts on his face, and is on crutches.]

Jack: Some flu.

Tobey: Yeah. Don't freak. It only hurts when I blink.

Jack: What happened?

Tobey: I had a divergence of opinion on how a couple of local entrepreneurs should pay for their crack, and I lost the dispute.

Jack: So you got mugged.

Tobey: Yeah. Now, look, if you'll excuse me, my ice pack is thawing.

Jack: Heh. Did you report it?

Tobey: Look, it was a mugging. They got 12 bucks. It's not worth the trouble.

Jack: Come on.

Tobey: I don't want to talk about it.

Jack: It'll take 10 minutes. We just go to the cops—

Tobey: what am I gonna tell 'em? That I frighten some people, so they beat the crap out of me? Just go home, Jack.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. Tobe--Tobey!

[Door Slam]

[Scene: The Leery Porch. Joey walks into it and Bessie follows right behind her.]

Bessie: What is going on with you?

Joey: Is it suddenly inappropriate or immoral to get a little emotional at a baby shower?

Bessie: You're more than emotional. You're neurotic. You're obsessed with finding your boyfriend. You're creeped out being here. Every time gale looks at you, you look the other way. If I didn't know you weren't having sex, I'D... [Joey turns away from her.] Joey.

Joey: Can you just leave me alone?

Bessie: Are you pregnant?

[Joey just turns away from her with tears in her eyes.]

Joey: What are you talking about?

Bessie: I can't believe this. What happened?

Joey: I'm not having this conversation with you.

Bessie: Hey, you better watch it, because if something is wrong, you're gonna need me.

Joey: Why, so I can sit through another series of endless lectures?

Bessie: So you can straighten out your life.

Joey: Oh, and have one more like yours.

Bessie: [Laughs] You think you're better than me? Look at you. You're just like mom. You're just like me.

Joey: No, I'm not, because I assure you, Bessie, that no matter what happens, my life will be different.

Bessie: You said that right, because at least I have someone in my life who knows how to take care himself, not to mention a family. Do you?

[Gale and the others come onto the porch.]

Gale: Somebody get my Jacket!

Grams: Got it.

Bessie: What's going on?

Grams: Gale is in labor.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The hospital. Dawson, Mitch, Gretchen and Gale are coming down the hall. Gale in a wheel chair.]

Dawson: Well, I got to hand it to you, mom. That is the fastest way to end a party and clear out the house I've ever seen.

Gretchen: Going into labor. I'll have to remember that one.

Doctor: How are you feeling, gale?

Gale: I want drugs.

Mitch: So do I.

Doctor: We'll see what we can do.

[Mitch, Gale and the Doctor all go into the room, leaving Dawson and Gretchen outside to wait.]

[Scene: Outside Gram's House on the swinging bench. Jen is sitting doing some knitting when Jack comes up to join her.]

Jen: Howdy, stranger.

Jack: What, are you churning butter now, too?

Jen: [Laughs] Grams has the needles working in overdrive for gale's baby. There's something kind of meditative and therapeutic about it, too. So, what brings you to these parts?

Jack: [Sighs] Just wandering. That's what people do in these kinds of towns. They just wander over to their friends' homes and...ponder their trivial problems.

Jen: [Laughs] Tell me tales of your trivial woes.

Jack: Woe is Tobey.

Jen: That boy is in love.

Jack: That boy is on crutches.

Jen: Crutches? Seriously? What happened?

Jack: He says he got robbed. You know, if I got robbed, I'd be furious. I'd want to report it, I'd want to do something.

Jen: Yeah, me, too.

Jack: Well, he just wants to be left alone. I think he got attacked 'cause he's gay.

Jen: Oh, god.

Jack: You think I'm being paranoid?

Jen: No. No. Paranoid is healthy. Trust me.

Jack: He was the guy on top of the soap box when we first met him. He was carrying on about taking action.

Jen: So what are you gonna do?

Jack: I--I don't know. I mean, I tried to talk to him. He doesn't want any help.

Jen: What, and you're just gonna leave it at that?

Jack: Yeah. What do you want me to do? I mean, it's really none of my business.

Jen: Jack... if I got attacked, what would you do?

Jack: That's not the same thing.

Jen: No, the only difference is that in this case, you're exactly like the victim.

[Scene: Outside the Hospital room. Dawson and Gretchen are getting some antacid from the desk, then walk back to the room.]

Dawson: For my dad. He's nervous about bringing a newborn into his life.

Gretchen: [Laughs] Well, it changes everything. Consistently putting somebody else's wants and needs before your own. I think that's what finally makes us a grownup.

Dawson: Wonder what that says about us.

Gretchen: I think we consider each other's needs, Dawson.

Dawson: Yeah, up to a point. And then, you know, we have to think about ourselves.

Gretchen: Do you think it should be different at this time in our lives?

Dawson: I... I--I don't know. All I know is that there's this stupid part of me that just wants to beg you to come with me.

Gretchen: And the other part of you?

Dawson: The other part of me is smarter... and knows that you have to let people go.

Gretchen: The timing sucks. I mean, it just sucks.

Dawson: Can I ask you something? Maybe I'm misinterpreting things, but I really thought you wanted to sleep with me. Something seemed to change your mind that night on the beach.

Gretchen: It just wasn't the right time.

Dawson: Is there ever gonna be a right time?

Gretchen: Dawson, if I go to Boston and you go to L.A... getting closer is just gonna make things more painful.

Dawson: What made you decide to apply for a job in Boston?

Gretchen: You're leaving... and I am so unbelievably happy for you, but-- look, I can't take that next step, open myself up like that just to be left. I just can't do that. You know, I've gotta get on with my own life.

[Mitch walks out of the room.]

Mitch: It's not happening. Not today. False alarm.

Dawson: Oh...

[Dawson hands him the antacid.]

Mitch: Here Honey, this should help a bit.

[Scene: Gretchen's House. Joey comes walking up to the door, and Gretchen who is packing some clothes looks up and sees her. She goes and opens the door.]

Joey: Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are. I just-- I didn't really have anywhere else to go.

Gretchen: Well, come in.

[Joey comes in and Gretchen continues to pack.]

Joey: Plan on leaving the country?

Gretchen: Uh, no. Actually, I have an interview for a magazine job in Boston. How are you holding up?

Joey: Well... considering I've turned into this crazy person that I don't even recognize... great. God, I... I can't believe how ill-prepared I am for this. What was I thinking?

Gretchen: You fell in love, you had sex. I mean, even if you take every precaution, it's bound to change your world completely.

Joey: [Laughs] Could you imagine Pacey with a baby?

Gretchen: [Laughs] You know, it's funny, 'cause I think Pacey would probably like the idea of a baby. I mean, he's great with kids, attentive to women. The problem with the scenario is that Pacey just can't deal with Pacey.

Joey: I know, and believe me, the last thing I want to do is make his life more difficult, but... [Sighs] I really need him right now, Gretchen.

Gretchen: Have you told Bessie?

Joey: Pretty much. Right after I told her that her life disgusts me.

Gretchen: Look, make amends with your sister, Joey. I mean, being pregnant, whether you choose to stay that way or not, is ultimately about family. And trust me, you're gonna want that support system around you.

Joey: You sound like you're pretty familiar with this situation.

[Gretchen stops packing for a minute.]

Gretchen: Last year, in college... I miscarried.

Joey: I'm sorry.

Gretchen: [Sighs] That's why I came back here. To deal with everything. Everything that you're dealing with now.

Joey: Well, you've been successful. I mean... new boyfriend, maybe a new job. Is Dawson gonna go to Boston with you?

Gretchen: No, Dawson and I are in very different places in our lives.

Joey: Gretchen, you do know that Dawson would lasso the moon for you, right?

Gretchen: I know... but how can I let someone do that when he's about to leave?

Joey: You don't shut him out of your life. And you cherish that big part of him that he always wants you to have. No matter what happens... you never forget him.

[Scene: The Leery Living room. Dawson and Mitch are sitting in front of the TV going through the TIVO recordings.]

Mitch: Who wants to watch Andrew dice clay?

Dawson: I deleted a bunch of sappy date movies. Now it thinks I'm a misogynistic cynic.

Gale: Oh, Mitch, the contractions are getting stronger. This is it. It's definitely time.

Mitch: Honey, don't you think you ought to wait a while? Just till you're positive.

Gale: Oh, I am quite positive. Aah!

[Mitch ignores her.]

Mitch: How about reservoir dogs?

Gale: I said it's time.

Mitch: Hey...

Gale: I am going to have a baby. Now, get off the sofa and get your ass in the car!

[Gale grabs his ear and pulls him out of the couch.]

Mitch: That hurts.

Gale: Don't talk to me about pain. Don't.

Mitch: I think she means it this time.

[Scene: Tobey's House. Tobey opens the door to see Jack and an officer outside it.]

Tobey: Was it the "go" or the "away" that tripped you up?

Jack: This is officer Sullivan. He's the youth officer at Capeside.

Sullivan: Nice to meet you.

Tobey: Oh, boy, I knew I shouldn't have ripped that tag off my mattress.

Jack: He's gonna make sure that the right people pay attention to this.

Tobey: Yeah, sure.

Jack: Look, I know you're scared.

Tobey: You don't know anything.

Jack: You have to report this.

Tobey: How dare you come into my house and tell me what I have to do. You're lucky my parents aren't here right now.

Jack: Are they the ones telling you not to talk about this? Because for the life of me, I don't understand why they didn't make you call the cops 2 days ago.

Tobey: Because maybe, like me, all they want to do is forget about what happened. Which grows increasingly difficult every time you show your face here. Now please, just go.

Sullivan: The odds weren't in your favor the other night, Tobey. You know that, right?

Tobey: Excuse me?

Sullivan: Tobey, you're 3 times more likely to be threatened by someone with a weapon than a straight kid. There's a 70% chance of you being harassed, and a 30% chance that someone's gonna... do this to you. Which is why I need for you to talk to me about what happened. Most kids, they don't have the strength. Or they don't get the chance.

Jack: Or have the friends to support them.

Tobey: [Sighs] I was, uh... waiting for the bus on market and 16th when this guy came up next to me. He was tall, uh, black hair. I'd seen him a couple nights before. I--I made some stupid small talk or something about the busses running late. And then I looked him in the eyes... and smiled at him. I guess I shouldn't have done that or something, because he yelled "faggot" at me or something, and then... before I knew it, there was somebody else. Uh, a friend of his or something came out of nowhere. And one held me while the other one just started wailing on me. Punching me in the face, kicking me... and then at some point I just fell to the ground.

Sullivan: This isn't your fault.

Tobey: All I did was smile at him.

[Commercial Break]

[Scene: The Hospital. Mitch is sitting outside the room, when Dawson comes walking up to him.]

Dawson: I now know way too much about the hospital parking attendant's life.

Mitch: Your mother's been in hard labor all night.

Dawson: How's she doing?

Mitch: I don't know. Quite frankly, that worries me. There's a lot of whispering going on over there.

Dawson: Tell them you want to know.

Mitch: Been there. All I get is "relax, Mr. Leery. Help your wife focus on her breathing."

[Gales screams from the room.]

Gale: Aah! Mitch! Mitch get in here! Hurry!

Mitch: [Sighs] I'm glad you're here.

[Scene: The Potter B&B. It is just after dawn, when Joey comes into it and finds Bessie sitting at the table.]

Joey: What are you doing up?

Bessie: I get up at dawn every morning. It's the only time I have to myself.

Joey: I spent the night at Gretchen's.

Bessie: Do you know I once climbed into your crib and pushed you out?

Joey: Did you drop me on my head? Because that would explain a lot.

Bessie: Before you came along, mom and I had a good thing going. I hated you.

Joey: You hated me 'cause you were jealous. You hated me because I was taking your mom away, but... mostly you hated me because you knew you'd always have to take care of me.

Bessie: I really did want your life to be better than mine.

Joey: Bessie, you went first. You took on the full brunt of this storm. And you didn't do what others would have. You didn't run, you didn't cower, you created this warm, loving, safe place. And you raised a baby and a little sister. I hope I would have the strength and courage to... create a life for myself that's even remotely like yours.

Bessie: I just want you to know I love you and I'm here for you if--if you want me.

[She hands Joey an Early Pregnancy Test]

[Alexander cries]

Bessie: Another day.

[Joey just cries in her hands]

[Scene: Tobey's House. Tobey opens the door to find Jack standing outside.]

Tobey: Oh, what now? Oprah?

Jack: You didn't think I was going to tutoring without you?

Tobey: Uh, if you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly presentable.

Jack: Well, then, we'll tell 'em you fell off your skateboard.

Tobey: They're kids, Jack. Not imbeciles.

Jack: Fine. Then we'll tell 'em you fell off your high horse. Whatever. You're not gonna sit around the house all day. Get your coat.

Tobey: What is this? A couple of months ago, you were all about not getting involved, and suddenly you're some big homo activist?

Jack: Maybe I'm just a Tobey activist.

[Tobey grabs his coat and comes outside and closes the door.]

Tobey: [Laughs] Oh, as much as my ego would like to buy that attractive piece of merchandise, somehow it doesn't quite fit. What's happened to you, Jack?

Jack: It's more like what's gonna happen. Someday, I'm gonna want to walk through the park and I'm gonna want to hold some guy's hand and... what if I forget to look around first? What if the wrong people see me do that?

Tobey: We're not so different, you and I.

Jack: I used to think that we were, but we're not. If I would have left early, it would have been me.

Tobey: And you're just now realizing this?

Jack: Yeah. Better late than never.

Tobey: Yeah, and better on time than late.

Jack: [Laughs] Come on, man. It's way too early in the day for one of your lectures.

Tobey: Ow! You know, if you were really a Tobey activist, you would have carried me down the steps.

Jack: Yeah, don't push your luck, man.

[Scene: The Potter B&B Bathroom. Joey is watching her watch, and then picks up the Pregnancy Test and turns it over to find out that she isn't pregnant. She lets out a huge sigh of relief]

[Scene: The Hospital. Dawson is sitting outside the room, when Grams, Jen, Joey and Bessie comes up to join him.]

Grams: How is she?

Dawson: Uh... [Sighs] She's been in there all night and all day and I'm-- I'm starting to get the impression things aren't progressing the way they're supposed to.

Bessie: It can be a long process, Dawson. Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine.

[Some nurses walk into the room, and Dawson tries to stop one.]

Dawson: Hey, um, is... [Sighs] Excuse me.

[He walks away, and Joey goes after him]

Joey: Dawson.

Dawson: [Laughs] A couple of weeks ago, I'm wandering through these halls, praying for somebody to die. And now here I am, same halls, praying for somebody to be born. Is it just me, or did life suddenly broaden this year?

Joey: It's not just you. I... think the stakes have been raised for everyone.

Dawson: Have you and Pacey talked about him being near Worthington next year?

Joey: [Laughs] Uh, Pacey and I haven't really discussed the future too much lately.

Dawson: You should. It has a peculiar way of unexpectedly becoming the present.

Joey: Dawson, Gretchen is crazy about you. She told me last night.

Dawson: Then you probably also know that she's on a train right now for Boston where she's probably gonna be living.

Joey: And you're absolutely certain that there's no way to bridge the gap?

Dawson: [Sighs] I was hoping that there would be, but I... don't think that's gonna happen.

Joey: Dawson... it's not what I thought it was gonna be.

Dawson: What's that?

Joey: Sex. Isn't that what you're talking about?

Dawson: [Laughs] Jo...

Joey: I want you to know something. Sex doesn't necessarily bring people closer together. It's just a magnifying glass. I mean, if there's a problem, it gets bigger. And if there's closeness... you get closer. As far as you and Gretchen are concerned, I mean... you guys are probably a lot closer than a lot of people who are having sex.

[The doctor comes out to them]

Doctor: Someone wants to meet you, Dawson.

Dawson: Really?

Doctor: Mm-hmm.

[They go into the room]

[Scene: Inside the room. Gale is holding the new baby, while Mitch stands next to her. Dawson, Bessie, Joey, Grams and Jen come into the room to join them.]

Mitch: Isn't she just gorgeous? Isn't she perfect?

Dawson: She?

Mitch: You have a sister, Dawson. I have daughter.

Dawson: She's so small.

Jen: She's so beautiful.

Bessie: Congratulations.

Grams: I see both of you in her.

Gale: [Giggles] She wasn't sure she wanted to join us today. You know, it took a lot of coaxing.

Jen: How did you finally get her to change her mind?

Gale: Oh, I just started calling out her name. "Lillian, Lillian. Everyone's waiting to meet you." And there she was.

Joey: Lillian.

[Joey turns to Bessie and smiles. Realizing that they named her after their mother.]

Gale: Honey, do you want to hold her?

[Lillian coughs]

Dawson: Oh, yeah.

[Dawson picks her up.]

Gale: [Whispering] There we go. There we go.

Dawson: Hello, Lillian. I'm Dawson... your big brother. [Laughs] Welcome to our family. You couldn't have picked a better one.

[Joey goes over and admires Lillian as Dawson is holding her.]

[Scene: The Potter B&B. The phone rings and Joey answers it.]

Joey: Hello.

[It is Pacey calling from his fishing trip.]

Pacey: Hey, Gretchen told me I had to call immediately. What's wrong?

Joey: Actually, nothing. I thought I had a huge problem, but, um... I was wrong.

Pacey: Well, what kind of problem did you think you had?

Joey: It's nothing that you should worry about. The important thing is that you focus on yourself. Where are you?

[Pacey pauses then uncomfortably answers, but we can see he is hiding something.]

Pacey: I told you, I'm fishing with Dougie. We're having the time of our lives out here. Caught a 90-pound marlin yesterday. We're living the high life, Jo. The high life. You and I got to get out here some time.

Joey: Yeah, we will. We'll have to do that real soon.

Pacey: Yeah. I miss you.

Joey: I miss you, Pace.

[They hang up after a period of silence]

[Scene: Outside the Leery House. Gretchen is sitting on the hood of her car, waiting for Dawson, who pulls up to the house. She hops down and walks over to him.]

Dawson: I thought you had a train to catch.

Gretchen: You know the best thing about trains? There's always a later one.

[Dawson walks over and gives her a big kiss.]

Dawson: [Laughs] This is crazy.

Gretchen Insane.

Dawson: What are we doing?

Gretchen: Prolonging the inevitable. Living in denial.

Dawson: Who knew denial could feel this good?

Gretchen: You know there's no hope for us.

Dawson: How could there be? We're headed in completely different directions.

Gretchen: We might as well be going to 2 different planets.

Dawson: We should really break up right now. Just get it over with.

Gretchen: I agree. I never want to see you again.

[Throughout all this endless banter they get close and closer to each other, then kiss.]

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